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  • a mother bird


    a mother bird I guess the mother with the baby is the same. One day on TV, an animal program about migratory birds. I watched the show. They lay their eggs on the sand by the water and hatch their babies. in one's bosom The hawk is out. All the birds in the water are in a state of chaos. He flew high in the sky, The mother bird can't leave the nest and is restless. I don't know what kind of courage I've got. I've been down flat, but... The fishing mother told the hawk... They don't get food. They don't get food. The Beadle died of dryness. I thought that... Mother... Isn't that name enough? When the child called me mom. the heavy language of the pronoun's call. Holy... in this world, I believe in you. I was born with a sense of responsibility. How can I disobey the call? at the moment called Dad... If there's a man who answers that call with gratitude, Answer me. I want to feel it. Oh, men have that feeling.

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  • flower bed spring


    a pin at the entrance to an apartment building The two tulips were in the air. The cherry blossoms around here are very bright. It's just... I can't think of anything. It's a stuffy day.

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  • At the festival...


    an occasional foreign street performance In familiar music, dark festival street It's fluttering.

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  • Light Donghwa Festival


    Pocheon-roo with my sister and my brothers. The place where I went on a trip. I have a video recording to upload it. From tomorrow evening, I will plan my trip for 3 nights and 3 days. I caught him, and now he's got a job for each one of us. I'm just getting bored because of my pato. I wanted to go on a trip before I couldn't use my legs.^^ I ordered a chicken and I'm on my way home from work. Waiting on the street. Have a good night.

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  • what spring gives


    click under the shade of a magnolia against the magnolia that our Ruby took. I have to go for another shot when it's in full bloom. I'll have to go pick up some chwinamul in the mountains or over the weekend. Something to taste when spring comes. I'm going to the mountains to steal. Aren't water parsley, httamul, and bracken yet? ^^ Just think about it. It's so cute.

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  • The mirror is looking at you.


    Have you ever thought about the world of mirrors? Children are often referred to as the mirror of their parents. But a mirror like that is actually a parent's child. It is not just the relationship between. It is the job of a close friend who is sincere and pretty. Friends are like everyone's suddenly, as anyone does... I want to hear a song.^^ - In the hope of Cinderella's happiness in her glass shoes. I got married with a wedding ring. After that, I visited my friend's house on the first day of my life. When I did it, I realized my dream. As I was single at the time, I was envious. I've won too. -The cooking is complete in the U.S.Yes. I'll prepare breakfast for a while and use it again.- [Sighs] - ] And I met a man and got married. About three years later, the phone rang late at night. My friend was crying out for my husband's husband. I decided to get a divorce in spite of my sorrow. That betrayal is the last thing we'll ever see. It was a prostitution case to do. I still have a hard time with my brother's husband. There's an incident, and why is the world only for men? Damage to the culture of favorable sex trade. The side effects of families splitting up are why social problems are so bad. It's a matter of whether it's working or not. I missed the point.ㅜㅜ The friend's misfortunes were then. So the divorce was put on hold, but there was a lot of talk about faith. The result of betrayal is a horrendous, increasingly divided. He went on a marriage spree. suffer from a medical condition in the same workplace. I'm getting more and more into the favor of a divorced man I found out about it. We hit the accident, we're known...My friend is calm. I got divorced and started a family again. But the marriage was not easy either. The problem with the man's children, the man who had them, It's hard to argue. Friend now regrets. I should've just put up with it. All right, well, he's the guy. This guy's got no choice but to go to karaoke. Helper, songy, coffee shop, massage. There's a lot of weird stuff out there, and if you've got a few bucks on your mind, all say that he is... You're not the man in the world. You're the man. Where is the woman you want to go? Still, I watch it on TV, Choi Soo Jong, Choi Min Soo.. If you see a wife with a husband, you'll see a country No, it's not the Earth, it's the people who want to save the universe. I'll leave you with a woman's Cinderella dream. That's what I want. Let's finish talking about the mirror. Whether you want it or not, just like you do. I do a mirror And with my boss, From relationships, many relationships in the world look at such mirrors. be connected to This is the conclusion that it is a death knell. This logic is that I've given you what I'm Give it to me, too. Give it to me. a matter of self-control on the part of a person I think Friend said. That's when you first cut your own wound. He looks at you, he hurts, he's in compassion, he's in love with you're If I had chosen forgiveness rather than being hostile, You're not who you are, are you? and... That's why I always emphasize that there's a God in the church and in the temple. I guess what the truth says is forgiveness. Forgive is not for others. He can heal from a wound that's bothering him. It's a medicine. With the eagle, I speak to the men in earnestness of the men, I want to. The price of impulsive behavior is your price. If you have the courage to trade for your family, do it. And a female comrade who was born in another castle on this land. I want to talk to the field. Sexual violence, prostitution. Legally or not, you'll be able to heal from those wounds. If it's not a matter of law, then forgiveness is the only thing. It can be cured with... It saves itself, and it's unfair, but it's a family. It's an effort to protect them, and we'll be able to bring them back. I can get that reward for love. I want you to cheer up. Remember... 'The mirror is always looking at you.'

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  • Chungju Dam downstream


    I can't go inside the dam.lol To see cherry blossoms in the lower reaches of the river.

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  • a falling spring


    I will be with my son in Chungju Dam for a while.

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  • a mother's lullaby


    May is coming. "Children, my baby, Good night, my dear. Don't bark. 'My baby wake up...' I was raised with two children, and I was very familiar with them when I was a child. While singing the lullaby, I patted the children and slept. When I think about it, a lot of years have When did this pass? I raised six daughters. My mother had four sons. But I lost everything. My oldest son was six years old when he was surprised by the war. The son who gave birth to two daughters died of a plague at the age of two, And the son who had just given birth to another child, he told his father, He went to his family because he was kicked out, but things don't work out. I went into an empty house, and I was alone in a room I never even had a bullfight. She gave birth to a baby and said she was frozen to death. And then the son who gave birth to two daughters. He died a little over a hundred days later, not knowing much about the disease. The tears of my father and mother are vivid in my memory. The last child I was born as a man was my younger brother. It happened when I was five years old. When you think about it, what a terrible fate? How much grief did you have when you lost a child one by one? I don't think it's something you've been absent-minded all your life? When my mother gave birth to me as a daughter. My father said that he cried while hitting the ground in his upper room. I gave birth to a daughter. It's the 19th of April in the lunar calendar. I was born in May. After a hundred days passed and my brother passed away. Also, the mother had two daughters. The son, however affectionately, goes to heaven. Daughters are big enough to let go. That mother cut me off my mother's arm. I remember singing a lullaby. And that lullaby you used to call my brothers to bed... Sometimes I miss the arms and the lullaby. Mother, I hope you are really happy in heaven, I wish you all the tears that flow now. Mother... I am always sorry and I love you.

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  • a relic of one's grandmother


    When I got married. There were in-laws and grandmothers in my in- Grandma's got white hair and she's got white hair. Small, round, double-carved eyes Cute with a round image as a whole. It was a woman. At that time, if you graduate from college, you will have to go to a construction company. I'm going to take you with me because I'm being fooled by the groom's lies. I go to a financial company and go to my parents Let me introduce myself and beg me to marry you. It was a perfect time to get married. And when you're newly married, you don't have a plan. My husband-in-law was worried when he got a baby. I don't think so. Every time I go to my in-laws' house, my grandmother takes out some ssamzig money, wait for me at the gate in my hand I used to squeeze. To know the deep, benevolent heart of love. Every time I received it, I was thankful and wet my eyes. Come to think of it, he was the youngest grandchild. She's so sick that she's married to her in-laws. Grandmother who was only able to go out a few times. I don't know if my son looks like that old lady. He's got motion sickness.That you can't steal a seed. It's true. You can't drive out before you die. You're going to have to get your hair done. You should have cut it, but I'm a little dexterous. The cute, clean hair that you left behind. Grandma. One day I saw a very old bottle of liquor in the mine. I asked my grandmother to take it with me because she was greedy. The old days when you took care of it, saying it must have been over a hundred years. a bottle of makgeolli You're in a flower while you're in the closet with the whole time. Take a picture and take a memory of your mother. Let go. Sometimes when you die, you're going to have some time. My dream grandmother. That long, dreamy tale of a dream is one of the best things to do next. I'll put it off. Grandma, I love you.

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  • Gostop Cultural Life


    Go-Stop When the children were young. I took a break from home for about four years. The ladies of the apartment get together during the day. One is a chatterbox, one is a goth. One group became a food making club and talked hard. It was a busy culture to make and eat on the go-stop. I have a second child, and I'm on a break. It was a cultural life that I couldn't enjoy when I was young. At last, I became 4 years old and went to the children's house. There was a moment to spare. When a member of the chat room was in need of a member, the candlestick, I've lost my game. Oh, shit! I heard it!! My lips were raised in the face, and I was a seasoned master. They pushed the light and scored a little. I'm gonna ask you three points...I'm just trying to get to the beginning. He said he didn't give me 80 bucks to see someone else's score. I got a lot of money... and lost 30,000 won at the 100 won mark My face is crushed and I'm in tears. The next day, I tried again.What's the end of the story? He flew away, and then he lost another time.ㅜㅜ I lost you so hard for a week. "Don't do that!"" He ignored me like this.ㅜㅜ And then you sit in the back, you look around, you eat. I've been playing a little bit, and I've been back at work. the bitter go-stop Wait!!

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  • a wild flower exhibition


    This is a picture taken at a wild flower exhibition. The last flower is my house in the middle of summer.

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  • Purble Spring Flower Festival...


    Flower Noodles I thought you had a flower on your mind.^^ Yeah, well, I'm gonna go out to the Bacchatte and I'm gonna work hard to get around. They turn around and sell their products. I stopped my car on the way, and I took a picture. I stopped my car on the way and went up and took a picture. This root? The azaleas, the blue ones...I don't know the rest. And I took a picture of you at the Wildflower Flower Festival. I'm going to upload pictures.^^

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  • a gem of a man


    It's the weekend, so I'm watching TV. I'm a natural person. watch a show The story of a student in his 60s, You'll hear it. a brook mingles in a creek. The wrong person who asked me to write a poem that I didn't want to write. I built a poem called "The Nest." "to take out the soft feathers of a bird." You have to endure pain to build a nest. He wrote a poem. I do it inside, right. That's how The pain that we have to keep from making and breaking. have a nest I felt the same way, thinking that but... asks the main character, Seungyoon. "But why hasn't your brother been married?" said the main character. "I met a girl at the age of 27 and loved her. But there was a lot of opposition at the lady's house. He's poor, so he's got a baby. We're breaking up. That's when I was so hurt. I grew up. I couldn't protect my child. Do you think people deserve to get married?out of guilt I didn't think about getting married." A lot of women and men meet and love each other people. You're gonna meet a child with that gift, but you're gonna have to do a lot of it. so much responsible for the new life. How many people are there? You're responsible for getting married and having children. People who are holding each other accountable for asking you to raise them. Inside he was like a jewel. He's been through his entire life, and he's been connected to her. a person who remembers, who lives in pain, and lives It was clearly a gem. It was enough jewels. And even though he wasn't born, Wasn't he a happy kid?

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  • birthday gift


    The other day, the bridegroom said that my mother... He told me to come and go together. My birthday is in May. The bridegroom's birthday is next week. Your mother's 300,000 won for the groom, or 300,000 won for the bridegroom. You gave me another 100,000 won, and my big sister-in-law... They said it was your birthday. I always feel like I'm not good enough, but I understand. Thank you so much for giving and taking care of me every year. And the youngest Olke who always does the dishes. Take care of her, big sister-in-law. Thank you. Eomoo~ Live long to be healthy.^^

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  • Do you have a flower party?


    Come to the flower party and attend. Do you have any significance in attending?♡ Press 꾹꾹 to turn it over.^^ There's a couple of longevity, huh?

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  • Traveling in an extramarital...


    Seagulls follow the ship. I've been working hard on my shrimp crackers, It's tempting.It's not easy to reach. He can't help picking up a fall into the sea.^^

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  • Skyrockery


    Someone's drawing. You'll draw God's permission, right? lol I drew a bold line and then I went. And then sneaking around and leaving.^^

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  • at the seashore


    On the voyage ... who was around the donghaeWas it a delusion? Memory is always a problem. ^^ One late fall day in 2016...

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  • poppy flower garden


    Every year, there is a festival in Eumseong, North Chungcheong Province. This is the picture I took at that time. I'm sure many of you had a hard time growing poppy flowers. So my eyes were strong. I went there last year and there were no flowers. It's empty~

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  • Spring...New start


    Spring brings the world back to life. It's another beginning season. Sometimes, our lives are in the same time and time again. If you give me time...with the wrong idea of That's why it's spring. Some day the water in the dry branches of winter is If it's rising, and it's slightly light-colored, It's turning into that budding figure. The blue season is coming back.

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  • Coin world


    I got to know Coin called Mineworld. Mining, like Bitcoin, run your computer hard. I thought you were doing it. I was told to run a mining app.ㅜㅜ It has also made inroads into Kakao Talk's room. And I'm having a lot of fun every day. It's better to be in a kakaotalk. There were many horses. But it became a window without a real manager. You can fight in a pub or...Cry... Looking at these disappearing tokens, I was lucky enough to mine. Someone who's got three bitcoins in it. The kakaotalk story is mind-blowing. When did our co-indeer treat the prophets? Do you have a chance to get it? Or I'd say I thought so. I don't know if we're gonna have to get it. Give us the miracle of a new day.

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  • a situation in which you are in danger


    119 Rescue Team A rescue worker eating cup noodles with a tired body. If you've seen him, you've lost your house key. Would you like to call to pick one? If you're the father of a lifeguard, If you're in a critical situation, Would you like to make a prank call? Yes, I shouldn't. But in the future, we'll only be able to save lives. I'm glad you don't start. I can't ask for a dog. Where should I go? I'm going to ask you on Naver.L It's called the Wildlife Conservation Society. It's also a matter of welfare for dogs. crying

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    Ocean Location Tracking Device App At the moment of emergency at sea, the call for help is called "Harrod."Last year's 243 Rescue Input 2019-01-27 11:00 The exact location of the drifting ship and the wrecked person's rescue request Coast Guard Transport In case of an emergency in the sea, emergency rescue requests can be made using the "Harrod" app. Last year alone, 243 people were rescued," said the National Maritime Institute. If there is a critical moment in the sea, remember the Harrod app. The National Oceanographic Information Service said as many as 243 people were rescued in 2018 using the marine safety app, "HaeRoad." Be sure to lay it on and prepare for the time you go out to sea.^^

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  • sky painting


    Sky Fig. 1 Whose work is the sky painting? Thank you for always giving me another painting. Anytime you want to... Oh, I can't believe I'm copying you... Wait a minute. The five children's journey to Gochang... We have only six sisters. I've been traveling with my husband since I got married. On this trip, I decided to go on our own. My brother wants to go to the groom's Why don't you take the best man and the kids? I've rebelled, but I've always been a baby trying to keep my skirt closed. I wanted to keep my husband off the hook. L I'm going to have to take my car to save on the cost of oil. (Company oil support) Last Sunday, October 2 at 8 a.m. the night before. I went down from Suwon and took my younger brother and third sister who slept at my house and went to Deoksan. I started to pick up my second sister. Riding the youngest Gyeong-ok living in Cheongju in West Chungju Except for my oldest sister in Busan, five people were in the Jungbu Line To Gyeongbu, we arrived at Seonun Temple by running on the Honam line. I went to Seonun Temple to see the temple. At Seokjeong Spa, a germanium hot spring in Gochang. I took a bath and made a reservation on the internet in advance I'm out looking for him. It was 5 p.m. when I visited the forest of the Pyeonaek tree to find the forest of the Yeongnyeongsan Mountain, which was built with the moor and cypress trees. As I climbed the mountain, the only thing that made me nervous was the narrowest way I could get past the cold. It was because there were no people on the mountaintop. Let's go over the hill, which we think is near the top of the mountain, by the time we're I saw a shabby house on the right. It's a pension. The building you see up the stairs is covered in trees, only the roof. It looked dull and abandoned. "Isn't it a lung?" said the first sister. I was embarrassed when I was in charge of the first time. "Well, what is it?" When I say it, my third sister says it again. "Where are you going to sleep here?" I'm so nervous at the moment that I have to pay for my stay. The thought of giving up 250,000 won and going down. As you listen, the sense of crisis and responsibility presses your shoulders, all of you. At the top of the stairs when I was trying to get back in the car. Some man appeared. "Are you the guests who made the reservation today?" We all looked up at him and answered. "Yes..." In a quick voice, I'm brave enough to give you a shot. I asked him to come up and go. Climbing up the stairs, I could see that my retirement was still avoided. My third sister asked me which room we'd in. While the man showed me the room, I gave him a quick look. Of the five houses that were built in a row, the first houses were built. There's a pretty woman's bag on the floor. I saw. But I couldn't see the women's shoes anywhere. When I searched on the Internet and made a reservation, it was definitely a female voice. I made a reservation with all the houses in advance. In the picture, in the snow scripture... under a fine view of the mountain It wasn't what it looked like. I asked him one question or another. "When I called, it was a woman.What about you? "Oh, I went to Australia on a trip." "I called you, too? You were a woman earlier." "Oh, he's my daughter..." "Then, your daughter is out." "No, he only picks up calls from Seoul." At that moment, I remembered that the phone number was my cell phone number. It's a nervous mind plus a thimble.L How's the room for the older members and younger brothers to look around and come back? When I asked, the room is clean and nice. We can't get away with the doubt, so we're looking at each other with When I can't do it and don't know what to do, the owner asks me to have a cup of tea. I was wondering if I could even stop him from coming in. Looking down at the dimming mountain, he said, "Runing down a narrow mountain path in Yusa City, Get off me. How are you doing?"I had this idea. I thought maybe we should just go after the hairstyle. It was a different atmosphere from what I had imagined. The older sisters went inside the room called Culture Space. The music began to come out when I was pounding. "Do you want me to play the image or the patty?"" The master orders. As we are getting older, let's see why. Patti Kim. Do you think you're going to fit that mood? Kim Jung-ho, a singer he liked, said, "Do you have any music?" A little chatty master keeps talking to himself. Still anxious, we watched the game. As a result, there is a mother-in-law who is currently out for a walk. The whole young couple is staying, and the nun's here. She said it was weird, and she took out her bag and luggage to get rid of her. He said it, and he was talking to a nun. He showed up. Take out the room.Marla... I'm going to drink coffee and listen to music, and I'm going to prepare dinner, so I'm going to go to my room. We can't get rid of the doubt that we have to stay. We decided to leave it alone and went into the room. "It's weird. If anything happens, we'll run away from here. I'm gonna go? I'm gonna scream at the dark mountain and see Shouldn't you just go down?" All the sisters and sisters are anxious and the same. He was talking. Anyway, it's warm in the fire, so it's warm. I'm feeling languid, and the physical approval that I'm supposed to be there, The crowd came with ease. I'll run away if I have to, so Chaki will never be in her pocket. Don't leave it out. The youngest's laughing. Second sister says. "If five girls are a little creepy, can't you get a man? Is that right?" And what the youngest is saying... "Who knows, call all over the place and make five..." We laughed loudly. the sound of human footsteps somewhere after seven o'clock. Same thing. Third sister asked me to go to eat. They're rushing to the Ur restaurant, and they're saying, "You know, if you take medicine on your rice, I'm thinking, "What can I do?" And the youngest's falling behind. "What if you're on the medicine? " I faltered back and made a move. "You don't? I shouldn't eat." Then I thought I'd turn around and see the atmosphere. Once we have dinner, we'll have all the guests. When I entered the dining room, two middle-aged ladies and gentlemen were out in front of the table. Sitting down, the young stepfather and the groom sat in front of him in a frenzy. The sight of it gives me a sigh of relief. I had a feeling.The last thing he said before he came into the restaurant, I've been drinking makgeolli for some time. "Hey, what did you say earlier, and you drank makgeolli and said it was delicious?" I even gave him a pin-jan. I wanted to eat makgeolli, but I can't. It's over. ᅲᅲ Then we had a meal, and we went back down the dark stairs, We came up with our luggage. You can wash and go to bed. It's a strange place. You can feel tired. I thought I'd stand guard if I did, but I thought I'd fall asleep. It was half past five when I woke up. After breakfast, we decided to go to a forest of cypress trees with a little rain. Right now, I'm telling you, I'm If I had gone there, I would have taken a much better walk.also If the weather were nice, I would have taken more walks in the forest path of the cypress trees. I feel sorry for doing Because it's the first time you've ever seen a cypress forest. The scent was so amazing. Every time I breathe, I'll breathe. The feeling that the scent is consumed and thrown out in the lungs. It was a wonderful and wonderful experience. It's raining more. We stop for a walk and come down the mountain and mudflats. I visited an experience center. Experience the Mandol Mudflat... It's not like any haenyeo in the West Sea. I wanted to dig some shells out of the mudflat.at last one's wish If I had gone on a trip with my husband at this point, We're gonna go, we're gonna make everyone uncomfortable and we're gonna fight. It would have brought the gears back. He doesn't like to travel.That doesn't suit me. It's the groom's bad luck whenever we get a chance on the side street. lol I wanted to dig some seashells out there, but... The reality is that you give me one of the smallest onion bags. Just hold it high.That's why I'm holding it like that. I came back from lunch. My younger brother Kyung-nam says. "I wouldn't be nervous if I had come with men.~~" I like it though. Man? You don't have to! That's how I got my hair done and remembrance. And after I came back, I was going to travel to the forest of the cypress trees. I'm planning on it, so I don't have that kind of travel destination. Rest! The hanok was good there, and the meal was good. If it's cheap, it's a cypress forest in the wilderness. It was so good.~~^^~~♡ I have to go again! It's~

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  • Gochang Travel Photography


    I used to use a travel agent.L Just the picture... I want to go back to the vacation.^^

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  • An angel made of a knife?


    There's a place called Coventry in England that's eight meters long. There's a statue. The image of an angel was made of a knife.Yes. It's ironic. An angel can feel the same wounds or pain as a hundred thousand swords. Is it a setting that you can be an angel with It's kind of creepy, and it's This is the foreign news of the story. But the police are confiscating this knife? What's going on? YouTube source https://youtube/nz1bgL9ZQ

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  • the garden poppy


    She's a poppy flower, but she's classified as a narcotic. It's a non-drug-free seed made from genetic modification. a poppy flower in flower This is a picture taken at a festival. Are you a poppy who has become the epitome of beauty? What did I do? LOL? I apologize for making you lose your appetite.ᅮᅮ;

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  • Haeundae jjimjilbang


    Last year's memory is constantly distorted. So, sometimes at work or with friends, There will be a rainy season.ㅜㅜ Don't fall into a trance. I took two older sisters and two younger brothers on a trip. Get her out of here. Get her in my car. Under my plan. It means he's gone on a trip.lol I have to sleep for 2 nights and 3 nights. First day, Haeundae Beach. The viewable jjimjilbang in the Moonlight Park. Look, I went in there for a low-cost ride. I woke up at dawn, and I thought I'd get to the top of the open-air When I went up, I saw a misty sea. I'm not sleeping. I'm hugging you while you. Maybe there's a diamond in the bag?L He's hanging around.^^ I'm planning a liquidation plan this year. I don't know if it's going to work.^^

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  • Going out on duty...flower


    I was out in town today for a lawyer's job. Next to the attorney general, in front of the florist's house, Let's feel the sitting spring for a moment. I stopped by the courthouse for a while and then I came back. The dog is half-blooded. Magnolias are wide. They were decorating the edge of the tree, and the cherry blossoms were also being seen as a bud. I've seen myself bloated I'm really flabbergasted. Why didn't I see it when I went in? If you're busy trying to digest my daily routine, There are so many days you can't see. I felt it all over again. So, there's a flower petal hovering in front of the garden. I looked into two bees and I was pacing around. He's back. It's always a thankful and happy day.^^

    $starway . 2019.03.28 20:19

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