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I have to tell you based on what I bought, so I'll tell you based on the Genie House. If the purchases made in the United States arrive at my shipping address well, I have to fill out another order from the Genie House to the country. But first, you should know that the domestic shipping price of the product is set to be higher in weight or volume. No matter how light the weight is, if you are bulky, you'll have to pay a lot of shipping charges when you enter the country. From the conclusion, it cost me about 20,000 won for international transportation when I received it in Korea. Keep that in mind.

Please click on the shipping agent on the right side of the attached picture and select the shipping agent in the middle. Since I chose Oregon, you have to press Oregon (for home appliances, because of tax problems in the U.S.).)

Fill in the number 3. Don't write in Korean, but write everything in English. Please enter only English and numbers for all items such as colors and other things (never in Korean). This is also shown in the notice on the homepage of Genie Home). You can just scrape or capture a picture of the product on the Internet.

Oh, and there's a tracking number up there. You can check the U.S. website where you bought the goods when the goods were shipped. Keep that in mind.

When you have finished the process, you will receive an e-mail telling me to pay when the goods are delivered from the U.S. shipping site. Please pay for it and wait for the item to come. Please take care. Usually, you'll have to watch it for about two weeks.

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      When I was a student in school, my skirt worked well to one side. I had symptoms of pelvic imbalance. But recently, I felt it while I was working out at a gym. Every time I do a leg movement, the left and right sides are too different. I think it's going to turn to one side. My trainer also told me that my body is out of balance. So I searched hard for Daegu pelvic correction and pelvic imbalance. I came to visit Real Terrapy because I liked it. You're the one who treats me. 1. The pelvis is out of balance. 2. Your knees are not facing straight, but facing inward. 3. Too much pressure on the shoulders and neck, and it's 'lug' He explained to me, ᅲ So the pelvis is always uncomfortable, and I don't want to walk more than 50 meters, and my shoulders and neck are always tense. I had a headache and couldn't sleep well. I've always been weak and tired. There's a lot of cause, but this part of the body is a big part of it. I've decided to go there once a week and have my hands treated. the good thing is First, relax your body like a massage (it hurt, but it was very cool).ᅲ, tell me one or two things about stretching and exercising. It was really nice to do it for a while when I got home. ^^ I didn't get to start taking care of myself 20 or 30 years after my symptoms started. I don't think I'm getting any better right now. I want to live a more active life after going steadily. Then, mrs. Gemple, have a healthy holiday.♡

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      Park Jinyoung's breakfast was the talk of the town recently. I heard that Park Jin-young found a breakfast after a lot of studies, but he said, "Most of us don't practice it even if we open it up like this," and made it cool. Actually, it cost a lot to follow Park Jin-young's breakfast perfectly, so I replaced some of them with other foods. From the top left of the picture 1. Krill oil 2. NONIZUS 3. Royal Jerry 4. Vitamin E+Sellenium 5. Lactobacillus yogurt (New Biotech) 6. 1 banana 7. 1 tangerine 8. 6 cherry tomatoes 9. Vitamin D (afternoon) It's been 2 weeks since I ate it. It's already working. 1. I can't smell the fart. 2. The bowels come out at a similar time in the morning. 3. Skin clears up. 4. I don't feel sleepy after lunch. Why don't you copy the habits of successful people, too? #Park Jin-young #Morning group #Successful People's Habits

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      For a while, my friends with germs built a nest in my teeth and lived there for a long time. And how deeply you've settled down, and after the treatment, there's a big cave in between. Teeth are one of the five blessings that we live in the 100th century. To eat delicious food for a long time, you should take good care of your teeth from the usual time! If you've been brushing your teeth steadily, you don't have to worry about it.^^ I'd like to give you a quick tip. Drinking such as coffee can be a color on your teeth, so if you drink it, you should wipe it right away. If you don't brush your teeth after eating, you can multiply germs in your mouth, so to prevent periodontitis, you're not going to be able to do that. I guess there's only one way to brush my teeth. Now you know that scaling is covered by health insurance once a year. If you have your teeth checked and scaled regularly, you will be able to take better care of your teeth. After a month in the dentist's office, I really feel the importance of my teeth. I still have to go to the dentist for a while to get all the treatment done, but I thought I'd take care of it a lot. Take good care of your teeth and keep them strong until you're 100!

      $nilgo . 2019.05.13 23:52

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      There are some uninvited guests that appear at this time of spring, right? It's typically allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis. I suffer from allergic conjunctivitis every May. crying We've had a steady stream of uninvited guests this year. It's been snowing and itching since the weekend. I had to visit the hospital today and get a prescription for artificial tears... I just got a prescription for artificial tears because I don't need antihistamine mucosa for the first time. In the early days of allergic conjunctivitis, artificial tears can be used to help... It is recommended that artificial tears be added frequently to remove dryness and clean the dust and foreign substances in the eyes. Cold packs also help relieve conjunctivitis symptoms. Be careful not to say sweet saline or salt water is not good.^^ And if you touch or rub the area around your eyes because of itching or discomfort, it can lead to secondary infection.... Tell her not to rub it against her. It is said that you should do your best to wash your hands and maintain proper indoor humidity. I will not diligently estimate the artificial tears that I have been prescribed from today. ㅜㅜ Pubble, take good care of your eyes. It's really hard if you have itchy eyes.~~

      $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.05.13 21:17

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      If you walk a little longer, Manbo. I'm walking because I don't have a car to repair.

      $yonghyun . 2019.05.01 17:36

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      Gyeongokgo is good for your health. It is quite simple to make on the Internet. It is made with raw ground, white spirit, ginseng powder, and honey. Because of the kid who usually doesn't eat well because he doesn't have a appetite. I bought Oku because I decided to make it and continue to feed it. The first work came out. And I bought an onion and dropped an onion stock. An onion has about 2 liters of exigis. All you have to do is stay healthy.

      $starway . 2019.04.30 21:43

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      The fruit originating from the Anacardiaceae tribe is the Cashew fruit or in Indonesia better known as the Monkey Guava fruit, this fruit is one fruit that is efficacious and believed to be well consumed for the health of the human body. Fruit that comes from the Anacardiaceae tribe or precisely in the country of Brazil.

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    • Benefits of Dragon Fruit

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      Benefits of Dragon Fruit

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    • Health Nuri Camp

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      I've been in the office all day with the radio. If you listen carefully, there's a lot of useful information. Today, I'm going to tell you about the Health Nuri Camp. Your ears look good~ It's open. If you look around, there are many families who suffer from atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, etc. I think there's probably the biggest environmental factor. I'd like to share a good camp for these families.^^ The "2019 Health Sharing Camp" with the Ministry of Environment and the National Park Service will run free from April 8 to October. This is an experience camp for children who suffer from atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, and asthma. It has been operating every year since 2009 to prevent and manage diseases. (Some of you may know, but I've only got it now.) Visitors can enjoy eco-friendly experiences such as making natural ingredients for snacks and moisturizers, watching animals and plants, and walking through forest paths. And we're going to have to talk to professional medical personnel about. They say they can also get counseling and diagnosis. We're currently receiving applications from 12 national park offices and ecology centers nationwide for <first come first served>. If you want to join us, we'd better hurry up and apply.~~ I think it's good to apply for a place close to the country, and I think it'll be a good experience for understanding and healing of the disease.^^ Online application site #Publyto #Health Nuri Camp

      $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.04.19 04:11

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    • 에어방석(에어셀) 샀어요 ㅎ

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      평소에 사무실에서 의자에 앉아서 생할하다보니 엉덩이와 다리가 피곤할거 같아 에어셀 방석과 에어발쿠션을 샀어요 ㅎ 후기에는 에어셀 위에 앉으면 구름에 뜬것 같다고 했는데 그정도는 아니고 엉덩이가 덜 부담이 되는것 같구요. 에어발쿠션 위에 발을 얹으면 🦵 다리와 발이 편해서 좋네요. 쇼파위에 얹는것보다 편안해요^^ #에어셀 #방석 #에어발쿠션

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    • A Night's Walk!

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      The weather has been nice these days, and the weather is so nice to take a walk at night. From April to May, there are not many bugs even at night, so if there is no fine dust, it would be great for a night stroll. I walk with my wife on the walkway near my house in a refreshing spring breeze. It's nice to be able to leave the kids at home when they grow up.^^ I will enjoy and savor the walk of this refreshing and happy night to my heart. Man lives only in the present, anyway!

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    • air purifier fastball - etc.

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      There's something you have to buy in the country after you get an air purifier straight. It's a trans, or transformer, that old people used to call Dorans. Because this product is dedicated to the U.S., the ap-1512 is configured as 110v and requires transportation. There are two kinds of transs. There's a lift that increases the bolt and a pushper that lowers the bolt, and we need to buy a pushover. Usually, it takes about 500w to use it safely. You can buy it on the Internet at around 20,000 won. I recommend that you buy a fastball in advance because there should be no mishaps that you can't use. In addition, the filter can be used for a long time, but I don't know this part. I'll try it out and upload what I should do later. Finally, I've been writing a lot of posts. Thank you for reading it out. Don't think it's difficult. If you stay calm, you can do a fastball. ^^ If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we'll answer them with sincerity within our knowledge. (Add a supersymmetric function to the public!!)

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    • Air purifier Direct Tool - Purchase and ship to a shipping agent in the U.S.

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      #Delivery of my U.S. #Coway air purifier #Cowage usage #Coway air purifier ​ All conditions are now in place for delivery. Now we have a process to buy things in the U.S. and send them back to Korea. We'll have to buy things at the cheapest place first. First of all, to get to the concept, when you make a purchase online in Korea, do you make a comparative analysis of different sites? The same goes for purchases in the U.S. You should search the same model and pick the cheapest place to buy it. Some people play fastball in places like Amazon and eBay. Usually, such places are convenient, but the most expensive.... So you shouldn't play fastball in those places. ​ The model I bought, Coway Ap-1512, is expensive. When I heard that Wal-Mart was cheap, I searched it. When I bought it, it was cheaper than there. I don't know what's going to happen now. First of all, I recommend that you search for ap-1512 on Google and go to the relevant website to compare prices. If it bothers you, the site I bought is I made a purchase here. After you make a purchase, you can request delivery to the address from the Genie House. Oh, of course, you need to make an ID on a foreign site. You must not order non-members. In other words, you can sign up for the website linked to above and enter the address in the U.S. issued by Genie House when you sign up. ​ PS: It's not available at the moment. You can't search for things on the site you've linked above. You'll need to check out another site. And sometimes you can buy it cheaply in Amazon, so please check it out.

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    • Air purifier fastball - Let's set up a battery.

      Health Care

      #BARGE #Shipping destination #GINIZE If you've been given a personal clearance number, you need to use it to purchase the item. Items that do fastball on overseas sites are first purchased overseas -- shipping to delivery destinations (in the U.S. or elsewhere) -- shipping locally from delivery agencies -- going through customs clearance procedures -- ohm to me. The shipping destination is the place where I get the delivery instead of me in the country of the goods I buy. Companies that offer this delivery destination service have a variety of things depending on the country, but usually use a lot of companies called Maltese and Genie House. In case of me, I'll tell you about joining the Genie House and creating an address. ​ First, join Genie House. Click Subscribe and do not sign up as a regular member (in my case, Facebook member). I have to type in again and I don't want to be linked.) Please enter the first part of the picture you inserted. Please note that you will need to enter the customs clearance code, which was previously issued by several people, at the place where it says "Collateralized." When you complete the membership and press the Home button, your country-specific address will be created. What this means is, if you click on the country at the top of the second inserted picture screen, you'll get my mailbox address for that country. This is my address in the country. In the case of Genie House, you can get addresses like Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and the United States (New Jersey, Oregon, and LA). I bought an air purifier in the U.S., so I applied for a delivery destination for Oregon, where no taxes on home appliances are given. Please refer to the attached site for information regarding the exemption of U.S. BATTERY. http://blog ​

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    • Air purifier fastball. - What should I buy?

      Health Care

      #Air purifier # Woongjin #coway #ap-1512 ​ I didn't have an air cleaner. I knew the price of air cleaner was bad, so I wanted to buy something that could replace air cleaner like a nostril filter, and I wanted to buy a Xiaomi air purifier made in China for the caustic cost. Of course, in the face of my wife's stubborn opposition that we should not use air purifiers made in China, which produces a lot of fine dust in our country, I spent all night buying air purifiers. ​ In the meantime, ​ Air purifier, domestic consumer, Bong? Recently, a notable article was posted on the Consumer Reports Wirecutter run by the New York Times in the U.S It was a caustic result of 18 air purifiers sold in the U.S. The best experts participated and analyzed it strictly and objectively. What's amazing is that the first place was our product. This is Coway AP-1512. The second place was also a Korean product. It's from Winix 5520. It was a great pleasure to meet-and- It was faster than anything else. In just 20 minutes, 85% of the pollutants, including fine dust, were tested in an enclosed apartment in New York. You'll find this newspaper article. The contents of the newspaper article are simple. The Consumer Reports Waiter, run by the New York Times, analyzed 18 air purifiers sold in the U.S., ranked first and second, with Coway ap-1512 and Winix 5520. If used, 85% of pollutants including fine dust were removed in 20 minutes. In addition, the ap-1512 model is being sold at Wal-Mart in the U.S. for 186 dollars. That is a little more than 200,000 won with our country money. ​ This makes me decide on my fastball. Korean companies make good products why they sell expensive products to Koreans. Do you know? Coway doesn't sell air purifiers in Korea, but only rentals. In order to use an air purifier with the same performance as the one above, you have to spend about 3-400,000 won per month for a three-year period. Of course it will cost you the filter and the labor costs involved, but isn't the difference between 200,000 won and 1.08 million won too big? ​ I don't like Chinese products, and our products are sold cheaply in the U.S., so I make up my mind ​

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    • Air purifier fastball - basic preparation for fastball

      Health Care

      A fastball is basically bringing goods from abroad into our country. In order to bring in foreign goods, there's someone who sells foreign goods and a middleman who buys them, and the retailer buys them back to us. It's about omitting the middle course so that I can get something straight from abroad. ​ In fact, some places like IHub and Amazon buy goods and ship them directly to URA countries, but in this case, they are not able to buy them at such a low cost because they are attached to an agency fee. ​ So what I'm going to talk to you about today is buying in the U.S. -- shipping destinations in the U.S. -- shipping to me from the delivery destination through these three courses. ​ First of all, you need to be given a personal customs number to bring home goods purchased from the U.S. Personal customs number is as follows. Unique code that can be used instead of resident registration number when personal goods are imported to prevent leakage of personal information. The personal customs code is a unique number for personal identification and is given immediately upon application from the Korea Customs Service issuing system, and the code once granted can continue to be used with the same number. The code system begins with P and consists of 13 digits of the personal code (P) + birth year (2) + gender (1) + issuance year (2) + unique number (6) + error certificate (1). ​ We're going through four steps to get this personal clearance number. Go to the Customs Service Personal Customs Number Site - Select mobile phone authentication, authentication of public certificate to confirm - Select to issue new certificate - Authenticate with either mobile phone authentication or public authentication certificate to obtain customs clearance number. ​ 1. Customs Service Personal Customs Number Site 2. Enter the name resident registration number in the application inquiry for the personal customs declaration code in the middle section and press the OK button. 3. Press New Issue 4. Receive certification and personal clearance number This process will give you your personal clearance number. Please remember this personal customs number. If you don't remember, you can check it by entering your personal information at the customs office's Personal Customs Number website. It would be nice to put a picture in the middle, but I can't. Take a good look at the photos and get your personal passcode first in order. It's a long story, so I'll post it in lots of different sections. It's a bit of a burden. We need to get the right information.

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    • Who farted eggs on the train?

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      Give me ten minutes or so and someone on the train took my rotten eggs and I farted... I think it's going to go crazy. Here's a question. I feel good when I smell my rotten egg fart. Is it a pervert or a love affair? I also smell his/her fart. Ha...

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    • Dinner

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      #황태 #건강식 #힘난다💪 #다시일하러가자 #Hwang Tae #Winter air-dried hwangtae(pollack) filleted,deboned, and brushed with a gochu-jang sauceand grilled.

      $stephen . 2019.04.07 20:00

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    • the value of health

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      How are you guys doing in spring? the perfect season to languish They say you have less appetite, don't they? (But my appetite is not diminished, and I always... As I'm one or two years old, I feel the importance of my health. Unfortunately, I've got a lot of sick acquaintances around me these days. ᅮᅮ) Take care of your health when you are healthy! Just like this is the right thing to say^^ Starting with Levi's exercise these days, Even Green Jus and God's mountaineering vents. I think you've improved your health a lot. I think it would be nice to have one of your own health care. Exercise, mountaineering, health supplements, natural foods, etc. One more! Periodic health checks are essential. I think the medical check-up conducted by the National Health Insurance Corporation has improved a lot. If you can afford it, you can take a general checkup once a few years and manage it in advance. I tend to manage warm water intake and natural food. I've lost my body fat, but I don't think my weight gain can be solved if it's I think I need to exercise. When you're in good health, Publle is in good health!

      $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.04.03 15:57

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    • I've got an air purifier straight.

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      In the past, I bought a filter that I could put on a fan called a nose filter instead of an air purifier. (Posting: Without a specific device to measure fine dust, I would buy a fine dust meter. And then we did the experiment, and we found that the nose filter was effective in reducing fine dust, but it was insignificant. So I looked for an air purifier. To begin with, I played Coway fastball. Coway only sells in our rental style. The model I bought is an ap-1512hh. It won first place in the U.S. Consumer Reports Wirecutter for its caustic ratio. You can buy this model for about 200,000 won in the U.S. --;;;; That's ridiculous. It's not just for domestic consumers. In my case, I'm buying goods, shipping agency fees, and shipping charges combined for around 230,000 won. Although it is a little inconvenient to ship through the ship, in Korea, we use air purifiers with similar performance in Coway, and we have to use about 30,000 won to 40,000 won a month for a three-year contract. The fact that I have to pay 1.08 million won to 1.44 million won is very sad. It's bitter that Korean consumers feel like they're going to seal it, not because it's true.

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    • Baekunsan Mountain is big on the best day in the weather.

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      I'm going to do my best. The weather is so nice. I woke up in the morning and ate a bowl of Nurungji. Yeongjong also climbed Baekunsan Mountain. I can see it all the way out today. I can see the airport. Zoomed in, I thought I could see a Korean Air window pilot!(I've added a lot of lies. LOL It's going up in an hour, so I stopped by the Incheon Bridge Memorial Hall and watched the cars running on the bridge with a telescope. The boat went down below and walked two times. As I come out, I can see because I have a horse.I think it's a horse that might have been blown off at the racetrack, so I'll watch him jingle up. It's going to flow before we know it. All the time. Yujeong Jip ran to a noodle restaurant. wait in line when this place is a little late. When the material falls out, the door closes, so I put in an order just in time for the 11 o'clock opening. Today is a day when everything goes smoothly. I'm happy. I hope you have a better day today.

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    • I'm wearing blue light glasses, too!

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      Is this a good shortcut?Hahaha I'll read your article and buy it before I do I ordered the one I was only thinking about at lunch. It's my first time buying glasses. I ordered them on the Internet. Every time I borrow my friend's glasses, the underside of my glasses is running on my clown. I thought I shouldn't wear glasses in my life. I couldn't reach my nose because the bottom rim was placed on the clown.🤣🤣🤣 With this concern, I believe that I will be kind enough to help you on the product page. I'm going to show you my weird face. I bought the biggest pair of glasses! (You claim it's because of clowns, and you never admit you have a big face......) I've been wearing it all day since yesterday afternoon, but it doesn't bother me. I don't feel the weight of my glasses, I don't feel like I'm pecking my face.I'm happy for 20,000 won.😆😆 Now I'll work harder with these glasses!😎

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    • "Feat. Rabbit's best."

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      The child who was flirting over the weekend has been suffering from a high fever since yesterday. Just in case you don't want to go to kindergarten. I've been taking medicine at a private hospital. But I still have a high fever. "Is this what it is?" I visited the emergency room at the university hospital in the evening. I'm sure it's different. It's type B flu... Kindergarten Sam on the phone and tell him that he will rest until this week. Teacher said...I'm on the move. The flu is on the rise. She's sick, but she's got a strong flu test, and she's got a chest X-ray. You are very talented... But I'm a little sad because he says... "Mommy, by the way... I think the rabbit's apple on the wall has healed me." **************************************************************************************************************** I'll find out about the flu. It's easy to think of flu as a bad cold."Not like a bad cold." The flu is a respiratory disease that causes the flu virus to break into the stomach, and it is also called the influenza. 1. Symptoms: respiratory symptoms such as coughing or sore throat, as well as systemic symptoms such as high fever, chills, headaches, muscle aches or fatigue. 2. Diagnosis: Check the results within 10-15 minutes using a post-phospholipid sample 3. Treatment: Antiviral drug therapy and other anti-viral therapy - mainly administered for five days with anti-viral drug Tamiflu 4. Prevention: Vaccination, hand-washing, fever & respiratory symptoms wear mask ** Depending on the virus type, type A and type B, the treatment does not vary much. Children are more likely to have high fever, diarrhea, vomiting and muscle pain than A if they are infected with influenza B. But the virus has a weaker B strain, so it's easier to treat.^^ Publins protect their families from the flu.^^

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    • Strava failure

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      It's been a few days since the Strabas broke down, and I've been using it all along without knowing that. As the weather gets warmer, I feel more and more people on the bike path of the Han River, so I like my ride.

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