the Athenian Mountains surrounding the castle of Eston.

The Athenian Mountains are called the Gate of Heaven.

There is the Sidd Gorge.

There's a huge chain of mountains in Athenne. 

A long time ago, by great force,

It's exactly split in half.

2 meters wide, 1 kilometer long.

A narrow canyon formed.

The road to the top of the mountain,

at the back, a gentle slope

There's a steep cliff up ahead.

To attack from the front,

The soldiers lined the narrow streets.

The rocks and arrows that fall from the sky, 

You have to endure.

Even if you're going through it, 

Only four adults can pass at once. 

At the end of the narrow passage of the canyon,

There's a lot of defenders standing by.

no matter how superior the numbers are, 

It was a fortress of natural beauty that could never be conquered.

As soon as we got to Eston and recovered the bodies of the people,

Arthur, who once fought the Ricci army, 

I felt limited by the inferiority of numbers and the iron sword of Riccia,

Here in the Shed Gorge, we set up a military camp.

Arthur was riding a horse around the back,

I was on a tour of the military barracks.

a distant knight galloping at the horse. 

It was coming.

"Dr. Framis... The pramis knights..."

The soldier was surprised when he rode a horse.

I couldn't speak because I was short of breath.


"Yes. It's Framis.

Ironborn soldiers are approaching from the rear."

Arthur's expression hardened. 

"How did Mr. Pramis suddenly go?

The Phramas have begun to move. 

I didn't get a report, but..."

"That's not the size of an army. 

I think it's about 200 iron weapons."

"It's 200, so I can do something with only 200."

You think he's a scout?"

"I think they're following the top."


"Twenty minutes ahead of Pramis. 

There's a bunch of people coming in."


The Phramas simply wanted to rob the top.

It wouldn't have come all the way here.

I'm sure there's a reason to chase him.

How far did they come?"

"It's not far from here.

The top is likely to be caught by the Phramas soon."

"Combine the troops...

I'll be on duty right over there."

"Director, most of the troops are trying to defend themselves.

It's either on a mountain or placed at the entrance to the canyon."

"What about the remaining soldiers?"

"It's about 40 if we have to start right now."

"Yeah, well, I'm just trying to get you through the canyon. 

It could be Riccia's handout.

The defense of the canyon is more important. 

Let's start with the knights only now."

Arthur gathered the rest of the articles and hurried on to the horse.

쨍, 쨍, 쨍...

I could hear the sound of a sword smashing in the distance.

The carts on the top block the way with their carts.

I was in battle with the Prince of Framis coming over the wagon.

I'm stuck in a carriage at first. 

The cavalry on the horse was rolling.

by horseback cavalry 

The carriage began to move away little by little.

Soon the carriage was completely cleared. 

The pramis cavalry poured out.

The merchants tried their best to wield the sword. 

For the horse-riding, iron-clad Ironman, 

He fell down like a autumn leaves.

쉭, 쉭, 쉭...

Archers and knights shot from the horse. 

Dozens of iron soldiers fell at the same time.

The Ironman, they're a sudden backup.

He paused for a moment.

Arthur's speed is as fast as he's going. 

I wandered into the Pramas.

in a flash 

Five or six Framis soldiers collapsed.

And the Estonians and the Framis.

A close race has begun.

쨍, 쨍, 깡, ...

The swords of the Estonians were broken.

"Don't hit the sword head-on. 

We'll use the incoming force to bounce it off.


Arthur was talking, talking to the Framis quickly. 

I took care of it.

쨍, 쨍, 째, 쨍, ......

Even with Arthur's cry, it's a sign of the Estonians. 

The sword was broken down in succession.

"Write this sword... and use this sword.~"

When the merchants picked up the cloth covering the cart. 

There were swords and shields full of carts.

The Estonians run their horses in the carriage.

Switched the sword and shield.

쨍, 쨍, 깽...

Even Arthur's sword, which went deep into enemy territory, was broken.

Seven or eight knights rushed in at the same time.

The horse's leg was severed and Arthur fell to the ground.

At the same time, the swords of the pramis knights flew in,

As soon as Arthur touches the ground, he blows himself up.

He rolled between the legs of the horse in front of him.

Pull a cavalry from the other side of the horse. 

He crumpled his neck and climbed back on his horse.

"This sword."

A man threw a sword at Asus.

Arthur accepts the sword,

I went forward again.

Let's accept a new sword from a man. 

Arthur's at a more frightening pace.

I handled the articles.

Two or three fell at a time. 

Some were cut into armor.

"Put your cover on Mr. Garth."

The Estonians camped out with shields. 

I went forward.

"It's okay here. Protect the merchants more than that."

Arthur gave me a short command. 

The pramis knights were cut down.

"Stop him!"

I'm looking back at you as the leader of the Phramas. 

The man in the white armor shouted at once,

The pramis knights were on Arthur's fearsome spirit. 

I dared not approach.

"The palace! What are you doing? Go ahead and shoot."

exclaimed urgently in white armor

"Director, you have allies around you..."

before the knight even finished speaking 

I fell on my knees with my neck cut off by the sword in my white armor.

"Shoot if you want to shoot me.

White armor shoved a knee-jerk carpenter on his feet.

shouted back to the archers.

The archers pulled a short bow of protest,

He fired his arrows in unison.

There were dozens of pramis around the Ashers. 

I was hit by an arrow and fell down.

Arthur jumped out of the horse,

The article you just destroyed. 

in armor

I went forward.

The Framis Knight, the shielded knight,

Arrows were shot like a hedgehog.

"What the hell is he?"

Arthur's got a story he's been holding. 

Throw it away to the archers and run. 

The archers' bows and arms were cut together.

The moment you're about to say something about a white armor,

Arthur's sword was approaching the neck.

"Yes, who the hell are you?"

asked with an incredulous look in the white armor.

"I don't know... What is the purpose of being here?

"Do you want me to talk?

Kill him."

I thought the wind was blowing.

The left hand of the white armor fell to the ground.


The white armor was a very short time ago, with a left hand. 

I was given a seat and I was in my pain.

"What's your purpose here?"

"Uh... I know who you are.

You're Asus, aren't you? 

Asus of Eston, as you said... 



Arthur was in the mouth of his white armor. 

I was surprised when the name Mir came out.

"How do you know Mir?

Where is Mir?"


The white armor laughed in a bad voice.

"What's the purpose of chasing the merchants?

What do you know about Mir?"

Arthur asked again in a slightly evoked voice.

"Don't worry about him. 

Mir will find you."

Once again the wind blew. 

The left foot of the white armor was cut off.


with white armor lying on the ground. 

He barked as if he had lost his temper.

"Where's Mir? Where are you?

If you don't say it, you won't be able to die."

Arthur shouted with rage.

"Kkkk, I'm going to die anyway. 

So are you.

I'm not alone in my life.

My wife... my baby.It belongs to my family...

Even though I can't remember it,

I will be born again where I have a family."

He sat back talking and got up with difficulty.

For a moment, there seemed to be tears in his eyes.

And then suddenly,

"Corsa Dende O'Frya."

The white armor was a strange word. 

I'm gonna take a dagger out of my waist in an instant.

He stabbed himself in the neck.

"Corsa Dende O'Frya."

I've stopped fighting and I've been staring blankly. 

And the pramis knights with a dozen lives left.

Everyone took their lives by shouting the same words.

Arthur's expression became heavy.

"I stabbed him in the area with the rocks.

And the last thing I said was, I'm

It was the kids.

Mir... where are you?

What's the connection between them and you?'

Things have been sorted out and the Estonians have come running.

"Are you all right, sir?"

"It's okay. What's the damage?"

"25 knights were killed.

The merchant was killed 40 people and left 10 others.

All 200 of the enemies were killed or killed."


"Better than..."

Arthur looked at the article hesitating to speak.

"One of the more merchants asked me to see you."

"The merchant? Yeah. The Framis are all dead.

I'm sure you can hear them..."

"That's... "

Ashers looked at the hesitant article again.

"The merchant who asks to see you is 

Prince Ter of Framis."

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  • 어떤 영화나 드라마 배우 A의 외침


    어떤 영화나 드라마 배우 A의 외침 배우 A는 전철을 타고 집으로 돌아오는 길에 생각에 빠졌다. 모든 사건들이 일단락 마무리 되고 잠시 되찾은 평온한 시간들이다. 배우 A는 한숨을 몰아 쉬고 모든게 잘된 일이야, 하며 옅은 미소를 짓는다. 하지만 모든 에너지를 방출한 것처럼 당장이라도 자리에 주저 앉고 싶었다. 왠지 왈칵 눈물이라도 쏟아내면 기분이 한결 나아질거 같다. 어째서 모든일이 다 해결되었는데도 마음 한편으로 이렇게 뒤숭숭하기만 한걸까. 이럴때면 배우 B를 생각한다. 엇갈린 운명. 언제나 함께하자고 약속해 놓고 어느 순간 배우 A의 곁에서 사라졌다. 아니, 어쩌면 배우 A가 도망쳤는지도 모른다. 그동안 살아오면서 수없이 배우 B를 생각하고 찾아보기까지 했지만 두 번다시 만날 수 없었다. 뜬 소문에는 캐나다로 이민을 갔다는 소식이, 아니면 중국으로 장기 해외출장을 갔다는 소식, 또는 이미 결혼을 해서 자식이 두명 낳고 잘살고 있다는 소문이 무성했다. 내 인연이 아니였나 보다. 배우 A는 체념한 듯 혼잣말을 내뱉는다. 하지만 어떤 형태라도 상관없으니 꼭 한번쯤은 보고싶다. 흔들리는 전철 차창너머로 가랑비가 내린다. 북적이는 탓에 문앞까지 내몰린 배우 A는 이제는 멍하니 바같 풍경을 바라본다. 생각이 깊어질만큼 심난해지기만 할 뿐인걸. 다음 정거장에서 수많은 인파가 내린다. 사람에 휩쓸리지 않게 배우 A는 문 옆에서 간신히 버틴다. 썰물처럼 사람들이 빠져나가고 배우 A는 다시 문앞에 서서 차창을 다시 바라본다. 한순간 심장을 누군가 움켜진 것처럼 숨이 턱 막힌다. 배우 B다. 배우 B가 전철 문 너머로 배우 A을 쳐다본다. 넋이 나간 사람처럼. 하느님 맙소사. 이건 아니잖아요. 어떤 형태라도 상관없다고 했지만 이렇게 그저 스쳐지나가는 것은 너무 하잖아요. 전철이 움직이기 시작했고 배우 B의 모습이 점차 사라져 간다. 체념했다고 생각했는데 무너져 내려버린 감정을 추수릴수가 없다. 사람들의 웅성거리는 소리에 시선을 옮긴다. 달리는 전철을 향해서 배우 B가 달려온다. 그리고 소리친다. 다.음.역.에.서.내.려. 그때부터 얼어붙었던 심장이 뛰기 시작한다. 주체하지 못할 감정이 갑자기 전신을 휘감는다. 다음 정거장에서 내린 배우 A는 이전 정거장을 향해 달린다. 기다리고만은 있을 수는 없다. 비는 거세졌지만 거추장스러운 우산을 집어 던지다. 머릿속은 온통 배우 B의 생각만 가득하다. 엇갈린걸까 배우 B가 없다. 그냥 기다리고 있었어야 했는데. 입술을 질끈 깨문다. 다시 처음 정거장을 향해 달린다. 이미 비에 홀딱 젖어 내딛는 발걸음이 무겁다. 다시 도착한 정거장에서 배우 B를 찾아보았지만 보이지 않는다. 배우 A는 비에 젖은 자신을 쳐다보는 주위의 시선을 느낀다. 입술이 파르르 떨리고 추위가 그제서야 느껴진다. 내가 잠깐 미쳤던걸까. 서러움이 밀려온다. 사람이 없는 구석쪽으로 걸어가 주저 앉는다. 젖은 머리결에 흐르는 물방울이 얼굴을 타고 떨어진다. 이젠 더이상 배우 B를 떠올리기도 싫다. 이제는 정말로 안녕. 때마침 주저앉은 배우 A를 향해서 한사람이 걸어온다. 발자국 소리에 배우 A는 고개를 든다. 그리고 서서히 번지는 미소. 어디선가 음악이 흘러나오고 어떤 영화인지 드라마인지 모를 이야기는 끝이 난다. 어둠을 덮는 장막. 관객들은 서서히 사라지고 사람들에게서 이야기는 잊혀진다. 그러나 끝난 줄 알았던 이야기에 배우 A가 다시 나타나 외친다. "나는 이제 더이상 열린 결말은 싫어. 우리가 얼마나 오랜 시간이 지나서 다시 만난 줄 알아. 아무리 운명의 장난을 이야기 한다고 해도 이렇게 엇갈린 운명이 또 있을까. 어릴때 보던 동화들을 생각해봐. 모두들 행복하게 오래오래 살았데요, 하며 끝나자나. 나도 너를 만난 순간부터 행복을 늘 꿈꿨어. 이런 뜨뜨미지근한 결말따위는 집어쳐. 우리도 행복하게 오래오래 살았다는 이야기로 끝맺음 하고 싶어." 저는 열린 결말보다는 진부하고 뻔해도 해피엔딩이 좋아요 ^^

    $nilgo . 2019.06.19 21:11

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  • Simple togetherness


    gathering is not necessarily must be luxurious, by gathering with colleagues, we can share what ideas we can develop for the future ... even if it's only for a while, but it's very important in our social life, because life must help each other ... Meet with family, relatives, even if you are a very busy person, but set aside time for them even if only for a moment... Have a nice day ...

    $gilang . 2019.06.16 19:08

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  • 잊을 수 없는 감동과 고마움


    작년 현충일 첫째 아드님이 군인 아저씨를 생각하며 직접 적어온 편지 그냥 지나치기엔 아들 마음이 예뻐서 친구에게 편지 내용을 전달했는데 몇 분 뒤 생각지도 못하게 큰 아들에게 전해달라며 답글을 보내 왔더라구요~ 아들과 함께 친구가 보내준 답글의 내용을 읽으며 느꼈던 감동과 고마움이 생각나서 이렇게 포스팅 올려봅니다. P.S 친구야 항상 몸 조심히 건강하고 제64회 현충일인 오늘 잠시나마 나라를 위해 목숨을 바친 많은 분들의 충성과 희생을 생각해보는 날이 되길 바래봅니다. #현충일 #첫째아들편지 #아빠찬스 #친구 #답글 #감동 #고마움 #좋아요 #항상건강해라 #퍼블리토 #publyto

    $atom . 2019.06.06 03:41

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  • wooden chopsticks caliglipi


    Calligraphy class! This time, it was a class with wooden chopsticks. It's harder than I thought, but it's fun. Next week, with a toothbrush... #Christian Church #California #Tree chopsticks calley #

    $kogguk . 2019.05.29 14:30

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  • #The dilemma of coin and stock single #Shortle


    #The dilemma of coin and stock single #Shortle

    $rance . 2019.05.29 00:16

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  • #Doll+ child's law #Short words


    #Doll+ child's law #Short words

    $rance . 2019.05.20 12:28

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  • # Power #Short


    # Power #Short

    $rance . 2019.05.16 19:33

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  • #Strong #Short


    #Strong #Short

    $rance . 2019.05.13 22:10

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  • What is true good?


    I looked back a week and I wrote six good notes... Today, let's have a time to worry about. When I first wrote the first diary, I felt, "I'm a very nice person too." After a while, can I call this kind of behavior a goodI was wondering if... With questions, what is true good? Ask me a question... In a world where people live together in harmony with others, isn't it natural for these little things to happen? I kept thinking... I feel a little ashamed that I was packing things that I should do as good deeds. Maybe a lot of people are praising me more than this? You're gonna do what you deserve, and you're gonna be quiet. Let's look back at me today. I still haven't found the answer to what is a real good deed. Still, I felt myself changing little by little as I wrote these good deeds. Do you have any room in your mind to look around me with a little interest?

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.05.13 18:54

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  • Understanding and misunderstanding.


    Starting this morning, I'm going to the hospital for my first child's dermatology. It's a semi-general hospital on Sunday, so it's been a long time for many people to wait. The final illness of the first son after the doctor's appointment is chickenpox.ㅜㅜ But the problem is, from now on, It's contagious. I thought maybe it'd be a problem for the other kids, so the wait order was late, I'm gonna explain the situation to the cashier, and I'm gonna get out of the hospital. He's angry that you're an older man with a faster waiting number than we are.ᅮᅮ You've been waiting a lot for him, and you've accepted that we cut it in line?! Of course you can think that, or you can be angry. It's the beginning of the problem that we've failed to explain and apologize to each and every one of us. But even if you're going to explain it, you're going to be too much, and I'm going to be out of my mind for a while, and we're going to have a verbal fight. I finally ended up saying I'm really sorry. It seems that understanding and misunderstanding are often very different depending on how you think and accept them. "It's important not to be mistaken, but it's more important not to be misunderstood." "It is important to take into consideration and trust the other side's position, and to solve the problem through dialogue fully." "The understanding is that the heart and heart make, and the misunderstanding is that the head and the mind make." I hope our fans will always look at each other from a more considerate and understanding perspective. (For a society that lives together) I'm sorry again to the old man who must have been upset by this morning... #Understanding #Think from the other side #Publisho #publyto #need in human relationship #so needed

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  • # Words... # Short words


    # Words... # Short words

    $rance . 2019.05.10 07:29

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  • #Mentow-direction #Short


    #Mentow-direction #Short

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  • A short-lived writer... I'm glad you're not a writer.


    I thought I had to write every day, so I didn't know what I was going to write Sometimes writing happens naturally when you write. I'm going to practice writing by random writing. There's a saying that the more you write, the better, but that's not necessarily true. But it's true that if you don't write, your writing skills will drop dramatically. I'm just trying to keep writing for the sake of maintaining the status quo. In terms of writing skills, when a person becomes middle-aged, he or she definitely feels less able to write creative writing. Most famous literary works still tend to come out when you're young. But what's fortunate, unlike in the field of science and technology, is that in literature, even the mature, mature middle-aged writer has produced many great works. Then it's not the time for me to be a very old backroom guy. Some people are over 80 years old, 90 years old, and they do a lot of work. I've seen what Lee Young-ha gave before on YouTube. The most memorable thing he said was the writer's short life span. I have studied the average life expectancy of each job in Korea and Japan. In the long-lived profession, priests such as pastors and brides topped the list. Next was professors, educators, and politicians who could say what they wanted to say. These people usually live longer than average. On the other hand, the shortest-lived professional was the author. The writer's life span was surprisingly only a little over sixty. Living above 75 on average, the average life expectancy of those in their 60 years. That's how stressful a writer is. Also, writers often live in poverty. You can't eat enough healthy food or relax. Also, it's hard to be healthy even if you look at the writer's work environment. The author should sit in one position for a long time and write like a painter. Staying in a sitting position for a long time is a very unhealthy act. The chances of getting all kinds of adult diseases are going to be higher. In this situation, the author will often touch unhealthy things such as cigarettes and alcohol to relieve stress. It's a structure that inevitably leads to more and more writers dying. When I heard this, I thought, "I'm so glad I didn't dare become a writer." And yet, after retiring, I wonder if writing comfortably and quietly inside the house will shorten my life. Don't get too stressed out and just write at the right level. I didn't write anything serious today either. I just recited the lecture like a passing story. It's also good to fill the screen with this useless content without stress. Haha

    $eunsik . 2019.05.08 09:54

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  • # That it doesn't work # Short words


    # That it doesn't work # Short words

    $rance . 2019.05.07 00:28

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  • There is a mirror of conscience that is clearer than CCTV.


    These days, the world can't go around without being filmed by CCTV. We live in an apartment, a house. Government offices, shops, buildings. The roads, the alleys, the passageways. Now, we've got a lot of cars, and we've got a lot of cars, and we've got a lot We are being photographed numerous times. They prevent and solve crimes, they stop illegal dumping of garbage, they find out who's missing. It's true that there are a lot of positives, But I can't help but think that it could be abused for human rights violations or crimes. There's nothing you can do about it that you don't want to know. "People have a better conscience than CCTV." I hope to become a beautiful and healthy society that harmonizes well.

    $fire . 2019.05.06 10:52

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  • #5 Poseon #Short


    #5 Poseon #Short

    $rance . 2019.05.05 22:44

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  • #Contact #Short


    #Contact #Short

    $rance . 2019.05.03 01:30

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  • The Pain of Creation - Concurrent


    compose a poem Older kids are getting interested in writing these days. After I checked out a simultaneous house called Potato Flower from the school library, the whole family asked me to build it together. 😀😀😀 I can't help but respond. She's the mother bird that she created. He was suffering from creative pain and barely gave me a chance to answer the question of balloons. Follow the children's creativity and creativity. It's really hard. But I can't help looking pretty for a kid who's trying to do this and that.

    $oxy . 2019.05.02 18:39

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  • This place where I used to run around when I was a kid...


    When I was a toddler, I went to elementary school with my grandmother and uncle because of the double income of my parents Especially Gamcheon, which was my uncle's house, is my childhood playground where I could always get together with my peers and run late into the night. Wait here! Gamcheon is exactly the village where 6.25 refugees settled into a new site in the 1950s, and is a residential village with houses attached to the rock and terraced terrain that we commonly call Gobawi. The old adage is often said... Although it was a place that was underdeveloped, 30 years later, it has become the first major tourist destination in Busan, with a clean and lively look. For someone, it may be just a strange and formal tour of Busan. For today's parents and elders, I remember my childhood memories and memories. And for me, the existence of an old town that is still well preserved is very touching, so I want to share it with many people. P.S Oh, by the way! In the posting picture, pizza is donated and received because there is a good event.That's why it was so delicious. #Busan #CEO Tourism Area #Gamcheon Culture Village # #Great with children #Remember #Little #Publito #publyto #where to play #

    $atom . 2019.05.01 14:50

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  • thoughtless writing


    # I don't have any idea # Because I have no idea. I've been feeling a lot of tension lately, and my heart is pounding, so I have to go to the hospital. I'm thinking about whether there's something in my mind. Health? Not bad. Family? Peace? Coins are a bit of a strain, but they're not new. I've just had a lot of bruising time these days. I think it's time for a new change. But it may be this frustration that you can't do it in a hurry.

    $simjy . 2019.04.30 23:19

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  • #Lotto #Shortle


    #Lotto #Shortle

    $rance . 2019.04.30 21:11

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  • # Dream #Short


    # Dream #Short

    $rance . 2019.04.28 14:22

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  • #Attention #Short


    #Attention #Short

    $rance . 2019.04.27 04:24

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  • #The appropriateness of positivity and negation #Short words


    #The enmity of optimism and injustice #Short

    $rance . 2019.04.26 09:37

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  • My selfish dad's late promise!


    I've emphasized to my children that bad behavior, false words, and promises must be kept. Why I was so generous to myself. I'm a smoker. "Dad! If you smoke, your neck will break." "All right. I won't smoke one." "Dad! Cigarette smoking causes blood in your throat." "I see. I'll just play one last time." I was selfish because I didn't even think about my promise and passed the story of two children who thought about my dad so easily. After all, every time I turn it over, it's "Dad doesn't listen to us, he always smokes!" "You have to keep your word," he said. "You don't keep your word!" As soon as I heard this, I suddenly regretted that I was crazy and went straight to the health center the next day! And it's been almost two months since I started smoking. If you have children, I want you to be parents like me, so I post them like this. #Put your word to the end # #Publyto #Publito #Publyto #Publyto #

    $atom . 2019.04.20 16:30

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