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  • A strange, dark city, U.S. NEWORlEANS


    Cafe du Monde, a famous New Orleans cafe, is the main menu for triangular donuts and cafe-eure. The triangular donut was called 'beignet' and 'bene', but it was very delicious. I don't know about the taste of Cafe Ore but I ate it there because I had to eat it. I searched Naver and it seems that it is still popular. In fact, I don't think I'm going to go back to New Orleans. It's too far away and I'm not sure how many times I can visit. But I don't think the attraction there will be easy to find anywhere in the world. It was really strange. New Orleans was the stranger and thickest city I've ever been to, though you. #2011 #neworles #cafedumonde #beignets #cafaeulat

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  • the earrings I love


    I was on the way back, on the way out in a hurry. It's an earring I've been doing since I was in elementary school, and you're real gold, so it's fake gold, so it's real. I don't know what it? # Earrings

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  • In my mom's mixed blanket.


    There's a blanket I haven't seen since I came home. It was a shiny, light-colored blanket with a touch of retro. When I asked her if she had a blanket, she said, "My mom's blanket. It's amazing that my mother still kept a blanket of mixed water, and it's amazing that I first saw it when I was this old, and I'm thrilled to think of sleeping in my mother's blanket. These days, the values of tradition, succession and old things disappear a lot. It is regrettable that they appear to be rickety and only to be seen as improvements. I hope that the nature does not change even if the format changes. A lot of things are changing, but there are others that I don't want to change. I must be a man who knows what will change and what will not change.

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  • Peng Liyuan, the First Lady of China, announces to women


    I happened to look around Instagram and saw pictures of Peng Liyuan's famous words. As the first lady of the world's most powerful country, she was caught off guard because she spoke to the same women. At first, I thought it would be best to look good by saying, 'Women are already good enough if they are good at self-care.' He also said, "Why should I care about men?" and I wondered what kind of story he wanted to talk about. It was a strong topic, but when I finished reading it, I can see that it is not just provocative and radical. The people of the continent seem to have the weather of the continent that I can hardly have. I think this is why I should play in the big water. "She's already good enough if she takes good care of herself. What makes you even care about men? A man who listens well doesn't have to care; a man who doesn't listen to you doesn't care; a man who treats you well is not worth caring; a man who loves you doesn't have to care; a man who doesn't love you won't give you a chance to care. Invest in yourself. If a woman invests years of her most important time in a man, she will spend the next few decades catching him. But if you invest those years in yourself, you'll have a smooth way to get Orod's love for himself. Love is a luxury that is based on material. Remember this word. It's only when you're able to maintain your best self-respect that a good man recognizes and loves you. Be an independent woman. Be independent. Go to the head and have your own views of life and values. Be more willing and never give up on your ideals and enjoy your accomplishments while doing what you love. Be economically independent. Don't lean on a man. Strong, self-reliant women are more confident and more attractive inside. Keep learning new. If you want to show yourself in a fast-changing competitive society, you must learn constantly. Learn knowledge and skills in many fields and constantly complement yourself. There are no lazy women, but no ugly ones. Keep yourself as neat, careful, sophisticated as you can, so that others can praise you. You may not be pretty, but you should never be a woman without dignity. Can you be a beloved woman if you even love yourself and don't want to take care of yourself? Be a generous woman. Don't say anything you can see through, you know what you need to know, but you have to be stupid when you need to be stupid. If you don't need it, there are many things you have to do in your own mind, not say everything out loud, but do things you can't see. Be a generous woman who is not against her principles and knows how to help. Don't push others too hard, relax, and have a heart that knows how to embrace everything. Have a real charm. A really attractive woman is a woman who shows ability in her job. She's a woman who has the wisdom to show herself in social life, and she's the one who exerts her talent. A truly attractive woman is a woman who speaks culturally in front of a man and is able to treat him with the beauty and wisdom of a woman in an equal position. A truly attractive woman is a woman who can decide her fate and cook her love feelings well to create romance. Learn to balance and be a recognized woman. A good woman can balance her relationships. I know that you will not make trouble with words that go after things that have no substance, and that you will be satisfied and glad to do what you can. Be a wise woman. Wisdom is reason, and it's kind of a way of thinking. A wise woman is a woman who knows clearly what she wants and what she should and shouldn't do. Think about how to write it rather than show off your educational background or knowledge. A wise woman has an eye for a good man, and does not devote her passion and effort to the wrong man. Be a good girl. Cold is not weak. It's not much more that you have to step down. To be good is to know how to keep good without deliberately hurting others or hurting others with obsession. To be nice is not to lie to you from the bottom of your heart. Try to treat everyone in a sincere and good manner. Don't be too full for lack. Don't meet any man just because you're lonely. It's unfair for you to meet anyone because you're lonely. If you don't like a guy you don't like, you should know how to say no. If you send a text message to a man you like and there is no answer, don't send it again. The fact that a man is busy and has no answer is that he is not interested in you. A man like that bravely leaves. And love the man who loves you."

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  • Eating during the Lunar New Year holidays ASMR


    Did you all have a good Lunar New Year holiday? It was such a honey holiday for me. Actually, the previous holidays weren't boring, but this time I spent doing what I wanted to do. I can eat well because I can afford it. I'm cooking rice in a pot, not in an electric rice cooker, and it's a click sound that I hear when the rice is done. That sounds great. When I hear the sound of food, I feel like I'm warming up inside the house. I'm going to work again tomorrow. I hope you all have a good holiday. Thank you :)

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  • roast beef ASMR


    Finally, the year of the year is truly came! The date of the change from martial arts to the year of the year is actually based on Ipchun (Feb. 4). As of January 1st, the New Year has already passed a month, and some of you think the New Year's plans will be over this year. Since this is the real New Year, I hope it will be a year for everyone to follow through on their plans. This year is a good year to sow seeds:) I decided to eat the last meal of martial arts. I didn't mean to, but the martial arts year was very hard. Since we've had a big beef eating show and left the martial arts year, we're going to start the year with a heart of energy. Happy New Year, everyone:) (From 2 minutes and 30 seconds, only beef will come out. / The pan handle is not very clean.)

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  • "Terracehouse: City Man and Woman" recommended for the romantic reality program.


    There was a time when a love program was one thing. There are many new programs such as heartthrob, Thumbody, and the taste of romance. I'm happy as a lover. :) I happened to see a program called Terracehouse in Netflix. It's a little? It's a Japanese version of Heartsignal. Rather than having a suggestive scene, I think I'm more open to conversation. Our country love program is very much like setting up. There may be a setting in Japan, but it feels more natural than our program. I've never been a couple that I've been rooting for in a love program. On the Terrace House side, I'm happy to be a couple:) I think it's perfect for a regular drive during the holidays. Happy New Year, everyone:)

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  • Choona treatment will be paid starting in March 2019.

    Health Care

    Have you ever been treated for chunna? Choona treatment, metrology, cairofractic, and so on. Water treatment, Cairo fractics, is used in both chambers and chunar therapy is used in one room. Simply put, the treatment is a treatment that relaxes the body by straightening the broken bones and relaxing the muscles that have Based on the results of the pilot project, which took place in November last year, the pay system was decided in March this year. There are three main types of chunnas that are paid: simple, compound, or special (fracture) extra. Simple reasoning is a treatment within the physiological range of the joints, which intuitively relaxes muscles like stretching. Complex reasoning involves simple reasoning, and unlike simple reasoning, joints may temporarily deviate from their physiological range of operation during treatment. It's a momentary force that allows the bone to find its place. You can think of it as a way to correct the arrangement of bones. A special (fracture tooth) is a chunna that is performed in special cases, such as a dislocation of the jaw or shoulders. Although chunna is a popular treatment for musculoskeletal disorders, it is not limited to musculoskeletal disorders. There's something called Naejangchu, but this time it wasn't covered by insurance. First of all, from March of this year, insurance is only available for musculoskeletal disorders. There is also a limit of 20 times per patient per year and plans to increase coverage in the future. I think there are a number of people who are sitting down for a long time who don't have a backache and don't have a stiff neck. Go to a nearby oriental medicine clinic and get some chunna treatment. :) More, price information. Simple extra (Hangbang Hospital/Han Medical Center) : 22,332 won/ 21,402 won Complex in Korea (Hanbang Hospital/Han Medical Center) : 37,716 won/ 36,145 won Special (departure)Chunna (Hangbang Hospital/Han Medical Center) : 57,804 won/ 55,396 won The patient burden ratio at the above price is 50%. (However, for complex reasoning, disks, non-stenosis diseases are 80% applicable.)

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  • a good connection


    I met my middle school friend after a long time. When I was a kid, I thought I was in a good relationship with this guy, but now that I'm getting bigger, I get it. We are poles apart. There seems to have been some time differences between the two of us to accept the fact, but we're now coolly accepting the difference. Maybe that's why it's hard to have fun talking about emotional exchanges and tastes because they rarely have anything in common. Both of them have a distinct taste. I like hip-hop, but my friend likes sensitive music, and I have never copied anything yellow, but I have to buy it if it's yellow. So it's not a little fun. But I think he's helpful to me. It's obvious that I don't have the advantage. coolness and self-reliance Sometimes her coolness is thought to be tricky, but she doesn't say the wrong thing, she's not only self-indulgent, but sometimes she's so eager to talk that she's quick to talk, but she seems to be a strong man against the world. I don't like competition. I've read an article on the subject of 'Successful CEOs had partners to match,' and it's hard to be a soul mate, but I think I can be a good life partner. Yesterday, I was excited to plan my future business together, but I'd like to believe that the play and the play work in the distant future. It's often said that you're looking the same way about marriage. I'm different in many ways from this guy, but there's a strong string that connects them. It's 'to keep a lofty spirit.' Whenever we get stuck in the world, we can be a guide to each other.

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    I liked to write, so I liked it when I had a space called Publicito. I've blogged a few times, but it wasn't fun because it was just me. Blogs are hard to run. One of the reasons for that was that I started blogging to post a message at first, but when I did it, I was more concerned with design such as capital pictures, bulletin board forms, and background colors than what I wrote. When I think of the first impression of Publicito, the neat design based on white and light green made me feel very organized. I'm sure you paid attention to every font, but if you're in a space where you're collecting data, you're going to have to be neat first and second It's been about a month since I got to know Publicito. I don't know what the criteria are, but I wish I could see more diverse articles at a glance:) To paraphrase, if your blog is a house where you can enter only when you press the doorbell, then the publicisto looks like a house waiting for you to open the gate. I think it's a much more open space and connected space. I think Publito started this business when he realized that people can't live without it. I hope this space will grow.

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  • a gift from a person received


    Actually, I've been working as a part-time assistant at work or after work for some time. I can't say it's a big fight because I haven't made any money on it yet. If you listen to the story, there are a lot of people like me who are planning to take their main job as a side job. Is there a time when you have multiple jobs? On the other hand, I feel that the way I earn money has changed. Maybe it's accurate to say that the pattern of people spending money has changed. I'm not an expert in economics, I'm not a professional in economics. I feel like the world is changing, even if I'm an outsider in the economy. Anyway, at the moment, I'm not paid for what I'm doing, Nevertheless, there are people who thank you for giving gifts. I usually give you a lot of giffy corn, but someone gave me a giffy cone, so I thought it was chicken. There's a set of five kinds of fried rice. It's all fried chicken. ^0^ Thank you so much for this. Thank you so much for that. I'd like to take it this way instead of money... Then I can't buy a car... I can't buy a house. I can't buy clothes. You're going to be rich. Haha

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  • NOT THAT EXPENSIVE 'Izakaya Kinka'


    I think Apgujeong Rodeo has a lot of high-end places and a lot of high prices. This place was a place where you could have a happy meal at a low price and a nice atmosphere. *>* There's a room that can hold eight to ten people. There is course cooking, but it is about 35,000 won to 40000 won per person. There are many kinds of dishes that are usually priced between 10,000 won and 20,000 won. The second picture, burnt sushi, is the signature menu, so make sure to try it! Sushi and rolls taste good in the middle. Whenever I want to eat sake, I think I'm going to go to this place without looking elsewhere! It's getting harder and harder to drink soju when you're older. ^ᅲ^)

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  • Virtualized money allows for bartering! (Appendix: 툭툭 Post-Wine Class participation)


    By chance, I got to know a company called OOO, which I think is a cousin of Publicito. What 툭툭 and Publicity have in common is that we want to create a community based on virtualization money. We use virtual currency called tuk in 툭툭, and we use it in Publicito. The first part of the question about virtual currency is whether it's really worth it. So basically, is it possible to barter with virtual currency, that's the point? I think the wine and coffee classes hosted by 툭툭 are the programs that we started to address such doubts. You don't have to pay cash (won) to pay for your participation in virtual currency and experience. I also got the feeling that I'm opening the class as a publicity stunt because I'm in the middle of In fact, if you pay in cash, you pay 20,000 won and if you use virtual currency, you pay 10,000 won. (You can apply for participation here. → http://koreos.io/tooktook/493765) The wine class I participated in was hosted by the time romantic Hwangheon. I think it was a very elegant and elegant class. I felt like I was attending a social gathering that was hard to come by. He was so good at teaching that I thought if I could remember everything I heard on that day, I wouldn't have to listen to any other wine classes in the future. He also prepared an all-color special with information about the wine, as well as a sandwich, cheese, salad and other foods to accompany the wine. It was a happy time. I thought it would be great to live like this every day. It was a fun time to enjoy delicious food and drinks a little bit, have an intelligent conversation with strangers. Also, a company called OOO that hosted this wine class is a company that was built on the basis of virtual money. I was able to talk a lot about virtual currency. If you have any idea of what virtual currency is, basic concepts are difficult, and you have a lot of doubts, you should attend the class. I think it's a great opportunity for you to experience how the world is changing this way. How does this world change? I'm full of anxiety, but I think it's going to be very fast.

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  • gPause, do you know how to meditate?


    If you express your mindfulness in English, it is called Mindful Meditation. In Naver's dictionary, it says, "It's about watching things as they are." The most important thing in mind-set meditation is just looking. When you get angry, you get angry. You get angry. You say, "I'm angry." You don't want to do this. You don't want to do this." You don't get emotional. You look at it one step away. "Just looking" is the premise of "Don't. But you can see that it's very difficult to practice. Just accept everything without judging whether it's good or bad. Then I realized that there was nothing very good and nothing bad in the world. I'm also practicing this process, and every minute I realize how much value I make, how many prejudices I have. In his mindfulness, he said, "Just look at it" is important. He said, "If you get angry, just look at it." Emotions are something that we can't control and just come and go as water flows. So you don't have to be carried away by that feeling. I've been meditating on my own with an app called "Viewing Your Mind" and this month, I participated in an offline meeting called "gPause" for the first time. GPause was created by Chad Meng Tan, Google's 107th engineer, who dreamed of greater value when Google went public in 2003 and made enough money to live with his children at an early age, and that was the value of world peace. As a first step toward world peace, we developed a meditation program for Google employees, and that's how we got into our country. gPause is usually held at Google Campus near Samsung Station on the second Tuesday of every month. Applications can be made through onoffmix.com and participation is free of charge. It's basically a meditation club for entrepreneurs, so you can meet a lot of people who start their own businesses. If you don't know how to meditate, it'd be good to visit and take a look.

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  • It's like a company life.


    It's like a company life. Did everyone say that? I'm looking at some of those twinkling stars, and I'm looking at some of them. My anger is part of it, part of it, part of it. It's like that, but there's nothing we can do about it. Oh, that's nothing.

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  • an expression of thought


    I like to write, but sometimes I think like this. Am I expressing my thoughts correctly? So that line reached my heart. "I don't know, I feel like my words are involved to my thoughts." Expressions in language are defined as ideas become clear. That's why there's a saying that's why it can't be expressed in words be expressed. Silence is also the best expression. Sometimes I write things down, and I pull out ideas from my head. Sometimes I thought it would be necessary to leave it as complicated as it is. If you define it for five dollars, it becomes a distortion. (If you know the source of the picture, please comment.)

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  • What kind of person do you want to be remembered for?


    It's one of the 25 questions series that connects us. You know, by age, you answer the question, "Who do you want to be remembered?" You can observe that the answers become grander as you get older. Young children simply give such simple answers as good people, cute people, and caring people. There was an answer that caught my eye when I got bored with the longer ones. "He was the most ordinary and comfortable person ever." (Man, 64) I would also have a similar answer if I answered the above question. "I want to be remembered as someone who was comfortable with me." What kind of person do you want to be remembered for? Source, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jACrsYKfkpI

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  • There are some movies based on the original novel, but none are based on the original film.


    When I travel, I take a lot of pictures to make my memories. Photographs definitely bring back the senses, but I learned by blogging that pictures alone do not preserve memories for a long. The scrupulous writing on the bottom of the picture makes the taste, mood and feeling of the time much stronger. On the contrary, it reminds us of things that we didn't remember. Writing is a time-consuming task. So you need a will to write. I remember the last time I went on a trip, I made up my mind to finish today's record before it passed, and I tried to put up with the sleepy. The reason why I decided to finish the record by the end of the day is because I wanted to have time to enjoy tomorrow in full because I have experience tomorrow. These days, however, we seem to communicate through video rather than writing. Images are more stimulating and accessible than text. In a word, I can see more. It's fun to see images of various materials, but I think it's clear that there's an even more organized and compressed appeal. Just as various videos are uploaded on YouTube, I sometimes wish it was an era when various writings are uploaded. While I was thinking about it, I was very pleased that the Publicity was the place I wanted to be. Publicity is a system that only allows users to post their writings with video or pictures so far, so if they want to receive many "thanks" or drawings, they need to have eye-catching pictures or videos. I don't think it's a place where people can communicate by writing. It may be an idea that runs counter to the times, but I hope you can express yourself through writing or communicate with only writing. So, you will have a culture that stimulates your imagination. There are some movies based on the original novel, but none are based on the original film. I'm going to upload some pictures, but I just post my favorite pictures.

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  • Samcheok, Gangwon Province donghae, see the ocean, What do you think?


    The color of the sea in Korea is so pretty. It's still a nice day to go to the winter sea. What do you think of when you see the sea? In the past, I felt like the sea was going to hold everything, and my mind was getting bigger. From some point on, I felt like I was going to be able to see the end of the ocean and I couldn't see the end of it. I thought that people who grew up in a sea-viewed area and those who didn't might have a different emotional or psychological state. Someday, I want to live in a place where the sea is visible.

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  • 'hanwoo seolleongtang' is a popular restaurant in 100,000 cities.


    Gangwon Province that about 100,000 people, has a population of donghae. Compared to Seoul, there is a restaurant where people eat in line. It's 'hanwoo seolleongtang.' It's delicious from the start of operation. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., we don't have any evening business, and packaging is available after 2 p.m. And if you don't have business on Sunday and want to go here on the weekend, you can only have Saturday lunch. There are only two delicious dishes. seolleongtang and ojoktang According to my friend, seolleongtang is more delicious. 10,000 won may be thought to be a little expensive, but there are lots of meat and lots of sheep. Unlike any other seolleongtang, the soup with the right liver is impressive. According to Sledge, he tried to recruit this place from Starfield, but failed... I don't know if it's true, but it's a popular flavor.

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  • Recommend a good album while doing a publicist, Iwamizu [Alone]


    Iwamizu. Iwamizu. He's an artist from Japan. It may not be appropriate to say that you are a singer because you don't sing. When I listen to music, I tend to focus on lyrics, but when I started to listen to music without lyrics, I started to listen to songs that I didn't expect to hear, and those that I couldn't understand. Starting with its debut album [Target] in June 2016, Iwamizu has released five albums so far. Among them, my recommendation is [Alone], the third album. Among them, I got to know Iwamizu with the title song "悋気 / Rinki." The title is jealousy, but when you listen to a song, you feel that jealousy is not jealousy but jealousy of love. I thought this guy's genre was jazz, but he's labeled Rap / Hip-hop in Melon. Whether it's jazz or hip-hop, it's good music for rhythm. Unlike the gray album cover and the title of the album, the melody was not dark, so it was a twist. It's good to listen to while writing. Photo information, Iwamizu [Alone] album cover

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  • My way to work is relatively quiet.


    My way to work is relatively quiet. The subway station is not crowded and most people go to work in the opposite direction, so there is always a place to sit in the subway. That's why you can 'comparably easily' protect public morals that you get down first and later on. After taking the subway, take the village bus. I might miss the village bus, but I never run. This is because the village bus circulates in three to five minutes as if it were a subway. Every time I take a village bus, the long line is impressive. Most people come to work at the same time, and people who run buses will also adjust the distance between trains to avoid being pushed back in that time. Looking at the neat lines, it suddenly occurred to me that line-up was one of the things that grew bigger and less. Why do we line up? The reason why I line up is because I believe that if I wait in turn, my turn will come. That's why I don't do the cutting-edge. If standing in line is nothing but caring for others, I will not stand in line. You start pushing back and forth, you cut in next to each other, and then you get into And that's a matter of course. If you wait still, the bus will only leave every time. It is guaranteed to be mine if you wait. That is the basis for maintaining order. In the world, the chicken comes first. There are many problems such as "Is an egg first?" Do you make order, or do you make room? I think my leisurely work environment has created order this time. The reason why I'm relaxed at work is actually that. The fact that the majority of them are heading in the opposite direction from the direction they go.It would be nice if we had a society where our destinations are different from each other. So it would be good for a society that doesn't care about others, doesn't push others, and doesn't have to bump into others. Photo information, Bali. That was my way to work...

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  • Guess what! What is this?


    I don't know if anyone knows where we are. If you were a student at this school, you'd know it in a heartbeat. It is a tradition to dress the statues in front of the library every winter. I guess that's the culture. I used to wear mufflers last winter, but this year I wore a nice scarf. It's not roughly whipped, it's neatly shaped, and it's wearing a colorful scarf on it. And I thought, "What kind of pretty heart did you do that for me?" I'm a little... ^0^ The naked statues are the heart of the warm students who take care of them every winter in case they are cold:)

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  • The universe, the universe I love.


    Look for pictures of space in NASA. It's my unusual hobby. This hobby goes back to high school. The girl of that time, who struggled with frustration while living in a dormitory, thought the world was fleeting. That's what I thought, as I lost all the motivation of my life and was under extreme stress. "I want to live." The girl of that time was also curious. Why do I want to live without thinking about dying? It was a great talk for her. Then, naturally, there was a longing for something different from the world. What does that universe look like? Compared to the great world of space, I live on Earth, but what is the dust? Why is the dust so desperate to live? The girl was pure. So I asked my earth science teacher. "Teacher, I want to go into space later. How can I get into NASA?” The answer of the earth science teacher who graduated from Seoul National University was very short. "Space? NASA? What are you going to do?" That look, that tone. Before I knew it, I had grown old enough to understand the expressions and speech of the earth science teacher at that time. And it became increasingly impossible to find the universe. Gradually I felt like I wasn't dust. You're bound by reality. It's something you want to You must be arrogant. I sometimes think that the girl who I still miss the universe and I didn't understand at the time was so cool. Photo source, https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/iotd.html

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  • New Year's greetings to strangers (Appendix: Three phrases in reply)


    "Happy New Year." It's a good word to hear a few times. There are two cleaning ladies I know. One is in the company and one is in the apartment where I live in. If there is something in common between you two, it's very noble and very kind. Oh, it's best to be diligent. Let's fix them both. She always makes her makeup look nice and she's holding a cleaning tool. A person in the company sometimes encounters dressing up in the bathroom. It seems that the time of work is around 3-4 p.m. unlike the average office worker, when you see him dressed up, you can imagine that his true life begins after work, as any office worker. Sure, one day is divided into hours at work and hours at work. The reason why the lady's good looks came to me meaningfully is that they are kind to me. Say hello to me, who is often told that I don't like to greet you because I don't have good looks, and I thank you for that. Sometimes I talk like a lame conversation. It's neither a timely nor me, but I'd like to talk about it. I feel good. In fact, the job of cleaning lady is going to be tough. You have to come out of the morning to clean your house before you go to work, and as you can see, your job is to do things that are repeated. But they are bright. I can feel that there is a bright energy. (Of course, there are more cleaning ladies who don't.) I ran into a cleaning lady in the bathroom again this afternoon. She's old enough to feel shy. Still, you are kind. I felt that there was a moment of hesitation today to start a conversation and I said, "Happy New Year, though it may be a little unexpected." And when I was going to leave the bathroom, my aunt answered me. "Happy New Year, healthy and good." It was the most impressive moment during the New Year's first day of work. Thank you.

    $ourforest . 2019.01.02 20:25

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  • [Sushi] [Seoul Jamsil]: Sometimes you make money to eat middleweights, don't you? "Sissic acid."


    Every time I go to eat what I call middleweight sushi, I think it's not cheap. Yes, I can eat this much?! But if you look at the price itself, a meal that costs almost 100,000 won per meal, regardless of the quality of the food, is burdensome for the first year of society. But maybe it's sushi omacase that sometimes I want to eat... The name of this place, located in Jamsil, is concise. "San' Inside, there are about 12 table seats and separate rooms. I'll write down the memorable points to suit the format of the publicisto. First of all, green tea that you pour on the basics was very delicious. Thanks to you, I got off to a good start. I don't know if I use spicy Wasabi or wasabi that I ate on this day, but it was the strongest raw Wasabi I've ever eaten. If you like Wasabi, you need to control the amount. Eggs, abalone, and salmon are served. Come to think of it, I've never tried eggplant peel before. It was fun to peel and eat a banana-like eggplant before it tasted good. If you eat sshima-kase, you may have sushi, but the soup that comes out in the middle is so cool and delicious. Without any special absence fee, just one soup makes me feel better. The broth here was also excellent. Another delicious point is potato gorocke! Sushi Mountain is a potato-gorake restaurant. I'm sure other sweets will be delicious, too. At the end of the day, we had a mini-dong, just like the chef showed us. It was more delicious when it was completely rubbed together with the feeling of coating the dentures as a whole. Next came cold noodles. The soup was delicious, too. Lime with a slice of lime doesn't pop, but it's a great blend of surroundings. It was a day when I lost my appetite for side dishes rather than sushi. I guess you don't know the taste of sushi yet. I can have a lunch at the same time. I hope we can have dinner sometime soon! This was a delicious meal.

    $ourforest . 2019.01.02 17:10

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  • sunlight; depression cure


    This picture was taken in Guam. I miss Guam in this weather. These days, warm sunshine is precious and welcome weather. Winter is basically a bedridden time, so it's easy for people to feel depressed or lethargic. Even if you're depressed and lethargic these days, you're in a state of mind that conforms to the season, so I hope you can accept it. That's what nature's logic is, so you don't have to be too depressed. Winter is the season in which the value of warmth shines the most. This is also why people born in winter are concerned about whether or not they are angry. If you're born in winter and you're well-developed, it' Even if it's cold, it's nice to hold a flashlight in your pocket. That's what it looks like. Did you know that we're actually using light as a means of treating depression? It allows you to artificially enjoy the nearest light of the sun for about 2 to 30 minutes. Of course, it's not just natural, but it's for those of you who don't bother going out for the sun. I'm sure the sun is a big deal, but the sun itself is a sure tool to open a person's Lie still or sit in a sunny spot. I really feel like someone is sitting me up. It's not just the body, but also the heart. It's healing. And I'm grateful for this kind of sunshine. And the impatience disappears. This is what I'm saying in mind-set meditation. I'm just thankful that I'm in a state of calm without thinking about anything and nothing. I wrote about my gratitude for the cold weather. Have a warm day.

    $ourforest . 2019.01.02 16:29

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  • [Nakjitang-tang] [Seoul Yaksu]: Clears up to Nakji-tang, Yeonpo-tang, and Nakji-choreom! "Nokdong Nakji"


    When I was a student, I didn't know the importance of buying alcohol well, but I found out because I made money. When I wasn't making money, I didn't know what it was like to spend the money that I had earned for a month on others, but after I became a socialite, I was grateful to know how hard I was. If you have to eat something you haven't eaten before when you were in the same position as a student, you have to buy snacks that are more luxurious. All the seniors who bought me a drink will be blessed. Thank you :) The plan for this day was to go to an octopus' home, but the store was on vacation, so I quickly changed the menu. from octopus to octopus I was looking forward to it because it was my first time going to eat octopus with alcohol. The first menu I ordered was octopus soup. The price was 40,000 won, just like a snack that I couldn't eat easily. Tangtangi, which I saw on TV, had some form of octopus, but "Noktangji" was minced like a porridge. The texture was very soft like porridge, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. To dip the sweet potato, give one sesame oil and yolk per person. You can mix chili peppers and garlic as you like and eat the sweet potato. I thought it could be greasy because of the many sesame oil, but it was very clear because of the strength of the yellow letter. The main rule of the day was that even alcohol was a luxury carrier. 12,000 won per bottle. When I watch 'Bohae Bokbunja,' I remember when I went to MT and had a drink with only the rest of us. I don't know how to buy it, but strangely enough, someone kept a bottle of it. That day, when I was so happy in my old memory, I drank six of the Bohae compound molecules. I think I should have cut it off by 4-5 bottles. The eye wine was delicious and exciting. The second dish after Tangtang is Yeonpodang! The price was also 40,000 won. It was a pity that the amount was small, but the soup was very cool. Yeonpodang tasted more like soju than Bohae Bokbunja. Third time, the price of the dish was 30,000 won. I'm sure they won't make me spicy. It was so hot that I felt like I was drinking all of a sudden. If you're going to have a cough, I'll recommend you eat it before other snacks. I ordered a lot of complacency and a lot of alcohol, so he gave me a job as a service. It must have been a good drink, but it's meaningless to notice the taste of alcohol. Besides, it's mixed with the bokbunja. Alcohol depends on one kind as expected. Thank you for buying octopus. Happy New Year.

    $ourforest . 2018.12.31 17:54

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  • [New Year's Day] After a Martial Arts Year, I began to say, 'Starting


    This is the sunset I saw from Echo Beach, located in the Canggu area of Bali, which I visited last summer. I don't think there's a picture like sunset to represent the mind of spending the year. 2018 was the year of the martial arts. I wonder how you all spent your martial arts years. Most people must have had a hard time with martial arts. Martial arts is not a very pleasant word. In short, they were given one weapon that was difficult for the general public to handle. Some would have been able to use it as a way of life, but most people would have been under the pressure of it. Martial arts will be a long-lasting year for people who have used their weapons properly. Martial arts, and clay figurines are important. The toe acts as a central stewardship and coordination, and as a 'temporal stop' that takes a short break. The Martial Arts Year was a year that was totally out of sync with dynamism. Martial arts are the most ancient and strong letters of the 60s. It's called Mt. Everest. You can't go up easily, and you can't even feel the height of it. So the Martial Arts Year must have been a year where things around me are not clear and touchy. A year where I don't know exactly what was hard for me, or what exactly worked for me. The year of last year is definitely different from the year of martial arts. If the top of the martial arts is Everest, the top of the sea is falling soil. In martial arts, things that were not skin-deep come to light in the year. Also, this year is a perfect time to sow. If anyone is looking at the next five years and planning something, I'd like to tell them to take a strong step in the year ahead. This is what the motto of the year of the year is. "Let's start from the bottom again." Let's all cheer up.

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  • Do you know the South Club?


    I know Nam Tae-hyun, but I'm sure many of you don't know the South Club very well. Before that, there were many people who didn't know him. I'm a former WINNER member. I think you know Nam Tae-hyun left WINNER and didn't do music or broadcast for a while, but started a South Club two years ago, a blues-based band. When I was with YG, I was like a heavenly idol. When I saw the performance, I wondered how someone like that would have been an idol. I didn't know much about the South Club, but recently, Nam Tae-hyun's teetering with Jang Do-yeon on the cable show "Sick Practice" took my heart away and I went to see the performance. I found out that last week was the last time for the eldest son's. The concert was held at Wangsimni Sawol Art Hall, and it was about 500 seats. The concert hall wasn't big, so it felt like we were breathing together. Again, I felt that the concert was fun because there were many enthusiastic fans. Fans prepared a surprise event for me. I was also excited because I had a good reaction. Thank you for your hard work. It would be hard for artists to perform if only I had an audience like myself:) Before I left, I thought the ticket was a little expensive, but I came back satisfied with the high quality performance. First of all, Nam Tae Hyun sings well. I thought it was a caustic voice without power, but the singer was a singer. I was surprised because the range was so wide. The sound is faithful and the video behind it is also a distinct concept of looking at art works one by itself. It was a performance, but I watched the video in the back. It was cool. During the performance, Nam Tae-hyun's constant struggle was also satisfactory. As celebrities who seemed like stars as children grew older, they were thought of as just a job. Maybe that's why I don't have any talent, but I started to see someone who is responsible and obligated to make money. Unlike those people, Nam Tae-hyun thought that he was a heavenly entertainer. I'm sure he's a talented person beyond an artist. There are a lot of bands that get disappointed after watching live performances, but the South Club is good at performing. South Club, I think it's going to be more popular. It was a happy year-end thanks to you.

    $ourforest . 2018.12.31 16:36

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