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  • [Paris] That's where the Phantom of the Opera is.


    The opera "Garnie" is said to have been completed by "Shar Garnier," an architect who won the architectural contest in the 19th century under Napoleon III. Once the tickets are purchased, the viewing order begins from the basement. The opera Garney is splendid from the beginning. It is snowy and luxurious enough to miss any place. I can't believe it's an opera theater or a palace. GrAND FOYER, the finest space in opera Garnier except inside the theater, is French for foie gras. Call it the assembly room. It's a gathering place for actors and dancers in the theater, and FOYER in opera Garnier seemed to have been used as a resting place or banquet hall for the VIPs who came to see the performance. The place of the picture is right there. #Paris #A trip to Europe #palaisgarnier #paris #travelgram

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  • [London] At a glance! Let me tell you all the major attractions.


    Today, I made a video of my trip to London. The beautiful atmosphere of London during the Christmas season! Travel inquiries are always welcome:) ▼See main place at once 00:10 Regency St. 00:22 Tower Bridge Tower Bridge 00:27 Covent Garden 01:01 National Gallery View National Gallery 01:18 Trafalgar Square 01:37 Don't Books Daunt Books 01:49 Sky Garden Sky Garden 01:55 Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 02:26 Harrods at Herod Department Store

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  • [Osaka] The trip to Osaka is from Namba in Osaka.


    This video shows the feeling of a trip to Osaka that I've been to before. Please refer to the main place in the comments! 0:02 Glycoside Dotonbori 0:25 Nirvantay Yakitori 0:46 Takoyaki Hanako 0:52 Dotonbori Cruise 1:15 Swisotel Namba Cityview #Osaka Japan #Dotonbori #Namba

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  • It's Tokyo.


    It was when I went to Asakusa in Tokyo last year I'm so lucky to see you at Asakusa. I thought it was a peaceful year last year. It was a trip with lots of memories. # Last year Tokyo #Yukata #tokyo #asakusa

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  • 30sec to and from work


    Today, I made 30 seconds of commuting, which is a daily routine for office workers. All office workers, cheer up:) ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ Subscribe The bottom right of the video! ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇

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  • Adjusting Instagram travel photos to the light room


    ∘ Detailed use **Create the first preset (set value) as in the image. **Copy the preset with the Copy Settings feature. **Call and paste the picture you want to apply to the filter. **Click the completed picture to compare it to the pre-application picture. The photo app I use myself is Lightroom Lightroom. Share how to make and correct your own travel photo presets. The effect of photo filter is subjective, so please refer to it. You can decorate it to suit your style:) ∘ Detailed use **Create the first preset (set value) as in the image. **Copy the preset with the Copy Settings feature. **Call and paste the picture you want to apply to the filter. **Click the completed picture to compare it to the pre-application picture. ★Reading is a great force. (Lower button on the right side of the image) ★

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  • [Seoul] #1 foreign tourist attraction! Take a tour of Myeong-dong. l Myeong-dong 明洞


    I'm going to introduce you today. It is Korea, but there are more foreigners than Koreans. a favorite place for foreigners It's #Myeong-dong. at a rapid speed from #Eulji Station to #Myeongdong Station While walking, I took a picture of Myeong-dong. #Myeong-dong Seoul Okay & Subscriptions are a huge boost to your walking routine:)

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  • [Seoul] Take a walk from Seoul City Hall to Gwanghwamun Plaza


    I wanted to go for a walk during lunch time because I was at Deoksugung Palace in front of the company, but it was closed on Monday. So I took a light tour from City Hall to Gwanghwamun Square. Since the company is concentrated in Gwanghwamun, not only tourists but also after meals I saw a lot of office workers taking walks. 05:08 Gwanghwamun Square 07:44 Sejong the Great Statue ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ Subscribehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0jZFzExPuOTohUFx-RmBqw?sub_confirmation=1 ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇

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  • Home of Detective Conan! Conan Road in Tottori Prefecture: Aoyama Gosho Furusato Pavilion


    Following Matsue Castle on Jonago Travel! Today is the home of Aoyama Gosho, the writer of the famous detective Conan. Introduce Conan Village with Conan Road and Museum. #Named Detective Conan #Totori County # Jonago Okay & Subscriptions are a huge boost to your walking routine:)

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  • [Tottori] 돗토리 사구를 만나다. 여기가 바다인가 사막인가


    [ 자막을 켜주세요^^ ] 요나고여행에서 빠질 수 없는 돗토리현의 사구! 바로 돗토리사구입니다. 여기가 바다인가 사막인가 이색적인 요나고여행지로 추천합니다! #돗토리사구 #돗토리현 #요나고 좋아요 & 구독은 걷는 일상에 큰 힘이 됩니다:)

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  • [Matsue] [Matsue] The core of the Jonago trip! Cherry blossoms 꽃 met at Matsue Castle


    a man walking today I'm a travel writer, Walk Today. The hot yoga trip I went to last week! We're gonna need an hour's drive from Jonago. This is Matsue Castle in Shimane Prefecture:) When the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, I could see local people coming out to Matsue Castle. I don't see much yet because it's a small town in Yonago and Matsu. That's why I could feel more Japanese full of locals. #Matsue Castle #Jonago Travel Japan Okay & Subscriptions are a huge boost to your walking routine:)

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  • Last # Cherry Blossom of the Year


    . Probably. Last # Cherry Blossom of the Year # I've seen enough # #Sleep #Sokchon Lake # Daily Diagram #Dollars

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  • [Seoul] The best spot for cherry blossoms. Walking on the Cherry Blossom Festival of Seokchon Lake in Jamsil


    a man walking today I'm a travel writer, Walk Today. After the civil defense training. whirling couples I have a video of Seokchon Lake. The cherry blossoms are about to fall off. I think this weekend is the most beautiful time before the cherry blossoms fall! Why don't you all go to Jamsil Seokchon Lake? ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ Subscribe: Please turn on the subscription button at the bottom right of the video. ★ ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇

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  • [Seoul] look back on the winter of Seokchon Lake


    It reminds me of the winter of Seokchon Lake. High-pro7 hyperlaps feature makes you walk away in no time:) I'm going to meet the spring of Seokchon Lake today. I'm sure the cherry blossoms are pretty.^^ Then I'll bring back the spring of Lake Sakyamuni.+_+ Okay & Subscriptions are a huge boost to your walking routine:) ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0jZ...

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  • Big city caught more than North Sea!


    Big city caught more than North Sea! This is Sakaiminato. It's a country village about 30 minutes from Yonago. It's called Mizukishiru Road. The Yoho Village is a famous place. It's usually none other than the best. They say they catch more than the North Sea. It is famous for its delicious crab. If you're going on a trip to Yonago, Please try it!

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  • The god of plucking. He is a traveling traveler to Japan.


    . I've been taking a break for a while. It started again on my trip to Japan. Because of the strong claws. Number three, number two! As expected, Japan is a game paradise:) # Draw #Healing trip # Jonago # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

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  • Cherry blossom ending


    . Spring cherry blossoms in Busan I'll be in Seoul soon. # Cherry blossoms # Daily graph #Bom #Nature # All right #Busan

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  • 금귤과 함께한 주말 아침 토스트


    아침에 장을 보러 마트에 갔다가 금귤이 있어서 냉큼 담아왔습니다:) 어렸을때 정말 많이 먹었었는데, 다른 과일에 비해 흔하진 않아 자주 먹진 못했던 것 같아요. 부산에서는 금귤을 낑깡이라고 불렀어요. 산딸기와 함께 구입해서 토스트기로 빵을 굽고, 딸기잼과 캐첩, 계란까지 더해서 푸짐하면서도 간단한 아침을 맞이했습니다. 어느덧 주말의 끝이네요. 내일 아침 출근 전에 남은 토스트를 금귤과 함께 먹어야겠어요. 모두 한 주 화이팅입니다^^ #아침 #주말 #일상그램 #금귤

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  • What if he's a fan of Son Heung-min? Let's not miss it.


    That's right. I'm a fan of Son Heung-min:) Tottenham uniform, of course. Son Heung-min is also used in soccer games. As Son Heung-min becomes a model for Gillette this time, There's a new package for Gillette. I can't miss this. I have to buy it right away. a Gillette razor You know, if you're a man, you should use it. Haha First of all, this year's diary is included as a special feature. On the razor handle, Tottenham 7 is just the eye! If you're a fan of Son Heung-min, Let's not miss this package:) # Son Heung-min #son #Jillet # Daily Sang-gram

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  • Traveling ᅵ Ghost of Angkor Wat


    It was five years ago. I once went on a business trip to Cambodia's historic city of Siem Reap. I've been thinking about what I'm going to do with a local employee after finishing my day's work. I heard a suggestion. "Director, would you like to go to Angkor Wat now?" "It's 9 p.m. and you can't come in." "It's possible because the roads aren't blocked. But there's no one here, so it's kind of gloomy." "Oh, let's go then." This late-night meeting with Angkor Wat, It was much more frightening than I thought. Of course there's no human being at all, It's a relic in the woods, so light is a vehicle. All the headlights... Entrance to Angkor Wat is also far away due to headlights. It looked very faint. look around for about five minutes It didn't feel very good, so I hurried out of the woods. sit in the passenger's seat and look into the woods where no one is. I found a local man walking with a farming machine. "There's a local over there, sir. Where are we going at this hour?" "Yuh? There's no one here, sir. I didn't see it either." "Oh? Really? I've seen it. Did he miss it?" I came back to my hotel after I felt something wacky. I'm going to stay at the Sokaarai Resort. The outdoor villa was housed in a two-story solitary house. It was late, so I hurried to the bathroom to wash and get ready for bed. Something strange happened here, too. I was taking a shower and suddenly the shower started not to come out. I was washing myself with shampoo and soap, so let's finish it. I used a washbasin. If it hadn't come out of the sink, It was a really tiring day. The next morning. I talked to the chief about the water that didn't come out yesterday. I told the hotel staff about the situation. The hotel staff reacted suspiciously. "It can't be. Our hotel doesn't have one side because both the shower and the sink come out together." "That's right. Fortunately, the sink came out of the sink and I was able to wash it." Somehow, after I went to Angkor Wat at night, a day when a great variety of events happened The local people of Angkor Wat we met at that time, Who was it?

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  • What kind of platform should we take?


    It has used several platforms so far. on a rough list Naver Blog Naver Post Naver Polar Brunch Tystory Instagram YouTube Personal home page Steamt And now you're going to Publicito. And so on. A few months ago, we had about 2,500 followers. I deleted my brunch account. The travel time that I was posting on Naver Blog. Because I didn't feel the need to share it. And besides, I'm just getting a little footed. Platforms are also thinking about what to do. What's the problem? First of all, we don't have the exact goal of running the platform. There is no connection. For the platform to generate power, One platform has to be successful. Since then, the rest of the platforms have been running. It's bound to explode. Between a career and a hobbyist. They're both intertwined on a trip, so all the platforms... He is returning to the subject of travel. It takes a lot of energy to drag things together. There's no explosive platform on either side. I want to focus on one or two and rest a little. So what I chose was, I thought, a lot of people would do it. Personal home page Instagram Personal homepage is a combination of Google SEO and Add-Sense study. I'm trying to keep up with the trip. Instagram's use value is not stable, so it's not going to be easy. DB management cannot be done without. So why do we run the platform? One example is Steamt. It's delivering and generating revenue at the same time, and it's amazing. It's a fun platform with a strong heart. So even if you take a break for a while, People who come back because they miss you because of people. There were quite a few. Although I usually lack steamy communication, Even if you're staring, you're going to listen to people you've always seen. It is continuing In addition, Instagram and Naver Blog are going to be the most popular songs in the world. It's a popular social networking platform. Why can't we hang up? It's also a huge amount of energy and time. Recently, we've significantly reduced our focus on the platform. as I felt Focus on one or two first. It was that my mind was getting lighter. Someone's using it to do business. One enjoys everyday platforms as a hobby. What we have in common is that we need to clarify the priorities of the platform. I want to focus on one or two of them, and I want you to focus on a successful platform. I think I'm making it. I'm writing gossip. If you've read all this way, I believe everyone understands with the same mind. So the bottom line is, Which platform should we take?

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  • I want to surf Bali, but the water is scary.


    Preparing for a trip to Bali, my wife said she must surf. It was a convincing schedule. I can't skip surfing if I do it. Furthermore, the wife is also a surfer. I wanted to try surfing at least It may not be easy because I have a strong antipathy to water, but I was worried until the day before I arrived at Beach. And then I finally decided not to. in one's own defense If you use lenses, your eyes will get sore, and if you wear glasses, it is dangerous to surf, and if you take them off, your eyesight will be so bad that you can't do it because you can't see them. If I had prepared a pair of water glasses, I would have done it. Anyway, I was happy to see my wife surfing with excitement. In fact, there is a phobia about water. Perhaps this is the biggest reason, but if you look back on your memory, this is roughly how it is. When I was young, I went to a valley with my family and fell into the water once, but I couldn't reach my feet, so I had a dizzying experience. After the incident, there was a trauma to water, and when I was studying in the Philippines, I seem to have started to overcome my phobia. But for a moment, the fear of water grew again after a dangerous situation when I was snorkeling alone. It didn't seem to be easy to recover from this. The same goes for this Bali surfing. "How can we get along with the water?" It's been a while since I've been thinking about it, but it's been a while since I've written it. Is it my hidden heart that I have no intention of becoming close to water that suddenly has a habit of writing rather than swimming? Or is it really hard to write? Maybe it's both.

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  • Why do you keep buying books?


    The towers that buy books and pile up are getting higher and higher. But the reason why I live is because I was thinking about books that I didn't buy in the bookstore. It wasn't easy to save or think about later. Once you buy it, you'll read it someday. if there's a line in sight. Regardless of genre, I think books are worth spending. # Daily graph #Bookstagram #book #I'm going to read a page today #

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  • Crying ᅵSpain Tapas ᅵ Pan con Tomate]


    Hello! Today, I'll make a dish in Spain. Do you have some Spanish food that is good for light eating? Pan con tomate is one of the types of tapas. "Bread with tomato" in Spanish. It means! The material is light. It doesn't take long. a pan-cone-tomite Would you like to try it? ------------------------------------------ BGM: Spring by Ikson https://soundcloud.com/ikson Music generated by Audio Library https://youtu.be/5WPnrvEMIdo

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  • The usual trip this year.


    Your Year Where is your first destination? #Triple question #I don't know if I'll come around

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  • Balinese Yomsarasawa Tiesa


    Saras and Tiesa Temple. The wife and goddess of wisdom of Zhongbrahma, the third Hindu. He is a Hindu named after her. There is Starbucks right next to the temple, so it is more famous. #Tour Stagram #Balli #Saras and Tiesawon #Hindugyo #Travel Stagram #ubud #bali#sarswartitemple#temple #travelgram

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  • Let's make some coffee and Vietnamese coconut coffee.


    Hello! Today, Vietnamese Danang, Hoian, Hanoy, Ho Chi Minh, etc. It's a popular tourist attraction in most of the time. I've made coffee for the Concafé.+_+ Coconut coffee is the most famous. I made it myself, and it's really similar in taste, so I'm satisfied!! It was opened in Yeonnam-dong in Korea, but the line is huge... Make it simple when you have time! See also Recipe *Please add milk and coconut milk to your taste. (The more you like sweets, the more) *In Vietnamese coffee, add 1 to 1.5 spoon. *If you go on a trip to Vietnam, I recommend you buy coffee ingredients yourself at the Concafé. # Concafé #Vietnam # Da Nang #Corkonut Coffee _______________________ BGM: Spring by Ikson https://soundcloud.com/ikson Music generated by Audio Library https://youtu.be/5WPnrvEMIdo ------------------------------------------

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  • Let's make coffee and Vietnamese coffee.


    Hello! It's a pleasant Friday:) Today is the representative coffee of the trip to Vietnam. I've made a copy of 'Cafethair'. Dal-dal~ Even though you lost--Han attractive in taste It's Cafe Sour, which is a soft coffee. Shall we make it? #Vietnamese coffee #Cafets language #caphesuada

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  • Spanish ᅵ Western Europe's flower a trip around Spain


    Hello! Today, I will introduce you to the trip through video. The most favorite Europe I've ever been to. 'Spain':) I am Madrid in, Barcelona out. Madrid-Tolredo-Sevilla-Granada-Nerha-Barcellona I've worked out the schedule. All the journeys from Madrid to Nerha were buses and trains, And Barcelona got on a plane in Granada.+_+ The most impressive places were Nerha and Barcelona. These days, I miss Spain again because of Alhambra's memory. #spain #travel #barcellona #sevillea

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  • How to Buy Ratan Bag in Bali ᅵ Umbrella Market


    I didn't actually see many Koreans in Bali. The place where I met the most Korean travelers is the "Wowop Market." As the market is the most shopping place in the rain. All travelers are flocking here. It's the most popular product in the rainwater market, but it's the 'Latan' product. The round Ratan bag is especially popular with women. The price is very different. What I've really felt all day in the market, Even if we had a bargain, the cheap price was not good quality. If you want a really nice latan bag, I recommend a specialty latan shop in the road shop rather than a raincoat product. Of course, it's expensive, but it's guaranteed quality:)

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