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  • The book that I love the most


    When I thought about what I usually read and loved the most, I came up with the most. Home party:Local restaurant guide!!! The home party brochure, which tells me about the hidden restaurants in my town, is 100 times more valuable than the Michelin guide to me. Whenever I think I'm tired of cooking on Sunday, I'm going to flip through the pages of my Chinese restaurant. Today, I'm going to choose from home next time, and I'm going to have fun ordering. Sometimes when I think of late night snacks, I have the best toothache. Chicken restaurants have too many chains, so I prefer fast delivery places. Don't make it too difficult to read and write. ^^ Books can be guidelines for some, useful information, comforting minds, and a stepping stone to escape from reality for a while and meet with the new world. I live by thinking that I am always a good friend. I haven't seen each other for a while, but I think the friends who have kept me on the bookshelf will welcome me back after a long time. Hah!

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  • On the way home from work. Clear sky. Comma.


    on the way home from work The sky is so pretty beyond the bus window. Sometimes it's too complicated. I have a problem. Simple is the best. ---------------------- +Add (because I'm into miscellaneous thoughts on my way home) I don't do anything on the weekend. There are a lot of stories that you miss when you look at the Public from Monday. Even if I stay still, the world works well. I'm somehow sorry to know that the center of the universe is not me. When everyone is heading forward, I'm just resting, not falling behind, but my heart's in vain. Why do I want everyone to stop and look at the same sky? They should recognize the difference and applaud those who go their separate ways, perhaps because of their natural home. It feels as if everyone is leaving.

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  • a toothache


    I had a bad toothache since last night. I had to sleep all night and think about taking a rest today, but I got on the bus because I was afraid of the next day's aftermath when I suddenly notified in the morning. Contrary to worries, the pain was a little subdued, but it's hard to bear the pain that comes back.crying I worked with one in the morning and one in the afternoon on painkillers. It was a quick painkiller like a copy of cf, but it didn't last very long. After two to three hours, I get sick again. I was forced to take a rest and go to the hospital tomorrow, but the only thing I'm afraid of is going to the dentist. Why is dentistry so scary? God give me courage so I don't panic. Don't run away because you're scared on the way to the dentist!!

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  • 식스틴나인(69)


    일전에 소개해드렸던 완득이가 성장 소설, 청소년 소설이라고 한다면 식스틴나인은 청춘 소설이라고 할 수 있습니다. 개인적으로는 무라카미 류의 소설 중 가장 좋아하는 소설이기도 하는데요. 무라카미 류의 자전적인 소설이라고 하는 식스틴나인은 1969년, 고등학생 시절을 보냈던 주인공 '겐'의 이야기 입니다. 겐은 학교와 사회라는 제도에 대한 반발과 기성세대에는 반항하는 결코 모범적인 학생이라 할 수는 없지만, 그렇다고 불량학생도 아닙니다. 오히려 게으르고 허풍만 가득찬 친구지요. 오로지 여자에게 잘 보이기 위한 생각만 하고 친구들 앞에선 괜히 쎈 척만 합니다. 거짓말에는 이미 도가 텄고 이때문에 친구들 사이에서는 영웅으로 비춰지기도 합니다. 겐은 자신이 좋아하는 여자를 위해서 학교에 바리케이트를 펼쳐 봉쇄합니다. 일종의 혁명을 일으킨 것인데, 이것이 순전히 여자에게 잘 보이기 위함이란 것을 겐의 친구들은 몰랐겠죠. 좋아하는 여자에게 멋있어 보이기 위해 보통사람이라면 상상할 수 없는 짓을 일으킨 무모함과 담대함이 1969년, 정말 유쾌하게 청춘을 보내고 있는 무라카미 류를 떠올리게 합니다. 좌충우돌 사건들로 청춘시절을 전력질주하는 겐의 1969년도의 시절은 무척 유쾌하고 즐겁기만 합니다. 소설의 말미에는 작가는 이렇게 말합니다. 즐겁게 살지 않는 것은 죄라고요. 청춘은 인생의 푸른 봄을 이야기 합니다. 우리의 봄날은 끝난걸까요? 아닙니다. 청춘은 분명 시절을 이야기하는 것이지만 나이를 뜻하지 않습니다. 우리의 맘이 푸른 봄과 같다면 언제나 청춘이지 않을까요 ^^

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  • by the skin of one's life


    Wan-deuk, who is on the list of the first Chang-bi Youth Literary Awards, is already famous for the movie, so I guess no one knows. Uncle Min-koo, who has a little intellectual disability with a dwarf father, and his three-member Wan-deuk are living with the wrath of the world. Therefore, he is a so-called "rogue student" who often fails to overcome the anger and causes accidents. His wish also shows an unusual scene in which he goes to church to pray for the death of his homeroom teacher, but he throws a warm look at the world he hated when he learned of his mother's appearance and the hidden image of his homeroom teacher. I like the well-organized story of Wan-deuk's personal growth story and social problems such as multicultural families and foreign workers. In fact, I would say that the best thing about books is readability. Even the outstanding subject matter is an important factor in fiction, but in the end, novels can only be established if the reader reads them. The reason why a movie is more attractive than a book is, in short, it is easily understood. Of course, it will be hard to keep watching boring movies, but books are worse than movies. It's hard to keep chasing type unless you have the charm to shake a person's heart. Some books have to be read for a long time because they cannot open their hands because they are curious about the contents of the book, or because they are not read at once, but they are still something to think about. But I think the most important thing is readability. It's a fun book like a young man's literature, and it won't be boring to read at all.

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  • [Spring Flower Event]Flower your name!!


    I've lived a life of no connection to flowers. I thought the pictures were enough. Then, on my way to work this morning, the flowers blooming on the flower beds of my apartment came into my eyes. I couldn't take a picture because I was on my way to work, so I just left a picture on my way home. For a while, I was lost in the coin, and for a while I was busy with my life. So he didn't even know that the flowers were blooming around him. Now that I can afford it, and many people post pictures of spring flowers through the pub, I also get greedy for pictures of spring flowers. ^^ Through the pubs, the little things that have just been passed on are slowly coming into sight. It's a daily discovery, and it's a little bit of fun living your life. Did you guys have a good time since it's a hard Monday?

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  • Busan Fire


    A message of safety information came from the Haeundae county office early this morning. It is reported that wildfires broke out at Unbongsan Mountain in Haeundae-gu, Gocheon-ri in Cheolma-myeon and Samgaksan Mountain in Jangan Temple. When I arrived at the company, a fire helicopter was busy flying in the sky. Today is Arbor Day, and I felt bad because I had to suffer from forest fires all over the country. I hope the fire is quickly extinguished as I watch fire helicopters still flying around after lunch. In case of Unbongsan Mountain, there have been a number of recurrence cases already... I hope today is not a burning Friday, but a Friday when the fire goes out quickly! Make sure!

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  • Honeytip for PUBLYTO ^_^


    Here's a honeytip that becomes a famous Pubple.^^ Of course, Publicito Asay is what I'm saying. I don't know if it's credible, but try to cheat. First of all, I'll tell you what I've been feeling. The number of ink received varies significantly, even though the posting has been consistently posted. Why? Maybe it's because they're very good analysts, or because they post good information that everyone can relate to. Of course there are some reasons for that, but I don't think that's all of it is. I don't think we can all be great content creators. On the contrary, I think most of them write small daily stories and write down their thoughts. But even similar stories have different reactions. Where does that come from? The answer is obvious. Communication. I think it's the most important thing in the community ecosystem to communicate with each other rather than to act unilaterally. You can often see people who keep posting and don't even look at other people's posts. Most of the people in Publicito are giving ink to many of them for good. In my case, it's so small that I don't visit again if you don't come to me or visit me again. The human mind is so simple. It's good to post a good article. First, give someone else's comments and ink. ^^ When communication starts, the Publyto becomes 10 times more fun. This is a honeytip that becomes famous pubple. In fact, it's Ha So-yeon, who's upset about people who don't come to me.Haha

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  • Remembering Jang Kook Young...


    There were times when Hong Kong movies were as popular as Hollywood movies, although I don't know the current children. Among them was a distinguished actor named Jang Kook-young, who cannot forget his good face and his eyes full of rain. He left like a lie on April 1st, so I remember him once again. His leading works include <Hero Bone>, <Girl Yuhon>, and <Avijeon>, <Paewang Byeolhui>, and <Dongsadok>

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  • Today, I went to the Japanese udondong, Japan.


    Following last week, I went to Japan's Wudong House, feeling the spring wind because it was sunny today. Yubu-dong is a famous restaurant.^^ Though he still has no passport, he flew away in the spring breeze on the cherry blossoms. It was the place where Japan's unique kindness and craftsmanship were buried. "Ibaciaimase" Someone who looks like a water purifier welcomed me. To show humility, I received hot water like bowing down. Four minutes of magic! Noodles are not fried noodles like Ura Nara Ramen, but rather soft-tasting noodles. The married couple was overwhelmed by the size when they first saw it. The cup noodles are the size of the entrance. The taste was soft and sweet. The sweet and sweet taste of udon flavored with Zuyu is harmonized with the sweet taste of udon and the fantastic chemistry of sweet and salty. The person who went on a trip to marijuana gave me one as a present. I want to eat it again. Every Friday will be the day I eat cup noodles. Haha

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  • Ithum Store Open


    The exclusive version of the iTum Store opened yesterday. For a detailed description of the Ithum store, please refer to Done's posting. https://www.publyto.com/posts/13669 The event is ready to celebrate the opening of the Ithum Store. Please refer to the text at the bottom.^^ If you leave a post-game period for a while, The Defense Game Onion Knights uses the location of the tower to attack the enemy directly and to defeat the enemy with a combination of various heroes. However, I'm sorry that 3D graphics are a bit rough. Next, the spookies link is a puzzle that follows the same-shaped point and plays the game. I'm impressed with the cute and unique graphics. There are many different conditions in the mission clear, so the game feels richer. If you like Candy Crush Saga or Anipang, you can enjoy it. Personally, I'm afraid I can't play the game I got from the iTunes Store at the Playground. crying -This is the contents of the e-Term Store announcement.- [Sighs] - ] To celebrate the ITAM Store Open, take part in the EOS Promotion Event prepared by ITAM Games and become the main winner of the total prize money of 2,000 EOS! 01. Onion Division Event Win 100wave in the extreme mode of the Onion Machine Division and win some of the total prize money of 1000 EOS! Event Product: Total 1,000 EOS Event Period: 2019.3.28 - 4.27 (07:00 UTC) Event presentation: Bulletins in the 2019.4.28 ITAM Store App and all SNS Channels Product payment target: Any player who has surpassed 100wave in the extreme mode of the Onion Division Product distribution method: 1000 EOS divided equally into 1/n for all players who have satisfied the event conditions How to pay for a product: The amount determined by the EOS account of all players who have satisfied the event conditions is sent directly by ITAM Games. 02. Spookies Link Puzzle Event Achieve 1,500 stages and win some of the total prize money of 1,000 EOS in the Sphukiz link puzzle, where you can enjoy cute characters and thrilling hands! Event Product: Total 1,000 EOS Event Period: 2019.3.28 - 4.27 (07:00 UTC) Event presentation: Bulletins in the 2019.4.28 ITAM Store App and all SNS Channels Commodity Payment: Spookies Link Puzzle All Players Over 1,500 Stages in Stage Mode Product distribution method: 1,000 EOS divided equally into 1/n for all players who have satisfied the event conditions How to pay for a product: The amount determined by the EOS account of all players who have satisfied the event conditions is sent directly by ITAM Games. *ex) If 100 players are satisfied with the conditions of the Onion Division event, the total prize money of 1,000 EOS is divided equally among 100 players and paid 10 EOSs each. *In case of an obvious error in game play or an account that conducts events in an unfair manner is found, access may be blocked without warning.

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  • the last family


    The patriarchal, feudal Wu Chih-yama family, who always has to eat dinner together, is different from the ordinary family. a father in danger of unemployment and a son who was reduced to Hikkomori for domestic violence; A mother who falls in love with her 13-year-old junior, And even the daughter who always wanted to leave the house, the Uchiyama family was in a total impasse. It may seem like a happy family's pronoun when the whole family gathers and eats dinner. It looks kind of like an inseparable hooligan here. The story ends with the breakup of a family. In light of the fact that the disintegration of the family is not a sad ending but a search for its own happiness, It was very interesting to see a new family coming up. But it is too bad to read this book now. The last family figure presented by Liu Murakami is similar to the one we already live in. Even if I read this book for the first time, my family is always in harmony with each other. It was a little shocking to see a family going their separate ways in search of their own happiness. But it's not just the family that gathers in a space and eats together. Finding one's own self and living the life you want is a new family. It seems that Ryu Murakami's novel expressed the current era well.

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  • Do you know Kim Il Sung's snack?


    Because what I do is a simple repetitive task, I chat with my colleagues a lot to overcome boredom. If you don't do this, it's because the clock in the company is slow and slow, like the Pentagon clock. Time flies quickly when you're in a story flower, but you always get scolded when you talk. I'm afraid the work is inefficient. Anyway, I was working today talking to get rid of the drowsy afternoon sleepiness.Ayagi, a snack of memories, came out. We talked about such a story as a jjamppong or a jokja, and my aunt who works with me ate Kim Il Sung's head. Ugh!! Did I hear it wrong? I doubted my ears. But my aunt was adamant that she ate Kim Il Sung's head. I didn't believe it when I didn't hear it or see it, but in these smart days, it's all out. I looked for Kim Il Sung's snack. I found an example of the name, and there were three slices. 1.I have to break it down. It means "bashing Kim Il-sung" in combination with the anti-communist meaning of that time. 2. Similar to the bump on the back of Kim Il Sung's neck. 3. Because it's Kim Il Sung's favorite snack. Actually, it's amazing to think that there was an example of a name that was important.

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  • ♪ With the spring wind ♪


    On my way home, click! I waited until the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and tried to shoot them. I wanted to post a picture of flowers on my dull pub. In fact, the pink petals in the street lights are so pretty. I'm sad that I can't take that beautiful color with my smartphone picture. The light was too strong. crying

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  • Today, I went to Gangreung Kyohak.


    I went to Gangreung Kyohak store today because it was so nice. It's a famous restaurant, so the dish is very antique and nice. I was so excited because I felt like I had a solo experience in a luxury China restaurant because I didn't have any customers today. Why are you alone? A person like me who's up-to-date with the latest trends gets along with his co-workers as a part of it.He really is. It's not a damn thing! I'm just sensitive to fashion! The expected food was completed in three to four minutes. Once I tasted the soup, it was so spicy and spicy that I could think of a dolphin swimming in magma. My whole organs are bleeding, and I'm starting to feel My bangs are amazing, too. A tangle of live noodles comes into your mouth like a tango. The seafood is also abundant, adding to the tangle of shrimp and the quirkyness of squid, it also feels like eating seafood soup instead of jjambbong. For dessert, I had a sip of the most expensive cup of coffee in a coffee shop with a nice atmosphere. It soothes a sweet, deep-tasting afternoon. There's nothing new about it. ^^ Well... I've solved my lunch with cup noodles and mix coffee.

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  • Mom, what is this?


    * This post has 80% of self burning rate Did I do this much self-boating? You mean you've done about 80% self-boating, right?

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  • two people who don't work


    In fact, I like cartoons more than novels. When I was young, my dream was to be a cartoonist. But the dream disappeared like a mirage because I couldn't draw so much. ᅲ.ᅲ I will be a cartoonist when I am a child! I used to sing songs all the time. L "Two People Not Working" is about the so-called knitwear of brother Mamoru and his sister Haruko, who live their own lives in their own homes without working. My parents are quite generous about two people who don't work. In the case of a father, he believes in his son and even waits for the current situation. As a result, I don't worry about studying or getting a job, but I'm very self-indulgent. I spend all night playing games, or making my own games. I have social gatherings and this is so cool because I have a lot of interaction with my neighbors and I visit my friends. I can think of a famous saying among Japanese knitwear. If you work, you lose!! ...I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Hah!

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  • Jealousy is my power


    Spring has come, the season of love. After having a meal, even after drinking coffee, languishes on the head. All the attention is paid to the love story. So for the time being, I am going to write a little more love story. Jealousy is my power. after many years A weak bookmark will drop this paper. I had so many factories built in my mind. You've had so much to write. Like a dog that slowly shoots under a cloud. You hesitated in the air tirelessly. All I have is a carbonation. Every evening, I set up a young man's I've been counting the days I've been living. No one was afraid of me. My only hope was jealousy. So I leave a short message here first. My life has been frantically searching for love, You've never loved yourself. My life was also jealous and jealous, so I never looked into myself as long as I looked into others. He longed for love, but realized that he did not love himself. Love is said to have no qualifications, but those who do not love themselves are not prepared to love others. How many people can love themselves completely? No, maybe not as I thought, many people feel lonely, maybe they love them. However, people find themselves in other people's relationships rather than in their own minds. You have to keep looking at others and focus your energy on other people's feelings. But for today, I want to look into myself and become a person who loves himself.

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  • 사랑과 환원


    <'사랑? 사랑이란 무엇일까? 한 개의 육체와 영혼이 분열하여 탄소, 수소, 질소, 산소, 염, 기타의 각 원소로 환원하려고 할 때 그것을 막는 것이 사랑이다.' 어느 자살자의 수기 중의 일구야. 장 아제베도! 내가 원소로 환원하지 않도록 도와 줘! 정말 너의 도움이 필요해. 나도 생명 있는 뜨거운 몸이고 싶어. 가능하면 생명을 지속하고 싶어. 그런데 가끔가끔 그 줄이 끊어지려고 하는 때가 있어. 그럴 때면 나는 미치고 말아. 내 속에 있는 이 악마(Totessehnsucht)를 나도 싫어하고 두려워하고 있어. 악마를 쫓아 줄 사람은 너야. 나를 살게 해줘.> 전혜린「그리고 아무 말도 하지 않았다 의 ‘마지막 편지’(遺稿) 중에서...」 역시 봄은 사랑의 계절일까. 불현듯 오래전에 보았던 수필 한구절이 떠올라 옮겨보았다. 나또한 연기처럼 홀연히 사라지고 싶은 충동을 계속 느끼며 살고 있다. 그러나 아직도 이땅에 남아있는 이유는 사랑때문이 아닐까. 사람의 육체와 영혼이 여러가지 원소로 환원되는 것을 막아주는 것이 사랑이란다. 사랑만이 사람을 살아가게 하는 원동력이 비록 아닐지라도 사람을 사람답게 살아가게 하는 것은 사랑 뿐이라 생각한다.

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  • Play One!


    Players are blockchain-based encryption blocks that connect game players and game users directly.It's one of the most popular apps these days. A gamer like me is a lovely app like a danbi in a desert in my life.^^ By the way, it's amazing that the zombie girl mobile game that started on March 1 was played for 25 to 23 minutes. Somehow I haven't had enough time to publish these days. Then I'm off to Zombie Job again. Adios!

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  • the last cold snap


    the last cold snap It's my favorite word. I guess winter is a lot to be desired because of the cold. May each trace of oneself disappear and a blooming spring.

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  • early leave of work


    I was a little busy last year. The company. It is an industrial complex located over the mountains and over the mountains, so commuting time is close to an hour and a half. So it's strange and new that you come out of the company before the darkness falls yet. Last year, it was common to see the moonlight, to go to work, and to go to work with the starlight. I'm very happy to get off work early these days. Usually, the time was precious and valuable when taking advantage of the time, but nowadays, whatever you do is boring. These days, they are grateful for their early leave of work and regret that they failed to use their time properly.

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  • Lair Games


    The older brother who works with the company said that he watched both season 1 and season 2 of the Japanese drama series while he was off. He also recommended that it was fun. Come to think of it, I used to enjoy watching the Lair Games. Of course, it's a comic book. In addition, I enjoyed watching the re-released live game drama in Korea. I like game stories with breathtaking psychological warfare and intense brain fighting. I watched Genius, which was similar at the time. It's simple to go back to comics and tell the story. The story is about the identity of the "Lear Game Secretariat" and the "Bumblebee" fight. Winning the game will earn a huge amount of prize money and lose the game on the contrary, you will incur a huge amount of Kanzaki Nao, who was caught up in the game by chance, and Shinichi Akiyama, a genius con artist who helped her, It is a story that destroys the identity of the Lair Games Secretariat by overcoming numerous obstacles. "I have a must-win method!!!" I hope life has a must-win method like a game. Hah!

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  • personal views on mystery novels and mystery novels


    The biggest difference between mystery and mystery novels is the answer to conclusions. A mystery novel is like a long story of adventure in which an event takes place and finds an answer to the case, but it often ends up trying to solve it but not finding an answer. There's no answer, so it's a bit of a hassle and a bad end. There is a person around every story who says that good and evil should be clearly distinguished and that there should be a mastery, but mystery novels don't fit these people. The advantage of mystery novels is the atmosphere. Every prototype of a story that cannot be answered is a mystery. There are a variety of supernatural phenomena, UFOs, aliens, unknown problems, and ghostly beings, and the mysterious ambience and horror aspects of these things make people curious. To go back to the mystery novel, I am largely divided into three. The first is a full-scale detective novel. Simply put, the detective is the main character of the novel, which can be inferred from various hints to solve a case or jump on his own feet to get information and solve a problem. Usually there are too many detectives who are too good at reasoning to solve a problem by combining these two methods. The second is a detective novel. A detective is the main character of a novel, and the difference between a detective novel and a detective's method of solving a case is that it is more. A detective sometimes solves a problem with magical reasoning. The third is a crime novel. It is a novel hosted by a particular case rather than by a detective or detective. There are many cases of sudden involvement in a crime, false accusation, or planning a crime. So far, everything is a personal view. ^^

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  • I'm also participating in the Publicito PR event.

    Self Introduction

    The Publicito symbol looks like a staircase. I've designed it out of the way. It's weird, of course. Hahaha Step up the stairs and face higher!!!

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  • a poisoned apple


    I decided to die Veronica last week, and I thought about Snow White all of a sudden since I did a book review. Snow White may have decided to die on her own. Of course, the environmental factors that led to her death are the most important. This is how the story began. It was a normal evening. The king, queen, and Snow White ate together. The king had a glass of accompaniment that had something good happened and his face. The king didn't open his mouth until he had coughed a few times. "You look more and more like your dead mother." Snow White bowed her head with embarrassment. For a moment, the queen felt like a stranger who could not join her. No matter how many years go by, he is just another man. The ever-pushing loneliness left the queen unable to eat any more. Since that day, the queen has become less and less talkative. I can't help smiling. I felt I had nowhere else to be. Will they worry about me if it goes away like this? No, I'm not interested in the first place. No one will know if I disappear. When the queen's hot tears fell on the back of her hands and cooled down, her friend came to see her. "It's because you lack self-esteem. Look in the mirror and have a lot of conversations. It's going to help you raise your self-esteem." After hearing her friend's advice, the queen prepared a big mirror. It was awkward at first, but gradually I got used to looking in the mirror and talking. But the queen's identity believed that a beautiful appearance was self-esteem. I'm beautiful. I'm beautiful. I'm beautiful. I looked in the mirror all day. One day. Likewise, the queen was in front of the mirror memorizing herself as if she were beautiful. He is strange to see himself. The queer queen tried to leave this place, but she heard a small noise somewhere in her heart. "Here it is. Here." He looks at the sound and thinks he's talking in the mirror. The frightened queen felt that she should leave this place immediately, but she could not resist the voice she was handing over to her. "You are beautiful enough, but you will get older and older and ugly. But Snow White will become a lady from a girl and become more and more beautiful." "Well, then what should I do?" The queen asked for a mirror. "Death it! Then you'll be able to hog the king." The queen ordered the hunter to kill Snow White as if she were possessed by a ghost. Soon after, the hunter told the queen that he had killed the princess. Only then was the queen happy with all her heart. Now the most beautiful person in the world is himself. But somehow the king does not embrace the queen. The most beautiful woman in the world. The queen could not understand. Of course, the king was suddenly busy searching for his missing daughter, and the queen was unable to even make the right decision. The queen secretly began searching for Snow White, saying, "Because Snow White is alive, the king does not find her." The soldiers of the kingdom did not find the princess, but the queen, who paid a large sum of money to an errand center, could easily find her. You have to do this yourself. The queen disguised herself as an old man and planned to feed the viper to the princess. Snow White recognized at a glance the queen dressed as an old man. I didn't want to believe what the hunter said. The queen was trying to kill her. But seeing the queen who appeared before her, I could not help but believe what the hunter said. Why? I was wondering, but I was so saddened to see the queen trying to kill herself this much. What's wrong with us, so we've come to this situation? The queen gives an apple to the princess. The princess was about to burst into tears. His face was red with red eyes. I received an apple. I took a deep breath and refreshed my trembling voice. "It's so delicious to eat "Yes, please try it." The queen cannot raise her head because she is afraid of her identity. Snow White decides only this time. I'll die. If the Queen returns, I'll be glad to give her this life. The princess who took a bite of the apple falls down and the queen escapes in a hurry. I've been thinking about this for a few days. Snow White decided to die for the Queen.

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  • law of frame


    I'll do this first, which is appropriate and widely known to explain the rules of the frame. One day Cecil and Morris went to worship together. Cecil asked Morris. "Do you think you can smoke in prayer?" "Well, I don't know. Why don't you ask the rabbi?" Cecil approached the rabbi and asked. "Teacher, can I smoke in prayer?" The rabbi answered with a straight face. "Brother, prayer is a solemn conversation with God, and you can never do that." Morris asked Rabbi again this time, saying, "This is because Morris, who heard the answer from Cecil, made a mistake in asking the question. "Sir, can't you pray while smoking?" Rabbi said with a gentle smile. "Brothers, prayer doesn't need a time and place. You can pray as much as you like while smoking." I was told to ask different questions to get the answers I wanted, but this was the way to apply the rules of the frame. In a more comprehensive sense, some situations or concepts are interpreted differently depending on the frame that a person has. In other words, it is the rule of the frame to interpret the same things differently depending on the perspective. People often use the expression "concluded in a mold," and everyone lives by thinking and judging according to their own mold. Many good articles can lead a more positive and happy life if you think of the frame differently. In other words, people can think differently if they see different views in the same situation, so be more understanding of others. In fact, to get the answer you want, I looked it up with a flash in my head.

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  • an apocalypse fool


    Book Review is quite difficult. I haven't read books lately, so I've been browsing through my head or browsing through books at home a few times. I think Isaka Kotaro's masterpiece is a golden slumber. The story of a man who manipulated the national system to lead the assassination of the prime minister has a thrilling sense of urgency, and I don't know why the remake of the Korean film failed. The favorite of Isaka Kotaro's works is the fool of the end. It is the story of those who survived several chaos and riots after the asteroid collision became known about the end of the earth, calmly accepting the end of the earth and living an unchanging normal day. The story depicts the lives of various people, and it is interesting to have a variety of different kinds of things, including family problems ahead of the end, couples agonizing over whether they should have children, revenge for the past, and kickboxes who constantly train themselves to what they have done regardless of the end. The theme of the end of the world is not grim or hopeless, but rather good because there are many simple family stories. If the earth really ends, it will end up saving the day like this. I also want to live a decent life at the end.

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  • Veronica decides to die.


    A long time ago, Paulo Coelho's alchemist was a sensational hit. Even in those days, when I was a bestseller, people who were not interested in books like me heard a lot of stories about books, but I haven't heard all the bestseller stories these days. Of course, books like humanities, practical books, and self-improvement are still loved, but I miss bestsellers who talk to people because I think only books are novels. I also started out as a comic artist and read the fourth volume, 11 minutes after deciding to kill Port-Tobello's witch and Veronica, and it was like a fairy tale for adults, so I had no more hands. Like the title of the book, Veronica decides to die. Veronica, who lives a life full of everything, feels bored with her life that is no longer unique and obvious. The future of life in a state of inertia was as obvious as ever and will be no different from others. Veronica, who tried to kill herself by taking sleeping pills, failed to commit suicide but was sentenced to a week's time limit due to her worsening heart. Furthermore, he is admitted to the vilet mental hospital because of his attempted suicide. Unlike Veronica's desire to die early in the day, life in the hospital does not leave her to do as she wants. I realize that it is only a social norm to distinguish normal from abnormalities while interacting with other patients, and I think they are not much different. Also, because of other people's consciousness, they feel free to do what they want to do in a mental institution. In the meantime, I think life is also worth living. But there's not much time left for Veronica... It is paradoxically said that letting one know the value of life is death, which is exactly what fits the novel.

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  • He's grown up.


    The film, which is also a follow-up to "The Fewer Children," came to mind after watching $nani's American travel flight to Las Vegas. The setting is that the child who shot his eccentric father's experimental light is going to be huge, but I can't remember what he saw in the past.Haha I don't know why the child is wandering in Las Vegas, but I remember the scene where he plays with a large guitar-shaped electronic board, plays with a car like a toy, and cries in surprise while touching a hot dog-shaped electronic board. The night view of the Las Vegas city I rented a videotape at that time must have been highlighted in my young head because it was dazzling and gorgeous. What about the big rabbit doll left at the end?

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