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  • On rainy days, it's a little salty.


    I can't help but think of the dark jjagle that reminds me of a rainy day~ 30 years old traditional restaurant, Cheonan restaurant!

    $turtle . 2019.04.25 13:56

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  • a fight with a zombie


    A small white worm appeared in my house a while ago.I thought it would be a big deal at first, but the number of appearances has been increasing recently. I looked for a bug, and it said it was a little worm. ᅲᅲ 좀벌레는 책이나 옷, 이불 같은 것을 먹고 사는 작은 벌레인데요~ 습하고 따뜻한 옷장이나 책장에 서식하는 벌레라고 합니다. Since most of the things in my house are clothes and books, I think they've provided the perfect environment for worms to live in.Actually, I'm fine, but my wife and kids hate bugs so much that I did some research to get rid of them. In the past, we used to place a block of naphthalene in a closet that smells bad, but it's not used these days because it's known as a carcinogen. Instead, there are a lot of natural bug medicines.~ But many people said that the anti-jumbo drug on the market didn't work very well, so I was looking for something else, and I had an ultrasound repeater that used ultrasound to drive the bugs away. It's called "Dana's Defe. They say it's a setback to shoot out the house with ultrasound that bugs hate, like cocktails, ants, and zombies. I've read blogs and cafes everywhere.) There are a lot of people who have seen the actual effect. I bought it first. If you use them for a month or so, they will disappear. I wonder what they think. Let's try it out for a month and post a true usage on the publicisto. But most of all, I think it is important to clean up the house environment without wetting it. I can't throw away all my books and clothes.I hope Dana's fighting machine works out and the zombies disappear.crying Purple, please take good care of your wardrobe and bedclothes.~~

    $turtle . 2019.04.24 11:26

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  • What would you like for Parents' Day gift? (Best 7)


    It will be Parents' Day soon. I am worried about gifts for children's day, but I am worried about gifts for parents' day. What do your parents like? I asked 500 adults in their 50s and older about the gifts they wanted for Parents' Day. This is the gift best 7 that I want to receive on Parents' Day. 1. Cash You can save money and use it when you need it. In fact, it's convenient to give cash to your children. I don't have to worry too much, but I'm worried about how much I'm going to payBut I don't think I have enough sincerity to pay in cash. I want to give you something special. But my parents have the best cash.^^ 2. A letter or card Of course, a letter or card with a heart and soul will be good to impress your parents. But for Koreans who lack affection, it could be a rather difficult gift. But parents want to receive a letter expressing their feelings. I'll put some cash in there, and I'll add it to the table.^^ 3. Hyodo Tour The third place was selected for Hyodo Tour. These days, package tours are so good that I would like to give you a travel ticket as a gift. But it's a little bit of a cost.How about China or Southeast Asia?It would be the best gift for parents who like to travel. If you are older, it's hard to travel. You should be a lot of young people if you're a year old, or you might want to go on a family trip together. 4. Health-related products Health-related products and general checkup rights are also your favorite gifts. There are so many health devices, health food, and general checkup tickets. But the expensive ones are not expensive. But it's best to be healthy for your parents. If you're not your parents, you'd better take care of them. 5. Performance ticket It would be nice to give you a performance ticket that your parents would like. Aren't there many performances that parents like at the end of the year? Like a dinner show. Anyway, I was chosen as a favorite gift from my parents. 6. Hobbies My parents want to get their favorite hobby as a gift. Golf, mountain climbing, etc. I think you will like it if you give me gifts that will help your parents enjoy their hobbies. 7. Fashion item You also prefer fashion items such as clothes, accessories, and shoes. Until a few years ago, I bought many hiking suits. You don't seem to like it anymore. I think it would be good to go and pick out the fashion items your parents want. Carnations weren't on the list. You should prepare them as a basis.But it's better to call your parents often and visit them often than to give them a gift.

    $turtle . 2019.04.23 19:10

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  • In the field of hope, PUB.


    There are many famous works by Gogh, but I like 'The Seeder.' This is because you can read the two words "hope" from the image of a farmer sowing bright-rising sun and seeds. For a farmer, the seed is hope. It is an opaque future, but he sows the seed of hope in anticipation of a sweet fruit. Seeding does not end the farmer's work. The farmer must exert himself to achieve the desired fruits. You have to pull weeds, catch bugs, water them, and endure the time of acknowledgmentation. After such a long process, we can achieve the desired results. We sowed the seed of hope in a field called PUB. Just as the farmer sows seeds in anticipation of a sweet fruit, though it is an opaque future, we have invested in an unclear future. What is the next thing we have to do? You have to endure a long journey like the sweat of a farmer. You have to wait and endure until you know how hard you are, how active you are, and what you want to be. Gogh said, "I'm a seed-splitter. Those who live in front of them refuse to sow seeds in the many fields given before them, but the fields bear great fruit through the labor of the seed-splitting man." You have to go through a tough process to get the desired results. Just as only farmers who wait and try with "hope" and endure hard times can bear great fruits.

    $turtle . 2019.04.20 11:11

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  • the modern version of snowwork


    螢雪之功(Snowpiercer): Read a book, relying on fireflies and eyes. There was a boy named Cha Yun of the Qin Dynasty. He studied hard from childhood, but his family was poor and didn't even have the oil to use to light the lamp. The boy wanted to read a book at night, so at the end of his mind, he made a thin silk purse like a bug can and put dozens of Bandi in it and read it in light of the light from it. After such hard work, he became a high-level official of the central government called Sangseo-rang. In the same period, a boy named Son Gang studied hard from an early age without going out with a group of evil people, but he couldn't afford to buy oil to light a lamp because his family was poor. At the end of his mind, the boy stretched himself out to the window in spite of the cold winter day and read the book, relying on the reflected moonlight in the snow. As a result, he became the minister of government in charge of cracking down on government officials called the "fish godfather." -Source:Never- These days, reading a book with a clip on in the dark is fun. If you lie on your bed at night and rely on a small reading lamp, you can concentrate well and read books in the middle of calmness. We are practicing modern construction with cheap and small clip reading.^^

    $turtle . 2019.04.18 20:49

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  • 2 Chinese characters that become blood and gain weight!


    * When angry * 忍一時之忿(in case) ((in case) 免百日之憂(in case of cotton bag): If you put up with a moment's delay, you can avoid a hundred days of anxiety. There are times when people get mad at each other in your life. When anger is swept up by emotions, it is unknowingly violent. In particular, there are times when you say things you can't say to your family or friends, or say things you shouldn't. I regret it late after getting some relief, but it's hard to get rid of the spilled water. In this sense, the Chinese word '免百日之憂' in mind is a great enlightenment. If you put up with the moment of rage, you can avoid the anxiety you can build up for a long time. When you're angry, it's better to count in your mind or avoid a seat for a while. If you throw your anger at your opponent because you're angry, you'll end up hurting yourself. Buddha says, "To hold a grudge is to hold hot coals in your hands to throw at others. It's who you are after all to get burned."

    $turtle . 2019.04.18 09:46

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  • A Night's Walk!

    Health Care

    The weather has been nice these days, and the weather is so nice to take a walk at night. From April to May, there are not many bugs even at night, so if there is no fine dust, it would be great for a night stroll. I walk with my wife on the walkway near my house in a refreshing spring breeze. It's nice to be able to leave the kids at home when they grow up.^^ I will enjoy and savor the walk of this refreshing and happy night to my heart. Man lives only in the present, anyway!

    $turtle . 2019.04.17 21:05

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  • 내 감정과 인사나누기!


    인간은 희노애락애오욕(喜怒哀樂愛惡慾) 기쁨,성남,슬픔,즐거움,사랑,미움,욕심 등의 감정에 쌓여 살아가는 존재다. 이 같은 감정은 크게 쾌(快) 와 불쾌(不快)로 구분해 볼 수 있는데, 일반적으로 쾌의 감정은 긍정적이고 지향해야 할 것으로, 불쾌의 감정은 부정적이며 지양해야 할 것으로 여겨진다. 그러나 진화심리학에서는 쾌나 불쾌 모두 인간의 생존을 위해 필요한 감정이라 말한다. 쾌의 감정은 생존에 필요한 어떤 행동을 지속하게 하는 에너지와 같다. 밥을 먹을 때 기쁨과 즐거움이라는 쾌의 감정을 느끼지 못한다면, 영양실조 혹은 거식증이 찾아와 생존이 불가능하게 될 것이다. 반대로 불쾌의 감정은 생존에 위협이 되는 어떤 행동을 멈추게 하는 ‘신호’ 역할을 한다. 극도로 피곤한 상태에서 짜증이 난다거나, 추위 또는 더위에 고통을 느낀다거나 하는 것은 지금 내 몸이 매우 불편한 상태이니 빨리 이 상황을 벗어나야 한다는 ‘위협의 신호’인 것이다. 인간관계에서 겪게 되는 갈등과 스트레스 또한 생존의 위협을 알리는 신호이다. 사회적 동물인 인간에게 ‘좋은 관계’란 매우 중요한 생존 인자이기 때문이다. 이처럼 다양한 감정은 인간의 생존을 위해 없어서는 안 될 중요한 요소이다. 그러나 불쾌의 감정을 적절히 해소하지 못하고 장기간 방치하게 되면 생존에 치명적인 위협을 받게 된다. 따라서 우리는 불쾌의 감정이 찾아왔을 때 그것을 적절히 해소해 주는 지혜가 필요하다. 그렇지만 주체할 수 없는 감정의 소용돌이를 조절하기란 쉽지 않은게 사실이다. 통제하기 어려운 불쾌의 감정이 찾아왔을 때, 그것을 해소할 수 있는 방법 중 하나는 ‘인사하고, 이름 불러주기’ 이다. 예를 들어 피로한 업무로 인해 짜증이 밀려올 때 다음과 같이 말하는 것이다. “짜증아 안녕! 지금 내 몸이 피곤해서 네가 날 찾아 왔구나!” 이렇게 말하면 짜증의 이유를 생각할 수 있게 되고, 객관적으로 나를 바라 보게 되며, 내 감정을 이해할 수 있게 되어, 격한 감정의 소용돌이에서 어느 정도 빠져 나올 수 있게 된다. 지치고 힘든 일상, 불쾌라는 불청객이 나를 찾아왔을 때, 죄 없는 주변인들에게 그것을 쏟아내지 말고, 그 녀석과 반갑게 인사해 보자! “감정! 그대 왔는가~~!!”

    $turtle . 2019.04.15 16:18

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  • The PUB reward has more than doubled.^^

    Crypto Currency

    Those who post frequently may have noticed that the reward for 펍 has doubled over the past few days. I knew the amount of 펍 coin, which translates to the ink you received, was variable, but recently more than doubled the amount of 펍 is coming in as compensation. Although the value of the coin is falling a lot now due to the Ios price, I think it is another opportunity to be compensated more than twice as much as ink, assuming that the value of the coin will increase in the future. Since not only the size but also the curation compensation is more than double as usual, I think it will be a good profit in the future if I keep my savings and keep working hard.~~ The crisis, which was so frightening to look back, was often a golden opportunity. It may be a scary and difficult situation, but if you continue to work hard, you will be able to stand up to yourself in the future! (That's what I believe and I'm collecting hard.^^)

    $turtle . 2019.04.14 12:28

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  • There is no royal road to study!


    There is a co-worker who invests freely in his child. His fifth year son, who spent nearly one million won in English kindergarten and hundreds of thousands of won in English academies.A few days ago, I asked him to do a second-grade English listening test, and he was disappointed that three were wrong? Or bragging? I was curious, too. Have you ever been to an English kindergarten or near an English academy? My children~ I asked my second child, who is in fourth grade, to solve the questions of listening comprehension in middle school. The result is... 100 points! My wife was surprised, too! We didn't send an academy, but we wanted to speak English well, so we showed English YouTube animation continuously for one or two hours since we were young. This test proved that my ears are somewhat open as a result of my constant contact with English. I also found out that my parents' educational views were not bad. Looking at parents who sometimes spend hundreds of thousands of won on English academies, they said, 'Are we doing well now?I had some doubts about it. Through this experience, I realized that there is no royal road to study and that it is more important than ever to consistently pursue the educational philosophy of parents. I am going to go on an overseas trip with my children after collecting money for my English academy.~~

    $turtle . 2019.04.13 10:07

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  • Vincent, my Vincent!


    My favorite author, Jeong Yeo-ul, and my favorite artist, Van Gogh, met a hot new essay! <Bincent My Vincent> by Jung Yeo-ul! As soon as I saw the ad for Aladdin, I ordered it. # My favorite author's book is always a collection! This weekend, we'll be with Jung Yeo-ul, Koch, and the cherry blossoms that are burning their last passion.Have a nice weekend, ladies and gentlemen.

    $turtle . 2019.04.12 10:40

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  • Good camping ground in May.


    There's a camping ground that goes green in May. This is Chilgapsan Auto Camping Site in Cheongyang, Chungnam. The back of the campsite is surrounded by mountains and the front is made up of a wide lawn, so it is a good camping ground to play with children and enjoy nature. Especially in May, C site is the most popular site with a close lawn and a wide site in the crater. It's a lot of reservations.If you can't make a reservation for C site, A and B site is fine, so if you go there in May, you won't regret it. There are a lot of places to visit, such as Cheonjang Ho Ridge Bridge, Gaeun Botanical Garden, and Janggoksa Temple. I would like to recommend this camping site to those who have not been there.^^ May is already booked for the site, but there are a few people who cancel it at a super-campus or something, so you can catch it.^^ It's a very expensive campsite, so it's hard to make a reservation, but if you have free time, you can go there during the weekdays.^^

    $turtle . 2019.04.12 07:51

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  • The first Chinese character to become blood and flesh, if you know it.


    1. When drunk "It's really chivalrous to talk less even after drinking."" When you're drunk, you'll talk a lot. People who say what they say and say are the first ones who don't want to get drunk like +. Even if you drink, you should be a great person who can listen to other people. 2. When you look at me and someone else, "If three people go together, there must be my teacher." When I and the other two go together, there must be my teacher. Those who are superior to me can emulate the good things, and those who are inferior to me can also emulate them. If you use your opponent's strengths and weaknesses as a mirror, everyone around you will be my teacher. 3. When coin prices fall "There's joy in the midst of eating heavy rice, drinking water, and then lying down with your arms cut." Happiness does not lie in the rise or fall of coin prices. If you can find joy in a bad rice, have a glass of cold water, and lie down with your arms cut, you are a very happy person. I need a thug that says, 'It's okay, I'll live on Anbinnakdo even if my coin becomes a baker!' 4. When coin prices go up like crazy, "It's the ultimate in good faith," said Ji Ji-hye-ho (中庸之爲德也, 其至矣乎): "It's not too much or too much of a good deed." When coin prices go up like crazy, you'd better sell them at the right spot. The truth that overzealous overambitiousness entails pain is December 2017~ We've had enough. When coin prices go up like crazy, you need heavy utility that doesn't go too far or short.

    $turtle . 2019.04.10 20:08

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  • Get ready for the morning.


    I drank more coffee than usual yesterday, so I woke up at 5:00. Take a shower and prepare for breakfast in a leisurely way. Today's menu is simple meat kimbap. Heat the remaining bulgogi after dinner and cut the pickled radish into small pieces. Prepare seasoned laver sold at the mart. Put a spoonful of rice on one of the condiments, a bit of bulgogi and a bit of pickled radish (or stir-fried kimchi) and roll it with your hands. Simple meat gimbap is done! A bad morning, children can eat it deliciously and take nourishment! I'm ready for breakfast, but it's less than seven o'clock. ♪♪ I've had a cup of coffee and a piece of music. Let's go wake them up now! Hope you have a happy and leisurely day!😁👍

    $turtle . 2019.04.10 07:05

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  • My son's practice of shooting drones with cherry blossoms


    I went up a walk near my house on the weekend and played with my children while flying drones. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom around the walkway. My son said he wanted to take a picture of cherry blossoms with a drone, so I left the controls. I'm not good at manipulation yet, but I've been having fun. I've seen a lot of cherry blossoms.I hope you all have a good week.^^

    $turtle . 2019.04.08 07:07

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  • Everyone has their own 'hells'!


    There was once a time when I wanted to turn my back on the world. I felt the unhappiest thing in the world, and I thought no one would be more painful than me. One day, I told my best friend that I wanted to die. But the friend, who seemed so happy, unexpectedly told me what was wrong with her. It turned out that he was as hard a burden as I was, so that we could go through the difficult times by comforting each other. Sometimes what I'm going through feels very painful. Everyone else looks happy, but sometimes I'm in trouble because I'm the only one living a hard life. But not everyone around me is happy as I think, and more people than I think live with their own "hells." The size of the hell may be different, but whatever it may be, it will be the greatest pain-killer in existence for the man. I'm not the only one who's having a hard time. The fact that everyone has a hard time, and that their hell exists...When we realize it, we can take great comfort and have the power to live once again. Life is pain. Pain is an inevitable destiny for humans. 'Everyone has his own hell!'

    $turtle . 2019.04.06 22:01

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  • Making sparkling water~


    I bought a soda maker to teach my kids how to make soda, and sometimes I bought a soda maker. I bought a soda maker that can be purchased for about two to three thousand won on the Internet and some carbon dioxide.~ Put cool water or juice in the soda maker and simply inject carbon dioxide to make and drink soda or water that is similar to a fantasy. I think it's okay to do it with the kids, because it's fun and you can make less sugary juice soda.^^

    $turtle . 2019.04.03 20:25

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  • It's darkest before dawn!

    Crypto Currency

    With the spring news, the Coin Market has been visited for the first time in a long time. Beats and other eggs are blazing with fire. But the gloomy days of the EOS-based Coins continue. Especially, people who have poured in EOS and invested in IOS-based daddies such as PUB, KARMA, and IQ seem to be getting burned black. The other snores are frantically hitting and going up, but I think it's going to hurt a lot because only my EOS daddies are driving backwards. But I believe in the simple truth that it's darkest before dawn. It's time for the EOS to take its place first. When EOS picks up its price, I'm sure the Ios-based daddies will show more power than imagined. Especially with the launch of the app and active users, we believe that the time will come to appreciate its value. When a typhoon passes, a clear sky comes and a bright light appears after dark darkness. When the yin reaches its peak, it makes sense in the world to be positive. Those who believe in the future of Ios Dap!! I know it's hard, but why don't you just relax and wait for the day to come? It's the darkest before dawn.~~

    $turtle . 2019.04.03 19:35

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  • 그런 아이로 키우고 싶다!


    앞자리에 앉은 직장 동료와 이야기를 하다가, 그 집 아이는 학원을 여덟 곳이나 다닌다는 이야기를 들었다. 놀라운 것은 왠만한 초등학생들은 최소 2~3곳, 많게는 10곳 이상 학원을 다니고 있다는 것이다. 아침부터 밤 늦게까지 365일 학원으로 뺑뺑이 도는 아이들.. 그들은 그곳에서 과연 무엇을 배우고, 느끼고, 실천하고 있을까? 우리 집 아이들은 학원을 다니지 않는다. (절대로 돈이 없어서는 아니다ㅠㅠ) 최근 막내가 수영을 배우고 싶다고 해서 수영만 보내고 있다. 학교에 갔다온 아이들은 집에서 책을 보거나, 유튜브 영어 애니메이션을 보며 영어 공부를 한다. 시간이 날 때는 놀이터에서 놀거나, 보드게임을 하고, 아빠와 함께 운동을 하며 보낸다. 학원 갈 돈을 모아 일 년에 한 두번 해외 여행을 다니고, 캠핑이나 등산을 통해 심신을 단련시키려고 노력한다. 주변 지인들은 이 같은 우리들의 육아 방식에 대해 우려를 표한다. 영어, 수학을 따라가지 못하면 나중에 좋은 고등학교, 좋은 대학교에 가기 힘들다고.. 그럼 좋은 직장을 구하기도 어려울테고, 돈도 많이 벌 수 없을 것이며, 편안하고 행복한 삶을 살기 어려울 거라고.. 그러나 나는 그들의 우려에 이렇게 말하고 싶다. 많이 갖는 것보다 어떻게 베푸느냐를 깨우쳐 주고 싶고, 많이 아는 것보다 어떻게 지혜롭게 살아 갈 것이냐를 가르치고 싶다. 무엇을 보느냐보다 어떻게 보고 있느가를 자각할 줄 알며, 무엇을 듣느냐보다 어떻게 들을 것인가를 중요하게 여길 줄 알고, 무엇을 느끼냐보다 어떻게 느끼고 있는가에 집중할 줄 아는..그런 아이로 키우고 싶다고 말이다.

    $turtle . 2019.04.01 20:03

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  • Golf early education.


    The weekend weather is cold and windy. It is spring and shine. I went somewhere with my kids, so I did some early golf training at an underground golf course in my apartment.^^ I was going to raise her as the second Park Sung-hyun, but not all three seem to be good at golf. lol I wonder what the three of them are going to be like in the future.~~ Whatever you do, let's live only healthy and happy!

    $turtle . 2019.03.31 17:39

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  • 가끔은 귀머거리가 되기~


    살다보면 나와는 너무 다른 사람과 마주하게 될 때가 있습니다. 그럴 때 우리는 ‘다름을 인정하고 존중하라’는 도덕책 속 가르침을 떠올리곤 합니다. 그러나 나와의 간극이 너무 심해 나의 상식으로 이해할 수 없는 사람을 만날 때면 치밀어 오르는 부화를 참기 힘듭니다. 게다가 그런 사람이 나에 대한 험담이라도 늘어 놓는다면 쌓여 있던 분노게이지가 폭발하게 됩니다. 젊었을 때는 이런 사람들을 보면 참지 못하고 싸우기도 하고, 대놓고 싫은 표정을 짓기도 하였습니다. 그러나 나이가 들수록 이런 사람들과 싸워봤자 스스로 내상만 심해진다는 걸 깨닫게 되었습니다. 그래서 요즘엔 한비야 씨가 소개했던 방법을 자주 사용합니다. 한비야 씨는 자신에 대한 험담을 늘어놓는 사람을 보면 광속으로 지나가는 KTX를 떠올린다고 합니다. 자신은 300km가 넘는 속도로 달리고 있는 KTX에 편안하게 앉아 있고, 나를 험담하는 상대방은 그 KTX를 보며 짖어대는 동네 개라고 생각한다는 것입니다. KTX 창밖의 동네 개가 죽어라 짖어 봤자 들리지도 않을뿐더러, 평온한 내 마음에 아무런 영향도 미치지 못하는 건 당연한 이치일 것입니다. 가끔 내 상식으로 말도 안되는 소리를 해대는 상사나, 동료 직원들을 보면 KTX를 향해 짖어대는 동네 개님을 떠올립니다. 그럼 마음이 편안해지고, 그런 사람들과 부딪힐 이유가 없어집니다. 나에 대한 합리적인 비판은 귀담아 들어야 마땅 하지만, 그렇지 않은 맹목적인 비난에는 신경을 쓰지 않는 것이 현명한 행동인 것 같습니다. 가끔은 무덤덤한 귀머거리가 되는 것도 인생을 살아가는 지혜가 아닐까 생각해 봅니다.

    $turtle . 2019.03.29 13:20

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  • Golf etiquette!


    Golf is very strange. If you give it strength, it doesn't work. If you take it out, it fits well. Golf is very strange. Not a day that seems to work, not a day that doesn't work. Golf is very strange. You can't practice a lot, and you can't practice a lot. Golf is very strange. What worked so well yesterday, it's not going to die today. Golf is just the same. It's just like our lives that I don't like. Neither golf nor life would be fun if I had my own way. So I enjoy playing golf.

    $turtle . 2019.03.27 20:25

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  • 己所不欲 勿施於人!


    공자의 말씀을 엮은 논어(論語)에는 삶의 지침이 될 만한 주옥같은 말들이 많습니다. 그 중에서 저는 ‘기소불욕 물시어인 (己所不欲 勿施於人)’이란 말을 가슴에 새기고 실천하려 노력합니다. (물론 실천이 가장 어렵습니다만;;) 위나라 자공이란 사람이 공자에게 묻습니다. “제가 평생 동안 실천할 수 있는 한 마디의 말이 있다면 알려주십시오” 공자가 말합니다. “자신이 하기 싫은 일을 다른 사람에게 시켜서는 안 됩니다. (己所不欲 勿施於人)” 이 말은 모든 인간관계에서 지켜야 할 핵심이 아닐까 합니다. 내가 하기 싫은 일, 내가 듣기 싫은 말은 상대방도 마찬가지입니다. 서로의 입장을 이해하고 존중하며 배려하는 자세! 공자는 사람 사는 세상에서 가장 중요한 것은 바로 이것이라고 생각했던 것입니다. 가정에서든, 직장에서든, 온라인에서든, 오프라인에서든 항상 상대방을 배려하고 존중하는 멋진 펍플님들 되시길 기원합니다^^

    $turtle . 2019.03.27 09:51

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  • When you need a positive mantra!


    What do you say when life is hard? When I'm stressed or having a hard time, I shout 'Al-E-I-Z-Well' in my mind. That's what the main character was shouting about in the Indian film "Three Dumbs." All is well. This habitually repeating a sentence or a particular word is called a mantra. Sanskrit's mantra, Chinese character Jin-eon means 'pronunciation, syllabism, word or phrase that is believed to cause spiritual or physical deformation'. Some of the things that Christianity memorizes, such as the main prayer book and the Buddhist anti-night scene, are kind of mantra. This kind of mantra is like a magic spell for you. The positive mantra leads my life to positive, and the negative mantra makes me negative. Andrew Newberg, a neurosurgeon, said, 'Why don't we talk like we thought?In the book, "Even a single word affects the expression of genes that control physical and emotional stress." A positive mantra is something that can change our brains and change our lives positively. When life is hard and hard, having your own magic spell can be a huge boost to your life. What is your positive mantra?

    $turtle . 2019.03.25 11:29

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  • The happiness I make!


    Even those who have the wealth and honor that others envy can only be unhappy if they do not satisfy themselves, and they can be happy if they are generous and grateful for the crime. Indeed, happiness and unhappiness are self-creating. I wish you all a full and grateful week.^^

    $turtle . 2019.03.25 07:52

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  • It's hard to travel to Singapore.crying


    I'm planning a two-week trip to Singapore this summer. I made a reservation for my flight. It's hard to find a place to stay. Especially since we are a family of five, it is difficult to make a hotel reservation. I would like to reserve a hotel in Sentosa for 3 to 4 days and enjoy Sentosa Island slowly. Hotels in Sentosa didn't really accept a family of five. I'm e-mailing everywhere, and the answer I'm returning is "no," and some hotels don't even answer me. One Farmer Hotel Dear SIR/Mdm, Kindly be informed that we do not have a room that is possible to fit the size of your family in one room. We highly believe that you book for two rooms installed. Thank you and have a nice day. Hard Rock Hotel Greetings from Resorts World Sentosa We are currently offering this online PRO "Stay a Minimum of 2 Nights and Receive Complementary Dining Credits." For 28th – 31st Julie 2019, the packing is as follows how you will need to book 2 rooms in order to the maximum capacity stress. The price of the Singapore hotel is too high, so it costs too much to reserve two rooms.So I am going to send an email to all the hotels in Sentosa Island, Singapore.Kkkkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ Anyway, it's hard for a family of five to travel anywhere.~~^^ I wrote a few words in frustration.Have a nice weekend.^^

    $turtle . 2019.03.24 12:34

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  • 대물 뺑소니 처벌 및 조치방법은?


    얼마 전 저의 지인이 대물 뺑소니 사고의 가해자로 신고가 되어 경찰서에 다녀왔다고 합니다. 그런데 문제는 자기가 피해 차량과 충돌했거나 긁었다는 느낌이 전혀 없었다는 점입니다. 사실 운전을 하다보면 차량과 차량이 스쳐 지나가면서 인지하지 못한 사이에 스크레치가 날 수도 있습니다. 차량을 '쿵' 하고 받아서 범퍼가 찌그러 졌다던지 한다면 당연히 내려서 확인을 하고 보험처리를 해주겠지만~ 스쳐 지나가면서 인지하지 못한 경우 뺑소니로 신고가 되면 억울할 수 있을 것 같더군요~ 게다가 직접적인 블랙박스나 CCTV 영상도 없는 상태에서 정황 증거만으로 대물 뺑소니 범으로 몰아 간다면 더욱 억울 할 수 있을 것 같습니다. 반대로 피해자 입장에서는 내 차를 받았거나 스크레치를 내 놓고 그냥 가버린다면 화가나서 경찰에 신고해 버릴 수 있을 것 같습니다. 그러나 확실한 증거를 가지고 신고하지 않는다면 별다른 처벌 없이 끝날 수 있기 때문에 CCTV나 블랙박스 등의 증거물을 가지고 신고 하는 것이 좋습니다. 얼마 전까지는 주,정차된 타인의 차량을 들이 받고 도망쳤다가 걸려도 파손된 부분에 대한 보험처리만 해주면 그걸로 끝이 났었는데요~ 2017년 부터는 법이 바뀌어서 벌금과 구류까지 받을 수 있다고 합니다. 1. 개정된 대물 뺑소니 처벌법은? 주,정차 중 또는 주행중 사고를 낸 뒤 조치를 취하지 않은 채 사고현장을 이탈한 경우 2017년 6월 3일부로 개정된 도로교통법에 따라 5년 이하 징역이나 1500만원 이하 벌금형, 20만원 이하의 벌금이나 구류 또는 과태료를 부과 받을 수 있습니다. 2. 신고만 하면 처벌이 가능할까? 기본적으로 뺑소니란 사고를 내고 그 사실을 인지하였으나, 적절한 조치를 취하지 않고 현장을 이탈한 경우를 말합니다. 따라서 가해 차주가 경찰서에서 사고가 일어난 사실을 인지하지 못했다고 진술한다면 처벌을 받지 않을 수도 있습니다. 그러므로 피해차주는 CCTV나 블랙박스의 영상 자료 등 명확한 물증을 확보한 뒤 대물 뺑소니 사고 신고를 하는 것이 좋습니다. 3. 가해차주가 대물 뺑소니를 인정하지 않는 경우는? 이런 경우가 있을 수 있기 때문에 사고를 증명할 수 있는 명확한 증거 자료가 필요합니다. 또한 블랙박스나 CCTV 자료가 있더라도 가해차량이 피해차량과 충돌했을 때의 명확한 증거자료, 즉 차량이 쿵하고 흔들린다거나 소리가 녹음 되었다거나 하는 정환한 증거자료가 존재하지 않는다면 정황 증거만으로 처벌하거나 보상을 받기는 어렵다고 합니다. 이상으로 대물 뺑소니 처벌 조항에 대해 알아보았습니다. 그동안 차량 접촉사고 후 조치를 취하지 않은 대물 뺑소니 가해 운전자의 경우 사고 사실을 정말로 인지하지 못한 경우도 있지만, 많은 경우 모르는 척 그냥 가버리고 나중에 잡히더라도 보험처리만 해주면 된다는 인식이 많았던 것 같습니다. 그러나 대물 뺑소니 처벌이 강화되었기 때문에 사고 후 조치의무를 다해야 처벌을 받지 않을 것 같구요~ 처벌을 떠나 자신이 잘못을 했다면 마땅히 책임을 다하는 것이 도리라고 생각됩니다. 무엇보다 사고가 나지 않도록 안전운전 하는 것이 가장 최선의 방법이 되겠지요~~ 그럼 오늘도 안전운전 하시기 바랍니다.

    $turtle . 2019.03.23 21:39

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  • This evening, we're going to have


    It's perfect for a cheese, chicken, beef and soju tonight, but I'm sorry for driving, but I'm drinking. Yupple, have dinner.^^

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  • Where I can go with my kids on Spring Day, Anseong Farmland!


    On a warm spring weekend, on a sorry day, like staying home, if you're looking for a place to take a day's light trip with your kids... I recommend Anseong Farmland near the Seoul metropolitan area.~ You can have a simple ride, a special character experience, an animal feeding experience, and a traditional play experience. When you go to the weekend, you can have a puppy performance, and children like it.^^ Anseong Farmland is quite wide. There are also green barley fields, wide pasturelands, and plazas, so the day passes quickly if you play, relax, and eat all day. You can take mats and lunch boxes with you, or you can eat in the traditional inn. There are also many people who fly kites on the broad meadow. I think flying a kite with my kids will make good memories. I recommend you to visit Anseong Palm Land with your children on a spring day that is good for outdoor activities.^^

    $turtle . 2019.03.23 10:36

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  • 푸른바다와 하늘, 초록 정원이 어우러진 카페~


    강원도에는 바다 전망이 일품인 펜션과 카페들이 즐비합니다~ 그중 고성에 있는 바다정원 카페를 소개해 봅니다. 바다정원 카페는 바닷가 바로 앞에 야외 테이블이 놓여 있고, 빵과 식사 음료를 즐길 수 있는 멋진 카페 입니다. 맑은 날 야외에서 바다를 바라보며 마시는 커피 한잔은 일상의 스트레스를 날려 버리기 충분합니다. 강원도에서 꽤 유명한 카페라 손님이 많은 편이지만, 주차장이 넓찍해서 부담없이 찾을 수 있는 곳입니다. (단, 가격은 부담이 좀 있습니다^^) 푸른 바다와 하늘 그리고 초록 정원이 어우러진 바다정원 카페! 강원도로 여행을 가신다면 한번쯤 들러보시기 바랍니다^^

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