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  • incomplete


    I. The black and white picture is more than the color picture, An unfinished painting is more than a finished one. It is one of those who sees more artistry. So you put a part of it in a collar How much I loved... Maybe technology and art are examples of something else. I like people who seem to be a little short of people. I'm not as good as I am, but...

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  • a moisturizing flowers


    on a dark red rock hill Let him put the cow he was driving If you know me, if you're ashamed of me, I'll give you some flowers. handed down in the history of the Three Kingdoms. The specialty is the flowers of the chi chi chi hwa. To be appointed as Tae-su during the Silla Dynasty. On his way to Imji along the way to the bridegroom, his wife, known as Jeonse-mi, was all alone on the cliff edge of Cheon-gil. A beautiful flower appeared...! a lady who is attracted to the beauty of the flower. I wanted some flowers, but it's a cliff. in a situation where no one's even going to be able to see it, An old man driving a cow I called you when I saw Lee. She's an old man. She's pissed off. It's either red azalea or white. I don't know if it's white. A beautiful woman walked in the face of beauty. beautiful flowers to stop. It's another word of azalea. Even if you are caught in the rain like a heavenly flower garden on your way to work, you stop at the glare of your apartment. Even if there's no one calling you...

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  • a rainy day of hodduk


    Even if it smells like oil on a rainy day. I want to make it and eat it. Today, instead of pajeon, we baked sweet hodduk. Last winter, I couldn't see anyone selling hodduk at a street vendor. I really wanted to eat it. It doesn't taste like street hodduk, but it tasted good.^^ It's easy to make at the supermarket and the taste is guaranteed so it's worth it.

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  • Salang Salang


    It's pretty, but it'

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  • the distance of one's


    A teacher says, "People say that when they get angry, each other's hearts go down. I feel distant. So the street. You're screaming as much as you are. What you say to someone you've grown apart from. It is something that is considered to be in touch with. a knight of the brush The more you fly, the louder you scream. That's why. Shouting The more angry you get, the more you get. Their hearts grow further apart, so they go. The more you hear, the bigger your voice becomes." "If you keep screaming, you're going to have two people. The chest got so far away that we ended up with each other. be a dead heart to in one's dead chest No matter how loud you shout, you can't get it across. So I'm going to have to say it out loud. It's." The teacher went on to say. "What happens when two people fall in love? Does it happen? When you love, you'll be gentle. whispers. The distance between the two breasts is very. Because I feel like I' So, each other, that you don't have to shout at All The distance between the two breasts when love deepens. 's gone, so I don't need to say anything. The liver is coming. Two souls are full. Because we're going out. Then we're going to have each other. Just looking at it is enough. It is to understand without. This is what happens when people are angry and love." The teacher looked back at his students and said, "When we argue, we lose our hearts. It should not be done. I'm angry. They scream, they push each other's breasts, No way. If you keep screaming, You can't restore that distance, and eventually you can't find your way back."

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  • a double-faced spoonful of snow


    On my way to work, I went on a hot road like the summer weather, and a truck stopped walking in the flowing mantle. "I've got fresh, fresh noodles. I've got eight of them with their eyes full of gum." Lee Myeon-su, who has a lot of eyes, called up his uncle because he wanted to see him. It's free to look around," he said in a pleasant voice. I didn't squirm my eyes while I was alive, but even at a glance, I look so fresh! Tomorrow morning, delicious noodles will be on the table! Old adults once told me that the skin of the noodles was delicious and the house was ruined while cooking it.

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  • Lilac


    The smell of lilac is a very good season. The scent is deeper at night than during the day. He's blooming at the entrance to the apartment building on his way home late at night. I've been greeted with the scent of lilac. Like a day's fatigue.

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  • a dog bowl


    Inje County. Sangnam-myeon. Sangnam-ri. The man walking through the countryside stopped. I sat under the shade of a persimmon tree in front of a house, wiping the sweat off my forehead, and fanned out. The languid midday heat is dampening everything. A puppy was eating by the foot of the sheep. The glances of the sheep's eyes that looked down inadvertently stopped at the dog's bowl. The leftovers dried up and dried up and snorted, This isn't the usual thing. I walked up and looked closely and I thought it was a soft-spoken celadon dish! Three or four steps from the side of the dog and he's the owner of this three-cahn house. A sullen old man was drying peppers in a millstone. When he sat down quickly, he looked away and asked. His heart thumped as he had a windfall. The old man said, "It's a great heat wave today.Yes. Can you get a bowl of water?" "That's what it is." The squinty old man stood up and walked to the kitchen and floated a bowl of water. The man who drank the water in one gulp Sit down in the shade of a persimmon tree and ask yourself what you're going to do. I've been talking to an old man about this. "I can see the buds because the puppy has a very bright look. Yeah. The squinty old man kept on doing what he was doing without answering back. "If you train this guy well, he'll hang on to the boar's throat.... "The old man who patted the head of a puppy looked at the old man. "Sold this puppy to me. I'll pay you handsomely.” The old man said, "The dog that I'm selling No, I answered dryly, clinging to what I was doing. Don`t do that, old man. "If you go over the head of the market, there are many dog owners, so go live there. The yangban was hot. "Smooth!" The squinty old man shakes his head. 'Thirty!' 'Fuck!' 'Here you are. I'm taking this dog!" I stopped what I was doing, and I got up. "I'll see all the stars," the old man said, taking a shenan and putting it in his pocket. If that puppy wants to have it like that, take it with him." "Thank you," said Yang with a big smile. Elder Warden" The sheep snuggled with the puppy. Let's pick up the dog's bowl. The old man said, "I only sold puppies. We didn't even sell rice bowls." He snatched the dog bowl with a snap. "Without a bowl of dog food..." "It's such a shame," he said. Let's go home!" As Yangban sighed and left with a sigh, the squinty old man turned his head and shouted. "My dear, I'm out of fishing." My daughter-in-law came out with another puppy with a grin.🍎

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  • Bag and Owl


    I always fall asleep where I like. One day, I was going to use my bag. It smells awful in my bag. Turns out it's Owol's piss attack. I threw it away without thinking what to do. the youngest victim, Seung Woo Do. In Seungwoo's bag, too. 🐱 Everyone, have a good night!

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  • in good health


    I've been interested in health these days, so I've learned a lot about it. I wasn't the type to drink water. I'm still interested in drinking warm water, but I don't think there's much water to drink. by the way Dementia It's one of the diseases that results from poor drinking of water. in our bodies If there's not enough water, The first thing you can do without water. They're cutting back on the water supply. at this time people in their 30s who don't drink much water You don't drink more from people in their 4s to 50s, do you? then Which of our bodies will get old first? It's skin. Even so. If there's not enough water, Where should I reduce it? It's an organ. You'll be in your 5s and 60s at this time. That's why there are so many places that get sick. Of course, I've used it a lot, but... in the end If there's not enough water, The brain doesn't have a good water supply. Your brain is starting to ache. so When you become an old man, you will be sick. They say there are a lot of brain-related diseases. Water shortage is the source of all diseases? On the contrary. Just drink water. Eighty percent of the disease is self-healing. Water if you eat well Dementia Prevention Diagram It's a precious thing to say that dementia can slow down. I'll have to drink it hard. You don't like drinking water. I'm getting interested in water.

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  • turtle's meal


    My turtle's meal fell off yesterday morning. I'm just hungry all day. I stopped by the supermarket early in the morning to buy a turtle's meal. I'm sorry to force you to fast for one day.

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  • Let's increase body temperature by 1°.


    I remember the story that someone told me in the past while introducing me to the pier. There was a famous Chinese oriental doctor. Almost every patient's diagnosis of a disease. He said, "Hey, what are you doing?" And end it in a word. They also used buoyancy to cure many diseases. Most diseases occur when the body becomes cold. This is because if your body temperature drops, your immune system weakens. Cold water is the main culprit in the loss of body temperature. Do you eat samgyetang, gomtang, and seolleongtang for yourself? It is said that even if you reduce cold water, your body temperature will rise by more than 1°. Even if your body temperature rises by more than 1 degree, your immunity will be strengthened. It is said that a drop in body temperature by one degree can cause all kinds of diseases. The reason is When the body temperature rises, the ojang muscles communicate smoothly, which improves blood flow. If you drink a cup of cold water as soon as you open your eyes, let's change to warm water. So I'm going to have to do something about it. drink as warm as possible In case of pain or entanglement in the body I enjoy sailing. Buhang Gangchu! Cool and nice.

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  • With your tongue out...


    Don't be stupid. Don't be sick. Then you'll have to look up. Have a long life. - Beopjeong. Did the monk Beopjeong? The long sentence is omitted, so the word "don't be stupid" might come up upsetting. Haha Like a sleeping Owol with his tongue sticking out. Have a comfortable night.

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  • one's brother's


    I introduced a cake that I made a while ago. Today, I will introduce the cake that you made. He made a mint-colored teddy bear and made his own name and put it in. It's butter cream, but cream and bread are also delicious. Yesterday when I came back from work, the youngest cake The owner of the cake ate it cleanly. It must have been delicious.

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  • more dreadful than viper


    On a hospital bulletin board There was a phrase like this. 'The dog bite was treated in half a day and went back. The snakebite man finished treatment in three days. However, the person who was bitten by a horse is still hospitalized.’ I don't know how harsh and deadly things you've been. above the snake venom I don't know if I need to be treated. It's a realistic phrase. So Confucius said, in the middle of the earth I think you said this. "Samsayon." "Three days to go." before I say a word Think about it three times. before one's act Think three times. What I said and what I did once, I said it again. I can't pick it up. Before you talk, before you act, I'll start thinking about myself first!

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  • snail cosplay


    When is the picture? There's a picture of the youngest playing snail games. I can't believe you're thinking all the time. Good night everyone.

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  • a late magnolia and a magpie's nest


    There's a couple of late magnets out there. If you look away, you'll see a value book. There's a light-blue leaf coming up. Nature's change and harmony are always beautiful.

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  • the youngest basketball cake


    Yesterday, my youngest brother went to a youth training center, He said he was going to play, and he made a cake. The design represented a basketball. As soon as I saw it, I knew it. You made it delicately. Cream is buttercream That's brilliant.

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  • Blow it up in the wind!


    Dryer Do you only use it to dry your hair? Please remember the tips below. Not only when you dry your hair, It can be used in many situations in real life. Take off the sticker When you need to remove stickers from glass bottles or boxes, you can use a screwdriver to blow warm air and then remove it. <2>Clearing the words The more shiny the shoes are, the prettier they are, right? When you go out, you can use a dry cleaner on your well-washed shoes to get a warm breeze, which is more glossy. Simple ironing I'm dressed to go out, but there's a crease in my eyes, right? It's hard to iron the whole thing, and when you don't have time, sprinkle water with a sprayer and blow out the hot air with a dryer. A simple crease can be easily solved. <4> Remove dust from the keyboard Dust often forms between buttons on the keyboard and the accumulation of dust and debris can cause keyboard failure. So sometimes you can blow up the dirt before it builds up by gently blowing it on the keyboard in the cold wind of the dryer. Once you know, don't have to worry about it. Solve!

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  • Myeong-tae's Reason


    a star with a lot of names The name changes depending on the timing of the catch. When you catch pollack in spring, it's the first. a bad harvest in the fall frozen pollack fresh pollack ecology If you dry the pollack, you'll be a drummer. Too much dried pollack is a thug. a netting of pollack Pluto's baby is a stingray. a slender, slightly less-dried pollack. 헉헉헉... 숨 요 ᄒᄒᄒ And the most popular drinking food these days, black tea! And Hwang Tae And also, Maengtae, the dialect of the older adults. But I'm going to Japan. "Men"Taiko"明太子ro come to be called Oh, my gosh.

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  • a pop-tree flower called a sari flower.


    from an early age The flower that I liked by calling it a sari flower. Turns out it's a joppod flower. It's this time of year, it's brilliantly scented. Flowers blooming. No. Joppod blossom. I love it. There's a separate sari flower. The tree that we used to make when we used to sweep the mud garden is a sari tree. I used to sweep the yard a lot with that broom when I was young.Especially, I remember when I used fallen leaves on autumn day. It is still called a sari flower to me and it shines brightly.

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  • How to Eat Sweet Potatoes, depending on the situation


    1. Fry the sweet potato when you are tired. For sweet potatoes, it's called Tocop It contains a lot of vitamin E. This ingredient helps you recover from fatigue. It's also very good for your skin. But this tocopherol, It's a fat-soluble vitamin that's close to oil. If you fry it lightly in oil, They say we can eat it more efficiently. but only sweet potatoes without flour It's best to fry. with oil rich in linoleic acid. If fried in a short period of time, it's cholesterol-boosting. They say it can be contained. 2. When you can't go to the bathroom, put the sweet potato in the refrigerator and eat it. Sweet potatoes have a lot of dietary fiber. Helping with bowel movements is not a good idea. I'm sure you all know that. When you freeze the steamed sweet potato, The action of dietary fiber and minerals has doubled. It can help your bowel health more. But don't you eat too much cold food? I heard that about one is the best thing in a day. 3. Dry the sweet potatoes when you want to keep your bones healthy. If you dry the sweet potato well, It is rich in vitamin D and calcium. It is said to help with bone health.

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  • In the bathroom ...... honeytip


    In the bathroom, with a toothbrush, etc. Adsorption rubber used But at first, it's not like we's  After a while, it drops off, and once it does, it keeps falling. A good way to "stick" so you don't fall off! 1. Clean the rubber parts and walls to be adsorbed. It is important to wipe well without foreign substances or moisture.  2. Apply heat with a dryer. Heat the sorbent rubber to make it dry. Attach the heat to the desired position before it cools down. It creates the conditions under which adsorption can work best.  For longer, stronger rubber to maintain adhesion. It's to help. Another way is to put it out in hot water.

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  • Wherever you are,


    Paul says. If you know how to devote yourself to this now, you can devote yourself to that world even if you enter another world. Because the future always comes as it is. That world will come to this world as well. As you cross the river, the closer you get to the other side, the more you get to the other side. The starting point is over there. So wherever you are, you're always here.

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  • a falling flower


    I'm pushed... regardless of my will... where am I going?

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  • Today's Honey Tips


    Onions that are good for your body and taste good You can use various kinds of stew, stir-fry, etc. The experience of tears in chopping onions. There will be. Because of the volatile substance that makes the onion taste spicy, Your eyes get hot and you shed tears. Let me give you a tip to cut onions without crying. It's oiling the blade. Before you cut the oil like cooking oil, If you put a thin layer of me on a thin layer, The spicy ingredients of the onion go into the eye. They say they can block it to some extent. So you don't cry, and your eyes don't get hot. You'll be able to And I dipped the onions in ice water. It works even if you cut it. It's not spicy even if you keep it refrigerated and cut it. Don't cry about onions anymore.

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  • It's so beautiful. It's so sad.


    The plums on the flower bed of my apartment are in full bloom, and I'm shaking the petals in front of me. I feel very sad when I look at them. How beautiful things change so fast! I took pictures for a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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  • Today's Honey Tips


    Help me get rid of the meat in 10 minutes! There's a process you need to cook with meat, right? It's the process of taking out the blood of the meat.  Most people soak the meat in water and take time to drain the blood, which sometimes feels too long. So, I'll tell you how to get rid of the meat in 10 minutes. A honey tip that reduces the time to lose meat blood to 10 minutes, The pungent cleanliness is an attractive cider. Put a large bowl of cider in the water and soak for about 10 minutes to drain the blood! It's really easy and simple, isn't? I think you can adjust the cider volume depending on the amount of water. so that carbon dioxide bubbles produced by cider can quickly remove the blood from the meat,  You should use a carbonated cider because it helps. Plus, if you add cider and remove the blood, you can reduce cooking time. Cleanly remove impurities from the meat surface, the sugar in the cider makes the meat lighter so that you can taste more delicious. When I want to get rid of the blood and taste delicious meat dishes...Recommendation

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  • On purpose? Coincidence?


    pick up past pictures of children I found an interesting picture It looks like a picture I took while playing, but they're both closing their eyes. Is closing your eyes intentionally taken with your eyes closed....A picture of both of them accidentally blindfolded!!

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  • Why I want to meditate (light of the year)


    Just understand correctly and the problem will be solved immediately. That's because all the problems arise from the Mole Sea. The reason why you are causing trouble is because you are not yet capable of understanding. So what's needed most fundamentally is not to solve the problem, but to bring more light of understanding. Having a more understanding and transparent perspective allows you to distance and observe the problems as if they were those of others, not yourself. So there should be a distance between you and the problem. Only then can the problem be solved. Meditation creates such a distance and opens up the view to you as a whole. You go beyond the problem. You change the dimension of consciousness. Your level of consciousness remains unchanged even after psychoanalysis. You only return to the same level of consciousness and adapt again. There is no change in your perception, your waking consciousness and your ability to make a statehood. But in meditation, your consciousness rises to a higher and higher level. as you look down from high. I can see all the problems. Now the problems are in the valley and you are at the top of the mountain. All the problems look different when you look at them from such a high. As the distance between you and the problem grows, you have the ability to observe the problems in depth, not in your own way. As the distance takes place, so does your ability to observe. - Osho. - Oh, my God.

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