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  • incurable revolutionary necrosis [book event]


    My father is very interested in his health. The reason is that I exercise, brush my teeth hard, and I am loyal to self-care, My grandmother died of cancer early at the age of 30. "Be a parent and live until your child is 40.I'm taking care of my own health with a creed. Last year, I suffered from dysplasia for more than two months. That's the book my father recommended around the time. I just got sick, so I worked hard to do what it says in the book, and I got a lot of help in getting well. And no matter how deep the disease is if you stick to the basics. Because our bodies have the power to heal themselves. I realized that I could do it with hope. When you're done reading, it's so good that you feel like you're "revolutionary!" So this book is recommended for healthy people. I recommend it to those who suffer from severe atopic dermatitis, cancer and incurable diseases of their species. If there's a patient around you, you can grind the juice out of this book. If you stop eating food (which is explained in books such as processed foods, fried foods, etc.) in this book, you will recover quickly. And if you're really in a hurry, I went to the Natural Dental Research Institute in this book, and I fasted for about three weeks, and I recovered. I'd like you to try it. I've been getting dizzy because of the diastolic disease. I've been asking you to go in here. It's sad to live three weeks apart from my two children. He's been working on the contents of the book in the lane. Well, I hope you all stay healthy.♡

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  • the reason why I study


    I've thought about the reason why I study origoma. At first, my family life was so hard that I thought it was going to break up. Lastly, I started because I wanted to talk to you. And I was so happy after I had a formal consultation with my teacher, Mr. Orasoma. And I'm not the only one who can help people who have difficulties like me. I wanted to be a counselor, so I studied Orasoma. A few years later, my family life is much more comfortable now than it was then. My economic conditions are much more stable than before. So I think I can relax my studies now? I've been feeling a little... I want to study sometimes and it costs a lot of money, so do I have to do this part?I thought, "Oh, my God. I am grateful and satisfied with the current situation. But after I first came to the counseling session, I realized that I was able to give you the satisfaction that you couldn't get. To become a counselor, I think I have to do more basic work in my mind and continue studying. Number one: I'm getting better, so let's be satisfied here. vs. 2: Let's go further and be a little more supportive for someone like me. The two minds are moving back and forth. The answer you've chosen now is number two. So, I will continue to study the aurasoma as long as conditions permit. Well, then, ladies and gentlemen, have a nice holiday again. Thank you.

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  • The recipe for your daughter [book event]


    written by Kong Ji-young I thought I bought the recipe for my daughter a while ago. It's been three years already. When I was having a hard time raising my husband and children, I wish someone would comfort me.' I bought this book thinking this way. Author Gong Ji-young actually gave her daughter advice as a senior in life. It's a simple and delicious recipe. "This is what my mom wants to say. You're precious. Never stop caring and caring for yourself." Emphasize on your daughter. I like all the recipes and content, but let me introduce you some of them. 3rd recipe: Love yourself, how do you do it? - An relieved steak that eats a day when it cuts off its pride. 18th Recipe: How to beat a hard time without dying or going crazy. - "Home wallowing" day while eating garaetteok. Twenty-one Recipe: You are the most beautiful today. - Soybean sprouts and soya bean sprouts that make the spring fragrant. Twenty-third recipe: a painful regret that didn't love more - Hot lettuce that gave birth to you and ate in Hong Kong. Twenty-sixth Recipe: The price you didn't want to know me. - Sometimes when you want someone to be here, it's fresh kimbap. There's a back. I was comforted and helped whenever I had a hard time with this book. I felt that my sister and mother supported me and encouraged me. So when my daughter grows up, I want to recommend this book.^-^ Then, all of you, have a good dinner and have a good time.♡

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  • 안녕..신용카드


    이젠 결단을 내려야 할 것 같았습니다. 벌써 신용카드가 네 개나 지갑에 있었어요!! 그 중에서 가장 이용금액이 큰 카드를 잘랐습니다. 평소에 물건을 많이 사진 않지만 작년 여름에 돈이 많이 쓰일 일이 있어서 카드를 많이 썼더니 카드빚이 아직도 많이 남아 있어서 꾸준히 갚고 있는 중입니다. 옷사는 돈 대신 이오스사고(올해 6월까지 결심한거) 용돈 아껴 PUB사고 짬짬이 카드빚 갚고...헉헉;; 허리띠를 졸라 맬때는 '내가 꼭 이래야만 하나..? 왜 나는 있는 걸 누리지 못하고 스스로 허리를 조를까..?' 이러다가도 카드잔액이 조금씩 줄어드는 것을 보면서 보람을 느낍니다. 물론 이오스나 PUB 갯수가 조금씩 올라가는 재미도 있어요..^^ 그럼 펍플님들 모두 부자되세요!!

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  • Think! You'll be rich.


    I bought this book around 2004. It is already 15 years old. I read it this morning, and I usually take it out of the bookshelf and read it. The title of this book is likely to be full of the contents of economic practice, It's the same book as the Bible. It's not just the economic aspect of wealth. a positive attitude, health, human relations, freedom, hope, faith, generosity, self-control, understanding, etc Introduce and I'm explaining how I can get it. in one's life When I lack self-control, when I lack love in my heart That's why I'm having a hard time on my own I'll take it out and read it out. It's a book that gets a lot of help. And now you're yellow because you're covered in yellow. It's a little off the edges. It's a book I want to recommend to someone I care about.☆ Then, ladies and gentlemen, have a happy time with a good book. ^-^

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  • [Spring Flower Event] I went to see flowers.^^


    This afternoon with my daughter. I went to see flowers. ^^ It's pretty and bright. I see lilac. I saw a lot of azaleas and flowers that I didn't know. If I walk a little from home, There was a nice place nearby. I've forgotten. I've had a change of mood thanks to the spring flower event. I take a lot of pictures with my kid. I finished the holiday happily. Some years, I only work in the spring. Sometimes I couldn't see the flowers properly. I was thinking about going to a park close to my house once or twice a year. I once bought it. I don't know what kind of fun I was.Working day and day, Ikee. I've lived to feel like I'm wasting my time just waiting for time to pass. Phew... I think that's a little overdue. They're older, they're a little bit more tactful, and they're less likely to tell you they don't care about you. enjoying nature in a long time. It was a self-assured evening for this period. Then have a good evening.♡

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  • spring greens bibimbap


    This is my favorite bibimbap. If you mix rice with stone sprouts and raw bean sprouts, it's very delicious. I eat a lot in spring. I make bibimbap with spring vegetables and eat it often. In other seasons, instead of spring greens, Chop chives or add sesame leaves, cabbages, or lettuce. First of all, I like it because it's delicious. Because I try to eat many fruits and vegetables for my health. I often eat it. Thanks to the event, I've been writing about food. ^-^ I wanted to introduce you to the diet I' I've got a great chance. Then, everyone, eat delicious food and cheer up this evening.♡

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  • climb a mountain


    I also went to the mountain yesterday afternoon.^^ I wanted to take a picture of myself, so I left a picture at the entrance. I tend to climb mountains once a month. A taxi driver said, "If you go hiking once, you'll get a month's worth of good energy for a person's life." From a few months ago, I used to go to the mountain near my house once a month. I've seen cherry blossoms and canines. I heard the water flowing through the valley. I've been working out I'm praying.And take a picture. I've done a lot. ^-^ Then, people, have a healthy and happy holiday.♡

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  • Replacing the sink...


    Last weekend, the water was leaking and in bad shape. I replaced the sink in my bathroom. I ordered a washbasin from the Internet, I have to install it. I'm asking the sink installation company. A grandfather is here. But you worked on it for about two hours on Saturday, He said he was coming back on Sunday morning because he thought the parts were bad. I've given you all the money. You've been working like this for three hours on Sunday morning. He returned the money to me because he couldn't install it. I gave him tens of thousands of won.I saw him sweat and suffer.ᅮ.ᅮ The second person to come, I don`t know why the washing machine, which is deep inside, is The guy who's setting it up needs to get his hands in. It's too deep to install." And my grandfather, who first came, said he would never have had any experience with such an all-in-one washbasin. Saturday, Sunday, when the first driver was busy working, I can't help you.I've been really upset. And what I'm doing right now is, I'm going to have to do it. It's hard and sometimes it's hard for people to get dirty. Let's not just complain. Let's work hard.I thought about this a lot. Thank you for all the first and second knights.♡

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  • <감사합니다> 한달 후기


    지난 달 부터 시작한 <감사합니다> 말하기는 하루에 500번씩 하고 있습니다. (물론 그냥 건너뛰는 날도 있었습니다;;) 지금까지 총 횟수를 더하니 16500번 <감사합니다> 를 했고 그동안 제가 받은 축복을 조금 떠올려 보았습니다. 1. 출퇴근 할때 택시를 타서 그동안 차비가 많이 들었는데 차비가 많이 절약되었습니다.(이번 달 30만원 정도) 2. 이번 달에 폰을 바꿀 때 14만원 정도 대리점에서 할인 받았습니다. 3. 덕분에 엘리베이터에서도 폰이 잘 터져서 살 것 같습니다. 4. 귤한박스를 아는 동생이 선물로 주었습니다. 5. 꽃다발도 선물로 받았습니다. 6. 아는 분들이 커피나 음료도 4잔 사주시고 식사도 3번이나 사주셨네요.. 7. 제가 올해 일한지 17년차인데 어려보여서 신입인줄 알았다는 칭찬(?)★---> 이 말이 참 격하게 좋았습니다. 8. 트레이너 선생님이 더치 커피 한병을 주셨습니다. 9. 지난 달 아이 학원비를 원장님의 배려로 15만원 정도 할인 받게 되었습니다. 10. 작년 여름에 목돈 쓸 일이 생겨서 카드값이 꽤 남아 있는데 그 중 200만원 정도 갚게 되었습니다. 11. 퍼블리토에서 땡스와 잉크, 응원들을 많이 받았습니다.(값을 매길 수 없을 만큼) 제가 읽은 책에서는 5만번 정도 하면 놀라운 일이 생긴다고 했으므로 계속 해보려고 합니다 ^--^ 쓰고 보니 저도 다른 분들께 더 베풀어야겠구나..싶네요 중간에 한번 공유하고 싶었어요 그럼 모든 모두 즐거운 휴일 보내세요♡

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  • 저도 운동이벤트 도전요~^^


    저는 헬스장 다닌지는 한달 조금 더 되었어요. 운동을 해서 가장 좋은 점은 근력이 좀 생겨서 물건을 들거나 무거운 문을 여닫을 때 부담이 적고 계단을 오를때 자신감이 생겨요 ^^ 몸무게가 줄거나 하진 않았어요.. (오히려 쪘죠;;) 아직 당분간 아기때 많이 굶은 제 내면의 아이를 충족시켜주는 중이라서 열심히 우유도 먹고, 고기랑 밥..갖가지 음식들을 많이 먹고 있거든요 대신 자세가 조금 더 바르게 유지되고 저녁에 일마치고도 생활할 때 힘이 있는 점이 좋네요 ^-^ 그럼 모두들 건강하게 생활하시고 즐거운 저녁 시간 보내세요~~☆

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  • 눈이 퉁퉁 붓도록 운 영화


    어제 밤에는 <나는 내일 어제의 너와 만난다> 라는 영화를 봤어요. 단순히 '시간이 서로 ○○한다' 이 내용만 알고 봤는데 정말 많이 울었습니다. 서로 상대를 생각해 주는 마음이 너무 아름다웠고.. 자신의 슬픔을 마음으로 간직한 채 티안나게 하려는 모습에서 더욱 슬펐습니다.. 그리고 제가 스무살 때 사귀었던 첫사랑과의 순수했던 만남이 떠올라 더욱 많이 울었네요 ㅠ.ㅠ (벌써 20년 전의 일...) " 나의 첫사랑 ○○님께 저에게 아름답고 순수했던 사랑의 추억을 남겨 주셔서 감사합니다♡ 때로는 ○○님을 못잊어 슬퍼할 때도 있었고 다른 사람에게 그 마음을 투사한 적도 있었습니다. 제가 그랬네요.. 스무살 시절 3년의 기간 동안 충분한 사랑을 주셨습니다. 그리고 저는 이제 제 생활로 돌아와 누군가에게 첫사랑을 투사하거나 막무가내로 사랑을 내어놓으라고 투정하지 않도록 노력하겠습니다. 고맙습니다♡ 사랑합니다."

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  • To go to England and finish the leadership process.


    The picture is the Aurassoma Academy in Tetford, a small town in England. It's called Dev Aura. I'd like to complete this year's Orasoma Leadership course here, so I write an order with my wish. **For the 14th and 17th June 2011 Orasoma Teacher Level1 courses* The total cost of each course, translation and transportation required to complete the leadership course has been deposited by May 14, 2019." "After completing the leadership course, I became more thoughtful, and the guests came to the counseling center more reassuringly." There are a lot of regular color therapy consultants like me in Korea. Since the leadership process is held in foreign countries, and costs are high, and there are many things to complete before then, the Orasoma Tissor has to be completed in Korea. Not many people are here. I wish I could go to England this June and finish my leadership course.♡

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  • the ultimate cause of conflict


    the ultimate cause of our marital conflict 1. 'Cause we're poor. Let's put up with this.' 2. 'My parents are divorced...You can't divorce me.Let's be patient.' 3. 'I have a weakness, too.Let's put up with this.' My three ideas were the biggest. Because of number one and number two. I don't care about your husband's unfair treatment. I endured a lot, and I was having a hard time alone. He's always saying everything. 12 years of marriage, you look like you've got a real disease. I've decided since last summer that I'll fix it right now. We're working on each other right now. I don't know how our lives are going to unfold, One-sided patience doesn't help each other's relationship. I decided to live by talking and expressing. I'm free from the issue of money. You're also free to see if your parents get divorced. I hope that you will have a sincere respect for all the different types of family.☆

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  • Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.


    I've been drinking it every evening after work these days.ᅲ Basically, I'd just like to take a break when I get home. Kids have a new semester, so they have a lot of information to hand out. In each species preparation...In my academy homework...I can't help but stay alert. I don't want to wear this massage on my shoulder. If you put a calf and a foot on the massage, I've been beaten up in the evening. It's much better. ^--^ Well, then, I hope you all have a good charge this evening. Cheer up!!

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  • I'm not buying clothes. I'm buying Ios.


    This year, I decided that I should save my pocket money instead of buying clothes and buy more Ios. I decided to do so at least until June. Every time I walk past my favorite clothing store in the neighborhood, You have to endure! You have to endure! I used to go by with patience. But my sister, who I know, got me a new dress, but it doesn't fit. You gave me two pretty spring dress. I gave her a cardigan, a cute miniskirt, and a trench coat. ^^ She also bought the clothes she bought at the department store a few days ago. I didn't know when I was living, but you said it made my heart a little tight. Would you like to try on a desperate coat for me? Since you did it, I got it right away. I liked this one, too. ^^ Ah~ I will be able to stay with these new clothes this spring. I’m tickled pink! Thank you, Mother, for your clothes.♡

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  • a glass of milk for an inner baby


    These days, when I was walking down the street, I had a feeling of depression. The gloomy energy that comes to your chest... Since last year, I've been working hard to clean up the inside, I worked with my teacher, Dr. Orasoma, what this meant. You told me that you'd never let me do it. You asked me if I had a bad breast when I was a baby. He said he should satisfy his inner child, who is so starved that he doesn't even have the strength to breast-feed. That's right. I've talked a little bit about what I used to say. I was born a few days ago, so my mom had to go to work. Someone at the owner's house will hear the baby cry and pass on the bottle. And when she leaves the bottle with milk powder, I've been alone all day in the air conditioner. Later, when my mother takes the milk back, I was doing it, and I just collected milk from my mouth and spilled it on my side and didn't eat well. It was because I didn't even have the strength to suck the breast milk.ᅲ Teacher's homework Drink plenty of milk often for a while until the inner starving baby is filled.♡> So I've been eating at intervals these days. The more I study, the more I feel like I'm the only one who can fill my wounded inner child. That way, the dark side of my personality, the gloomy side of my personality, will be Essentially, I think it will be better to lie down because I always have no energy. You're gonna find out about me a little bit like this. The unconscious children said, "I'm here! Now please know me..Please treat me.Fill me up!!" I'm glad to say that. Then today, I'm going to love myself. drink a glass of milk

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  • Gift for me: Exercise


    I started working out because I didn't feel well recently. I've been on a personal training program since 15 days ago, and it's hard every time I do it. "Oh, why do I have to go through a lot of trouble while I'm spending money? ᅲ.ᅲ" Sometimes I cry inside like this, As I work out, my foot checks get lighter. You're getting more fulfilling. ^^ What's changed in life is that it's easier to climb stairs and more powerful. The best thing I can hope for I'm not lying down in the middle of the night. I want to have fun with my kids and enjoy my life and fall asleep. I'll get a little slimmer by the bush. I wish I could wear whatever swimsuit I want to wear in the summer. ^--^ I'm going to work out steadily from now.♡

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  • the power of <Thank you>


    In the book I just read, There was a saying that if you say "thank you" 50,000 times, something amazing happens. I'm gonna do what it says in the book. I say "thank you" about 500 times a day. It will be filled in about 100 days, right? Dear Mr. Orasoma, I'm telling you what I'm doing. Every religion, every philosophy, every point of attainment, every point of principle. You said, <Thank you> Five letters. I'm starting to say "thank you" to a beginner like me. God's service, Buddha's service, is a "thank you" for everything that happens. <Thank you>: First and last hearts. My teacher told me that if I put this into practice, something grateful will be done before me. I've been working on it for over ten days.What's going on? Yesterday, there was an event that I almost couldn't go, and I was able to attend. I got five gifts, five gifts, and I got paid to get-togethers. ^--^ We'll continue to practice for the next 100 days. And I'll tell you what happened by then. Thank you!

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  • Gift for me: Jeju travel


    I went to Jeju Island yesterday.^^ It's a gift for me that I've been having a while. It's been a long time since I got on a plane. I was so scared when I took off and landed on the plane.;; We're at a place called Light Art Festa. The paintings of the lights were beautiful, and the place itself was made up of small, pretty forests, and I felt like there were forest spirits living there. Walking quietly and drinking the refreshing winter breeze. I could've blown away some of the housekeeper's. Eat, sleep, enjoy nature. I'm on a trip to Healing. The kids were a little older. If you want to go around, you can travel like this. He's sick because he's known a lot. Thank God for all these gifts.☆

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  • Uncompensated love?-Love me


    The reason why I was so hurt was because of the uncompensated love. In short, unrequited love. The idea that I didn't get as much as I gave. The targets are husbands, children, parents, friends, colleagues, neighbors.It's diverse. I want to be loved, but I can't be loved. It's upset, sulky, distressed and sad. I was working with the Orasoma counselor yesterday. It's a little clearer. The teacher gave me the homework you gave me because of <Uncompensated Love> He said, "Please love yourself more." Eat delicious food for yourself, exercise hard, and find work that pleases me. Homework is really good. ^--^ I saved Korean beef for my family while everyone was asleep tonight. I boiled it and ate it for myself. I find myself very satisfied, warm-hearted and more gentle. Yes, beef is love.♡ And when I wrote a story that was hard because of parenting or family, Some people said, "Love yourself and fill me up first." Thank you all for your support. Bartle 87: Recommend to those who are hurt by uncompensated love.

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  • It's my birthday.^^


    This is the cake that my father stopped by my house last night. My son called my grandfather. "Grandpa~ Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. Give me 10,000 won so I can buy a gift.~" It's like this.ᅲ My father gave me one hundred thousand won for cake and me. Thank you, Father.☆ I hated him every day just because he was on your side. Thank you. I'm going to eat a lot with my kids and kids tonight. ^--^

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  • The scenario of my life is happy ending.


    I've felt like the main character of a sad drama since I was young. I've been studying for the Orasoma counseling, I learned to purify the sorrows that were unconscious. We're still working on it. I read a book yesterday. There was a saying that it was you who decided your life. If you create your own life scenario, that's what happens. So... the scenario in my life... Solmi`s life itself is a happy ending. The genre is a romantic comedy. I've had a dramatic experience to taste the mid-level excitement and thrill. You don't have to worry about doing it. The result is fixed, so you can enjoy it to your heart's content. There were hardships in my childhood, but I grew up solid based on them. One day Solmi decides to follow her inner voice. And I learned how to send an order into space. After that, Solmi's life improved greatly, repaying all her debts, grabbing her happiness, and fighting her life for the better. succeeded in making " I've used it like this. It's kind of childish and explicit, but I like it. ^^ So I'll live my life as a scenario. And I'm going to share it with my fun and my friend, Publicito.♡

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  • a line of presents


    I get a lot of energy from the comments every time. I'm grateful that I've been studying the color of the aurasoma, I'd like to give you a line of presents. Can you see the Bartle in the picture? Take a good look and pick the most visible one. I'll give you a feature of that collar. ^^ The third line from above, the fifth from the left. You can write it like this. **The most accurate choice is the natural light.^^

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  • a hateful person-my mirror


    There's someone who breaks my heart. He used to be a father-in-law who used to lecture me on everything, and recently he was two years younger than me. a junior who yells at me and is irritated. "I can't concentrate right now because of Solmi!" I just went to help, but... You look like you've got a lot of work to do, so I just went to do something else. I felt bad because I was annoyed. What teacher Orasoma always says. He's just a mirror that reflects you, so take a good look at your mind.> 'Have I ever done something similar to mine? When did I do that?' Think about it. Looking back, the answer is getting more and better. 1. My kids were annoyed when they talked to me. Especially when you'm working. 2. Father, I was bothered when your mother called me for a long time. 3. It was annoying when someone talked to me while I was resting. 4. Older seniors told me to do this and that. I wanted to run away. It's been a bitter experience for a few days, And I took a look at myself, and I digested them. I don't even want to question him who's going to work elsewhere. I just wanted to thank you for playing the role of mirror and to say that if I go somewhere else, I should do my best and get along. In the meantime The one who told me that I didn't care about anyone else, and I thought about what happened a few months ago. When I apologize for the past, I said, 'Do you get rid of stress while you apologize alone?' And then the junior who said he had no end to himself. "Hey...Junior!! Thank you so much for helping us while we were working together and for being with us when we were in trouble! I'm sorry, though. Good-bye!!!" He acted as a big mirror to me even though I hated him a lot. Thank you. **Photo's Bartle No. 47: Recommended for those who are under internal strain or under some authority. Consultation: 0195498256@hanmail.net

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  • My child? My child!


    Not long ago, there was a lot of abuse about what kids were doing. Of course, I used to swear to myself. I've never had such a bad time. When the kids were in their prime...I was two, three, four. These days, I wondered what it meant to be cursed again. I started looking for clues with the help of my teacher, Mr. Orasoma. It was resentment and abuse against her husband at the time. At the height of our children, we were a weekend couple. DEAR ABBY: I have been living with my children for several years after finishing my honeymoon. When they woke up and saw me go out, they cried a lot not to go. Every morning I went to work, starving myself to death in my clothes. But he couldn't afford to pay for his living. At first, it's because there's less money. And when things get a little better later, we need to save that money and set the stage for our own business. I didn't get the right economic reward... I went to work every morning, resenting my husband. It was the hardest time of my life. 'As soon as we get out of this tunnel...If I can stand this...Will you be all right? I've been thinking about it every day, and I've been through it. In the morning, I come back to work and I knock the calculator in my head. I resent my husband. You ask your mom to set you up for dinner, and I can't afford to eat. I often starve, lying that I ate dinner outside every day. That's why I can't help it. If you're lying down, the kids play, get on the boat, run around. Pull my hair, bite my flesh.ᅲ) He forced me to get up and...If you're crouching under the covers, you're banging on your feet...I've lived so much in violation of my freedom. I will eat delicious food and tea for a while.I'll treat you to me who was always hungry and powerless at that time. And I've had a lot of grudges on my husband. She hugs me because I had a hard time raising her alone. And you think I'm going to give you a prince and a princess. He asked me to really think about it as <My Child>. I know. I didn't. Always the "Kwon family" kids.There was a lot of "your bloodline" rituals." If only I had thought of my child, I would have been self-indulgent about raising children. I was the one who raised your family, your bloodline, your children. I did it myself... So there's a lot of resentment... I want you to take a good look at this. Let's think more about the meaning of our child.

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  • a mental arrangement


    warm-hearted Red and Yellow. I find my way, my calling. As soon as I get what I'm given. I promise to live by following. So, if you ground it well on this land, I'm sure there's a gift coming with me. Let's shout fighting again today!! Last summer, fall...My confused hearts till winter has passed We're getting a little organized. It's so fortunate. There's still something left in my heart, I don't expect it to be all right in the morning. I'm looking into my feelings, harboring them, and saving them. Until the charcoal in my heart becomes a sure ash. Let's hope you're on fire!☆

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  • anger, parenting


    Yesterday, I was with my second child all day. But I was so angry that I couldn't stand it. I called my counselor and asked her. "Teacher...I hate the princess (second child) since yesterday evening.I think I'm going to hit you.If you ask me to do this, I need you to doI need you to take me here again.I want to go there again.Keep doing this. What should I do? " The teacher smiled and said, "Oh, when did I do that? Think about it.~~" You said it. And I'm going to do that moment. When I was six or seven years old, I remembered that I was whining to my mom and hanging on. And when I was in elementary school, middle school, and high school, I remembered my life when I sang fists and hawks. When my parents raised me, they trusted me, watched me, and endured me.ᅲ.ᅲ So I can't stop complaining about my child for a little bit. I read my previous diary again. It's a tough parenting, but I'll make a new resolution. ----------------------------------------------------- *Daily, August 20, 2018* #104 Bartle I started to apply today. Magenta curler was a prickly color when chosen. I think I'm telling my children that I'm not doing so well, because I'm coming to tell them to give up small, trivial love in everyday life. And I think he's saying that I didn't get that kind of love. But this Bartle that I started applying today... It seems like you're telling me you'll give me more of a little little love. That's why I feel like I'm going to fill up after applying more! Thank you. Yep. --------------------------------------------------------- *Daily, November 15, 2018* Today, when the princess (second child) spilt the side dish, Why are you so angry? My mother was so nervous that the princess wiped the side dishes on my face. Princess, I'm sorry...In fact, my mom spilled a lot more soup than you did when she was young. You spill water, you break the cup...It wasn't a joke. My princess is doing a lot better than my mom. I'm sorry my mom yelled at me. In the summer, I used this magenta-colored bartle to make up my mind and write. I've looked it up again. To feel small, trivial love in everyday life. I'm gonna try to clean up the inside a little bit more.

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  • precious alone time


    I love my time alone. I had my first child about 10 years ago, so I haven't had much time alone since then. Yesterday, I was confused in my head. At about 10:00 p.m., I told the kids. "Mom, I'll be at McDonald's for an hour." Then I went to a nearby McDonald's. The night in Seoul is so colorful There were a lot of cars and a lot of people. I'm like, "You're here 24 hours, aren't you?" Open your notebook and organize your thoughts in your head. I've done my best. I ordered a caramel macchiato and an apple pie. Compared to all the high-end food photos in Publicito, It's too simple. This menu was so delicious and I liked it even better because it was a time of my own. I've been thinking about this and that since 10:00, putting it in my notebook, and...People look around. But at 10:30, they called their dad, We started to talk about what we had in the morning. I don't know why we got into a fight. I was organizing my thoughts, but we had a chance to talk to each other. So we talked for a while and went back to the kids at 11 o'clock. I didn't have the whole hour, but I was alone.It was good. I was relieved because their dad took a moment to drive us around 11 p.m. and show us around Seoul. I couldn't go around much at night, but Seoul was really lively at night. It was amazing to stay late on the bus, too. I'm going to have to come and see it often.^^

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  • Dear Solmi (Reply)


    As I said before, the most regrettable thing in my life so far is that I have been mired in various games and haven't spent much time with you. Thank you for telling me good memories except bad ones. It's okay to talk about bad memories, so you can make atonement. It is also regrettable that Sol-sol (my sister) did not care about her high school life. Sol Sol seems to have neglected her grades because she thought of ○○ University easily. I used to believe that Solmi did the same because she did the right thing herself. Mindfulness was the problem. Solmi thought it might not be easy, and Solo thought it easy. Sol Sol Sol's work is good now, but I'm worried that her sleeping time is irregular and will have a bad effect on her health. Thank you very much for your beautiful body and mind. Thank you for watching Chairman Lee Moon-hyun's YouTube. I thought about it. Animal food and human food. Animals feed as their parents teach them. But humans eat at will because they are thinking animals. As a result, some people drink their food to fit the human body, and many others do not. So, what choice is right? The animal closest to humans is orangutans. I recognized the food of orangutans. It was a wooden broom. Therefore, the food that humans should eat should be plants. Orangutans, deer are unlikely to catch what we call adult diseases. Because I eat it raw. Do not feed meat or milk for fear of the prince and princess' height. Plants also have the protein they need. If you're still worried, feed on silk amino acids. The reason you shouldn't eat meat is because if you eat toxins and meat from the digestive process, the blood becomes acidic. This is because calcium is taken from bones or muscles to neutralize the body. That's why I have osteoporosis and a sore shoulder. If possible, eat regularly and don't eat snacks and never. Maintain a minimum of 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, if possible, for 14 hours. Night time is the time for the liver to heal our bodies. Talk to your mom and never eat fried or boiled food. Don't eat dried seaweed and dried seaweed. All minerals and vitamins, such as calcium (heated and destroyed or artificial), have turned to stone (stone ash). Enter the body and block the bloodline. Of course, it is a very important content that everyone should know. However, it is the pressure of doctors that scholars cannot tell the truth. Because then there is no reason for their existence. I love you all more than my body. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **My dad recommends birth control to us. It's a subjective view. **Photo's Bartle No. 2: Recommended for those who have a difficult relationship or difficulty communicating with their father. Consultation: 0195498256@hanmail.net

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