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  • Popular name again!


    I posted it a while ago, but I revisited it as I had expected. Of course it's a dinner... and it's a bustle when it comes to my money.lol This time, I got a shot at the beginning, and I got a pre-treatment shot, and I ran very excitedly. All you have to do is get your part-time job done and eat! But I forgot again the noodle and fried rice picture at the end.... I remember the price of lobster jogaljim at about 159,000 won! Four or five servings. Except for lobster, there's a lot of caustic beef menu, so there's always a lot of customers. But if the lobster is missing, there is no meaning, so I visit you at a party.

    $zepi . 2019.04.20 13:54

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  • MEAT GO (believing) Munjeong point


    My friend recently opened a business and ordered me to eat this restaurant. Haha He's been known for a long time as a meat restaurant in Sinsa-dong, closed his business by remodeling the building, and now he's opened a store to make it a little bit smaller. Haha The meat from the chain store is delivered, but it's really delicious because it's managed and baked and delivered with skilled skill. honeycomb tripe (left) LA galbi (right) The second picture is pork ribs and a liquor store at my friend's house. Yesterday, I went on a diet after... If I run until today, I will start on my neck and go on a diet. The side dish is very delicious and the set is very good. Composition. Drink with the meat. Fell out of my friend's living room.

    $zepi . 2019.04.17 14:09

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  • Gaya sulfur duck


    I think I should just let my diet go by Wednesday this week.ᅲ The meeting is full until Wednesday, so... From Thursday! Anyway, it's a store that's going inside until the Shincheon Market Alley is out. It's a very old store... But it's a restaurant that's been going on for a long time. Haha It's been a while since I went with my friend, but my grandmother isn't here. There was a man who had learned the way he used to come here. The side dishes changed and the fragrant water parsley! a little bit different. It's a good restaurant compared to other places, and it's also a good cost. It wasn't the taste of the shop I've been in for nearly 10 years... I'll tell you what. My aunt's deep taste... meat and soup are still delicious. I'm sorry for the side dish. But you've been running well... because the meat is real! Now, let's put off the diet from the neck of my neck... what I'm going to run today...

    $zepi . 2019.04.16 13:27

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  • Dining at the end of last year - Popular Samsung Store


    I visited the popular Samsung store for dinner at the end of last year. This place is famous for being served like jjogal jjim (jjjimjim, galbi jjim) and its price is... Well, except for the lobster. lol It's usually a drinking party, so I ended up here without having to go in the secondL Lobstajogal Jjim is served in a bowl, and it's easy to eat because it's done with all the lobster. When you run a drink, you slowly remove the noodles in the soup, and then mix the rice in the galbi soup. It's a little expensive, but I don't want to go to the first and second rounds. L I brought back the pictures I took last Wednesday because I had something to eat in the popular name._~ Looking forward to Wednesday... Hahaha

    $zepi . 2019.04.14 08:44

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  • It's been a while since we've had a tuna fish!


    It's been a while since I had a tuna party with my friend. I put down my diet. It's called Hyotan tuna in Jamsil. The manager was very nice and famous, so he opened his second store in Jamsil :) It's the best. L But suddenly, there's only one picture on my Instagram. He's only got the main picture. If you order normally, I'll give you salad, tuna, fish soup, sushi, shishamo, korow, takoyaki, sweet-sourced fried chicken.Haha I was only cutting off my carbohydrates, but on this day, I broke the string of reason.... crying

    $zepi . 2019.04.01 16:01

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  • Riverside Hotel Dougarden Kitchen


    March 13th is my girlfriend's birthday, and March 14th is White Day. So, I'm going to take care of the collet a day earlier. I got a 15% discount on Naver reservation. There used to be a lot, and there was a lobster, but this March is the Year of the Golden Pig event, so the special menu is all about pigs. I'm a big fan of crabs, but... with regret behind one's back I always feel it, but I feel like I don't have anything to The picture... I don't have the skills to take pictures.I couldn't even get a few shots because I was trying to get a fight.ᅲ What about bulgogi?Salad Doganitang/ Sixth Seasoned Crab Soy Sauce/ Galic Cheese Green Red Blue Pig Horse (this special menu) But I was disappointed, not usually, but like a special menu, the taste is the best... The waves are too sweet.crying I was on a diet recently. Unseal it! It's close to Sinsa Station on Line 3, it's delicious and the price is on Naver reservation discount, so I went there for nothing more than I thought. Most of all, I'm glad your girlfriend liked it. I'm glad you said you had a good idea. When I wrote it, it became a pride. Anyway, it's a delicious buffet to visit!

    $zepi . 2019.03.15 09:10

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  • Black Stone-dong 'Great'


    The name of the store is Daebak. lol It's a place where I usually go to dine at work, and it's a great place. I made an appointment with my friends on Saturday, and I drank until everyone was drunk. There's only one picture of Maine, but... I'm gonna have to make you do it's Soy sauce shrimp, corn cheese, mussel soup, egg soup, sushi, saury, grilled fish, maki, spicy soup... It's so amazing. And we usually order extra cheese albab (which is actually called the menu name) to wrap up. It's all so delicious. It's a one-lane road, but if you go to a party here, it'll be over in the first round!! It's the best store ever. A lot of people are the fault.

    $zepi . 2019.03.04 08:59

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  • Valentine's gift!


    Oh, my favorite Ferrerochemy. I didn't get to meet you on Thursday, but I got you on a date on Saturday.L As soon as I leave it at home, my brother like hyena is reaching out.

    $zepi . 2019.02.17 07:54

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  • Jamsil Muscus during the holidays


    I went to Jamsil Muskus with my girlfriend on the eve of the holiday.yo Seafood fried chicken, caustic beef steak, and salmon party were the best. I don't know if salmon is hard to get these days. It's still winter, so the defence party + Whether we tried harder to greet our guests during the holidays, the quality was higher than usual. I've been eating well since I've been here.L

    $zepi . 2019.02.07 09:48

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  • Donjukgol, a tasty restaurant in Samjeon-dong's Baekje Ancient Tombs


    It is very famous for its back ribs... I've always been so busy that I couldn't eat it before. I thought I'd have fewer people, so I went after them and tore them up. Haha It's salt and seasoning. I ordered extra spicy food later. It's all. Haha Kimchi stew is a service... To my taste, I felt pork in kimchi bean sprouts!!lol I drank with my friend.

    $zepi . 2019.02.03 11:18

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  • [Dunpa] Hekate's Crocodile Nachal Play


    Hecarte crocodile-nachal unknown play It's Balkan for the Manreb anniversary, but let's take a shot.~ ᄒᄒ

    $zepi . 2019.01.31 10:48

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  • [Dunpa] New Carrick Hekate, Achievement of Crocodile Narcissus


    I'm gonna use the weekend to make a quick move on Manre It's a growth mode. It's easy to film. Organize the event and burn it to foster it after a short period of Hecarte is a buffer system, but he has a lot of hands, but he's cute. I think it's okay to play a lot of 2-in-pods. The crocodile is with Stylisch. Just Perfect Middle2.... Cool and Power!! lol I haven't been able to walk around the pub because I've been burning with dunpa for the last weekend. Monday at the company, Publicity :)

    $zepi . 2019.01.28 12:36

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  • New Job Entry & Inchance of Inchantries


    There's a new job in Dunpa. The advent of a new buffer, we need to grow it right away. Buffer is a must!! Let's run!

    $zepi . 2019.01.25 08:23

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  • Year-end settlement start!!


    The National Tax Service's HomeTex year-end settlement has been simplified since 8 o'clock today. There are some changes that will be made this year, so you can submit as much as you can and get a bonus for your next month's payment.~ I uploaded the picture and I got fired. This year's changes will be - Increase the monthly tax deduction rate from 10% to 12% for workers with total salary of 55 million won or less. - 30% deduction for use of books and performance credit cards used by employees with a total salary of 70 million won or less since July of this year - Abolish an additional tax deduction of 150,000 won per person from the second child under the age of 6. - Expanding the age and duration of income tax breaks for young people employed by small and medium-sized enterprises. - Additional application of guaranteed tax deduction for return of rental deposit of housing - Expanded pay criteria and jobs subject to tax exemptions on overtime pay for production jobs - Upgrading the maximum tax rate of income tax (between 150 million won and over) They say there's this much. I hope you all turn it in.

    $zepi . 2019.01.15 09:15

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  • Adventurer Season 2


    At the ongoing Dunpa Adventurer's Maker Season 2 event, You've finished the event with all five daughters. Raising it as a new one as much as possible ᄒᄒ Awesome cut-in is so pretty. We can buy the first part of the Hebron and other event materials, so I'm going to have to buy it all because I'm a little more.L

    $zepi . 2019.01.15 09:00

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  • He's been playing dunpa steadily...


    Through the dark Sungwook of Dunpa, Welcome to Kang Jung-ho, the director of the new light... main characters currently in play Seraphim, command, paladin. Let's hope it's

    $zepi . 2018.12.31 13:24

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