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  • [Investment] Questions to ask when trading is over?


    Hello, I'm $ohyea. I'm reading a book and I'm posting today to find out about the questions that I have to ask myself after the trading! In this book, you have to learn a lesson after every trading session. And, personally, it's going to work if you're going to keep doing it, if you's Here are the questions to ask. - Have you found a good opportunity to sell? - Which indicators were useful, and which ones were useless? - How appropriate was the entry point? - Was the initial profit or loss limit too far or too close? - Did you move the loss limit too fast to break-even or too late? - Was the revenue-defensive loss limit too loose or too tight? - Did you recognize the signal to clean up your position? What did you do? - How did you feel at each stage of your trading? If you do this after trading, you can correct your emotional trading! REFERENCE: The law of psychological investment surviving on the stock market by Alexander Elder

    $ohyea . 2019.04.22 19:05

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  • [Food] Hanam Pig House!


    Hello, this is $ohyea! My arm is hurt so I am taking a rest this week. I can't study because I don't exercise. She just played and ate neatly this week! I was bored today, but my brother buys me meat for some reason.Even though he is a one-year-old brother... There's a kiunboram!

    $ohyea . 2019.04.19 22:10

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  • [Daily] 20,000 PUB achieved!


    It took me more than a month and a half to reach 10,000 PUB. 20,000 PUB took less than 3 weeks! To be honest, I thought I would achieve it by the end of this month, but I feel great to achieve it faster than I expected! I always felt a little bit sad because of the lack of ink. But it's 20,000 PUB, so I'm happy to be able to shoot more than before! I will continue to write hard with the goal of becoming a Publicito dolphin!

    $ohyea . 2019.04.18 19:33

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  • [Coin] Short, bold, cryptographic understanding! Light coin side (LTC)


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today, the subject of understanding short and bold encryption is light coin. ◆ Lightcoin's characteristic is that it is a coin that complements bitcoin. → Compared with bitcoin, bitcoin was supplemented in terms of payment speed, liquidity, fairness and technology. Another characteristic of lightcoins is that they seek to coexist with bitcoin. →It is not intended to replace bitcoin by using light coin differently from bitcoin, but rather to coexist with bitcoin. e.g. Bitcoin is used for the trade of expensive goods, automobiles, buildings, etc. and for small transactions such as the cost of refueling of lightcoins and food. ◆ Often, if bitcoin is gold, it is likened to silver. Advantage: ◆ Management's Active Communication: Former Google employee Carrie Lee actively uses Twitter and various media to communicate about LTC's progress and future plans. ◆ Being symbiotic with Bitcoin: I think it's a good strategy. Disadvantages: ◆ Creativity: It's not a very important story, but personally, I don't think it's a very new and innovative project compared to Steam, Ios, Storm and so on. Basic Information: Issue: 56,552,588/84,000 Key words: Bitcoin, complement, symbiotic

    $ohyea . 2019.04.17 17:26

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  • [Food] Sapbulgogi!


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today, I ate dinner with my friends after a long time of study and exercise. It's a soup kitchen. I bake Bulgogi in a shovel and bring it to you with a shovel. I've heard it since I was a kid, but it's the first time I've ever come!I had a drink and delicious food after a long time and had a great time!

    $ohyea . 2019.04.15 20:23

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  • [Coin] Short, bold, cryptographic understanding! Link coin side (LN)


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today's topic of understanding short and bold cryptocurrency is Linkcoin. ◈ Linkcoin is a virtual currency issued by Line, a subsidiary of Naver. ◈ Link-coin is platform virtualization currency, and by forming their own token-conomi within Link-Coin, all transactions made therein use of the link. 〇 User compensation concept: how links are paid using a specific service in the line. ◈ ICO is not in place, and I will maintain a value of about $5." →However, the promise was broken less than a day after the link coin began to unravel in Bitbox. ◈ Basically, line subsidiaries that serve Dapp in link-chain will participate as nodes, and other third-party participation will be considered later. Advantage: There are Dapps that started with ◈ link coins and many Dapps are going to be released soon. → 4CAST: Future Prediction System Using Group Intelligence (What?) → Wizzball: Q&A Platform (Naver-like..?) → Other product reviews, food reviews, and local reviews are scheduled to be released. Naver, Line, is a business that is already promoted by a successful company. Disadvantages: The development team is not known. I've been told that I'm patting the $5 value, but I don't really trust it because I haven't been able to keep it for a day. ◈ Node is centralized in that it consists only of companies within Linkchain. I can't hear anything... "Mr. Being alive?" Basic Information: 〇 Total issue volume: 1 billion Key words: Naver, Line, Platform, Tokenomi Reference: http://blog naver.com/PostView.nhn?BllogId=djatjsgh1215&logNo=221366535067&categoryNo=48&parentCategoryNo=0 https://www.coindeskkorea.com/%EB%9D%BC%EC%9D%B8-%EC%9E%90%EC%B2%B4-%EC%95%94%ED%98%B8%ED%99%94%ED%8F%90-%EB%A7%81%ED%81%AClink-%EB%B0%9C%ED%96%89/

    $ohyea . 2019.04.12 21:05

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  • [Coin] Short, bold, cryptographic understanding! Room Network Side (Loom)


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today's topic of understanding short and bold encryption is room network. ◈ Loom Network, like other platform projects that advocate blockchain 3.0, is a project to overcome the limits of scalability that Idol has. →Differential-based dApps have a problem with reduced transaction rates and poor utilization as users increase. ◈ Loom Network aims to operate a technology called Sidechain to ease the overload of main chains and facilitate the deployment of large-scale apps. ◈ Room tokens can be used to purchase memberships for all DApps that run within a room network, and are used as an economic tokens used to use Loom SDK and distribute Dapps. Advantage: ◈ Sidechain technology: By constructing separate blockchain with different rules from main blockchain, important information can be stored in Idririum main block and relatively less important information can be stored in sidechain to increase scalability more efficiently. 〇 Introduction of plasma technology: technology to improve the scalability of etherium, which reduces block size and minimizes fees by synchronizing only the minimum data required for verification. ◈ Behavior → Unlike other co-workers, room networks do not have white papers. Instead, it has the slogan "We'll show you the product, not the writing," and it's already commercializing some of the DApps and producing results. e.g. CryptoZombies, Delegateecall, EthFiddle Vitalic Bouterin, the founder of Iderium, is one of the coins that interest him. →The other cohorts that Vitalic is interested in are Omisego and Khybernetwork. Ditch: So far, I don't see any big drawbacks. Basic Information: 〇 Total issue: 1,000,000,000,000 〇 Market capitalization: 53,776,477,080 won (based on 4.11.2019) Key words: extensibility, sideline, action than words Reference: https://kakaobankloan.tistory.com/33 https://brunch.co.kr/@nujabes403/6

    $ohyea . 2019.04.11 20:15

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  • [Source] 60% of companies worldwide will use blockchain within 3 years, and what are the future blockchain moves?


    Hello, this is $ohyea. I was so bored today that I read the news about coin. I find it interesting and it has some connection with each other and post it! Oracle VP "60% worldwide, blockchain in 3 years" According to Forbes, Frank Xiong, vice president of Oracle Blockchain Development Group, predicted in a recent interview that between 50 percent and 60 percent of companies worldwide will use blockchain within three years. Then he said, "The time when blockchain was considered a panacea is long gone. People are now thinking about what areas to apply to their business models in real life," he added. Unique contract with world No. 1 YouTuber Fudify, blockchain streaming platform 'Dive' "We've signed an exclusive contract with DLive," said PewDiePie, a famous YouTuber from Sweden (93,718,847 subscribers) through her Twitter account. "We're going to upload the content to DLive, not YouTube, from July 14. Meanwhile, D-Live is a live streaming platform that operates on a blockchain-based basis." BTC initial investor "In case of further decline of BTC, expect to enter institution" According to Bitcoinxchangeguide, a media outlet specializing in cryptocurrency, Richard Heart, who is known as an early investor in BTC, told CNBC that if Bitcoin dropped again to $3,000 to $4200, this would be a golden opportunity to invest, and many institutions would find it attractive to be BTC stores in the price range. In fact, no matter what the price of encryption is, the blockchain itself seems to continue to evolve. More and more companies seem to be interested in and using blockchain. And the real improvement over last year is, "The days when blockchain was considered a panacea are over." I really sympathized with you here. I'm not that many, but I participated in some ICOs. If you listen or read the white paper at the time, you'll say, "Oh, this works!" I went into a mind, but... I haven't heard much yet. If it's according to schedule, it's already time for something to come out. In that sense, the new projects that we see recently seem to be followed by companies that are more substantial and more reliable. Not only that, but also D-live is becoming more and more famous. Just last year, D-live, Brave, and other blockchain-based games were actually started to be used by a few people, but now, about a year later, I'm happy that they're being commercialized. Finally, when you enter the market, you start to see this move and you start to invest in institutions... I think I'll be very happy to be the person holding the coin now! Source: https://kr.coinness.com/news/265190

    $ohyea . 2019.04.10 20:17

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  • [Coin] Short, bold, cryptographic understanding! PUBLYTO PEOPLE (PUB)


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today's topic of understanding short and bold cryptocurrency is PUB. ◈ Publishto is a content portal that seeks to de-centralize based on blockchain (EOS). ◈ Publito distributes plug-ins for media content to the entire Internet environment, bringing posts uploaded on different platforms to the Public Library, and posting content on platforms that cannot be compensated by using the Plug-in to publish. ◈ Publishto aims to deliver Mass Adaptation to non-blocking media and users using the Publicto Portal. ◈ Publishto obtain the same amount of INK based on the PUB which is purchased by default or obtained from the Publicto. You can use this ink to boat your postings in Publicto. Advantage: ◈ Rapid progress →I feel that road map planning is progressing faster and cleaner than many existing blockchain projects. ◈ Partners and partners → Including more than 10 companies including PopularPays, Brandsnob and Brandbassador, PopularPays is known as the incubation party of Y Combinator, a famous incubator company in Silicon Valley. Disadvantages: ◈ Low profile →Invincible marketing as a new project, it has been briefly promoted due to aggressive marketing, but it is still less popular than other communities. ◈ Accessibility → Most Korean investors use famous Korean exchanges such as Bismum and Upbeat, but for Pub, only Chains is available. He's actually a bad word. I think it's natural that it's a project that hasn't started yet. Basic Information: 〇 Amount of issue: 10,000,000,000,000 Key words: Plug-in, Mass Adaption, Quick Progress

    $ohyea . 2019.04.09 20:34

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  • [Susual] I've also come to see the flowers!


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Looking at the pictures of flowers that have been coming up a lot lately, I said, "Oh... I want to go to see flowers."I was coming home early, but I was just bored and I walked down the back street and there's a flower! It felt like there was a street lamp right behind him! The video is the first video that I took a rest in a long time because I went to church on Sunday and went to the country house nearby! Sometimes, I visit after church when I am bored, but I think I can remember my childhood home or something! It's good to lie down and rest in a hammock. The weather must have cleared up a bit From now on, if you want to heal from time to time, you should go down alone and take a rest!

    $ohyea . 2019.04.08 23:36

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  • [Food] If you drink a cup of meat in the evening... I think this is just happiness! Haha


    Hello, I'm $ohyea. 4/4 was my birthday. I drank so much that I couldn't write yesterday. Alcohol is not good at all. But I took a rest yesterday to find out where my favorite drinker was going, and I got a light beer again today.lol This is a store called Ichadol. It's a franchise restaurant. Personally, I am from the countryside and I know many restaurants in my hometown. I like the country shops in a kind of a mess. But I think this one and Hanam pig restaurants are very delicious.Today, I ate meat once because I couldn't play with my brother properly on my birthday. I was on a diet, but I failed this week. I'll do it again tomorrow.

    $ohyea . 2019.04.06 20:23

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  • Did you go to work?


    I've just been in the up-bit before I went to bed. I can't sleep because I'm so excited. I think you're at work! LOL Vika Gazoo! 6000 won for Ios. Haha Photo source:https://coinpan.com/free/71711508

    $ohyea . 2019.04.04 02:17

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  • [Source] 61% "Blockchain Investment," what will happen to blockchain in the future?


    Hello, this is $ohyea. It's been a while, but I think there's a lot of writing today that big companies are particularly interested in blockchain. These facts may not be a boon right now, but I post them thinking that one day it will be a good outcome! Global Major Technology Company 61% "Blockchain Investment" Citing a report by the account management firm Okta, the Cointelegra, a media company specializing in cryptocurrency, reported that 61 percent of major technology companies around the world have invested in blockchain. Okta previously conducted a survey of 1,050 decision makers of major global IT, security and engineering companies between January and February on how they are applying emerging technologies. The survey found that 72 percent of the respondents invested in the Internet of Things, 68 percent in artificial intelligence, 61 percent in blockchain and 58 percent in augmented reality technology." Foreign media said, "The launch of participating blockchain organizations such as MS... North Atlantic Blockchain Centralization" Crypto Slate, a cryptocurrency media outlet, reported that 20 global IT giants, including Microsoft and T Mobile, will launch a blockchain nonprofit organization named Cassadyia. This organization is going to invest in early start-up businesses that are going to be blockchain and others. At the same time, we are known to have set a goal of establishing the Pacific and North Atlantic regions as global centers of blockchain industries in the future." Obviously, early last year, many experts and investors looked at bitcoin and blockchain with a bad look, but now the interest seems to be gradually turning positive. At least the technology of blockchain seems to be more appreciated than ever. Bubble in the e-money market and bubble economics(https://steemit.com/kr/@kim066/2ixvnc), The sparrow wrote this before, and it's about virtual currency and bubble. I read it personally and thought about it a lot. You're talking about a bigger idiot theory, a graph of Bubble's steps... When I think about the beginning of last year, I think these two things fit together. Come to think of it, early last year, relatives, acquaintances, barbershops, even clubs. Here's the story of the virtual currency. And of course, most of them don't really understand what the coins are. From that point of view, the bigger stupid theory is... It's fun and sad, but I think it fits. But when you look at the bubble phase graph, there's an institutional investment in the second stage. Well, I don't think there's a clear institutional investment so far in Coin. For your information, the graph is in the second picture! I was a bigger fool at the time of the investment, but I think it was a chance for me to study and learn about Coin Although the shape of the graph seems to have gone through the shape of the bubble without success, as the coin market is starting to go up a little bit again, I think it may still be the beginning of the bubble's step graph. If you think about it, that's what Bitcoin did in 2013-2015. It's already been over a year since we started investing in Coin. I experienced a miracle where the balance of my account is going down to -75%. Fortunately? It wasn't a big money because I didn't start my social life in earnest, but I guess I can't help feeling sick. Even though I have had poor performance, I have been steadily picking up this and that over the past half year because I have been interested in studying the coin! I'm looking forward to seeing how the coin market will move in the future as I start to see the plus side every time I'm Haha Resources: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/microsoft-and-t-mobile-get-together-to-join-the-cascadia-blockchain-council/ https://kr.coinness.com/news/260294 https://kr.coinness.com/news/260126 https://transportgeography.org/?page_id=9035

    $ohyea . 2019.04.03 20:52

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  • [Source] Bitcoin surge? Naver's No. 1 on the list!


    Hello, this is $ohyea. I went into the upbit to check the price without thinking about it. Annette? Bitcoin is running for the first time in a long time! I've been surfing the Internet for some reason, so I don't think there's anything special going on. "Bitcoin (BTC, number one in market capitalization) was ranked No. 1 on Naver's list of popular search keywords on Monday afternoon. The impact is attributed to the rise in BTC prices to $4700, breaking through the $4500 resistance line. At the same time, the number of simultaneous users of cryptocurrency community coin plates in Korea stands at 8,000 around 2:30 p.m. The figure is about two to three times the normal level. Also on a coin-market cap basis, bitcoin rose 14.45 percent to trade at $4726.70. Joseph Young, a renowned cryptocurrency analyst, tweeted: "This is a big technical factor. It's a reflection of the fact that it started to soar after breaking through the 4,200-dollar resistance line." "We have a $80 million sale order in the $42,200 range," said Bleeding Cypto, an analyst at cryptocurrency. "We want to see who's leading the market." It's been a while since I saw the red flag. It's really nice to see you. These days, I don't see many people talking about Coin, and I don't think there's a lot more interest in Coin than before. I was mistaken to be No. 1 on Naver. I guess everyone was just taking a break. By the way, if a $80 million sale order was signed at the $4,200 mark, someone bought it, and I wonder who's leading it! Meanwhile, I'm over 5,000 won! Haha Source: https://kr.coinness.com/news/259008 https://kr.coinness.com/news/259100 #publicto #blog

    $ohyea . 2019.04.02 18:53

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  • [Food] Six days of diet... Think of it as chitmeal. Beef would be fine, wouldn't?Haha


    Diet 6th day... But I believe that should be ok once in a while? Hello, this is $ohyea. Today, I took a break from exercise in 6 days. I took a break from my diet...Kk I came down from church and I was so hungry. I'll be on my way.So I followed him, and my father bought me beef, so I ate steak after a long time! It's been a long time since I had a family dinner together and had a glass of wine with my father. Haha How did you spend today on Sunday? Haha

    $ohyea . 2019.03.31 22:58

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  • [Source] Bounce XRP & EOS Hacking...?


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today, I'm going around the Internet drinking a cup of coffee. As I read it, I found out that Bithumb was hacked and I share it. Debbie Wan, a former managing director of blockchain-specialized venture capital Danhwa Capital (DHVC) and co-founder of blockchain startup Primitive, recently tweeted, "RLaHMvsPnPbiNQSjAg853 billion won (approx. In a related development, Slowmist, a blockchain security company, claimed that the owner of the address "rBKRigtR2N3dQH9cvWpJ44sTtkHiLcx1," which appears to be a hacker, had been hacking for about 50 minutes since 10:46 p.m. on Monday. "Bithumb, Korea's cryptocurrency exchange, was hacked around 10:16 p.m. on the 29th," said PeckShield, a blockchain security company. "A total of 3,132,672 EOSs (approximately 14.5 billion won) were transferred on 16 occasions." "Bossom changed the key immediately after the discovery," Peckshield said. "The attack was probably due to the theft of the official private key. "The hackers carried out the attacks 662,600 on the EXMO exchange, 263,605 on the Hooverie, 182,300 on Chagely, 96,270 on KuCoin, 38,725 on CoinSwitch," Peckshield said. According to WhaleEx, there has been a debate within the EOS community over whether BP should be involved or who is responsible for the hacking incident. In a related development, EOS founder Dan Larimer said, "If the exchange had stopped the withdrawals, this would not have happened. The exchange should take responsibility," it said. Earlier, Dan Larimer had expressed the opinion that BP should be directly involved, but he was met with opposition from members of the community, a solution that went against decentralization." The story of hacking seems to be constant. I recently heard that someone you know was hacked and you changed the master key right away. The exchange's been hacked. The damage is also enormous. I'm always nervous when I hear this. I don't know how to keep the coin. I've heard about personal wallets being hacked, and the exchange seems to be the same. How is the best way to keep it? Resources: https://kr.coinness.com/news/257186 https://kr.coinness.com/news/257118 https://kr.coinness.com/news/257214 #publyto

    $ohyea . 2019.03.30 19:19

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  • [투자] 뉴스와 주가의 관계, 30개월 안에 일어날 일인가요..?


    안녕하세요 $ohyea 입니다. 오늘도 어김없이 카페에 나와서 책을 읽었습니다. 오늘은 유난히 집중도 잘되고 기분이 좋습니다 ㅎㅎ 책을 읽다가 뉴스와 주식시장에 관련한 내용을 읽고 유용한것같아 포스팅합니다! “5세에서 30세가 되는 동안 우리에게는 수많은 변화가 일어난다. 따라서 5세 때 30세에 어떤 사람이 될지 알 수 없다. 상상을 할수는 있지만 실제 인생은 우리가 상상하지 못한 방향으로 전개된다. 앞으로 2년 안에 일어날 일이라면 아이들도 대충 알 수 있다. 몇 학년이 되고, 어떤 선생님들을 만나게 되고, 어떤 과정을 밟게 되는지 정도는 알 수 있다. 그러나 2년 뒤의 미래는 알기 어렵다. 9세 소년이라면 계속해서 초등학교에 다닐거라고 예상하겠지만 가족이 이사할 수도 있다. 아니면 학교가 신설될 수도 있다. 우리는 변화를 직접 체험하면서 파악할 수밖에 없다. 시장도 마찬가지 이다. 시장의 먼 미래를 지금은 알 수 없다! 추측해야 할 변화가 너무나 많기 때문이다. 주식시장도 이 사실을 알기 때문에 30개월 이상은 내다보지 않는다. 30개월을 넘어가면 순전히 어림짐작이 어서 확률이 아니라 가능성에 불과하다고 보는것이다. 가능성은 주식시장에 영향을 미치지 못한다. 그런데도 주요 뉴스들은 천천히 진행되는 초장기 추세들을 계속 퍼부어 대면서, 결국 우리가 파멸을 맞이할 것이라고 주장한다. 과도한 부채, 중국의 세계패권국 부상, 지구온난화 등이 그런 사례다. 그러나 우리는 간단한 기법을 이용해 먼 장래에 관한 이런 무의미한 주장들을 무시 할 수 있다. 단지 ‘30개월 안에 경제에 심각한 영향을 미치나요?’ 라고 물어보면된다. 30개월 안에 일어날 사건이 아니라면 주식시장에는 큰 영향을 미치지 않는다.” 출처: Beat the Crowd by Ken Fisher, p120 이전 장에서는 초단기 뉴스도 사실상 큰 의미가 없고 그이유는 바로 코앞에서 일어날 일들은 이미 주가에 반영이 되어있기때문이다라는 설명도 있었습니다. 이러한 측면에서 봤을때 사실상 대부분의 뉴스는 거르고 시작할수있는것같습니다. 사실 처음에 코인을 접하고 공부하기 시작했을때, 뉴스를 정말 많이 읽었습니다. 그리고 읽어가는 와중에 너무 다른 내용들, 혹은 너무 나 많은 양의 정보를 접하게되면서 뭐가 뭔지, 내가 파악해야하는건 뭔지 잘 모르게되었던 기억이 납니다.. ㅎㅎ 책에서 나온 내용이라고 꼭 들어맞는건 아니겠지만, 전 이 내용이 충분히 일리가 있다고 생각합니다. 덕분에 앞으로 초장기, 초단기 전망에대한 뉴스는 거르고 읽으면되니 읽어야할 뉴스의 양에 압도 당하는경운은 이제 줄어들거같네요! 너무 많으면 그냥 안읽게되더라구요.. ㅎㅎ

    $ohyea . 2019.03.29 20:54

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  • [소식] 댄 라리머, 6월 행사 발표 내용 “자신 있다” ..?


    안녕하세요 $ohyea 입니다. 오늘은 오랜만에 코인니스에 접속해서 뭐 새로운 소식있나 둘러보다가 이오스에 관련해 흥미로운 내용이있어서 포스팅해봅니다! “댄 라리머 EOS 창시자가 텔레그램을 통해 오는 6월 1일 워싱턴에서 진행될 예정인 행사에 대한 자신감을 드러냈다. 한 이용자가 댄 라리머에게 "6월 행사에서 발표될 내용에 대해 자신이 있느냐?"라고 물었으며, 그는 이에 "수백 명이 들어갈 수 있는 공간을 마련하고 있다. 그만큼 자신이 크다"라고 답했다. 또 다른 이용자는 해당 행사의 인터넷 라이브 방송 여부를 물었고, 댄 라리머는 "모든 온라인 이용자들에게 실시간으로 공개될 것"이라고 답했다. 앞서 오는 6월이 EOS에 있어 최고의 한달이 될 것이라고 예고한 바 있다.” 이오스 메인넷도 6월이었던것같은데… 올해 6월에도 뭐하나 터지나봅니다…? ㅎㅎ 이오스 홀더로써 무슨 소식인지 참궁금한데요. 댄이 저렇게 까지 자신감있어하는걸보니 기대가되긴하네요 ㅎㅎ. #publyto #blog #steemit Resource: https://kr.coinness.com/news/255302

    $ohyea . 2019.03.28 17:12

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  • [Investment] Affection to investor stocks? "Feat, Campania"


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today we read an article about the investor's appetite for stocks. I also get to know what I've been experiencing quite often while I've been reading whether it's been a while I've been working hard on what I've brought today. I think I've tried not to. Haha We have great hopes in making sales decisions in the back room and I`m sure I`m right. The difficulty in selling is its attachment to the position. After all, once owned by me, we become increasingly attached. This attachment to purchased goods is called retention effect. Just as old sports jumpers hanging in their closets cannot be thrown away, this retention effect can be found in meat trade. For speculative traders, position has the same meaning as self-extension. As if it were about children. Another reason Johnny can't sell even if he loses his position is because he's dreaming. The moment many people buy, their judgment becomes blurred and hope gradually swells, and this cloud-like hope dominates the decision-making process." -By Roy Shapiro Simply put, don't write the scenario by yourself and don't be attached to a particular sport. I always look hard at certain cryptocurrency when I start to invest. In general, people read a lot of things on the Internet and invest if it's okay, they invest. The problem is that we started without any plans or rules about when we entered, when we liquidated, and how we managed risk. And at some point, when I wake up, the loss is gradually changing from one digit to two digits. From that point on, I had to take extraordinary measures to do whatever I had to do, and I just said, "We're going to rebound soon, Dacio." And I think I just kind of lost interest in my investment account. If you think about it, like what I read today, I feel attached to the sports that I have. In my case, cryptocurrency is more than stock. Steam and Ios are like close friends now. They've been with me for the rest of my investment life. Of course, it's the secret that comes with a pretty high price.LOL I remember when Ios started to come down to about 8,000 won, and I started buying, "This is an opportunity!" And every time the price went down, and Steam kept buying, and he said, "Well, that's a good thing to buy." Actually, I thought I bought it at a low enough price. It's so... It hurts a little! And the irony is, obviously, the lesson I learned today is, "Don't write the scenario, don't be attached to a particular sport." And when I wrote, I ended up writing with the idea that we're not going to live now. I don't think this attachment will go away easily. You'll need to work hard! #publicto #blog

    $ohyea . 2019.03.26 18:57

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  • Is it an automatic translation?


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Sometimes some of the writings on the feed were in English. My stories seem to be in English, too. Now? There is only one post in English. I think there are a few typos on my cell phone yesterday, so I went in to correct them, but it's in English. Recently, I posted a letter in English while I was baking a steak. There were some comments posted in English at that time and there were a lot of recommendations, so I tried to write them in English like, "Is English the mainstream!" But now I can see that they are translated automatically and can be seen in English.By the way, I have to read and go, but now I have to go to feed in English. Is it just me? Do you have any choice in Korean? For your information, it is all in Korean on cell phones. Why does it change into English if I go on a computer? #blog #publicto

    $ohyea . 2019.03.25 16:59

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  • I went to Daegwallyeong all of a sudden!


    From this morning, my friends suddenly asked me to see my face, so I met a few of them after a church. One of them asked me to go to Daegwallyeong, so I left right there. It's fun to have a lot of people come together and drive around in a long time. I am on my way home now. I heard that I listen to the music that I played when I was young. I went to YouTube to listen to the Nova Maple Story Taeil's Weaver. It has a lot of memories! Elementary and middle school friends certainly have seen each other for a long time, so no matter how long I tell them, I can's I think it is a good thing that old friends still gather together without tearing apart because I have been in the U.S. for a few friends! For your information, I'm not dancing the second picture!LOL

    $ohyea . 2019.03.24 18:34

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  • [일상] 10,000PUB 달성했습니다!


    안녕하세요 $ohyea 입니다. 오늘도 포스팅이나할까 하며 먼저 Publyto에 들어가 눈팅을하던중 지갑에 들어갔는데.. 10,000PUB 이 넘어있더라구요! 많은 양은아니지만 그래도 전보다는 더 활발하게 펍친분들 글 읽으면서 잉크를 쏠수있게될거같습니다. 약 1달 정도 걸린것같네요.. ㅎㅎ 10,000 PUB이 사실 많은 양은 아니겠지만, 그래도 뭔가 그동안 퍼블리토에서 열심히 글을 올린것같아 뿌듯합니다.. ㅎㅎ 언젠가 100,000PUB정도 달성하면 어떤기분일지 아직은 까마득하네요! 앞으로도 계속해서 열심히 활동하겠습니다! #publyto #blog

    $ohyea . 2019.03.23 18:22

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  • [Susual] Let's meet friends and soju with pork belly!


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today, I came down to my hometown of Pocheon and met my friend, so I drank pork belly with soju. Pocheon is a very small city, so there are not many people, but there are always many people in this house. As expected, restaurants are popular everywhere. My friend came back last week from Australia with a working hole. We're finally meeting him because we have time. I have changed a lot in the past year and I feel like I've come back from development. It's been good to see. These days, I only study and exercise, but after a long time, I met my friend and drank soju with Samgyeopsal.As I saw it, I didn't know if the time went and had a good time. I don't think people can be alone. Haha

    $ohyea . 2019.03.23 02:02

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  • Ribeye steak!


    I am master of cooking steak! Just kidding... Steak is the food that I ate a lot when I was studying in San Francisco. To eat steak in the restaurant is kind of pricey. However, it was cheap to buy some cuts, and cook them in home.I think it was about $8 to 15 for each cut. I believe it was really good time to invite some of close friends and go outside to cook steaks on the grill. We were just like hanging around grill, drinking, smoking, and talking until those steaks get ready! Those memories of barbecuing, made me think that I can't give up on BBQ grill even though I am in Korea. Since I live in Seoul, it is hard to find house with BBQ grill, and it is also expensive.. After I came back to Korea, I did not have much chance to eat some steak. Man it is so expensive to buy some cuts for steak here. I know that Korean beef is awesome, but I don't need that high quality meat for steak. But finally! I went to Costco with one of my friend! Hopefully, he had the membership. To be honest, I did not even know that there is Costco in Korea. As soon as I got to the Costco, I rushed to find some cuts! and of course I could find marvelous Ribeye steaks! Came back to home, and preparing for the cooking was very exciting! and eating the steaks were even more exciting! Cooking steak is actually very easy. I recommend you to try some! Just make sure to buy Ribeye because it is hard to fail with Ribeye steak! It is that good part of the meat! To cook steak, it is really easy to find videos in Youtube! Try out! #publyto #blog

    $ohyea . 2019.03.21 15:33

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  • [Investment] Smart loss management is drawing a line between business risks and losses


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Yesterday, I finally finished the total of three Costalini books that I have read continuously and moved on to a new one. It's called "Elexander Elder," the law of psychological investment that survives in the stock market. Well, first of all, this book is thick. It is as thick as 2.5 ordinary books. I think I have a lot to learn. I am both excited and scared. While reading Costalini's book, I wanted to learn more about psychological investment so I chose this book. This thickness gives me a sense of security that I will learn many things. "The way to manage losses is to draw a line between business risks and losses. Traders have to take business risks, but they don't have to lose more than they've already set." -Alexander Elder- When you invest, you lose money naturally. A loss-managing investor would act on his principles, but for beginners like me, most of them would suffer losses absent-mindedly, and then they would suffer losses that were too low to bear, and they would either be long-term holders who would wait vaguely until they were able to get back to the price they had already bought. It's mostly because you don't think about the timing of entry and liquidation when you start investing, or because you don't have a plan to act in the event of a loss, or because you don't have a rational way to deal with it. To solve this problem, as the author said, judging losses by the business risks and losses themselves would be of great help to future investment activities. When you do business, you have to take some risk so you can grow it bigger and stronger. But if the risk is that it's going to take over the business itself, then we'll have to refrain from it' I think we have to decide the same thing when we invest. It's a business risk to start investing and fall a little bit further. It's enough. It's impossible to invest in a perfect floor anyway. And if stock prices don't move as we think they are, it's a risk of losing the business. That's the maximum loss limit I set when I first started investing. From now on, we must plan and enter for business risks and losses when investing! #stepemit #publicto #blog

    $ohyea . 2019.03.20 20:29

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  • [투자] 증권시장을 보는 “기술” 의 핵심은 무엇일까?


    안녕하세요 $ohyea 입니다. 길었던 장례식을 다 마치고 이제 돌아왔습니다! 사실 3일동안 어쩔수 없는 상황이었지만, 그래도 매일하던 운동, 공부, 또 포스팅을 안하니까 생각보다 스트레스받더라고요.. ㅎㅎ 포스팅의 경우 매일 1번씩은 올리려고 노력하다보니 어느순간 버릇이 됬는지 한가한시간이 나면 혼자 구석에가서 다음엔 어떤글을 쓸까 고만하게되는 버릇이 생긴것같습니다. 오늘은 전에 읽었던 코스톨라니의 책을 읽으면서 ‘가장’ 중요했다고 생각했던 부분을 포스팅할까합니다. “증권시장을 보는 ‘기술’의 핵심은 무엇보다도 현재 시장이 어디에 위치하고있는가를 정확히 아는데 있다.” -Kostolany- 차트는 두번째 사진에 있습니다. A1: 조정국면 = 거래량이 적고, 주식소유자의 수도 적다. A2: 동행국면 = 거래량과 주식 소유자의 수가 증가한다. A3: 과장국면 = 거래량은 폭증하고 주식 소유자의 수도 많아져 X에서 최대점을 이룬다. B1: 조정국면 = 거래량이 감소하고 주식 소유자의 수가 서서히 줄어든다. B2: 동행국면 = 거래량은 증가하나 주식소유자의 수는 게속 줄어든다. B3: 과장국면 = 거래량은 폭증하나 주식소유자의 수는 적어져 Y에서 최저점을 이룬다. A1 국면과 B3 국면에서 매수한다. A2 국면에서는 기다리거나 가지고있는 주식을 게속 보유한다. A3 국면과 B1국면에서 매도한다. B2 국면에서는 기다리거나 현금을 보유한다. 어떻게 보면 당연하다 라고 느낄수도있지만, 저같은경우는 사실 저런생각 자체를 하지못했습니다. 그동안 제가 해왔던 투자를 생각해보면 항상 소위 말하는 “핫한” 녀석들 위주로만 투자했었습니다. 투자시 가격에 대한 측면도 그저 제가 생각하기에 “이정도면 괜찮지” 라고 판단 했던 가격(사실상 가장 높았던 가격에서 살짝 떨어진가격) 에 매수했었습니다. 다행이 책을 읽으면서 제가 했던 실수를 깨닫게되었습니다. 뭐.. 이게 사실 안다고 바로 효과가 나타나거나 저의 투자습관이 확 바뀔거라는 기대는 안하지만.. 그래도 알았다는 것에 의의를 두기로했습니다. 알았다는건 이제부터라도 고치려고 노력할수있다는 소리니까요! 마지막으로 Kostolany가 말했던것 한가지만 인용하고 마치겠습니다! “투자자는 경기 순환에 반대로 행동해야하고, 주식 시장에 있는 대중의 일반적 생각을 따르지말아야한다.” -Kostolany- 출처: Kostolany André. Kostolanys Börsenseminar. Heyne, 1990. #publyto

    $ohyea . 2019.03.19 19:58

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  • [일상] 장례식


    안녕하세요 $ohyea 입니다. 어제는 아침에 외할아버지가 돌아가셔서, 아주 아기였을때 이후 처음으로 가족이 돌아가시는 경험을 하게되었습니다. 장례식 자체를 별로 안가봐서.. 많이 낯설었지만, 어른들이 계시니까 도움받으면서 어찌저찌 첫날은 잘 보낸것같습니다. 사실 외할아버지의 경우 자주 뵙지 않다보니.. 막 그렇게 슬프다 라는 감정은 들지않았지만.. 그래도 어머니의 아버지가 돌아가셧다는건 생각보다 이상한 기분이네요… 뭔가 ‘나한태도 언젠가 이런날이 오겠지..?’ 하는 생각이 들었습니다. 한국의 장례문화는 참 좋은것같습니다. 장례식장의 분위기자체는 어두울수밖에 없지만, 그래도 조문객들이 찾아와 위로해주시면서 대화하는 과정에서 자연스럽게 장례식장의 분위기가 맨 처음 도착해서 가족들끼리만 모여있을때 보다 훨씬 밝아졌습니다. 이런 문화는 슬픔을 이겨내는데에도 큰 도움이 되는것같습니다. 슬플수록 웃으면서 넘어간다 뭐 그런 느낌인것같습니다. 사실 오늘 친구가 호주에서 워킹홀리데이를 마치고 돌아오는날이라 친구들과 다같이 공항으로 데리러 갔다가 오랜만에 다같이 모여서 술한잔 하기로했었는데.. 갑작스럽게 이런일이 일어나 피치못하게 참석은 못했습니다. 술자리에서 음식이나, 친구들과 사진 찍어서 올리려고했는데 뜬금없이 예상치도 못한 방향으로 포스팅을 하게되네요. 저는 사실 괜찮은데.. 어머님이 남은 장례식장 잘지내시길 기도해야겠습니다.

    $ohyea . 2019.03.17 04:14

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  • [일상] 이제 봄인줄알았는데 눈이오네요!


    오늘 일어나서 카페로 걸어올때 까지만하더라도 분명 해 쨍쨍하고, 날좋았는데 공부하다가 문득 창문밖을 처다보니까 눈이오네요! 공부하다 뜬금없이 감성타임할겸 눈구경했습니다. 올해 눈이 별로안와서 눈구경을 제대로 못했는데 뜬금없이 봄 다되서 눈 구경한번 제대로 하네요 ㅋㅋ 생각해보니까 집갈때 어떻게하지.. #publyto

    $ohyea . 2019.03.15 18:03

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  • [Invest] Why do only a small number of successful investments in the market, and the majority suffer losses?


    Hello, this is $ohyea. It's been a long time since we had fine dust today! Of course, I get up and live my life going around like usual today, but if I do it anyway, I feel better if I don't have fine dust. I'm studying at a cafe after working out. I'm in good shape and I'm concentrating. I wonder how you guys are doing today! I've read Costolani's book that I've been reading lately. The more I read, the more interesting book I think. We'll find and post what we love today! "John Train said that if someone is to succeed in investing for sure, not only needs to judge the situation correctly, but everyone else needs to be wrong. If any consensus is reached in the financial world, successful investors immediately take the news with pleasure. Many people's opinions are bound to go wrong, so now that a hunting ground will open for that successful investor." When I read in Stimet, there's a man named @pius.pius. I want to post a lot of comments about investment. I think it's a long time, but you've posted several articles about reverse investment before, and I think it's interesting then. It went as far as it did. I've been reading Costalini's book for the last three books, and I think I'm thinking about what the reverse investment is like. Actually, I'm still investing, but I don't know anything. I don't know what kind of investor I'm going to be, but I'm going to have to keep my head in mind. Source: Costolani Investment General 2 Investment is a sentimentality, p92 #blog #steemit #publyto

    $ohyea . 2019.03.14 20:50

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  • [Investment] Why does the stock market rise in the recession and fall in the midst of a boom?


    Hello, this is $ohyea. While reading today, I was wondering why the stock price and the game wouldn't move in proportion, but I found an interesting depiction of the answer and post! "Imagine a picture of a man walking along the street with his dog. The man is walking forward at a regular pace. That's the economy. The dog runs forward, runs around, and returns to his owner. I'm running ahead again, and then I'm back again. The length of the dog's walk represents the movement of the securities. The owner and the dog both move forward. They eventually reach their destination for the walk together. The owner walked a kilometer. But the dog walked 3 kilometers or 4 kilometers, walking back and forth on the same walk. The stock market and the economic movement are very much the same. They're ahead and backward and accompany economic expansion.” According to him, 'when it comes to the market for the whole stock market, not for individual stocks, it's because it's more about fantasy and money than the underlying facts.' I still understand something while reading a book, but there are a lot of cases where I think it is not. So is today's posting. I'm afraid I've got it strangely, but there's something I don't really well. I don't think that's a big deal right now. If you keep studying, I believe you will have a perfect understanding someday! Haha Investment in Costolani 2 is a game changer, p84. #publyto

    $ohyea . 2019.03.13 19:56

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