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  • the fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year


    It snowed in the morning and now it's over. I think I can see the full moon today. It's the 15th day of the first lunar month, and it's our own holiday, the fifteenth of lunar January. January is the first month of the year and is the month to design the New Year and to predict the fortune of the year. On the fifteenth of lunar January, the foods you eat are boorum breaking, selling heat, drinking gwibalgisul, eating boksam or old vegetables, and eating ogokbap or yakbap as a pickled radish. Today is the fifteenth of lunar January, and this year we wish. I hope that my wish will be fulfilled.

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  • Robot Kingdom


    The second one is the Robot Kingdom. Painting next to me He likes robots, too. First, I bought a lot of dolls mainly because I am a girl.

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  • a Korean table tennis player


    Seo Hyo-won is ranked in the women's table tennis world. You're ranked 11th. She has a pretty face, but she's also good at table tennis. Jun Ji-hee fell to 18th place, but she'll be back soon. Female table tennis players, fighting!

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  • the first sight of a volleyball game


    I've never seen a volleyball game before, but I'm late, so I'm in the corner. It's still worth seeing. It's been a game since 2:00, so I'm working on the players. I've played baseball a few times, but I'm looking forward to it because it's my first time playing volleyball.

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  • a six-hour drive


    a merry holiday Today I drive for 6 hours and go to work today. It was 4 hours ago because the road was not blocked. It's hard, but I'm glad I left. I'm looking forward to the next holiday.

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  • wind power


    I came home to rest the Lunar New Year, and there was a wind farm in front of my house. I used to have one before, but now I can see four more back. Korea's largest wind farm is good or bad. My hometown, which used to be a clean area, is getting more and more wind generators. The appearance of my hometown is changing more and more as I come in. As the wind turbines continue to come in, conflict with the residents seems to persist and clean energy is good, but the residents do not seem to be clean energy.

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  • Current State of the Holiday Highway


    The Lunar New Year holiday has finally begun. Why do I go home every holiday? The distance is about 370 kilometers, and if we don't have time, we'll have five hours. If we get stuck, we spend seven hours on the highway. But it's better now. I went home for two days at the beginning of my marriage. After 12 hours of driving because of heavy snow, I went to bed and started the next day. Go to the end of the East Sea at the end of the West Sea. I'm scheduled to leave tomorrow, but I hope the highway is blocked. Happy Lunar New Year and Happy Birthday to you all.

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  • a full-scale achievement today

    Health Care

    After 5:30 a.m. today, Work hard and leave at 3:30 p.m. When I came home, I went to a large supermarket after dinner. We've achieved a full moon today. My sole hurts. I'm going to stop walking today. Rest for tomorrow

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.31 21:11

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  • a mouthful of gulls


    I ate at a restaurant with my co-workers yesterday. gull meat The head of the restaurant said he caught it today. It tasted better than beef. I didn't eat much because it wasn' I can't forget the taste. It's only two rows of pigs. There are not many. I want to try it again.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.30 07:38

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  • on the ice rink


    The daughter who went to the skating rink because the weather was nice. My dad's on duty today, so I went with my mom. Mom can't ride around. Let's go with him next time. Maybe because it's weekday, people don't like it. I don't have it. I don't have it. My daughter, she's going to do her best. Are you going to be the second Kim Yu-na? It's just your idea.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.29 12:55

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  • shoulder pain nerve injection

    Health Care

    I had a nerve injection today because of a shoulder pain. Before, pain continued after muscle completion. I'm going to the hospital today, so I'm gonna have to get some nerve. Check the nerve location and inject the injection. He was anesthetized for about three hours, and he said she was paralyzed. I can't feel my flesh because my arm is numb. Now that it's over two hours, I can feel it again. If this doesn't work, there's a DNA shot. I wish I could get better. My health is the best.

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  • Japanese curry


    My wife and family go to Japan and when I come back, I will go to Japan. I bought it and ate curry for dinner at home today's If it's black, it's solid. I put some vegetables, and I cooked some curry pork. The taste is different from what I used to eat. It's a little dark and the kids are delicious. I had two bowls of soybean paste with clams because it tasted better. Enjoy your dinner.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.27 18:02

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  • Housing prices are on the decline.


    It's hard to be a housekeeper these days. I am in the province, so after 10 years of company life, I took 60% of the loan and I was the housekeeper ten years ago. I'm married. I'm paying for the loans and raising the kids. I have a sore back. But apartment prices are dropping. If you own a house, you'll have to worry about falling housing prices. I mean, homebuyers are happy to see their house prices go down. People like me who have a hard time getting a loan, It won't be nice if the price of the house keeps falling. We're getting less and more paid, and prices are going up. Life seems to be getting harder. But you have to cheer up while you're going to Adele. way to go

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.26 10:51

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  • my daughter's work


    Ladies Santa and cats My daughter is more dexterous than my dad. I don't think it looks like me or my mom.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.25 11:32

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  • our future home


    Our future home made of Lego by our daughter. It's the only house in the world. I'll make a lot of money, my daughter.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.24 12:19

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  • natural inflammatory drug

    Health Care

    It's a natural inflammatory agent, Noni. There are a lot of TV and my wife recommended it. This is Noni. I'm eating it with powder, but it's not good. I'm eating it because it's good for my health. Try it.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.23 11:53

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  • Moisture in the air. Water in the water.


    Moisture in the air. Water in the water.a piece of water purifier Today, more than Naver News, I saw a new It was invented. Technology to collect moisture from the air and filter it out and turn it into water is good in water-poor countries or wet areas. It's great to hear that you don't have to worry about germs, either. Our country is also one of the countries that lack water. I think we need it.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.22 12:16

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  • muscular dystrophy

    Health Care

    I got a muscle injection. There's been a case of a shot dead a while ago. I'm worried for some reason. My muscles are slightly swollen and my muscles are thick. I'm going to work soon in the afternoon and I'll be fine after today.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.21 13:27

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  • son and haircut


    Today, I went to the hair salon with my second child and had a haircut. I don't want to cut my hair, so I have to get a haircut in two months. I don't know if I want to go with my dad today. Good haircut. Late lunch with pizza. I don't want to take the second picture. I barely got it. Let's go get a haircut next time.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.20 14:43

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  • a bowl of rice cake soup


    I'm sorry to hear that you made me dinner I enjoyed eating rice cake soup. with healthy mushrooms and beef Tteokguk is the best in nutrition.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.19 07:49

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  • Taking a Snow Photo


    my daughter Snowy photo-taking

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.18 12:27

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  • Lee Sang-soo, fighting!


    My shoulder hurts so much that I can't play ping-pong. I want to get healthy quickly and go to table tennis. I think my shoulders have improved a little. But if I move still, I'll have to rest. I'll just watch the video clip of ping pong and practice hard with my eyes to build my ping pong skills. Table tennis is surprisingly difficult, but it's fun to miss.If you have time, try learning.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.17 11:18

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  • a deferred discount on motor vehicle


    Get a full year's rent and a discount. 10% discount on full payment in January 7.5% discount on full payment in March 5% discount if fully paid in May I get a full discount on my credit card every January. You can use a card, too. You can pay by credit card.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.16 09:48

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  • Son Heung-min, the South Korean


    There's an important match with China today. I'm relieved that Son Heung-min joined us. I don't know if I'm going to play today, but I was confident and sure that I won the Asian Cup. Please stand tall. South Korea Fighting

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.16 09:00

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  • Airfreer's best


    It's the best airfreer. I was going to grill meat at home yesterday because of the smell. The door's open, and we can't open it because of the fine dust. I baked it in an airfriar. It smells bad and tastes bad. It's better than baking in a frying pan. I tried chicken last time. Chicken is the best. I think it's a good buy for airfreer. What should we do today?

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.15 07:47

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  • the worst of fine dust

    Health Care

    I heard that fine dust is bad this week. Satellite imagery shows the worst. I'm afraid we'll have to buy air and drink soon.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.14 07:48

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  • shoulder pain. 50 dogs.

    Health Care

    It's been three months since the left shoulder pain started. I've been to several private hospitals, and I've been able to do physical. I can't stop the pain. The last doctor says he's going to the university hospital when he's free. It's time, but I'm afraid he'll tell me I have to operate. That's the way to go. But I can't wait to get sick. I think I'll have to go to a big hospital soon. Everyone, have a healthy year this year.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.13 21:25

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  • Mammothom's operation

    Health Care

    Wife Mammothom on standby for surgery It's supposed to be surgery or a procedure. The surgery takes about 20 minutes or 30 minutes to post-op pressure. I can't wait to finish it.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.12 14:46

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  • while eating tiger formula


    Our second Horang is eating powdered milk. Eat a lot and grow strong. I don't listen to you anymore, but I hope you stay healthy.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.11 20:40

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  • That's sad news. Life is precious.


    That's sad news. Life is precious, even though it is an animal. The same tragedy comes back with a strong punishment. I guess I'll try not to. Insects and animals protect precious lives.

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.10 15:20

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