In school fences and on the streets of the city, it glows like an instant yellow to signal spring.

I'm a little bit sad that people have lost interest in the news of the cherry blossoms, but it's probably thanks to the canine that many people perceive spring as yellow.

It's a flower and it's about to come out.

The season for a wildcat is too short.

After the wildfowl and white magnolia are bloomed, spring flowers bloom in the order of azalea lanterns.

It is beautiful and abundant, and it is a happy spring day for this and that reason alone.

I'm gonna bite you in the mouth of a canine, a bunch of chicks, a bunch of~~🎶


It was accidentally deleted and uploaded again.

I'm sorry for the ink givers.

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  • 전생에 나라를 구했나?

    온갖 펍은 다 받는 부자라서 건너뛸까 하다 다시 되둘아오넹.ㅋㅋ 순우님이랑 두분만 드리면 임무 끝!! 개나리가 루비님 닮아 화사하구만~~

    $starway . 2019.04.06

  • 개나리 잎에 따라 물고요

    즐거운 봄 소식이네요. 행복한 하루 되세요.

    $eunsik . 2019.04.06

  • 즐거운 토요일

    즐거운 토요일 보내세요~

    $binehope . 2019.04.06

  • 삭제됐으면 무효아니오?


    $fire . 2019.04.06

  • 어....이상하네요....

    3만잉크 드리고 갔는데...없어졌네요...

    아...삭제 되었었네요....ㅜ.ㅜ

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.04.06

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