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  • [Memories of a chapter] Looking at Radefans from afar


    As the picture from the top of the Arc de Triomphe began, I'd like to upload a few more. This time, turn your eyes and look at the area of Radefangs, famous for its new Arc de Triomphe. It helps the weather and the clouds in the sky are wonderful. And the tall buildings around Radefangs' Arc de Triomphe are also creating a wonderful atmosphere. But I haven't been to the Radefangs. Paris had so many places to look around, even if it wasn't a Radefence. In fact, today's picture may be of a regretful look at the Radefangs region from a distance. I don't know if you're saving up to travel again, but I don't know if you're going to go back to Paris. It may be because there are more places I haven't been, but within Europe there is also the attraction of France's constant attraction. Personally, I want to stay in a city for a long time and look at it in detail, but I always look around half way and find a place to miss. As always, put your regrets behind you and keep them on the Wish List in the photo album in your memory. realprince

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  • Looking at the Eiffel Tower from afar


    In the previous article, the title was "Around the Eiffel Tower.""But if you were disappointed because you didn't have a picture of the Eiffel Tower, today you can look back on your memory with the picture of the Eiffel Tower. But today's picture is Eiffel Tower from afar. If it is a symbol of Paris, it is by far the Eiffel Tower. If the place is Seoul, what is the symbol? It won't have to flow out of the side street, so stop here and go back to Paris. Looking back on the old memories, I remember walking around all day with my camera around my head on weekends. I wonder if there are any distinct tastes in pictures taken as hobbies, but strangely, pictures of people looking straight and those of buildings that are too close to the eye are not attractive. (Of course, personally...) Maybe that's why I took this picture of the Eiffel Tower from afar, but I personally like it. As I said before, the Eiffel Tower from the Shayo Palace across from the Eiffel Tower is the most beautiful, but the Eiffel Tower from afar with the sky is also good. So, where did you take this picture? It's none other than the top of the Arc de Triomphe. The advantage of the Arc de Triomphe is not as high as the Montparnas Tower, but it's the best place to look at the famous buildings in each direction from the center of Paris. You can look up at the Eiffel Tower like in the picture, or you can see the nearby Shangri-je street crowds and the area of Radhepans, where you can see modern improvements in different directions, and that far away Montmartre Hill. After looking around the charming places of Paris from such a distance, you can take them out one by one and meet them one by one, and it's a great. Of course, we're going to take one by one, and then we're going to continue... PS Instagram is a bit sad because the print of the picture was cut off a bit. realprince

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  • What do you do with the troublesome company?


    The weekend is coming back. Let's get organized in time for a new week to start. This weekend, I was mincing because I didn't want to do anything, but I read a book. (Actually, it was read during the week...) There are many books in the bookcase of that kind of class, as there are many books in the bookcase which are related to old companies. The book to be introduced today is "The Servant Leadership" by James C. Hunter. Since the book was published in the early 2000s, it was printed up to the second edition and sold more than 20 books, it is thought that there are many people who know it. Now I read such a famous book. We often see people who show leadership through self-sacrifice while living in a company and often cite the term "servant leadership," but we start checking the contents. In the case of the writer, when he has to work in density in a short period of time and observe quality and delivery time at the same time, the final result was that he had to endure and hold on, but everything was on the desk. I don't think it's the "survant leadership" that creates this environment simply. The right leadership we know would be a good idea to create and properly manage an environment where subordinates can make as many mistakes as possible, but the business environment like the jungle isn't always the case. In that respect, the book describes leadership as this. "Administration is not a term that means something you do for others. You manage inventory lists and checkbooks or other means. You can even manage yourself. But you can't manage other personalities. Things are managed, but people are led." "leadership:a technique that exerts influence on people so that they can focus on goals set for common good." (P44-45 in text) It's neat. It's man's care, man's lead! Reid's influence on people! There is another neat expression, which I quote. "But evolution is not possible without actually changing ourselves. Those who deserve to lead others are those who have a brave spirit to question themselves and try to change. George Bernard Shaw said, A wise man adapts himself to the world, but a foolish man insists that the world adjusts to him. So evolution depends on how stupid people do it.' (p79 in the text). The book consists of people from different professions gathering in monasteries and talking to each other, and sometimes cliche-looking expressions may be boring, but they have their own healthy expressions. Among them, the center of "servant leadership" is solved by eight factors (patience, kindness, humility, respect, altruism, forgiveness, respect, dedication) compared to love. It may seem a little unrealistic, but if you're thinking about leadership, it's worth reading. The end of the weekend! May you have a nice new week...… realprince

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  • a gap in the number


    The title is weird? Is it a hwatu? What is it? What? I guess I've got the book. It's been three months since I started reading it again, and I've been reading it when I have time. Today, I will introduce my book again. Today I chose a book that I can read relatively lightly. The important thing is that you should try to be good at anything because you think small things are important. The book to be introduced today is "The Joyful Butterfly Effect," a work by Linda Kaplan Taler and Robin Cobal. The subtitle says 'nine reasons why you have to risk your life on trivial things.' You'll see what's roughly central. This book deals with the surprising consequences of a small word, a small action. I'm sure we've heard a lot of cases where what we thought was nothing would lead to a big accident, or where the consequences of careful and careful work on principle would come back to great success. This is full of such cases. But I don't know why it's so hard for us to practice this coming "one difference." By the time we pass the word "h-h-h-h-h-ah. It means nothing. In my case, I sometimes have arguments in my office because of such small differences, and most people say, 'Why should I do this when the customer hasn't asked for this much?I hear a lot of people say, 'Don't you mind if the customer gets angry then?' There are many reasons, of course, but if you turn things around like professional ethics and capitalism, you may never know the world in which these little differences are made. (Not at all, I don't know much.) Here are some examples of what I remember in the book. "People usually think that the person who has to change is the other person, not the person who has to change. But we can't change others. All we can control is our actions." (P29 from the text) Oh. I like it so much though it's a short sentence. It's simple and powerful. It feels pointless to be feeling it. "If the carpet on the floor looks worn out when you enter the dentist's office, you may be wondering if dental equipment is the latest equipment. In the business world, customer perception is of paramount importance. How customers perceive your company plays a crucial role in success. One mistake, one unfriendly employee, one unpleasant experience will make the customer feel negatively, which can cause you great damage." (p155 from the text) There may be anecdotes that I have experienced once in my first year in society. If you've had a lot of experience like that, it wouldn't be easy for you to survive in the company.) You may have developed muscles in your mind and found out that small differences can give you a lot of strength. What is the small difference you think? PS Today's pictures are taken from pixbay. realprince

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  • The Story of a Life Professor at Harvard University in Korea


    At the end of the weekend, I come back to my book story. Yesterday's long outing and today's volatile weather have created a perfect environment for reading. Thanks to you, take the time to read and organize a book. The book I will introduce today is a book by Professor Seok Ji-young, who is a life professor at Harvard University. The title is 'World I Wanted to See.' In fact, I picked up this book because I thought it would be free on the subway due to the distance of travel while I was out in a hurry. I tried to read it with a light heart, as the profile is also a profile, but the atmosphere felt in the title is likely to attract students and parents who are about to study abroad or take the exam. As a personal experience, this kind of book often plays the same role as a guide to success for growing students rather than an autobiographical character, so I opened the book without much expectation. In the first half of the book, the growth process was not necessarily boring, so the bookcase went over the magic trickery. By the way, it's going to be in the middle of the year, so my career is so unique. I read books like crazy in my childhood, piano and violin classes and competitions, experience in American Ballet School (SAB) for a while, life at Yale University, and literature major at Oxford University. What's this all of a sudden? The thought of is passing by Seok Ji-young, who is famous as a Harvard professor for life, is a law teacher, but what does this career mean? Those who have lived as if the above art and literature were everything, apply to Harvard Law School at some point and later become a law professor at Harvard University after going through a career of public prosecutor. If it were in Korea, the story of graduating from law school through a regular curriculum would have been the whole story, but based on art and literature, it gained extensive experience and entered the best path in the field of law. There are so many loud noises and implications. There are many phrases I want to remember in the interim, but I only try to extract some. "My most frequent advice for Korean students is to find a chance to learn anything that makes you uncomfortable, whether it's in front of people, whether it's hard to speak or write. All things are, but this also needs practice. You have to push yourself and do it again and again until it's easy, or until you can enjoy it." (P240 from the text) "I hope something has been told in my story. That is to accept the imperfections that growth requires. The most precious part of my life's journey was the growing freedom. The most precious part of my life's journey was the growing freedom. In other words, freedom to think, work, love, and play. It is impossible for anyone who tries to be perfect to feel free. It just hurts! Training to develop what I love is very rewarding. But not because it's perfect. I can't be perfect. I don't want my children either." (P254) It was when I read ballerina Kang Sue-jin's autobiography in the past, but I can feel something in common when I see successful people, although it may not be all about having to go through a painful process of discipline like a monk. Read and feel for yourself.… PS pictures were taken from pixbay. realprince

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  • Near the Eiffel Tower...


    Memories of Paris run wild and walk all day. And it's full of memories of snooping around so many things in a short period of time. Other cities in Europe may have many things to see, but I think there is a city like Paris where we have heard a little bit of it or are full of familiar attractions. As I came to Paris, I thought it would be natural to look around the Eiffel Tower, so I moved from my lodging near Montparnas to the Eiffel Tower. I took a Paris subway that smelled a lot, and the Paris subway was divided into the old subway and the newly built Saeji subway. There are many ways to see the Eiffel Tower, but it's the best way to see it at Palais de Chaillot across the street. When we arrive at Shayo Palace, the Eiffel Tower, which was seen on TV far away, stands tall. But why is there no Eiffel Tower in one picture while talking about the Eiffel Tower? I was tired of taking the picture of the Eiffel Tower, but I met this scene while looking around. It looked a little dangerous, but the man who came into the frame felt as if he was about to fly into the sky, enjoying his freedom. Feeling the breeze gently, I open my arms and close my eyes. I feel as if I'm going to fly away any moment. Why? Because I'm looking at the Eiffel Tower in front of my eyes! The picture of the Eiffel Tower should look forward to the next opportunity. - Realprince -

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  • You can tell by pretending?


    I come back to book review after a long time. I was busy for a few days, but the book I chose this time was a subject that I should read with a little thought, so it took me a long time to read. Let's go and see. Today's book is called "Snoop by Sam Gosling." The subtitle reads "Power to see through others." It's interesting to see the author's history of writing the book, as a professor of psychology at the University of Texas, who is known for his 'bedroom study.' 'Silence study'... What is this? The author studies the study of the study of things from the age of the owner of the room to the gender and character of the room by looking only at the objects in the bedroom. He is also famous for appearing on ABC's TV program and working on a project to match the owner of a product through snooping, perhaps because of his mysterious ability. How on earth can we figure out these things? Here are some examples from this book. "The last thing you can do to sharpen and polish your weapons is simple. And it helps snooping in every way. That's what you have to ask. When I visit a place for the first time, I ask the ark owner about the things in the room. The prior knowledge gained from it is of great help to understand other clues, especially when thinking in combination with other information. So I'll keep asking. Why do you keep your beer in the microwave..." (p329 in the text) Isn't there something about the detective? To me, it feels like a very exciting area. You can only draw a person's image by looking at someone's stuff, and the pleasure you feel when you find clues and find out what they're meant to be through a conversation! I think it's a bit like the kind of payoff or something you sometimes feel in your job. There are many interesting examples in the book, but not all can be introduced, so let's set out the area below for snooping, which the author has set as an example. I hope you can think of the main character in the area below. "Snoop's Snooping Zone: Facebook, Personal Homepage, Bedroom, Office, Top 10 of the favorite songs, Social Behavior Form, Simple Interview" (p303) In the case of the writer, 'simple interviews' are most likely to be preferred among the above snooping areas. Because of the nature of the job, I think it's because it's a fun area to talk and get information through analysis. Nearly 400 pages of the book were a bit difficult, but the subject itself was an interesting area, so I read it with interest. PS pictures were taken from Pixbay. realprince

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  • the memory of running around Paris at dawn


    After finishing the series "If You Live abroad for a Month," he thought about how to write the next series. I made a list of the series and did my best to write a list on Excel, but the conclusion. So, the conclusion was to search for travel photo albums and organize them into one photo, focusing on memorable episodes. I don't know who said it, but I try to get an idea from 'Simple is Best!' The above picture was taken when I went to Paris, France. When I went on this trip, I left my body on a plane to Paris without thinking about it at a time when it was really physically and mentally difficult. The afternoon when I arrived in Paris, the weather was very cloudy. Thanks to this, the first impression of Paris was not very pleasant, as it was cloudy with even rain. I woke up at 5 a.m. in a hotel room that was more spacious than I thought, and ran around Montparnasse in a calm, anxious spirit. I felt alive as I was running through the streets of Paris, where there was no traffic. Then I meet Luminarie who suddenly appears on the street. I was running like a horse and stopped. Then I pressed the soft shutter. There was a strangely indescribable sense of happiness in the streets where no one was present. Yeah, he's alive. I'm alive. Another episode: Maybe because they ran too fast, they let go of their neck warmers in the heat, and the cameras cut the air together. At the end of this picture, the beloved lens died. - Realprince -

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  • [Spring Flower Event] Magnolia is in full bloom! ^^


    You're in full bloom when you come out to go out. The photo didn't look pretty because it was a backlight, but I upload it without any pressure. The weather is cloudy, but have a nice weekend. ^^ Was it too comfortable to post a PS event? ^^ - Realprince -

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  • A book is a book.


    I've been reading again lately, so many things have come to my mind. Last night I was choosing the next book to read when I saw a book in the bookcase that had no title. It's not a book. No, it's a book? He was none other than the eBook Reader in the picture. Oh, the thought of buying a guy like this goes by. I stayed away from the book for a while, and naturally he couldn't see the light in the bookcase. Paper books are still natural and comfortable, but when I first bought ebook readers, I read many books with this device. The advantage is that carrying a reader can carry hundreds or thousands of books, making it so comfortable and easy to use batteries for a long time. The disadvantages were always the need for light, the small screen, the inconvenience of tagging and the inconvenience of moving to the desired page. And I read many books with tablet that I bought a long time ago. The advantage of tablet is that it can use many apps like cell phone, and it can read books, read magazines, and get fast and have many advantages, but the disadvantage of being tired of eye and tagging are also inconvenient. And the remaining one is a paperback book that strongly exudes analog fidelity. It's heavy and...It's scary.Oh, I don't know the drawbacks. It's a book. Yes, books are books. I guess it's still the case. Considering that I read the documents in detail in my office, I don't have to explain that it's because of readability, and fancy IT devices are always comfortable. What about you? ^^ - Realprince -

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  • 50 secrets that the company doesn't tell you.


    I go back to the book. With the beginning of April, I will finish my book and start a new review. I think a lot of people have heard of it once. Since most office workers spend so much time at work, I think it is a book that can be more. Introduced in Korea, the title of the book is "50 Secrets that Companies Don't Tell You," which is the work of "Cynthia Shapiro," which has experience in corporate consulting at numerous companies in the United States. When I read this book, I had a chance to look back on my new year. Reading the 50 cautionary points of company life, there were a number of things that were so sympathetic to me in my immature days that I could either undo my embarrassing memories or laugh at myself. Most of the content I spend in this book deals with things I need to be careful about in my work life, and is a field-friendly book that tells me how to effectively protect myself. It is amazingly similar to our corporate culture that I am an active person in an American company. (except for stories related to mid-term litigation.) I'll just sort one or two things out below. "In the eyes of our superiors, employees are divided into two categories. Employees who work for the company and employees who are 'self' for the company. The former are employees who do not care about the company's reputation or image. The latter, on the other hand, are employees who work with interest and respect in the company. Which way are you?" (p173) "The reason why a company picks a former sales force for a senior position is that the higher the position, the more frequent it is to represent the company and the more it is necessary to have the ability to negotiate in a proactive manner. It's where the CEO of the company ends up selling, networking, and persuading." (P196 from the text) In fact, the phrase in the writer's eye is not the company story. A method of organizing the goals defined below. "Brian Tracy International's ability to achieve system-based goals" Method1 : Write on paper five big goals to achieve this year. Method2 : Choose one of the goals that can bring about the biggest change in your life. It targets the goal first. Method3 : As if you have already achieved that goal, you write it back into the past tense. Method4 : Write down 20 things you can do right now to realize your goals. (P198) In the text, Now. I know how to do it, and isn't it time to put it into practice? Go! PS Today's pictures are taken from pixbay. - Realprince -

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  • a book read in March


    It's already been a month. I think I have finished the books I read in February, but I am already organizing them in March. It is my own pledge to make it mandatory to organize the books that I read regularly, but I hope it will also help those who read the books. Then, I read the book in March. Go! - A book I read in March 2019. 1. Secret / Rhonda Byul / Transferred Kim Woo-yeol / Home Biz 2. Sway / Duck Bradman, Written by Rom Brafman / Transparent / Reader's Book 3. The Great Wisdom of 45 Nobel Prize Winners / Written by Ma Jung-fei / Translated by Kang Kyung-eun / Youth Spirit 4. Happy person, Tashaturder / Tashatuder's thumbprint, Richard Brown's shot / Translated by Kong Kyung-hee / Wilbook 5. Spring / Nick Tasler's Hand / Moving Lee Young-mi / Flow Publishing Five books I read in March were put up in a separate post on the Publicito, but the best of them was a double-deaf.....It's hard. I'd like to pick 'Happy person, Tashatuder.' Most of you here may be, but there are many things that you forget when you are busy living in a busy life. You could clean up your mind and think about it through your essay. The book was good in the essay, but I could feel things that I couldn't simply feel with writing in a nice picture. I recommend it as well. Since I started reading at least four books in February, I wonder if I can read six books in April. Of course, reading isn't important, but in my experience, reading speed is also quick and excited again in reading in April when reading begins to become addictive. - Realprince -

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  • 해외에서 한달간 살아본다면 17 - 루체른


    스위스에 좀 더 긴 시간 머물렀으면 했지만 파리에서 많은 시간을 보내다보니 상대적으로 시간이 짧았다. 덕분에 베른과 루체른은 더욱 짧은 시간에 아쉬움이 더해졌다. 아기자기한 베른 구시가를 지나 짧은 시간 기차를 타고 이동해서 루체른에 도착할 수 있었다. TV프로그램에서 봤던 멋진 도시, 바로 루체른에 도착했다. 루체른 역에 내려 광장으로 나오니 생각보다 좁았고, 복잡하게 지나가는 트램과 그 사이에 지나가는 많은 차들에 조금은 당황했다. 하지만 오후에 도착한만큼 마음이 너무나 급했다. 호텔 체크인과 동시에 호텔에서 가까운 '빈사의 사자상'으로 향했다. 좀 찾아보니 프랑스 혁명때 사망한 스위스 용병들을 기리기 위해서 만들어진 기념비라고 했다. 자연석에 조각을 해서 사자를 정교하게 만들어 놓았고, 주변은 작은 공원처럼 잘 만들어져 있었다. 기념비를 뒤로하고 다음 장소로 이동해본다. 루체른을 둘러싸고 있는 성벽이 있는데 바로 '무제크 성벽'이다. 성벽을 한바퀴 산책하면 루체른의 멋진 모습을 볼 수 있다는 말에 길을 나서본다. 하지만 성벽 앞에서 바로 실망! 겨울에는 성벽에 오를 수 없다고 한다. 하지만 성벽 주변을 산책할 수는 있어서 크게 한바퀴를 돌아 루체른의 멋진 전경을 바라본다. 눈 앞에 펼쳐지는 아름다운 구시가와 루체른 호수는 정말 너무나 아름다운 풍경이었다. 여기도 말 그대로 살아보고싶은… 무제크 성벽을 내려와서 구시가로 들어가본다. 구시가에는 1300년대에 만들어졌다는 유럽에서 가장 오래된 나무다리인 '카펠교'가 있다. 물론 그 사이 여러 번 불이나서 다시 만들어졌다고 하는데 고풍스러운게 멋스럽다. 주변에는 구시가와 함께 멋진 풍경이 그만이다. 루체른 호수를 중심으로 펼쳐진 멋진 건물들과 여기저기서 날아드는 새들이 반겨주는 모습에 그저 여유로운 생각이 가득차오른다. 다음날 아침에는 일찍 일어나 호수 근처를 산책하며 신선한 공기와 함께 뭔가 가슴속에서 벅차오름을 느껴본다. 시간이 충분했다면 유람선도 타보고, 주변에서 유명한 리기산에도 올라가 봤을텐데 아쉬움이 크다. 루체른에도 다시 돌아오겠다고 마음속으로 다짐하며 떠났던 그 기억이 취리히 공항과 함께 그대로 남아있다. PS 지금까지 '해외에서 한달간 살아본다면'시리즈를 사랑해주신 여러분들께 감사드립니다. -.-;; 다음 시리즈가 준비되면 다시 찾아뵙겠습니다. ^^ - realprince -

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  • An impulsive life is helpful?


    March is on the way. Why time is so fast... Today, I am going to tell the story of a book that I barely read because it took a long time. The title is also interesting, and the book is called "Nick Tassler's Spring," which was an interesting book. When you look at the subtitle of the book, you see the phrase "the power of impulse to snatch opportunity." Most of the impulses that we know of are interpreted in a bad sense, and in this book we explain examples of how controlling impulses can be helpful. I spent a lot of time reading the book carefully, though I had a lot of books to think about. Some examples of impulsive behavior that cannot be explained logically are interpreted, and what causes it, and the examples that have been successful through it are very detailed and variously solved, and the topics that can be read in detail to those who are interested. Among the examples introduced in this book are some of the things that you might be interested in: investment-related cases. I will be able to read it interestingly because it introduces in detail why the stock market impulses make such a ridiculous decision. (I will not introduce it separately in this article.) I would like to summarize two of them by quoting them below. "The best way to align everyday decisions with big goals is to keep close ties with people around you. Before you make up your mind or just after you make up your mind, actively seek advice from someone you trust. Let's create a network and use it as a check point. Then, even when you forget to check, you won't get lost to too far away." (P212 from the text) While the importance of human relationships may not be emphasized enough, having someone who can ask for advice in that relationship will be a great gift in life. As the book says, "Let's ask for advice in an adaptive way." It means "don't worry too much about goals you don't want, and think specifically what you want." The same method applies in other areas other than golf. The destination must be specific in order to reach where you really want to go. It should not be "where" but "where." Many advice has been given to use the power of visualization or the secret energy of the universe to get what they want. This is a much more fundamental approach than that." (P231) It's a juke-like writing. However, I saw the phrase when I read Secret earlier this month, and I feel like I' This moment is so interesting when you read several books. However, fresh destination, goals and then not much different is that it was necessary to act. Isn't finding something in common different from finding something else is the point It's not a book that's read more than I thought. But a book that's good to read with a little thought. Please find out what type of person you are through this book. Pixbay did a great job on the PS photo again. - Realprince -

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  • What should I do? What can you do?


    These days, as more people come and go to the office, various stories float in the air. While listening to all the stories, I'm sure the old days of new employees will come back to mind and not be much different (really?), but I'm going to make a lot of comparisons to the past environment. Today, I want to tell that story. A little while ago, I was watching a drama and I was listening to conversations with a new employee and his boss. "What can I do?" "……What can you do?" It is true that the story that came into the ear clearly reminds me of the past, and that it means nothing to say, "I did it all night long" or "I did it unconditionally," and that to my new friends, I can know that it will be interpreted as a different language. The biggest part of the story that flies most in the office is also about money. It may be the biggest concern for me when I have to learn to work and think about the future, but I feel a little bit sad to see that I've become unnatural to even advise me to look a little further. If you were talking about the theme of "Life with Dinner" and "YOLO," the above story might have been different, but the above whimper seems like a car enthusiast can only afford to buy a red sports car in his old age, which is why he will talk lightly about reality and idealism. "I want to give you a present. I'll give you a mirror." I try to put a light touch on my mind. PS, you can't get to the heart of your argument, so even in the open text, your self-testing...crying - Realprince -

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  • 해외에서 한달간 살아본다면 16 - 베른


    월요일의 피곤함을 잠시 잊으려면 아무래도 다시 여행 사진첩으로 빠져들어야겠다. 지난편에서 인터라켄의 감동을 가슴 속에 품고서는 다시 기차에 오른다. 사실 인터라켄에 몇 일 더 머물고 싶었지만 정해진 일정이라는게 어쩔 수 없었다. 언젠가 여유를 부릴 수 있다면 정말 한달간 살아가는 스케줄을 실천하고 싶다. 인터라켄에서 이동한 곳은 바로 스위스의 수도인 베른이다. 여행을 계획할 때 베른을 넣은 것은 그냥 구시가를 둘러보기 위해서였다. 구시가 전체가 세계문화유산으로 등재되어 있어서는 아니었지만, 아기자기한 중세의 모습을 보존하고 있고, 골목마다 다양한 분수들이 눈을 즐겁해 해줄 그런 도시여서 더욱 관심이 있었다. 기차역에서 내려 캐리어를 끌고 구글맵에 의존해서 무작정 걸었다. 기차역 근처에 넓은 광장에는 우리의 시청앞처럼 스케이트장이 있었고, 많은 사람들이 스케이트를 즐기고 있었다. 구글맵에서 트램의 시간표도 정확하게 확인할 수 있어 전세계적으로 유명한 스위스 교통의 위대함(?)을 몸소 체험하며 호텔에 체크인을 했다. 이제 구시가로 향한다. 구시가의 심장부에는 유명한 시계탑이 위치하고 있다. 유명한 시계탑을 넋을 잃고 구경하다가 달려오는 트램과 마주할 뻔 하기도 했지만, 구시가는 중세를 걷고 있는것처럼 고풍스런 건물들이 멋드러지게 펼쳐져 있었다. 구시가의 중앙은 트램이 다니고 양 옆의 건물 1층에는 상점들이 길게 펼쳐져있어 구경하는 재미는 덤이었다. 길게 펼쳐진 구시가의 각 포인트에는 분수들이 이정표가 되어준다. 약 100여 개의 분수가 있다고 하는데 커다란 분수는 몇 개 못 찾았다. 각 분수들은 특징있는 동상 등이 만들어져 있어 분수를 구경하는 재미도 그만이다. 구시가를 벗어나면 시원하게 뻗어있는 도로와 아기자기한 언덕위의 집들이 멋진 풍경을 만들어준다. 가까운 거리에 곰공원이 있다고 해서 걸어갔는데 아쉽게도 곰들이 월차를 냈는지(?) 나오지 않았다. 맘먹고 찾아가려던 베른 대성당은 공사중이어서 그냥 생략했고… 그래도 구시가의 아기자기함만 구경해도 멋진 베른이었다. 하루의 짧은 일정이었지만 항공사 연계로 좋은 호텔에 묵으면서 나름 즐겁게 보낸 베른의 일정. 다시 들르면 길게 푹 쉬어보고 싶다. - realprince -

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  • 조용한 시골집에서 사는건 어떤 기분일까요?


    4일만에 퍼블리토에 글을 쓰니 뭔가 생소한 느낌이 드는게 잠깐의 바쁨이 생활패턴을 흐트려 놓은 것은 아닌지 하는 생각이다. 아마도 어느 정도 준비가 되지 않으면 글을 쓰지 못하는게 습관이 되어서 그런지도 모르겠다. (준비는 사실 아무것도 안하지만…) 때로는 한적한 시골 마을에서 하루 이틀 쉬어보고 싶다는 생각을 할 수 있겠지만 평생을 그렇게 살아간다는 것에 생각해 본 적이 있는가? 항상 바쁘게 살아가는데 익숙해져 있는 우리네 삶을 되돌아보면 사실 남는게 무엇일지 잘 모르겠고, 사는게 무엇인지도 때로는 머리속에 물음표를 달고 살아가게 된다. 오늘 리뷰할 책은 바로 평생을 오래된 생활방식으로 시골마을에서 살아가며 자연을 즐기는 모습으로 더욱 유명한 타샤 튜더의 책이다. '행복한 사람, 타샤 튜더' 이 책의 마지막 페이지에 보면 이 책이 유일하게 타샤 튜더가 직접 쓴 에세이라고 되어있다. 타샤 튜더는 화가인 어머니의 영향을 받아서인지 어린이 그림책의 삽화를 그려 유명해졌고, 미국 버몬트 주에서 약 30만평 규모의 대지에 정원을 가꾸며 1800년 대의 삶을 그대로 유지하면서 약 70년 동안 100여 권의 어린이 그림 책을 남겼다. 이 책에서는 그가 살아간 저택과 정원의 아름다운 모습과 동물들, 그리고 그림들을 멋진 사진으로 보여주면서 자신만의 생활관을 담백한 필체로 들려주고 있다. 마치 평화로운 시골집을 바라보면서 오디오 북을 듣는 듯한 착각을 들 정도로 마음이 편해지는 책이다. 정원을 가꾸면 헤아릴 수 없는 보상이 쏟아진다. 다이어트를 할 필요도 없다. 결혼할 때 입었던 웨딩드레스가 아직도 맞고, 턱걸이도 할 수 있다. 평생 우울하거나 두통을 앓아본 적도 없다. 그런 병은 끔직하겠지. 염소젖과 정원 가꾸기 덕분일 것이다. 과일과 채소를 손수 기르고, 당근과 무, 순무도 길러 먹는다. 되도록 자급자족하려고 애쓴다. (본문중에서 p68) 넓은 땅에 멋진 정원을 쉴 새없이 가꾸어 내는걸보면 엄청나게 부지런함이 틀림없지만, 무엇보다도 그것이 행복하지 않다면 할 수 없었으리라 생각된다. 마지막 페이지를 장식하는 다음 글을 보면 어떤 느낌일지 알 수 있을 것이다. 바랄 나위 없이 삶이 만족스럽다. 개들, 염소들, 새들과 여기 사는 것 말고는 바라는 게 없다. 인생을 잘 살아왔다는 생각이 들지만 사람들에게 해줄 이야기는 없다. 철학이 있다면, 헨리 데이빗 소로우의 말에 잘 표현되어 있다. '자신 있게 꿈을 향해 나아가고 상상해온 삶을 살려고 노력하는 이라면, 일상 속에서 예상치 못한 성공을 만날 것이다.' 그게 내 신조다. 정말 맞는 말이다. 내 삶 전체가 바로 그런 것을. (본문중에서 p174) 이 책을 읽는내내 잔잔하게 밀려오는 단순한 삶이 그저 부러움을 넘어 내 인생 안에서 중요한 부분만을 남기고 나의 욕심을 포함한 여러가지를 내려 놓을 수 없을지라는 생각이 머리 속을 뒤덮어 버렸다. PS 하지만 월요일이면 출근해야 하잖아. realprince!!! ^^ 사진은 타샤 튜더의 집과는 아무런 관련이 없고 pixabay에서 인용한 사진입니다. - realprince -

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  • If you live abroad for a month, 15 - Interlacen


    When I'm tired and tired of my daily life, I go back to my past photo albums for a while, and one of my favorite places is to go through a Swiss travel photo album. It was so hard to get around Paris that my mind took the scent of Europe and got on the night train at Lyon Station to embrace the nature of Switzerland. It was not until about 1 a.m. that the train that departed in the evening crossed the Swiss border to the West of Interlaken. I woke up and felt even colder, but I pushed my carie out of the station and couldn't take my foot off for a while. It was dark around, so I could not tell if it was real, but above the sky were the stars pouring in, and right before my eyes stood a huge object, a mountain or whatever. What is it? Is it because I'm sleepy? The next morning, standing in front of the hotel window, was smashing my cheek that this impractical nature was the reality right in front of my eyes.(It wasn't really a slap in the face. -.-;;) To me, Interlaken was such a place. Known to travelers as a place to climb to the European roof of Jungfrau and see the snowy scenery, it is literally a place where you can rest in nature without thinking about it, and for locals, you can ski at home all day in a mountain train. Interlaken is not that wide, but it's where the picturesque nature and picturesque houses you saw in your childhood calendar unfold before your eyes. Enjoying skiing in resorts like Green del Valt, where you can meet while climbing the Jungfrau, or taking a walk along the trekking course, may ignore the date that goes back. Looking back at the photo album, I feel like I'm going to get a fever that I want to go on a trip. If you climb to the top of PS Junfrau, a handsome blonde can get a service to pour hot water on Shin Ramyun. (If you get a discount ticket for a mountain train, there was a gift coupon at the corner, but I don't know if it is still the case these days.) - Realprince -

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  • the words of the Nobel laureates


    It happened that I spent the whole weekend indoors. Of course, I did housework but read some books as if I were doing a book that I didn't read during the week. So today, I read a book called "The Great Wisdom of 45 Nobel Prize Winners" by Ma Jung-fei. It is a book that briefly introduces the lives of 45 Nobel laureates and achievements they thought important, and organizes the famous words they said. There are many great people who are familiar with us, but not only writers. Among them, I will summarize stories below. # Ivan P. P. Pavlov Using a good method can produce a lot of results even for those who don't have a talent, but if the method isn't good, even the most talented can't get valuable accurate data. (P23 in body language) It is a word that digs deep into the lungs. It's what you feel on the ground every day, and you can never say it unless it comes from experience. You have to organize and start what you're going to do before you start a job! It is absolute truth. # Romain Roland Most of the reasons for missing opportunities are not because they don't come. This is because he didn't notice that the opportunity had come or even though he knew that the opportunity was passing, he held out his hand and didn't hold it. (P69 in text) It may be annoying to say, "Who doesn't know it?" but the truth is. Sometimes it's because of useless stubbornness, or it's because it's missed timing, or it's simply annoying. How many chances will you get in your life?If you think, you should always keep your senses awake. Albert Einstein To work requires two conditions. The first is the power of hard work to the end. The second is that we should spend considerable time and effort in the past to discard our obsession with the work of the past. (P82) I think it's a common practice in everyday life with the term "mannerism." I am well aware that daily new approaches are really difficult and sometimes not a commoner's path to be far from the people around him. (Actually, I tried it often, but I had to get all the irritation from my surroundings.) It is a book that feels like a famous book that can be read briefly, but one thing is disappointing is that most of the winners are from Europe. Now that the global era has become more common, we expect that Asians and Koreans will be able to make many names for the winners. PS. Thank you for your hard work on the photo again at Pixbay. - Realprince -

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  • The real reason why smart people make silly choices - Sway


    We are given a daily task of choice in our lives. You have to make a constant choice about something, but it's not as easy as you might think. Sometimes I regret why I made such a choice, for example, when I place an order in a stock or coin transaction, I wonder if it is the same thing to regret as soon as I make an order. So why is it difficult for us to make rational choices? I was so busy this week that it was not easy to read a book. It is not until the weekend that I finish the book that I read The book to be introduced today is the work of duck brappman and rome brappman, with the book "Secret of Choice to Shake a Man's Mind" - "Sway." In this book, there are many examples that do not appear to be common-sense choices. And why people make such decisions is based on examples. Let me introduce one of them. It's called the "$20 auction," a rule auction that requires the highest bidder to pay $20 and the runner-up to offer as much as his own bid. In fact, it was introduced in a negotiating class at Harvard Business School, and what happened to the results? I'm thinking of getting my hands on 20 dollars, and at first, the price goes up fast to 12 to 16 dollars, and I'm getting nervous. Two students who bid the highest price are caught in a bait. "One bidder calls $16 and the other bidder calls $17. A student who's asked for $16 has to pay $18 or face a loss of $16. By this point, they've only been trying to make money easily, but I don't think they're going to be in a situation where they can't afford to lose money. (P47 in body language) The results of this auction were surprising. The highest price was $204 at an auction held every class, it said. What would you have done? In this book, these interesting results use difficult terms such as loss hedging, obsession, value attribution, and diagnostic bias, but the bookcase will already be at the end of the chapter in irrational decisions that are not universally understood. The style is similar to the writings of writers such as Malcolm Gredwell and Seth Godin, who we have commonly encountered, but it was interesting. PS photo has been a long time since Pixbay did a great job. - Realprince -

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  • If you live abroad for a month, 14 - Paris


    As fine dust has gotten so bad, the subject "if you live abroad for a month" is considered a real challenge. Looking for clean air on Earth is likely to be a trend. Why don't you live where you like for a month and move on to another place? Today is a city that many people know very well. Paris, France! There are so many reasons why I felt that I wanted to live in a big city even though I went there a long time ago. Above all, there are so many things to see, and the great monuments and cute routines that we feel are different from each other There was nothing ungrateful about it was. Paris has so many things to see that it is so limited that if you take a walk through the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris, the eastern and eastern parts of Paris, and the colorful Champs-Elysees street, which you see at the Arc de Triomphe, you will fall in love with it. Anyone who loves art can visit the Louvre Museum and the Orsay Museum to see art works in front of their eyes, which they have seen in world history textbooks. If you want to feel the romance of Paris, you can look at a wonderful view from the hills of Montmartre and feel the peak of Paris romance in the evening on a cruise ship that flows down the Seine. In places like the Pompidou Center, modern art and human history are also advised to visit the Bangb Flea Market to smell. If you want to feel the energy of a modern metropolis, it is also good to look around the Radefangs area. I looked around and there was no end like this. So shouldn't we live for a month or so? I wonder what fine dust is like in Paris. - Realprince -

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  • the 'secret' of wealth and success that only 1% know


    The title is quite stimulating. Is there something like a title? To tell this story, it goes back 10 years. I meet a book about 10 years ago. The book, along with its highly provocative subtitle, swept bestsellers around the world, and created many people's curiosity, which I thought as soon as I read it. "How can you possibly have a fraud against people all over the world? Why on earth is this a bestseller?" The book that angered the writer is Rhonda Byrne's "Secret." Perhaps many people know this book, but the main story of the book is that if you think good thoughts, they signal the universe and send good ideas back to reality. I quote it below. "The picture that comes back as a result of the thought you sent appears in your living room, in your life, not on a television screen! When thoughts form a specific frequency and attract things in that frequency, they appear in life. If you want to change your life, change your mind and change your frequency and channel." (P27 from the text) I thought I didn't know what the hell you were talking about. But after 10 years, I read this book again and it caught my eye. Good things happen if you have positive thoughts. If you continue to paint what you desperately want in your head, the universe makes it work. Strangely enough, in the last ten years of reading this book, I actually experienced it many times. If you put all your energies into an area of interest, it was done just as it was done. Although I have never applied the law of attraction to big things, I have at least worked or experienced many times in my daily life. The way I use it a lot, especially in my work, is to keep painting the results of the work in my head. I think and think about how I can get the results I want. Then my best results are delivered before me. Isn't that amazing? It is said that this is the secret of wealth and success that only 1 percent of the world knows. "You just have to focus on the end result, imagine it appearing, and call it up to be real. If you save, feel, believe, you will receive. There are countless ideas waiting for you to make use of them. Everything depends on your consciousness." (p191) in the text. Lastly, I will apply the book's secret recipe for "wealth and success." "Hey!" ^^ PS The book introduces a variety of cases such as treating cancer, becoming rich and being treated in vegetarians through the law of attraction. If you're curious, read it. - Realprince -

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  • a book I read in February


    Now that I've declared that I'm going to start reading again, I need to lock something up, but that's not easy. So I thought I'd like to compile the books that I read in Publicito on a monthly basis. It was relatively less busy in February, but I haven't read so many books. Of course, it is not important to know how many books you have read, but you need to have some volume to bring about the flow of reading, and along with the flow, you will try to organize it like this. - A book I read in February 2019. 1. Technology of thought theorem / Denny Lebo et al. Translated by Kim Do-yeon / Terrain 2. Lives/ Choi Woong-chul That / Story Blossom 3. Homo Bucus, the master of reading, / Lee Kwon-woo's orders / Green Bies 4. Be a Origin / Order a Strong Kidney / 쌤 & Parkers Four books have been compiled and published in separate postings on the Publicisto, but the best of them is "Homobukus," the master of reading. The author's experience and insight, which have been spreading the merits of reading for a long time, are so well explained why he should read the book that I want to recommend to young students. If I start like this, I think I will read at least four books in March. I will come back to the list of books I read in early April. I don't know if it's three months old. - Realprince -

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  • If I get tired of every day...


    It's an extra day's holiday, but time flies fast. Since February, I have vowed to take time to read books, but I think it's not as easy as I thought that I'm coming to the conclusion that will Still, I try to leave a trail in the Publicito whenever I read a book like a drought. Whether you're working or living in the world, you'll get tired of every day because you feel like you're addicted to manners. Then I took out a book that I could read lightly. It is the book titled 'Be a Origin' by Kang Shin-jang. Rather than a professional book, the book is easily accessible to ordinary people and can help with creative thinking, so the cover explains it with the phrase "Make something not better, but something that is not in the world!" The book describes 'Orijin' as someone who controls a platform that recently speaks. "I think there are two kinds of people in the world. Orgin and the rest. "He is the first to himself, the rule-maker of the game, the one to make a new edition, the one to be the aid, and thus the one to rule the world and create his own destiny, and he is the Origin It is a book that gives courage to make a difference with only a small amount of detail in life, although it is thought that one can make a difference only when one feels a serious resolution and produces something great through the process of creation. There is a passage that I can relate to very much. Picasso said. "I'm not looking. You just find it among what's there." This is the essence of creativity. To rediscover the meaning of new values among things that exist. If you reinterpret what you've seen in the eyes of the body, you will find creation. With the eyes of concept, you have to see what others have not seen with the eyes of value. (P145 in body copy) Personally, I like to say that when I work, I have different views. Even when you look at the same thing, people interpret it all differently. I think I can make something special if I look at it from a different perspective and interpret it from a new perspective, and the result of that production can make me a jewel-like person. Have fun the rest of the weekend. I think the next article will be a travel time. Well, that's it. - Realprince -

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  • If you live abroad for a month, 13 - Salzburg


    When I use a travel plane, I feel like I'm moving to a place I've traveled in the past. Of course, I'm organizing where I've been, but if I look through the photos, I can feel like I'm watching the liquid of the camera while sipping canned beer at the hotel while wrapping up my day's journey. Let's wrap it up like that again today. Leave behind Halstadt, who was like a village in a fairy tale, and travel two hours by train again. Mozart moves to the rising city of Salzburg. It is said that Salzburg was also famous for its salt mines, although Halst If you interpret the name, it's called 'mountain of salt,' so it must have been like that before. Salzburg is famous for Mozart's birthplace, and it is famous for its towering castle on the mountain and the Mirabel Palace, which is the backdrop to the familiar movie "Sound of Music." Salzburg is crowded enough to look around all of these places in one day. It was winter when I visited, so the Mirabel Palace was bleak, although there was still a scene I saw in the movie. But when you enter the city, you will be immersed in the atmosphere of a beautiful medieval city, starting with Mozart's birthplace, and the spectacular view of Gatorade street. Personally, I found the castle of Salzburg and another hidden attraction, and when I heard that the beer was famous in the monastery, I wandered around on my way. So I met the beautiful view of Salzburg on an unknown mountain. It was the first time for me to climb a mountain that I didn't plan to It's not a big city, but it's got a lot to see, so Salzburg tries to introduce it in more detail next time. - Realprince -

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  • [Publito PR Content Creation Event] Applies!

    Self Introduction

    I've been curious about this, but it's not easy to do it. I will apply even if I don't have enough talent. Briefly describe the intent of the production (?) below. # What's the merit of Publicity? First of all, Publito wanted to easily express that he had provided new ways of compensating existing SNS and introduced the concept of plug-in. I used keywords to express new values for my creations. #Publito's entry barriers are being solved. In fact, the process is very complicated to get to Publicito's reward. YouTube/Instagram -> Publish Your Public Account -> Create and Connect Your Ios Accounts -> Connect Content -> Forwarding and Selling Pub Coin Exchange -> I thought a carrot called "spent but breathless" won withdrawal could relieve this hassle, and I emphasized to my existing SNS that a photo and a short video are also possible. I tried to approach it as easily as possible through simplicity, but...….. It's not that simple after making As expected, it must be an expert to make such as this. However, the process of doing this while drinking a cup of coffee on the weekend was also. I don't feel that much has been activated right now, but I also expect that spring will come as well as the temperature going up to Publicito if there is a slight expansion through such events. Have a nice weekend. Even if you're not good enough, I'd like to give you a short evaluation, so please review it. Thank you. ^^ - Realprince -

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  • What do you collect?


    It's evening after a long weekend of leisure. These days, it's one of the things that I do when I have time to organize, but I'm browsing through the bookshelf. I find traces of childhood. The trace was an old stamp book. My hobby of collecting stamps came back to mind when I was a child I had forgotten for a while. When I passed one sheet, I remembered the memory of the stamps. I don't remember why I started collecting stamps, but I think I collected and collected everything not just stamps but also. When I heard that sometimes a new commemorative stamp was coming out, I could remember standing in line at the local post office from the morning and waiting for the door to open. When a post office door opens after waiting in line, it reminds me of buying commemorative stamps in a special form and collecting foreign stamps along with envelope when someone sends a letter is sent from abroad. Afterwards, the post office had a service to send new stamps home every month, but it was just fun to see the old memories through the stamps. I'll have to find out if there's anything else I've Do you have anything to collect? - Realprince -

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  • What kind of book do you like?


    I don't know what such a question will mean in an age when books are being treated like these days, but I'll throw it at you. Of course, when using public transportation, it has become really difficult to open up a paper book around and find a reader. When using the subway, it seems that most people were sucked into the cell phone screen and all the souls were put in it. I find one person standing there with a serious look on his face. Of course, it doesn't mean that you have to read a book. I don't know if it's a natural phenomenon because there are so many contents around us that are more harsh than books, but I'm a little sad about the situation. In that sense, I started reading books again and read Lee Kwon-woo's book, "Homobukus, the master of reading books." This book has been written from time to time on the merits of reading books and how to read them. Some authors write very well, but this book opens up their own ideas about reading and reading from various perspectives. Among them, he takes an excerpt from his book theory of superiority. Reading books is painful. It's not the genre of eating spoons and putting them in the mouth. One, reading stimulates and grows us. Let's look through the dictionary, refer to another book, and think about what it stands for. Moreover, books make you imagine reading it. Books do not have a self-contained structure. It only finishes when the reader covers the book and defines its meaning." (P47 in the text) When the reader defines the meaning, the reading is complete! I love it. I read a lot of books when my commute was very long. I don't know why, but I remember feeling something clear at one point when I wrote my own reviews. Although he wrote in a posting recently that he would start reading again to cope with coin poisoning, he recalls his memories of reading and looks back on his favorite books of the past. How about a book this weekend? ^^ -realprince -

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  • If you live abroad for a month, 12 - Halstadt


    The trip to Austria, which began in Vienna, has turned away from big cities and into a quiet rural village. Before we go on a trip, there is a fairytale village I saw on TV, so even though it's a long way from Vienna, I change trains twice and dive into the countryside. This town, where you can get off the train and get back on a boat, is called 'Halstadt.' Perhaps, I have seen a great lake village in Europe once. When I go into this place by boat, I literally go into a fairy tale. Looking at pictures of Korean national soccer players on the ship, I thought that many Koreans were coming, but I couldn't meet them on the ship I was on. Halstadt is a small lake village, with nice houses, hotels and restaurants located on steep hillsides. If you go up the mountain, you can see a great view from the observatory, and you can experience the mine in the past because it is famous for its salt mines." However, when I visited, I brought the cloudy weather of Vienna, and it snowed a lot at the same time. It was a village that felt crowded for a while when the ship came in and quieted down when the ship went out again. I can't forget the memory of waking up early in the morning in an unrealistic fairy tale village and feeling the quiet nature. I think I'll write well if I stay in a place like this. Although many houses were not allowed to roam in the cloudy weather, the narrow alleyways show the traces of time and the charm of the beauty of the way they look. While appreciating the snow, I feel their composure by pretending to be in a snowball fight by a lady I don't know in the village. It was a village where anything would be solved if I stayed here for a few days when I had something to worry about. I want to visit again when the weather is clear. - Realprince -

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  • What is a luxury brand for you?


    What Is Luxury? It is common for us to think of high-end products of famous brands. Small watches, bags, cars, and houses are all luxurious, and everyone will come up with the word luxury brand. But what we're talking about today is not such a luxury, but a simple compilation of cultural critic Choi Woong-chul's book, "Life Descriptions." Just as you can see the phrase "Meet luxury goods in the daily and art of the old people," the book gives us a new definition of luxury goods, wiping out the spirit and history contained in our old ones for four areas of craft, painting, architecture and food. In the book, I have heard of 'Dalhangari, Buncheong Sagi, Sehando, Inwang Jeondo Island, Sosolwon, Buyongjeong, Soonchae, Eoran,' but it was even more interesting to read about the meaning and value behind the book. Among them, we cite the explanation of "Eidodawan," whose "makshabal" has become a national treasure of Japan. Recalling the words of Joseph Boyce, a German contemporary artist, "Culture is more important than the value of things." The intention of the original writer is not to be important but to be culture and luxury by the meaning of the present people. Rather than arguing over whether the love of the child is first or not, I do need to think about it in terms of giving meaning to the culture. (P33) In the text: If the meaning of a luxury product that we know has been simply focused on the value of a particular product, the word 'givening mental meaning' is a big buzz. Just as "minimal life" has become popular in recent years, it is hoped that it will become a new era to place the cultural value of "live name" in the ranks of luxury goods as the title of the book. PS The advantage of this book is that it has a short introduction of 5 to 10 pages for each household name and can be easily read even if people find it difficult to read in their busy lives. ^^ * Pixbay has done a great job on the photo.^^ - Realprince -

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