This is a short video created to preview youtubers' conversion rate on Youtube ads.

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  • 광고가 얼른 도입됐으면 좋겠어요


    $goodsea5 . 2019.02.24

  • 영상

    시간이 좀더 길게 올릴수는 없는건가요!

    동영상 올릴때 1분 정도 만 되는것 같던데!

    $chea . 2019.02.24

  • 글자가 너무 빨리 지나가요~~

    읽을 수 있도록 조금 천천히 지나가면 좋을 것 같아요^^

    $turtle . 2019.02.23

  • 좋은데...

    글자가 너무 빨리 지나가요... ^^;;;

    영어능력이 너무 부족해 2번 보고 다 읽었어요~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저같은 사람을 위해 조금만 천천히는 안될까요?

    $minwoo . 2019.02.23

  • 일하는 시간이라...집에가서 꼭 챙겨봐야겠어요


    $ruby . 2019.02.23

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    혼자 사니ㅠ 배고플땐 배달을 많이 시키네요 배달 어플을 보면서 뭔가 하나하나 발전해 나가고 있구나 하는 생각이 들었어요 배달음식의 종류도 다양해졌고 새로운 시도들을 많이 하고 있는게 보입니다 우리 퍼블도 얼릉얼릉 자리잡고 홍보도 하고 나날이 새로운 컨텐츠도 늘어나고 펍코인을 사용할 수 있는 다양한 옵션들도 나왔으면 하는 바램을 가져봅니다ㅎ 지금 잘 진행되고 있는거죠???

    $dr.math . 2019.11.21 13:23

    11 thanks . 2,790.9274 PUB

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    There are various shapes and types of ornaments that will be traded, usually for jewelry this is more in demand by women in particular

    $boyelleq . 2019.04.17 16:39

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  • What is Digital Marketing?


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  • Do you know it's a pick place?


    This is the app that I learned from the introduction of my acquaintance. The name is Pick Place. I can download it from the Play Store.^^ It's an app where people who do Instagram or blog advertise to a specific company and pay advertising fees instead.~ The whole nation's squalor? It depends on what you think, but I think I'm fine. I'm going to post it on Instagram anyway. I'm going to put it on my makeup. But it's nice to let you get money. I'm not doing well because there are so many companies in the country that I don't live well, but if you live in the city, it's okay.If you're interested, try it.~~ You can search for "pick places." I made 10,000 won so far today, but I got 500 won off the commission and 9,500 won.

    $minwoo . 2019.03.12 18:23

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  • I live here. Part one.


    I live in this place. I have seen Sungnam. Then I lived in Daejeon for 30 years. Because of my job, I live in Seosan, South Chungcheong Province. This made it a natural disaster in the western village. I live here in Seosan, South Chungcheong Province. I'd like to introduce myself. 1st edition of "Haemiupseong" If you drive in Seosan City at about 20 minutes, Haemiupseong Fortress is coming out. Hamiupseong Fortress was established in 1491 (the 22nd year of King Seongjong's reign). For details as a built-in building, see *Photo* The city of Haemi was founded in 2014 by Pope Francis. I've become more famous since I went there. I officiated at the beat mass here. The martyrs here are in the grace of the Blessed. They said they posted it. ※Revenge: Respect to a person who is believed to have kept his faith by sacrificing his or her life's worth of good deeds, or to have been officially subject to the worship of the faithful. Respect for the Blessed and the Blessed are limited to certain cities, dioceses, regions, and so on. A tourist attraction is a good place to go. There are a lot of restaurants here, but there are many famous places. Tteokbokki House and Chinese restaurant are unique. in three places 1. Yalgae-style Answer this house. Brazilian tteokbokki restaurant in 1988. famous for There's once a boom in drama. This house was a hit, too. 2. Urban classification This house is famous for tteokbokki and fried squid. But regardless of whether he's got a long line or not, I ordered tteokbokki and ottu. Take another order from the next person and fry it again. It takes a lot of time. You can't leave the line. You have to wait. Let's do it. Let's cut it down.Lol It's a great master's insistence. But I've been waiting for 30 minutes and an hour. There are a lot of people who eat. ^^ But how much it is, how much money is there is. The whole family eats a battery. 3. Yeongseonggak This place is a Chinese restaurant, and it is famous for its yut. You have to line up for lunch. The seats are always crowded. If I go, sometimes, I was just plain to eat. L There's a lot of other restaurants out there. There's a lot of winning lottery houses. I sometimes buy lotto when I go near.^^ Well, I'll cut this short for now. Next time, let me introduce you to another place!! Everyone, come visit Mt. Seuha.

    $simjy . 2019.01.18 10:15

    41 thanks . 952.4909 PUB

  • Join us~(Bring your bags to the local market for the sake of the environment)


    After I went to the local market, I pre-marketed the categories. Just because the local super doesn't use plastic, It's awkward, but I carried my bag.~~~♡ What did they say about that bag?^^

    $fire . 2019.01.18 09:58

    17 thanks . 182.4890 PUB

  • What kind of wallet do you use?


    Ios-related mobile wallets are the only ones in the world. The Chunchuguk era? Not until now, but in a hurry. It's on the market. And one of them, I'm going to take Math Wallet. I'm using it. Use it too comfortably I'd like to introduce it briefly. Masswalt now has seven different cryptographic gloves. It's in operation. BTC/ETH/EOS/EOSForce/ONT/NEO/TRON/ESN Especially with EOSForce's official mobile wallet. Specified, easy to boat and use dedicated taps I can do it. Masswallet based its own nose, MDS, on the erc20 basis. Token has been issued. It will be in Iosro migration planning later. (MDS=>EMDS) Metswallet develops a lot on its own. There are features that aren't in the other wallet. I'd like to introduce some of them. 1) Forming an Ios fund (13% per year) and closing the 3rd session of the current system. - Famous investment agencies such as FBS Capital, Danhua Capital, Fundamental Labs, etc. Invested by VC to raise funds 2) Collect Ios Token - Easily collect scattered tokens for each account 3) Public meeting - When using an in-box app, referrals are made to the wallet company. a system that enters and returns it to your account. 4) Interchange function between chains - BTC,ETH and EOS exchange functions In addition... Iosnitz linkage TribeTrybe Mobile App Karma Horus Seed Steakings Hybrid wallet interlocking lamp in chain (scheduled) Mobile wallets have different strengths and weaknesses. I can't decide what's good. If you plan to use your mobile wallet in the future, I recommend you try it out. ■ Download Math Wallet ■Math Wallet Telegram @Medishares_Korea ■ Official homepage ■ Han-gul Description Blog https://blog

    $simjy . 2019.01.16 08:40

    37 thanks . 645.1810 PUB

  • China Promotions


    I uploaded it on tataufo, but I don't know how many people I'm going to find. I hope the number of international users will increase and activate, but I don't think many people will be able to see it because it's only 72 at the level. ※ I got a warning from Tata for the first time today. I don't think it's a problem to promote it, but I don't know if it's a link. You're not going to be suspended, are you?

    $drui . 2019.01.04 22:52

    12 thanks . 433.4380 PUB

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