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  • nameless plateau of the south sea


    It's the taste of the sea. It's delicious.

    $redaries . 2019.04.21 16:56

    13 thanks . 3,543.6909 PUB

  • "No importation of fishery products from Fukushima" won the WTO dispute.


    There was a good news this morning. Korea has won the WTO dispute over the import ban of marine products from Fukushima. I feel better than winning soccer a day ago. I was very concerned that the WTO ruling was never overturned in the appeals court, but I'm glad to hear that. The news of the WTO defeat is making a big fuss in Japan. I'm glad that I can continue to eat without worrying about the radioactivity of marine products. ^^ ∘ Trends in Korea's import regulations on Japanese food products Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant explosion in March 2011 In May 2013, the government expanded its import regulations to 54 countries and regions, including Korea, due to nuclear accident. September 2013 Korea Strengthens Import Regulations. Prohibits All-Fisheries Trade in Eight prefectures June 2015 Korea-Japan Negotiation Parallel Line May 2015 filing a complaint with the WTO Japan's victory at the WTO's Dispute Settlement Committee in February 2018. South Korea Appeals to the Senior Committee (Trial 2) in April 2018. South Korea wins the upper committee in April 2019. I took a picture of the news.

    $redaries . 2019.04.12 11:39

    20 thanks . 1,451.7695 PUB

  • Is it a peach flower?


    This picture was taken in the mountains, but I don't know what it is. ^^

    $redaries . 2019.04.11 16:27

    12 thanks . 474.9238 PUB

  • spring flowers


    The flowers are so pretty.

    $redaries . 2019.04.06 10:28

    13 thanks . 369.6463 PUB

  • It's a big fire in the forest fire.


    The wind is almost typhoon-like, so it's not going to evolve, and it's a big deal. I hope there will be no more damage to the citizens of Sokcho.

    $redaries . 2019.04.05 00:43

    12 thanks . 4,852.9880 PUB

  • Namhae Daraengi Village rape flower


    The rape flowers of Darin village in Namhae are starting to bloom. ^^

    $redaries . 2019.03.31 14:28

    20 thanks . 1,443.2987 PUB

  • cherry blossoms in my neighborhood


    Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in my neighborhood, too. ^^ Ah... My neighborhood is Daegu.

    $redaries . 2019.03.26 22:21

    21 thanks . 1,584.8439 PUB

  • 베트남엔 담배 가격이 정말 쌉니다.


    이번에 베트남 여행을 위해 한국 공항 면세점에서 6만원 주고 담배 2보루를 사서 갔드랬지요. 현지 담배가 궁금해서 현지 마트에서 담배를 샀는데 한갑에 500원입니다. 깜짝 놀랬네요. ㅜㅜ 말보로, 마일드7 등의 외산담배, 국산 담배도 면세점보다 훨씬 싸네요. 베트남 현지에서는 무엇을 사던 면세점보다 쌉니다. 출국시에도 공항 면세점은 베트남 시중가보다 2배이상 비싸니 참고하세요.

    $redaries . 2019.03.15 00:04

    17 thanks . 974.4388 PUB

  • [Vietnam] There is not only a Concafé in Danang.


    It's famous in Vietnam. But there are so many coffee shops on the street. It costs almost half the price of 32,000 won (about 1,600 won) at a roadside cafe, but you can enjoy more coffee with more leisurely.

    $redaries . 2019.03.14 00:33

    18 thanks . 1,544.8149 PUB

  • Day 2 of Danang


    It's Day 2 of Danang. I used a bike rental service at the hotel. Danang is easier to ride on a bike because it's better on the road than later. I went to Mt. Ohaeng with Linnung Temple. If you want to go to Linnung Temple, you can take the coastal road. It was so nice to ride a bike.

    $redaries . 2019.03.12 10:44

    5 thanks . 2,316.4709 PUB

  • Danang Yongdari Bulshō


    It's a famous show in Danang. It's nothing compared to many people's expectations. Fire 10 times, water cannons, end...

    $redaries . 2019.03.12 10:42

    2 thanks . 947.3184 PUB

  • Day 1 of Danang


    It's the third day of Vietnam. Today, I went from the back to Danang. As expected, I went on a sliding bus. After Danang arrived, Azitra got a massage at a massage shop and went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Madame Lan. It's a famous place, but it tastes terrible. It used to be crowded with group guests, but I think the latter half should be trusted. Check In Hotel... Da Nang is hotter than later. I'm going to wash and rest a little before I go over to dinner. This is a charcoal grill restaurant called Qu Qun C Hum Huế Ngon. I ate beef, shrimp, octopus, and frogs. I don't like seafood and frogs are the best. It's a great restaurant for frogs. Buy some fruits at a market, watch Hello Park, stop K Mart and go to the hotel to go and go to the hotel. In short, Madame is not the best food, and in the charcoal grill restaurant, the frog roast is delicious. The atmosphere in the city was better later. Later, there were many hotels, so there was an exotic atmosphere because there were many people from different countries in the restaurant. Da Nang has a lot of Korean people and Korean restaurants.

    $redaries . 2019.03.10 01:43

    11 thanks . 947.4738 PUB

  • [Vietnam] Later Royal Tombs Tour


    It's the second day of my trip to Vietnam. Today we looked back at the royal tombs of the suburbs. The Royal Tomb of King Kaidin, the Tomb of King Min Meng, the Temple of Tienmu, and later the palace. I rented a bike because there are many places to look around in a day. I can't speak in English or Vietnamese, but I borrowed all the translators, hand gestures, and Konglish. Surprisingly, there are many rental shops near the hotel. Some hotels offer their own rentals, but we didn't have that kind of service. It's $5 for a full day loan and gas can be pumped at a separate gas station. The majority of travelers here rent out their bikes. I've decided to go to the bike. It's the light. There's a risk of accidents if you're wrong with big trucks on a quiet road. If possible, I recommend that you rent a car with a safe driver.^^

    $redaries . 2019.03.09 00:28

    8 thanks . 574.1618 PUB

  • [Vietnam] Going Later in Da Nang


    This trip was later planned to travel in Da Nang and Hoian order. From Danang Airport to Hu, we used a slippin bus. The distance was about 95 kilometers, and it took about three hours. The price is about 5,000 won per person. Slipping buses can go lying down like pictures. It's very comfortable. Reservations can be made through a local travel agency, and I pre-booked and used the Internet to a local travel agency called the New Tourist. The taxi fare is really cheap, but I used the bus to save time and money. Taxis cost about 60,000 won in two hours.

    $redaries . 2019.03.08 01:42

    13 thanks . 2,287.4459 PUB

  • Danang Airport


    From the 7th to the 14th, I will travel to Danang, Vietnam. I arrived at Danang Airport today. It is my first free trip in my life, so I am very excited. ^^ There are many ways to use a cell phone, such as roaming, Wi-Fi shopping, and using local mind. I bought a note at the airport to use my cell phone. But the store inside the airport entrance was eight dollars and the store outside the airport was seven dollars. There's a dollar difference between the doors. Please refer to those who plan to travel to Vietnam.

    $redaries . 2019.03.08 01:03

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  • South Sea Sensibility Dome Fishing


    We finally caught Yeongdeung Iron Sensitivity Dome. It's really hard to catch Yeongdeung Iron Emotional Dome. ㅜㅜ As soon as I caught him, I went to Daegu. Spicy and hot soup with acquaintances. 냠냠; As it is winter, the raw fish is very sweet and delicious. The size of a real emotional dome is 45 centimeters. What is "Yeongdeungchul" in sea fishing? Excerpts of "First-time Sea Fishing" The second month of the lunar month is called Yeongdeungcheol or Yeongdeungdal. In the Gregorian calendar, fishing usually falls around March, during which time, it is specifically referred to as 'Yeongdeung Emotional Dome.' The word Yeongdeungchul originated from the legend of Yeongdeung Halmi, which is the god of the wind who controls fishing and farming. Yeongdeung Halmi came down on the first day of the second lunar month every year and was considered to rise on the 20th. During her stay on the ground, the wind was strong, so she prayed for peace by floating the purified water or raising the Yeongdeung Festival. This period is the lowest water temperature and the most windy of the year. Emotional domes, which stayed in the far sea throughout the winter, are just about to start moving to their own homes after being warm for scattering, and because of the low water temperature, the twigs won't move, improving the screening of seagulls. Of course, even large-scale players are not very active, so their lips are tricky, and once they're hooked, they're likely to be a big fish, which is a time to excite professional players. It is also called 'Yeongdeung Sari' in February of the lunar calendar. This is when the difference between the tides is greatest, along with "Baekjung sari (July 15th)."

    $redaries . 2019.03.05 11:10

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  • a grilled eel restaurant


    Namhae Eelfish Restaurant 'Moon Bannul'

    $redaries . 2019.03.02 12:29

    11 thanks . 2,064.0638 PUB

  • Namhae Island


    I have been to a small island in the South Sea. It is a quiet island because 7 families live there. On the island, there are local fans, and there are also Dulegil sections along the seonju.

    $redaries . 2019.03.02 12:26

    5 thanks . 4,893.2623 PUB

  • an old strawberry


    If you take National Road No.33, you will pass through the ancient spirit. Strawberries are in season, so I stopped by on my way. I was happy to buy a basket of strawberries. I'm going to sample strawberries from strawberry house and put them in a large basket and give them another pack. Strawberries sold at the market are priced at 20,000 won, but those are priced at 20,000 won in Sanji, and the sheep are tattoos.

    $redaries . 2019.02.25 21:18

    15 thanks . 3,469.4543 PUB

  • Daegu Triangle Tailotari? A roast?


    5000 won for Ming Ran Gui... This is a true story...

    $redaries . 2019.02.20 21:30

    16 thanks . 2,860.5228 PUB

  • Albinopouled


    It's a storm-breeding eggplant. In three years since I got home, I've grown up from 10 to like this. The color is so pretty.

    $redaries . 2019.02.15 00:34

    21 thanks . 3,898.7901 PUB

  • E-Mart Lobsta


    I bought this live king crab at E-mart for 580,000 won. The raw fish I had at the Japanese restaurant was so delicious. So, the rest of the circuit was cheesy and it tasted great. It's better than a Japanese restaurant course that costs 60,000 won per person.

    $redaries . 2019.02.14 04:01

    18 thanks . 4,934.1700 PUB

  • Octopus and raw meat


    It seems that bulge is the day of a combination of octopus and raw meat.

    $redaries . 2019.02.09 05:36

    14 thanks . 4,524.3808 PUB

  • Resting place


    Go-go-go-hoo-hoo! The highway is a parking lot and the rest area is full.

    $redaries . 2019.02.05 16:47

    14 thanks . 3,725.0974 PUB

  • the scenery after the snow.


    This is the scene I saw at home after snowing today. It looks like a picture.

    $redaries . 2019.01.31 18:03

    18 thanks . 2,863.4923 PUB

  • Namhae Spin


    This is Namhaecho that my acquaintance gave me as a gift to share. 10kg of spinach. What about this?

    $redaries . 2019.01.30 19:06

    13 thanks . 2,488.8647 PUB

  • Spring in the South Sea


    Spring is already here in the warm south.

    $redaries . 2019.01.30 19:04

    1 thanks . 3,461.9666 PUB

  • Namhae Jijok-myeon eel restaurant


    Recommend a restaurant in Jijok-myeon, Namhae "Moon-billed Rye-e It's not greasy, it's soft and it melts.

    $redaries . 2019.01.29 11:39

    9 thanks . 3,921.8254 PUB

  • 2019 Road


    Second fishing in 2019... Oh, no, no, no. ㅜㅜ Youngdeung Halmae, a sentimental dome...

    $redaries . 2019.01.27 22:16

    8 thanks . 2,184.6642 PUB

  • 2019 Fishing Starts


    It's recommended by locals in the South Sea, but it's only beautiful and has no life. I climbed the cliff hard. ᅮᅮ Fishing starts in 2019 with a bang. It's Yeongdeung-cheol's watch. Let's get him...

    $redaries . 2019.01.26 17:09

    12 thanks . 1,272.8909 PUB

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