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  • May there be more natural environment in the city center.


    It's a perfect day for spring. Cherry blossoms already shake a lot of white petals, and the greenness is more noticeable. I think it's a nice day for spring nag! When the weather gets warmer, I often go to the park with my children. Seoul Forest, Buk Seoul Dream Forest, Namsan Park, Sangam Skyno Park, etc. were often near my house. It's so beautiful to see the kids running through the grass. So that future sprouts can enjoy this natural environment even in the inner city of buildings. I hope there's more park numbers. Large park, large forest would be nice, but it's not easy, so small park is everywhere in town. I hope the bay is built.

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.04.18 09:25

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  • recall the memories of a picnic


    The kid's been excited since yesterday about going on a picnic. On my way to work in the morning, I saw my mom's lunch box full of love. Suddenly, memories of my childhood picnic were recalled. That's when I used to pray that it wouldn't rain on a picnic day. Of course, lunch boxes are a little different from what they are now. At that time, it was only gimbap My daughter doesn't like Gibbap, so it's just my mom, right? I think it was always outdoors on my picnic. These days, the weather is not the same, but because of fine dust, teachers can visit places for picn It's like you're a guest indoors, if possible. Today, our little picnic place is Ilsan Aquarium... In my school days, amusement parks and so on were the main ones. How the picnic place will change in the next 10 years...

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  • the greenness of Gochang's Upper and Lower Houses.


    Gochang House and Farm I went to Seohae Expressway from Seoul for about 3 hours. It was far more than I thought, but there were green grasses, green trees, and sheep including cows. That's where it's healing just by looking at it. And I have an experience, so I can make sausage, ice cream and so on. I think it was a place where the kids would love to make reservations in advance. There was a restaurant in the farm... I heard that the green barley fields are famous around here, and I thought I could get a shot of my life in time for the season. The season of spring is green. Why don't you leave?

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  • Cucumber Caggins Fishing~


    It's kind of creepy to say spring weather. Around last fall? I went to Youngmok Harbor and fishing... I often go fishing on a boat, but it feels different from fishing on a hook. I didn't feel like I had a bite. I often put the fishing pole in and I had to take it away, so I didn't have much time to rest... But unlike when they're fishing, they're decorated every time they're burrow. I felt good.~ I caught about 150 of them this day. If you're good at it, there's no problem with 200 to 300 of them. Especially, the cacophiles that come up from time to time are different from the jjuku. The number of days that a caged bird falls while it comes up... I'm not... I'm not Pro. If you're lucky, you'll catch him or you'll fall... Anyway, I think I'll go fishing a few times this year. I'm already waiting.

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.04.15 11:44

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  • VIXX 11000 won discount ticket 1100 won~


    hi~ At 11th Street, we're selling VIXX's 11,000 won discount ticket for 1,100 won per unit. 90% discount? If you order more than 40,000 won, you can use one ticket and two discount tickets for orders over 70,000 won. The expiration date is from April 28 (days)!! They say they can use it on weekdays and weekends, and they also have a regular partnership discount.^^ I often go to VIPS with my little boys, so I think I'll use it for a while.~ I'll leave you some information if it'll help. Have a great day today.^^

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  • Therapy of Therapy


    It's cold for flowers, but this cold is tolerable when you think of fine dust. I think cherry blossoms are in full bloom today. The spring will come soon. I saw a picture of a coffee shop in Gangneung Terarosa which happened to go one spring while cleaning up the photos. Whenever I go to Gangwon-do, I always go there. Today, I want to go to Gangneung Terarosa factory and have a cup of coffee. the scent of grass in a remote rural village, not in the center of the city. So~ I love the location of the smell. I went there earlier this year, and I got renewed here, so the internal structure changed... As expected, there are more visitors. I order coffee and I feel like I have 30 rounds. But there is a day when I remember a cup of coffee in the countryside. Have a day, everyone.^^

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  • I went to the 2019 Seoul Motor Show.^^


    Did you have a good weekend?^^ I went to KINTEX last weekend for the 2019 motor show. I've never been to a motor show before. Parking is so hard. Turns around, turns around, ends up parking in the temporary parking lot. I don't know about the weekdays, but...I think you should be ready for the weekend. There's a lot of visitors in different ages than I thought. It was divided into the KINTEX 1 exhibition hall and the 2 exhibition hall. There were various vehicles on display. I saw the concept car once more. That'sweet~ And he gave me a little gift through the event.~~ You like boys, don't you? If time permits, you'll have to come back! Have a nice week.^^

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  • Finally, the radon measurement...


    Are you enjoying your weekend? It's been a pleasant spring rain since morning! When this rain stops, a full spring will come, right? There was a courier in front of my house after work yesterday. I opened the package, and I ordered it about two weeks ago. There's a radon meter. This item since last year's xx bed radon crisis I was giving up on a surge in demand. About a month ago, he was on another radio show about radon. I'm starting to feelTwo weeks to get there. Anyway, I've been checking every room since last night, but it's not zero. I've been thinking about it for some time, but this level of shame doesn't make me happy. Radon says ventilation is essential. On days of extreme fine dust... When I didn't know about this, I felt at home... Anyway, he's scheduled for continuous radon measurements.

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.03.30 10:52

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  • a new leaf sprouts


    It's a day of fine dust again. It's springtime, and it's the perfect temperature for the rest of the world. I hope there will be no fine dust this weekend. rubber tree brought in for air purification in triceps I can hear the sound of spring coming from the rubber trees. I've been crumpling all winter, and now I'm starting to get new leaves. How do you think it's spring and react like this? There are many new leaves this year, so please remove all the fine dust. Please!

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.03.28 11:56

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  • 식품주의성분 확인 App '엄선'


    며칠전 이 앱을 알게되었고 저의 최애 꽈자들부터 검색해보았더랬죠~! 양파링은 식품첨가물이 비교적 안전하다는군요ㅎ 포테이토칩은 식품첨가물이 1개! 거의 생감자만 튀긴듯ㅎ 마지막으로 스키틀즈는 코스트코 갈때마다 한박스씩 사오던 템인데... 식품첨가물이 어마무시 합니다... 무슨 색소가 이리도 많이 들어가는지.. 게다가 발암물질인 이산화티타늄까지... 버려야겄네요.. 앞으로 아이들 군것질꺼리 준비할때 이 앱 유용하게 쓸듯합니다~~~!!

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  • A jenga match! Cole!


    No, why did winter suddenly...Hah! These days, young people's smartphones are their best friends, right? When I was a kid, I used to play various games, tagging, and marbles in my neighborhood. There were a lot of things to play outside... I hope many years have passed. I can't play smartphone games with kids.therefore I told you we bought Jenga and did it together. Little boys are more fun than I thought, so I often do jenga. It's just that I'm going to get into the game again.L Put down the smartphone you've been holding on to for a while. How about playing an offline game with your kids?!~ Happy Friday, everyone. Have a nice weekend!

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.03.22 13:15

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  • Samgakji Norpo, Pyeongyang's house.


    I used to go to those restaurants every weekend because I was at a demand-dining party. One of them was a tripod, Norpo, Pyongyang. They say that this place has been dismissed a number of times, except for the shooting of a demand-dining dinner. It was opened in the early 1970s, so...It's been 50 years. Yang and tripe are signature menus. There's a lot of customers in the evening. Most people eat a lot of internal gomtang during the day. Naejang Gomtang is, uh...What's the... flavor of the condiment? I like it because it's simple and simple.~ The soup was really good for my taste! It's weird, but it's surprising. I heard you were familiar with the fireplace that baked tripe. It's like a steel bar you can see at the construction site.Huck; No, I don't know why the steel bars are like this way. Is it safe to have the thought I'veHahaha Oh, this is a health infection. It's not a problem, so you'll keep using it, right?L I was sorry that the price of the tripe was a little smaller, but... It tasted good. Of course, this is also for my taste. It's a little bit sad that the grains fall through the bars. They say it tastes good, but I...Maybe it's because the time is not right. He didn't stir-fry the rice. crying Maybe it's raining and spooky today. I thought about this place in Pyongyang!~ I hope you all have a good time.^^

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  • The Garden of Jeju Sammy's Grace / The Way of the Cross


    A few years ago, my parents and I have been to Sammy Grace's Garden in St. Ishidor Ranch. Maybe it's they are Catholic believer, they said Sammy Grace's Garden was the best on the trip to Jeju. At that time, I wasn't feeling anything because I didn't believe in God, but my heart became calm ~ There are Trinity Cathedral, the life of the Jesus, and the statue of the Cross, outdoor rosary prayer path and the Virgin Mary cave, etc. for who came for prayer. There seem to be a lot of people coming as pilgrimage. I used to travel a well known tourist area in Jeju, now I'm looking for a place that's not very well known. Jeju seems to be a place where there are lot of hidden places. This year, I will go to Jeju Island once more, and will visit Sammy Grace Park again.

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.03.19 09:32

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  • I miss Guam Litidian...


    I have a plan for my third trip to Guam. I'm going to go to Riti Dian, which I passed on my second trip. I found out that the rip currents here are dangerous. Somehow I was reluctant, but I thought I'd be safe if I didn't get to the far sea. I'm going to go there this time. I was looking at the pictures of those who traveled to Guam, and I felt really uncomfortable. I've got a good flight distance to go with the little boys. I think food is better than travel in Southeast Asia. I think Guam is more place to travel than I thought, shopping, water play, and southern tour. It's a tough road for Litidians. I don't feel that hard when I go there. There aren't as many people as I thought. Anyway, when we travel to Guam, we will be here again! Have a nice week, everyone! #Ritidian #Follow #

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.03.18 10:40

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  • 별자리지도


    별을 보려면 가능한 불빛이 없는 깊은 산 속으로 들어가야 잘 보이고 지금의 생활권에서는 도저히 불가능했기에.. 분기마다 서울시립천문대에 예약을 하고 딸아이에게 별을 보여주었습니다 대형망원경으로 직접 별을 관찰하기전에 약간의 교육프로그램이 있는데 계절 또는 분기별 별자리를 알려주더군요 이곳에 몇번 다녀오더니 별자리에 관심을 보이길래 집에 별자리 지도 하나 있으면 좋겠단 생각에 하나 들였네요~ㅎ 방 천정에 별들을 덕지덕지 붙여놓을까도 생각했지만... 나중에 처리하는게 더 힘들것 같아 포기. 이 지도는 밤에 야광으로 보이기도 하더군요ㅎ 지금도 가끔 외할머니 계신 시골에 내려가면 밤하늘을 의식적으로 보곤하는데 그 어릴적 봤던 수많은 별들은 이제 시골에서도 볼 수는 없더라구요...

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  • National Science Museum


    Today, the sky is full of fine dust. It's not Sammy. It's Sammy Sammy. Fine dust all week... Masks are now mandatory, not optional...I feel comfortable with a month's worth of masks. On days with lots of fine dust, you should reduce outdoor activities as much as possible, right? Someplace where you can do indoor activities with your kids? I recommend the Gwacheon National Science Museum! With a science museum that's bigger than I thought. Half a day is a little too much, and I think the science museum is all right. Well, I think it's better for a senior than a junior in elementary school. Basic Science Museum, Natural History, Future Imagination Sf Hall, Astrophysical Pavilion, Advanced Technology Hall, etc. There's no room for boredom because it's composed of various exhibition halls. Also, there are various experience centers such as typhoon experience center, earthquake experience center and so on, so eyes and body must be fun.~ Other events, special planning exhibitions, and concert halls are always in operation. I think it would be better if you check the website of the science museum and visit.^^ https://www.sciencecenter.go.kr #The National Science Museum

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  • a memorable train path


    I've been quiet all weekend, but the fine dust level is going up a little again today. Please take your mask when you go out.^^ One of the impressive scenes during my trip to Japan was the railroad crossing. Railways installed on the ground are rarely seen in downtown Seoul these days. I've seen it in the movie sometimes, but now I'm taking pictures in front of the railroad crossing. I felt a little new. As the subway approaches, there's a squeaking alarm and a warning signal. The screen that comes down automatically? This screen and the sound that's being cleaned up...Hah! I've experienced it somewhere in the country a long time ago. I've seen these scenes a lot here because the trains are passing by frequently. It's a routine for people who used to live here, but...It's been a while since I've seen it. I feel like I've brought back old memories.

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.03.11 11:03

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  • Nice to meet you! Alley street.


    What a pleasant weekend! I was on a trip to Japan this time last week. And I'll make my next trip... Japan is a close and far country... Traveling as easily as possible. I prefer Japan to pass all the way I liked it. My family's close, so we're going. I've been there before. This is an alley leading to Cheongsusa Temple. Japan is very well preserved in alleys. There was one. When I think of my childhood, I think of a narrow alleyway. It's still clear... And then there's a lot of redecorating. It's become a large apartment complex. The alleyways here are a reminder of the past. There were a lot of people, but there were a lot of people around Main Street. In between, the alleyways were nice. If I had a lot of time, I'd love to walk.Too bad.

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.03.09 08:17

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  • sound that spring is coming


    It's been a long time since I saw the blue sky. But there's a little bit of fine dust today. Spring seems to be just around the corner to the south right now. The branches of the tree that had been asleep all day, I can see the floral dream. Some of the mean guys... It's already starting to bloom. The hour is the spring! It's a golden day waiting for the green day. Have a weekend with everyone!

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.03.08 09:50

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  • #Blue Bottle # in the coffee world


    It's been a week since the gray sky covered the world. Last week, I looked at the clear sky in Japan. When will this war against fine dust be over? I went on a trip to Japan last week. And I went to a blue boat in a quiet place in Kyoto. I heard you walked from the temperature control station to here. I think it was a nice day to walk, and because it was a weekday, the neighborhood was quiet and quiet. I thought this place was somewhere in central Kyoto. It was a little creepy because it was located in front of a tourist attraction called Nanjianji. A simple exterior that goes well with the surrounding buildings. I think it was a house before I entered the Blue Bottles.That feeling... Just because I am famous for my drip coffee, I think about the terrarosa drip coffee that I used to visit in Korea. I've compared it to... I didn't feel that much difference... I don't know the taste of coffee yet. I've tried America, and this is, um...It's just coffee. This much?Hah! Korea is about to open in Seongsu-dong. I heard the second store is going to open in Samcheong-dong. If these two are open, I think we'll have a lot of waiting for a while. I think I'm going to have a mania layer like Starbucks. #Blue Bottle #Bluebottle

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  • What we need most right now is...


    The blue sky and the clear air...

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  • Osaka USJ is now!


    I'm on a trip to Osaka, Japan. I don't think I'm doing this here. Now, it's time for the public to take a part in my daily life. It looks like you're taking it very deep.L The weather here is still chilly spring... I thought it would be warm, so I wore a thin dress. Nevertheless, fine dust is good! The air is so fresh that the lungs are full. You're drinking like a fish. Arrived yesterday and headed straight to USJ! It's cold spring weather, but it's a huge crowd! Minions Jaws Jurassic World Harry Potter Snuppy Spiderman and so on. Every time I move on, I feel like I' I wonder if the weather is still cold or not. I can't see it. It's very... This is a flat terrain. Averland is flat. It's easy to walk because it's on a flat. It's not like walking 30,000 steps. Maybe because I don't like to ride the rides. It's just... it's just... it's just... It doesn't feel that much. I don't want to go with the little girls. On the contrary, Everland can play rides and animals. It's better... But the characters in the movie and their backgrounds, There's one vote here. Since you walked so hard yesterday, how about starting today? Have a day, everyone.~~~ #Universal Studio Japan

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.02.28 06:46

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  • liberation from water tissue


    There seems to be a lot of fine dust today. Wouldn't it be good for your health to stay indoors for a while?^^ Looking for convenience in life, you use a lot of wet tissue in a house with children, right? I think Ikew's a philtrum at home. Of course, my house has been using a box of wet tissue for a while. It's also a chemical disaster. So what I chose is Gun Tissue. Natural pulp material rayon 100%. This is the best time. You can use it like a wet tissue if you wet it with water. You just have to soak up tap water, water purifier, and so on. She may be a little uncomfortable, but from the chemicals, I'm thinking about that, and I'm using it, because I can stay away from you a little bit. The company sells purified water separately. It's okay to take one or two of them on a trip. But when I get out of the neighborhood, I'm afraid I'm going to soak her out of the tap. Gun Tissue Spent The good thing is that it smells like the flavor of the water Tissue. It's reassuring to use them all over their skin. It was a PM2.5 tip to protect children from my own chemicals.~ Have a great day today.^^ #Guntish

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  • Sunset of Kotakinabalu


    Did you have a nice weekend?^^ I checked the fine dust levels at the same time I woke up this morning. There's a lot of ultrafine dust. You know that KF80 and KF94 masks are a must now. On a day full of fine dust, I often think of vacation spots. This is one of the top three Sunset points in the world, Kotakinabalu Sunset. I didn't think Sunset was more beautiful and wonderful than I expected. You're looking at it in the picture, and you're looking at it. Honestly, the Firefly Tour was more impressive than the Sunset. I was surprised when I first saw a firefly with countless fireflies. More than that, I was touched by countless stars embroidered in the night sky. Even now, I think about it, and when I close my eyes, there are a lot of stars. There's no light pollution, so you can see all those stars. I think it's possible because the environment is more free from pollution, pollution, etc. Our country also needs a lot of effort to regain that clear sky. As part of my little practice, I throw away my car to work and use public transportation.^^ Have a nice week.^^

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  • Beautiful Friendship - The Lion Christian


    Do you know the touching story of the lion, Christian? When I saw this video about 10 years ago, I had a feeling of heartbreak. I happened to see the video again today. She's got the same lump in her chest.crying In November 1969, Herod Department Store in England displayed a baby lion with a price tag on its neck. The two young men from Australia who were passing by this little lion. I couldn't just leave the tired little lion alone, so I bought the lion right away. They started raising lions by the name of Christian. At that time, sales were possible.It's swollen... These two young men raised lions and lived like family. Only a year later, the cub weighed 85 kilograms. Someone's going to get hurt by the lion. The two young men's troubles have begun. One day, two actors saw a lion and recommended that two young men return to the wild. A few months later, he sent Christian to Kenya, Africa. But while we're sending Christian, these two young men He said he was worried about his adaptation in the wild. Unlike worry, Christian sent to the wild He seemed to be well adapted to the environment there. that Christian really seemed to be where he belonged. A year later, two young people came back to Kenya. I missed Christian so much. They just wanted to see if Christian was doing well. And that's what they wanted. Two young men found Christian after hours of searching. Christian is said to have grown up completely, more than twice as big as a year ago. As the two young men approached Christian, He stared silently at the two young men, And then he walked slowly towards them. Let's get closer to the two young men. Christian started running. And then he jumped right into the arms of those two young men. Christian had not forgotten them... Well, I think watching the video will make you feel really clueless. I'll leave you a six-minute video coordinate. Take a look at it when you have time.~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOLqVshIM4w #Christian #Sajakristian

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  • the twilight of the evening


    The two rivers of the Bukhangang River and Namhangang River merge. The beautiful scenery and sunset of the early morning rising water fog It was a famous place for filming movies and dramas. I've never seen a morning mist since I was lazy.Haha Sunset used to be seen often. It's a beautiful place at sunset.~ When I go on a trip to Gangwon-do by a national road, I used to go through a couple of things all the time. These days, I'm relying on navigation. There's a lot of highway traffic, so it's not easy to get past here. This year, when the warm spring comes, we will see the morning mist rising. I'm going to have to go. Have a good day today.^^

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.02.21 10:15

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  • How to check for good toothpaste? Is it true?

    Health Care

    These days, we are focusing on communities such as Internet mamcafes and blogs. I think we're getting the wrong information about toothpaste. I'm going to put some information within my study!~ The information that we're running around here is a way to check for good drugs. I think he's out there. The contents are as follows. If you look in the middle of the bottom end of the toothpaste tube, It has small markings such as green, black, blue, and red. The mark is known to contain the following ingredients. Green: Natural component Black: Artificial chemical component Blue: Natural, medicinal ingredients Red: Natural and chemical ingredients And most of the products on the market are mostly black. The black tube is cheap, while the green one is expensive, so it doesn't sell much on the market. The green tube is expensive, so even if you brush your teeth quickly and eat fruits, I can see that the fruit tastes the same. And if the black tube contains surfactant, it uses the product and does not go through it many times. There may be side effects, such as dry mouth or a wound.' It seems that the message is spreading. That's what's going on in the communities of blogs, cafes, and so on. From now on, I will inform you of the information that I have studied. I've been interested in harmful chemicals since a few years ago, so I've been studying them. First, green, black, blue, red, etc. in the middle of the toothpaste tube. I-Macro. Some mechanical devices put toothpaste in a tube. It's just an evenly distributed indication. One of the reasons why there are so many black i-marks in the market, In white tubes, it's easy for the machine to recognize if you're black. Also, depending on the company, they use red, blue, and green eyemarks for design. It is used in tube-type cosmetics as well as silk toothpaste and is said to be the same principle. And no matter how much we emphasize natural ingredients, we don't have 100 percent natural toothpaste. It's bound to contain a certain amount We have to use toothpaste, which is less harmful to the human body. Especially with children's toothpaste. A type of preservative detected in humidifier disinfectant, CMIT/MIT... In addition to toothpaste, cosmetics, anti-killing agents, and hot-tem fluid monsters, I'm getting angry when I see an article that says it's still being detected... Cosmetics seem to have a prime indicator in place. Although toothpaste is a product that reaches the mouth three times a day, the toothpaste tube which is in circulation in Korea shows only the main ingredient. I don't know how many ingredients we use... Chemicals made by human convenience make humans sick. It's a pity.It's been a long time.

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.02.20 10:50

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  • Where did he disappear?


    There's something that comes to mind. To me, soy sauce octopus is one of those foods. The dried seaweed flakes in the cauldron. Spoon a spoonful of rice and put it on the fly. Put soy sauce octopus on top of it and shoot it with your mouth! A few days ago, he wanted to eat. He went to the place. The restaurant said the lights were off. Is it closed or moved?I couldn't find it. It was one of my favorite restaurants.crying Soybean paste is not a common food. I used to visit this place when I remembered... Do you think he moved the fish from Samseong-dong? Does anyone know? #Fishing Village #Where #

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  • Are you using 'harmony'?


    I started to get interested in chemicals. It was a humidifier disinfectant case. After the sterilizer case, when you still choose lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, and detergent, I've got a habit of checking my prime. Of course, it was because of the health of the family, especially the growing children. We don't memorize all the chemicals that are harmful to the human body, The chemicals in some of the carcinogens are now familiar. I'm not 100% sure of reconciliation, It's quite helpful in choosing a product. Before I buy a product, I use this app to search for it. Of all the big business brand necessities we've There's also a lot of products covered in harmful chemicals. It's been a long time since I gave up the stupid idea of trusting big business products. shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, kitchen cleaner, etc. that are used everyday, not sometimes. There's a lot of chemicals in it, and they're still bothering us. I hope this app will help you select products that are less harmful.^^ Have a nice week, everyone.^^

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  • a place called the Holy Land of Pyeongyang


    Naengmyeon is Hamheung naengmyeon. Until now. But after I first tasted Pyeongyang naengmyeon a few years ago, My idea that Hamheung naengmyeon is true has changed little by little since one day. Eulmildae in Mapo is the place where I first met Pyeongyang naengmyeon. After an hour-long wait, I tasted Pyeongyang naengmyeon. Why are you eating this? It's like you're just in the water. But... one day, I suddenly remembered that bland Pyeongyang naengmyeon. Strangely... So I went to Eulmildae again, and it started then. Eulmildae, famous for Pyeongyang naengmyeon, Eulji Myeonok, Pildong Myeonok, Uraeok, etc. I've been to some places. And I've been to Pyongyang Myeonok, the sacred place of Pyeongyang naengmyeon, located in Uijeongbu. It's not stimulating, but it's also plain and simple! I know each person's taste is different, but it was pretty good. One day on my way to work, I was listening to the radio. The buckwheat is harvested in the late fall. So the sunmill says winter is the season. It's a little bit late, but what you're eating now is better than the summer in Pyongyang. It's more delicious. If you have a chance, try it.^^ #The Uijeongbu_Pyongyang Myeonok

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