It's not grand!

I'd just like to put my old plan into practice with the lucky winner of Theo's event.

To empathize with and communicate with more people and to be friends with people who have low profile first.

And I'd like to help you a little bit with the current influx of new users due to the Publicity Community Airdrop.^^

It's weak, but I promise you that I will be a good friend and joy to the public, the value of the content.

Atom is about to fly.🚀🚀🚀

Rather than setting a P.S. standard and making it mandatory, I will also enjoy my public activities.Thank you to Theo and many of you for the opportunity.

#Media Content #Integrated Platform

#Publito #Publyto #👍

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    It's Kim's family's fourth story of child care. # I'm afraid of dragonflies There is a secret to raising three children well. It means that if you raise your first child well, the second and the third are almost the same. The problem is that it is difficult to raise the first child well.crying Anyway The first one is afraid of catching a dragonfly, The second and third are also scared. If the oldest enjoyed dragonflies without fear, The second and third would also have fought to catch each other. The second and third have not yet experienced and there are many new things. When you accept new things, your brother has a great influence. When my brother gives me a positive image, it becomes a positive one. When your brother gives you a negative image, it becomes a negative one. Regardless of its actuality, who gives the feeling to the second and third person is passed on and learned. I think our lives are similar. Sometimes it's no different from reality, but it seems like we're going to believe it's because of what some people say, do or feel. People are the only ones who can't help but be influenced, but I still wonder if it's more meaningful for me to experience it in person. # Kim's family

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  • My selfish dad's late promise!


    I've emphasized to my children that bad behavior, false words, and promises must be kept. Why I was so generous to myself. I'm a smoker. "Dad! If you smoke, your neck will break." "All right. I won't smoke one." "Dad! Cigarette smoking causes blood in your throat." "I see. I'll just play one last time." I was selfish because I didn't even think about my promise and passed the story of two children who thought about my dad so easily. After all, every time I turn it over, it's "Dad doesn't listen to us, he always smokes!" "You have to keep your word," he said. "You don't keep your word!" As soon as I heard this, I suddenly regretted that I was crazy and went straight to the health center the next day! And it's been almost two months since I started smoking. If you have children, I want you to be parents like me, so I post them like this. #Put your word to the end # #Publyto #Publito #Publyto #Publyto #

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  • # Birthday #Short


    # Birthday #Short

    $rance . 2019.04.20 15:08

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  • greedy person


    # Desire Ten percent of my investment is short-term investment, or short-handed. It also has its own principles. Save the proceeds and start with the original amount! You get a few hundred thousand won from a single stroke. Only the quantity we see as a rule will be dealt a single blows. Sometimes I see an event that I can't help but succeed. Then, there's something creeping out. "Breed" Let's put in a little more... That's the end of the moment I think about it. Recall the old amounts. If the amount is small, you can lose it, but you can still get it. But as the amount increases, it becomes more prudent. There are times when rational judgment cannot be made. If it's time to lose a little bit, we'll lose a lot more. I do my wrists to prevent it. It's a wonderful time to get back on. It's a psychological fight, but once the amount gets bigger, it's a loss. As soon as you enter the timing, you shrink and see your judgment well. It's probably something that everybody's been through. I sometimes lose everything I've won in dozens of deals. That day is a novel called "The Lucky Day." It's always a matter of commitment, but it doesn't work out.

    $simjy . 2019.04.20 02:30

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  • [Kim's family] 3. Communication Through the Wall


    Hello, this is the third child care story of Mr. Kim's family. #God's Han Soo One of the guests looked at the window between our living room and the kitchen, this is a divine providence," he said... It's something I particularly liked when I was looking for a house. I think the expression "God's Hansoo" is appropriate. Unusual is unusual. The extraordinaryness is born only from the point of view of behavior that others do not. Because of someone's passion and ideas, In the kitchen and living room of my house, there is a spear, which is the Han of God. #Through through the wall It's a place that's one of the gods for us. For children, it is a playground and a place of close communication with their mothers. Sometimes it interferes with cooking. If she's patient, the interruption will bring joy to her. Give children unforgettable memories. Good memories of childhood will have a good influence on children's emotional formation. It could eventually have a good effect on society as well. # Kim's family

    $kimsfamily . 2019.04.19 12:56

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  • What is your choice?


    At the heart of each argument is below. 1. Stir-fried Chicken Soup: Dory is regarded as a Japanese word for 'bird' and therefore no chicken dog soup. Let's use it in a pure way. 2. Chicken dough soup: Dory is puree. Having the meaning of equalizing or dividing, as of upper or lower axles. There's a lot of other "snows" or you can create them, but... I'm more attracted to the idea of using chicken pot stew. How about you guys? However, the National Academy of Korean Studies said that it would use chicken stew as a "chicken fried chicken" because of the remnants of Japanese language. If you're taking a test, you shouldn't say chicken stew.LOL

    $fire . 2019.04.18 10:38

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  • 2. Children Enjoying Vacation


    Winter is gone, and spring is already here, Spring will go soon and summer will come soon. The second story of happy parenting is children who enjoy vacation.^_^ It's a little early, but let's get ready for the vacation. #The meaning of vacation The word "Vacance" comes from the Latin word "vacatio," meaning "to be free from something." It also means emptying. Something must be emptied to refill. The meaning of the vacation I knew before, something loud, talk and play...I was on the back. The real meaning is emptiness, freedom. If you experience vacation properly, it is usually a good vacation to get more energy after vacation. #Children enjoying the vacation Adults have a lot to empty. There are so many things in us. Children don't have much to empty. There's a lot to fill in. So children can have a vacation every day. Always pleasant, bright, and energetic. They fight well, but they make up and have fun too quickly. Adults don't seem to fight very well, but if they fight, they don't get reconciled and sometimes become enemies. For adults, it's fun to give them a lot of things. For children, a small thing is a pleasure. Sometimes it's necessary for us to leave our daily lives, You can enjoy enough vacation time even in everyday life. in two sun grasses My two lovely daughters are enjoying a pleasant vacation as much as any beach. The beginning of the vacation begins with a mindset.

    $kimsfamily . 2019.04.18 10:34

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  • selection and concentration


    #Choose and focus We're selling and arranging everything today, including a small amount of coin that we received for each account, and a few coins that we didn't know when we bought, and some coins that are left on the exchange. They sell it at a below-market price, and the Ios is not much. But I feel like I'm feeling a little flat and refreshed. I was so stressed out and worked like a job. Baek said this. I cleaned the refrigerator when I didn't want to do my job too much. To relieve my stress, but when I saw a clean refrigerator, I was able to control my mind again. I think it's time for me to sort things out and choose and focus.

    $simjy . 2019.04.17 02:00

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  • [Happy Childcare] 1. 400 won joy.


    Hello, I'm Kim's Family. From today, I'm going to write a story about parenting in a series called Happy Childcare. The first story is the joy of 400 won. 1. Is the infant happy or distressed? When a person goes on a path he or she has never been to before, he or she is scared, difficult, and in trouble. And when there is no leader who leads the way, and when he or she has to be a leader or pioneer the way, the fear that comes to grips with it can only be seen by those who have Child care is the path of a pioneer that all parents go through. I've never done it before, and I can see it when I'm young (when I'm a baby), but I can't remember it. It's good to do that, but in reality it doesn't work very well. I think we should listen to child care professionals, but why not? Now it's hard to find out what really is true information for children in so much information. I don't think that's what I'm trying to do I've tried as the experts say, but it doesn't work. So I say this is how I think, but it's more painful that I'm not acting. 2. Above all, you have to control your mind. But we can't suffer. Clearly, there are plenty of fun and joyous things in parenting. If you can't hold on to it and enjoy it continuously...Nothing is more regrettable than that. The first thing that needs action over thought is child care. It is most important to take good care of your mind when you act. As such, the pleasant and happy life that happens unexpectedly while controlling my behavior and mind makes me feel the joy of the child. a joy of 400 won I came to Ikea with three children. Obviously, it's not easy to buy things with three children. Still, you have to do what you have to do. When shopping was over and the checkout was over and I was exhausted...I see ice cream in the eyes of children. I can see it in my eyes. I can't remember how much I did shopping. It is focused on the reasonable (?) price, which is 400 won in sight. I focus on prices, and children focus on chocolate and strawberry. There's so much difference in interest here. First, Choco (this is a little more expensive. It seems to be 1,200 won).) The second and third are strawberries. After a hard shopping trip, I saw the children eating ice cream with a good taste. I'm beginning to wonder if this is happiness. Memories are left in pictures with the idea of keeping this pleasure. I don't know the future, but I just love your good looks now. # Kim's family

    $kimsfamily . 2019.04.16 10:45

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  • #Handphone #Short


    #Handphone #Short

    $rance . 2019.04.16 09:12

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  • 잘 키우고 있는건가?


    잘 키우고 있는걸까? 나는 지금 아이를 잘 키우고 있는걸까..라는 생각을 요즘들어 많이 하게 됩니다. 어린이 집을 다니기 시작하면서 문득 그런 생각이 많이 드는 요즘 입니다. 여자아이는 남자아이보다 말이 빠르다는데 어린이집 또래 여자아이들은 말도 썩 문장을 붙여가며 하던데 우리아이는 아직 몇개의 단어도 어려워 합니다. 아이마다 발달하는 속도가 다르고 느리다고 잘못된건 절대 아닙니다. 너무 느리면 또 문제가 되겠지만요 제 아이가 지금 문제가 있다는건 아닙니다. 그냥 부모욕심에 말을 다른아이보다 아직 잘 못하는 부분에 신경이 쓰일 뿐이에요 이 부분에 대해 돌이켜 보면 부모 잘못이 크더라구요 일단 남들보다 앞서 가야한다는 욕심.. 피곤하다고 책도 잘 안읽어주고 티비보여주고.. 아무튼 생각해보면 제 잘못이 큰 것 같습니다. 지금은 건강하게 잘 자라주는 지금 이 순간이 제일 행복한건데 괜한 고민을 하는건지도요 누구나 초보엄마 초보아빠지만 아이가 건강하고 행복한 삶을 살도록 제가 먼저 노력해야 할듯 하네요

    $simjy . 2019.04.15 19:30

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  • yu ho yu



    $cska . 2019.04.15 18:49

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  • Imagination is more important than knowledge.


    Einstein said that before he published his theory of relativity, gravity and gravity When I thought in my head that I had the same inertia when I imagined that I was going in a spaceship, It was the happiest idea in my life." When the general relativity was announced, most scientists said they laughed at him. But a scientist named Eddington proved Einstein's theory with a single photograph. Later on, the theory is used conveniently in our real lives. What Einstein needed to make the greatest scientific achievement. It was "imagination." He came to the conclusion of those difficult sciences with his imagination alone. After a while, junior scientists proved the theory. In today's world, creativity and imagination are important, right? It's a little different, but I imagine that imagination alone can make you happy little by little. Imagination is more export than knowledge.

    $fire . 2019.04.15 10:28

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  • earnestly


    I just wanted a sip of water. That day at the cafe. The day you get a premonition of a premonition. I sit with my back straight. as if nothing were right I listened to his excuse. unlike the serene appearance It's getting white in the head. I kept getting bitter water from the top. "Wait a minute, I'll just have to put up with it for a second." still in love with him I don't know what you're thinking. I didn't want to die. his last words "I'm relieved. I'm fine..." You can't even lift somebody up without looking at him. It was the hardest moment of my life. I just wanted a sip of water. Water and coffee that I left behind. If only I'd had a sip of something. in front of him I wouldn't have cried like that.

    $johnsnow . 2019.04.14 01:31

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  • 같이 잘해봅시다~ 화이팅!


    긴급 인원 충원을 위한 채용 업무(입사지원서체크, 면접, 최종채용)를 우연히 맡게 된 3주간의 시간 워크넷을 통해 최저시급과 근로시간까지 철저히 지켜가며 구인광고를 올린 결과 이 기간 동안 113명의 많은 분들이 지원을 해주셨어요~(진심으로 감사 합니다!!) 첫 취업에 도전하는 젊은 분들, 생각지도 못한 중. 장년층(경력단절 여성)의 여성분들 그리고 소수이지만 장애인분들까지.. 양식에 맞춘 텍스트 상의 이력서 및 자소서를 어디까지 신뢰해야 할지도 모르는 상황에서 남들보다 어려운 가정사와 장애인분들의 취업희망을 간절히 바라는 내용에서는 중립적 입장을 지켜야 하는 상황이 너무나도 힘들었답니다. 결국 좀 더 회사에 나은 인재를 영입하기 위한 최종 면접과 채용은 마무리 완료하였지만.. 이번 기회를 통해 내가 과연 누구를 판단하고 결정할 수 있는 자격이 되는가? 또는 내 결정으로 인해 많은 분들에게 피해를 입힌건 아닐까라는 미안함이 드는 시간이었네요 ㅜㅜ 혹시라도 이번 기회에 탈락한 분들에겐 죄송하지만 더 좋은 곳에 입사하시기를 바래보고 응원 드리며~ 지난주부터 새로이 출근하고 있는 2명의 합격자분들은 저와 함께 즐거운 회사생활이 될 수 있도록 잘 해 보았으면 합니다!! P.S 사실 꼰대라는 소리 들을까봐 제가 더 조심히 회사생활을 하고 있는건 안 비밀ㅋㅋㅋ #인재영입 #어렵다어려워 #그래도_잘해봅시다 #퍼블리토 #publyto

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  • #Chains CET Coin #Johnver #Short


    #Chain's cecoin #Johnver

    $rance . 2019.04.11 22:29

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  • 신의 저울 9


    펍친 여러분 안녕하세요^^ 올해 초부터 신의 저울이라는 소설을 연재하고 있습니다. 전개가 길고 연재 텀이 있어서 가끔씩 올라오는 글을 읽기가 어려우실 것 같아요. 그래서 간단한 소개사항과 전편 줄거리를 추가하였습니다. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 현재연도 : 에시아력 689년 690년 전에 전 세계에 에시아 신탁이 내려짐.  그 이듬해를 에시아력 1년으로 함 국가(15개국) 적국 프라미스: 3년 전 프라미스 전쟁을 일으킨 후 황제국이 됨 기라스,고덴,리키아 : 프라미스의 조력을 받으며 세계 각국과 전쟁을 벌임 * 리키아-에스톤의 인접국, * 기라스-힐린의 인접국 일반국 에스톤: 헬레네오 평원 전투에서 주요 역할을 하며 연합군의 중심이 됨 힐린: 마법국, 법사들 외 일반 백성은 마법을 하지 않음 오스랄: 유목국, 사냥으로 생계를 유지함, 치파라는 충직한 사냥개를 잘 다룸 타르타스 : 영주가 프라미스 성에서 아르미타스에 의해 죽음 아르텐트 : 뛰어난 건축술을 가진 국가, 성벽이 캐넌에 무너지면서 전 세계가 항복하게 됨 기타 : 카고스, 휴고, 파라스, 라이덴, 아노이, 아이레스 기사 체계 일반국: 견습기사-하급기사-중급기사-상급기사-수호기사-영주 마법국: 견습법사-하급법사-중급법사-상급법사-수호법사-대법사 작위 직급 자격 견습기사: 말단기사 하급기사: 정식기사, 라크 10 중급기사: 십인대장, 라크50, 키르5 상급기사: 백인대장, 키르 30 수호기사: 천인대장, 키르 100 (편대의 대장을 맡거나 자유롭게 활동함) 주요국의 인물 에스톤 타린: 에스톤의 영주, 프라미스 지하감옥에 투옥 중 아서스: 에스톤의 국경수비대장, 프라미스 소집시 리키아군에 의해 아내 아그리스가 사망함 제라드: 에스톤의 근위대장, 헬레네오 평원 전투이후 연합군을 이끌고 힐린으로 향하고 있음 미르 : 아서스의 어릴적 단짝 친구, 몇년 전 이상증세를 보인 후 사라짐 케라스: 에스톤의 하급기사 주드 : 에스톤의 견습기사 나단 : 에스톤의 상급기사, 뛰어난 잠입술로 정찰병단을 이끔 이그리스 : 아서스의 부인, 프라미스 소집칙령으로 본군이 영지를 비운 사이 리키아의 침공으로 사망함 아르스 : 에스톤 귀족의 아들로 몇전 전 사라졌으며 프라미스 궁에서  영주에 불리한 진술을 했으며 철기병 복장을 하고 있는 것이 목격됨 힐린 대법사: 힐린국의 영주, 프라미스 전쟁직후 공격마법서의 봉인을 풀기위해 칩거 에르도: 힐린국의 수호법사 라딘: 카라얀과 아리아의 스승, 프라미스궁에 잠입하여 카라얀과 결투 카라얀: 힐린의 중급법사 였으나 몇년 전 이상증세를 보인이후에 사라짐 아리아: 힐린의 상급법사, 이상증세를 보이자 대법사가 기억을 지움, 에스톤으로 아서스를 만나러 감 프라미스 프라미소스 : 영주, 살해당하였으며 시신은 아르미타스에 의해 불태워짐 테르 : 황태자, 아르미타스 일당에 의해 노역생활을 하다 일부 백성들에의해 구출되어 에스톤으로 옴 아르미타스 : 공작으로 알려져 있으며 황태자 테르행세를 함 미르 : 에스톤출신 기사 카라얀 : 힐린 출신 기(법)사 기라스 후오카 : 기라스의 4군대장(수호기사), 헬레네오 소집령으로 영지가 빈 사이 에스톤을 공격하여 주둔중 가도르 : 기라스의 편대장(수호기사) 자케 : 기라스의 편대장(수호기사) 생명석 모든 동물의 목덜미 약간 위쪽에 존재함 프라미스는 전쟁으로 죽인 인간들의 생명석을 파괴하고 있음 마물 생식기가 없어 어떻게 태어나는 지에 대해서는 알려지지 않았음.  회복능력이 강한 동물임, 다리나 팔이 잘리더라도 물리적으로 닿으면 치유됨 생명석이 검은색이며 뇌가 파괴되거나 몸이 완전히 썩거나 생명석이 깨지면 회복능력이 없어짐 라크: 덩치 큰 늑대처럼 생겼으며 이빨이 아주 큼. 무리를 지어 사냥함 키르: 걸을때는 이족보행, 뛸때는 사족보행을 하며 어깨죽지 쪽에 아주 강한 날개가 있어 목을 보호함 에르그 - 마법을 시전하는 데 사용되는 에너지의 기본 단위 루에나분지 - 정원형이며 바닥은 달의 표면 무늬와 똑같은 모양의 바위로 되어있음. 프라미소스 성 내부에 있음 카옌분지 - 초승달 모양의 분지. 특별한 기운이 뿜어져 나와 에르그가 증폭됨, 힐린국 법사들의 기수련 장소 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 이전 줄거리 작은 국가였던 프라미스가 세계를 정복하고 3년후 황제시해범을 찾는다는 구실로  전 제후국에 8할 군사를 헬레네오평원으로 소집령을 내린다. 프라미스의 함정에 빠진 영주들은 모두 구금되고 헬레네오 평원에서는 일방적인 살육이 벌어진다. 힐린 법사들의 도움으로 헬레네오에서 살아남은 연합국 기사들은 힐린으로 향한다. 영지가 빈 사이에 소집령에 응하지 않은 기라스, 고덴, 리키아는 각국에 병력을 파견해 학살을 시작했다. 에스톤에 돌아온 아서스의 국경수비대는 철기병에 쫒기던 상인들을 구해주었고 그 상인 중 한명이 자신을 테르라고 주장하는데.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 에스톤 성 외곽 1Km 거리의 리키아 군영 그 곳에 약 4천여명의 리키아 기사들이  한달이 넘게 진을 치고 있었다. 군영의 중심부에 가장 크고 호화로운 막사 그 막사 안에서 몇몇 고위 기사들이 회의를 하고 있었다. 그때 누군가 뛰어 들어왔다. "대장님~ 프라미스로 부터 전령이 왔습니다." "전령? 어서 들이거라." 대장은 대답을 하며 벌떡 일어섰고 나머지 기사들도 일어섰다. 잠시 후 전령이 막사에 들어섰다. 철기병 복장을 한 전령은 곧장  대장이라고 불리는 사내 앞으로 갔다. 표식을 보니 중급기사 인듯 보였다. "당신이 4군대장 호우카요?" 찌르는 듯이 내뱉는 전령의 건방진 말에  호우카의 눈썹이 꿈틀거렸다. "그렇소" 호우카는 치미는 감정을 겨우 다스리며 대답했다. "테르 황태자님은 지지부진한 전황에 매우 실망하셨소 우리 프라미스가 대부분의 병력을 헬레네오로 빼주고 무기까지 지원해 주었건만 당신들은 지금까지 도대체 무엇을 하신것이오" 전령은 부하를 나무라는 투로 호우카에게 따져 물었다. "말씀을 삼가시오. 리키아의 4군대장님이시오." 옆에서 듣고 있던 부하기사가 앞으로 나서며 말했다. "허~ 나는 프라미스의 테르 황태자님의  추상같은 명을 전하러온 사자다. 리키아의 4군대장 따위에게  내가 무릎이라도 꿇어야 한다는 말이냐?" "이놈이..." "가도르, 물러서 있어라.." 호우카는 왼손을 들어올리며 부하장수를 제지했다. "부하의 잘못을 용서하시오." "아랫것들 교육을 도대체 어떻게 시킨 것이오? 가도르라고 하였느냐? 내 니 이름을 기억하겠다." 전령은 가도르를 쏘아보며 말했다. 가도르도 지지 않겠다는 듯이 칼집에 꽂혀있는  칼의 손잡이를 꽉 쥐며 전령을 노려봤다. "다들 밖에 나가 있거라." "대장님 중급기사 밖에 안되는 저 전령이 우리 리키아를 무시하고 있습니다. 저런 놈은 아무리 황제국 기사라고 해도  본때를 보여줘야 합니다." "그만. 그만. 황태자의 명령을 가져온 전령이다. 함부로 입을 놀리지 말거라. 이봐 자케~" 호우카는 옆에 있던 자케를 불렀다. "예.. 대장님" "가도르를 데리고 나가거라~" "예~" 자케는 호우카의 명령에 가도르와 기사들을 데리고  목례를 하고 막사를 나갔다. "다시 한번 부하의 무례를 사과드리겠소. 일단 자리에 앉으시지요.. 헌데, 황태자님으로부터 어떤 명령을 가져오셨소?"" 호우카는 전령에게 자리를 권하며 물었다. "지금까지 소멸시킨 생명석이 모두 몇개요?" 전령은 호우카의 말이 끝나자마자 되물었다. "현재까지 파악된 수는 4만3천개요." "지난번 보고된 수치에서 하나도 올라가지 않았다는 말이요?" "에스톤에 도착했을때는 이미 백성들이 대부분 외성내로 피난을 가버린후였소" "그게 변명이라고 지껄이시오? 에스톤에 남은 병력은 천명밖에 되지 않았소 우리 프라미스의 강철검을 줬는데  고작 천명을 어쩌지 못했다는 말이요?" 전령의 질책에 호우카의 얼굴이 다시 일그러졌다. "공성이 귀하의 말처럼 그리 쉬운게 아니오~  우리 리키아 병력을 4개 국가에 나눠 파견하였기에 한 국가의 수도성을 파괴할만한 공성무기를 확보하지 못했소 공성무기를 가지고도 수성병력의 최대 3배 이상의 병력이 있어야  공성이 가능한데 일반 백성들까지 수성에 참여하여 에스톤의 성내 병력은 최소 3천명 이상으로 파악하고 ..." "쯧쯧..." 전령은 호우카가 한창 말을 하고 있는 도중에 혀를 찼다. 호우카는 자존심이 상했는지 목소리가 조금 커졌다. "저 에스톤 돌덩이 안에 자그마치 백성 30만명이 있단 말이오. 그들이 훈련된 기사들의 상대는 되지 않지만 공성수비는 얼마든지 할 수 있는 젊은이들이 부지기수요. 지금 상황에서 공성을 한다는 것은 병력만 잃는 길이오. 4천명의 병력으로 저 돌성을 공격하라는 말이요?" "이것 보시오. 호우카대장~ 그게 변명이라는 거요.. 에스톤에 도착하는 즉시 방비태세를 갖추기전에 외성을 공격했어야 할것 아니오. 늙은이들이나 죽이고 있는 사이에  에스톤은 재무장을 완료해 버렸소. 우리 프라미스는 누구에게 책임을 물어야 하오?" "책임이라니요. 리키아는 최선을 다해 싸워왔소." "우리 프라미스는 만명의 철기병으로 세계를 정복했소 그대들이 죽기를 각오하고 싸웠다면  에스톤이 방비태세를 갖추기 전에 함락했을거요." "프라미스의 전승은 캐넌으로 공성이 가능했기 때문이 아니오? 우리에게도 캐넌을 지원해 준다면 얼마든지...." 그때 갑자기 전령이 벌떡 일어섰다. "이런 버러지같은... 뚫린 입이라고 마음대로 지껄이는구나. 우리 대프라미스는 캐넌을 이동할 수 없는 위치에 있는  4개국을 캐넌 없이 순수 무력으로 정복했다. 호우카, 아니 리키아의 4군대장, 이제 서로 솔직히 말해보는것이 어떻소? 리키아가 지금까지 싸운 대상은 힘이 없어서  피난도 가지 못한 여자, 아이, 늙은이들 뿐이 아니오? 큰 전쟁을 벌이고 있는 국가치고는  지나치게 병력을 아끼고 있는것처럼 보인단말이지 리키아는 전쟁 이후에 무언가를 계획하는 바가 있소?" 후오카는 전령의 말에 흠칫 놀랐다. "계획하는 바라니 그게 무슨 말이오 우리는 프라미스 제국의 번영을 위해..." "리키아의 현재 병력 손실은 천명에 불과하오 반면 고덴과 기라스는 각각 수천명의 병령이 손실되었소 그 두 국가는 이미 수십만개의 생명석을 파괴했단 말이오. 전쟁이 끝나면 누가 가장 유리할 것 같으오. 폐허가 된 세계에서 리키아가 병력을 온전히 보전하고 있다면? 거기에 프라미스에서 지원한 무기까지 가진 상태로 말이요." 후오카의 이마에 땀방울이 맺혔다. "그건 지나친 억측이요." "테르 황태자님은 리키아의 우유부단한 태도에  큰 실망을 하고 있는 중이시요. 전쟁 후 인근 3개국가의 영지를 주겠다던 약속도  이제는 재고를 해 보아야 하겠단 말이오." "그게 무슨 소리요.. 우리 리키아가 3년간 프라미스를 위해  얼마나 많은 희생을 했는지 아시오? 인근 국가들과 끝없는 전쟁을 일으키고 신탁을 저버리는 것에 대해 반대하는 백성들까지 죽여가면서 제국의 명령을 충실히 수행하였소. 이제와서 약속된 영지를 주지 못한다니 전쟁의 한가운데서 리키아를 적으로 돌리려는 것이오?" 얼굴일 벌게진 후오카가 흥분한듯 이야기했다. "아직.... 영지를 주지 않겠다는 것은 아니오. 테르 황태자님은 리키아에게 한번의 기회를 더 주었소. 이제는 리키아가 당신이 말한 충성심을 보여줄 때요." "어떤 충성을 말하는 거요?" "테르 황태자님께서는 리키아에 새로운 명령을 내리셨소. 리키아의 4개국가에 파견된 병력중 3개군을 힐린으로 보내어 연합군을 처리하고 1개군은 신전을 파괴하라. 귀하의 4군은 지금 즉시 신전으로 가서 신전의 모든 시설물과 생명을 없애시오. 특히 요르하라는 노인을 찾아 없애시오. 그것은 신전을 파괴하는 것보다 중요한 일이오." "요르하? 아니 그보다 신전을 파괴 하라고 하셨소? 아직 신탁을 믿는 기사들과 백성들이 많소 그들이 다시 내부에서 반란을 일으킨다면  전쟁을 수행하기 더욱 어려워질 것이오" "그것은 그대가 알아서 할 일이오. 요르하라는 노인을 꼭 처리하시오. 이름이 여러개라 지금은 요르하가 아닐수도 있소. 위험한 늙은이니까 방심하면 안되오. 황태자님께서는 이번 임무의 성공여부로  리키아의 충성심을 보시겠다고 하셨소" "음...." 호우카는 무슨 생각을 하는지 나직한 탄식을 했다. 그때 한 기사가 막사로 뛰어 들어왔다. "대장님~" "무슨일니냐?" 기사는 호우카의 귀에 대고 무언가를 속삭였다. 이야기를 듣고있는 호우카의 얼굴이 굳어져갔다. "무슨일이오?" 프라미스의 전령이 물었다. "테르 황태자가 보내서 오셨다고 하셨소?" 호우카는 전령에게 물었다. "그게 무슨 말이오?" "테르 황태자가 프라미스 철기군에 쫒겨  에스톤으로 망명했다는 소식을 받았소." 전령은 호우카의 말에 많이 놀란 표정이었다. "그 자는 가짜요." "그렇소? 정찰병은 황태자가 망명했다고 하고 당신은 그자는 가짜라고 하니 뭐가 진실인지 모르겠소. 당신의 말이 진짜인지 조사를 좀 해봐야겠소" "조사는 무슨 조사~! 그 놈은 가짜라니까~" 전령은 흥분하여 소리를 질렀다. "자케~ 거기 있느냐?" "예~" 자케가 뛰어 들어왔다. "여기 프라미스에서 온 전령을 당분간 구금하거라~" "갑자기 무슨...?" "황태자 테르가 에스톤에 망명했다는 소식이다. 철기군은 그를 뒤 쫒았고 말이다. 뭔가 일이 틀어지고 있는게야. 이자를 데리고 가서 구금을 해 놓거라 정보를 더 파악한 후 조사를 할 것이다." "예." 자케는 명을 받고 전령에게 쳐다보았다. "순순히 가시지요." "너희들이 감히 프라미스 사자를...." 쵕~ 전령의 말이 끝나기 전에 자케의 검집에서 칼이나오더니 전령의 목 끝에 닿았다. "어서 가시지요." 자케가 전령의 목에 닿은 검을 더욱 들이밀자 전령의 목덜미에서 붉은 피가 흘러내렸다. "으윽.." 전령은 더이상 말을 못하고 마지못해 몸을 돌렸다. "자케~ 나가거든 가도르를 들라하.." 후오카는 뒷 말을 하지 못했다. 전령을 겨누던 자케의 검이 후오카의 목을 잘라버렸기 때문이다. 후오카의 목을 자른 자케는 바로 정찰병의 목에 칼을 겨누었다. 목에 칼을 댄 정찰병이 놀랐는지 눈만 꿈뻑거리다가 이내 사태를 파악했는지 무릎을 꿇고 빌었다. "사...살려주십시오." "테르의 망명을 또 누구에게 이야기 했느냐?" "없습니다. 정말입니다.  중요한 일이라 대장님께 알리기 위해 곧장 이리로 왔습니다." 정찰병은 얼굴이 하얗게 질린채로 대답했다. "헛튼말 하면 죽는다. 누구에게 이야기 했느냐?" "믿어 주십시오. 정말 아무에게도 말하지 않았습니다. 사.. 살려주십시오." "그래 잘 하였다." 그리고는 정찰병의 목도 몸통에서 분리되었다. "다친곳은 없느냐?" 자케는 프라미스 전령에게 물었다. "네. 괜찮습니다. 그 보다 후오카를 베어버렸으니  어떻게 수습하실려고 하십니까?" "걱정마라.. 믿을만한 부하를 시켜  에스톤 기사의 복장을 하고 도망가도록 시켜놨다. 잡입하여 살해 후 도망간 것으로 하겠다. 그보다 아르미타스 공작전하는 잘 계시느냐?" "네. ." "그래.. 신전을 없애야 한다는 말이지?" "그렇습니다. 요르하라는 늙은이가 우선입니다." "그 요르하라는 노인은 누구지?" "저도 자세히는 모릅니다. 다만 우리의 비밀을 알고 있는 자인것만은 확실합니다." "알았다. 잠시 누워 있거라~" 말을 마치자 자케는 검을 들어 전령의 오른쪽 어깨를 찔렀다. 전령은 어깨를 움켜쥐고 주저 앉았다. "적이다~ 침입자가 나타났다~" 자케는 막사 바깥쪽으로 소리를 질렀다. To be continued...

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  • #Hi-no-lak = Password money?! #Short


    #Hi-no-lak #Passwords #Short

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  • #I think of me?! #Short


    #Short #Self-sensitivity

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  • Hi, how are you?Greetings


    While I was playing the public, I noticed that I revisited the places where I gave you thank and ink, mainly to those who are familiar with it, or to those who have visited me in my writing. From now on, I'll try to visit many people who want to start a new I'm gonna go up there and say hello. Let's hope they get used to it and have a little bit of fun as they begin their first day public. Hello!!This is Shimmy.^^

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  • Turtle faster than I thought


    It's faster than you think of Chungju Eco Experience Center? It's a turtle. I was surprised that the turtle that I knew would be really slow walked. Who said the turtle was slow?ᄒ-ᄒ

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  • PKO



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  • History of 119(fire)


    There's a post from time to time, and as a person in charge of safety management, I'd like to summarize the history of 119 firefighting structures. It is said that the fire department in our country undertook life-saving activities since the fire-fighting law was enacted on March 11, 1958. At that time, life-saving work was included in the fire work. The revision of the Fire Protection Act on April 14, 1967 resulted in the responsibility of fire only fires. (There's a good chance there's been a competition between the ministries? Powerful Division, Powerless Division - That's my idea. Although life-saving operations were not covered by the law, special forces were operated by each fire department. The life-saving operation continued to be perfunctory. However, as economic growth and quality of life improve, people's interest in safety increases. The frequent occurrence of accidents and the variety of types have led to the need for professional, trained rescuers. Especially in 1988 (Reply, I remember Deokseon who was playing picket in 1988) When there was a fire and other accidents ahead of the Seoul Olympic Games, It would have been imperative to set up a specialized rescue team dedicated to saving lives. Therefore, on September 4, 1987, the 119 Special Rescue Service Installation Operation Plan was established. 9 rescue teams (Seoul 3, Busan, Daegu, Incheon, Gwangju, Daejeon, Suwon) will be held in 7 cities where the Olympics will be held on August 1, 1988. It was installed to carry out life-saving activities. The rescue workers were selected and operated by the military's special training personnel and those from special forces. After the Olympics, the fire fighting law was revised in 1989 to stipulate rescue activities in firefighting. Asiana Airlines aircraft crash ('93.7.26, Seongsu Bridge collapse ('94.10.21), Sampoong Department Store collapse ('95.6.29) etc. Due to the frequent occurrence of various large-scale disasters and accidents, the structural functions were reinforced. Also, the central 119 rescue team is installed.Expand, and in each city and province, there are water heater rescue units, mountain rescue units, chemical rescue units, etc. It is said that structural activities are performed according to local characteristics by installing them. In conclusion, I wanted to show less shame because of the 1988 Olympics, when people from all over the world visited Korea. I think we've got a real rescue team. It was written by $starway ( but let's request from a commonsense line...^^ It would be nice to read $chea's article too. (

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  • My article on news paper bout corruption


    Writing is one of my hobbies. For me, writing is the easiest and most valuable work. Therefore, write until your breath is at the end of the ceiling

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  • For what...


    At first, everyone I just laughed and enjoyed it. to an exciting song We all danced together. Five in accordance with the dictates of the presenter. They're paired up with five people. Four the presenter suddenly I'm worried about calling the numbers. I couldn't hear the song. Three in order not to be alienated Keep your eyes on your close friend. I tried. Two Two of my best friends left. with a friend in his arms I didn't know what to do with my other friend. I pushed it a little. Then the host said, That's the practice game. And by the day after I get back, I fell in love with my friend.

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  • divine scale 8


    the Athenian Mountains surrounding the castle of Eston. The Athenian Mountains are called the Gate of Heaven. There is the Sidd Gorge. There's a huge chain of mountains in Athenne.  A long time ago, by great force, It's exactly split in half. 2 meters wide, 1 kilometer long. A narrow canyon formed. The road to the top of the mountain, at the back, a gentle slope There's a steep cliff up ahead. To attack from the front, The soldiers lined the narrow streets. The rocks and arrows that fall from the sky,  You have to endure. Even if you're going through it,  Only four adults can pass at once.  At the end of the narrow passage of the canyon, There's a lot of defenders standing by. no matter how superior the numbers are,  It was a fortress of natural beauty that could never be conquered. As soon as we got to Eston and recovered the bodies of the people, Arthur, who once fought the Ricci army,  I felt limited by the inferiority of numbers and the iron sword of Riccia, Here in the Shed Gorge, we set up a military camp. Arthur was riding a horse around the back, I was on a tour of the military barracks. a distant knight galloping at the horse.  It was coming. "Dr. Framis... The pramis knights..." The soldier was surprised when he rode a horse. I couldn't speak because I was short of breath. "Pramis?" "Yes. It's Framis. Ironborn soldiers are approaching from the rear." Arthur's expression hardened.  "How did Mr. Pramis suddenly go? The Phramas have begun to move.  I didn't get a report, but..." "That's not the size of an army.  I think it's about 200 iron weapons." "It's 200, so I can do something with only 200." You think he's a scout?" "I think they're following the top." "Top?" "Twenty minutes ahead of Pramis.  There's a bunch of people coming in." "Top... The Phramas simply wanted to rob the top. It wouldn't have come all the way here. I'm sure there's a reason to chase him. How far did they come?" "It's not far from here. The top is likely to be caught by the Phramas soon." "Combine the troops... I'll be on duty right over there." "Director, most of the troops are trying to defend themselves. It's either on a mountain or placed at the entrance to the canyon." "What about the remaining soldiers?" "It's about 40 if we have to start right now." "Yeah, well, I'm just trying to get you through the canyon.  It could be Riccia's handout. The defense of the canyon is more important.  Let's start with the knights only now." Arthur gathered the rest of the articles and hurried on to the horse. 쨍, 쨍, 쨍... I could hear the sound of a sword smashing in the distance. The carts on the top block the way with their carts. I was in battle with the Prince of Framis coming over the wagon. I'm stuck in a carriage at first.  The cavalry on the horse was rolling. by horseback cavalry  The carriage began to move away little by little. Soon the carriage was completely cleared.  The pramis cavalry poured out. The merchants tried their best to wield the sword.  For the horse-riding, iron-clad Ironman,  He fell down like a autumn leaves. 쉭, 쉭, 쉭... Archers and knights shot from the horse.  Dozens of iron soldiers fell at the same time. The Ironman, they're a sudden backup. He paused for a moment. Arthur's speed is as fast as he's going.  I wandered into the Pramas. in a flash  Five or six Framis soldiers collapsed. And the Estonians and the Framis. A close race has begun. 쨍, 쨍, 깡, ... The swords of the Estonians were broken. "Don't hit the sword head-on.  We'll use the incoming force to bounce it off. Attack." Arthur was talking, talking to the Framis quickly.  I took care of it. 쨍, 쨍, 째, 쨍, ...... Even with Arthur's cry, it's a sign of the Estonians.  The sword was broken down in succession. "Write this sword... and use this sword.~" When the merchants picked up the cloth covering the cart.  There were swords and shields full of carts. The Estonians run their horses in the carriage. Switched the sword and shield. 쨍, 쨍, 깽... Even Arthur's sword, which went deep into enemy territory, was broken. Seven or eight knights rushed in at the same time. The horse's leg was severed and Arthur fell to the ground. At the same time, the swords of the pramis knights flew in, As soon as Arthur touches the ground, he blows himself up. He rolled between the legs of the horse in front of him. Pull a cavalry from the other side of the horse.  He crumpled his neck and climbed back on his horse. "This sword." A man threw a sword at Asus. Arthur accepts the sword, I went forward again. Let's accept a new sword from a man.  Arthur's at a more frightening pace. I handled the articles. Two or three fell at a time.  Some were cut into armor. "Put your cover on Mr. Garth." The Estonians camped out with shields.  I went forward. "It's okay here. Protect the merchants more than that." Arthur gave me a short command.  The pramis knights were cut down. "Stop him!" I'm looking back at you as the leader of the Phramas.  The man in the white armor shouted at once, The pramis knights were on Arthur's fearsome spirit.  I dared not approach. "The palace! What are you doing? Go ahead and shoot." exclaimed urgently in white armor "Director, you have allies around you..." before the knight even finished speaking  I fell on my knees with my neck cut off by the sword in my white armor. "Shoot if you want to shoot me. White armor shoved a knee-jerk carpenter on his feet. shouted back to the archers. The archers pulled a short bow of protest, He fired his arrows in unison. There were dozens of pramis around the Ashers.  I was hit by an arrow and fell down. Arthur jumped out of the horse, The article you just destroyed.  in armor I went forward. The Framis Knight, the shielded knight, Arrows were shot like a hedgehog. "What the hell is he?" Arthur's got a story he's been holding.  Throw it away to the archers and run.  The archers' bows and arms were cut together. The moment you're about to say something about a white armor, Arthur's sword was approaching the neck. "Yes, who the hell are you?" asked with an incredulous look in the white armor. "I don't know... What is the purpose of being here? "Do you want me to talk? Kill him." I thought the wind was blowing. The left hand of the white armor fell to the ground. "Caaaaaa..." The white armor was a very short time ago, with a left hand.  I was given a seat and I was in my pain. "What's your purpose here?" "Uh... I know who you are. You're Asus, aren't you?  Asus of Eston, as you said...  Right?" "Mir?" Arthur was in the mouth of his white armor.  I was surprised when the name Mir came out. "How do you know Mir? Where is Mir?" "Hichhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" The white armor laughed in a bad voice. "What's the purpose of chasing the merchants? What do you know about Mir?" Arthur asked again in a slightly evoked voice. "Don't worry about him.  Mir will find you." Once again the wind blew.  The left foot of the white armor was cut off. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." with white armor lying on the ground.  He barked as if he had lost his temper. "Where's Mir? Where are you? If you don't say it, you won't be able to die." Arthur shouted with rage. "Kkkk, I'm going to die anyway.  So are you. I'm not alone in my life. My wife... my baby.It belongs to my family... Even though I can't remember it, I will be born again where I have a family." He sat back talking and got up with difficulty. For a moment, there seemed to be tears in his eyes. And then suddenly, "Corsa Dende O'Frya." The white armor was a strange word.  I'm gonna take a dagger out of my waist in an instant. He stabbed himself in the neck. "Corsa Dende O'Frya." I've stopped fighting and I've been staring blankly.  And the pramis knights with a dozen lives left. Everyone took their lives by shouting the same words. Arthur's expression became heavy. "I stabbed him in the area with the rocks. And the last thing I said was, I'm It was the kids. Mir... where are you? What's the connection between them and you?' Things have been sorted out and the Estonians have come running. "Are you all right, sir?" "It's okay. What's the damage?" "25 knights were killed. The merchant was killed 40 people and left 10 others. All 200 of the enemies were killed or killed." "Well..." "Better than..." Arthur looked at the article hesitating to speak. "One of the more merchants asked me to see you." "The merchant? Yeah. The Framis are all dead. I'm sure you can hear them..." "That's... " Ashers looked at the hesitant article again. "The merchant who asks to see you is  Prince Ter of Framis."

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  • Indonesian Fishermen's Life


    During the holidays, of course you go to the sea to do diving, snorkeling or just playing on the beach. Have you ever imagined how to live with the sea? Generally people who live in the middle of land or on the mountain like to vacation to the coast and even to the ocean. For fishermen who live on the shores of the coast and even in the middle of the ocean, it certainly has a very meaningful life story. Let's get to know human life that lives in the middle of the sea and on the shore. Who are they? What activities can they do to fulfill their needs in the middle of the sea? In general, they work as fishermen. With this work they connected their families' lives. Fishermen in Indonesia are very concerned by the government at this time because the fate of the fishermen is still lacking even though Indonesia has rich marine products. Fishermen fight against waves, wind and extreme weather. The results obtained were not comparable to their hard efforts. Marine products such as fish, crabs, shrimp, sea cucumbers and many others are for consumption by the people of Indonesia, also for sale abroad. Of course this will help the Indonesian economy. Therefore fishermen are very valuable for our country.

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