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  • Fraud


    A few days ago, a foreigner spoke to me on Instagram. He talked a lot because he was gentle with his introduction. Not because I'm good at foreign languages, but because the translator is doing a big job these days, it was possible. He then talked about his poor environment and current difficulties and asked for help with his knowledge. I was trying to help out, thinking that maybe it's a bad environment and a plausible explanation. I finally found out what I wanted. He asked for my personal information. That's ridiculous. I'm upset that I look so stupid. It's a safe way to keep the gold from your hard work.Anyway, I knew it was a first-class fraud scenario, and I blocked it. I don't know if there are any Purblers to catch. I was so disappointed in the international community that I spent hours in hot water. It is ridiculous and bitter to have the trouble of asking a real estate agent who can speak English in order to help such an early fraud scenario. I think fraud is cruel. A lot of people are hacked, and they're not happy. a swindler who throws stones at a difficult situation. Let's not be beaten, let's not drink and let's not do it. How happy you would be to live with such a rich life.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.05.21 13:14

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  • Rota Island


    It feels like walking in a palace like a fantasy movie.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.05.11 22:56

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  • Blueberry Farm


    This is the farm that my brother in the country does. About half the 900 pyeong area is an open-air farm. This is a picture that you posted on Facebook to show off your fruit. Because of poor health, my father started to clean up the company he worked for to make his parents and rice paddies. During the winter months, I work in a factory and farm to support my parents and raise my children. You're living very hard. It means that farming is the main source of the world. This means that in a society where agriculture is the basis of national maintenance, people can live in a stable condition only when farming is done well. Is our country an agricultural country? The absolute farmland system is now an agricultural promotion area, so we changed the name nicely. The price of this land never goes up. I understand that it's a system that makes it impossible to give up a country's farmland for many reasons. I don't know how much it will help the country's livelihood. Seven years of no-interest loan support for agricultural machinery (a tractor that lasts seven years) will require a large amount of repairs from then. They say it's better to turn over the old tractor and buy a new one than to fix it. So, seven-year loans, seven-year farmers' payback, and then seven-year-old farmers' return to slavery. The content may be different from what I heard in my family or it may be caused by being unwise. Sometimes, there are young people who do farming very well and make money rich. A lot of rural people are going to make a terrible profit. I want you to retire at your father's convenience. How long will you be able to live a month? I asked you, I can buy it for a million won. You're answering. What do you think of this answer? And I felt sorry for you, because if you had to live with your wife for one million won a month, you could think about how you would live. It's a frustrating feeling in a life where you can't see the answer. I'll write it down without a word. I wish you a lotto have the economic power to make an allowance of 1 million won per month as soon as possible.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.05.05 19:15

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  • first love


    For me, pjuccoine is my first love. I keep thinking about it when it's easy to forget. When I remember, I was so angry with my painful memories, Good memories make you smile. I remember coming home after drinking. Let's forget. I thought you forgot. I'm just wondering if you're still up there. All Ji-eun, a friend of mine who is at the top of the show.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.29 01:53

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  • It's a lovely day.


    There are a lot of people who go out to eat. You go to a restaurant to eat. It looks like there are fewer people.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.28 12:52

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  • Father's rough, ugly hand.


    DEAR ABBY: My 73-year-old father had an operation on cerebral arterial blood at Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang a few days ago. As a result, I waited in the waiting room from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. with my heart pounding and nervously listening to the explanation of the possible bad prognosis before surgery. We've had amazing good results. Thank you to the doctor. Thank you. It is also vivid that he has struggled in the rice fields and fields all his life and suffered from soaring feed prices during the IMF period. Even after my retirement, I felt uncomfortable whenever I saw you live hard... It's probably common in rural areas. I wanted to do what I thought I wanted to do for my family and parents, so I became greedy to be rich. Will Ios make his dream come true? I'm a salary man, so Donner never thought about studying. I don't know how to do it. I think I should study from now on. When you're young, you're a rich man. Let's get paid, save money, and... That wasn't the right answer. I regret it. Everyone study and live a rich life rather than live a sincere life.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.25 13:53

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  • Tulip & flower grass


    I come to the country house to not be able to get a seat, finish my work, and take a picture of pretty flowers on the flower bed in front of my house. The flower soothes my bitter heart even though I hear that I have 2 million won left in a year of 900 pyeong of rice farming in the countryside.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.20 15:37

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  • a country nail


    It used to be a very difficult and long journey to work on nails, but these days it's very easy. The machine has become convenient. I remember my childhood friend studying because he doesn't want to farm. He finally escaped the farm.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.20 09:21

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  • Songdo Nightscape


    run around with a friend who runs a marathon So, this view goes to the gym, gets healthy, goes to night view, puts it on one stroke, three feet, and looks like a good personal fit trainer. ^^

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.17 13:45

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  • acrylic hamster house


    He's playing well in a big, high hamster house. Someone brought a guy who abandoned it in the separate storage area, and he's trying to play with us because he can't find it because of the small house. This is a big house that he bought for 150,000 won. Let me take a picture. I didn't know the video was uploaded on Instagram.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.15 01:55

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  • a warm view from the island


    The beach makes a wonderful view. Thank you for your friend from the island. the historical landscape

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.11 19:17

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  • It's not sunny.


    Just a few days ago, fine dusty skies, buildings, and urban scenery were gloomy, but the scenery looked so beautiful when I got home from work today. The light and the dark areas between clouds are distinct and very bright. I should have climbed the mountain on the same day today, but I think it's too bad. When I turned on the radio, I didn't know Eom Jung-hwa. I started to listen to bright music. I feel worse when I get off work. I'll pull up in the parking lot and sit up. Good job on the way home from work. ^^

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.10 18:27

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  • Cherry blossoms are finally in Incheon.


    It's full. It's too cold to go to the beach. I saw it blooming along the Han River Park in Seoul. I got full bloom in Incheon.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.09 22:04

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  • There's a dancing first-timer


    a third grader in elementary school who likes to dance I can't raise a baby in the middle.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.09 21:52

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  • Baekunsan Mountain is big on the best day in the weather.

    Health Care

    I'm going to do my best. The weather is so nice. I woke up in the morning and ate a bowl of Nurungji. Yeongjong also climbed Baekunsan Mountain. I can see it all the way out today. I can see the airport. Zoomed in, I thought I could see a Korean Air window pilot!(I've added a lot of lies. LOL It's going up in an hour, so I stopped by the Incheon Bridge Memorial Hall and watched the cars running on the bridge with a telescope. The boat went down below and walked two times. As I come out, I can see because I have a horse.I think it's a horse that might have been blown off at the racetrack, so I'll watch him jingle up. It's going to flow before we know it. All the time. Yujeong Jip ran to a noodle restaurant. wait in line when this place is a little late. When the material falls out, the door closes, so I put in an order just in time for the 11 o'clock opening. Today is a day when everything goes smoothly. I'm happy. I hope you have a better day today.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.02 14:15

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  • I'd like to take a look at media training.


    In the era of one-person broadcasting and media, I applied for education because I wanted to make a picture of my life. I like my senior video production class during the course. I think I'm going to fit in the eye level. I'd like to take great instructors and learn how to make great videos with my smartphone and put them up here. Dreams are big. way to go

    $ssamkisa . 2019.03.27 10:09

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  • Neutral buoyancy


    I closed my eyes and sat there for a few tens of minutes to adjust the height. I feel like I'm floating in the air. This year, he canceled his tour of the pinnacle due to surgery. It was a March flight, but I'm not in the mood to go out because it's an April operation. I'm going to spend the year hoping that my father's surgery will work out.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.03.25 11:42

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  • a dainty cat


    There's someone who reminds me of the past when I look at Ekerick. I should say that the image. Some days, I get lost in memory, just as I see him when I was young. I've been looking at Arry Arro's pictures lately, and I've been looking through the folder pictures because I've been reminded of him when he was young. How's he doing when he was a kid? I wonder if you're still so weird. Haha

    $ssamkisa . 2019.03.25 00:33

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  • Non-smoking

    Health Care

    I started to smoke again last year. I switched to electronic cigarette because I don't like the strong smell. The case was pretty and I liked it. Then I bought an electronic cigarette Hits Blue today and its got a picture on it. I do not like to smoke really after seeing the picture. I'm going to think about quitting again seriously after finishing the one I bought. I'm not sure if I'm going to smoke again or not though. Please quit smoking and be healthy. I do not like fine dust, and I smoke?? My behavior is not making sense really.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.03.22 13:23

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  • the sunset of Muuido


    I'm going to pick up a picture of the sunset. a small pleasure in taking pictures on the phone I don't think you've ever imagined this before. It's a long, healthy life that changes. I'm looking at an amazing world. Then... exercise. Walk and run today. 4 kilos. Gazoo!

    $ssamkisa . 2019.03.17 21:57

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  • Muui Do


    Muui visited Hanagae Beach. It's still chilly for a tent. Quite a few of you have dinner in your tent. There you are. I'm afraid it's too much to clean up after a tent. It's hard, so I'm just going to be on TV I had grilled fish and ate the chief. full and full It's really worth it for you to make it out of fresh. It's said that you ate well. especially rice It's really art. Now, I've got a new taste for rice. It makes the side dish taste better. Diet You didn't achieve it today. after dinner in heaven Let's take a look at the set of stairs. You like B-Bak. Everyone, please listen. When the bridge opens soon, people come to see it. You can't feel relaxed because it's crowded. Hurry up. I thought April was the opening day.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.03.16 22:59

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  • That's the boy you've been through.


    I've already become a middle school student. The years go by, I get old and ugly, and the children get prettier. We should take comfort.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.03.12 13:41

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  • He's always cute.


    I love you, dad. Good night. Dream of me. I don't know what you're talking about. You're the youngest, aren't. You're a good pranker, and you're like me, the youngest. It's like you're seeing me. Big boy, like the youngest, you need to express yourself to your dad? How much I'd like to thank you for your kindness. I feel it.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.03.11 01:51

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  • It's foggy. It's fine dust.


    You're afraid to go to work. When I was running Incheon Bridge I can't see the car in front of me. I turned on the air purifier and it was like a tank. I'm crying. It's too serious. If you live here, you'll be straight.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.03.03 08:41

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  • fifty meters of sight


    It's hard for a car to move on a day like this. The view is terrible because of the fine dust. The fog covered the sea. It's a hard day to walk.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.02.24 18:41

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  • Muui Do


    This is the house line of Hanagae Beach. It's a good day for Plyni Masilnio. They want me to fly with a houseline mantle as a bird.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.02.23 16:36

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  • Hanbok


    It's the first time I've ever thought that Hanbok.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.02.22 12:31

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  • Jeonju Hanok Village


    Honey tired of double-income and child rearing and children's I took a vacation and ran for a while. If I leave home, I will be in trouble, but today is fun.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.02.21 21:16

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  • Yellow Island in Taiwan


    Let's take a picture. It's cool.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.02.16 18:56

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  • Self-esteem


    It feels too late, but the way I chose to overcome past inconveniences is to read a book. It's been a long time since the self-respecting Iranian hid in the basement, as a result of being lazy and away from books. I think the breakthrough I've looked for in order to breathe comfortably is a book, so I'm going to grab a third book. I'd like to write down a little bit of a resolution to the goal of multiplying.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.02.16 16:34

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