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  • a spring flower outing


    #Spring Flower #Taehwagang Local Garden Looking at the colorful spring flowers, I'm so excited about it's okay.

    $realin . 2019.05.20 00:18

    9 thanks . 685.1789 PUB

  • Enjoying the Background


    # Membrane Since it was food that I didn't enjoy much, it became food that I enjoyed after tasting it a few times in self-reflection. #Makchang is love.

    $realin . 2019.05.15 19:44

    17 thanks . 3,117.5190 PUB

  • Alokdalok


    # All-Rock #Food Truck Blue sky, green grass, colorful food truck.

    $realin . 2019.05.12 10:32

    10 thanks . 1,714.3466 PUB

  • Everyone, be a whale.


    a whale nest Ulsan Whale Festival a terrace of the taehwagang River. Pubble, everyone, be Whale.

    $realin . 2019.05.06 18:55

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  • # Sleep tight


    #Handscoffee #I ordered a free-chef coffee #Beautiful cup #Wait a wink but #Huckbush

    $realin . 2019.05.01 11:07

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  • the completion of one's preparation for work


    # Morning Coffee #Stabble Capsule Coffee The end of the day is to prepare a morning coffee. In the past, I used to boil water and go to work with a stick coffee. These days, I take out capsule coffee and leave home. I don't know if the Starbucks capsule is any better than the stick coffee, but once I see it coming down in the morning, I feel happy. Buying a capsule coffee machine and a Starbucks capsule coffee is a success in that you can start your day with satisfaction. Hush!

    $realin . 2019.04.26 11:12

    11 thanks . 1,825.4851 PUB

  • I'm sure it's beef desert.


    What would he do, beef? an old-fashioned beef

    $realin . 2019.04.25 00:27

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  • the end of the day


    the end of the day When I was young, I used to eat chimaek, imported beer, and gourmet snacks, but now I'm old, and whatever I eat, whatever I drink, it's time for me.

    $realin . 2019.04.24 00:51

    10 thanks . 2,222.4336 PUB

  • When the cherry blossoms have passed...


    #Room cherry blossom # Bulguk Sauce cherry blossom Bulguksa Temple itself has many things to see, but the park at the entrance to Bulguksa is a famous place for cherry blossoms, which bloom in full bloom. There's another thing to see in Bulguksa Park. It's a cherry blossom! It was a little cloudy and there were a lot of people. Still, looking at the cherry blossoms filling the empty space of the cherry blossoms with vivid reds, it seemed that spring also filled the empty mind. Soon there will be another row of rape and lotus flowers. Gyeongju is such a lovely city.

    $realin . 2019.04.21 22:45

    8 thanks . 1,889.3743 PUB

  • a dandelion


    #Mindle When I was a kid, dandelions used to blend in with the lawn. These days, it seems to go well with the sidewalk blocks. Anyways, dandelions are pretty and they look good everywhere.

    $realin . 2019.04.15 17:26

    14 thanks . 1,266.1054 PUB

  • Memories and Reality


    BravoCon in Memories...Bravo-Con seems to be something different from ' 과.' In my childhood memory, the ice cream was definitely bigger on top. Is that old enough to remember the past beautifully? Or is reality wrong?

    $realin . 2019.04.09 16:49

    13 thanks . 1,254.0993 PUB

  • all sorts of things


    Various kinds #Numaru Hanok Cafe Numaru Hanok Cafe with coworkers On the second floor, you can enjoy cherry blossoms along the street with tea, but there were already others. Still, visitors could enjoy a variety of menus including strong coffee (pork shot chuga is a daily routine), strawberry juice, dates, and latte at the nice and elegant hanok cafe.

    $realin . 2019.04.05 12:32

    13 thanks . 1,458.9055 PUB

  • 경주 벚꽃이 절정이던 날 🌸


    경주 벚꽃이 절정이던 날 🌸 #ulike 사람도 많고 생각보다 바람도 많이 불었지만 역시 명불허전이라~~경주 보문단지의 벚꽃은 올해도 풍성하였다. 가족과 함께 왔으면 좋았을 것을 아쉽구나~

    $realin . 2019.04.04 16:34

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  • Anyway, cherry blossoms.


    Anyway, cherry blossom 🌸ulike last Sunday There's no fine dust, and it's just like the day I'm off. My family went out to see the cherry blossoms. When we get to the park and get out of the car, hah! The wind was cooler than I thought. crying But you're out there. I've seen other people's wild cherry blossoms. The kids are running around in excitement. It's lunchtime, and it's getting warmer. I could literally feel spring. Spring, cherry blossoms...That's good. ^^

    $realin . 2019.04.01 10:15

    9 thanks . 1,213.9435 PUB

  • Listening to classical music by the youngest


    #pixabay I've always heard the so-called classical music somewhere, but I don't think I know the title. From my childhood cassette to my workman CDP to my iPhone following my one mp3...There was no classical music on the music device that my youngest enjoyed. As I grow older, I can no longer imitate my favorite rap, and I am physically fit to enjoy rock Spirit, and K-pop has become a genre that I enjoy with my eyes, not with my ears. Then I happened to search for classical music on YouTube, and there were quite a few videos that I was listening to I don't know anything, so I click anything and I grab a cup of coffee and listen to music.That's great. It's hard to explain what's good, but it's really good. When I was a kid, I used to listen to classical music.This is why many people wanted to listen to classical music. Even for the youngest, classical music delivered a loud sound, as it did for the old noble.

    $realin . 2019.03.27 17:54

    14 thanks . 1,402.6250 PUB

  • a very small pleasure


    It was 2010 when Na Young drank 5 to 10 cups of coffee a day.Is it because I drank too much coffee? There was a smell of coffee in the urine, too. After drinking like this, I decided to stop drinking coffee because I thought I would go to another world before going to market. I got a Starbucks Tumblr as a gift, but I endured coffee. I held up my coffee even when I stopped by my favorite cafe. I endured 114 days like a Dangun mythical tiger.I ended up drinking coffee for a trifle. I was eating bread for breakfast on the bus when I was traveling at work. The boss who always cared for me gave me a cup of coffee to drink while I was eating bread. I was gulping down my coffee, and I felt sick. ♪ The scent that goes through my throat is the scent I haven't felt in 114 days ♪ After failing to quit my coffee in such a vain way, I thought, "Let's enjoy it without worrying about drinking." So I found coffee that wasn't Na-young's coffee or Yeon-api's coffee, and it was my own coffee. Nescafe "Supremo Sweet Americano" In fact, it used to be "Taystus Chois Supremo Soft Black," but it was renamed. It used to be easy to get in the old days, but these days, there were some difficulties in finding them. I went to the local market for other things and bought my own coffee as soon as I found it out. After buying coffee that I wanted to drink so much, I was so much. What is this?

    $realin . 2019.03.25 16:53

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  • #단양한옥마을


    #단양한옥마을 어른들과 함께 간 여행이어서 숙소를 한옥으로 준비했다. 한옥 특유의 뜨끈한 바닥과 약간의 우풍(?)이 있었다. 한옥마을 위에서 내려다본 마을의 모습도 좋았고, 마을 입구에서 보는 마을의 모습도 좋았다. 한옥, 참 매력적이구나 ^^

    $realin . 2019.03.20 14:33

    13 thanks . 1,457.3234 PUB

  • #Steep #Suyanggae Tunnel #


    #Twinkle #Suyanggae Tunnel The name is a bit unique, so it's a memorable place before you even visit. It was such a pretty place to twinkle all over. However, it was sad that we did not enjoy the outdoor park enough since it was still dark because we visited a little early. I liked the children and the adults liked it, but I suddenly thought it would have been great to be here when I was dating my wife. Something lovely and romantic seems to be a place where lovers go better than family.

    $realin . 2019.03.19 20:58

    15 thanks . 1,296.0699 PUB

  • #아이스크림 #단양구경시장 #블랙핑크 #화이트블루


    #화이트블루 #블랙핑크 #단양구경시장 #아이스크림 아이스크림은 주로 마트에서 파는 아이스크림이나 서른 한 가지맛 같은 곳에서 사먹었는데 이렇게 시장에서 아이스크림을 사먹어보니 또 나름의 맛이 있는 듯 하다. 날씨가 추워서 먹는 속도가 더뎠지만 내가 먹은 블랙핑크 아이스크림은 나름 매력적이고도 오묘한 맛을 지니고 있었다. 여행 때 시장구경을 즐기는 편이 아니었지만, 나이가 들면서 점점 시장구경의 재미를 느끼기 시작했다.

    $realin . 2019.03.18 14:50

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  • a cruise tour that was enough in the blue sky.


    #Chung Joo Ho I headed for Danyang, North Chungcheong Province, on a family trip. It was a considerable challenge as the owner of a hydrogen car in Ulsan. At first glance, there is no suitable hydrogen charging station between Ulsan and Danyang, with a return distance of 550 kilometers. If you go to a nearby Daejeon or Seoul charging station, you will have to ride your car for too long, making it difficult for children. If you fill up with hydrogen, you can go for 600 kilometers.How can I! Then we set out. In fact, my wife did all the driving. The Chungju Lake cruise tour, which took the first course. I heard that Danyang has eight views, but the blue sky is wonderful. I took a lot of pictures with my children and adults, got a lot of wind, and watched a lot. The blue sky and clear air alone were memorable trips.

    $realin . 2019.03.17 23:46

    13 thanks . 1,284.2346 PUB

  • Another transformation of pollack.


    pollack is a fish with a lot of names. pollack, ecology, twangtae, northern fish, dongtae, nogari, etc. I found a similar name on the menu where I went to have a beer at the meeting. That's what it's What's the ink stick? I've never heard of eating in my life. Once I searched, I was told to feed a black child who was unable to become an empress in the process of becoming an empress. It's a bit of a backwardness, but it's not dry, so I tried it. The bottom line was a great complacency to eat with beer. It's not because it tastes good, but because it's simple and tastes good, I think I've kept putting it in my whole time. Of course I keep on drinking beer.

    $realin . 2019.03.13 11:03

    14 thanks . 1,142.7883 PUB

  • Clear sky, come back.


    a clear picture of the sky taken in July last year. I've been tired of the foggy sky for days. I found a clear picture of the sky on my cell phone. What a pleasure! Of course, there was a clear day after that. I miss this clear and clear sky. Come back, clear sky. I'll do well.

    $realin . 2019.03.06 09:36

    15 thanks . 814.3550 PUB

  • a very bad Ferris wheel


    the first Ferris wheel of my family I expected a beautiful urban landscape, but I was disappointed by the window and the very bad fine dust. crying I want to ride me again on a good day next time. But when will the day come?

    $realin . 2019.03.02 17:29

    11 thanks . 834.7092 PUB

  • one's youngest child's mission


    At dinner tables with different age groups, the youngest is given a mission. Bake meat, boil whole bones, or... It should be distributed to the front dishes, not to the end, and maintained so that the flow of meat or whole bones is not interrupted. I'm pretty careless and clumsy with this youngest child's mission. That's why this position is quite uncomfortable and sorry. ᅲᅮ But it's delicious to eat L

    $realin . 2019.02.26 10:25

    17 thanks . 2,367.6071 PUB

  • Morning Coffee


    an out-of-the-way way to work I always drink morning coffee at work in the morning, but I stopped by Starbucks today. I had a spare time in the morning because it was different from my usual. I could drive through it, but I was curious about the appearance of the morning cafe. I didn't hesitate to park my car and enter the store. Then there were some office workers who stopped by to enjoy morning coffee like me. The expectation that the store would be empty was slightly off the mark. Is it because it's getting better or because it's because it's free in the morning? I just liked the morning cafe. While waiting for coffee, I took pictures to avoid people. Coffee that came out earlier than I thought. I don't think I'm dissatisfied with the fact that it came out earlier in my life. I wanted to enjoy myself more, but when I asked for a disposable cup, I brought coffee with me. Morning coffee like today, cafe. Something's good.

    $realin . 2019.02.25 09:52

    13 thanks . 1,340.6563 PUB

  • a freezer raid


    #pixabay As the day eased a little, I cleaned up the freezer of the house. I didn't know my refrigerator was that big. ♪♪ No, to be exact. ♪♪ I didn't know there was so much food in the little refrigerator. I went to the garbage dump to throw away the frozen food that had already become garbage. I'm gonna rip off the vinyl, throw away the food... It wasn't until I had abandoned it for so long that it. I threw out the trash and opened the freezer. There was nothing to eat. It's like the closet is full of clothes. as if there were no clothes to wear The freezer's empty, so I'm gonna take a look at the grocery store again. It's more of a vicious cycle. crying I have to empty the freezer frequently. The best way is to eat it all. L

    $realin . 2019.02.22 16:27

    14 thanks . 1,114.6188 PUB

  • I had to eat. Ramen


    #pixbay #Not the picture I took On my way home from work, I bought my wife's favorite tteokbokki and sundae and came back home. I ate it deliciously as usual. The ship was somewhat full. So I was on my guard. And I'm trying to get some sleep.His whole body seemed to be drained of energy. Ugh, this feeling is that I'm so hungry that I can't fall asleep at I'm in agony. whether to eat or not Eventually I ate, and my wife didn't. at night I look forward to seeing myself after I wake up from my morning sleep.

    $realin . 2019.02.21 00:55

    15 thanks . 1,045.2267 PUB

  • meat truth


    meat pleasing to the eye I am more satisfied with eating. Hahaha a fad word that came to mind after a long time of eating. What would you do if you made money? I'm sure it's beef desert. Right. The reason why we make money is, by all accounts, To buy meat. L Until the day you buy beef for your publicisto reward. Everyone, you're all. ^^

    $realin . 2019.02.19 21:56

    17 thanks . 699.7562 PUB

  • Same space, different interests.


    It is very exciting to see the electronic products on display. Fortunately, my wife doesn't get bored watching electronics either. However, the corner that runs when it comes in is different. I look around computers, laptops, cell phones and tablets, and TV, while my wife usually looks around air purifiers, washing machines and dryers, cleaners and refrigerators. But they don't want to fall apart, so they end up looking around together. L Ps. It's hard to make money, but it's a long time to spend. Especially in places like this.

    $realin . 2019.02.18 21:38

    15 thanks . 1,030.3206 PUB

  • #Publito


    #Publito I'm not even sure I started Publicito. It's been almost two months. I also write a few articles. With the help of many people, I could gather quite a bit. And Publicito grew as well. It's almost time for us to post our 10,000th album. with ten thousand posts You know, I've got a lot of publitos. Our Publicity Family Let's congratulate each other. ^^

    $realin . 2019.02.14 22:14

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