A steam that can be caused by injury or pain.

But how to make the temperature of the steaming effective is always a confusing part.

When do you need a cold bath?

Let's learn more about when hot, hot steaming can be the best way of treatment.

cold steaming

There's nothing like a cold steamer to relieve pain and swelling. Everyone must have tried cold steaming once when they sprained their ankles or were surprised by their muscles.

However, the effects of cold packs are surprising despite the bruising, insect bites, and minor burns. This is because it has excellent effect on reducing pain and swelling.

When the tissue in our body is damaged, the blood vessels leak out tissue fluid. However, when the temperature decreases, blood vessels contract, and the flow of tissue fluid tends to decrease.

Cold air also tends to relieve muscle cramps and inflammation, both of which reduce pain. Therefore, cold packs can be applied immediately after muscle or ligaments are damaged, which can speed up recovery.

This is because you can reduce pain and swelling. The same is true for chronic pain, such as back pain. When the pain starts to appear for the first time, it is advisable to apply cold packs first.

It is usually recommended to do cold steaming for 2-3 days. However, the time for direct cold steaming on the affected area is limited to 20 minutes and should be repeated every two to four hours.

If you feel that your skin is numb, you should watch it at a temperature that is too cold and stop the cold steaming. Also, even if it is cold steaming, it is not allowed to bring ice directly to the skin.

This is because it can cause secondary damage due to cold weather. Cover packs or ice pockets with a towel and steam them with cold air.

Also, people with diabetes, poor circulation, or problems with blood vessels should consult a doctor before applying cold packs.

  a hot steamer

Basically, 'heat' has the ability to increase blood circulation and help damaged tissues recover.

So hot packs can help reduce symptoms such as swelling, pain, and muscle cramps in your joints. This is why people give hot hot packs when they suffer from sprain or arthritis, back pain, or muscle cramps.

However, it is not about getting hot packs from the beginning. After a cold bath, usually for the first day or two, the pain remains or becomes chronic, it is replaced with a hot bath.

Studies have shown that in case of back pain, warming up to a temperature that is not too high is more helpful than taking painkillers.

What's important at this time is that everything, whether heated by electricity or traditional hot water pockets, should be covered with a towel. This is because you can get burned.

Even if it is not hot, be careful because holding it for a long time can cause cold burns. The time is right between 20 and 30 minutes at a time.

It's natural to be obsessed with the urge to do anything when you sprinkle your ankle, but right now it's not a good way to do it.

It is recommended to cool down the damaged area for a few days, followed by a hot bath. If you want to warm up, wait until the swelling in the sore spot is gone before you do it.


I've always wondered, but I thought it would be nice to know...^^


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  • 굿 정보입니다!


    주말 잘보내고 계신가죠!

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  • 좋은 정보네요^^


    $greenjuice11 . 5 days ago

  • 그래도 잘 이해가 가지 않네요..

    냉찜질, 온찜질 모두 통증과 부기를 줄인다고 되어 있어서..

    결론은 처음에는 냉찜질을 하고, 며칠 지난후에 온찜질을 해야 한다는 것인가요?


    $peterpa . 5 days ago

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