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  • One year, one day, one day, one day, the people who are going to feed chicken are going to apply for the


    We'll be able to meet the people of the world. I can apply. First place is a chicken every day for a year. I don't think there's a limit on the number of applications. Chicken doesn't gain weight. I was born here with a masterpiece, "I'm Fat." As expected, the Korean people have great influence.^^ Let it go when you clap. -Me- It's a winning piece last year. It's moving.^^ I'm not a resident.L I hope you get the first prize from Purple, and I'm promoting it.^^ #1 year 1 day 1 chicken

    $publytoo . 2019.02.28 19:10

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  • Let's hope for the New Year and be rewarded.


    It's a new year, after all the time, that's the end of the Lunar New Year. On my way to work, I got a photo. How many years ago? It's hard to even give me New Year's money.lol Today is an event for people who have enjoyed or struggled with the explanatory notes. Come to think of it, I don't have any new year's wishes or promises, so I'm curious about what people want with my resolution. Please write down your wishes or goals for this year. I was thinking hard and decided to lose 8 to 10 kilograms. I think it's time to work out. It's about 85 kilos now, so I want to make it within six months. If the ink is full tomorrow, we will give one-nth of the ink to those who post the comments. Write down your New Year's wishes and get some ink. I hope you achieve what you want this year.^^~ #Publico #Publito

    $publytoo . 2019.02.07 22:38

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  • #I enjoy watching #1Techong #Drama these days


    It's about to start. Mr.Jetibi, I'm sorry. 🤩😍 #Drama #Eldecheng

    $publytoo . 2019.01.21 21:36

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  • Let's give a round of applause.


    It's already the weekend again. It's a very small event for those who visit here and there to write a publicist for the weekend evening. By midnight today, I'll split the posts of the person who replies to my comments and ink them. Any comments will be fine.L # Thank you #Ink #Publyto #Publito

    $publytoo . 2019.01.19 18:50

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  • #Absolutely #A beer #


    How can I see you when I go to the market? Let's drink a little this year!! # Beer #Cool #

    $publytoo . 2019.01.14 14:55

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  • Cacao and 펍charts


    1.Today, we throw a photo and start mining. 2. Not much 3. Have a good night. #Share #Coin #Publicito #Publyto

    $publytoo . 2019.01.09 18:57

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  • road


    Blockchain Decentralization What way is he going? Is it a sample of their own or true outsider? Or perhaps a symbol of the desire to be in the center? What you really wanted was to be at the center. Kakao Talk smartphones were the center of the new market. If we don't do this, we don't have any connection. It was a new beginning for the existing paid text message to disappear. And in a way, the Publicito Steam is a new start. The traditional good is that there's a lot of new openings between acquaintances. I'm saying hello, but there's an added economic component. It is a new start that gives everyone what they used to enjoy, such as the existing powerblog and YouTube subscription profits. But if you put your earnings ahead, you'll be clinging to the existing income-free good, and you'll be jealous of it and you'll be communicating it to the third person who's not interested in it at all the time. It's not necessarily bad. I haven't found a better way yet because I'm not good enough, but I think I can make good use of it. It doesn't seem to be a matter of good or bad. The diary is...

    $publytoo . 2019.01.06 14:44

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  • Sky tree


    As adults, we live in frustration with our dreams and compromise with reality. I want to live in the sky, dreaming and challenging what I want.

    $publytoo . 2019.01.04 19:00

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  • a sunny morning


    3 days already this year Every day begins without any plans.

    $publytoo . 2019.01.03 07:54

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  • Where are you going to go to the chicken pizza publito?


    Where are you going to go, Publicito? Publisho Towards Integrated SNS Portal It's easy to get a membership. But that's it. If you sell chicken and pizza, you'll lose your professionalism, but if you sell both of them, wouldn't it be better? Should be to work, such as Instagram to 1. write. Everyone uses Instagram, but I hope you can do photos, videos and real-time broadcasts without any link. 2. Purchase I have to join the chain. It's hard to get additional purchases only when you find out that you can buy the product only from the chain with your ID card. I wish I could buy it by credit card, account transfer, or mobile phone. 3. Selling Although we haven't received any compensation yet, if we want to sell the product after receiving the reward, we have to change the 펍 to 펍 to 스로, change the 이 to 오 to 스, and then to 이 to 오, 한화, 팔아, 옮겨, 있네요, , 오, 출, 이, 거래, 원화, 로. I think the won will be listed in time, but I hope we can easily withdraw money after selling and withdraw from our accounts in Publicito. 4.Ink Charging I hope you can see the ink charge as a gauge bar and make it easier to see. Expected charging time, etc. The explanation and predictability of when it will be charged now seem to be insufficient. It's buffered in 24 hours on the page. I don't think you've seen the basic explanation. 5.Steaking and Unstaging The first steak is full of ink. After that, the ink can only grow and slowly chock up. If you do it again, you can expect it to be filled at once. Otherwise, you need to be informed about it. It's better to bring in an extra amount of steak at once. Unstay also needs to guide you through countdown and unsteak changes. 6.Mamuri I hope all of the wallet linkage, purchase, sales, bankbooking, and unstay will be as easy as membership. I mean, I'd like to see if we could get the deal and the withdrawals out of Publicito. It's easy to sign up, and the rest of us have a lot of difficulties. I'm looking forward to a public offering that easily integrates everything in one shot. Also, please make a communication playground where everyone can play even though it is beta period now.^^ #publyto

    $publytoo . 2019.01.02 22:24

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