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  • The way to Sinpo Market


    The way to Sinpo Market I walked to Sinpo Market to see the beach outside before the rain on Saturday. On the way to Sinpo Market from my house, I went through Donghwa Village and Chinatown, so I expected my child to see this and that. Mr. Dandelle was the one who showed the greatest interest. I got into trouble finding you all the way to see where you' It's unpredictable.

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  • Danyang Landscape Market


    #Danyang Landscape Market One of the most important things about my trip is food. So if you travel somewhere, you can visit a traditional market. Located in downtown Danyang, it looked more like a market full of food than a traditional market. I looked around all the time and found that the main food with garlic was made up of Based on the length of the line of people, It looks like garlic dumplings, garlic rice cake and garlic chicken steel. We wrapped garlic dumplings and garlic rice cake ribs.And I bought my favorite buckwheat pancake and buckwheat pancake in the stalls. It didn't taste great, but... The healthy taste, the texture and the unfeeling smell were very attractive.

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  • #Incheon Bridge # Extreme jobs


    Watching the movie "The Extreme Job," I saw an alley in the used bookstore on the Incheon Bridge near my neighborhood. When I was in school, I lost my textbook or visited it once in my middle and high school days. I've been in dramas and movies a lot lately, and I'm glad to see you again.~ I thought I was going home after dinner last night, so I told my wife I'd stop by and take a picture. After talking, I dropped off at the filming location and took three pictures from the angle I've seen most in the movie. It was a stationery shop in the movie, but yesterday I went back to the signboard of the past and I didn't take it. ^^) I was taking pictures and looking around, and the bookstore on "The Crab" was less than 50 meters away. For those of you who don't know, let me introduce you a little bit about the location. Pae-ri is Dowon Station on Line 1.It is located in the middle of Dongincheon Station. #Incheon Bridge # Extreme jobs

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  • [Sapiens] Pt.1 Cognitive Revolution


    The book I'm reading these days is "Safiennes" by Yagi Hariri, which heated up the bookstore in 2016. I bought it then, and I put it in the bookcase and kept it for interior use. I recently started reading it again. The book was represented by AlphaGo Shock (the Go match against Lee Se-dol), the fourth industrial revolution, etc. So far, we've developed a new position called the "Prime of Things" that we've been promoting ourselves. The context of the crisis of loss and the interesting content that this book contains, combined with the story of the book, is to be read by countless people. I think it's done. This book shows the history of mankind by dividing it into 'Intelligence Revolution', 'Agricultural Revolution', 'Integration of Humanity' and 'Science Revolution.' [Introduction Revolution] The first reason why the sapiens overcame the phytocin that was falling compared to other animals, other species (such as Neanderthals). The author describes it as the 'Information Revolution'. Based on the more specific language than other species, Safiens now has the ability to speak fiction, such as legends, myths, gods and religions. It is said to have created a huge group of people beyond the imagination and beyond the natural size of other species. From a combative point of view, we create the concept of strategy and tactics, and we go beyond the stronger species. I've been reading this book, and I've just realized that the countries, the companies, the organizations that we're taking naturally are strictly, in terms of It's an abstract being. I've never considered this deep in our society before, and I've It was a little embarrassing. The interesting content is really difficult and I am writing it to make no sense, but this book is really interesting. The contents of the book are so extensive that we will review the agricultural revolution, the integration of mankind and the scientific revolution step by step

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  • Sainam, one of the eight scenic views of Danyang


    #Danyang 8-gauge #Signam Last weekend, I went to Danyang with my wife's family for two days. I went to play. This time, we received the opinion that we should focus on natural scenery such as Danyang 8ggyeong. I went to Sainam on the first day of the first course. How can a rock be so cool? I felt like I was looking at an ink painting. I think it is good to play in the valley in the summer.

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  • Go to Seoul Zoo.


    Seoul Zoo I went to the Seoul Zoo in Gwacheon with my wife and a 4-year-old boy. I went there almost a year after last summer and felt that my child had grown up a lot. Now you really deserve to take her with you. I think there's a real educational effect now. After I got back, I saw monkeys, tigers, crocodiles. I kept asking them to go again from the next day. I was so excited. I think I should go to Everland on the weekend when the weather is nice.

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  • #오일파스타 #리조또 #무쇠팬


    #리조또 #무쇠팬 #오일파스타 어제는 저녁메뉴로 제가 가장 아끼는 무쇠팬 두개(스킬렛, 터프팬)를 이용하여 나름 이탈리아 요리를 하였습니다. 메뉴는 오일파스타 + 토마토소스 리조또 리조또는 정석으로 하려니 너무 손이 많이가서 살짝 야매로 파기름 내서 다진마늘과 양송이 버섯 슬라이스한거 넣고 볶다가 시판 토마토 소스와 삶아서 껍질 벗긴 토마토 같이 넣어서 한번 더 볶은 후 식힌 밥 얹어서 잘 비벼준 후 모짜렐라 치즈 듬뿍넣어줬고요, 오일파스타는 마늘, 다진양송이, (엑스트라 버진) 올리브오일, 페페로치노, 파슬리, 지금 살짝 기억안나는 허브 좀 더 넣고 오일소스 만들어서 잘 삶은 스파게티면이랑 섞어서 조리하였습니다. 오늘도 역시나 성공이네요, 특이하게 이 조합은 피클보단 총각김치가 생각났습니다. 아내와 아들래미도 정말 잘 먹었고요~ P.S. 캠핑장비로 산 무쇠 팬들... 제가 정말 아끼는데 요리할때마다 따로 관리해주기 점점 귀찮아 지네요, 매번 뜨거운물 부어 거친 수세미로 긁은 후 기름두른 후 굽고... 특히 스킬렛은 너무 무거워요~ 여자분들이 다루기엔 말이지요~ 터프팬은 처음 산 용도가 숯불지펴서 거기에 바로 얹어서 고기 굽는 용도였는데, 웬지 그러면 새까맣게 태울것 같아 무섭네요~ (잡설이 본문에 50%네요 ㅋㅋ)

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  • # Son who likes umbrella # Rainy Day


    # Son who likes umbrella # Rainy Day Last Wednesday, I ate out with my family. I went to a meat restaurant to celebrate payday and I took a set of cows. I always look at my child after work or on weekends at home or in the car. I guess you missed a lot of time for your child to grow up... When I got out of the car, I said I'd hug you because it was raining. No~ She said no. I asked my wife, and she likes to use umbrellas directly these days. So when I got out of the car and crossed my umbrella, I was so excited that I went there first. I think it would have been prettier if I wore yellow boots. ^^ Is that how you're becoming independent?

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  • #Gun Beach #Snokling #Snokling Mask snorkeling~


    #Snokling #Snoklingmask #Gun Beach비치 Hotel Niko, Private Beach on Guam. Snorkeling around the entire island of Guam. I don't think there's any place like this. I think the common expression of "mulban meat pan" is not colorless. There are many kinds of fish in the water, and there are many kinds of fish on the floor. You can touch nature by touching various creatures such as black sea cucumber. I can feel it a little more. It's good to go over the white sand. I miss you already.

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  • #Baking class Making bread with aunt~


    #Baking class I also had baking class with my aunt last weekend. This topic is to create a cinnamon roll. The ingredients are hoddukmix, cinnamon powder. As a result, the bread was ruined and shared by adults, and re-cooked it. The class itself was a great time for the child to feel and taste various senses.

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  • #주니어카시트 #맥시코시로디ap


    #주니어카시트 #맥시코시로디ap 육아 필수품 카시트. 저희 첫째가 태어나서 유아동(0~7세)용 카시트인 순성사의 라온제품을 써왔습니다. 그런데 곧 둘째 출산을 앞두고 큰아이용 카시트를 주니어 카시트로 바꿔주기로 했습니다. 고르고 골라서 선택한게 맥시코시 로디ap 선정기준은 isofix가 있을것. 등받이 조절이 될것. 단 두가지를 기준으로 각종 블로그의 후기와 제품의 가격을 고려하여 선택했습니다. 남자 아이다보니 그동안 어깨가 좀 좁을것 같다는 느낌이었는데 확실히 그랬나봐요 카시트 바꿔주니 차탈때 더 순순히 잘 타주고, 앉아서도 조용히 잘 잘타주네요~ 단점은 5점식 벨트 쓰다가 자동차 안전벨트 메어주니 제가 불편하네요~ 그래도 아이는 편한것 같은데 혹시모르니 안전벨트에 끼우는 인형 하나 더 사줄까 합니다.

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  • # Meddosberger🍔


    # Meddosberger🍔 Probably not the most famous burger store in Guam... It's about a block from Tumon Beach and it's across from Kmart. The taste of burgers is a real guarantee. French fries are not salty here, so you have to eat them right away when it's warm. Burger's starting at $10, plus 10% VAT. If you show me your SKT membership card, we get a 5% discount.~ When I asked the waitress myself, Cheeseburger and Servberger are the best sellers.

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  • # Poor natural pool # Southern tour


    # Poor natural pool I swam naked in nature at the humble nature pool, the main course of the southern tour of Guam. It feels a little different from Gyeongpo Lake in Korea. The swimming pool is filled with sea water. Koreans did not seem to be very good at swimming, but my family likes to play in the water. After preparing to play in the water, I went swimming and snorkeling. The shallow is the depth of the ankle, and the deepest part seemed to be very deep. The water was very clean and less salty than the sea in Korea. And where the rock topography was formed in the water, there were a variety of fish.~ I can snorkeling and it was so nice because there. But I was sad that there were no shower facilities even though they were all good. I'm sure there are times when we pre-reviewed them on various blogs. There's a sign of a shower outside the bathroom, but it looks like it was removed because it wasn't managed.~ If you go, I recommend you buy a six-liter bottled water bottle at the mart. The power of the snorkeling mask that I bought at Deckartron before I went to Guam this time. It's so easy to breathe, it's good to have no water backflow, it's got a clear view.~ It's 29,000 won per unit on sale right now, so if you want to go to Songdo, I recommend you go There are many different sizes, so you can buy them according to the size of your face.

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  • #제프버거 # #괌햄버거맛집 진짜 맛있음~ 뷰도 기가막힌데 포장이라 아쉽...


    #제프버거 #괌햄버거맛집 괌 여행 2일차, 남부투어를 시작하면서 가장먼저 들른곳이 '제프버거'입니다. 여행출발전 검색 했던 괌 맛집중에 가장 기대하던 곳 중 하나인데, 정말 만족 대만족~ 가게 인테리어는 전체적으로 해적을 모티브로 하여 전형적인 서구식 펍 스타일입니다. 테라스 앞에는 정말 뷰가 기가막힌 해변을 끼고 있으며, 저희는 일정상 포장해서 이동해야하는 상황이었지만... 개인적으로 운전해줄 사람만 있으면 버거하나 시켜서 맥주랑 함께 하면 정말 좋을 분위기 였습니다. 버거 패티는 완전 두툼한데, 야외에서 숯불로 연기 엄청피우면서 굽더라구요~ 그래서 그런지 패티의 식감이 시간이 지나도 살아있었습니다. 시그니쳐 메뉴는 치즈버거, 패티위에 치즈가 올라간 버거로 맛·향 모두 좋았으며, 아쉽게도 음료는 미포함, 감자튀김은 두툼한 웻지포테이토가 포함되어 있습니다. 괌 남부투어 하실때 가게에서 드시거나, 포장해서 드시는거 모두 완전 강추합니다. 치즈버거가 15달러인데, 두분이 하나 드시는것도 괜찮아요~ 어느정도 든든할정도?! 여행와서 메뉴하나로 배부르게 먹으면 그것도 또 아깝지 않겠어요?

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  • #The third trip #Nicotel Hotel


    #The third trip #Nicotel Hotel I had the longest trip since my 3.9 to 3.13 honeymoon. It was a maternity trip before the birth of my second child and I might not be able to go there for the next few years. I made a travel plan about 6 months ago... I originally planned to go with you, so I could take you to the plane and stay at home. My friend who made the reservation had a personal situation and gave up all the placebo, so it became a family trip. I'll share the expenses first.~ Airplane: Three people on Jeju Air, 980,000 won (24 months old), is not much different from adults.) SEOUL: NICO Guam Hotel (SPL Premier) 4 nights and 780 dollars. - SPL's all right. Breakfast is served. There's unlimited alcohol (beers, whiskey, sake, wine) at the Premier Bar from 17 to 19. Rent Car: Nissan Rent Car for $96 (full coverage + half man without additional refueling) Eastar: Fourteen dollars per person.) In addition to eating and buying things, I paid 200 and left. We'll figure out the final expense.~ And the planned schedule is as follows. Day 1 : After renting a car at the airport, I went to the hotel to swim for a while and had dinner. Day 2: South Tour + Shopping (turn once along the coast to outlet) Day 3: Northern Tour + Shopping (Micronesia Mall) + Hotel Swimming After Car Return ※ Note - Guam is one-third the size of Jeju Island. Day 4: Gun Beach snorkeling + Hotel swimming Day 5: Return home It was a very short five days. I'm really happy. I want to go there again in the second 23 months. The things that I was impressed with were step by step. I'll post the photos while I'm organizing them.

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  • #Top of the rainbow #Gun Beach #


    #Top of the rainbow #Gun Beach # Have you ever seen a rainbow start? My family has a warm place before they are born. I came to Guam to think about going there once.~ I suddenly look at the balcony in the morning and I see a rainbow. There it is. I've filmed the whole thing in panoramic. I can't see it all because I uploaded it on Instagram. Horizontal or vertical alignment when uploading photos Oh, that's right. I can't use it? When I saw the beginning of the rainbow, I saw a Disney cartoonist It reminds me.

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  • The story of the bravest man in our country.


    I've never heard of tricks, and until a few years ago I wasn't very interested in the world. Like most people in their 20s and 30s in modern society, they are worried about their future, and they have jobs, jobs, and so on. I was in an ironic situation where I was worried about reality and the future so far away at the same time... It was the Sewol accident that I was interested in the story of the nation. At that time, I brought a bag of flavored salt to Anmyun Island to catch the shellfish. In the evening, I drink with my girlfriend (now my wife) and my friend's couple, and on the news, "In the West Sea, a ship was self-inflicted, and all were rescued." reported loudly. I woke up the next day and I didn't... And Cheong Wa Dae said it wasn't a control tower. He was talking nonsense. I'm nervous about being the father of two.) I felt it then. Something's wrong... You should have tried, even if you can't rescue them, or you should have made concessions to people who want to rescue them from the private sector. I shouldn't have bothered you. Has been a long, with the introduction book is strangely a lot of people who died around for a 'Lee Myung-bak' in the world. The bravest reporter is Joo Jin-woo's corruption tracker. (Mc was released on bail today......) I took an education application because I happened to read this book and write a book. I read it like it's really getting sucked in. It's too much of a front-and-forth to judge by prejudice without reading it. Even in the judiciary branch of Yang Seung-tae, who had dealings with the previous administration, there was an undeniable amount of evidence. I hope you all read it.

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  • Xiaomi Plug Replacement Unit


    In the last few years, Xiaomi of the Goseongbi has been riding the fastball craze. It's around us. I was thinking about three years ago. Taste of Taobao's fastball, do crowdfunding, buy with couten, etc. I bought a lot of products... an air purifier I bought six of 'Miere' per series. I liked it so much that I bought all of my wife's executioners. He lives with me. The problem with writing is that if you use a little code adapter, it becomes loose and it's tiring and it's not durable. Of course it's easy to miss. So, as usual, it's a search! I found it very easy to exchange code. A 1,500 won code for two dasos. I just took off the cover of the wire, so I can tell the order of the photos I posted and the color of the cover. If you have a complaint like me, I recommend you to be brave and try. By the way, the air always gets better.

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  • #Wakkomminiso #Mobile espresso


    #Wakkomminiso #Mobile espresso The only dessert I do after dinner is a glass of Americano. When I was younger, I loved eating this and that. I've been at work, so even if I'm in charge, I'm getting fatter because I'm doing too little activity. I'm also breaking a new weight record this year. The neighborhood I live in now is a little far from the busy street, the food alley, and the school neighborhood. I don't have a decent coffee shop. The apartment complex is pretty big, but there's only a bar in the mall... So when I was at home on the weekend, I ate an Americano from Canuna Idilla. It's called capsule coffee. I've seen a lot of ads, but I've been trying to figure out what kind of structure you're looking at until you're interested in it. I had no idea. Nespresso has coffee powder in the capsule, so it's a real espresso. The same structure. So we're going to figure out this and that, and we're going to start with a low-cost, wakako mini-presso. I bought it. There are two conditions for extracting espresso: high temperature and high pressure. Wakako's structure is Put boiling water on one side and pump it directly to add 8 bar of pressure to extract espresso. I think the person who developed this is a great idea. Of course, the Nespresso machine is 15 bar, so it's different in quality. I'll post it next time. I bought Inicia because it was hard to use. I haven't compared it yet, but it would be fun to compare the amount of espresso extracted, the amount, the flavor, and so far. The advantage of Wakako is that even when you go camping or out, you need hot water, and you can enjoy quality coffee on the spot. I think so. I think you should go camping this year and have some fun every morning.~ - The capsule shown in the image is a non-genuine, compatible capsule from Kimbo. Nespresso is priced at 600 to 700 won per unit. Last time I looked at the braggadoo, I ordered 100 capsules because they cost 320 won per capsule. The taste and smell are great.

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  • # Ramenport #Travel Ramenport


    #For travel # Ramenport # When I was traveling, I could cook ramen and play electric port. I bought ramen port. To remove the abrasive as soon as you open the package. Clean the kitchen towel with cooking oil (until it doesn't come out) Add baking soda and vinegar and boil it once. I tried ramen for a test. It took more than 10 minutes to cook.From now on, I'll do it in a pot. But I think it's good to carry it with you because it's portable. I'll finish later.

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  • # Bernard Werber #God #


    A long, long novel, 'God,' which has a total of six volumes. In fact, the reason why I bought this book was because I just liked the cover. I don't know what it's about, I don't look through the pages of a bookshop. The story is about Michael Paengsong, one of the founders of the Tanatonot, who passed the test of an angel and became a candidate. The teachers are the 12 Olympians in the Greek myth, and the supplementary teachers are the ones in the myth. At the beginning of the book, I brought a lot of interesting material, so I really enjoyed the first three books.~ I think the people who played the main character were Jewish, but it was a little uncomfortable because they became so deified. The story is based on the history of mankind, both East and West, and throughout the book, the story unfolds in imagination. I felt like I was playing a game called 'Civilization.' I've been thinking about it all along. Bernard Werber played the game and suspected that he was inspired by the book?! Suddenly, I just wanted to play the game... I think it's a book that can be read with a bit of pressure. I read Samgukji 10 times even though I have 10 books. lol

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  • #Jordan 3 Let's #Songhyun


    It's been a long time since I went to Hyundai Asan Woollet and got shoes. There's been a lot of great discounts at the entrance, maybe this is a sales season. I'm wearing Jordan for the first time in my life. I really like the color of the picture. I'll give you about 160,000 won at a 30% discount. I bought it. Everyone goes shopping on weekends.

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  • #Home baking class #Merpin making


    DEAR ABBY: My brother (my son's aunt) who is a daycare center teacher has a home baking class. My name is Adlami, and I used to play at home with my body, but I thought.~ This topic is "Make muffins." [Material] muffin mix, salt-free butter, milk, raisins, chocolate, sprinkles [Order] 1. Mix muffin mix with milk. 2. Mix the thick dough with the heavy butter and 2 eggs. ※ You can add cooking oil and water instead of butter, but since you're going to eat with your child, the dairy will be better, right? 3. Add more powder to the dough and mix well to avoid lumps. 4. Divide the dough in half (this time, it's two kinds of raisin and chocolate muffin).^^) 5. Add raisins on one side and chocolate on the other. 6. Fill the mold about 70% of the dough. 7. Decoration is topped with sprinkles, raisins, and chocolate. 8. Now we have two similar products in our house. It's both light-wave oven and air-freer.) - In case of airfry, 180°C / 20 minutes, the top side burns a little. - 160°C. (Critical) It's important to have a child and a tool in each process. It's good to eat ingredients that you can eat while you're doing it. I'm sure she loves doing new things. She's more focused than I thought. She's a good follower. If you have a child at home, I recommend you do it this weekend.

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  • #Naked Home #Strap #Decartron Songdo


    #Naked Homework #Decartron Songdo #Strap Market Only Last Saturday, I visited DeKatron in Songdo. The main purpose is to go on a family trip to Guam, where snorkeling equipment and swimsuits are to And I went to buy sunscreen clothes... I picked up a whole bunch of pictures and bought them. I didn't take it. I bought a strap to use the personal home appliance that I prepared for the veranda all the way through the way. They only cost 10,000 won. When I got home, I used it, and I thought it was a good buy. It's nothing to weigh. I thought it would be enough for me to do a full-up, a full-up, a lame-grass thing.~ My wrist and shoulder are almost all better, so I've started working out and I'm planning an exercise program in earnest. I'm going to mix HIIT (kettle bell + naked body), iron rod movement (pull-up, etc.) and TRX (pike, atomic push-up) in a short and bold way. Please think about your feelings among the best friends. 2019 Cheating!! 1] Steel bars are wall-mounted steel rods that are inserted through a hole in the wall and anchor bolts. Just in case you're wondering.~ 2] Discount information (deckarton sale) - snorkeling mask costs only 29,000 won!! I bought it with my wife and set. I recommend it~

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  • I will introduce the delicious restaurant of Sinpo Market in Dongincheon.

    Tasty Road

    #Shinpo Market Taste House #Shinpo Market Let me introduce the restaurant of Sinpo Market, one of the most famous markets in Incheon. I've been following my mother since the '80s. Even now, if I eat in Incheon, it reminds me of this neighborhood. Only 10 years ago, a neighborhood that was quiet due to the death of all commercial districts has been revived thanks to media exposure, so it's great for you. Taste restaurant introduction 1.Sinpo Chicken Gangjeong - Most of them are recognized as aid and taste the best and have many people. It's delicious even if it's wrapped and cooled the next day. 2. Channuri Chicken Gangjeong - It's just across from the original restaurant, and it's characterized by a little more spicy. It's good here, too. 3. Ho & Hwa Donuts - It's not that long, but the dough is really chewy. Even the night bread is a total junkie. 4. Sinpo Vegetable Chicken - There are many people who like this house better than chicken soup. It has a lot of vegetables in the dough. It tastes good and it really goes well with the draught. 5. Sandong Conggal Bread - This is a line-up. 6. Simin - It costs 1,600 won per plate, and it's really great. I also sell Asahi draft beer and sushi is really good. I'll post more next time I go there.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.02.24 14:39

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  • #Vide replacement #Diy #Blumming Videa

    Home Decorating

    #Blomingbide #diy #Devide #Bideaux #Replace Videe, I know it's homedeco, but... I'll write it down. The Novita Vide, which I've been using for the last four years, suddenly stopped working one day I called in the repairman to find out the cause, and he said it was caused by a leak on the main board. I tried to repair it and try it out, but the main board was replaced at 100,000 won. Of course I thought it would be waterproof, but it wasn't.~ So I started searching with some criteria. 1. All-Way Full Waterproofing 2. The button is remote (buttons are vulnerable) 3. Pseudo-plastic ratio That's what I picked. Blaming r-321 Vide. I also cleaned the bathroom properly. I love the remote control system and the design is great. It's hard to understand.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.02.23 21:06

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  • #Children's house completion ceremony #Several year


    #Children's house completion ceremony #Several year Today is the day when our oldest son is going to finish his day at a daycare center. At first, I was worried about whether the baby would do well. It's already been a year. I've been at the daycare center for a year, and my son Rami and his friends have really grown up. Time flies. Maybe the second time is a little more insensitive, but... I've been looking back on the past year since this morning.It's been a good year.~ This is a meeting of all parents in Korea!

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  • 2019.02.18 UFC Heavyweight Big Match (Spore)


    If you're a mixed martial arts viewer, I'm sure you all know "Kane Velasquez." In the early and mid-2010s, the entire extreme chamber that devastated the UFC heavyweight was called 1/6 billion. After a long injury, he had a dangerous match with the heavyweight's holy name, Eunganu, on Monday (2.18). The game ended with TKO in the beginning of the first round, contrary to the original expectations. Short upper → Short fainting → Short fainting → Knee injury + Pounding → TKO And as with all the fighting events, they're attacked with fancy techniques, and they're It's much better to look light, but the thrill of being able to end in one shot is weight-weight. Especially, it's the beauty of the heavyweight. When I was in love with mixed martial arts, the players I saw fell one by one in the other. Looking at you, I think it's time for us to go by like this way. P.S. This is my first time to know. Instagram just recognizes me as a photo file when I upload a file. The fourth picture is a gif.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.02.21 09:00

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  • MBC's 100th-minute debate 'Is it gender equality? Is it reverse discrimination?'


    Is it gender equality? Is it reverse discrimination?' Recently, it was the subject of the most heated debate among young people in our society. As always, panels are co-ordinated and disputed by both sides. I was wondering if the public broadcaster could do this with the money that the people paid. Actually, I didn't think it would make sense for Lee Jun-seok to represent the male position. Lawyer Kim Ji-ye and writer Choi Tae-seok, who represent women's positions, were even more family members. I'd like to tell you not to leave. If you want to tell the difference, the male side will be able to express the complete Bong-seung and TKO wins. Are the women's panels "discussing" when they're out there, taking it off, appealing to their emotions, getting angry? It's not worth the whole assessment. That's level! Waste of radio waves! Producers and writers in charge of this program have no intention of inviting people like that. Do you think we'll waste our time? I mean, society's a mess, but I've got a lot of volatile issues. Do you think he's trying to get the ratings and pay for the commercials? I'd like to see normal, logical people come out on the same subject and have a proper discussion.

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  • Theon's Support Curator Activity


    I saw you weren't on the list at the last winner's announcement, and I saw you this morning. There's a lot of ink on the list, and you put it back on. It was up. (https://publicto.com/posts/10043) I'm thinking about what I'm going to do on my way to work, and I'm going to use my lunch time. When I read the posting by category in the office, I pressed 5,000 thanks for 10 in total. Today, it's hard to pick 10 of them every day.~ From now on, we will select 5 to 10,000 curators. I use lunch time every day. I always do it on weekends. I don't just have a video or a picture, I don't leave a simple text, I don't want to tell you what I think or what I'm talking about. We will choose carefully written posts. [Today's Thanks List] https://publyto.com/posts/10365 https://publyto.com/posts/10321 https://publyto.com/posts/9867 https://publyto.com/posts/10293 https://publyto.com/posts/10195 https://publyto.com/posts/9759 https://publyto.com/posts/10378 https://publyto.com/posts/10401 https://publyto.com/posts/10367 https://publyto.com/posts/10406

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