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  • Side by side


    Two girls in the same position. A different impression is present

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  • Sunset ( Amazing )


    Good afternoon ... Have a nice break.. #photography

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  • Sunset


    Good afternoon ... Have a nice break #photography

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  • Beach Fruit 😁


    What is the name of this fruit in your area?

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  • Balloon


    The colors of this life

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  • The last photo today


    Good night publytonese.. Have a nice dream.. #story #traveltoday #beach

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  • Gapang Beach


    Have a nice day

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  • Happy saturday...


    GPS 5.8827746, 95.2576332 Go... Go...

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  • On The Way....


    Lets Go.......

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  • Edits


    Only edits, look beautiful and extraordinary

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  • Amazing....... 😎


    Can anyone answer this photo puzzle.....?

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  • Two persons ?


    No..... There are three people seen in the circle 😁

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  • Nature photography


    Green nature and fresh air

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  • Macro


    Macro Photography

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  • Viva Polo


    Hit..hot kpop 😁😁😁😁😁😁

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  • Beautiful


    Any question? 😁

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  • Enjoy a cup of coffee


    Only we who understand the pleasure of drinking a cup of coffee

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  • Miss 😍


    One day I will return to Korea

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  • Writing


    You're... Beautiful 😊

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  • Positive Thinking


    In your country there are fruits like this? #originalphoto

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  • Hello....


    How are you to night?

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  • Funny cat


    You can do this with a pet cat 😝😝😝

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  • Papua New Guinea


    Unity in Diversity | Asia Outlook Magazine

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  • Beautiful and Majestic


    Madrid, the largest city and the capital of Spain, located on the Manzanares River attracts many tourists because of the grandeur and beauty of the city. For football lovers, of course Madrid is the wish list to visit because there is one of the most popular soccer clubs, Real Madrid

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  • Spain’s Been in the Wrong Time Zone


    lthough the Spanish may be considered unique for choosing to eat dinner as the clock approaches midnight, the peculiar habit could stem from the fact that the country is running one hour later than it should be.

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  • Espana



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  • how to care for rabbits ?


    Unique rabbit creatures. His features are slang, funny and sometimes lead to compassion making many people easily provoked to have them. The problem is then if you can't take care, you will only have rabbits in a matter of a few days, or at least 2-3 weeks the rabbit survives. Why? This problem needs to be answered briefly as a guideline for beginners. In this text, there will be no detailed explanation because the problem of rabbits cannot be explained in this short text. Hope this paper can make us think more seriously and be careful so that the rabbits and we do not lose because of death. Rabbits, at all ages are funny. But the peak of cuteness is usually at the age of 17-35 days. That is why many people are interested in directly buying the chicks. Roadside pet shops and warungs at tourist sites sell this. If we ask the seller whether they can stand the life or not the answer is alive. Even if we ask them whether the strong rabbit is taken away using a vehicle, the answer is strong. Even with confidence they said they were taken away for days, from Java to Makassar, Palembang and even Aceh. Those who don't know the ins and outs of rabbits are usually easy to believe. Then desperate to buy that instant too. How do we respond to this? The period of breastfeeding is only between 1-42 days. But if it is less than two months separated from the parent, or say immediately split suddenly under the age of 60 days (2 months) the possibility of stress rabbits is very large. In essence, the period of gathering rabbits with their parents takes 60 days with a sudden pattern of separation. This one factor alone will make the rabbit suffer. On average the cute rabbits on the roadside are only between 25-35 days old. This is terrible. Baskets don't care about the instinctive side of living things. They have the heart to buy from farmers in the villages, and ironically small farmers also don't forbid it because they need money. It is money that makes them bear heart, even with that often they feel happy because then the buyers whose rabbits die are expected to buy again. This is no secret among young rabbit sellers. Rabbits are taken from farmers in the average village at a low price, which is Rp. 10,000, some are priced at Rp. 15,000 (depending on the type). Then take it to the side of the road. On one or two days the rabbit did not look sick. But on the third day, stress is usually hit because they don't get ASI (Mother's Milk) anymore. They only eat grass and pellets. To feed grass is not a problem. But when children under 50 days enter a pet store and only supply pellets, without balance of grass accompanied by loss of breast milk, the weak digestion usually has a problem. Rabbit digestion is different from the digestion of other animals. Rabbits only rely on the large intestine to digest, without the help of the stomach. If you eat a lot of solid age at a young age, especially pellets, it is often a source of problems. Diarrhea will hit soon. So don't be surprised if on the fourth to seventh day rabbits are usually dead. In roadside stalls, they usually don't die because it's only 2-4 days. But if you have arrived at a pet store (an average of 5-10 days), rabbit mortality reaches 40-50 percent. Then the rest usually dies at the hands of the buyer after 3-4 days at home. Death is due to the problem of separation from mother and feed, usually accompanied by collapse due to long trips. The long journey for the rabbits was very tormenting In addition to sudden stress conditions separated from the mother, other factors such as jostling, overeating pellets, lack of drinking accompanied by stressful events from the travel environment and changing new situations make stress affect the feed pattern. Under these conditions, stress rationality can be accepted as a cause of death. But curing stress alone is not enough to make the rabbit survive because basically rabbits under the age of 60 days are still vulnerable to death. How can the rabbit not die? The answer is not to buy children under 60 days. But problems will arise here. Because the prospective caretakers often believe that rabbits are 2 months old as the seller said. This is the trouble. Actually the rabbits are not yet 2 months old, even looking for 1.5 months is very rare. The average stays under the age of 35 days. Like the nature of most traders in Indonesia, they lie. Not just about age, sellers, including pets, also lie about types, and other explanations about food. They are actually sellers not breeders. They do not know anything about rabbits except just mention types and prices. Even the matter of food can only answer, feed grass, vegetables, pelet and not given drinking water. This is a very fatal explanation, of course. Pellets for rabbits should not be arbitrary. Drinking water is also very important for rabbits because rabbits are part of living things that need drinking water at any time. Kankung and cabbage vegetable suggestions are very misleading. Water spinach and cabbage are not good rabbit feed because in addition to causing unpleasant odors to dirt, the crude fiber content is too high, especially for puppy rabbits. Where do we buy rabbits? It's best to go directly to the farm that includes the rabbit's birth date and see some things that are likely to believe the rabbit has passed the age of 2 months. The characteristics of 2 month old rabbits are usually not breastfeeding even though they are still integrated with the mother. We can check the parent by looking at the nipple. If the milk nipples are covered with fur, no trace of breastfeeding occurs at night, usually the rabbit is ready to separate. If that doesn't work, we can look for other ways by looking at the attitude of the farmer. Does he have a good view of the rabbit's problem? How far is the love - love and cleanliness of the cage? We can empirically look at the cage, including seeing the order / recording of the marriage calendar and the birth of each female parent. in the end we need reliable references from good breeders and carers who truly love rabbits. It must be admitted that our society is still very primordial in looking at pets. They often treat arbitrarily with pets. It's rather difficult to find it. But among pet lovers who are a little classy we usually just witness it. They educated young people and have a spirit of scientific care are usually worthy of trust. But indeed sometimes the price is a little expensive. This is because they are very dependent on a lot of breeding needs, ranging from care, vitamins and others. but actually, prices 2-4 times more expensive than roadside rabbit prices are not a problem. Because if we buy puppies at a pet store or roadside often more people die. Whereas by buying rabbits well maintained the death rate can be minimal, even living all. As a result, cheap and expensive are relative. As cheap as anything if it eventually dies, everything is also expensive. The rabbit suffered, we also lost. As expensive as living and healthy rabbits will make us happy, happiness cannot be exchanged for money. Tips for safe rabbit travel. Once we are sure that the rabbit that we bought is already teenager, which is more than 60 days, we can take it away. However, we must pay attention to the following points. The distance with land vehicles over 200 km with swaying roads and hot weather must stop at least 2 times. A 4-hour trip will make stuffy rabbits, especially if the transport cage is only a box or a very narrow plastic basket. Rabbits are easily hit by stress. Make sure the transport cage is free and the air circulation is comfortable in the car. Don't carry too much rabbit and jostle. Provide drinking water supported by vitamins. Do not trust rabbits if given drinking water to die. All living things need drinking water. That is the seller's strategy so the rabbit dies and you buy it again. Bottles or drinking places must be available and rabbits can access drinking and food. Let alone rabbits, humans who are less drinkable and hungry on the go can stress and vomit. Luckily humans can vomit because then digestion is not attacked. Unfortunately rabbits cannot vomit and because of that can cause digestion to be disrupted. If the rabbit does not drink during the road vehicle because it is difficult to access, then at rest we can offer drinking water. Open the entire car door to provide air circulation during an hour's rest. feed rabbits aged 2 months during the trip do not need to use pellets because pellets or concentrates are food that is difficult to digest digestion. In a day, you can eat enough fiber, which is ordinary grass accompanied by pellets, or other vegetables. Even when you get home, don't give pellets for a while. While the grass and vegetables first. This is safer for digestion. Only after 2 or 3 days at home can we start by giving solid feed (pellets, tofu dregs or rice bran / bran). Corn bran is not necessary because there are too many carbohydrates. Vitamins A, B12, and vitamin C are very necessary during the travel times to a week in our homes. Changing weather due to displacement also greatly affects stress. Rabbits that we buy from the mountains with temperatures between 19-24 degrees Celsius then move to temperatures between 25-32 degrees Celsius will obviously be disturbed. Make sure we can make it comfortable with you stabilize the temperature inside the house. Place our rabbit in an area that is not hot and always at a temperature that is equal to the previous temperature. Buying more than 3 months old rabbits is likely to be safer. It is better. mother pregnant risk of stress and miscarriage. The treatment of pregnant mothers is minimal as is the treatment of 60 day old rabbits. if the maximum effort above still makes our rabbits sick, with symptoms of weakness, shrinking appetite, slimy brown diarrhea or blue or green, the main cause remains stress which then engulfs digestion. Understand the case of mucoid enteropathy (ME). more clear about the symptoms of ME are usually characterized by, 1) Stomach which in the intestine inflates with fluid and gas content. 2) The caecum is dry but inside it contains gas. 3) Stomach appears distended with the anus that secretes mucus. This mucus usually blocks digestion so that within 5 days the rabbit will die. drugs that are necessary in this case are animal antibiotics (ruminants) which are specifically for rabbits. Type of antibiotic enrofloxacin, metronidazole, or trimethoprim. For the dosage, it must be considered accurately and we should not overdo or give the medicine. Injections or oral for all three types have been safe. But it's even safer with injections. Garlic liquid can help with digestive problems. The method is crushed or blended into juice. Give drink by injection (without needles). Lay down the rabbit and enter the ingredients. Supply together with carrot juice and grass mixture. Pellets are not needed for stable digestion.

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  • Singapore City


    Symbol of Singapore city

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  • Singapore City


    City of Melayunese

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