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  • Seoul Nowon-gu Lantern Festival!


    Last week, the whole family was buzzing around at home during the holidays, and the free festival was promoted in local TV commercials. Because it was close to home, I was so busy at home that I searched the internet and found a way to go. I took my wife and two children to the airport. Well, you know, the baby's ready for... Um... (Gisguks, snacks, water tissue, extra clothes, jacket, fine dust mask) Well, it's okay up here, but two quickboards --; And as soon as I came out with all this stuff, I was sweating like a dog before the bus. I took a bus to the festival place and there were beautiful lanterns spread out in the sky! I was very tired for a while, and I was able to have a good time with the lights and sweet music that I forgot. Since it will be held next year, I'll write it down on my calendar and come back! If you live in Nowon-gu, Seoul, don't miss it next year. ^^

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  • To be a parent (to solve an unanswered question)


    Being a parent is like walking a path that doesn't have the right answer. Children have different environments, different personalities, different temperaments, different parent environments, different fingerprints. Well, I've been writing my resume and self-introduction for a long time since I've been in the society for 10 years, but when I wrote my own letter, everyone said, I was born as a few parents and a strict couple of boys and girls. Didn't you use it like this? I am the same. I've been through a lot of trouble with my parents, who've been working so hard to get their kids to study and feed. I spent my childhood without scarcity and my head is thick, so I graduated from college and studied with pocket money. I have lived a life that is not very different from others. I can't easily feel the words love. I just didn't want to understand the same care and care of my parents every day. Now that I'm a real parent, all the past cases, all the time, must have been ineffective. I wanted to. A few days ago, I had a developmental test, a psychological test, a social test, and a parenting test to determine my oldest child's future school attendance, and I did it for about three hours. Looking at all the questions and answers, I thought, "I don't know much about my child... "I said I'm sick at heart, and I haven't studied how to deal with him, how to educate him, how to discipline him." "I have to understand and defend him as he is, but you tried to fit him into my stereotypes, my criteria..." At the same time, I felt very angry at the reality of our country with no national support and consideration for families raising disabled children, I felt frustrated with our situation as a person qualified for social welfare like my wife, and I felt the same feeling when I saw many parents in the waiting room next to the counseling room. It's starting. It's really starting. My child has a different starting point than other children. So, as parents, we need to do more to reduce the gap. Don't get hurt! Smile more than others! Accept my child for who he is! No emotion in discipline! Don't compare with other children! Of course parents play a big role in the growth of our beautiful children, but there's no answer, right? ^^; I'm a family member who thinks we've done a good job, but also feels we're We're entering through the door of another unrighteous infant. Come on, Yuna. Come on. There's no answer in the world, so let's just do what you want to do and live happily ever after. I won't lock you up like a stereotyped answer. Please don't go around and eat. You don't want to force a child to live a life with the right answers, do you? Let's go together~ For the children's creative and hopeful future!

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  • Coffee beans... are as delicious as you know!


    A lot of coffee that I've been drinking casually. It's probably already been digested and sprayed everywhere. One day when I was studying Ios and collecting won!! 툭툭 Won-doo is the event response, as he is only considered one of the top names in the Naming Contest. Me: Is this finely ground and burned like a mix? Wife: ? I'll change it, drink it. I: I really don't know. Wife: Let's go buy a balloon. Me: Yeah. So my house bought coffee utensils that day and began to eat them at home. You know, like a funnel, you put some beans, you spilled... The dripping coffee in the whole house was softer and tastier than I thought. Haha At night with my wife, I drank coffee and enjoyed the atmosphere. And then the CEO said that he was planning a free coffee drink so I ran away. To the CEO who spent a quiet holiday in the meat, the origin of the coffee and the information that he had not known. And I came home pleasantly after drinking precious coffee and tea that I couldn't taste easily and getting a discount on the fried beans. Oh! Do you want me to keep a secret that I gave you a small pot as a gift?"Khath, Texas" When I got home, I started to get coffee as you told me. It wasn't the coffee I drank casually, but I knew it and studied and drank it, and it felt like something else. Since we opened the coffee mall, I hope our pubs will have a lot of good coffee, too. Have a happy day today and hope to be a person who always smells good. With your gift. I'll give you the smell of coffee all over the house! Khahahahah! I'm the guy who eats coffee!

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  • Goodbye.. My eternal friend David. Thank you.


    I still can't believe it. A day later this afternoon, I checked again while talking to the Korean Alliance Gunpil. David... just a few hours ago, with a bright smile. We've been together where we've been. I am so absent from your sudden death that I am on my second day. Your passion, dream, sweat, and effort that you have shown at EOS Korea Alliance have been passed on. Sometimes like my brother in Korea, sometimes like a foreign krypto expert who came to us and helped us realize the nature of governance. My big brother, who's had a big seat on our side with a single meeting in his life. A wonderful gentleman who heard of our first child's illness, held an event at Christmas to warm up our family... Please don't get sick there. I wish your family eternal blessings and peace. I have a lot to say, but I will remember you forever. I love you. p.s. I'm really sorry I didn't see your last. Please make yourself at peace.

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  • I had an unexpected date with my son.


    The second child has the flu at the daycare center. Thanks to you, I got off work early and had a good time with my second daughter.Haha I couldn't see or feel it because I saw it every day, but I watched you play with me today.I've grown up quite a bit. It's been almost 40 years, but I think I've been like this, right? I'm gonna call my parents today and feel like I'm going to sleep. Hope you have a happy and fun time with your family, too. Have a nice weekend~^^

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  • Chung? OO Chung? Am I a reptile?


    Last week, I was so happy to go to the lower house of the oldest child's daycare center, but I think there's a mountain bump on my forehead. The daycare center teacher says they're sorry to warn each other that the kids were playing tricks on each other, but... I told you I couldn't get angry in front of you, and we ran into each other, so I came back home. As you may know, my daughter is growing up a little differently from other kids. My 6-year-old daughter now speaks 24 months of language and lags far behind children of other age groups with different judgment and social skills. But it's late, but I can tell you what I think. When I got home, I sat my daughter down, and I started talking. "You must have been very sick, Yuna." Yeah! Did you cry with your hair on?' Yeah! Did you talk to each other while you were messing with your friend?' I came out with shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yuna was very sick! I cried a lot!' Did she say anything to you when we were still here?' Yeah! There's a confusion. I'm sure the daycare center said they were playing tricks on each other, but my daughter said no. The next day, I went to the eldest child's daycare center with a feeling of anger and suspicion. I explained the situation of the women's car and I looked at the CCTV. The director, including you, hesitated, looked at her head and showed her a CCTV. What my daughter said was true. It was true that our child, who was a heartbroken child, was pure and late, but still speaking, more than anyone else. My daughter came to the bathroom for no reason and she beat her. I was angry, irritated, and I wanted to squeeze him, but I called him to a place where he was patient. 'What Yuna understands is a little different from you, and she has to say the same thing many times. Can OO help you a lot? Can you take care of me a lot? "Yes..." That's what I told you. I'm angry at the fact that young girls are already using physical violence because of their differences, frustration, and one-sided notification that they're both wrongs at the daycare center. Of course, it's not just my personality, but I got home after explaining the situation to the daycare center and to the parents of the children. I know some of you are going to ask me if my dad is being kicked out of this, but I think I've done enough. It's not as true as the common O-worms that are everywhere, but... No? Am I a papa, too? Anyway, it is spring day that I have a lot of thoughts. Today, I also cheer for all parents with children who have mental illness!!

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  • ♡$pooka's gift♡


    Pucca's event gift has arrived. The family photos taken after many ups and downs have changed so pretty.♡ Thank you, Pucca. I've had a lot of fun as a family gift.^^♡

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  • Good dad and happy five minutes.


    The same way you leave the office every day. Same co-workers every day. I spend my time on the same job every day. As usual, I was about to trudge home on my way home from work, but the chief in the department called me himself. 'Mr. Lee! You have children at home, right?' 'Yes! You two are at home! 'Hah!'' 'There's a nice present for the kids, so just drop by for a while.~' Yeah? Yeah, I'm on my way. It was so sudden, and I was curious, that I moved to the chief's office.Haha As soon as I open the office door and see the chief! I can't believe you're using a tube to make balloons. You can print it carefully to the rabbit's eyes and attach it to it! "Lee Joo-im, do you have a hard time raising children?" You don't have to abandon every step of being a parent. Write it down in your heart! They'll love balloons, so don't swear they're not good enough. Give them to me!' Yes, sir. Thank you very much.' Of course, it was a non-professor's skill, but after watching the video and making it for the children of other departments, it looked more valuable and pretty than any other balloon in the world had ever seen. I brought it home carefully so that it wouldn't explode in gratitude. Thinking about the kids I'd love to... I gave them balloons as soon as I brought them from the daycare center. He loved it so much. I felt like a really good dad. I was so happy. As expected, it was hard to spend more than 5 minutes.Hahaha We fought and we pulled each other's throats, and then the balloons burst. My blood pressure's been blown up.LOL It was a refreshing experience. These days, when there is a lot of fine dust, there is a lot of temperature difference during the change of seasons, there is no fire as much as you want. But make something to laugh and be happy for a while. The world doesn't have enough time to do good and happy things. ^^ "Today" is what the dead wanted yesterday to be!!"

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  • a very difficult story


    "Think of the child before anyone else's eyes." It's a very difficult and difficult task. I'm a "dad" in Korea who lives a normal life and raises children just like everyone else. Only our first child grows up a little differently, and our family tries to live a pleasant and happy life every day. (Actually, it's not easy to live with kids and live with them. -0-; From some point in time, our children are acting as if they are being allowed to do something. It's called "look-see.") Make sure you don't make a noise when you eat in a restaurant; make sure you don't mess around in a grocery store; keep your books or toys in place after you see them; eat when you eat; ask before you touch other people's stuff; don't fight with your younger brother; play with the toy first. It's quite a lot because it's Often, public morals and manners from the eyes of adults. This coercion and stress was forcing a child whose reason had not yet fully grown. A child is literally a child. It's young. It's not perfect. If you want to be free and creative, you need to raise your self-esteem and love a lot, and the important thing is to take your children's behavior as it is and tell them what it's dangerous or really not. I was pushing the basics of this with my parents' eyes. And so I saw what I was doing in a children's restaurant, in a mart, in a public facility. It really hurts. You have to look at it from the child's point of view, but the parent only tried to nurture it from an adult's point of view. on the basis of public morality. I'm going to be a good dad. He may be a little "civilized dad" to people around him, but he's trying to free himself of the oppression he's had. Because it's a kid. Were you more conscious of other people's eyes like I was? From now on, we'll be together and thinking about our child first. I think we can have a happier and more enjoyable family life. (However, you must teach a determined lesson to a child who is in danger from excessive mischief or who is trying to give an example to the person around him. ^^) I've been writing for the last time, so I'm getting close to Saturday. I hope you have a happy weekend with your family. ^^

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  • a dangerous talent show


    I'm so excited to hear you guys sing and dance and sing along.Haha It's an amazing phenomenon where the body and mind that have been struggling to work at once!! lol It's dangerous, but how can you hold on to it?-; I think TV is going to be destroyed soon, but the children who play carefully are It's been a while since I saw you. How are you all doing? Haha Make something to laugh even if it's a lot of fine dust and irritating, and live with a smile! It's our short life, just thinking about happiness. ^^

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  • Happy New Year. ^^


    I went through a hell of a holiday struggle because my job was in the logistics of delivery service. I didn't even have time to take a breather from the daily piles of holiday gifts. It's finally over and we're having a comfortable holiday. (Actually, it's a secret that I woke up after 13 o'clock while sleeping today.LOL Even if it's that hard, it's because of the bright smile of the kids that can hold on. For me, I'll tell you why I can stay through the day.Hah! It's been a while since I've been posting on the Public. That's awkward.Haha I'll hear you often from now on. Our Purblers! I wish you all the best in the new year. And one more... Tudor Moon~! You want it? It's me. lol

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  • I'm the father who loses to ice cream!


    I don't know what I'm not happy about today, but I'm not going home because I'm so much I couldn't help but stand in front of the ice cream parlor and start negotiating. It's too much of a bargaining chip. I lost. I finally got home to buy you some ice cream and have fun.Hah! My daughter! Do you sell your pride in an ice cream? #Bethinkin Robbins #Sarrows and mill

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  • The 40-year-old teahouse in Baekma Station.Memories that went over to the other side of your memory.


    I went to Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do late in the evening because I had a meeting with my former employer. We all drove in and met, so we stopped drinking and had a healthy meal. It's a bit of a retrograde air.He's so emotional. While we were driving out of the restaurant, we noticed a unique-looking cafe. The Island of the Forest. And I couldn't see the sign or the store. I followed the milestone in a strange spirit. A teahouse that stands alone more than 50 meters from a regular road. I guess that's why it was called the Island of the Forest. We all went into the teahouse and enjoyed the fire in the fireplace. As we chatted for a while and the quiet time approached, the bored boss said, "It's your first time here, isn't it?" "Yes, it passes today. It's my first time visiting!" "I'm almost memorizing all the guests who come here. From the beginning of business 40 years ago, to moving here." "Yes? ...really?" The conversation with the boss for a moment was really amazing. The president who opened a teahouse in Sinchon about 40 years ago used it as a refuge for athletic students and helped many difficult college students. After that, he was damaged by a big demonstration and moved to Baekma Station in Ilsan, where the bus and Gyeongui Line are located, and reopened a teahouse. The president, who listened to the political situation of the '70s and the student movement and the voice of the right citizens, said a lot of things in memory. One of the most memorable words is, It's not right next to you, it's only a few minutes away that you can get to this house. What do you want, so we can barely get a cup of tea and go back? I couldn't forget the faces of the regular students. So even if I forget everything else, my guest, I swear I will never forget my family. That's the courtesy and the love of them." Wow, how impressed I was. I think she's... No, you look over 70 years old. I spent a refreshing time in the teahouse that I found out casually. It's been a really happy time. Are we having a good weekend? "Now that we're spending time like this, you know it was tomorrow, the day the dead were so eager and hoping for, right?" I hope you have a happy night and a warm night.

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  • Who moved my cheese?Wow, EOS, and community!


    As you all know, it's about the process and the mindset of finding cheese for two people and two mice. It's a bestseller that's been loved by readers since a few years ago! I used to think it was a children's fairy tale by looking at the title of a book.;;;;) If you look at the contents of the book, you can feel that it really captured us and is teaching us a big lesson. Two people and two mice trapped in the labyrinth were looking for food, and they found a room with cheese. People just ate and rested in the room without thinking about the future, and the two mice were looking for more cheese in a Eventually, the room ran out of cheese, and one person was in despair. The other person was belatedly wandering around looking for cheese, and the two mice were able to find a room that was fresher and had lots of cheese, so they could eat without worry. What a man said in despair, unable to see the future. "Who moved my cheese?" (Actually, I felt a little prickly while I was reading, but... I'm not the only one, am I? ^^) As I am a person, I don't feel like my new work style or living environment is that good. But after knowing Ios and investing in him, he changed his personality like crazy. I'm sure no one likes the sudden change in their work style and living environment that they're used to. Because I'm... used to it. Familiarity gives you comfort, it repeats in the comfort, and in the repetition, it becomes inertia. He's into manners. And eventually, the big progress, the fruitless thing, repeats itself. So there's a development team, there's a new technology research team, there's a three-fifth, there's a six-sigma. What's really interesting is that most people like what they're used to, but they all know that change is necessary. I was actually born with a computer called SHOW ME TEHE MONEY - Starcraft, PowerPoint, Excel and Hangul. He's one of the most common women in Korea who has been through basic setting. But when I get to know Ios, I get information from the community, I get involved, I try, I talk, I suggest... I'm having fun doing it. After Ios shouted Mainnet 'Go' in June last year... If I'd just created a block... If you were eating cheese without doing anything... What is it like now? If a lot of Ios-related communities had all hands on the same day the mainnet was launched, and they were just looking at the blocks that BP created. If I hadn't renewed my vote, if I had just watched. How do we look now? We're not going to be obedient to the founder's Dan, we're going to have a different opinion about the Alliance, we're going to use it when we get new clothes, we're going to update it in time for votes, we're looking for assets, we're going to participate in some of our own business events. Isn't this all about our community derived from Ios? This is how we are running together in a time of participation, coexistence, and transformation. Of course, I don't think any of you are comfortable investing in cheap money. I don't know if the market for cryptocurrency is so good that everyone feels fresh and proud, but can you think that you're learning more expensive for a new world on the Ios chain? In the future, worldwide, encryption and blockchain will have clear standards, regulatory methods, and taxation measures. And I think that individual investors will also be interested and brought in within a safe framework, and that will bring about a win-win effect as institutional investment increases. We don't stop, we have to Like a mouse. Don't stop looking for bigger, fresher cheese and keep running. That way, it won't be destroyed. Until I see more than one Ios-related environment in a blink. I'm not going to stop until Ios spreads out to the world. Let's go on a trip to find Cheese. All of our community. 'Would you like to go with us?'

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  • What do you want from the Publicito?


    Our publicisto team is going to have a hectic day in their love offensive against the back-to-back publicist Thank you so much for all of you. I don't know how grateful you are for making such a great place, such a great attempt. This space in Publicito, it's a space. Not only does it create time and place utility for users, but it's also a great place to build new relationships. A lot of new users' homework will also be enormous for the Publicito team, which has successfully gone through a close-beta and has been running all the way to Open Beta. Nevertheless, I want to give you a homework. I've made it roughly with my phone skills, but please bear with me.Hah! 1. There are hundreds of posts being uploaded to Publicito every day, and there are many valuable posts that you can miss because many of them are not sequentially posted on the main page. So if you have a newly uploaded post as of 24 o'clock, I'd like to see 'NEW - Number' in the category title in the category classification window. 2. Because you've made many suggestions that it's difficult to manage subscribers, it's now very convenient to look at bookmarks separately from subscriptions. However, if you have a subscriber who posted a new post, you will be able to read it carefully, without missing it. The reason why we're whipping the Publicito team, which will be playing day and night, is to make it easier for more users to use Publicito and fall in love. You know what I mean, right? ^^ I hope my proposal is accepted and I'll wrap it up today. Publicito Team Azaza!! The users are as well! Ios is an Aza!

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  • 1:17 a.m. children who have barely slept


    1:17 a.m.You didn't sleep, and then you went to sleep. You're an angel when you sleep.^^ My dad was late today thanks to the kids who said they wanted to play. LOL You don't get this kind of happiness as kids get older, do you? I need to show you a lot of love. Head... chest.~ There's a lot of fine dust today. Everyone, make sure to wear a mask. I hope you have a happy and happy day.♡

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  • I'm touched by a person's consideration.


    My life is WELL LIFE. Suddenly, I got on the elevator and there was a cute memo. My house is a Pilotian villa. *Actually, if you come up to the second floor, it's 101 and 102... Well, this is the structure. So, if you go to the 4th floor, for example, if you want to go to 402, you can actually get to the 302nd floor. It was a wonderful sense of being able to get rid of someone's inconvenience with For New Year's Day, you saved a pig's memory and wrote it down. Thank you again for your consideration and sense of someone and I think a happy day will begin.

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  • First gift from God.


    I had a very happy time because you sent me lots of love and interest in my post that I posted a few days ago. My wife and I both majored in welfare as social workers, and I chose welfare and a slightly distant path to public office, and she is still doing well. Just as the doctor said I couldn't cure my illness, it wasn't easy for us to take care of my child. Our society needs to help and care for children of different kinds, but it doesn't. So you hide the difference, you avoid meeting people, you make them notice... We were reproducing a structure where the parents and the child shared the same. In other countries, children with different qualities are recognized as special people, and they provide a lot of support for them, but in our country, we tend to see them as abnormal and try to take away what they are. That's why parents are trying to hide more and more. I've been telling and explaining things to people around me since I learned about my child's difference. I wanted to let you know that I wanted my child to be successful and that he was the object of consideration, not compassion and compassion. I wanted to break people's perspectives and stereotypes, not just for my beautiful child. Parents who have children of "different" are not criminals. Rather, he is a companion who lives together through encouragement, consolation, and consideration. Some of you, you know, look at what I've posted and say, "Well, that's a local village." But that's what I want. WELL LIFE = WELLFARE Let's live together!! Let's get through this without prejudice!! The opposite of disabled people is 'non-disabled,' not 'normal.' I'm so proud of my daughter, and I'm not ashamed of anything, and I'm confident that she will give me more love. If anyone has a difference, please listen a little bit more and be considerate of their actions. It's going to come as a great inspiration to them. Tomorrow is Monday, but I hope you have a happy weekend and a comfortable night. ^^

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  • The summer of 2002 was hot.


    In the summer of 2002, 18 university students from all over the country gathered to start their cycling tour around the country. At first, there were 19 people, but there were 18 people in the middle of a big car accident. College students who are interested in social welfare are looking for institutions that are doing ideal welfare across the country with dreams and passion. 78 days of total travel, 200 visits. The bicycle trip from Seoul to Jeju for about 3 months was really a gem for me. While I was looking around the photo album, when I was crossing the limit, I saw a small waterfall and we were all drinking water together, so I left a record in the public book. I will live my life day by day by living my passion and dream again. Did you have a good weekend today? Happy and happy today will not come again. Please be happy today!

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  • God's Gift No. 1


    My daughter is growing up differently. But it's very bright and pure. ^^ I am 6 years old who has just started talking. A few months ago, in the daycare center disability integration class, I was very distressed because I couldn't let my other friends leave the elevator alone and shut the door down. I had an elevator noose and a trauma for a while. Fortunately, my house is on the second floor, my mother's house is on the first floor, and my mother-in-law's house is on the second floor. I didn't have to ride the elevator, but it happened yesterday. I didn't even think about it, and I went to the hospital where my kids were going because of a cold. I went to the big children's hospital building in front of me because I was going to the place where I was going. I put my car in the basement parking lot, and I tried to push the elevator without thinking about it, but my daughter was flinching. (Ha... I almost made another mistake without thinking about the hurt child.) I wanted to! A kid who can't speak well. "Dad, are you going to ride alone?" "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?Of course! I always ride with Yuna. Here's your hand." That's our Yuna holding hands. "I can ride with my dad!" How long did it feel to go from B3 to B3? It seemed like a billion-dollar time had passed, but I did my best not to show it. That conversation in the elevator was so much on my mind that I came home from my doctor's I talked to my wife, who came home from work, and she was in tears again. So the gift number 1 from God gives us another impression and we fall asleep. 'If God's troubles occur within my reach, I will enjoy them as much as I can. However, I sincerely ask you to take care of all the time.'

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  • Is EOS symbol pretty?


    That's a good look, isn't it? It makes you feel better.^^ One day when we all wished for success in the Eos Mainnet vote... it would be around June of 18.ᄒᄒ) While we were talking to each other at Corios Telbang... Did you change the Telbang logo? Anyway, the story suddenly changed from retro to logo. This is the EOS that a holder in Telbang said was pretty!!! I downloaded it because it was pretty, and I found it today while I was browsing through the photo album!! I am so happy that you should watch it together.Haha Our EOS is doing my best today. It's great! It's great! Behind you are the power of many of our communities, so cheer up!!! I'm sorry I asked you to work as soon as you're born. Oh, my God, I have to give you time to adjust. But I'm sorry that I can't let you down.) Finish your day with happiness today~ Looking at the good picture... ^^

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  • EOS permeated my daily life


    It's already been a year since I knew about EOS and invested and studied. There are dozens of EOS-related groups in the Telegram Room. We're running away today, struggling with the flood of information that's been pouring in every day. I'm symbiosis, participation, coexistence, and so on It's one of the Holder's hard working to help the ecosystem of EOS. Fortunately, since my house is in Seoul, I have a great time to participate in various events and get information, meet people, and get people. Thanks to you, the number of EOS-related goods at home is increasing. OS EOS's altercations are located all over the house, including the signature and team suit (Hudty), Ios armpit room (primary CDD), 툭툭 Tumblr and spice wine, handmade beer, and Ios parking number plate given by my beloved brother. Whenever I passed, I had never studied (?) like this after graduating from high school, but I read the white paper, searched, and studied the information from various officials, which gave me a feeling of joy and affection. Although he is still a novice holder with only his feet in the world where the EOS will unfold, his desire for a world that will unfold beautifully is likely to be beyond the heavens. For the establishment of a children's psychological treatment center for the local autonomous organization, I will work hard for all my work and dream hard for EOS. I believe that I can take a step closer by expressing my dreams and revealing them in a tangible way. ^^ Ladies and gentlemen! Aren't you excited about the interest and substance of EOS, which is spreading a little bit from advertising to goodies to the media? I have to think twice about the world of EOS and the EOS that will be completely spread out in the world, and the EOS that has already permeated my daily life, and end my happy day. HAPPY YOUR EOS (ENJOY OPEN SOURCE)

    $nihonman . 2019.01.08 23:08

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  • The movie Pachythams, the cryptocurrency, the blockchain... And EOS.


    Is it almost 20 years old? There's a film in my head that I want to share with you, and I'm going to stutter my memory and post it. Haha. Stretch one's memory? Oh, it's... it's a little... It's a lewd. -,.-; The title of the movie is Pachythams. It's really a play starring Robin Williams. As you all know the story, you learn and learn people and treat them with love and attention rather than with a professional and mechanical life. Well, that's what it' But it's amazing that this movie is based on the fact that it really exists! I watched and felt a lot about the movie, and I was worried about my youth. The difference between different and different. The difference between a patient and a person. The difference between the time you look at the status quo and the perspective that encompasses the whole... Those were the concerns that gave me quite a fresh shock when I was interested in social welfare and legal science at the time. Among the movies in the picture, I will introduce them to you because they are memorable. While the main character, Patch, is in a mental hospital and is looking for patients, he meets an old man. While we're talking, an old man suddenly opens his fingers and asks, "How many do you think this is?" "Fingers? Four."" "Niania... Look again, how many of these do you see? "...... I think the cancer alone makes four correct." . . . "Now you're looking at my fingers. I can only see four fingers. Move your gaze from the spot and look at me." "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "8...I can see 8!!!!!" "Yes, if you focus on the problem and close your eyes, you will see only four open fingers, but if you look at the person who caused the problem, you will see eight fingers. Don't focus on the problem. Always look wide and wide." I didn't understand it after the movie, so I did it at home. I told my friend to run and open her four fingers and stare her in the face. !!!!!!! Magic Eye! It's really a faint eight- We're looking to broaden our perspectives on all the cases and consultations we've encountered since then due to the fresh shock we haven't thought of at our early 20s. A simple solution to the situation is important, but it is often more beneficial to solve the problem because it is more horizontally and vertically. Blockchain, a hotbed of speculation, institutional blind spots, and regulatory and taxation issues that are spreading to the media and the public. One of his fields, cryptocurrency... One of them is EOS... The infinite WELL LIFE on top of the EOS chain is creeping in front of the eyes, and the political arena and the public have been negative about everything related to the blockchain with dichotomy. Of course, short-term pumping and virtual accounts, damage from cannon accounts, and the risk of hacking... There were a few bad variables, such as the collapse of the exchange, but it would be a wonderful tool and technology to lead the fourth revolution in civilization in the long run, but I wonder if you could look at the shoots with a broader perspective and generosity. I want to ask them... No one's coming out of the dust.' And How many fingers do you see?'

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  • God's gift.


    My daughter's I was born on November 23, 2014. Our princess who was born pretty and healthy in a hospital in Ilsan. He's been hospitalized for three days, and he's trying to move to postpartum care with his wife, and he says he's a hospital nurse. 'I don't think you can hear one of the children, so go to a big hospital.' Ugh. Huh? What? No, there's one or two crazy people who throw a baby out of their ears so businesslikely when he's discharged. What a shame, tears covered my eyes. I held back because I didn't want to give negative energy next to a baby who was born three days old. I moved to the cooking center and made a reservation at Asan Medical Center in Seoul with the help of an acquaintance. All the way in the car, I was in a state of nervousness, and my wife was bewildered and held her daughter in her arms, looking out the car window. After spending some time with the doctor, the results are... "The child is too newborn to have an accurate checkup, so come back half a year later." How do you spend six months in your heart? His wife's lethargy was getting worse and he began to blame himself. I was so nervous that I couldn't get my hands on my work. Eventually, I became the first male child employee of our workplace and stayed up all night with my wife and daughter. After half a year of hell, I headed back to the hospital. The results of the tests indicate that if you start treating them with severe hearing, you can get a lot better. I'm so grateful you're not hearing me at all. Our first gift from God, Princess Yuna. I am still proud and pretty of our daughter, our precious gift from God. My Yuna, who's been through a lot of things, who's grown up pretty. Dad, thank you so much and I love you. I don't care if I'm late or different from other kids. Grow up confidently. Whatever he does, you're the only one who's Thank you, my daughter.

    $nihonman . 2019.01.03 23:17

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  • Tangerine! Tangerine-friendly brother


    It's good to eat.^^ My family has replaced expensive strawberries with cheap tangerines. But I'm glad the kids like it. Eat lots of fresh fruits!

    $nihonman . 2019.01.03 23:00

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  • Singing for 21 months. Sarethullim.ㅜㅜ


    Singing too hard, groveling in 'Honey' I feel a lot of emotions and images that I couldn't feel when I was the first one. I guess this is why you're raising them one by one.Haha

    $nihonman . 2019.01.03 22:59

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  • Oh, my God. The melting of EOS!


    Not long ago, there was a CBT emcee at TuktoK, so I had to go to the office. One of the connections made through EOS, "Middleest in Class," came to Seoul from Daegu, and met with Jeon Geon-pil at Suseo Station to start a pleasant meeting. It's a bit late for M.T., but... It was fun. As I've written a few times, I'm still a holder with a lot to learn and I'm putting into practice what I call "participation" to learn more. In fact, the relationship between the "greatest" brother (telegram von Nickname is the best of the same class as the "Lyberly best"), and Jeon Geon-pil-ma-ma's "meetings" date back a few months. We laughed, we chatted, we shared information, we thanked each other. At that moment, there was a proposal to mute in Daegu, the holy city of EOS, and without anyone else, we went down to Daegu by ticket. I went down there without a hitchhiking my wife and kids.In that hot summer, I went to EOS's connection to the Eastern District was so great, and we've had a new relationship ever since. (MAX bot, 쌰ra bot, 강, 최nish, dry-film sama) It's nice to think of people who are happy and happy.) It was so precious to meet and share your feelings in person rather than listening to it a hundred times. Every day it was more pleasant to me, and even though I had a lot of conversations in and out of numerous tell-talks, I was completely released. So it has reached this day, and one of the connections, "Choi Kang," made his own license plate and gave it to him as a gift. Oh, of course, a broken leg in the back of the bag. -,.-lk) Thank you for your brother's sincerity, and I feel comfortable whenever I see the pattern of EOS on the license plate as so familiar and friendly. Along with my best-ever armpit bag (?), I added another tem to promote people visually. I am determined to spread EOS to more and more people easily and comfortably, and I am going to put my children to sleep today, and I am going to finish writing with a big bear hand on my writing. 2019 is already two days away. It's tomorrow, right? Three days!! Whatever you planned to do, once you get through tomorrow, you'll be half successful, so cheer up tomorrow. *Today's Humor What's three days for EOS? - Wait three days to untie the steaks and dispose of the Ios.Then it will be solved.

    $nihonman . 2019.01.02 22:52

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  • EOS - Enjoy Open Source


    사진은 우리 열혈 장모님께서 추위를 무릅쓰고 인천 영종도까지 가셔서 직접 찍으신 인생샷 이다. (우리가족은 TV로 종소리 듣고, 난!! 생각지 못한 냉동실의 반란(?)으로 난 새벽 3시까지 얼음을 깨고 잠이 든 후, 사이좋게 1월 1일 11시경 사이좋게 일어났다.. 새해 정초부터 늦잠을.. 올해도 글렀어..) 일단 "새해 복 많이 받으시고, 올 한해도 홀더분들의 가정에 화목과 행복이 가득하시기를 기원합니다" 속마음은.. '일단 물린거 복구하고, 다시 옛날처럼 아무걱정없이 웃고 생활하고 싶습니다...' 코리오스 및 여러 텔방을 둘러보니 적어도 수백번 이상의 '새해 복 인사'의 문구를 보게 되는데, 사실 나이가 한살 두살 더 먹다보니 이제 크리스마스, 명절 연휴 특히 +1 의 가혹한 나이 선물을 주는 설날에 대한 애정은 식어만 가는게 사실이다. 그래도 여기저기 어려움을 같이 겪은 동병시련의 아련한 기억을 의식, 무의식속에 간직한 채 서로에게 새해에는 꼭 잘될거라는 인사를 건넨다. (동지들이여.. 2019는 믿어줍시다!) 여기저기 2019년은 EOS에게 있어 중요한 한 해가 될거라 말들을 전하고 있다. 예정되어있던 여러가지 기술적, 상품적 가치들이 사람들의 기대치를 높이고 있다는 것인데, 한국 커뮤니티의 한 획을 그으신 여러 홀더님들께서 관련된 글을 많이 올리셨으니 참고하길 바란다. 난, 아는 분들만 아시겠지만 EOS에 관심을 가지고 뒤적뒤적거리다가 작년 12월, (아니 이제 재작년 이군요..) 빗X에 상장되는 날 EOS를 만날 수 있었다. 그후 3주도 안되서 급등과 급락을 맛보고(밋업 행사때 N사의 의혹과 함께 맛봤던 급등급락의 쓴맛..) '아.. 이거 괜한짓을 했나.. 퀀텀은 위성을 쏜다는데.. 갈아탈까?' '내 주제에 무슨, 적금이나 들어 2% 이자만 받는게 더 좋을뻔 했어..' '역시 한 번 똥손은 영원한 똥손인가.. 난 아니었어.. ㅠㅜ' 등등.. 별별 이상한 생각을 하게 되었다. 정보의 무지상태에서 시작을 했으니 마음은 불안하고 하루에도 시세창을 수백번 들여다보고 늘어가는 한숨과 담배를 떨쳐낼 수가 없었던 시기. 설상가상, 똥 싼데 주저앉기라 했던가? 그 유명하신 분들이 차마 주워담지도 못할 말들을 언론에 뿌리면서 우리는 양 난을 만났다. (박상X의 난, 김동X의 난 뽀나스 유시X의 어그로까지..) ->진짜 이때는 눈물이 흐를 정도였다.. 적당한 선에서야 사람들이 말하는 손절을 할 것인데.. 이건 이미 손절의 의미를 지나고있기 때문에 털기도 못하고, 애만태우고 있는 와중에 문득, '어차리 빼지도 못할 거.. 미워하고, 시세창과 씨름하지 말고 차라리 더 파고 들어보자!' 라는 생각이 들어 단숨에 코리오스에 가입 후 정보들을 습득해 나가기 시작했다. 아..서리님과 관계자분들.. (상섭님, 뮤홀님.. 한 분씩 거론해드리지 못해 죄송합니다..) 그 많은 유용한 자료들과 정보들.. 진짜! 새삼! 다시 한 번! 감사드립니다. ㅠㅜ 그 후, 이더기반의 EOS토큰을 안전하게 나노에 보관, 레지스터 기간에 맞게 레지스터 후 퍼블릭, 프라이빗 키 관리(여기서부터 프라이빗에 대한 안전불감증이 생기기 시작했... ㅡ,.ㅡ;;)등을 직접 실습해보고 성공했을 당시의 기억을 재연하여 같은 어려움을 겪는 분들에게 도움을 드리고자 했다. 시간이 갈수록 점점 EOS의 매력에 빠지게 된 나는 매 달, 아니 매 주 터져나오는 숙제(스테이킹, 투표, 델리게이션, 키 관리, 에어드랍, 그밖의 액션..)을 하면서 헤어나올 수 없게 되었다. 이제와서 얘기하지만 EOS창시자인 댄은 동양철학을 배웠던 사람일까? 72시간의 기준은 진짜 기가 막힌다. *작심삼일 - 이오스를 처분(?)하려거든 3일을 감내하고 고뇌하고 기다려야 한다. 실제로 72시간(3일)이라는 시간은 엄청 짦으면서도 긴 시간인데 우리 동양에서나 고사성어로 존재하는 기준의 시간을 분명 댄이 빌려쓴것이 틀림없다.ㅋㅋ 댄이 추구하는 공평한 소득분배방식, 철학은 이미 여러글에서도 볼 수 있지만 난 오픈소스코드!(기본은 밝혀졌으니, 모두 가져다 쓰세요!!)에 두손 두 발 다 들었다.. 어떻게 보면 사업비밀이며 수익을 창출 할 수있는 대외비정보일것인데 오픈으로 누구나 쓸 수 있도록 하다니... 38년 살아오면서 많은 학교생활, 회사생활을 했지만 이런 경우는 거의 드물기에 탄성을 지를 수 밖에.. *신당동 떢볶이집 할매에게 '할매! 떡볶이 비법좀 알려주시죠?' '안돼! 며느리도 몰라' ->이것이 우리 정서인데... 아무튼.. 댄의 EOS는 Enjoy Open Source로 풀이된다.. 적어도 나에게는(개발자였으면 진짜 한 번 다뤄보고 싶드아~) 그의 철학을 존중하여 전 세계적으로 많은 개발자와 투자자들이 그의 소스를 가지고 훌륭한 댑들을 펼쳐내주길 바라는 바이다. 댑들의 활성화되고 킬러댑이 되는 순간, 많은 이들이 EOS를 더 알게 되고 소중함을 느끼지 않을까? 나에게 2018년은 EOS를 알고 투자하고 공부했던 소중한 시간이었다면 2019년은 EOS가 자기 할 일을 묵묵히 해주고 세상속에 산소처럼 녹아드는 모습을 보는 것이다. (산소처럼 누구에게나 필요하지만 눈에 보이지 않고 어디에나 존재하듯이 말이다) 오늘도 땀과 눈물로, 꿈과 열정으로 달리는 모든 이들에게 희망찬 새해가 되길 바라며 혼자만의 끼적끼적임을 마무리한다.

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  • Without adventure and challenge, there is no progress. EOS...


    I've been looking around for over ten years. If there's a book that's memorable, "You can't steal to second base with your foot on first base." In fact, books I've read for 10 years are in my hand, but sometimes I read them when I get stuck. It is a title that can be understood by anyone who knows baseball, which is a national sport, but it also has a profound meaning. *What's stolen? The runner got on base first, and when the next batter got ready in the batter's at-bat, he looked around (?) and was scared to the next base - my explanation *Stolen base - refers to the runner taking advantage of the defensive team's loophole to the next [Source: Doosan Baekgwa] (SIGHS) You look a little different. Well...) Although it is common sense in a way, it is a beautiful title if you think about it. "You can't get to first base and you can't get to second base." If it's safe, we'll go to second base. "Dangerously, OUT... You don't have to steal.' There are many ways for a runner to go from first to second, and the fact that he chose to steal among them can be seen as an attempt at adventure and challenge after countless worries. It can be interpreted as necessary for one's own record, and for the team's victory and support. The same is true of us. Those who are afraid of change, who are not adapted to adventure and challenge, are bound to have a very narrow and rigid attitude toward the rapidly changing situation and policies, norms, and new technologies. But adventure and challenge are shaping new patterns and ways of life, and adapting and living in that new way. EOS.. (cutely, if you play "Dan" in Korean), you get EOS.) It is now Shinsegae's ultra-class Ultra platform, which has been half a year since it stepped into the world. As soon as it comes out, it receives a lot of attention, silently accepting expectations and wishes for the birth of the main net, and is set to make a new leap forward. REX, URI, ECAF, Alliance, Inflation, Identity... It seems that they are trying to implement and receive endless challenges and expectations in the name of Isn't it in the world's interest that the human world and the fourth world of civilization will rot? The EOS and the BP and the Holder are now preparing to take a leap forward with GOLDEN TIME, which is very important. No, he's already "leaving" his foot off the first base and making all the decisions to get to second base. Now, the baby, EOS, is trying to steal to get to second base. In 2019, I'll have to prepare for 2019. Why don't everyone who's read this article take a moment to regret not being able to meet their planned goals for 2018 and try to steal the road toward a new 2019 goal, for challenges and adventures?

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  • 2018 Last Gyeonggi Tour


    Family bath to take off the old days of 2018! It's hard, but it feels clean!Why is it not in Seoul? The family bath that the children searched so hard to find out (Actually, my wife and I wanted to warm up a little.) I went to Cheonggyecheon restaurant from Seoul. Oh, no, no family restaurant. I'll write it on the Internet!!!!!!!!!! "When do you go into my dad's pool?" "I don't want to ride.") Finally, search quickly and get to Fortune!!! Finally, the whole family came to the family bathhouse for 3 hours. I took off my last weekend of 2018 while taking a bath with my family. But why is it so hard?-,.-;

    $nihonman . 2018.12.31 06:34

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