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  • The Cryptassist coin


    The Cryptassist coin (CTA) will run on a blistering fast DAG algorithm and also have a deflationary model where CTA used for premium alerts and services are burned, meaning less CTA potentially increasing the value of the remaining CTA. #CryptAssist #CTA

    $sunkat . 2019.04.08 19:56

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  • CryptAssist


    #CryptAssist #CTA will build up its own completely authorized digital money spot trade to offer clients an unequaled exchanging background. This trade will offer a definitive easy to use stage to take into account both built up merchants

    $sunkat . 2019.04.06 20:29

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  • RebCab


    The goal of RedCab’s token sale is to convert our business model from a centralized app into a decentralized ecosystem that allows access to global reach and reduce expenses of transportation for users. #RedCab #ICO #RedCab_LLC

    $sunkat . 2019.04.04 20:19

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  • CryptAssist


    Within the #CryptAssist ecosystem will be an innovative cryptocurrency crowdfunding feature, Cryptstarter. This will allow users to raise funds for creative projects and backers can pay with cryptocurrencies without having to turn it into fiat first. #CTA

    $sunkat . 2019.04.01 21:03

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