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  • Let's blow it up.


    It's been a few years since the weather started to clear. I bought one of the cheapest kites in the stationery store and headed to my father's house. When my father saw the kite, he said, "What is this?" You looked around the yard, and you picked up the bamboo and the spear from somewhere. For a long time, he was only making his kite without a word. You've been doing this for hours. I don't know how long it'm He wandered around the yard for a long time. He brought some branches from somewhere, and he's been quiet for a long time. It's almost dinner. He said, "Please print out a picture of the kids in the kite." He keeps making it. It wasn't until the next day that my father's kite-making was finished. Made by a father with a child's face, Gaoyeon was made in the clear winter sky. It flew so far, so beautiful. Do you think there's still that kite and Earl? I can't take out the horse because I don't want you to look around the yard again. I can't see the kite in the picture.ᅮᅮ)

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  • I used to live in an alley.


    The way to the children's maternal grandmother's house. I thought of an alley where I used to run when I was a kid, so I secretly took a picture behind it. Just like the picture. When my friends told me to eat when the street lights were on, I went home one by one, and I was afraid I might gettin' in trouble. I can see myself. It's an alleyway that looks like it's everywhere.

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  • This winter, I'm going to try this.


    Ice igloo that I stumbled upon while surfing the Internet. Put water in the milk carton and freeze outside on a cold day. Just take out the ice and pile it up. "This winter is a challenge with igloo.' Fill up 300 milk cartons from all over the place. Make beautiful water by releasing red, green, blue, yellow and paint. Almost 30 days have been waiting for the cold weather to come. It's going to be really cold this winter, not at all. The ice won't freeze. I managed to melt all the ice before morning... Oh, I'm screwed.' I heard all the shouting, "I'm going to make the igloo for the kids." The laughter of the first child and the crying of the second child have already been heard.

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  • dirty wallpaper


    On the wall of my grandfather's house, the memory of my grandson and granddaughter remains. When I first drew the line and left my memories of growth, Don't tell me not to. The wallpaper is getting messy. I dried it up, and I left a lot of memories on it, and on top of it, I got my grandchild's handmaiden. It's even more messy now that the decoction is in. I was right. It's messy, too. I need to change the wallpaper for my father's house. Now I'll leave a good memory as a picture and change the wallpaper.

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  • a present for the daughter of a wife


    A gift made by a wife.

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  • Hanok Scenic Area


    In some of the amnesties of Tongdosa...

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  • a wind farm


    oars, wind

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  • sand game


    a touch of sand

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  • Starfish


    I'm going to try it out.~~^^

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