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  • from the front mountain to the top of Mercury


    #Number Bus #Clem order backwards A self-caught pasta and Spanish beer in the clem of the Mercury pond at sunset. Coffee and bread to enjoy on the bus in front of the mountain after sunset.

    $wonthe . 2019.05.21 10:22

    14 thanks . 2,495.9096 PUB

  • Late night restaurant stool. What about watercigarettes?


    #Southeast Asia or Hawaii #Water cigarette what? There are both nicotine and non-smokers. It is said to have a variety of flavors, including strawberry and grape.

    $wonthe . 2019.05.17 21:26

    17 thanks . 4,797.6753 PUB

  • I'm going to have to get some fresh onions from the Great Dipper Brewery.


    # Bruey, the Great Cove the cool weather and wonderful atmosphere of a deepening night. Maybe he ate a lot of dust. A little sore in the neck is a trap.

    $wonthe . 2019.05.11 11:47

    25 thanks . 16,074.6084 PUB

  • Beach Healing Cafe Hayden


    #A cafe with a view of the Hayden Sea If you want to get some air out of the Gwangalli, you'll be the captain! # Guatemala coffee is delicious too

    $wonthe . 2019.05.06 12:47

    12 thanks . 4,531.4556 PUB

  • Busan, Gwangalli, Healing


    #Gwanganri #Burger & Pasta I feel like I'm in a vacation spot, travel to Busan, successful

    $wonthe . 2019.05.05 14:43

    14 thanks . 3,183.0336 PUB

  • Wolgwang Waterfront Park


    a walkable evening He said the reflection on the lake was so cool. There are many mosquitoes in the summer.

    $wonthe . 2019.05.05 10:25

    8 thanks . 3,068.5632 PUB

  • Memories to Bring out for Publication


    #Driveaging #DOW The taste is different. The caustic ratio is usually Excellent sweetness and a slightly dry feeling.

    $wonthe . 2019.05.04 16:21

    10 thanks . 5,325.3802 PUB

  • Time flies.


    #2019 Sky Starting Yesterday's sky and another New Year's first sky When I happen to see Instagram posted on New Year's Day in 2019, I can feel that time flies so fast. I feel like I'm passing faster because I'm preoccupied with something. I don't want to ruin all this time I've spent in the future, but I'm gonna have to liveSpending time well doesn't seem to be easy.

    $wonthe . 2019.05.01 11:06

    19 thanks . 7,346.1347 PUB

  • Ophondbua


    #Healing in Ophondbua Nature This is Cafe Ophondbua near Daegu. This cafe is located in the mountaintop, where you can rest in nature such as a beautiful cafe, small waterfall, and outdoor stone. We have bakery, coffee is good, and we also care about drinks such as apple sugar juice. However, there are so many people on weekends that it takes about 10 minutes to order and 30 minutes to bring drinks.^^; But it's wide enough to walk around the cafe.^^

    $wonthe . 2019.04.30 11:21

    16 thanks . 4,718.7022 PUB

  • Ebens end game


    #Evengers #End Games #Goghltanos If you click on Infinity Guntlet after searching, half of the search results disappear. Anyway, the end game was really good. Any explanation could be a spoiler, but the scenes that penetrated my life also shed tears. They gave me laughter, emotion, admiration, admiration, and tears.

    $wonthe . 2019.04.28 11:28

    10 thanks . 4,162.8488 PUB

  • Costa Rica after a long time.


    #Costarica (Fashion Huertz, grapes, winy, colorful fruit) #fmcoffeehouse #blackwaterport app convenient and good

    $wonthe . 2019.04.26 21:43

    9 thanks . 3,237.7636 PUB

  • Health, Healing, TNB (The Natural Body)


    #tnb_fitness_ #Daebong-dong Health It's been 10 years since I started doing PT. I've been working out for a long time to find balance, build up strength, and, above all, I've gained the strength to sustain myself in difficult moments. I don't have to say why an eight-year PT body is doing that, but it's important that I'm lifting the heaviest weight of my life in the right position through that consistency. I still feel sick and tired because I don't recognize my body's signals at times, and I think it's all thanks to constant exercise that makes it much easier to get over with excessive use of computers and smartphones. Above all, it seems important to have a healthier and better body and mind and a desire to make a life as you grow older.

    $wonthe . 2019.04.24 21:58

    25 thanks . 9,614.1122 PUB

  • Sisyphic hotple sijibon


    #Cgbon Seeji Hotple Sisyphon, who thought it was a small cafe in the neighborhood and was surprised by its size and interior, was still a Sisyphic hot-air. Up to the second floor, where you can lie down for luxurious indoor seats, outdoor seats next to the fountain, and couples! I thought it would be really nice for couples to go to eat bread and drinks instead of coffee.

    $wonthe . 2019.04.22 14:34

    9 thanks . 2,611.4369 PUB

  • 마카롱 먹고 맴맴


    #마카롱 미쳐 몰랐지 이걸 먹고나서 어떻게될지 하나만 먹었어야했는데 두개를 먹고나서...

    $wonthe . 2019.04.21 15:58

    12 thanks . 2,520.8013 PUB

  • Berry-Berinais-Empia


    #Blackwaterport #broilingcooffee Berry-Berinais-Empia Berry, full of dark chocolate flavour.

    $wonthe . 2019.04.19 22:56

    8 thanks . 2,567.0837 PUB

  • Shōodiozaki


    #Shioodiozaki The shooting scene of Shio-Dio-Jaki, who happened to go out of downtown Daegu. I've seen Park Myung-soo and his crew. Shioediojaki is a radio-like program that moves radio booths around the country.

    $wonthe . 2019.04.19 11:28

    11 thanks . 2,161.1423 PUB

  • Is this a cafe or a fitness center?


    #tnb_fitness_ # Healing Is this a cafe or a fitness center?

    $wonthe . 2019.04.18 12:51

    13 thanks . 2,992.4093 PUB

  • 향기를 위해 받았던 꽃이


    #jinflower 향기를 위해 덤으로 받은 꽃이 더 활짝폈다 하루 뒤도 못내다보고 고르지 않았는데도 챙겨주신 센스^^

    $wonthe . 2019.04.15 13:23

    18 thanks . 2,711.5549 PUB

  • Soft Australian Coffee Marketrain


    #Blackwaterport #Australia #Market Lane Someone's machine coffee is so soft and delicious that I'm going to hand-drip and order for espresso.

    $wonthe . 2019.04.14 10:35

    13 thanks . 2,239.9397 PUB

  • a peeled apple


    Brother, think of me eating one apple a day.~ I had a pleasant pill, but I don't think I can eat any more because I feel like I'm catching a cold.

    $wonthe . 2019.04.11 17:28

    13 thanks . 2,408.4034 PUB

  • a morning and evening walk


    a morning and evening walk a weekend morning, another evening I think it is very nice to have a walk like this near my house. These days, I seem to spend more time alone, and I think it's good to walk alone sometimes because people are social animals, but I need to talk now.

    $wonthe . 2019.04.09 17:03

    15 thanks . 1,215.4941 PUB

  • Coffee & beer


    Specialty Coffee Draft beer I've had both.^^

    $wonthe . 2019.04.06 23:03

    18 thanks . 1,151.6474 PUB

  • a dizzying pile of hind meat


    Is this a back meat or a back ribs? Ramen was really delicious, too. New areas and food items, chicken-salt skewers and pig shells, which were not usually encountered in the back of the meat restaurant, are the basic side dishes.

    $wonthe . 2019.04.05 21:38

    18 thanks . 1,032.5418 PUB

  • flowers in bloom


    I think the cherry blossoms on the side of the pond of Mercury were the prettiest to see as they traveled by car because the roads were narrow. And there's a dog It's literally "flower over flower.

    $wonthe . 2019.04.03 15:39

    15 thanks . 992.1773 PUB

  • 콜라보가 만들어주는 여유


    #blackwaterport #tnb_fitness_ #jinflower 콜라보 3주 이상 가는 꽃병의 꽃이 예뻐서 호기롭게 보틀에 꽃을 꽂았습니다. 1-2일에 한번 물을 갈아줘야 한다는 것은 그 다음에 알았.. 그래도 덕분에 커피 한잔 정도의 가격으로 당분간 직장에서도 까페같은 여유를 즐길 수 있게 되었습니다^^

    $wonthe . 2019.04.01 21:22

    18 thanks . 1,413.1854 PUB

  • from spring to winter in a day


    #Museum Stay It's already weekend a week ago. In the course of a day, when the cherry blossoms in the city ran from the open road to the pension located in Palgongsan Mountain, it was a very strange day for the seasons to change, as if they ran from spring to winter.

    $wonthe . 2019.03.31 20:07

    15 thanks . 1,067.4759 PUB

  • Danish Coffee Ordered by Blackwaterport


    #Blackwaterport #Lacabra Coffee from Denmark, great light roasting, full of flavor of fruit with Sanmi, so it suits spring. A sense of humor that gives you another 250g for delays in customs clearance, plus another kind #Columbia wool Duran - freshness and acidity. The pleasant sourness that lingers in your mouth even after you finish your coffee #Kenya gatomboa - grape-flavored wine, warm grape juice flavour

    $wonthe . 2019.03.30 22:35

    22 thanks . 2,165.4608 PUB

  • tnb_fitness_


    #tnb_fitness_ 힐링이 되는 공간 1년전 그 꽃이 그자리에

    $wonthe . 2019.03.29 15:24

    11 thanks . 612.1450 PUB

  • Blackwaterport, 180 Lotus


    #180 Rosters Ethiopia Delivers Spring in Coffee with Sweetness and Sweetness to Enjoy at Blackwaterport Rather than a bitter and strong taste, I think I like beans that can taste a variety of black tea flavors. The more you experience the different flavors, the wider the taste, the better it is to have access to various beans from around the world, including Denmark and Australia at Blackwaterport.

    $wonthe . 2019.03.27 17:32

    12 thanks . 1,011.0619 PUB

  • Post-exercise chicken breast #radivudc


    #Ladybirdc #Suvid chicken breast This is Ladybirdc that sells authentic pasta, sandwiches, and chicken breasts and steak that you can eat after exercising. Salchisal steaks, plates with chicken breasts and grilled chicken legs, and dalgaral salads are perfect for post-exercisely

    $wonthe . 2019.03.23 23:24

    14 thanks . 1,098.9373 PUB

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