Tom Lee’s Bitcoin Misery Index Hits Highest Value Since 2016 in Possible Bull Signal

France Passes Bill to Allow Insurance Providers to Invest in Crypto and Tokens

Japan’s Biggest Bank Confirms Launch of Digital Currency ‘Coin’ in 2019

USDT-TRON About to Arrive at the TRON Network

What Russia’s ‘Digital Iron Curtain’ Means for Bitcoin Users

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    • Claim and Staking💵

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      Claim and Staking Pub Everyday☺

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      코넌 콘콘데이 파티

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    • The decision to close the much talked-about, much-troubled Coinest Exchange

      Crypto Currency

      Coinest, once called the Tron Exchange, Quantum Exchange and Neo Exchange, has been closed about two years after its CEO and executives failed to overcome the crisis caused by the conviction of embezzlement and fraud. It has already been a year since CEO KimOO and executives were arrested by the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office on charges of embezzlement and fraud. Coinest was found guilty of siphoning off about 33.6 billion won in customer deposits into a personal account for the first time in the nation's cryptocurrency exchange history, and because of its bottom-up customer confidence, the closure of the exchange must have been expected because it has been virtually dead for the past year. According to the Cognest's end-of-service notice, "The change and movement of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries measured at this point in time reached the thought that the coinest philosophy and passion alone could not respond, so far, so we decided to terminate the service," but in fact, there would have been no clients who had their valuable assets placed on the exchange where executives stood up and touched by the customer reserve. Coinest said it will only support cryptocurrency and won withdrawals until 17:00 p.m. on June 30, 2019 before the end of the service. If you have any cryptocurrency or coins in your bank, please don't forget to retrieve the remaining. The CEO and executive of Coinest were fined 4 billion won and 3 billion won, respectively, and another trial is still under way on charges of taking hundreds of millions of won worth of cryptocurrency in exchange for providing convenience in the process of listing cryptocurrency. It is said that it is estimated to have earned more than 45 billion won from false transactions, and it is heartbreaking to see that such blamelessness is punished and that the damage is ultimately passed on to other employees and customers.

      $done . 2019.04.17 00:04

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    • An event full of agony from the person in charge

      Crypto Currency

      From today on, Shinchun literature on the( exchange began "suddenly." Looking at the image of the event filled with the agony of Hanbitco employees, I was thinking that if you give them a little bit of a gag with a feeling of fullness, you'll be able to escape the stress and pressure. So I'm going to take part in the event with the maximum amount I can do. ᄒᄒᄒᄒ :) Many of your friends have such brilliant and brilliant ideas, so be sure to join us! <Hanbitco Sinchun Literary Arts> (1) Public offering schedule: 16 April to 28 April 2019. (2) Public offering: Short poem or N event with materials related to coin or cryptocurrency (3) Criteria for screening: Anyone who can make employees laugh or sympathize with them (4) Prize money - Gold Prize (5 people): 100,000 won in Shinsegae gift certificates. - Silver Prize (8 people): 80,000 won for Shinsegae gift certificates. - Statue (10 people): Chicken Maru 30,000 won. - Participation Award (100 people): Kakao Talk Emoticon (5) Engagement link: Hanbitco employees who prepared a Shinsegae gift certificate that would help us live our lives without paying attention to Airdrup. Cheer up! Cheer up!

      $done . 2019.04.16 17:25

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    • Adopting Bitcoin (BTC), Britain's largest travel management company

      Crypto Currency

      Corporate Traveller, Britain's largest travel management company, has adopted Bitcoin (BTC) for payment. Corporate Traveler, a professional small business travel company, worked with BitPay, a global blockchain payment provider, to provide customers with the opportunity to pay for their business trips using Bitcoin. BitPay makes it easy for Corporate Traveler's customers to make payments using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. This payment will be deposited into a corporate traveler's bank account within two working days. According to the travel management company, BitPay deducts 1% to make the transaction perfect, while the customer pays the bill in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, so there is no risk or price change. BitPay is a block chain payer with distant tentacles. October 2018 says the company handles $1 billion worth of B2B customers and merchants worldwide. Andy Hegley, the British Director of Corporate Traveler, who spoke about the development: : "Bitcoin is not currently the way to pay alcohol among travel management companies, so we are pleased to announce this partnership and expedite decryption payments." The reason why we need to start accepting Bitcoin is because customers are increasingly demanding to book their business trips using cryptocurrents. "We are pleased that Corporate Traveler provides customers with the ability to pay in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash," said Sony Singh, chief commercial officer at BitPay. Blockchain payments provide a strong example for users of travel, and now customers can use Bitcoin for company travel reservations. We've seen significant growth from airlines and travel agencies using the large block chain market. " Several companies have begun to feel the need to adopt Bitcoin. Today we announced that Bitcoin Superstore has come up with a way for Cryptocurgency enthusiasts to purchase products using passwords from more than 200,000 online stores, including Alibaba, eBay, Amazon and other prominent stores around the world. There is no doubt about the cryptographic space in which digital asset holders can easily purchase products online using their favorite digital currency.

      $adilazeem . 2019.04.16 17:17

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    • Can Bitcoin replace gold?

      Crypto Currency

      "Will Bitcoin replace gold as the first representative digital assetment and a means of value storage?" This question is a long-standing question that has been controversial in Kryptoman and the press for more than a decade since the day Satoshi Nakamoto created the Genesis Block of Bitcoin. Bitcoin, which has imprinted the concept of blockchain, the word coin, and the word Cryptocurrency on many people, has held its throne in the Krypto Asset market for a long time, 10 years in spite of numerous disputes, oppression, and doubts. Some people question how Bitcoin can become electronic currency in a world where transmission fees are several thousand won or several thousand won and only one touch or click can be paid instantly, but this is because we see bitcoin as "virtual currency" or "electronic money" because of the word "cryptocarcity." In fact, bitcoin is a "decentralized monetary system" and a "digital asset" rather than a currency or currency used for exchange purposes. Yesterday, a Twitter user named Sebastian Meunier said, "Bitcoin is a very successful product. But Bitcoin will never reach mass language response from the mainstream forever. Because only a few want untraceable P2P digital asset transactions," Blumer, CEO of Block One, said: "Bitcoin is a better value-storage tool than anything ever, and it will beat gold and replace that position in the competition for economic and digital functions. The untraceable P2P digital cash is just a feature of protecting sovereignty, not a consumer need." Ten years is a long time for us, who are investing in bitcoin and kryptoasset, but perhaps bitcoin is still in its infancy in human currency history. Which side do other people share more of their opinions? Can Bitcoin be a great digital value storage alternative to replace gold?

      $done . 2019.04.15 11:30

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    • How to use Steemgigs Dapp as a freelancer

      Crypto Currency

      This is a short tutorial about the Freelance Dapp Steemgigs built on the Steem Blockchain. Tutorial of how to use the platform and advertise your services. Steemgigs Discord channel Steemgigs Website Steemgigs CEO @surpassinggoogle real name Terry Thank you very much for watching and if you need any help i will gladly be there for you!

      $greatcrypto . 2019.04.15 01:27

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    • The PUB reward has more than doubled.^^

      Crypto Currency

      Those who post frequently may have noticed that the reward for 펍 has doubled over the past few days. I knew the amount of 펍 coin, which translates to the ink you received, was variable, but recently more than doubled the amount of 펍 is coming in as compensation. Although the value of the coin is falling a lot now due to the Ios price, I think it is another opportunity to be compensated more than twice as much as ink, assuming that the value of the coin will increase in the future. Since not only the size but also the curation compensation is more than double as usual, I think it will be a good profit in the future if I keep my savings and keep working hard.~~ The crisis, which was so frightening to look back, was often a golden opportunity. It may be a scary and difficult situation, but if you continue to work hard, you will be able to stand up to yourself in the future! (That's what I believe and I'm collecting hard.^^)

      $turtle . 2019.04.14 12:28

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    • [Founders] Why are the curators' rewards different?

      Crypto Currency

      When we were curators with the same amount of ink, we found that there was a huge difference in the quantity of compensation we received each time. So I thought about why. The day I was so grateful for a lot of ink on a posting, there was less curator compensation. A good day for sharing the right amount of ink for a large number of posts was a lot of curator compensation. So I'm going to thank a lot of posts from now on. Haha If you know more about this compensation structure, please explain it in the comments.

      $hooney . 2019.04.13 11:40

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    • Digital Asset Partners and Cloud Software giant VMware

      Crypto Currency

      News Digital Asset, which created the DAML Smart Contract programming language, has partnered with VMware, a major cloud computing company announced on April 11. According to the press release, Digital Asset will incorporate Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML) into VMware's block chain platform. "The development will be a combination of comprehensive human range and support," said Michael Michael DiPetrillo, senior director of Block Chain. "DAML has proven to be one of the few smart contract languages to model a truly complex work flow of scale." VMware was first founded in 1998 and recorded nearly $9 billion in revenue last year. The company is known primarily for its hyper visors, hardware, software, or firmware, running virtual machines. In addition to other products, VMware offers desktop software, cloud management software, and server software. Yesterday, Digital Asset announced a partnership with the International Swaps and Derivatives Association to develop new tools to support the use of smart contracts for derivatives trading. Digital Asset said its DAML programming language will allow automation of derivative product transaction management through the use of DAML. Digital Asset Open Source DAML Earlier this month, the language was created in 2016 and optimized for use as a personal execution. Starting April 4, source code for DAML languages will be available free of charge under the Apache 2.0 open source license.

      $adilazeem . 2019.04.12 16:18

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    • Gopax is starting to pay attention to the volume of the deal?

      Crypto Currency

      Gopax is currently hosting a five-day Transaction King event from April 8 to April 12. This event is a refund of all the proceeds from the sale of the entire market, so the middle rank announced is definitely a significant amount of transactions. - Announcement of the event: To date, GoFax is the only cryptocurrency exchange in Korea that doesn't experience hacking incidents. Now that we've got the most basic infrastructure of security, I hope you'll show a lot of interest in trading volume to make it back to the main bourse. Personally, I'm very supportive of this exchange, but I hope you overcome the limitations of trading volume, which is called the most vulnerable point of Gopax. Although I can't even dream of participating in the Go-Pax Transaction King event, which runs until April 12, I hope that the transaction volume will be active as well.^^

      $done . 2019.04.09 17:42

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    • South Korean authorities consider revising existing password regulations

      Crypto Currency

      South Korean officials are considering revising the regulatory framework on digital currency, a local media outlet, on April 4. A government official reported at a Seoul Deconomy meeting that Crypto monetary policy should be reassessed to promote growth and maturity in the Crypto currency market. An official explained that it is important to create a place where industries, financial institutions and government-related agencies can communicate and jointly develop related guidelines. Song Hee-kyung, vice chairman of the 4th National Assembly Industry Promotion Association There are many problems because the government is trying to misunderstand virtual currency and meet the actual currency standards. There is the same problem as keeping it in a box without being silenced while waiting for regulatory approval," he said. Chung Byung-kuk, chairman of the 4th National Industrial Committee, emphasized that the government should take a cautious and technologically conservative approach, but Rep. South Korea banned the provision of initial coins in September last year, claiming that fund-raising practices through issuing decryption tokens are similar to "betting." In January this year, the Financial Services Commission said it will continue to ban companies that use foreign jurisdiction but still raise funds from South Korean citizens. In early March, the Korean Public Prosecutor's Office formed a special investigation team to combat fraud and crimes involving cryptocracies. The Minister of Terrorism is in charge of investigating fraud, illegal money laundering and other illegal activities in the areas of fintech and cryptocrity under the permission of the Ministry of Justice in Korea.

      $adilazeem . 2019.04.09 11:46

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    • munching food

      Crypto Currency

      It's blockchain event munchies. What kind of food do you like? Hamburgers? Buffet? Cooking for the course? Dairy? Please leave comments on the most memorable blockchain metup food.

      $cosmosrich . 2019.04.08 13:39

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    • IOTA Pricing Forecast: Long-Term (MIOTA) Values Forecast - April 7

      Crypto Currency

      The long-term outlook is on the rise. Traders can check the optimistic inversion candlesticks pattern and then consider buying them when brought in. IOT / USD Long-Term Trends - Strict Supply Zone: $0.6000, $0.7000, $0.8000 Demand area: $0.1000 $0.0800, $0.0600 IATA is on the rise in long-term prospects. Bulls gradually took control of the market, losing $0.3118 in the context of the downward trend. MIOTAUSD rose to $0.3337 in supply area on April 1. The total breakout occurred in the upper supply area of the range on April 2. Strong firm pressure fell to $0.4019 in the supply sector after the coin first rose to $0.4013 and fell to $0.3359 over the weekend. The state had a starting price of $0.3479 and MIOTAUSD has already risen to $0.3727 in the supply area. The two EMA and higher price and probability-red oscillators point to 58%. This means increasing the upward momentum in the long run.

      $adilazeem . 2019.04.08 11:50

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    • Soda Day

      Crypto Currency

      sodacoin party

      $knight . 2019.04.05 23:45

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    • Spain Issue 1.5K Cryptographic Tax Warning?

      Crypto Currency

      Spain's Finance Ministry issued a warning that about 1.9 million citizens would have to pay taxes on their cryptocurrency-t transactions. The Treasury Department has warned Rioja2 that money should be declared for Cryptocracy-related transactions with private companies, banks and private brokers. The Treasury Department has issued the following warning to individuals who were found to have handled cryptocurencies in the last fiscal year: "Based on data available to the tax authorities, we used Cryptocracies to conduct the transaction. We would like to remind you that the profits generated from such operations constitute income equivalent to the IRPF. According to media outlets, a total of 14,700 people, including 470 Muslims, sent out a "password alert" by the Treasury this week. IRPF tax rebates for this year's FY2018 must be returned by June of this year. In Colombia, Congress President Mauricio Toro, if passed, drafted a bill that would impose restrictions on the country's emerging cryptocurrency exchange transactions. In 2019, the encryption business is growing rapidly in Colombia, and record-breaking encryption transactions are taking place across Latin America. Colombian financial authorities, however, may not have been aware of the incident. The main contents of the draft are as follows: The creation of a "database" that exchanges "under the jurisdiction" of the chamber of commerce. The Chamber of Commerce "monitors and verifies" the exchange of databases and the "qualification of qualifications." The exchange shall operate a security system approved by the Information Technology and Communications Department. Exchanges must meet money laundering prevention and KYC (Know-your-Customer) standards. The operator is not interested in storing its krypto cards on its platform. Exchanges do not move customer funds without user consent. Toro said the bill will go through a consultation period until April 8, after which it is expected to be submitted to parliament.

      $adilazeem . 2019.04.05 18:47

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    • A New Dimension for XRP Payment in Coinbase

      Crypto Currency

      Coinbase has updated the list of transactions starting to pay for XRP. The service tool for XRP payment is under the International X hostmet title. This service, which is sent to the company's website, has not been fully announced. This service is defined as an international service for hizmet remittance and will be provided to USDC. This service allows the user to send and translate passwords into local currency at the borders of all countries that support Coinbase. At first glance, this block chain looks like a money transfer, but the company doesn't have the same thing. Coinbase International Transactions are completely free and the company sends encryption records through its own books, not through chain records. For example, bank remittance and transfer data to XRP and USDC are as follows: Bank remittances take 1 to 2 business days, while XRP remittances take 3 to 5 seconds (via chain) and USDC remittances are 12 to 17 seconds. Maximum shipping amount is unlimited for banks only. Under $0.01 of the XRP and USDC Coinbase and Chain is free and a bank remittance fee of $30. This cryptographic product seems to be completely logical for the first item, but Larry Cermak, an analyst and author of The Block, is evaluating the situation in more detail. According to him, this product has no meaning. Perhaps ask why the Coinbase does not add Bitcoin, Ethereum, or similar decryption capabilities. The XRP speed is not a specific answer to this problem. Because 10 minutes or 10 seconds is not important. The main effect is the addition of Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin has a wider network and infrastructure, especially real money. Coinbase offers free transfer services from one Coinbase user to another, but this service is currently limited to XRP and USDC only. This is a very interesting situation, and all password collection can disable internal transmission through Coinbase. Why is there only international remittance limited to XRP and USDC?

      $adilazeem . 2019.04.04 03:46

      3 thanks . 21.9303 PUB

    • It's darkest before dawn!

      Crypto Currency

      With the spring news, the Coin Market has been visited for the first time in a long time. Beats and other eggs are blazing with fire. But the gloomy days of the EOS-based Coins continue. Especially, people who have poured in EOS and invested in IOS-based daddies such as PUB, KARMA, and IQ seem to be getting burned black. The other snores are frantically hitting and going up, but I think it's going to hurt a lot because only my EOS daddies are driving backwards. But I believe in the simple truth that it's darkest before dawn. It's time for the EOS to take its place first. When EOS picks up its price, I'm sure the Ios-based daddies will show more power than imagined. Especially with the launch of the app and active users, we believe that the time will come to appreciate its value. When a typhoon passes, a clear sky comes and a bright light appears after dark darkness. When the yin reaches its peak, it makes sense in the world to be positive. Those who believe in the future of Ios Dap!! I know it's hard, but why don't you just relax and wait for the day to come? It's the darkest before dawn.~~

      $turtle . 2019.04.03 19:35

      21 thanks . 2,374.7875 PUB

    • Bismum Hacking and Exchange Security Level Reality

      Crypto Currency

      Many of you have already heard from the media, but on March 29, there was a theft in Bithumb, which is believed to have been an insider embezzlement. The theft led to an un laughable happy-go-lucky release of 3.13 million EOSTOKS, or exactly 3,130,2673.99 EOSTORY, which had been kept in the rainstorm. Bithumbshiny, called Cold Wallet, keeps EOSTOK on two G4ydomrxhege accounts called Hot Wallet. Among them, about 3.13 million EOSs stored in the g4ydomrxhege account, called Hotwalt, began to be sent to the ifguz3chmg account in an instant around 11 p.m. on March 29. The stolen EOSTOKs began to disperse once again from the accounts to the Huobi, HitBTC,, EXmo, Kuchin and Changly exchanges. Now, of course, Ios has tools like EOS Detective that are good at understanding the activity of the account at once, so even if you distribute the tokens across multiple accounts (the exchange), you can quickly see them. So, the exchanges, the BP's quick response to the news, through the hotline of cryptocurrency exchanges, saved us from the dangerous situation that could have been a disaster for the market. Although not all the details of the theft have been revealed and restored, the market has been prevented by the generous help of other exchanges and BP dimensions. We need to determine at this point what the basic security level of cryptocurrency exchanges is. Let's briefly discuss how private keys are stored internally and how they are designed to provide access to private keys, and see "Basically how well cryptocurrency exchanges are using the security features offered by EOSIO systems." First of all, let's get to the basics before we start looking at the status of the exchanges in earnest. #1. Basic level of security settings As many of you already know, EOSIO software is designed to distinguish between privilege layers in private keys. - The private key, A, gives you the right to act only on token transfers and claims. - The private key, B, is to change all of the private keys of the account, including the private keys responsible for the active permissions of the account, giving the owner ownership rights to maintain safe ownership. So, for routine activities such as token transmission, air grab token claims, and voting, you can use the keys associated with the activity rights and, in the event that the private keys used for the activity rights are stolen during the activity, you can disconnect the stolen private keys with the private keys linked to the ownership rights. It's like you're reporting a lost card. Accounts created earlier in the EOSMainet launch have one key associated with both this Active permission and the Owner permission, but all account owners can use it with much higher security levels by setting different keys for each authority if they want. #2. Security settings at a slightly better level In addition to the "Use Permission Specific Key Pair Detachment" described above, EOSIO software provides multi-sig functionality. Multicig is where multiple signatures are required to approve a single transaction. For example, if you did not set up a multi-seag when you sent EOSTOKK to the exchange under account A, you can sign in with my account entered on the scanner desktop and click the Accept button at the end to send a token immediately. However, in order to transfer a token from an account named B, if you pre-set it to have the signature of an account named C as well as B, the account C (the owner of an active key to the correct C) must also sign the transaction with the Accept token button only. Bitfinx is the most understood security setting among cryptocurrency exchanges today. Right now, in the combinex, 1 Active and owner-right keys are used separately. 2 At least two Multi-Sig signatures are required to use owner permissions It's set up to do. This means that accidents such as account theft and token theft are extremely rare, and if an incident occurs where a private key connected to a particular authority is stolen, it can respond to it immediately enough. #3. Security level on the Bithumb Exchange - The Bithumb Hot Wallet account where the theft occurred this time: g4ydomrxhege - Coldwalt account: bithumbshiny These are Bithumb's accounts that give you a contrasting impression of Bitfinx. One key is used for active and owner rights, and Multicig is not set. Apart from internal procedures for accessing the private key or the security of the location where it is stored, using the key associated with the account authority as a single key is the lowest level of security. If the private key is leaked, hackers can change the key pair associated with the account and use it like their own, and there's no way they can get their hands on the combs. So once the private key is exposed, there's nothing in the rain that you can do about it or control, not asking other exchanges or BP to help. Already, EOSIO software has designed a system that improves the security of all accounts and enables them to use it safely, but the exchange that holds the valuable assets of its customers is not using this basic convenience.

      $done . 2019.04.02 20:04

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    • Congrats! PUB is Listed on CoinMarketCap.

      Crypto Currency

      펍플 여러분 축하드립니다. PUBLYTO Token(PUB)이 코인마켓캡에 정식 등재 되었습니다. 코인마켓캡은 토큰, 또는 코인의 정보를 확인하기 위해 암호화폐 생태계에서 가장 많은 사람들이 이용하고 있는 매우 중요한 사이트 중 하나 입니다. 그 존재 자체로, 또는 제공하는 정보로도 시장에 큰 영향을 끼치기도 합니다. 등재조건과 심사과정이 매우 까다로워 등재 후에는 그에 합당한 공신력을 얻을 수 있습니다. *Circulating Supply(순환공급량)과 Market Cap(시가총액), 그리고 정확한 랭킹은 코인마켓캡에 등재된 거래소 중 +1 추가 상장 후부터 정상 표시됩니다. Great news! We are listed on CoinMarketCap. CoinMarketCap is one of the great platform most people use in the cryptography ecosystem to check coin or token information. It also has a great influence on the market. The review process is very complicated and difficult, and after the listing, the project can get the credibility that is appropriate.

      $publyto . 2019.03.30 16:57

      54 thanks . 12,807.8224 PUB

    • Minable Cryptocracies are worth more than non-mineral coins

      Crypto Currency

      There are 2,121 digital currencies tracked on the market website at a net valuation of approximately $140 billion. Statistics at the end of the first quarter of 2019 show that broad digital assets become the most valuable Cryptocur currency in the market. There are up to eight mineable coins, accounting for 68% of the total Cryptoconomy.

      $adilazeem . 2019.03.26 03:50

      1 thanks . 13.8843 PUB

    • B & B, 13% recorded after new launch pad announcement

      Crypto Currency

      Binary Coin (BNB) rose 13% to the highest after the release of the new lunch pad. Where did BNB go? BNB coins, designed to boost Binary Exchange's popularity, are growing at an alarming rate. Price changes in BNB indicate a 60% increase in the last 30 days and 175% increase in the last 90 days. This is a very high achievement in the cryptocurrency cash trading industry, which has long been the dominant market. Starting two hours ago, the BNB made a huge leap of $17:08 in 2019 from 13% of luxury in just two hours, setting a record 22:21. The dollar level is close enough. BNB Coin's performance is undoubtedly the most important policy for Binary Exchange. Binary Exchange requires a BNB coin in your wallet so that you can participate in each of the lunch pads and the campaigns they run. This has to be directed to the BNB Coin. When we see BNB price movements, we see high sales pressure on the $18 band. However, with some modifications from BNB, we argue that investors who place orders in higher sales may withdraw their orders and create relatively dispersed resistance points that are likely to exceed them at lower levels.

      $adilazeem . 2019.03.25 11:31

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    • BTC has surpassed $100,000 over the next five years.

      Crypto Currency

      Daniel Ameduri, president of Future Money Trends LLC, said BTC's speculative propensity and its limited supply could raise the price of BTC to about $100,000 over the next five years. "The first letter set Bitcoin's price at $13, but about it when it was $1. That's why I was attracted to the industry for the first. I went to a cryptographic conference in 2011 and there were probably 300 people there. Not a single person was willing to make money. They just wanted to create an incredible alternative to the financial market ... "Ameduri said,

      $adilazeem . 2019.03.25 02:05

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    • 8 useful browser extensions for Cryptocuracy users

      Crypto Currency

      Plug-ins (also called plug-ins) provide a way to customize your web browser with a single click. From filtering offensive words to blocking unwanted ads, there is a browser extension. Cryptocurgency users have a special need for plug-ins to enhance privacy, perform cryptographic payments in their browsers, and check market prices. If you are using Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Safari, or Opera, some of the following extensions may be helpful:

      $adilazeem . 2019.03.24 11:32

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    • Crypto Winter is back. This time Bithumb lost.

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      Bithumb, a major cryptocurrency exchange deal in South Korea, was hacked in mid-2018, and has since become difficult to get back on track. The second winter of the year, which began to show its traces in the second part of the year, further aggravated the uncertainty associated with the company. Bithumb's situation was belatedly known as soon as a report by a start-up company began circulating that reduced the number of employees by half. An unnamed executive at Bithumb is said to have reduced the number of employees to 150 from 310 in early March due to a cryptocurrency exchange deal in South Korea. The trading volume of the company has decreased and the platform is desperately at the core. measures to mitigate other currency damage Company employees have made it clear that they will not take care of themselves because 160 employees who will be leaving their roles will be provided with "support and training for full-time placement." However, the details of this program remain dimmed. For 'Many New Business', Bithumb will hire new employees as specified by the company. Despite the difficulty of starting this cryptographic asset, on the other hand, the economy of the cipher may soon be restored to an epic scale. Kakao, a community social media with 44 million users, is estimated to have a major plan for the talk application. The platform will launch a primitive cryptographic wallet for a famous platform called instant messaging. Asian countries have adopted a cost-effective way to embrace blockchain and cryptographic. Contributions with the Block Chan platform in Clayton (Clayton) can be accepted once again in these countries. Recently, there have been layoffs at the market one by one. Even when Bithumb has a better market outlook through local adoption, things are not good for many global companies. Israel's emerging market for the Tel Aviv-based First Digital Assets Group announced just a few weeks ago that many employees would stop by the company. One Alpha will be completely cut by the industry's research department as part of the FDA's elimination. Many venture companies in this block chain application group, such as Titan, Knox, K1 and Stamina, are also escaping after most of these partnerships have been merged with their parent groups. But it's just part of a big exercise. Thirty-seven employees have been laid off by ShapeShift. CEO Erik Voores tried to explain the situation by claiming that the company plans to move quickly to other opportunities such as CoinCap and KeepKey. Even Bitmain is believed to have removed numerous fashions and lost 1,000 employees in the midst of Jihan Wu's floating. The organization responsible for the major development of the NEM Foundation's XEM digital assets hacked 60 percent of its monthly burn rate, possibly laying off a significant portion of its staff from 150 employees. The irony of this situation is that many people think that layoffs are essential in reaching success. Ikigai's CIO Travis Kling made a statement before Bitcoin came back to present his point of view. According to Kling, the industry is demanding a collapse of the deal, serious regulation, and more layoffs, and the most obvious is 'the sound of the code dead.'

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