Hani went to Seoul Grand Park for the first time.

I also saw cherry blossoms and met my pet friends.

It was so nice to play with beautiful cherry blossoms, giraffes, lions, and tigers.

I'm going to go play again!

Please enjoy it. Great! Subscribe! Please.

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Song: Erling - Dance With Me

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    • 하루의 시작을 이렇게


      아침에 눈 뜨자마자 아이들 챙기고 함께 살고 있는 아이들에게도(Pet) 아침을 챙깁니다. 그리고 퍼블 데블 카르마 스팀잇 등등...챙겨봅니다. 이것이 매일매일의 저의 아침 모습이네요. 퍼블 포스팅을 올렸다 맘에 안들면 삭제도 잘 해버리고요.잉크 받기전 얼른...! 우리집 거북이의 식사시간은 넋을 놓고 볼때가 많습니다. 밥 먹는 모습이 너무 귀여워서 말이죠. 그리고 가끔 중얼거립니다. 행복하니...? 오늘도 살아 있는 모든 존재는 행복하기를 바래 보면서...💚

      $ruby . 2019.04.26 09:00

      2 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • 제주도 책방, 책방무사


      책방무사. 수, 목요일 휴무. 혹시나 해서 지나가는 길에 들렀지만, 역시나 문이 닫혀 있었다. 유리창을 통해 내부만 살짝 들여다보며 아쉬움을 달랬.. ⠀⠀⠀ #책방무사 #제주책방 #제주서점 #북스타그램 #책

      $book . 2019.04.26 08:45

      2 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • Become a Scuba diver


      # Scuba diving # projectile # Girl's foot The scuba diving supplies for Saipan have finally arrived. lol In order to go to Saipan and scuba, I have acquired an open water advance certificate and bought a duck and a hydropon and leave for Saipan Grotto in May.It's ~ ~ ~ ~ ᄏ But I'm still scared if I can do well... but I love waffes so much that I risk my life. Cheer up. I will go to Chumam Auto Camping site in Gangwon-do and try it on with snow school on the beach. lol Enjoy your weekend with a bullfight weekend.

      $gaschoi . 2019.04.26 08:38

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    • It's a genuine item.


      It's a genuine item. an expensive tropical fruit Six to three meals and three birds are two peas in a pod. My husband doesn't eat Junukan in the morning. The reason is not color. It's weird. I don't eat it. The color is dead. Brown rice pumpkin porridge buckwheat pancake When I finished eating, I took out the mango.^^ Why? He's dead. Why don't you give it to me when I'm pretty? We're going to the living room. I hate it. If I eat it, it's a pig. I don't know why I forgot to do this. Haha

      $hana . 2019.04.26 08:24

      0 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • Sunday Summer


      Sundays be like! 🐠 Starting to feel like summer is closer! Days are getting longer and january is almost over 💫 who else is excited for spring/ summer?! ☺️

      $erikgray . 2019.04.26 08:03

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    • Auntie Hana, I love you.


      Aunt Hana, I love you. Your tough son also falls in front of a toy.~~ Last weekend, when I met Hana and went hiking. It's a big present that Hana bought for him from the mountain. He's whining about how hard it was to get to the mountain, and he's blowing a big bassinet heart out of that toy. When I met her yesterday, she gave me another doll to make sure she didn't give me a present. She loved it so much I really like my close friend. After eating, drinking tea and chatting. God, as you all know, is a sharing angel. Whenever I meet you, I wonder how much you take care of me.

      $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.04.26 07:58

      3 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • another idea


      Of all God's decisions, If there's another thing that's perfect and fair, It is probably love and death. If anyone falls in love, You're gonna feel the same way. Everyone must die once. Just because my wallet is light, Just because you have a low social status, You're not going to feel any different about love Just because you have a big bank account, Just because you have a high social honor There's nothing we can avoid. - Shim Mi-sook -

      $happyday . 2019.04.26 07:53

      1 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • The Eiffel Tower sent a brother to our town.


      The Eiffel Tower must have sent a brother to our town. If you go to Chuncheon from Seoul, turn left before you climb up the Gapyeong broomstick. There is a big red building. It is a tower on the roof of the building. A miniature of the Eiffel Tower from Chunchon to Seoul Looking up, it's a spectacular sight. Especially at night when you look over the broom. It is all the more spectacular. I'm just casually passing by, looking out for sculptures that might not have been seen. It is a work of artistic value.

      $victory . 2019.04.26 07:23

      2 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • Greece


      Weekend vibes forever 💙 Hope you all have a great weekend! Any exciting plans?! 💫 . . Pictured edited with my GREECE COLLECTION presets (shop via link in bio) 💘

      $erikgray . 2019.04.26 06:19

      2 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • a mother bird


      a mother bird I guess the mother with the baby is the same. One day on TV, an animal program about migratory birds. I watched the show. They lay their eggs on the sand by the water and hatch their babies. in one's bosom The hawk is out. All the birds in the water are in a state of chaos. He flew high in the sky, The mother bird can't leave the nest and is restless. I don't know what kind of courage I've got. I've been down flat, but... The fishing mother told the hawk... They don't get food. They don't get food. The Beadle died of dryness. I thought that... Mother... Isn't that name enough? When the child called me mom. the heavy language of the pronoun's call. Holy... in this world, I believe in you. I was born with a sense of responsibility. How can I disobey the call? at the moment called Dad... If there's a man who answers that call with gratitude, Answer me. I want to feel it. Oh, men have that feeling.

      $starway . 2019.04.26 05:27

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    • Philippine


      Have you been to the Philippines?! Which islands would you recommend visiting?! Philippines is one of my top bucketlist places I want to visit and hopefully will make it happen this year! 💫✨

      $erikgray . 2019.04.26 04:56

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    • Amazing moment


      Hy let me introduce you about this beautifull coral reef.SABANG is suitable place for enjoying your holiday.exotic nuance will spoiled us with his beautiful view

      $munawar . 2019.04.26 03:48

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    • Today, I invited two friends from 50 years of elementary school.


      ∘ Gunpo City – Steel porridge festival event Today, I invited my friend for 50 years of school. Steel porridge festival Hey, you want to make fun of my town? There is a flower festival. When I come, lunch, coffee, and all, I will be at the show. So, my friend is coming. By the way. I can't sleep as if I were going on a picnic. Do you happen to be? I was afraid it would rain on the day I went on a picnic when I was young. Haha Isn't it pretty? I'll show you this as well. The joy and joy of climbing Mt. Cheoljuk be indescribable I'm sure. It's great to go on a picnic when I'm young.

      $hana . 2019.04.26 01:19

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    • 💓💓


      Success is not the key to happiness, but happiness is the key to success"

      $ramascorpio . 2019.04.26 00:49

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    • enjoy beautiful nature.


      The breeze here is very soothing !!

      $lisa . 2019.04.25 23:32

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    • Daily Smartphonephotography #42


      Daily Smartphonephotography #42 Taken by : $aboutzky Take with : Vivo V9 Editing Tools : Picsay Pro, PicsArt, Instagram Effects

      $aboutzky . 2019.04.25 23:08

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    • [Food] Soju to the Tuna!


      Hello, I'm $Ohyea. Today was my last day on a diet! I lost 7kg in total... and my friends who made a diet together decided to eat something delicious with money from a friend who did not succeed, so I ate tuna! It's delicious to eat with other people's money.

      $ohyea . 2019.04.25 22:13

      9 thanks . 799.0758 PUB

    • Making pumpkin porridge is all done by Hae-dok Juice.^🍜


      He'll take care of all that pumpkin porridge. ✔ Cooking ~ 해 기 서 ✔ 쥬 Material~^ Glutinous rice paper cup1 Pumpkin Page 3 Push in and start and end pumpkin porridge. Haha I'm eating and I'm done eating. First, eat pumpkin porridge and then eat. Pumpkin porridge is a snack. My husband's gonna do it, too. It's easy. Put the ingredients in. end of cooking My husband always does pumpkin grooming.

      $hana . 2019.04.25 22:08

      8 thanks . 660.1128 PUB

    • a rose in a vase


      Beauty and fragrance still linger. I'm tired of my daily routine. Welcome with a lovely smile. with a cup of tea Roses on the tea table in a strange stranger You're standing in front of me. with a temporary life a loving figure I'm no different. temporary life I'm going to spend that precious time in my life. How should I send it? - Park Kwang-Ho. -

      $happyday . 2019.04.25 21:55

      3 thanks . 393.0538 PUB

    • 🍁🍁


      Dont worry about me.. I am fine here. 🍁🍁

      $soviavitale . 2019.04.25 21:21

      2 thanks . 68.1029 PUB

    • 💓💓


      We have shared with each other, even said a promise that we will never leave each other and will continue to be together again even though the storm is approaching, but now what happens you leave me alone 🍂🍂💓

      $ramascorpio . 2019.04.25 21:17

      4 thanks . 85.1913 PUB

    • a moisturizing flowers


      on a dark red rock hill Let him put the cow he was driving If you know me, if you're ashamed of me, I'll give you some flowers. handed down in the history of the Three Kingdoms. The specialty is the flowers of the chi chi chi hwa. To be appointed as Tae-su during the Silla Dynasty. On his way to Imji along the way to the bridegroom, his wife, known as Jeonse-mi, was all alone on the cliff edge of Cheon-gil. A beautiful flower appeared...! a lady who is attracted to the beauty of the flower. I wanted some flowers, but it's a cliff. in a situation where no one's even going to be able to see it, An old man driving a cow I called you when I saw Lee. She's an old man. She's pissed off. It's either red azalea or white. I don't know if it's white. A beautiful woman walked in the face of beauty. beautiful flowers to stop. It's another word of azalea. Even if you are caught in the rain like a heavenly flower garden on your way to work, you stop at the glare of your apartment. Even if there's no one calling you...

      $ruby . 2019.04.25 21:07

      12 thanks . 1,003.5179 PUB

    • harmony between azalea and fountains


      Rodeo Street, Sanbon Central Market a fountain surrounded by azaleas It was so harmonious and beautiful. There's a Proposal Zone on one side. How do you feel about the proposed lover there? (I'm just wondering if I've never received one before.) ^^;;) It was a little sad because the rain was drizzling, but with the beauty of flowers and fountains, I could fly away. PS. The festival is now in full swing in the mountain's Gangdong area. Make plans for the weekend!

      $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.04.25 20:46

      14 thanks . 1,337.5009 PUB

    • Bakso Gatok


      Berkunjung ke wisata Gunung salak, Nikmati hidangan Khas Resto Puncak gunung salak.

      $surya . 2019.04.25 20:20

      3 thanks . 96.2802 PUB

    • ID Ha3imbsgyge, meet your friend.


      I'll meet my friend today. a rainy lunch hour Jajangmyeon ₩2000×2=₩4000 1 serving sweet and sour pork ₩5000 £9000 total I certify the evidence photo. I ate lunch for $ha3 thimbsgyge. I bought the second cup of coffee. Haha

      $hana . 2019.04.25 19:51

      9 thanks . 533.6742 PUB

    • this child's words made me smile.


      Guess what we were talking about! Piano? Food? Love? He made me laugh !!)

      $lisa . 2019.04.25 19:17

      4 thanks . 60.2686 PUB

    • It's time for dinner.


      I think tofu should have dinner now.I told you I'm going to have dinner, so you're a good hopper. Enjoy your dinner.

      $my4555 . 2019.04.25 18:56

      15 thanks . 1,015.2629 PUB

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