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  • What kind of friend are you?


    # Friend What kind of friend are you?

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  • Let's donate blood.


    #Holytic House #Full blood Every few months, I'm going to go to the pool. I'm joining you. I'm type A. More than 10 years ago, she was born with severe bleeding and shock. To help a co-worker with a lack of blood. All of us are here to gather our minds. Starting with the blood donations you've been working on, It's coming on. 30 times in recent years. For the 50th Order of the Gold Medal. I'm adding motivation with goals. I'm sure there's a goal, so I need to be more regular. It's good to be part of it. Before he starts bleeding, he fills out a question mark. through blood pressure checks and anaemia test, It's good to check your physical condition. We're going to need to do a blood test at the same time we's blood collection. It's separating the blood. If there's a problem, at all, It's useful to know what you didn't know. 2 Choco Pie and a small gift when blood collection is complete We can get it. We can get all the drinks in the blood cell. Apples are a wild ass. I'll give the blood to the person who needs it. We're going to be able to give help to those close to us. Blood donation! Let's join the song.

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  • Have a bowl of beef soup.


    #Andong Ye-an-Ryong #Andong Hanwoo Beef Soup #Suje Donkatsu #Donkas Restaurant ᄒᄒᄒᄒᄒ I went to the village with my family. Somori gukbap on the way home One bowl of middle school, one of Oh, it's so good. Please make sure to eat it when you're passing.

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.19 11:08

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  • Happy birthday.


    Is today coming to an end? A lot of people are asking for me. I'm able to get rid of it without being lonely. Take a day off. I came to my parents' house and I ate seaweed soup for my mom's Put a candle on the cake. I got Chuca, too. My oldest daughter's got me a frying pan. The fragrance of flowers pervades the whole house. with a fragrant and happy raw heart I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's almost over. For all your Publito friends, Thank you so much. 😚🎁😊🍎🌸🌹

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.18 22:48

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  • I'm on the prowl.


    #Puzzle_Ha Sang Wook Today is a really big day. I'm on the prowl. [Excerpts] ^^ Today is my birthday. I didn't get any congratulations from my family. The day of birth is not necessarily a day to be celebrated, Should I say that I'm a little bit? to the closest people I guess it's a pity that I'm not being congratulated. Thank you for your birthday message, Ms. Thank you. I don't know if you're going to be a publicist, I'm going to stay and thank you.

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    #Iosposs #EOSFORCE #EOSForce EOSForce Guide 1. Create EOS FORCE Account: https://blog.naver.com/eosforce/221409153488 2. Enable EOS FORCE JANESIS ACCOUNT (using Math Wallet): https://blog.naver.com/eosforce/221411601477 3. EOS FORCE Voting Guide: https://blog.naver.com/eosforce/221422150737 4. EOSForce Account Scatter Registration Guide: https://blog.naver.com/eosforce/221449195011 5. Transacting EOSC on mobile (Akdex.io): https://blog.naver.com/eosforce/221472020508 6. Transacting EOSC on a PC(Akdex.io): https://blog.naver.com/eosforce/221482904110 7. Change the node voting on your PC: https://blog.naver.com/eosforce/221502552084 8. Change node voting on mobile: https://blog.naver.com/eosforce/221502576771 EOSForce FAQ: https://blog.naver.com/eosforce/221505326977 -------------------- EOSForce official website: https://www.eosforce.io EOSForce official blog: https://blog. naver.com/eosforce EOSForce Corios bulletin: https://koreos.io/EOS_FORCE

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  • a period of relations


    #Different relationship # "Not very bright, not too dark. in a reasonable amount of confusion Like the light of a street lamp. It was like the flickering of a light in the sky. the story of the day Ten years without any period. a man who had no choice but to erase. on one's side those emotions popping up Sometimes you can see that other people's lives are very different. What I'm curious about is that without a proper farewell Maybe it's over. in the course of two years a parting of one's own that didn't end. I'm going to take a period." In my life, there are relationships that naturally move away without any special events. There's a relationship that needs to be broken up. Sometimes they disappear as they become indifferent to But just because all the relationships are so erased, It's nothing to worry about it Some relationships seem to require a break-up period. As long as I'm out of the way of the separation process that I needed in my life, After many years, it's been a long time. Of all the clear days, it just pops out like a cloudy day. There's a relationship that's going to be repeated countless times. I wonder if it was very heavy last night. In my dream, I had time to organize things so that I could mistake them for reality. I was very tired yesterday, so I go to bed a couple of hours earlier than usual. I never wake up till morning, and I organize them one by one in my dreams. It was morning when I woke up. Strangely! As if they were agreed upon each other. I felt like I was relieved and relieved. Do you think I feel like I'm coming back from my old coat that I haven't worn for a long time? It's better to feel sad, but I feel better coming back. Now I'm going to put my burden down and say good-bye to a more comfortable relationship. Goodbye! Thank you for 10 years, and I will live without grudges for the rest of my life! I hope you live well without regret for your choice! Goodbye!

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.17 15:42

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  • 싫은사람과 잘지내는법


    #펌글_하상욱 격한공감 이보다 더 좋은방법이 있다면 한말씀씩 부탁드립니다 ^^*

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.15 21:52

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  • side dish pan-fried fish cake


    #3 Make side dishes # Stir-fried fish cakes # Fried fish cake # # Delicious side dish #Doshirak side dish a bag of 200g Daelim fish cake half-e a green candle Garlic 1 is optional. Soy sauce an oil-eating oil, canola oil, sunflower, etc. a bit of oligosaccharide Red pepper powder Sesame Put soy sauce, oil, and olago sugar in a heated pan. when it boils Put the ingredients together. Sprinkle with red pepper powder Stir-fry over medium heat. a sesame brush at the end End~

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.14 07:55

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  • Side dish pan-fried bean sprouts


    #Six bean sprouts #3 minutes to make side dishes #Simple short-span side dishes Bean sprouts Flower salt Beauty (you don't have to put it in the salt) Sesame oil wild oil Sesame I'd like some bean sprouts.~♡

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.14 07:54

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  • Stir-fried side dishes~ Stir-fried Jinmi Chae


    #Tasty side dish #3 minutes making side dishes Squid-cooked rice red pepper paste a bit of soy sauce There are oil, food, and canola oil. a bit of oligosaccharide a little omijase Honey Sesame oil Sesame In a pan heated with red pepper paste, soy sauce, and oil (shenbul) Put it in and when the sauce boils, with a short cut of delicacies Mix them evenly over medium heat. Add some sesame oil at the end. Sprinkle with a sesame brush and you're done.

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.14 07:53

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  • Weekend Special Pigs for the Weekend


    # Pig # Front leg # Casting # #Home home #Today lunch pig foreleg Cellophane noodles Soy sauce Red pepper powder red pepper paste leek crushed garlic 1 dried pepper Sesame oil Pepper a bit of sugar Sesame It's marinated and marinated like this way. Stir-fry the noodles in the stir-fry. wrapped in lettuce, perilla leaves, etc. I'll put some ssamjang on it. Enjoy your meal. What do you eat every weekend when your family is at dinner?I'm worried. The pig's front legs in the refrigerator! I got caught in a radar net and put on the varnish. Try a bowl of front-legs today! Are you sure you're here?

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.13 10:03

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  • Boss, I need you to raise your paycheck.~♡


    #Puzzle_Ha Sang Wook LOL If you could just give me something, Even if you don't do it, you'll do well on your own. 😊👍😄👍😁👍

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.12 20:50

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  • First cherry blossom sight in my life


    # Cherry Blossoms # Dark clouds # Spring for the first time in one's life I found the cherry blossom festival. The dark sky fits me. But I left a picture to celebrate. This is the end of the way it is. for the rest of the year Until the bright sky and the day of the flower-viewing. I'm going to have to see the cherry blossoms.~♡

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.12 20:44

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  • beautiful reconciliation


    #Beautiful. I once shared my agony with Publicito. After a long company life, we met again, reunited with our motives. But a meeting in a relationship that can never be pleasant. The unknowable hardship ends after a four-month run in the Zhangjiang. The historical situation has been staged. I have struggled and struggled to resolve this relationship, agonizing for so many hours. But the more I try, the more I try, the more I get to know my relationship with the manager, I couldn't get out of the mire. I'm a human being. The department director imposes too much on me. He often used inappropriate abusive language to the point of hearing. In the meantime, I've been wondering how well I know society and how old I am. I learned from him. Unlike when I was a young man with a sense of justice who couldn't stand injustice, Now you can compromise with injustice properly, and you can't just be so loud that you can't be treated unfairly. One day, I realized that I had a long time to hold my teeth tight. He just held himself up because he liked people, and he pretended to understand his position, and he tried to comfort himself. They were so weak, they were so cowardly that they pretended not to know Got to know. At some point, it's more embarrassing and pathetic to me than to resent others. One day I heard it. It was yesterday. As usual, the department head, who was throwing bombs every day, was about the time he left work, How old are you going to be on the mission that day, and you're going to say, "You're going to have to check the results and mail it!" I came to my desk to check the report I requested in the morning. PowerPoint Report - With My Description ~ ... on the verge of an end Behind my back, he says, "You're a valuable talent in this department." At the moment, something unknown frown rushed out to the front in the back of the head, and something like a lump in the chest was formed. All the sorrows of the past have melted away in the spring sun. A short compliment! I knew. That's a word of your apology for all those incidents. Today was a light trip to work for some reason. I've brought shame to work with you, but... As usual, you're here with an irritating look and a personal touch. The same expression and voice every day seemed a little cute today. I felt again and again how important a person's mindset is in life. It must have been difficult, but I would like to thank the department head again for asking for an olive branch. Maybe the department director should have known that I was telling his story to so many people. And I know you've been nagging me like that, I would like to say that today's article is the answer to the beautiful reconciliation shown by the city's department head, too. . Thank you to all the people who helped me when I was having a hard time. I will try to continue my company life. Way to go!

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.09 15:51

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  • at night


    #Full movement The cold winter is gone, in the light of day I've started working out It's still windy. I'm feeling Work hard along the stream near my house. I'm walking and running. It's about eight kilos a day, at least 15 kilos a day. I'm going around, but I'm not trying to lose weight. You just have to think for yourself. I started getting health in one after another. Don't end in a few days. Keep going. I'm trying to protect you.♡ 😊😁😄

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.02 11:19

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  • # I knew you'd do that


    #Puzzle_Ha Sang Wook "I knew you would. I've been cursing you names.` Don't tell me you're I don't think any of you would say it's fair to say that you've spoken ill of others. He's a regular visitor. I shouldn't laugh, but I laughed and moved on. Let's not live like this!

    $yeonwu . 2019.03.26 22:41

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  • Charlie, you do.


    Charlie and his friends Charlie is always defeated. But Charlie doesn't even know he's always beaten himself. Charlie's defeat was always set by us. Charlie was an unloved child. I was often ignored by my close friends. Charlie was often given up easily. However, Charlie was not a kid who failed and was defeated and ignored by himself. Why? Charlie thinks he's being ignored by others, and he's giving it up easily. Because she was a child who could not be hurt. No matter what other people say, Charlie's always been a part of it. He thinks he can comfort himself. He was a child who, in a way, really loved his family and friends. He was a child of infinite faith who had no idea what it meant to him. Charlie was always a happy and joyful child, as Charlie thought. Some say Charlie Brown easily falls for an inferiority complex. Charlie's needlessly inferiority complex and lack thereof were ubiquitous. But with Charlie's useless low self-esteem and miserable humility, Sometimes I get the idea that I'm ignoring my friends who ignore me unknowingly. <Firm> Some people define their image as a loser and continue to insist on it. Maybe it's because it's easier to define yourself as a loser. One day, Charlie Brown was fascinated by the failure of reading The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. He confessed to us. Why on earth would he want to define himself as a loser? People who do not have a positive self-identity try to have a negative self-identity because they think it is better than nothing. One such example is a student who is good at funny things in his class. Such students usually have the desire to attract attention, but they practice their personality in such a way as they want to have a negative self-identity since they cannot be noticed with good grades. Similarly, some people are anti-social at all because even if they are treated like criminals, they can have their own identity. The desire for identity is so intense that people desperately try to establish an identity "in any way" even if it results in self-destructive results. Charlie chooses to be a loser because he believes he would rather have a presence of 0.00001 than have no identity.] Sometimes I wonder if Charlie's way of life is necessary in our lives. This is because sometimes you have to choose the best over the best in a choice. Success and failure can actually be one of the determining indicators in a very small difference. We are in the process of figuring out the difference. Sometimes, it seems that in these stories you find in a child like Charlie. Suddenly, I think of Charlie Brown and his friends' stories, so I scratch a few words. I tell you. "I didn't fail."

    $yeonwu . 2019.03.21 21:59

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  • March 14th, White.🎁


    #White Day #14 March It's shrinking year after year. It's the love I got on the 2019 White Day.♡ Thank you all. I'll share it with you.♡

    $yeonwu . 2019.03.14 19:51

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  • # Thank you for the drama


    #jtbc drama #Kim Hye-ja #Eyes # Hyoja PR Hall #Nam Joo-hyuk #Chanel grandmother "Forget what you want, Don't forget your kindness." Yesterday, in the Monday-Tbc drama series "Snowpiercer." This is the line of someone who is about 15 years old. In the drama, Jun-ha (Nam Joo-hyuk) is a member of the group. A commercial organization (also known as the Enemy Information Center) is not just about making money, but really about it. He is a cold-hearted young man who takes care of his elders. Abandoned by his son, whom he had taken care of with all his heart, and turned the motel on the moon. Mrs. Chanel, who lives alone, has lost her son's home. Go to the end of the hydrogen gate and leave a will to Jun-ha. He broke up with the world. a public relations officer insurance policy in which the beneficiary is designated on a par with the heir until the suicide note is found. while being investigated by the police as a suspect for Grandmothers and grandfathers at the PR center, holding signs asking for Jun-ha to be released. I'm begging you to believe Jun-ha's innocence in front of the police station. One of them was an old lady's line at the police. At the moment, without knowing anything, that remark seemed to keep getting stuck in my heart. I've been watching this drama for fun without thinking about it. Suddenly, we saw our lives through drama. It cannot be said or done easily. In the course of my life, I have suffered numerous grudges and blessings. But it's always just that I'm always angry. for one's own sake I guess I couldn't help it. It's just that your mind and your actions are different. I couldn't be free because it was my own job. Through the drama, has there been any grace that I've forgotten? You'll think about it. Instead of living with injustice, forget the gratitude you have received without knowing it. I try to think again that I can't.

    $yeonwu . 2019.03.12 14:33

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  • # Why do you think Nuppy will enjoy it as if it were


    # Why do you think Nuppy will enjoy it as if it were Everyone lives with their share of pain. the weight of life torn and ragged You can do it. - Words of courage. Why only me - words of resignation It'll work. - Words of hope. Everyone lives like this - comforting words. I've been telling myself a lot of things by myself. Whatever a stranger says when it's useless, Do you have any experience of being comforted with tears? Today, I read a phrase in a book. You get courage, hope, and hope. We're heading to the experience scene. Yeah! Everyone lives with their share of pain. It's a burden to lose on your own for a better life! We'll do our best to carry this baggage to our destination! So I'm RUN RUN today again.

    $yeonwu . 2019.02.25 07:10

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  • # What if you put up with it all the end?


    Ha Sang Wook I'm done with it. That's right! 'Cause I've had it through It's over. I've had it up to the middle. What happened to the end?

    $yeonwu . 2019.02.09 12:45

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  • # Delicious food is truth~


    # Delicious eel # A trick that you can eat but won't get tired of.♡ I took my mother-in-law who had surgery on her knee a while ago and ate grilled gimmicks with her in-laws. Ever since I got married to Busan and saw the eel skin peeling when I was a stepmother, I didn't even talk to you.~ I had a bite of grilled bear eel this time and it tasted so fantastic that I had to lose my mind. I ordered 4 kilos of eel for you. With the words of a nameless saint who says that as many delicious foods should be served together as possible. Every year, I delivered it to my father for a long illness, and I ate it every year because I wanted to give him a hug, but I didn't know what was so hectic last year. It's been on my mind that I missed it. I hope your father will eat the eel, and your strength will rise.~ I love you! Enjoy your meal!

    $yeonwu . 2019.01.29 11:07

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  • # I think I'm grateful for your gratitude


    #Puzzle_Ha Sang Wook Let's not live without knowing how much we appreciate it. Don't always think about what you've given me. If you're more focused on what you've received, Wouldn't you be able to love someone naturally?

    $yeonwu . 2019.01.28 09:04

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  • You're going to faint when you see a youngest.


    #The youngest #love #Fam He's the last person in my house. You might faint when you see the youngest... I am a middle school student because my children are already grown up. It's a picture of a bunch of clowns on the Public. It's a video clip. It's so envious to upload it. I just think and scream without permission from the youngest. What a lovely little girl~ Let me introduce you to my youngest brother. Oh, I don't know. I'm so sorry, mom!! ♡

    $yeonwu . 2019.01.25 15:32

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  • I'll always cheer for you.


    #Puzzle_Ha Sang Wook I mean, if you look at all times, I've lived a lot of my life doing wrong to you rather than me. I spent a lot of time trying to live a fruitful life. I've been very busy. Two years ago, right now, I'm just going to get rid of everything I have. I remember sitting in debt and lamenting the past time. I even feel like a man who is spending the first month of the new year with painful memories. Because of the difficult family type, I managed to graduate from college, get a job, meet my partner, get married, and As soon as we got married, another crisis came. A man-made guarantee for his husband, and a string of guarantees for his marriage, came home. Another debt-ridden apartment, which was set up at the beginning of the marriage, was deliberately bankrupt. You're gonna fly your house to auction, you're gonna take the money you lent to a company employee. In 2003, a new life came to our family, but our family was left stranded on the road. For about six months, the family was scattered. I spent six months alone in a small car. Though I was always seen as a bright person, no one knew about my life. With the help of employees of the company, the company moved into the public apartment building with a loan at the end of 2003 and lived a stable life. With the help of acquaintances around you, when real estate is going crazy, you're going to be able to touch the hard-to-touch money for five years. Material affluence and family stability came together. At that time, with the help of adults, we had more family members. I was able to work comfortably. It's all about success! A hundred victories!! It was a perfect time. It was as if I had been paid by heaven for the ordeal I had sent to me. Two years ago, until now, we had a really rich and happy family, but overzealous was the problem. I've been investing a lot, and I haven't always failed. Pride was the problem. I believed that everything would last forever. I was a problem myself. He became greedy as he closed his real estate investment to a certain extent and began to invest in stocks/collateralized areas in earnest. I've touched leverage, and one day he's been successful, and I've lost all my fortune at once in history. It has rather been put back into debt with leverage. Twenty years of affluence are gone, and I'm in my 40s again. When the problem occurred, I didn't want to hide it from my family. So I held back my tears and apologized to my family. I informed you of all the facts about the current situation and asked for forgiveness. At that time, I thought that I should not be deceived even if I was to say goodbye to the world. Contrary to expectations, however, the family gave me a warm hug, comforting me. You know you've been living for your family, and you've brought in all your in-laws and you've got to pay a high interest rate on your He saved the urgent money that the bonds passed over, and now he's working hard to reduce his debts. The pain and financial damage that cannot be washed away even now make the whole family a difficult life. And yet you're constantly rooting for me. Without my comforting family, I wouldn't have been able to live a normal life by being crushed and torn in the past two years. The courage and support of my family, my husband and my children gave me the strength to overcome the crisis with a healthy spirit. I would have had no reason or reason to live my life without my family, who always supported me and were on my side an irreplaceable truth in a few words, but I really wanted to say this. Mom, Dad, Husband, Brothers and My Children!! Thank you very much. I love you.

    $yeonwu . 2019.01.18 15:48

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  • a lifetime


    It's painful when you get close. It's a long life to be far away. - The Four Men Who Become King, The Great Ambassadors. It's a difficult and heavy word. When the time comes to know this, That's when you're a little more understanding of a person's life.

    $yeonwu . 2019.01.15 22:01

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  • #Let's shake hands with good luck to the West!


    #Charliebrown #The most personal story!!! I've been working for over 20 years now. And now it's been nine years since I was assigned to a business establishment, and it's been 10 years. My department is a sales support department. For a short period of time, department heads change once every three years. Whenever people change, they need time to adjust to each other. In that time I would repeat the time of unknown meetings and reflections. At first, he rebuked himself a lot about relationships that were not easy. For some time I was depressed at the thought that all the problems might be with me. Before the recent change of year, a new department head was issued in other regions and moved here. I've already received a personnel order and found out that I'm getting a job. We face each other, we shake hands, we exchange good things. There was something uncool going on, and I had a hunch that this relationship would never go smoothly. From day one to day, you're not going to be able to adapt to a new environment, you're going to have to be able to adapt to the environment and the way it works. The beggar began. The department head was full of confidence and seemed to forget that the organization had changed a lot in the years. The organizational culture that forces us to create, force us to do so, even though it's long ago in our society. His appointment, which still has an outdated mindset, has been criticized by many. It was easy without any special effort. But even if you ask for things that you want to do a little bit too much for the old times, you don't have to talk about it. I tried to get the best of my ability. By the way, there was a division this morning. I went to work earlier than others every day and was looking at all kinds of reports and support work. Every morning, he asked for a new report, and today, he emailed the report he ordered yesterday. I was waiting for an answer to the result. I don't like what he says, "Oh, my God." "Why did you do this?" "Is this right?" "I don't think so. There was no clarity. One thing that's clear is that my information doesn't necessarily suit me. All I wanted was a question and a sigh that was absolutely absent. I said cautiously. Because I have to work side by side with my request while I'm doing my basic job right now. If you give me the exact outline of what you need, the importance and the order of time, I'll make sure you get it right. I don't think I'm doing the right thing because I don't have the skills yet, so I'm not sure if I can learn what I don't know. I'll try to fill it up. But he said. "Just leave it. I can decide to eat cold porridge. I must have asked too much. I'll send it to you in person." Then, less than a couple of hours later, the file returned to the company's messenger arrived regretfully. There was something that was very upsetting. I didn't say anything particularly loud or swear. I didn't know which part of the department chief was hurting my self-esteem that wasn't very much. There has been no dialogue since then. Time flies in and out of the same office, ignoring each other. How to resolve this relationship from now on is just too close to call. I think we're going to be too irresponsible for each other to have the hope of parting in the long three years that we've said before. I want to solve this difficult situation one way or the other, but I can't think of any other way than just staying still. Where should I go? I'm so frustrated that I'm going to try to relax my feelings on

    $yeonwu . 2019.01.08 11:18

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  • #Puzzle #This is social life.


    #Puzzle_Ha Sang Wook As usual today, social life is not changed.

    $yeonwu . 2019.01.03 16:57

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  • # New Year's Day # # 2019 donghae to watch the sun.


    # New Year's Day # # donghae 2019 the rising of the sun Wish Buying To achieve Mission. Make sure you achieve your wish!!! Now, mission sTaRt~

    $yeonwu . 2019.01.01 18:05

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