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  • May you be rich


    Be rich My close brother opened a Chinese restaurant. Three years of marriage as the groom is a cook. It's Moonyeon's shop by working hard. I hope you're going to be a great sleeper. I'm begging you.

    $nana . 2019.04.29 11:41

    9 thanks . 930.9012 PUB

  • non-calm noodles


    B.K.Suksu and Vogelboggle cool weather How about kalguksu?

    $nana . 2019.04.27 00:29

    2 thanks . 346.5230 PUB

  • Cat cafe?!


    Cat cafe a cafe near one's house At first, it was just a local cafe. Now it's full of rescued cats. There's a sick kid, a 15-day-old baby. There is. The streets are hard to live on. But every time I see a child who's been abused or abandoned My heart hurts. The good thing about this cafe is that it has a cat snack. It's good because we don't sell it. Instead, I have a cat postcard. I'll buy it next time.

    $nana . 2019.04.27 00:28

    3 thanks . 379.1291 PUB

  • Bag. cat.


    Why does a cat breed a bag? Why are you coming in there? 😍😍

    $nana . 2019.03.24 14:02

    5 thanks . 146.1595 PUB

  • a double whack


    The noodles absorb the seasoning. a spicy scraw The noodles are attractive.

    $nana . 2019.03.24 13:59

    2 thanks . 21.7503 PUB

  • Cinnamon. Health


    Cinnamon tea is good for your health and taste. The second one is really sweet and delicious. Try it for your health. 🤗🤗

    $nana . 2019.03.22 10:52

    4 thanks . 224.0486 PUB

  • First.Screenball


    It's the first time I've ever played. I've been batting sometimes. I heard that screen baseball is expensive. I haven't been there. It's different from normal practice. Yes, I do For your information, I'm the Champion team. Win with 5 points~

    $nana . 2019.03.22 10:48

    1 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

  • Dart.Cocktail


    A cocktail at the bar, I played a dart game. I'm sorry, Dart.I've lost twice.😭 But it was fun.😊😊

    $nana . 2019.03.16 18:29

    10 thanks . 228.3621 PUB

  • You're alive.


    Steel jjuku... I'm gonna live. I'm gonna take the lid off. The first thing you need to do is to put the crouch in hot water. the mouth is pleasant but slightly sad food. Jjukumi Shabu-shabu... 😅😅😅😱😉

    $nana . 2019.03.14 13:45

    8 thanks . 753.0899 PUB

  • White Day. Candy


    I know it's a commercial trick, but... I'm happy to receive it. The group candy we received from the company.

    $nana . 2019.03.14 13:43

    3 thanks . 29.3560 PUB

  • a show of fire


    a fire show a regular restaurant in Galma-dong, Daejeon It's the boss's show. 🤗🤗

    $nana . 2019.03.02 13:38

    8 thanks . 705.1073 PUB

  • Pachimchi


    a flash of memory Ever since I was a kid, I've had a taste for adults. If my mom's gonna make me kimchi, in tears I used to trim it. My younger brother wants to eat.I've tried it a little. I hope you'll enjoy it.😍😍

    $nana . 2019.02.28 21:40

    9 thanks . 351.8808 PUB

  • Shin Sang. Burger


    McDonald's signature burger. This is Merchroom Burger. It's the first time I've tried it. It's delicious. The downside is that it was a single-product purchase. That the price is high. 😭😫

    $nana . 2019.02.28 13:54

    3 thanks . 80.2600 PUB

  • Gopchang.Sync


    I had a drink with my motives and my gums. I like the weights. I mean, we're talking about boss and business. You drank without knowing the time went by. 😊😉

    $nana . 2019.02.28 13:52

    3 thanks . 16.4160 PUB

  • cockle


    The stress and hardship of the company I've got a nice little beer to blow. a sour little sting🤤 And a colleague, a close friend, to talk to. Younger brother! I feel the best!

    $nana . 2019.02.23 09:26

    13 thanks . 369.4599 PUB

  • Gift. Thank you.


    It's a gift stamp. A sweat from the company's sister. He worked on it and gave it to me.😍😍

    $nana . 2019.02.15 19:06

    9 thanks . 400.3484 PUB

  • teacher


    a book written by an acquaintance I went to the bookstore after a long time. from the book I know Let's go. How's she doing

    $nana . 2019.02.09 10:00

    6 thanks . 415.2885 PUB

  • Date


    a long-lost date in a simple evening and in a theater arcade. A violent race (? ! And coffee... A late-night movie! I'm tired, but it's fun. I came home and I was flattered, but...

    $nana . 2019.02.09 09:59

    3 thanks . 146.2040 PUB

  • Braised Short Ribs


    Every time I go home on holidays, There was something to eat. My mom always prepared the food. I ate it as if it were obvious. Now... I cook by myself. I didn't know that when I was alive. Thank you... just like you're gonna like that. You'll find out. It's a holiday that I miss my mom's food. All the rest of the holiday family. I wish you a warm day.

    $nana . 2019.02.05 16:48

    6 thanks . 179.2964 PUB

  • a double pocket. Lotto


    Lotto number in the pocket. As expected, boom...😅😅😊

    $nana . 2019.02.03 11:55

    4 thanks . 132.7125 PUB

  • a lucky bag


    a lucky bag A woman who looks like a college student. wearing a modified hanbok on a cold day I was selling a lucky bag. It's... it's... it's I heard you made it yourself. The loose stitching and the inside of it's The cedar was old and not long. I'm volunteering for briquettes. I'm volunteering for briquettes with proceeds.' I don't know if it's a lie or a truth. These days, I've heard that briquettes are gold. I got to buy one. There's a lotto in there.Check it out. Make sure you win.' There was a line of lotto inside. It was, of course, a bang... This week, I bought Lotto with the number that I missed. I think I'll give it a try.

    $nana . 2019.01.30 14:02

    24 thanks . 742.7711 PUB

  • Chicken salad. High calorie.


    Chicken salad...I think it's low-calorie. No, no, no, no, it's... It's amazing. I'm on duty, but...I'll be right there. It's the day I want to go under my bedding. Ladies and gentlemen, Power for me! Aah! Please.~ 🤩🤑😁

    $nana . 2019.01.29 11:24

    3 thanks . 20.6226 PUB

  • Month


    The moon is really big. I love the moon. the light of the night of modern civilization I don't think I can beat the moonlight. I'd like to see a big moon today.

    $nana . 2019.01.24 08:44

    7 thanks . 120.6827 PUB

  • sky


    Quiz... Is a gastrointestinal photo evening? Is it morning?

    $nana . 2019.01.22 12:22

    5 thanks . 103.9149 PUB

  • Anju.Longzi


    Guys. Cheer up and take another week. a welcome party

    $nana . 2019.01.20 16:30

    6 thanks . 49.0678 PUB

  • Lunch. Gaejang.


    a company lunch It's crab meat. 😱😱 The crab is too small. 🤬

    $nana . 2019.01.18 12:08

    7 thanks . 142.6370 PUB

  • Startup and start-up


    Ugh... I want to go home.shivering with a good nose in one's head It's one person. 😁😁

    $nana . 2019.01.17 08:47

    10 thanks . 1,137.7107 PUB

  • Starbucks.Tumblr


    with a gift coupon for dessert I exchanged it. I didn't eat the cake. These days, the use of disposable cups is an environmental problem. It was a little uncomfortable. I decided to be you from tomorrow. 😍😍

    $nana . 2019.01.16 19:33

    7 thanks . 1,568.3839 PUB

  • a flower with a name


    In the temple of Donghaksa Temple, in a small temple (?) I don't know your name. You look so pretty. 😊

    $nana . 2019.01.16 12:45

    4 thanks . 23.2720 PUB

  • Foggy. Spring.


    If you wait, you'll see a yellow dog. Spring will come again, right? It's cold today. Be careful not to catch a cold. 🤗🤗

    $nana . 2019.01.16 12:44

    5 thanks . 50.3737 PUB

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