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  • 2nd Global Exploration Series - France


    Finally, my daughter's 2nd episode of Earth Exploration came out. It's taking longer than I thought. This time, I'm on the French side, after the U.S. This time, it's funny? I drew. The Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Cheese Pasta. The story of a cap hanging on the top of the Eiffel Tower became the Eiffel Tower. If you tell the chef that the cheese is a little bit on the cheese pasta, it's about ignoring the cook. It makes me laugh. After this trip to France, I don't want you to know where you're going next. Have a nice day, Pubbles!

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  • [Next Generation Project] The Livingization of Public Transportation!


    Thank you for planning the event with such a good idea. It's been a week since I used public transportation. It's a little embarrassing, but frankly, we started by saving a little bit on living expenses rather than reducing fine dust. Actually, a few months ago, I scratched the door of my car, and I had to clean it up because it got rusty. Did you decide to use public transportation for a sudden expenditure? Not long ago, I found out in a public posting that it's called the "carbon point system." Let's use public transportation and take incentives... I started with and finished registering for the 3rd test project. Currently, I use bus and subway as long as I have nothing to do. I'm at work and I'm very happy to take advantage of that time. Even if I use a car, I want to drive eco-friendly cars. "During a green drive, we drive the Earth 9." 1. Complying with the economic speed of the vehicle 2. Rapid start, rapid acceleration, rapid acceleration, and no sudden stop 3. Avoid unnecessary idle 4. Reduce Air Conditioning Usage 5. Lighten your car 6. Making Information Operation a Life 7. Regularly inspect and repair cars 8. Pseudo-fuel, not using unmanned additives 9. Choosing an eco-friendly vehicle Although the start was a little different, can you keep the Earth healthy a little by living in public transportation?

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  • ?Don? 곗 회 ? 비 돈?

    Personal Finance

    This is my account. It's been a long time since we got married. Are you more than others? There are various high school, university and so on at the country home gathering. I don't feel bad when I get this kind of money, but I like it when I get it. Well, technically, it could be a dues, not a dime. The dues are mostly used as a security guard. And when you get hurt, you get a bonus. At first, it was twice as much as it is now, but now that everyone is getting married and their children are big, they've lost a lot of money because they've lost a lot less. The remaining sashimi is probably going on a family trip. Sometimes it's even more reassuring to have a meeting like this out of the money.

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  • I Love You


    I love you My son and I came back from work yesterday. That's what you're saying to me. "Daddy. I love you." I've seen a seven-year-old shooting a day. Just thinking, "Home is this flavor." Haha It was a lovely day for a kid who proudly said that he was made of origami in kindergarten.

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  • Galchi Reservoir Spring


    The temperature has gone up a lot these days. There is a sense of injustice in staying at home, so I go out It's called Galchi Reservoir near my house. The cherry blossoms are finally blooming here. It's a place where nearby mountaineers, picnic people, and a lot of people get together for a meal on weekends. Looking at the reservoir, I felt as if my heart was spreading out. It would be a shame to lose something to eat in such an outing, right You've been eating out a long time. Bulgogi, charcoal, and Bulgogi is the main dish. With bulgogi, organic ssamchae, oolong ssamjang and tricolor rice. I enjoy going out with my family no matter what I do. #Publyto #Galchi Reservoir #Suri Sanchae

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  • a child's observation


    I have a pain in the beetle. The children's ability to The way she walks... the one thing she suddenly cries out. "Daddy. Wait a minute. Dad, the beetle's weird." I don't know how I discovered the strange appearance of a small beetle, but when I look closely, it's strange. It's not weird, it's sick. Did you all know that? One leg is struggling along the road. The kid who's been looking at it for a long time, he's going on. "Dad, what are you doing? We need to get you to the animal hospital." I smiled again at the innocent words of the child had made me smile. I don't know what happened, but I hope it's not people's pain. I thought about it. Praying that one day, one leg will grow up and be able to make a strong crossing.

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  • beautiful people


    Like each other's cars. They may have different shapes and personalities, but they look great together! This is the story of women in my family. I am the youngest of five children and have three sisters and a brother. I was born as the youngest, and I was an immature family member. The older sisters seem to be quite impressed and curious. Your two sisters last night? I've been spending time late with In a friendly atmosphere, I was struck by the sudden... I thought, 'These women look great.' They have different personalities, and they have different wives. Some houses "They're all there." I hear, "You don't eat spinach." But how happy is it to be in my house because it? I thought about it. I'm planning a family trip this fall, but my sisters are worried that my wife might be uncomfortable with my in-laws. My wife is a family member, so I give her a cool hand. This little consideration creates a family fusion, right? And as I watched them chat, I realized again how important it was in life.

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  • feel the benefit of a mountain trip


    I went hiking this week. I haven't been on the mountain often, but I think it's because I can feel the benefits of hiking. Muscle strength, as well as CPR, seems to have improved a lot. After I've been there, I've been sweating. I think I can feel something refreshed. It's also like it's helping to relax your mind. It's a week of stress and a bad memory. It is also a time to look back at me with my own time. When I come down from the mountain, I feel relaxed, so I take a light step. Everything depends on your mind, but your thoughts in the mountains seem a little different. This benefit brings you closer to the mountain. Haha I'm falling in love with the charm of the mountain that I've never known before. I'd like to consider going with my family from next week. I thought it would be hard for the kids, but there were a lot of people coming to the mountain as a family unit. I'm a little bit heavy, but I feel refreshed and relaxed.

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  • On the weekend farm, potato soup...


    Potato soup finally came up on the weekend farm. I planted the seed potatoes on March 27 and it's been almost a month. I finally made my face out to the world. On weekend farms in other houses, it is green and green with ssam-chae. We plant ssam vegetables in my house. I'm going to plant some peppermint in May. Now that the crops have grown, I think I'll have a little fun going to the weekend farm. As much as crops grow. I look forward to growing up in the coin market.

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  • a happy change begins


    A happy change has begun between women and women. My father-in-law, my mother-in-law, is taking care of me. Since we got our oldest child (daughter), we started living together, so we carefully describe the time we spent together as time. It's already been nine years since my mother-in-law started to sleep with her daughter for a couple who worked fast after giving birth to their eldest child. Since it was my first grandchild, I think he was very affectionate. So, I don't have much affection for the cognitive couple. My grandmother and grandfather's gumkit and my daughter who was nervous without my grandparents. Gradually, there is more communication with the couple and more self-reliance. Maybe it's because I depend more on my parents than on my grandparents when I'm going up. You've got to be more self-reliant. I also express my deepest sympathy that the efforts of our couple, who tried to talk to our touchy friends in the midst of this change, might have been a part of Now we're starting to have a new problem. My father-in-law, do you think your mother-in-law feels like a child? In order to fill the position hard, I think we'll have to work out a new plan and put it into But as a father with a daughter, I can't help but feel happy and happy.

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  • encounter philosophy in everyday life


    meet philosophy in everyday life - a meditative letter to a friend Every morning, a letter was written to make friends read at their desks before they started work, giving them love, justice, service and gratitude in their daily lives. to exist First yard - Mature Man Second yard - what kind of person am I to you? The third yard - only if you can speak with joy is hope. It is composed of 365 letters. It is easy to read a letter. [Fulls] Third Madang - Hope can only be said with joy. If you're worried, it's a question of how much unnecessary greed is It is a reflection of whether too much greed is increasing anxiety by the word hope. Because hope does not come from waiting for luck, but from confidence that you can do it. Only then can you say hope with joy. I was thankful that I had time to look back on myself after reading this book, and a little bit of generosity came to thank me for being small. If you can live with philosophy in life as the author says, wouldn't that life be a truly happy life? think of

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  • children's fairy tales


    Pig book It's a fairy tale book that I read as a child's primary assignment a few days ago. What kind of fairy tale book? The assignment is to read the book and discuss it with your parents. The title is Pig Book. It's simple. Mr. Figgins, who works for a very important company, and his two sons at a very important school.Tired of doing nothing at home, my mom leaves home with a note saying, "You're a pig!" Left behind, they're becoming real pigs, and their homes areWhen my mom comes back, she makes mistakes and shares housework to find happiness. Actually, the important thing here is that my mother is a working mother. After reading the book, I'm going to talk to my child about one thing or that. It was a great opportunity to think about what to do for the happiness of the family. A little consideration for each other makes a big difference! PS. I heard it's a must-read for a double-income dad.

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  • Bossam and Nakji Pajeon


    I came down from the mountain. I can't just come home. This is where I stopped. Boseam and Noodle Pajeon.. When I took a picture, I found that there was no bowl of noodles. It's not as good as when you eat it in package. If you eat bossam kimchi, you can enjoy the yardly bossam, and if you add it with the sesame seeds and the pamulchim I've been to the mountain, too, so I've been to... Everything is bothering me when I come home from such a happy meal. What's the weekend like?

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  • [Hana's Mountain Habitat] Re-visited Mountain in Two Weeks


    I came back to the mountain after 2 weeks. The mountain was still there, but the flowers on the mountain became more beautiful. There were many elderly people who came to the mountain because of the good weather, and you can see those who gather for a cup of makgeolli. It's not every week thanks to the event, but I feel like I've recovered my health after climbing the mountain. Looking down at the village from the middle of the mountain, it comes up with a different feeling. Unfortunately, it is raining today. Take care of your cold and have a good weekend as if the temperature has gone down a little.

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  • World War II


    DEAR ABBY: I posted my daughter's U.S. tour on my previous posting. Do you work hard these days, predicting France? I'm in the middle. LOL (I guess it takes time to draw with you.) There is a world map for a big child who is especially interested in many countries around the world. When I put it on the wall, I'm analyzing every novelty. (My son is just a follower of my sister.) One of the things I noticed was the statue of the Statue of Liberty, which was on the first American tour. It must be a map of France and the Eiffel Tower working on the second I looked a long time ago, and I was looking at the picture with my wife, who had been to Europe a few years ago, asking her this and that. In a few days, I will be able to see the 2nd flight to France. The last thing she ever said... "Dad! Can I go to all the countries of the world here?" I was speechless at the moment, but... I've ended up with a hope-giving, roll of words.

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  • # Unexpected gift


    I got an unexpected present today. Mr. $teo has staked 100,000 ink. I'm happy to be able to put a little bit of ink on a good piece of writing. I'll work hard. I feel like I'm too rich.^^ Thanks once again.

    $oxy . 2019.04.11 02:00

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  • # Bulgogi jeongol


    bulgogi jeongol which captivates the taste of the whole family It's not that sweet, it's not that sweet. It's been a long time since I ate well. But the cold noodles I ordered together were not good for me. #publyto # bulgogi jeongol

    $oxy . 2019.04.09 06:14

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  • a child's American tour


    🤗I's Earth Exploration Series 1 - New York, USA I think it'll be a feature. My daughter said she was far away yesterday, so I asked her to see me in the evening. She's a particularly interesting writer. He drew the writing and drawing by himself. I saw the Statue of Liberty and ate kebab in Washington. He's full. He's going on his next trip. Next stop is France.They want you to look forward to it. Probably where he wants to go, right? I need to make a lot of money. Haha Wait for your daughter.

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  • [Spring Flower] Sansuyu Flower?


    There was a sudden flow of flowers on the pub. The reason was because of Green Jours' event. I'm going to upload pictures of the event carefully this time. There are yellow flowers in the park in front of subway station. Put the camera in. Maybe it's a watery flower, right? ^^;;; Thanks to the event, I was able to apply flowers one more time and look at the sky one more time. Thank you.

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  • a game of paint


    When I get home from work on Friday, I see the remains of the paintwork everywhere. And all of a sudden, the two of them were really into the paintwork. They're waterproof aprons, and they're fun wearing toxies. Today's topic seems to be the bus. And they're saying they're gonna stop each other. You can see them on the bus, too. Still, some of the guys came to the end to clean up.

    $oxy . 2019.04.06 01:43

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  • What's the airdrop?


    This is the ITAM Store that I learned from posting by $done and $nilgo a while ago. I just downloaded it and tried spookies and linkspuzzles. The fan's got a great touch. The more I achieve my combo, the more stress I feel. And even airdrops. Airdrap, as everyone says, looks very difficult, but it's also very exciting and passionate about it. It's fun to do on the commuting bus. It's 144 levels now, so there's no end to it, but...Let's go all the way. I'm curious about the result on the 27th. It's very nice to have a lot of fun with one more community airdrop notice.

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  • Did you speak Korean in the third grade?


    My daughter, who is in third grade, is very good at what she learned in school. Is this the level of grade 3 in elementary school that you feel interested in? I'm surprised. I'm studying the composition of the literary world in my turn I see. Talking about the difference between a sentence and a sentence. He explained the central sentence and the supporting sentence for example. I don't think this was the level I was in third grade. I thought I had to study 3rd grade textbook to have conversation. When the Korean language is over, you said that you learned it in science class, and you talk about objects and materials. Is the level of elementary school such as these days?

    $oxy . 2019.03.31 22:23

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  • Under the breath of the mountains...


    I got the energy of the mountain after a long time. The mountain is still a little foggy. Breathing heavily like air is better than near home. Feeling refreshed in the mountains, I think this is an opportunity to relax my mind and body. I'm hoping that next week will be a vibrant week. Is it because of the energy of the mountain?

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  • That's when I was excited.


    I just received an invitation. When I opened it, I thought it was neat and refined. I go back about 10 years ago. In the days when I was getting ready to get married, and I was thrilled. The design and greeting of the invitation were long thought and thought. And when I first picked up a warm invitation, I don't remember what you said. I'm looking at the invitation. Ask me a little question. "Am I a warm husband like a nice house to live in?"'

    $oxy . 2019.03.29 23:43

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  • How my family lives


    My family is eating out. When I think about how my family lives, eating out is the first thing that comes to mind. I think double-income couples will sympathize. They live with their father-in-law and mother-in-law because of their child-rearing. When I go home during the evening, my mother usually prepares for dinner, so I feel sorry for my husband and I eat out about three times a week. I'm going to eat out again for the two of you who are suffering from weekend farms. Yesterday's menu also includes steamed grilled pork ribs & green bean pancakes. They always say things to each other, like toast, because of the atmosphere of accompaniment. Yesterday was no different. My grandmother, grandfather and wife are happy to see me like that. I met the owner of another store on my way home after such a good time. The boss is talking. "Your family looks the happiest in this town." It didn't sound so bad. Come home and think again. Is it a big deal to live? Is happiness a big deal? You can live with happiness in such a small thing. Old people are healthy and children are growing well, so I'm happy about that. I wish I had a lot of money, but I think I'm a little short, but that's enough I'm...

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  • the beginning of the Hanhae farming.


    As the weather slowly warms up, I think it's time to start farming. It's been about 10 days since I bought 20 pyeong of weekend farm and sprayed it with manure. I should've dug a ring and built a plastic net over the weekend, but I heard that two elderly people, who were in a hurry, had already done the work. I think you two were sick that night. I'm sorry. On my way to work in the morning, I see a strange bag. It's a seed potato. Maybe you're going to plant some seed potatoes today. This is how the farming season in my house began. Let's hope the crops grow well in the fields throughout the year a good harvest season I have to work hard even on weekends because I am busy on weekdays, but now I seem to be slowly enticing. I'm not supposed to do that. Ha-ha Once again, take care of it. I'm going to have to work hard.

    $oxy . 2019.03.27 02:14

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  • a four-dollar happiness


    This is a bank uniform that I found while talking to my children during the evening. four dollars "Love daughter and son." The whole family burst into laughter when I said this casually.

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  • Let's get greasy on the weekend!


    It's the weekend. Shouldn't you grease your throat and stomach during the weekend? It is a good place to have seats and charcoal in the atmosphere of camping. With oil flowing through ribs and pork belly, kimchi and garlic are cooked, and mushroom green onions and anchovy salted fish are cooked over the fire. There's one thing you can't miss. Add a drink and you'll be fine. Today, my son and I fell in love with the taste of Asakgochu. I eat 4 of them.Ha ha ha ha I'm sure you're okay with this much luxury for me after a week of hard work, right? #publicto # charcoal-grilled pork belly #Everico

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  • 원씽


    어제부터 책을 한권 손에 들었습니다.. 출퇴근길을 이용해서 읽어보려합니다. 몇년전 회사에서 받은 책인데, 지금 보니 새롭게 다가옵니다.. (책갈피에 그때 회사에서 내준 과제물 용지도 있더군요) 몇 년전만 해도 이런 생각이 들었습니다.. '멀티플레이어'를 요하면서 한가지에 집중하라니... 너무 아이러니 하지 않은가?? 요즘은 선택과 집중이 트렌드처럼 변해가고 있지요.. 복잡한 세상을 이기는 단순함의 힘 "한가지에 집중하라 !" 이 책을 통해 저에게 절실한 한가지가 무엇인지 찾아보려 합니다.

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  • 만남과 헤어짐..


    어제는 부서 여직원 송별회가 있었습니다.. 사직 사유는 다른 아닌 육아문제 더군요.. 육아관련 많은 복지정책을 시도하고 있지만 아직까지 우리나라에 워킹맘으로 살아간다는 건 어려운게 현실인가 봅니다. 저희도 맞벌이를 하고있는 터라. 조금은 씁쓸하기도 하고 와이프에게 미안한 맘이 조금은 들었던 하루였습니다. 송별의 의미처럼 떠나가는 직원의 모습은 섭섭했지만 그래도 앞날에 행운을 빌어 주었습니다. 만남이 있으면 헤어짐이 있는건 어쩔수 없듯이.. 언제나 좋은 만남이고 좋은 헤어짐이기를 간절히 기도해 봅니다

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