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  • It's a blank bag.


    When the kids moved to the table for dinner, Ari took the empty bag. You're sleeping comfortably on a blank slate. But the way you sleep... is it a cat? Haha #Ear #Rackstone

    $silverknight . 2019.05.20 18:19

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  • [EOS] eosq Introducing the new extension.


    Hello, this is @knight4sky, $silverknight. There are already many EOS block extensions such as blokes, eosflare, eospark, etc. But I can ask you what kind of extension do you want to talk about? I'm going to tell you about this extension because it has other features. The feature is...... searchable by adding specific conditions during search The grammar of use comes from pressing the question mark. Photo 2 Photo 3 Of course, you can search only for certain tokens on other extensions, but it's hard to see them quickly and comfortably. For example, if you want to see a record of Publicto tokens moving from CoinVenet to Chains, you can search as follows: "account:publictoken11 data.from:coinbenedepo data.to:chainceoneos" Photo 4 This is my record of buying a Dice token from Newdex. Photo 5 eosq is good when looking for something because it allows you to extract only the desired results by giving you the conditions. You know, sometimes I'm curious. It's EOSCANADA. How are you doing? Photo 6 If you'd like to find some data, but it's hard

    $silverknight . 2019.05.17 13:12

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  • 집으로 가는 길...


    작은 개천따라 집까지 이어진 산책로를 따라 집으로 갑니다. 흙과 자갈이 깔려 있을때는 도로 쪽 길을 주로 이용했는데... 보도블록이 깔린 이후는 이 길을 애용 하네요. 느긋하게 걷기 좋은 길 입니다.

    $silverknight . 2019.05.14 23:36

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  • Injection marks...


    I'm sitting next to my son playing after dinner, and I can see a scar on his ankle. The needle marks that have been stuck in the incubator for a month are still large. It's proof that he's been through a hard time in life. I don't feel comfortable seeing you. . . . It was hard at first, but I'm glad I grew up with one healthy manga, although I'm sick now sick.

    $silverknight . 2019.05.09 22:17

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  • Dad's ticket snack


    I made a hot cake to give to the children in the evening. It doesn't look as pretty as it used to be. I don't think he's been making snacks for too long. Reflection~ What's he doing? If you weren't here when you were cooking...

    $silverknight . 2019.04.30 06:57

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  • Tablet self-repair...


    As I raise twins, I buy two different things. I bought you two tablets to play with the kids. One is a substrate failure that cannot be charged or turned on, and one is stepped on and the liquid. (I bought two more after this --) I had a weekend off at home and I thought of it, so I tried to fix it. The two are the same, so it's a device that disassembles and doesn't turn on the board of a broken liquid crystal device. I changed it and connected the charging line, so it works well. I've made a good one out of two broken ones. Somehow I feel like I'm making money.

    $silverknight . 2019.04.22 12:53

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  • The mullet is in season.


    Thinking about what to eat for dinner, I heard that mullet is in season, so I ate mullet for dinner. Children don't know the taste of sashimi yet. They don't like it. That's why my mom and I ate so much. This is great because there is a fish market near my house. Haha You can buy seasonal fish cheaply.

    $silverknight . 2019.04.19 00:34

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  • Filter replaced successfully.


    I replaced the sink filter because it looks dirty. I'm doing it, too. Why are there so many foreign objects in this new apartment? I didn't know, but compared to the new one, there was a lot of pollution. I would've written it if I hadn't known... After replacing the faucet with the filter tap, I checked the filter status with the filter tap, so I will continue to use it...😭😭

    $silverknight . 2019.04.14 13:33

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  • FIVE... Blockchain Broadcasting


    Hello, this is @knight4sky, $silverknight. Today's fun service will start. I think it will be 11 p.m. tonight in our country time. If you look over the picture, you'll get a sense, right? Haha It's an internet broadcast like Africa TV or Twitch. But the difference is that they send tokens, not star balloons. It's hard to say because it's still in the beginning, but... It's clear that blockchain tokens can be used as substitutes for games or for points or coupons on various sites. I wish you success because it's a new item. By the way, the address is as follows. https://five fasteco.io/ .

    $silverknight . 2019.04.10 21:20

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  • How about this one?


    I'm putting on a new posting screen on the Publication start screen. To keep as many acquaintances as possible.Haha I'm sorry that you couldn't give me a lot of ink, but... I've been posting since I joined Steamit. I'd like to visit as many people as possible. (The reason for accepting TEO's event is to share ink with new subscribers.) It's not that hard to see a new posting. You can access the address below using your favorite. ------------------------------------------- https://www.publyto.com/posts/section/news ------------------------------------------- I hope many of you will welcome not only your existing followers but also new subscribers.^^

    $silverknight . 2019.04.05 13:00

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  • TokenPocket will also receive dividends. Do you know?


    Hello, this is steemit @knight4sky, publyto $silverknight. Some of you don't know that TPT, a token of the mobile wallet TokenPocket, can be staked and paid out. I knew it, but I didn't actually try it, so I don't know how much dividends I'm getting Haha If you ask me how much it's coming out, I don't know. Just look at the way. Let's get started. ****************************** First of all, this is a notice of dividends. It's similar to Parsl SEED. Allotments are given in proportion to the amount and time of Staking. And we take a snapshot of the dividend every month. (photo2) ****************************** Now I have to show you my steak... I already have a TPT in place, so I bought some TPT from Newdex for posting. Hahaha (photo3) ****************************** And after launching the Token Pocket app, we're going to run it in "Discovery." (photo 4) Insert tpt into the search. Then you'll see the TPT Service. (Picture 5) ****************************** Enter TPT Service and you'll see the text about dividend number 2 above and the Staking menu when you go down. Staking a little bit of Newdex, then approving... (photo 6) The quantity of the steak is ready. (photo 7) ****************************** Isn't there anything that's difficult? The fact that you can get paid by staking... I just couldn't do it because I didn't know where the Staking menu was... If you don't want to sell it right now, it'll be okay to stock it. I'll just have to leave the TPT I bought this time to see how much dividends I got. I'll post it again when I get my dividends.

    $silverknight . 2019.04.04 12:43

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  • 포스팅의 주인은 누구인가?


    계정 주인이 포스팅을 올렸다. 다른이가 그 포스팅에 보팅을 했다. 다른이가 그 포스팅에 댓글을 달았다. 다른이의 행동으로 인해 첫 화면에 표시되었다. 더욱 많은 사람들이 그 글에 보팅과 댓글을 달았다. 이 때 이 포스팅의 주인은 누구인가? 물론 본문 텍스트의 수정 권한은 저자에게 있다. 원안이 변경되지 않는 범위에서 매끄럽게 수정하는것은 별 문제가 되지 않는다. 그런데 포스팅을 삭제 해 버린다면? ********************************** 포스팅을 하고 난 후... 그 포스팅의 주인은 계속 저자인가? 저자는 보팅 및 댓글이 붙어있는 포스팅의 삭제 권한이 있는가? ********************************* 스팀은 보팅/댓글을 받은 글은 삭제할 수 없습니다. 아무것도 받기 전에는 삭제 가능 하고요... 수정도 가능하나 과거 변경 이력 모두 추적 가능 합니다. 퍼블은 현재 땡스 계시물의 삭제가 가능 합니다. 저자의 권한은 어느정도가 적절한지 한번 생각 해 보게 됩니다.

    $silverknight . 2019.04.02 12:19

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  • Take a look at the military port...


    The Jinhae military navigation system will begin tomorrow. But the flowers are already in full bloom. I went there with my children in advance because I thought there would be more people starting tomorrow. If you are too far away to come, please take a picture. Haha ——————————————————————— And information for those who come from outside. The place famous for cherry blossoms in Jinhae... * Near Jungwon-Rotari where the event will take place 1. Inside the Military Academy - Closed in the afternoon. You have to go early. 2. Yeojwacheon, the Institute of Domestic Surfaces - This is a neighborhood known as Romance Bridge. I took my picture here. It's pretty here at night, too. * Near the Anmin Tunnel 3. Ganghwa Station - Here's a picture of the iron rail that appears in the advertisement. It's a recommendation place. There must be as many people. It's a long time on the road. * Drive course - Not without a car 4. Anmin Pass - It's a well-known place to enjoy the dark view of Jinhae at the summit. It might be hard to stop the car instead. I sold a drink/ toast to the top... I guess? 5. Jangboksan Goo-gil - This is where the cherry blossom tunnel leads. I personally like this place, but it's hard to see flowers closely because it's big. * Other ... In my case, I often go near the training center of Haengam Reservoir before I enter downtown Jinhae from Busan to avoid the crowded venue. She's supposed to be here during the day.The old road in Jinhae is all beautiful because the trees are old. Instead, there's nothing special about it. #Jinhae #Yeongcheon #Gunje #Publito #Publyto

    $silverknight . 2019.03.31 10:39

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  • [EOSX] 거의 모든 EOS 포크체인 지갑 및 검색 지원합니다.


    안녕하세요. silverknight입니다. EOS 포크체인 텔레그램 방에 있다보면 토큰 체크를 어떻게 하냐고 물어보는 질문을 봅니다. 지금 EOS 포크체인은 Worbli, Telos, BOS, MEET,ONE 등이 있고요. 각 체인에서 만든 Wallet 앱을 사용하는 방법도 있지만, 툴 여러개 사용하면 관리하고 기억 할 사항이 많아집니다. 여러 체인이 있어서 잘 모르겠을 때 가장 간단히 해결하는 방법은 여러 툴 중 EOSX (https://www.eosx.io/)를 사용하는것 입니다. EOSX는 EOSflare나 EOSPark, Bloks 같은 Explorer 중 하나 입니다. 말로 길게 설명하는 것 보다 사진 몇 장 보시는게 이해가 더 빨리 되실꺼에요. ------------------------------------------- 물론 다른 툴도 체인 선택이 가능 합니다. Bloks 는 아래 사진처럼 선택 가능해요. (사진2) ------------------------------------------- 그리고 EOSX는 아래 사진과 같이 선택 가능 합니다. 많아요.... (사진3) 또 EOSX의 지갑 기능은 아래 사진과 같습니다. 전송, 권한변경 등 기본은 다 됩니다. (사진4) ------------------------------------------- Telos로 바꾸면 (사진5) 이렇게 Telos의 토큰을 보여 줍니다. (사진6) Scatter로 Wallet에 로그인하며,전송이나 키 변경등은 다른 툴과 비슷해서 어렵지 않습니다. (사진7) ------------------------------------------- 현재는 EOSX가 체인을 제일 많이 지원 해 줍니다. 하지만 블록체인 관련은 발전 속도가 빠르므로 곧 모두 지원 해 주겠죠. 너무 하나만 쓰지 마시고, 다른 툴들도 가끔 확인 해 보시는것도 좋을 것 같습니다.ㅎㅎ

    $silverknight . 2019.03.28 13:02

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  • [ARI] 챱챱...


    Twins & Cat... I'm just trying to squeeze you out of one side. On one side, I wipe the hair off hard and... He's so busy eating. One happy evening...

    $silverknight . 2019.03.26 08:03

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  • The cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom.


    I saw cherry blossoms on my way to work today. If this is the case, we'll have 10,000 this weekend. The official Jinhae military port period is April 1-10 and I think I will have lost all the flowers on April 6th, the weekend of the military surrender period. No matter how I set the date, I can't believe it. If you have any plans to visit, I think you should hurry up.

    $silverknight . 2019.03.25 08:02

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  • Introduce the second car for commuting.


    Yesterday, I was posting a battery exchange for a discharge caused by a long-term car parking. Today I will introduce my second car. It's a car that we've lived together all our lives before marriage, but it's changed for commuting after the children were born. It's already over 350,000. Most of them are premarital driving records. I've only been running short and medium-distance since I got married. All the long distances, such as family moving together or moving from city to city, were given to First Car. !!! This car has two hobbies that men should never do. Performance tuning and car audio... It was a hobby that was possible when I was a bachelor. Smashing your back... I didn't touch the outside, so I don't have any pictures.Haha There is no spoiler light sticker at all. I changed the muffler, but the sound is quiet because it's for turbo... You're one inch up on the wheel. There's nothing to be seen except the sound of the turbine turning and the sound of the BOV when you're running... The sound is so addictive that I can't throw it away and keep burning it. Muffler, engine swap, turret installation etc. are all legal vehicles approved for structural change I've been paying a lot of money for the inspection and time," said an engine change, which also.) The mechanical parts are fine, but now the electrical equipment is a problem. Someday, I'll have to hand over my leaving work to First Car.

    $silverknight . 2019.03.22 09:20

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  • 배터리 교체...


    출퇴근용이 아닌 패밀리용 차량은 평상시 잘 이용을 안 합니다. 그래서 주로 지하주차장 구석에 세워뒀는데 통화권 이탈 지역이다보니 배터리가 빨리 떨어지는것 같습니다.(UVO말고 다른 이유가 있을까요?) 애들 어릴땐 두달을 세워둔적도 있었으니까요. 여태까지 배터리 완전방전이 몇번 일어났고 이제는 3주 세워두면 전압이 체크 안 될 정도로 방전됩니다.(바로 며칠전에도 그랬어요) 그래서 쇼핑몰에서 배터리 주문해서 교환했어요. 새 배터리 모습과 교환 사진들입니다. 마이너스 먼저 분리 - 마이너스 마지막 연결, 그리고 배터리 공기구멍 오픈만 신경쓰면 별로 어려운일 없는 작업입니다. 5분도 안 걸린것 같네요. 방전을 피하기위해서라도 날이 따뜻해지면 애들하고 많이 움직여야겠네요.

    $silverknight . 2019.03.21 17:26

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  • Community Contribution Indicator


    The rate of voting for someone else, who was only displayed as 80% until now, is now being calculated correctly. If you look under your profile, you get a percentage of your total versus others. Steemit has developed a lot of third party apps that make this indicator. This is not an absolute indicator, but it is an indicator that the person has read a lot of others' post and interacted. Communication dApps like Steemit and PUBLYTO grow as you write more, read more, and share more. Doing actions for your own benefit in a community-oriented dApp does not help the dApp to develop. Yes ... you can self-thanks if you like your own posting. No one has a problem with self voting in steemit as well. However, I hope that the ratio will be a figure that I will be able to stand up to others.

    $silverknight . 2019.03.20 13:50

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  • [ARI] I'm always curious outside the window.


    Arry has a lot of books to look out the window. Especially, if you sit on a tree branch, you can't wait to see it. Mom's gonna look at something and... I'm looking outside again. My mom posted a photo of me humiliated.My dad shows me a nice picture.Haha ————————————————————— Mom펍: https://publyto.com/$ari

    $silverknight . 2019.03.19 15:59

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  • How to set different passwords for different sites


    This is an early posting from the steamy start, and it was buried down there. (Steam, I think you've seen it's been a long time.) But the person who used my method to make all my codes wrote the automatic log-in and forgot how to do it, so he asked me to find my posting and excavated it again. Please read it for me. Haha I'm still using it. I've changed the order once in the middle, so I've got next-old, new-pattern notes on the memo. Here we go. ——————————————————————— I'd like to tell you how to make a different password for each site I usually use. You'll all know that you shouldn't use a common password on each site. It's confusing if different sites are You may have to find your password every time... There are a lot of requests for capital letters and special characters these days. The way I'm using all of the above is... 1. Let's decide which Korean word we like first. 2. Combine the two before the site name. The first letter is in capital letters. 3. "-" and then add the site alphabet number. For example, let me explain... . If you choose the word "sky" as the basic word, it's "gksmf" in Yeongta... You can type in Korean fast.Haha Use this word to create a code for each site. If it's www.naver.com it's going to bring the front of the naver. The first letter is capital letters "Na" and adds the basic word. Finally, naver is 5 letters in the alphabet. That means "Na"+"gksmf"+"-"+"5"="Nagksmf-5" is off duty. If it were daum, Dagsmf-4 would be off duty. Site specific and contains both case/special characters/numeric characters. The reason I'm writing the special character "-" is because it's right on the number pad when I'm writing it on the iPhone, and it's next to zero on the keyboard, so I don't have to press shift. There is also a way to change the special character to @I! and leave the site name behind. "gksmf!Na5" in this way. In case of an exchange, it's not easy to use in common, so try applying it to make it different.

    $silverknight . 2019.03.13 14:30

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  • [BANCOR] ETH - EOS Exchange? What's the difference?


    Hello, we're Steemit @knight4sky, Publicto $silverknight. Today we saw in the Telegram the introduction of Bancor's ETH and EOS integrated wallet. Bancor is my favorite service. ETH and EOS, we posted them all. https://steemit.com/kr/@knight4sky/53djnf https://steemit.com/dclick/@knight4sky/eos-bancor--1548731972252 But what has changed since it's an integrated purse? If you're curious, you should try it first. -------------------------------------------------- First of all, this is the homepage view. You can select ETH <-> EOS as a converter. (photo 1) That's good enough. -------------------------------------------------- Press the Convert button to get the login screen. Self-login and external wallet. (photo2) -------------------------------------------------- Let's do it with an external wallet. However, the scanner is not logged in when the scanner desktop is floating. This will need a quick fix. (photo3) -------------------------------------------------- So if you choose Metamask and then Ether Token and Ios... No, no, no, no! Cross-Blockschain says to use the Bancor wallet. (photo 4) -------------------------------------------------- What if I use Bancor Wallet? There's no Telegram on your PC, so let's do it on mobile. Here's a wallet connection. (Picture 5) -------------------------------------------------- If you press the menu... Yes, it's the same as the Centralized Exchange, such as the deposit box. (photo 6) -------------------------------------------------- The previous Bancor is a direct token exchange method using a personal account. If it's ETH, you can exchange it directly using Metamask. So this is what the DEX looks like. But this shift between Chains is not DEX, but CEX. Using the exchange purse... So what's the difference between the existing exchanges, such as Upbit? That the exchange fee is automatic? When Cross Blockchain was available for the first time, I thought that I would link Metamask and Scatter to Bancor's wallet and move Token from Metamask to the Scatter. I'm disappointed because I'm so excited. Instead, you can buy ETH with your credit card... I've never tested it before, but...

    $silverknight . 2019.03.12 13:10

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  • You can change the [EOSForce] key.


    Hello, this is @knight4sky $silverknight. I posted a post about EOS Force a long time ago. https://steemit.com/eosforce/@knight4sky/eosforce-genesis https://steemit.com/eosforce/@knight4sky/eosforce-vote Unlike other chains, however, EOS Force did not have a separate tool to change its account permissions. (BOS, etc. can be done on the Scatter Desktop, but EOS Force is not possible on the Scatter Desktop. Because instead of staking the resources, the EOS Force is charged a fee for each action.) But when I logged in today, I added a menu that allows me to change my authority, or change my key. The method is simple, so please look in the order below. Here we go. --------------------------------------------------- If you have an EOS Force, I believe you will be able to access the Vote page of the EOS Force from next time (or see the posting above). Please let me sign in to the scanner because it is a key change operation! In Vote, click update permission next to the account name. (photo2) --------------------------------------------------- Enter the public key you want to change. I'm going to change Active. I'm going to get a commission.ᄒᄒ 0.2 EOSC) (photo3) --------------------------------------------------- Scatter approves key changes. (photo 4) --------------------------------------------------- If you search your account in expista later, you will see that the key has changed. (Picture 5) --------------------------------------------------- There were many fork chains, such as Telos, Warbli, and EOS Force, each chain took a public key from the Genesis account and wrote it at startup. That means that if a key is leaked from another chain, all the chains involved can be dangerous. So we're all making changes when the mainnet starts. It's good to solve the last EOS Force. (You have so many keys to remember because you use them all differently.)

    $silverknight . 2019.03.11 08:07

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  • [ARI] Like what?


    I wake up early in the morning and sleep in a carrier that I don't use very well. I quickly take a camera, take a picture, and I wake up and look at it. It's a series of waking up. Haha She's awake, but she's pretty.. - Armaged father. ----------------------------------------------------------- Ari펍: https://publyto.com/$ari

    $silverknight . 2019.03.10 13:03

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  • [APPICS] Shall we choose EOS instead of STEM?


    Hello, this is $silverknight. Here's some news about APPICS. ^^ This is Josephine's reply to Jung Ji-min's question in the Telegram Room of APPICS at 5:11 a.m. today. ********************************** SMT-light is being renewed in March - but without the whole upgrading mechanism. Once we can't build the applications app on that, and there is no set timeline for the full SMT to be refreshed, and we can't build the app. We are used to look for differential blockchain solutions by design, and we are looking for a way to look for different blocks. because we want to keep our voices to include and communicate. We are talking about other blockchains and yes EOS is amongst them too, but we're not going to be able to do this. And will make a public opinion once we've made the decision which blockchain to go with. This doesn't mean we are not talking yet at all more, it does mean we are looking at different solutions. ********************************** in short translation Steam Consideration: SMT-light will be released in March. However, there is no uplink mechanism. We can't post the epics on it (the system without uploading) and because there's no fixed date for the full SMT distribution, we have to find another blockchain as a countermeasure other than Steam. Because we want to keep our promises to the community and to investors... We are considering other blockchain and of course EOS is one of them. And as soon as we decide which blockchain to move, we'll notify. This does not mean that Steemit is no longer considered (other chain movement related content above) but simply looking for a different solution. --------------------------------- We've all been expecting an SMT in March, but if we don't have an upboarding system, if we don't know when it's going to come out in the pool... That's a problem. I'd rather go to Ios as an APPICS investor. I'm just waiting for the SMT release, so I can't do anything. We've been waiting for more than a year since we had APPICS Pre-Sale in December 2017. However, if you go to EOS, you will have to address the account accessibility issues mentioned in the posting you requested in the last PUBLYTO account. I hope a good decision will be made.

    $silverknight . 2019.03.08 08:58

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  • Publicity should be away from Ios.


    Publicity should be away from Ios. I can tell you this is a ghost wash-away story. Blockchain and EOS are not accessible. If you read this article and are active, you must study hard to overcome this difficult difficulty. In order for many people to participate in social networking sites, they need to hide the blockchain and EOS as much as possible and have simple access. Compared to other SNS, the biggest thing PUBLYTO did well is to make login possible through other SNS accounts. And then what? After watching the advertisement, I worked hard to collect PUB. What can you do with it? If you want to send it to the exchange to buy some chicken, you need to put in your EOS account. Where can I get an EOS account? Where can I transfer it? The moment you ask me to connect to EOS, all of the above comfort logins are lost, and the general public stops pressing a few times after signing up. I compare a lot with a team, but it's not hard to make an account. You're on the site. That's a long way. After that, sending and receiving to the exchange is as difficult as putting a normal site coupon number. It's hard to make and exchange Ios. To make it easier for PUBLYTO to reach the public, do not push the EOS to the front. But it's a blockchain, so the exchange has to go through for cash. For those who do not have an EOS account and who simply have an exchange account, the following three things are considered essential for easy use: 1. Transfer the PUB directly to the outside world using PUBLYTO's account for user remittance, not through your EOS account (including MEMO function for the exchange). 2. Direct deposit through MEMO from outside 3. Listed on the exchange where cash is available/deposit The above 1 and 2 should make it look like a shopping mall point transfer and keep personal account links hidden in the corner. The current Staking and Unstaking words are also for those who know them. If you're reading this, you're already used to it, and you don't realize how uncomfortable it is for people who don't know the blockchain. For PUBLYTO to be active, I think we need to create an environment that is easy for everyone to subscribe to and use.

    $silverknight . 2019.03.06 19:39

    35 thanks . 2,120.7119 PUB

  • Lynx Wallet의 Bloks.io Login 지원


    안녕하세요. $silverknight입니다. Block Explorer 뿐 아니라 Toolkit으로도 유용하게 쓰고 있는 bloks.io의 Login이 Scatter뿐 아니라 다른 장치도 지원 하기 시작했습니다. 오늘 방문해서 오른쪽 위 로그인 화면을 보니 여러개가 보이네요. (사진2) 로그인을 눌러보면... 기존의 PC scatter 뿐 아니라 Ledger, Lynx, Eostock이 추가로 지원 됩니다. (사진3) ------------------------------ 이 중 Lynx는 Mobile wallet지원 입니다. Mobile 지갑에서 다른 지갑과는 어떤 다른점이 있는지 한번 확인 해 보겠습니다. ------------------------------ 우선 Nova wallet을 이용해서 Bloks에 접속 해 보겠습니다. DApp Station으로 이동해서 Bloks를 실행 후 (사진4) 로그인 화면에서 아이콘을 눌러봐도 변화가 없습니다. (사진5) ------------------------------ 이번에는 MEET.ONE 입니다. 똑같이 디스커버리 이동 후 Bloks를 실행 후 (사진6) 로그인 아이콘을 눌러도 변화 없습니다. (사진7) ------------------------------ 마지막으로 Lynx 입니다. Explore에서 Bloks를 실행하면 (사진8) 짜잔... 로그인 된 모습으로 나타납니다. Voting 등 Bloks의 기능을 바로 사용가능 하네요. (사진9) ------------------------------ Chromebook에서도 잘 작동하던 어제 Posting에 이어 Bloks까지... 점점 Lynx 가 마음에 들고 있습니다. 폰의 지갑 순서를 조금 바꿔봐야겠네요.

    $silverknight . 2019.03.04 18:11

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  • Which mobile wallet works in Chromebook?


    Hello, this is $silverknight. I usually work on coins with my phone, so I put my wallet on my phone. And when I go home, I use Chromobook, but Chromebook is available in Google Store. Then, what kind of mobile wallet can I use comfortably in Chrome Book? This is the result of the installation in Chrome Book. Haha ----------------------------------------------------------- First of all, my favorite EOS Nova Wallet. Why? What? No, I can't. ----------------------------------------------------------- ImToken (photo3) used primarily as a wallet for ETH I'll install it, but... The screen doesn't match, so we can't proceed." (photo4) I think we need to modify this in IMTOKEN. ----------------------------------------------------------- You use a lot, right? MeetOne Wallet. No, no. (photo5) ----------------------------------------------------------- EOS Lynx Wallet Good. I cut my shot because of the account name. ᄒᄒ(photo6) ----------------------------------------------------------- EOCAT Good. To remove the account name, go to the registration screen. ----------------------------------------------------------- Math Wallet. (photo8) ----------------------------------------------------------- This is Blockchain, which is a bit wallet. (photo 9) ----------------------------------------------------------- It's Bitpie. It's not just installed for EBTC. ᄒᄒ(photo 10) ----------------------------------------------------------- This is Lobstr, Stella's wallet. I can't. (I couldn't upload the photo because there were only 10 photos.) ----------------------------------------------------------- Is Lee Sang famous? No, I looked at the compatibility of my wallet with Chrombook. I feel depressed because I don't have all of my wallet that I usually use, such as Nova, Imtokan, and Mikwon. I hope at least an amtokan will work. I think we'll need to make a supplemental request on the Telegram.

    $silverknight . 2019.03.03 10:05

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  • [ARI] Introduce Arry Azit.


    I've made a lot of places to rest. It occupies an unexpected place. They're under the cooperation next to the couch in the living room, so you can't even put anything in there. Do you like it because it's a cool place to avoid the sun? I heard the others are looking for a warm place. Why are you looking for a cool place? What are you going to do in the summer? -------------------------------------------------------- Ari펍: https://www.publyto.com/users/139/posts

    $silverknight . 2019.03.02 14:48

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  • [SEED] We have a change to the airdrop since March.


    Give me a hug. It's $silverknight. Thank you for the February SEED Drab. We introduced Staking and introduced the average retention system, but the price hasn't stabilized, so we've changed it again since March. You can refer to picture 2 but it's a line summary for those who don't mind. ======================================= From now on, I won't give you that month if you unstay it at least once!! ======================================= Can this move stabilize? When it comes to the price, the best choice was to sell all of them at the first drop. More1. Drab is an automatic steak. If you sell your drinks, you give up that month.

    $silverknight . 2019.03.01 10:15

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