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  • the touch of a bowl of rice soup


    While we were eating at a restaurant, he ordered a bowl of sundae soup because of his shabby clothes. He rushed out of the restaurant, probably realizing that he didn't have enough money to search his pockets. This is what the master told her, and she's talking to the old man who ran out of the next out of the kitchen. "It's bad to say you don't have enough money after eating, but it's not bad to ask for a bowl of rice because you're hungry." And you're crying next to me and eating sundae soup. -18-08. Jan. 29. a well-known sundae soup house in front of Mangwolsa Station.

    $sismaru . 2019.04.25 16:12

    11 thanks . 1,389.8530 PUB

  • Free distribution by Ubisoft


    Ubisoft yesterday distributed AssassinCreed:Unity for free. My friends were carrying the link and they said, "I did this for free." And they liked it. Why did you suddenly solve it for free? I did a little search. ----------------------------------------------------------- French game company Ubisoft will donate 500,000 euros (about 640 million won) to restore Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which was destroyed by a fire. a rough sketch of ... "We want to give everyone a chance to experience the beauty of Notre Dame Cathedral," Ubisoft said. "We're offering Assassin Creed: Unity" for a week. ------------------------------------------------------------ An article called is caught in a search. Enjoy that beautiful building in the game I made. It seems to be an act for short-term advertising, but you can also feel a lot of love for your work in that act. Related links: https://store.ubi.com/uk/assassin-s-creed--unity/56c4947a88a7e300458b45d6.html?ncid=22-4673--1-intlnk-36-Store_Gamesite_AC_Unity_0802--1--0217-4----ACC_WC___Storesite_AC_Unity_0802_ID425

    $sismaru . 2019.04.19 10:47

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  • I went to Paris for my honeymoon.


    Notre Dame de Paris The first time I visited Paris for my honeymoon seven years ago, the summer of seven years ago. I've never been to a foreign country before, but I've been to Paris for the first time. The whole city felt like a cultural heritage, and was deeply impressed by their lifestyle of protecting the old. In front of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the tourist destination, my wife and I made a promise, "Let's come again later if we can afford it." There is no more that Notre Dame Cathedral in our memory. I'm left with the shocking news that I received in the fifth anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster.

    $sismaru . 2019.04.16 14:09

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  • Let's make coffee!


    So-yul made coffee for her tired mom and dad. My dad helped me because it was dangerous when I put hot water in. Subscribe to ★formativy★ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCiO... ★ Playing hide-and-seek with Tiny'sos어https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp81yiW1H9s Chef Solyul for younger brother rice.be/mJf8Zpn9WEo

    $sismaru . 2019.04.13 11:29

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  • without a moment of pleasure


    The cherry blossoms are falling out because of the rain and wind.crying

    $sismaru . 2019.04.10 11:54

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  • Jamsil Naru Station, Seoul Book Library


    The Seoul Metropolitan Government gathered a used bookstore and went to Seoul Book Report. The location is located right next to Jamsil Naru Station. The weather was nice and the wind was cool, so I came out like a picnic, but the children were having a hard time because there were so many people. I bought four clean books for 8000 won, so I feel good:)

    $sismaru . 2019.04.08 10:46

    9 thanks . 162.1036 PUB

  • Thank you for your hard work, firefighters.


    There's a big wound. You're heroes. Thank you.

    $sismaru . 2019.04.06 19:08

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  • John Holcroft, master of modern society satirical illustration


    His illustrators who hit the bones grow bitter smiles when they see Although we have dealt with various social issues, this plastic fish illustration makes even bitter laughter disappear. --------------------------- Source John Holcroft Illustrator About halfway through http://www.johnholcroft.com/?project=uncommissioned-editorial-work

    $sismaru . 2019.04.05 15:08

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  • Sillim-dong Dungae Fusion Potcha


    Cream tteokbokki is really JMT! A drug that gently melts iron wine! I keep reminding myself that the spicy cream sauce is really delicious...

    $sismaru . 2019.04.03 18:01

    7 thanks . 198.1768 PUB

  • Hide-and-seek with Tinyi-Sore


    The Tiny Sears hid here and there in Soyul's playroom while she was away from him! I started playing hide-and-seek. What's the danger? Let's see what happened. Yup! Subscribe to ★formativy★ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCiO3ahCmWYFTt5bGOGOq6A?sub_confirmation=1 Chef Solyul for younger brother rice.be/mJf8Zpn9WEo So-yul went to the roller rink.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tbz9zrn_sU

    $sismaru . 2019.03.31 14:47

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  • 2018 국제 드론 사진 공모전 수상작


    일부의 소유에서 대중에게로, 기술의 발전은 필연적으로 예술의 발전을 만든다. 2018 국제 드론 사진 공모전 수상작

    $sismaru . 2019.03.29 12:45

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  • A thought-provoking advertisement


    The bus station in front of the house was put up with this advertisement. An ad with an image of head seems very rough edge and a copy of 'what your name is'. I don't know what this ad really means. Is that me who are not aware of the trend or this ad isn't properly made? I'm confused.

    $sismaru . 2019.03.28 15:07

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  • Making Sinbia Part's Mystery and Geumbi with Toyukuki


    So-ryul, who started making cookies, But I made something fun out of a lamb's SoYul, I invited ShinB and KeumB, who you love so much, and we ate cookies together Gumbi and SinB really like cookies.~~ What's the reason? Subscribe to ★formativy★ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCiO3ahCmWYFTt5bGOGOq6A?sub_confirmation=1 So-yul went to the roller rink.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tbz9zrn_sU ★LOL Surprise Bling Series★https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTWsqagvlw4 4 LOL Surprise Screens ★ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbsDO4dS9o0 Chef Solyul for younger brother rice.be/mJf8Zpn9WEo

    $sismaru . 2019.03.27 08:54

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  • Strava failure

    Health Care

    It's been a few days since the Strabas broke down, and I've been using it all along without knowing that. As the weather gets warmer, I feel more and more people on the bike path of the Han River, so I like my ride.

    $sismaru . 2019.03.26 12:47

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  • a waste of space


    In 10 days, I looked at the sky as wide as a needlehole as the best eye in the world, and I saw more than 3,000 galaxies. Each had hundreds of millions to tens of billions of stars. "With us in this vast universe, God is wasting a lot of space."

    $sismaru . 2019.03.21 12:10

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  • Pawel kuczynski


    사회 풍자 일러스트로 유명한 Pawel kuczynski의 DINNER 라는 작품 식용 도축되는 동물들과 애완 고양이의 차이는 뭘까, 출처 https://www.pictorem.com/2087/Dinner.html

    $sismaru . 2019.03.19 18:57

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  • [폼폼티비-소율이] 동생 밥해주는 요리사 소율이


    소율이 동생 찬율이가 배고프다고 징징징징 거려서 소율이가 직접 요리를 만들어줬어요! 밥도 하고 생선도 굽고 야채국도 만들었어요 밥이 되는동안 춤도 췄답니다 ㅎㅎ 너무 맛있게 만든 밥을 냠냠냠 ★폼폼티비 구독하기★ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCiO3ahCmWYFTt5bGOGOq6A?sub_confirmation=1 ★롤러장에 놀러간 소율이 ★https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tbz9zrn_sU ★LOL서프라이즈 블링시리즈 ★https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTWsqagvlw4 ★LOL서프라이즈 4개 까기 ★ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbSDO4dS9o0

    $sismaru . 2019.03.18 17:14

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  • E-mart Traders Chicken Garage Skewers


    Crying rain. E-mart Traders. Chicken egg skewers. 14 words in a bag, 16,000 won, and that's what I found in the picture. I ate 5 skewers. If you mix mayonnaise and sririca sauce properly and take a picture, it'll be a disaster. I like mayonnaise so much that it's just a little bittersweet. Good

    $sismaru . 2019.03.14 15:47

    5 thanks . 57.4254 PUB

  • For the first time, I rode roller skates.


    So-yul was the first to ride roller skates. At first, I fell and was scared, so I couldn't even go forward. I wanted to ride it well with you guys riding so good at it! Subscribe to ★formativy★ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCiO3ahCmWYFTt5bGOGOq6A?sub_confirmation=1 ★LOL Surprise Bling Series★https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTWsqagvlw4 4 LOL Surprise Screens ★ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbsDO4dS9o0

    $sismaru . 2019.03.13 11:04

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  • a four-year-old psychological test


    She had a psychological test for her daughter, who is 4 years old. It was a mission to draw a tree person in the house for a given time, so I drew it like this. My teacher says it's very good, but it's only one person! I asked her why she drew only one person, and she didn't have time. Haha

    $sismaru . 2019.03.12 17:20

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  • Operation Berry Rescue


    I watched a musical called Operation Bravo Kids' Berry Rescue and I felt like I went to an OST concert rather than a musical. The children were so fond of it:)

    $sismaru . 2019.03.11 17:34

    6 thanks . 19.0672 PUB

  • a mysterious drink


    I bought two flavors of chocolate milk and red tea tree juice. Chocolate milk was very strong and red wine tasted good because it was delicious. A little expensive, but forgave for being cute

    $sismaru . 2019.03.10 11:01

    9 thanks . 109.9684 PUB

  • Congratulations on your listing.


    Congratulations on your listing on the Publicito Coinvene Exchange. I hope we'll be listed in many places in the future, and we'll see more users:) Let's go, Purpleto! --------------------------- [PUBLYTO NEW Listed Notice] Publisho is listed on the CoinBene exchange. Based in Singapore, CoinVenet is the fifth largest exchange in terms of total trading volume as of the 8th day of Coin Market cap. It will be the first step toward the overall market and the bridgehead for a grand leap forward. 1. Open time to deposit PUB/USDT: 12:00 03 /08 /2019 (GMT+9) 2. PUB/USDT Transactionable Open Time: 12:00 03 /08 /2019 (GMT+9) 3. Open time for PUB/USDT withdrawal: 12:00 03 /08 /2019 (GMT+9)

    $sismaru . 2019.03.08 14:06

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  • EOS-Based Games - Unlimited Tower


    The EOS blockchain-based game called Unlimited Tower, which is being developed by Itham Games, I'm looking forward to the road map of the mobile version Grand Open in July after opening early access in May. I am making a reservation in advance, but I have to pay 1 EOS to participate in a reservation in advance, and if I participate in a reservation in advance, I can get a panda character. Unlimited Tower Page Link https://www.unlimitedtower.com

    $sismaru . 2019.03.07 17:40

    3 thanks . 38.2812 PUB

  • Idiya North Korea Strength


    There's a unique kid zone here, and unlike any other kid cafe, it's just a cafe. The use of KidZone is free, so if you go out for a cup of coffee and let the kids play in the KidZone, you just get a price for coffee.

    $sismaru . 2019.03.05 10:36

    6 thanks . 108.5805 PUB

  • LOLSurprise Bling Series


    It's Soyul's favorite LOL Surprise. Take the LOLSurprise Bling Series this time! The same thing came out last time. What happened this time? Do you think it's rare? Subscribe to ★formativy★ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCiO3ahCmWYFTt5bGOGOq6A?sub_confirmation=1 4 LOL Surprise Screens ★ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbsDO4dS9o0

    $sismaru . 2019.03.02 10:44

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  • Good-bye. Good-bye.


    "I would rather defend my country's glory than live a hundred years. Good night, good night."

    $sismaru . 2019.03.01 11:26

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  • It's a holiday.


    Have a nice glass of cold beer Have a leisurely holiday.

    $sismaru . 2019.02.28 16:19

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  • Paju Rosteri Cafe 'Dvalon'


    Devalon Cafe in Paju There is a large garden and you can have a cup of coffee in the garden, but it is still chilly and has been drinking indoors since it is not blue. The coffee was delicious and the cookies were fine:)

    $sismaru . 2019.02.26 12:37

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