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    Health benefits of coconut water have look.Coconut water is produced using the reasonable fluid within green coconuts. It's not to be mistaken for coconut drain, which is produced using the water and the tissue within a develop coconut. More than 95 percent of coconut water will be water. In spite of its ongoing blast in fame, coconut water has been devoured for a considerable length of time in tropical locales around the globe. In customary Ayurvedic drug, coconut water is accepted to encourage processing, pee, and even semen generation. It has additionally customarily been utilized to regard lack of hydration and given as stately endowments all through the tropics. While it may not be a supernatural occurrence fix, it has numerous medical advantages. What to think about coconut oil What to think about coconut oil Snap here for a full breakdown of the advantages and sustenance of coconut water. READ NOW Regular games drink Coconut water's common electrolytes make it a strong counterpart for customary games drinks like Gatorade. Made without included sugar, sustenance shading, or counterfeit sweeteners, numerous individuals go after coconut water as a more regular execution drink. Studies have demonstrated that coconut water can perform similarly and in addition a conventional game's drink to keep you hydrated and help renew liquids after a run. Be that as it may, coconut water has less sodium, the primary electrolyte you lose with sweat, than most game's beverages. It likewise has less sugars than numerous beverages implied for perseverance execution. This implies it probably won't give you enough vitality for a long episode of activity (more prominent than a hour and a half), however it will help you rehydrate subsequently. While coconut water doesn't help you rehydrate any superior to anything water or customary games drinks after exercise, an examination found that it was simpler to drink enough without causing queasiness or an annoyed stomach. The analysts additionally suggest maintaining a strategic distance from coconut water with included sugars since they forestall appropriate hydration and include superfluous calories.hope you gain some iiknowledge from this post.

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    Hello friend do you know benifit of cake have look.ealthy in Starches, Proteins, and Fiber: Flour and sugar utilized in preparing a cake are wellsprings of carbs and we definitely realize that sugars give vitality to our body. Drain display in the cake gives proteins and calcium. A few organic products like apples, pineapples, and bananas are wealthy in fiber and these natural products are available in nutty surprises and some different cakes too. Increment the Serotonin and Endorphin Levels: A cut of chocolate cake can without much of a stretch let you handle the uneasiness as chocolates and nuts can successfully expand the serotonin and endorphin levels in a limited ability to focus time. Help in Beating Gloom: Specialists have demonstrated the way that nutritious present in a cake can help in making you upbeat and goes about as an impetus in beating misery. It solaces you and stops you being vexed. Make you Thin: Yes, it helps in that, yet the main condition is you need to eat a cut of cake toward the beginning of the day just to enhance your digestion. Wealthy in Fats and Oils: Cakes are the wellspring of Fats and Oils as well. Fats and oils give you the vitality and warmth. So, cakes have all the fundamental supplements for our body. In the event that you are as yet not persuaded of the advantages, at that point God recognizes what can persuade you. Yet, I figure these points of interest would get the job done. Aside from the nutritious, we as a whole love cakes for being so yummy. No one in this world is totally cheerful, some place, at some point individuals feel so low while a few minutes persuade you and pushes you to accomplish the things you haven't achieved yet. That is about existence! Some ups and down are very normal and we must be persistent in our awful occasions. Simply attempt midnight cake conveyance and let yourself feel high without being flushed on the grounds that cakes likewise gain experiences. Besides, the festival doesn't require a particular reason, celebrate at whatever point you need, at whatever point your shut ones need. Life is too short to manage feelings of resentment, simply attempt a few cupcakes from the best cake shop and keep your heart and brain on track hope you understand my point. ![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAMehkSRCqdHUb6gtZh8PG.jpeg](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmRJsmDvQj95gAss8xvKsxRZ5QQQZpxXkAHiNkhXZt29pX/o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAMehkSRCqdHUb6gtZh8PG.jpeg) image credit: pixabayThis post is from my steemit account . Post link is here:https://steemit.com/health/@shabana1234/benefits-of-cakes This is also posted in my publyto account. thanks.

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    Hello friends today told you some information and disadvantages of papaya.it Mayuse Miscarriage This stems from the way that papaya can regularly cause latex sensitivity in people. This can be conceivably risky to the mother and the unborn kid (1). Different examinations additionally talk about the catalyst papain in papaya, which stifles progesterone (a sex hormone) that is expected to set up the uterus for origination. Papain may likewise harm certain layers in the lady's body that are basic for fetal improvement (2). Additionally look into likewise discloses to us that the papain in papaya can harm the embryo and cause birth absconds in the infant (3). Papaya may not additionally be protected amid breastfeeding. There is some theory in such manner, and research isn't clear. Subsequently, it would be ideal if you counsel your specialist and stay away from papaya amid this period. Can Lead To Digestive Issues The simple same papain that can quiet your stomach can likewise prompt stomach related pain if taken in overabundance. Papaya is wealthy in fiber, and a lot of it can prompt stomach related bombshell. Additionally, the skin of the organic product contains latex – which can chafe the stomach and cause torment. The papain in the organic product functions admirably in separating fiber. However, in the event that the fiber isn't processed well, you should experience the ill effects of stomach gas. Papaya can likewise cause the runs in specific people – the fiber in the natural product can sticky situation with the stools and cause looseness of the bowels, abandoning you horribly got dried out. The rich fiber in the organic product can likewise cause blockage. To maintain a strategic distance from this, guarantee you drink a lot of water. Papaya Can Cause Respiratory Disorders The papain in the natural product is likewise a potential allergen. People devouring a ton of papayas wind up ingesting over the top papain – and this can prompt respiratory sensitivities. A portion of these incorporate asthma, wheezing, nasal blockage, and, in serious cases, notwithstanding breathing challenges. Actually, this can be an issue for pregnant ladies also. Respiratory sensitivities can likewise influence the baby, bringing on additional confusions hope you guys get some information from this post .![gPCasciUWmEwHnsXKML7xF4NE4zxEVyvENsPKp9LmDaFuyfLE8hXr1nJiduY6JzAozkE55J2sZXTe4bUng6uexCK1c8j5hjGavFnCPcKQ8tHarafesuyUySULzeFMADPiVmhqxqR1hVSZSfxNi.png](https://images2.weku.io/DQmfACwHekAYY8unBwMJwkZ3wB45YmMkJ4mJaCq1WidWkdU/gPCasciUWmEwHnsXKML7xF4NE4zxEVyvENsPKp9LmDaFuyfLE8hXr1nJiduY6JzAozkE55J2sZXTe4bUng6uexCK1c8j5hjGavFnCPcKQ8tHarafesuyUySULzeFMADPiVmhqxqR1hVSZSfxNi.png) Image credit: pixabay . This post from my steemit account username is shabana1234 Post link is here:https://steemit.com/disadvantages/@shabana1234/disadvantages-of-papaya This is also posted in my publyto and bareshare account thanks.

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    Hello friend today topic on some information on pigeons bird.Pigeons happen worldwide aside from in the coldest areas and the most remote islands. Around 250 species are known; 66% of them happen in tropical Southeast Asia, Australia, and the islands of the western Pacific, however the family likewise has numerous individuals in Africa and South America and a couple in mild Eurasia and North America. All individuals from the family suck fluids, as opposed to taste and swallow as do different winged animals, and all pigeon guardians feed their young "pigeon's drain," the sloughed-off covering of the harvest, the generation of which is animated by the hormone prolactin. The settling gets this "drain" by jabbing its bill down the parent's ![vM1pGHgNcyCXUWJECrZbvn1NMPj1oFGUo3gYfF3NNPRD9U4yYFvE3owK1EkmnB9G3XAcoungEKErq1vzCLYmmm35PxNad8m33UJ1AXrSn44bypvVaGiCuDshTESfiP11qyPCgkN.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmVaNmnwpFAN5zemJNpUWSusuPkZC7UhPZAKN3t9Bw3Pum/vM1pGHgNcyCXUWJECrZbvn1NMPj1oFGUo3gYfF3NNPRD9U4yYFvE3owK1EkmnB9G3XAcoungEKErq1vzCLYmmm35PxNad8m33UJ1AXrSn44bypvVaGiCuDshTESfiP11qyPCgkN.jpeg) image credit: pixabay. Pigeons are delicate, stout, little charged winged animals with a skin saddle (cere) between the bill and temple. All pigeons swagger about with a trademark weaving of the head. As a result of their long wings and intense flight muscles, they are solid, quick fliers. Pigeons are monogamous; i.e., they mate forever, and the survivor acknowledges another mate just gradually. The female lays two polished white eggs in an unstable home that scarcely holds them. The female for the most part hatches the eggs by night, the male by day. The hatching time frame is 14 to 19 days, however the youthful are nurtured in the home for another 12 to 18 Homing pigeons (Colomba livia) have a gathering of neurons that are utilized to enable the winged animals to process alters in the course, force, and extremity of attractive fields around them. The affectability of the pigeons to these physical properties enables them to decide their directional heading and elevation by utilizing Earth's attractive field. The personality of the physical structure inside the pigeon's body that gathers this attractive field data and sends it to the mind stays obscure, however a few researchers presume that it might exist in the internal ear. The various genera of pigeons might be grouped into subfamilies as takes after: The Columbinae, the run of the mill, or genuine, pigeons, comprises of around 175 species in around 30 genera. These frequently gregarious seed and natural product eaters are discovered worldwide in mild and tropical areas. Some are ground feeders, others feed somewhat or entirely in trees. They are by and large hued delicate dark and darker to dark, once in a while with luminous fixes on the plumage. The cosmopolitan family Columba—including the Old World wood pigeons and the New World band-followed pigeons—is characterized in this gathering, alongside the Streptopelia species, the Old World turtledoves and ringdoves. To this sort likewise have a place the road pigeons so basic in urban regions. These are made out of a dumbfounding cluster of crossbreeds of trained strains, every one of them at last traceable to the Old World shake dove (Columba livia). The stone bird is regularly dull in shading—dim and white posterior and two huge dark wing bars; this Eurasian species settles over 5,000 feet (1,525 meters) in Asia. It has been trained and specifically reared since 3000 BCE with the generation of various shading variations and around 200 named strains—indicate pigeons, dashing pigeons, and vast eatable composes. Among such strains, pouter pigeons have a huge, inflatable neck; transporter pigeons have a long bill; runts, a gigantic bill and body; points, a short bill. Fantails may have 42 tail plumes; owl pigeons have separating throat quills; frillbacks, the quills turned around; jacobins, hoodlike neck plumes. Tumblers tumble in reverse in flight. Hope you like this information This post from my steemit account username shabana1234 Post link is here:https://steemit.com/information/@shabana1234/information-on-pigeons This post also posted in my bearshare account and publyto account. thanks.

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    Hello friends good morning today topic on black paper.The piperine in dark pepper has various valuable properties (cancer prevention agent, antibacterial, and so forth.) that can enhance your wellbeing from numerous points of view. A portion of the great impacts of dark pepper incorporate growth and diabetes anticipation, enhanced stomach related wellbeing, and improved mind wellbeing. Enhances Stomach related Wellbeing Dark pepper fortifies the stomach related juices and proteins, in this manner advancing assimilation. This remains constant when you expend dark pepper, particularly with a supper, which may upgrade your body's capacity separate and process nourishment. Research has demonstrated that dark pepper positively affects pancreatic chemicals as well, profiting the general stomach related process (2). Dark pepper additionally has carminative properties and mitigates stomach gas. It can likewise mitigate tooting and colicky torment. Supplanting bean stew powder in your dinners with dark pepper can treat tooting. The pepper is additionally known to soothe peptic ulcers – yet the exploration is constrained. Anticipates Growth Studies have demonstrated that the piperine in dark pepper applies defensive action against various types of growth (3). Piperine additionally expands the assimilation of different supplements like selenium, curcumin, beta-carotene, and B vitamins in your digestion tracts – supplements that are essential for gut wellbeing and tumor counteractive action. Another Canadian examination likewise credits the anticancer properties of dark pepper to piperine. It diminishes the weight on the rectum and avoids colon tumor. It indicated comparable properties in instances of prostate tumor as well (4). Furthermore, not simply that, piperine likewise was found to improve the viability of docetaxel, a chemotherapy pharmaceutical utilized in the tumor of the prostate hope you guys get something useful from my post..![9vWp6aU4y8kwSZ9Gw15LFL3aMdhmgmBBFMpDJregpdP329hrCM6Zhtx1dTMQrgqsfNGr71a1ntXjH69TqDAeuQ9EcYsi1hcLua6AyguJyrEzmDgMUTr17VbzPdZbBYmeFZ47xQsM2NedQUag6.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmRYVJZSEpFv1wYDjoQtyu2ANAZysaVc5hkELYaXUvvuL4/9vWp6aU4y8kwSZ9Gw15LFL3aMdhmgmBBFMpDJregpdP329hrCM6Zhtx1dTMQrgqsfNGr71a1ntXjH69TqDAeuQ9EcYsi1hcLua6AyguJyrEzmDgMUTr17VbzPdZbBYmeFZ47xQsM2NedQUag6.jpeg) Image credit: pixabay. This post is from my steemit account , username is shabana1234 Post link is here : https://steemit.com/health/@shabana1234/benefits-of-black-paper This post i also posted in weku account, whaleshare account, bearshare account and publyto account .

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    Amezing benifit of cardamom have look. Cardamom is a perfect flavor with numerous medical advantages. The most prevalent medical advantages are recorded beneath. Anticipates Colorectal Malignancy Disease, especially colorectal tumor, is one of the main sources of death around the globe. The increasing expense of ordinary tumor treatment and the ensuing reactions have urged scientists to search for options that are economical. Studies led by Sengupta et al. at Chittaranjan National Growth Establishment in Kolkata have demonstrated that dietary cardamom had a positive bring about balancing colorectal tumor to a degree of 48%. Ensures Heart Wellbeing Studies directed at the Division of Pharmacology and Pharmaceuticals at the School of Drug store of Ruler Saud College, Saudi Arabia demonstrated that cardamom organization for cardiovascular conditions brought about a lower heartbeat or controlled mood, and control of hypertension. The micronutrients found in it can neutralize the flood of lipids in the body. In tests directed at the Pharmacology and Toxicology Division at Hindustan Anti-toxins Restricted in Pune, India by Dhuley, the hepatic and cardiovascular cancer prevention agent proteins from cardamom were regulated to mice, which were bolstered a high-fat eating routine. [4] The cell reinforcement proteins had an effect on the cholesterol levels and aided in fundamentally controlling them yap hope you get something from this post.![2N61tyyncFaFVtpM8rCsJzDgecVMtkz4jpzBsszXjhqan9mDQRGjMe2J3hEz2eTrTrqYtqmJQDg45cqwnxzsZCvreyAaqqfNjcdB1iDibVy6mvDwNmDaMPiQX2V6xUgVqLBJ9Zeh6PNe.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmNpo1LMyMZYX85k9aS5jMRVBh9YhGdVhGkWjq7kjPWETj/2N61tyyncFaFVtpM8rCsJzDgecVMtkz4jpzBsszXjhqan9mDQRGjMe2J3hEz2eTrTrqYtqmJQDg45cqwnxzsZCvreyAaqqfNjcdB1iDibVy6mvDwNmDaMPiQX2V6xUgVqLBJ9Zeh6PNe.jpeg) image credit : pixabay This post from my steemit account username is shabana1234 Post link is here: https://steemit.com/health/@shabana1234/health-benefits-of-cardamom This post i also posted in my weku account, whaleshare account , bearshare account and publyto account .

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    Hello friends todsy gonna share you about health benifit of pomegranate fruit.Pomegranate seeds get their energetic red tone from polyphenols. These synthetic compounds are ground-breaking cancer prevention agents. Pomegranate juice contains larger amounts of cancer prevention agents than most other organic product juices. It likewise has three times a bigger number of cancer prevention agents than red wine and green tea. The cancer prevention agents in pomegranate juice can enable evacuate to free radicals, shield cells from harm, and lessen aggravation. Vitamin C The juice of a solitary pomegranate has in excess of 40 percent of your day by day necessity of vitamin C. Vitamin C can be separated when purified, so choose natively constructed or new pomegranate juice to get the vast majority of the supplement. Malignancy anticipation Pomegranate squeeze as of late made a sprinkle when analysts found that it might help stop the development of prostate growth cells. In spite of numerous examinations on the impacts of the juice on prostate malignancy, results are as yet starter. While there haven't been long haul thinks about with people that demonstrate that pomegranate juice forestalls growth or decreases the hazard, adding it to your eating regimen unquestionably can't hurt. There have been empowering results in thinks about up until this point, and greater examinations are currently being finished. Alzheimer's sickness assurance The cancer prevention agents in the juice and their high fixation are accepted to slow down the advancement of Alzheimer ailment and ensure memory hope you like my post..![9vWp6aU4y8kwSZ9Gw15LFL3aMdhmgmBBFMpDJregpdP328LqNRPgFmpw5YYjzCGwLqXHVTdgSRy4LEBWL77MprKr62VaCAmfRJe3yRn1uWq9GgjPsAtYi66z5Fkjk3KgcHMvU67q5J79icwWv.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmTinYYyQSG12MdmJziPxbAqkWpYxaYdLvziaRxmwVRjRz/9vWp6aU4y8kwSZ9Gw15LFL3aMdhmgmBBFMpDJregpdP328LqNRPgFmpw5YYjzCGwLqXHVTdgSRy4LEBWL77MprKr62VaCAmfRJe3yRn1uWq9GgjPsAtYi66z5Fkjk3KgcHMvU67q5J79icwWv.jpeg) Image credit: pixabay.This post is from my steemit account username is shabana1234 Post link is here: https://steemit.com/health/@shabana1234/health-benefits-of-pomegranate-fruit This post is also posted in my weku account , bareshare account ,and whaleshare account ,and publyto account.

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    BENEFITS OF URAD DALL shabana1234 (56) in information • 5 months ago Good food good life today gonna share about benifit of urad daal. Dark gram is a solid heartbeat as it is wealthy in press content. This helps support the vitality levels in the body and keeps you dynamic. Protein Rich It is a protein-rich dal for veggie lovers. For the individuals who don't eat meat or fish, have dark gram as it is wealthy in protein which is highly required by the body. For solid bones and a sound body, have urad dal. Facilitates Absorption Urad dal benefits the wellbeing as it has both dissolvable and insoluble fiber which is useful for assimilation and furthermore anticipates blockage. Common Spanish fly Urad dal is considered as a characteristic love potion as it treats sexual brokenness. Absorb urad dal water for 5-6 hours and after that broil it in ghee. Have this heartbeat to have a sound sexual coexistence. Against Maturing Urad dal additionally has different magnificence benefits. Applying urad dal confront packs is useful for the skin as it keeps the development of barely recognizable differences. Besides, dark gram likewise gets a reasonable and impeccable skin. Hair Development Having urad dal helps increment hair development too. You can either have it in your eating regimen or apply a hair veil made with urad dal.like this it has lot more benifit hope you like it . ![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAMf5EivKJr8SHBUFSz1eE.jpeg](https://img.whaleshares.io/wls-img/khushi1234/0441af9042c0a4dce17d4ab54fe06b869e46628b.jpeg) image credit: pixabay . This post is from my steemit account username is shabana 1234 Post link is here : https://steemit.com/information/@shabana1234/benefits-of-urad-dall This is also posted in my weku account , bareshare account , whareshare account ,and publyto account.

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    Hello friends good noon to all today i bring some amezing information about bitrue exchange so must join it today. Bitrue exchange is now giving some nice offers to their user 5 xrp for every referral instant and many more bonuses most read ![Screenshot_2019-02-06-17-15-03-964.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmbDsH3xkG39kVrGi8mUMqdgJFkiSsjZYWtXqo3WszBmtC/Screenshot_2019-02-06-17-15-03-964.jpeg)and ![Screenshot_2019-02-06-17-11-32-469.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmPecjiC3z4MX3fjXMnz6BtVYHz1hFzcetinvqYAnxqtGi/Screenshot_2019-02-06-17-11-32-469.jpeg)read it and sinup with your phon number to get sinup bonus .also download app my link is here most uset it : https://www.bitrue.com/activity/task/task-landing?cn=90000&inviteCode=EQVQAW Also this post i share in my steemit account today ,weku account , bareshare account, whareshare account and publyto account . thanks.

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    As we all know sugar is halmful fir health hove look what are they in below. The Weaknesses of Sugar Sugar is added to many prepared sustenances. Sugary sustenances make up an expansive piece of the normal eating regimen since they taste great. Sugar is added to numerous nourishments to support the flavor, protect the time span of usability and accomplish a coveted surface. You should restrain your admission of sugar to somewhere in the range of 6 and 9 teaspoons for every day, except most American devour more like 22 teaspoons, MayoClinic.com notes. Knowing the weaknesses of devouring excessively sugar may inspire you to assume responsibility of your wellbeing and lessen your admission. Weight Pick up One teaspoon of sugar contains 15 calories, which can add several additional calories to your every day caloric admission. After some time, these additional calories can prompt unfortunate weight pick up. Pop utilization specifically assumes a noteworthy part in the overweight and corpulence pestilence. Pop and other sugary sustenances don't supply solid measures of protein or fiber, which implies they don't top you off and fulfill your yearning. This makes it more probable that you'll indulge, expanding your general calorie admission and prompting weight pick up. Tooth Rot Supplement thick nourishments, for example, entire grains, products of the soil, supply the vitamins and minerals your teeth and gums require for good wellbeing. Sugary nourishments don't supply these supplements and furthermore contrarily affect your oral wellbeing. Plaque microscopic organisms, which is normally present in your mouth, responds to the sugars you devour by creating acids. The acids obliterate the defensive veneer on your teeth, which prompts pits and rot.yes guys hope you get some knowledge from my post.!![TZjG7hXReeVoAvXt2X6pMxYAb3q65xMju8wryWxKrsghkMNb6o6usxVB9RrRGNv3MrVXqhJBaS1gbiwXZ51Q39YrNgTw5sarAiqLXAjKmgL8gJRMEQ6vmnmeWdkWn8nex94JkpAkSYG3cA.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmfMqPWe9pv9niUaFTx5DY9Y7xRkkqdaHXjR8UKKfmvwmo/TZjG7hXReeVoAvXt2X6pMxYAb3q65xMju8wryWxKrsghkMNb6o6usxVB9RrRGNv3MrVXqhJBaS1gbiwXZ51Q39YrNgTw5sarAiqLXAjKmgL8gJRMEQ6vmnmeWdkWn8nex94JkpAkSYG3cA.jpeg) Image credit : pixabay. This post from my steemit account username is shabana1234 Post link is here : https://steemit.com/information/@shabana1234/disadvantages-of-sugar This post also posted in my weku account , bareshare account, whaleshare account and publyto account .

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    Hello friends today i gonna share you my prown fish recipe i love to eat this spicey so i make this by my self so it ingredients 1 . Half kg fish wash it properly 2 . Oil 3 salt to rest 4 chilli power 5 corender power 6. Termeric powder 7 .garlic 8 mathi 9. Corenger leaf 10. Green chilli 11 Onion paest. How to make it .... First wash fish properly with salt and water 4 5 times than make paest of it put oil first then maithi when maithi look brown then put Onion the all ingredients then fry it properly after fry put some water than again fry It like this![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN2m7ZrCxzoxGAqyqLKQr.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmRAB6uWTN5mvQhPX79ZFWe2w4eMExSLs3y5wMJ7fE7zKS/o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN2m7ZrCxzoxGAqyqLKQr.jpeg)after fry it is ready to eat i hope you like this have nice day lol.😊 This post is from my steemit account in steemit account my username is shabana1234 Post link is here: https://steemit.com/food/@shabana1234/today-my-dinner-homemade-prown-fish-recipe-make-by-my-self-68160e43aefeb This is also posted in my weku account , whaleshare account bareshare account ,and publyto account .

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    Hello friends good afternoon i hope all good ,today i gonna share you home made recipe mske by my self in my breakfast today and enjoy with my sister ok lets start with its ingredients 1.milk 1 packet 2 .sugar to test how much u like to eat 3 .dry fruits 4. Keshar for flavour and colour 5. makhana 6. Lung .7. laichi etc How to cooked first all we have to do is boil milk until it was thick it take 30 minute to become thick have look picture am doing in photo ☺ ![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN6XktEBCoYkcfNt8Lw2E.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmQzyZdgQNKsUaQ52bVQW5fTeAPPR247CD6eZJsG1pRbMQ/o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN6XktEBCoYkcfNt8Lw2E.jpeg) after it little brown put ingredients like ![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN6AXJBw2DNdL5FYcUJWi.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmUYmeeeXALMH5oiGD1TQCJghUX2PWGo2JmRpPPEWRmT2V/o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN6AXJBw2DNdL5FYcUJWi.jpeg) sugar dry fruits (ceremon) laichi ,lung ,makhana and kesar for flavour and colour like this in picture ![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN3bQhrEA9C2dpxn5Pemk.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmdQxKuwHrhiWqdPEjAUFUpdTyPdBPuX1XPRiofbnjh6CA/o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN3bQhrEA9C2dpxn5Pemk.jpeg) and cooked well untill it is more thick then before then when it is thick it is ready to eat 😋😋 serve this ![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN26tavfu1Vv3hFqxbMLA.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmNUSjkaLFi1bDmqSnf3YwK9pnxoFYCzNFHUW6CMREtRyi/o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN26tavfu1Vv3hFqxbMLA.jpeg) and enjoy with family , friend lol 😋😋😊😊😊 This post is from my steem account my steemit username is shabana1234 Post link is here : https://steemit.com/food/@shabana1234/today-i-gonna-share-you-home-made-kheer-make-by-my-self-and-it-recepi-801922c4db162 This post also posted in my publyto account, weku account, bareshare account , whaleshare account.

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    good afternoon friends i hope all good today i gonna share you home made dhokala made by my self with the help of my sister have look how we make it 😋 first we make a pest of dhokala to make pest we need 1 eno 2 beshain powder 3 yougart 4 sugar 4 currey leafs 5 mustardsheed 5 oil etc mixed it and left it for 30 min like this![IMG_20190202_170240_126.jpg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmP2kt17rbCWdA7uTptXrKbKL3pimMrAxmEn52Aqagmj6k/IMG_20190202_170240_126.jpg)after 30 min cooked it properly then service like it![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAMfoYqinqFyTMsYnT3ikN.jpeg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmQFBfPXmAbKjjLVShJvBV8ghUTHVpYdYBnqmm7aYFoswf/o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAMfoYqinqFyTMsYnT3ikN.jpeg)![IMG_20190202_170240_126.jpg](https://images2.weku.io/DQmP2kt17rbCWdA7uTptXrKbKL3pimMrAxmEn52Aqagmj6k/IMG_20190202_170240_126.jpg)and enjoy it lol with family lol.😋😋😊 . This post is from my steemit account username is shabana1234 Post link is here: https://steemit.com/food/@shabana1234/today-i-gonna-share-you-homemade-dhokala-made-by-my-self-with-the-help-of-my-sister-8e3d8aa0d71cd also this is i posted in my weku account , whaleshare account , bareshare account and publyto beta account .

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    Homemade food testy and safty enjoy.

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