When you're sick of seeing me... (Spring Flower Event)


$ruby . 2019.04.09 09:24
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I thought the cherry blossoms were in bloom yesterday. I found a famous place in the area where the cherry blossoms are living, but I still see only the peonies.

But azaleas and canals are dazzlingly strewn in the hills by the roadside.

When I was young, I picked azalea flowers and ate them without any problem.

The taste still lingers in my mouth.

Also, a verse of Kim So-wol's poem hangs in my mouth.

"It's disgusting to see me.

when you go

send a message in silence

a mineral acid in Yongbyon


"On your way home, I'm going to sulk."

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  • [봄꽃 이벤트]3만잉크 드리고 갑니다^^

    진달래꽃 너무 예쁘네요^^


    $greenjuice11 . 2019.04.10

  • Wow Amazing

    It's a very beautiful atmosphere

    $boyelleq . 2019.04.10

  • $nilgo 님. $starway 님

    혹시 그꽃 이름이 사루비아 인가요?

    저도 어릴 때 꽃을 똑 뽑아서 꿀 삘아 먹은 기억이 있어요.

    $ari . 2019.04.09

  • 닐고님~그리고 끝을 쪽 빨면 달콤했던 그 꽃은

    약간 주둥이가 긴 빨대형인 빨간 꽃인데..깨꽃처럼 핀거잖아유~~그게 뭐드라? 그카고 화이아님~ 마야가 부른거잖옹~~맞쥬? ^^ ㅋ

    $starway . 2019.04.09

  • 진달래 맛은 약간 새콤하면서 달콤~^^

    지두 무쟈게 먹고 댕겼는디유~~~근디 문딩이가 숨어있다가 잡아간다고 하도 해싸서 무서워 산에도 맘대로 못 올라갔더랬쥬. 루비님의 예술 감각이 돋보이는 촬영기술~~^^ 노랑과 분홍의 조화가 아주 찬란한 햇살아래 경쾌한 봄을 나타내는군요.^^

    $starway . 2019.04.09

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