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  • a footnote.


    Of course, singers and footwear do not fall into the festival. I guess it's a festival because there's a rumor going around. It is a festival to see food. There are many people. Look at the footnote.

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  • Jangseong Hwangryong River Flower Road Festival


    Jangseong Hwangryong River Flower Road Festival was held on the weekend. The festival is too short. It is a little sad, but... Enjoy the flowers. If it rains tomorrow, I'm afraid the flowers will fall.

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  • bean curd is popular


    Tofu is a popular celebrity in the neighborhood. The story of a boyfriend whose tofu is so trouble-ridden that he can't throw it away. They say if you take her out for a walk, the children come in. I came home to see tofu. Tofu is very popular... Is the picture clear? I don't think I can see the tofu looking.

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  • It's the first time I've been out of town.


    I stayed out for the first time in my life. Maybe it's a strange house. He's gentle.They say it's a wake-up call. It's hard not to fall asleep until midnight. As it was my first long trip, I thought I would fall asleep early, but I had a hard time. But it's good to see Aga at home... It was so hard... Now you're doing well because you're all turned upside down. It's a mess now, right?

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  • Find my dad who went to the jockea.


    I left my bean curd while my boyfriend went to the nephew's house.Looks like the tofu is looking for you. He just looks at the sea and misses his dad... But my boyfriend picked up the shell quickly and...You must have gotten back together soon.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.25 10:49

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  • East Sea in front of my house and mine a clam.


    I heard you were going to mine shells today, so...He said he caught as much as I did in 20 minutes.I don't know if he's right. Anyway, we've got a lot of them. The original donghae and do well, because I grew up on the beach. I don't think I could have caught him. Today, I had grilled clams and boiled clams.Your family will sit around and enjoy your meal. I'm sorry I can't eat. I'll just look around.

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  • I ripped off the lettuce.


    Today is my parents coming to lunch.I don't know if it's dinner, but I decided to bake Korean beef at home.I needed lettuce today. An employee told me to open some lettuce in the rest of the company.It's the first time I've ever tried lettuce... I can't open it well. Next to me, the male staff will tear me apart. They say I can't live without a bone.LOL I'm living in the country right now. Of course, there are still many good people in the country. I think there are many things to eat. I tore enough lettuce to eat... ...but someone else tore it off today and gave it a big bag of lettuce.I think I should give it to my parents when they go. It's a good year for lettuce

    $my4555 . 2019.05.25 08:21

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  • To see the sea donghae


    I'm working.It's over the weekend boyfriend took ... head into the sea and donghae The tofu was so hot that it was hard to turn on the air conditioner in the car. I think it's better to see the sea. The sea I see for the first time must feel good... Oh, I want to go too.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.24 16:33

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  • I'm good on my own now.


    I've been wet for days now, and I've been rolling my feet and kicking myself.It's just turning over. When will you turn it upside down? If you turn your head, it's upside down, and if you put it right, it's upside down again. I'm not going to lie down right now. I keep turning it upside down. It's so cute. When did you grow up? I think you'll be crawling around again.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.23 19:06

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  • a sudden stop while taking a walk.


    I took a good walk and suddenly stopped. I was wondering why... and I stopped when I saw a big puppy resting in front of me. Before, if you don't want to go for a walk, you've got short legs, but... I'm sitting on my way out today. Maybe you're still young, but you're scared of a big dog.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.23 18:55

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  • I'm out for the night shift.


    a chestnut bean curd Tofu. Take tofu with you the day you came here after drinking. I go out for a walk every day, but I have tofu, so I drink alcohol and exercise.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.22 22:04

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  • an extreme draft


    Extreme supercarrier......I'm not familiar with the phrase, but I think it's too much fun. There have been no such beginnings so far. Is this an accelerator or a brake? It's a big deal to confuse Axel with Brakes.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.21 13:46

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  • Have a good time.


    Today's menu is steamed pork ribs... I thought you might be curious about the pork rib soup coming out of the office. It's already been stuffed with pork ribs just to get a picture of it at the restaurant. Thank you for preparing delicious food today. All of you, please.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.21 12:04

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  • It's hard to turn it upside down.


    I've been practicing flipping for a while... It seems like you're finally making it today. I've tried to roll my feet, I've tried my best. All I need to do is turn my head, but it's not going well.I succeeded, but my arm was on the boat.I can't take it out. I lost my arm with my grandmother's help... You're tired, aren't you? But it's gonna turn over in no time.It's hard once. It's easy next time. Come on, baby.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.20 09:15

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  • Tofu Today's Petty Day


    Tofu, today is the day I go to the beauty shop... Tofu that doesn't sit still for a second... I feel so much better when I get in the car. Today, I will do my hair pretty and clean my ears.Shabang Shabang.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.18 09:35

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  • twirling and spinning


    I remember the twirling song of former singer Nami... Our tofu can't stand a moment.... I had a puppy doll that I gave to tofu...I've untied it all, and I've tried to dress it up. It's spinning like that. I feel dizzy.I feel dizzy...

    $my4555 . 2019.05.16 20:13

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  • I want you to send me a bachelor's home.


    There's a banner like this. Is it a good neighborhood? Maybe it's because it's in the country. Our company also has many bachelor who is over 50... Looks like they're being organized by the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation. I hope there will be a lot of results... I think it would be great to live here in the country. It's quiet and there's always a lot of food to eat... things to see like big cities. There may be few delicious foods to eat,I have a lot of healthy food. I'd like to take this opportunity to get married to the peasants.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.15 19:24

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  • Good night.


    The first time I brought her home, she ran around and fell asleep.I sleep under a bed or under a curtain... You're looking for a cool place because you have a lot of heat. Maybe because she is still a baby, I think the dog is sleeping a lot. run around as much as I can... I often fall asleep... A day goes by again. Good night, everyone.

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  • Trying to turn it upside down.


    I think we're trying to turn it upside down. My mom took a picture of this and woke me up on Sunday. Did you see the video? I'm doing a flip. Oh, is this my baby? Mother...mom's grandson... you woke him up Sunday. I wanted to wake him up, but...As I watched the video clip, I feel bad about using it. My head must be too heavy. If you cross your head, you'll be able to turn it over.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.13 21:06

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  • I've got a stick in my head.


    It's the first time I've got a bean curd in my head. I asked you to look more Shabang-shabang-shabang-shabang-shabang-shabang, but I guess you don't like it. I heard you pulled it off right away. I want to make it pretty, but the tofu won't stay still. Maybe it's because I'm still young. Maybe it's because of my personality.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.13 21:02

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  • Snacks obtained after "wait" success


    The snack that tofu got after waiting for.... I didn't know if it was really successful, so... you can't believe it or not.I'm thinking. He's a little weak-minded, so he can't say anything to him. That's why tofu education doesn't work. But it's good that tofu is getting a lot of love.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.12 12:27

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  • Hold on. Training.


    My dog tofu is in the middle of education. I'm teaching "wait." These days, tofu has been playing so much.The tofu dad is under a lot of stress... When I asked her at the dog shop, she said tofu is now about puberty in human terms It seems like the education isn't working well. They say they succeeded at the end... I didn't see it, so you wouldn't believe it.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.12 12:20

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  • Today is the birthday of Buddha.


    Today is the birthday of Buddha. The day marking the birth of the Buddha was originally called 'Sokga Tan New Year' but changed its official name to 'Buddha's Birthday' in 2018. The Buddha, also known as Chopail, was born on April 8, 624 BC to Shudodana, king of the Kapila Kingdom (now Nepal) in North India, and Madame Maya. Although the date of Buddha's birth is written on February 8 or April 8 in Gyeong and Paddy fields, April 8 is the 8th day of the first lunar month, as it is the 8th day of the first lunar month, which is the 8th day of the second lunar month. However, in India and elsewhere, the Buddhist sect has long celebrated the eighth day of the fourth lunar month as Buddha's Birthday, and in Korea, the first lunar month of the fourth lunar month was regarded as a birthday and celebrated as a national holiday on January 27, 1975. Originally referred to as Sakyamuni's Birthday, the official name was changed to 'Buddhist Birthday' in 2018. Meanwhile, at the 4th World Buddhist Congress held in Kathmandu, Nepal's capital, in November 1956, the Gregorian calendar decided May 15th as Buddha's Birthday. In addition, the U.N. is holding a commemorative event on the day when the full moon falls in May of the Gregorian calendar, as the agenda of the World Buddhist Council held in Sri Lanka in 1998. [Naver's Knowledge Encyclopedia] Buddha's Birthday (Dusan Encyclopedia) Have a nice day today.

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  • Boss Force


    Are you sitting in a rocking chair? Are you lying down? Mr. Forth... Aga is already strong... I don't like rocking chairs very much, but... It's gonna be hard for you to watch her alone.I think it's a good thing you're shaking like that. Fortunately, I'm glad Aga played well.... Pretty, isn't it? The boss's Force looks good on you, but I think it's you these days. It's all about the baby. It's allCaptain Aga.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.11 08:58

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  • Jangseong Hwangryong River Gil Dongmu Flower Road Festival


    I saw it yesterday on my way to and from the Jangseong County Office. There is a festival called the Jangseong Hwangryong River, Gil Dongmu, and Flower Road. A few years ago, the general designated the general as Yellow City. It was like a chrysanthemum festival in autumn. There is a festival like this in spring. Maybe this is the first time this year... I've been reorganizing the banks of the Hwangryong River since last year. May 24th to May 26th, so I think it is a little short since it is only 3 days. If you're nearby, you can come and see it.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.10 21:07

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  • Friday is the first day of the year.


    This town is a really, really country place, but it's a place where people live, but you can't find any brand food.I'm glad to have the BHC. Today, BHC's taste-choking... I can order different menu once in a while, but even if I like it, I can taste it. Today, with a chicken, I try to relieve my fatigue for a week. But I am going to work tomorrow, too. Thank you for your hard work this week.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.10 20:58

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  • The first time I was on a leash and the day I left the house.


    Tofu... he's been too young and unvaccinated to take him out.I thought I could go out now, so I was strangling myself for the first time.I'm stuck on the ground and I can't move.... Embarrassed father of tofu... lol He's so playful at home, he's a troublemaker.He's scared out there. He didn't move, so he ended up carrying him around.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.10 20:53

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  • a good night's sleep


    Are you enjoying your holiday? My nephew eats milk and sleeps on my mom's leg. I should make up with sleep since it's a holiday. Have a good night's rest.

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  • thick pork belly


    I heard that Samgyeopsal is on the menu because it is spring in Icheon. I just had two pairs of hair that my mom gave me. I bought some ssamya chae, but I took it out because I had a headache. If you eat pork belly with a stone bowl on your face, this is called Duplex Samgyeopsal. This harmony suits you well. I think it's delicious. Once you get a chance, try the double pork belly....

    $my4555 . 2019.05.05 21:53

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  • Dinner is pork belly roasted in a zigle.


    For dinner, my boyfriend and I will have Zaigl Samgyeopsal... It's a Zagle that only comes out when your boyfriend comes. I don't eat meat by myself, but... My boyfriend likes meat so much, he always eats pork belly and fried chicken... Samgyeopsal is well-done.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.05 21:50

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