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  • Race cherry blossoms


    I got rhinitis from my weekend trip to Gyeongju. I feel it every year, but if I go to Gyeongju during the cherry blossom season, it is rainy, windy or cold. Still, there is a place where you can stop by and see. Next to Bomun National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Education Center, there is a well-formed foster cherry tree called Julchotchot. There is something different here with the cherry blossoms of Bulguksa. I go to see the flowers every year and they are still in full bloom. By the way, she's pretty... It's sad that a weekday break is getting tired;

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  • Should I buy it in the same way?


    a restaurant that will soon be open for 20 years It's great that countless restaurants are doing business for a long time in the struggling Dongsung-ro. It's a precious place where there has been a change in the middle, but the taste remains unchanged. It was the place where I first ate Japanese ramyeon with my friends in 2002 or so, and I went there steadily. Some days, we eat lunch and dinner. I forgot about my life away from Daegu for a while, but the store I visited was always good. Would she grow up and come here with her friends when she comes to Dongsung-ro? Will it suit your daughter's friends? My wife replied that she could. It feels kind of subtle to imagine a daughter who came to play with her friends. Today is a day when I want to grow up slowly rather than to grow up quickly.

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  • 바닷가


    맑은 날 보기가 이렇게 어려운 일이 될지는 몰랐다. 덕분에 당연하게 생각했던 것이 더 소중하게 느껴진다. 다른 일정을 뒤로 미루고 날이 너무 좋아 바닷가로 향했다. 봄바람이 살살 불고 나뭇가지마다 물이 오른 모습에 기분도 덩달아 좋아진다. 무작정 찾은 바다는 이제껏 본 중에 제일이다. 발끝에 닿는 모래의 감촉, 시원한 파도 그리고 청명한 하늘... 신나서 뛰어다니는 아내와 딸아이를 보니 절로 웃음이 난다. 자주 올 수 있도록 날이 맑았으면 좋겠다.

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  • 그 때의 기억


    정신없이 또 하루가 지나고... 그 곳의 향과 맛이 생각나 꺼내본 사진. 죽을만큼 힘들진 않은데 끝나지 않을 것 같은 반복에 지친다. 아는 형님께서는 절실함이 부족하다고 충고하시는데 어떻게 하면 그런 절절한 마음을 갖고 살아갈 수 있을려나. 젠장 이놈의 다이어트 ㅠㅠ 10년 전으로 돌아가면 덜 먹을려나. 이 시간에 커피와 빵이 생각날 줄이야!!

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  • Jeju Manor Blanc


    Before my trip to Jeju Island, my wife told my daughter that she could have a tea party at Princess Sofia, and I thought it would be similar to Brunch. So I didn't even make a reservation and ordered an after-eye set. Fortunately, we didn't have any customers. It would be a disaster. I picked a pretty teacup, a teapot, and a three-tiered plate and waited like a picture. It was said that I laughed more broadly than my daughter. I was holding back the bread, and now I'm getting the reins off. It is said that it is famous for its garden, which is good for taking pictures, but it reminds me of bread full of three- The garden is just a girdle;

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  • House of the Jungmun Haenyeo


    The beginning was a picture of a treadmill, but I found that most of the food was related. It seems irrevocable. That's what the topic is today. It happened when I first went to Jeju. I was so upset that I couldn't eat and felt dizzy that I was lying in a hotel. My wife woke me up and took me here because she felt sorry for me. Even though I'm sick, I don't eat much, but the abalone porridge here just passed away. It has a large abalone, so it's the best taste for chewing. After that, I spent the rest of my trip briskly, so I visit them whenever I visit Seogwipo.

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  • Camelatte


    Among things she doesn't understand is tasting new snacks, instant noodles and drinks. While I was on a diet for 365 days, I was so curious that I tried it once. This time, it's a black latte. I order a cold black latte, but it's only the size of the Grande and the whipped cream goes up. Oh, this is dangerous. A black latte filling the party in place of insufficient caffeine. I've had a little sweet girl, and she's got a vote on her Hodgtirate As is usually the case, new things come with risks. But I can't stop it.

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  • Pohang Youth Rice Award


    My brother was hospitalized and went down to Pohang. He said he wanted to take a break, so he left the hospital. I've been to two hospital rooms for a day, and I've lost my mind and body. I stopped by the restaurant to have a good dinner. The hot soup was hot, but my daughter must have loved the small brazier. Seeing a child baking a kyukatsu with his eyes glistening, I feel like I'll have to work hard. I'm full of speed. I'm motivated. Let's cheer up tomorrow! Of course, don't forget to take care of your health.

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  • Strawberry latte?


    I went out to Dongsung Street and stopped by the cafe. I was ordering a warm latte because it was cold, but my wife asked me for a strawberry latte. The exact name is ice cream strawberry latte. Place strawberry ice cream on strawberry latte. On the way home, my daughter and my wife share the ice cream and give me the rest. I've had a lot of it somewhere! Maybe that's why my daughter wrote it in English. Would you not get the price if you sold ice cream strawberry milk; the same thing I said was a different story, but something

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  • Making Kimchi dumplings


    I made kimchi dumplings with my child for playing and eating. dumpling is made with kimchi, tofu, noodles, and ground meat, and dumpling is bought at the market. We're going to make it as much as we can each eat, but he's going to be curious about... Yes? When I made it, I found that each person has a distinctive feature. It was a bit disappointing to add a little bit of dumpling, but I think it's a good choice for a dinner. Next time, I'll have to fill up the dumpling. Haha

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  • Palgong Heima


    Since a few years ago, coffee shops have sprung up all over Palgong, and now there are enough coffee shops to worry about whenever we go. When I came down from parking at Heima Cafe, I found that there were no trees or stones in vain. I want to have a talent that I envy so much for my lack of work in art. Aesthetic sensation!! Of course, coffee is good~ The atmosphere is good~ It's a good day for you to feel better.

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  • Between love and friendship


    When I exchanged kakaotalk with my friends, I remembered. When I was a sophomore in college, I sang this song as if I were a madman because my friend had a criminal record without a word. Why would he do that at that time? It's a memory that makes me feel so shy that my hands and feet are shriveled up and laughing. What's even more funny is that I missed my previous period and stayed my friend's; I don't think I can forget songs that have memories after a while. It doesn't matter what the lyrics say. Perhaps that's why Kim Sung-myun (k2) likes Kim Kyung-ho and Kim Yeon-woo's love and friendship that stand out from friendship chemistry. Do you all have a song that you remember?

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  • Gaya Castle


    It is a Chinese restaurant in front of Daegu Health College, and it is a famous place. But I prefer the flat-shaped sweet and sour pork of the house. It is a place that I visit once a week, but I've only tried it before. It's delicious, but since I'm going with my kid, there's something I'm going to do... Sweet and sour pork comes first over other dishes. Maybe that's why sweet and sour pork is more delicious. Jjajangmyeon and jjambbong are just condescending.

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  • Worry and Choice


    I made kimchi stew that I had forgotten since my child was born. It's been a long time. Cheer up! I also put on a lot of meat and pork and kimchi. And a can of pepper tuna to add flavor to the taste. I don't have to worry about it, whether it's tuna kimchi stew. Twice the taste of jjajang jjamppong. The question of this year's choice, as it is today, would be good if both of them. They're both not bombs.

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  • Maria Zucupi


    Having lived in a state of mind for a while has caused a setback in public life. So I went to Maria Ju. Handripping was also a favorite place in Vienna. I felt dizzy during a week of chaos, but I felt like I was calm.

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  • barley grinder


    In the new year, he shouted for handdrips, but failed to select equipment and was forced to do so. Fortunately, I made a purchase at Blackwaterport, where I was buying cold-brewed coffee, because I was selling Hario Dripper and the server nicely. Even a pretty kettle that wasn't planned. Lucky! But Grinder didn't like anything, so he bought it somewhere else. The accident has made me feel like I'm fit for a little rustic. Maybe it's I was taking the item and taking the picture like crazy, but I forgot the beans! @.@ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Gangneung Bohemian and Terarosa


    Before traveling to Gangneung, I asked a friend who knows coffee well. Do people like the sour taste of coffee? I hated the sour taste of coffee because I couldn't eat the sour food well. My friend said it was okay to drink, but I couldn't accept it. However, the sour taste that I encountered at Gangneung Bohemian and Terarosa was so delicious. I never thought I'd like a sour taste; the sour taste that I used to feel was something that made my face look sour, and the sour. Even when the coffee cools... I still like bitter taste rather than sour taste, but I think I've learned a little bit of sour taste. It's so good.

    $rainbow . 2019.01.20 12:53

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  • Gangneung Caccijang Kalguksu


    I learned this time that Jangkalguksu is Gangwon-do food. If new ramen comes out, I try it once, but Jangkalguksu Ramen is Maybe that's why I don't expect you to go to the restaurant. We differentiated this place by adding black beans to the noodles, but it tasted more savory. Passed! The soup is small but not spicy. At first, it seems to be lacking in flavor, but the more you eat, the more you don't eat. I can't do that.

    $rainbow . 2019.01.17 20:31

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  • Samcheok Tholvich


    I came on vacation with the salvich I had heard about. From Daegu to Yeongdeok, Uljin to Samcheok. Time went by quite a bit. I checked in quickly and came up to the room and looked out of the window, and it was cool to my heart to see To watch the sunrise, go to the place where everyone will take a picture when they come here and eat and make a cut. I love it so much, but I'm under the pressure of a day off.

    $rainbow . 2019.01.16 20:47

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  • a magnificent restaurant


    Yeongdeok Port has become so famous that it is a bit burdensome to eat it. It's crowded, it' A few years ago, I came in with an acquaintance who said, "After experiencing the new world, I usually only eat here." It's the only place I want to know, but I write it down because it can't be gone. It's a restaurant atmosphere, so it might be uncomfortable to think of a regular restaurant. Phone calls are required before visiting.

    $rainbow . 2019.01.15 14:44

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  • a cup of coffee


    I stopped by my old coffee shop waiting for friends I met in a long time. I ordered Caffe Biena. It's not the same as before. It's a little disappointing. I don't think that's what I used to drink. Whether it's over time or I've changed, the taste and feeling are blurred. I'll stop at the main store and try again when I go to Gyeongju later.

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  • Restart


    I thought Badminton was not suitable for me because the club that I used to go to was not good enough to play sports like the restaurant that I used to go to often disappeared. But if you've hit it, you can't hang it up. I've been playing and resting for 10 years; I'm ashamed of myself, and I've hit a little bit. They say that big bag is not good, but big bag. Anyways, I'm thinking of ending it this time, as long as I start again!!!

    $rainbow . 2019.01.12 11:20

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  • with Kevin


    It's been a while since I saw it again. I was alone in the house. One and two were very well-organized. Kevin's performance, and I'm gonna give him a big hand. But you have to be happy. Brother~ President Trump is coming out with me and Ginnol. You're a good chance. Personally, Rob Schneider, who was packing, was pleased. Do you know hotch?

    $rainbow . 2019.01.09 14:20

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  • Sudong Ice Sliding Ground in Daegu


    2,000 won of happiness Sudong Ice Sliding Ground in Daegu Children are bound to be in physical strength... Mothers don't look bright. Z, an undesirable playground that must be dragged around all day.z Discharge in 10 minutes. Let's get him on the ice tube.

    $rainbow . 2019.01.08 13:49

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  • Daegu Chilgok Restaurant


    Nine years after coming to Chilgok, Daegu, the number of restaurants I used to go to often started to decrease one by one. Is it because of me? I don't know if it's a good place to do business here, but I'd like to introduce it to you for the future.~ Located in front of Dongcheon Station on Line 3, Gongjujimjjimjimjimjimjimjimjikmyeon is the best menu!

    $rainbow . 2019.01.07 21:14

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  • New Year's resolution


    It has already been five days since the new year 2019. I decided to work out, but I went to the gym in my sleep. I greeted my bike and treadmill at the first gym. See you often this year!! I wonder if it would be human if I had a bicycle or a treadmill for 100 days. Anyway, since I have been working out for a long time, I think I can eat anything delicious.

    $rainbow . 2019.01.06 08:39

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  • Gyeongju Hero Kids Park


    The royal wedding hall, which was known in Gyeongju, has been changed to Kids Park. I've forgotten it, but it feels weird to be gone. Coincidentally, you should visit every corner of the building because both the initials and the building's shape are H-shaped. Watching the fun of walking back and forth between the first basement floor and the third floor on the ground makes me worried about going home. Today is a good day to play and the number of children is reasonable. Of course I do!

    $rainbow . 2019.01.04 15:27

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  • a rainbow's reach


    Is the treasure hidden? a rainbow shot in a car on the way to Hwangmae Mountain, famous for Mr. Sunshine. Where the rainbow was pretty when I went to see the reeds.

    $rainbow . 2019.01.03 16:12

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