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  • beauty of process


    There will be no one who doesn'tree. And no one knows the fruit that opens in this tree. By the way, many people may not know what this flower. I've been planting this tree for three years, and I've never known that flowers are so pretty this year. Why didn't I know? Is the flower of this tree so pretty? Maybe it's because I didn't wait for the flowers. I opened the flowers last year. But I thought I should take medicine now rather than looking at the flowers and thinking that they are beautiful. It was just waiting for the result. I guess that's how I live. I keep looking at the results even though the process is good enough. The process is valuable, beautiful, but not enjoyable. I just hope the final result is good and the process is not important. The process can't afford to enjoy. Suddenly, I look at the apple flowers in the garden and reflect on my life.

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  • I'm so busy.


    In spring, greens are my favorite among them. The cheap taste and aroma are my taste, so one of the first crops to be planted is Daream. And this year, three years... As the branches of the tree got chubby and sprouted well, I had high expectations. By the way, my thumbs have become thick trees in just a week.crying I've been so busy lately that I haven't been to the field very well, and it's like this. But I can't throw away what I got at home. I blanched the stem so that I could eat it. I put the leaves in salt and wild oil.I left it to nothing. I'll try it tomorrow morning.

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  • You're in a lot of trouble.


    The field gives me a hearty welcome. When he opens the door, he enjoys the outdoors, but when it gets dark again, he returns home and prepares to sleep with his friends. When I tried to take out the eggs, I laid nine eggs. Suddenly I thought about how long I'd been here. It's been five days since I came last Saturday and went back on Thursday. You must have been very stuffy since you stayed in a chicken restaurant for five days. Suddenly, I think it is not welcoming me, but cursing. You guys are having a hard time meeting the wrong owners.

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  • life art


    Adrami asks me to make something because I am going to an invention contest. Yeah! I'll make it for you! I went to the field with confidence and started making it... I fell to three thousand hearts again. I fell in love with the iron pipe today. Oh!! Pretty~ It's like a fireworks display. Is art a big deal? I can do it if I like it.

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  • Is this what you call the cold snap?


    The snow I see on my way to work. There must be a lot of spring in the blooming flowers. It's cold. Take care of your cold.~~

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  • I like cartoons.


    I love cartoons. So I still borrow comic books and collect my favorite comic books. So I think I want to draw cartoons once in a while. I bought an illustration book, bought a drawing book, and tried to follow it, but it doesn't work. I heard that constant efforts are needed, but I don't have enough money or need to invest in them. I was looking for a way to express what I thought, and I found something interesting. My name is "Tun-Camera." He's so funny. It changes the picture as if it is painted. It also gives other emoticons to the background used by cartoonists. If you organize it well, it's sloppy, but it turns it into a cartoon. Two weeks ago, I practiced comic books with pictures of the cherry blossoms in Gyeongju on the weekend. I made pictures with my first child, so he is shy and likes them. Now, if there are any interesting things to do, I'll leave them as cartoons.^^ By the time it's gone, it's become a certain amount, until the day we publish a family comic book.

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  • Two Fairy Tales for Adults


    The book that children see is a fairy tale book. However, there are many fairytales that tell stories that an adult can see because the author is an adult. One of them was Ivonahmielepska's "Two People." I love Yvona Hmielepska's fairy tale book. The content is very philosophical and the child understands it as a child and I can accept the meaning as I am, so I am not bored reading it. The content said, "The two are like ○○. It's in the form of ~ ~ '~.' The relationship between the various two was arranged through analogy. I like the other part, but one sentence that touches my mind, "The two are like two walls facing each other. They support the same roof together, but they can't get close to each other, standing on the other side." There are some people who find it hard to get close to in social life. I used to feel bad about such people, but I found out about this book. He's a wall-to-wall guy I'm facing. Keeping that distance from such people is good for each other and for the sake of their surroundings. If you try to get too close, the whole building could shake. Is there a need for such a herd? You have to admit what you have to admit and just live comfortably.

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  • spring flowers in the garden


    I'm taking part in Green juice's event. These are the spring flowers in my field.The first picture is a cold flower, the second and the third one, I don't know. LOL Unlike the famous flowers, they are not colorful, but they have their own beauty.Isn't it pretty to take a picture? I took a picture and pulled it all out.~ LOL

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  • a tough weekend farm


    I had an idea that I was paying attention to my child because he was running at home. "Why can't my kids run as fast as they want in my house where I bought expensive money?" When I look around the house, neither the wall nor the ceiling nor the floor is mine. These are things that we share with the lower house next door. So I have to live in my house with my eyes on it. It's okay because I'm an adult, but I don't think the kids understand more than I do. Still getting the attention of trying to run. Then three years ago, I moved to an apartment and bought a small field. Because I wanted to make room for every place I want, if not home. We can run, scream, dig, dig, whatever we want.dream of And I've been managing the field for almost three years now. But I don't think this is what I thought. I thought a pretty garden would be made like I imagined, but it doesn't feel like me. It was hard for me to do 50 pyeong without ever doing anything. It's hard to do it all at once, so I'm trying to change it little by little. Among them, what I did this weekend was to make a passage. It's made of cement and molded. According to the Internet, it was so pretty to make it out of this. I tried it too. But the result is the same as the picture.I think I did it for nothing. I can't throw away the cement, but what can I do? You have to live contentedly. Everything's tough.

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  • Let me introduce my pet.^^


    I also have a pet. As you can see, it's a chicken. You might want to make a chicken a pet, but... These are definitely pets. It's amazing when they go to work in the fields. According to my friend's testimony in the field, he was screaming after hearing my car.^^ Of course, there's no interaction with the owner like a dog or a cat.But it's so cute when they're watching too. Sometimes, when I put it outside, I dig into the ground and take a sand bath, and I look at it and it looks like my face when you're lying in a bathtub.You can't believe it, right? Anyway, they are cute and they give birth to eggs every day.^^ Oh, there were originally four roosters, but the rooster was doomed by shouting at the top of her voice.

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  • a day already


    It's my first time. I'll be fine in a few days. Yeah, it's gonna be okay. Yeah. It's supposed to be okay. Ugh I don't know why his Monday sickness is. It's not getting better. I've been working for 15 years, and every Monday, This fatigue that comes from... When will he be soft? The picture was taken during the family trip to Gyeongju yesterday.What's a long time ago?

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  • 한글을 배우더니..ㅋㅋ


    오늘은 베스킨라빈스 사이즈업해주는날!! 가족모두 아이스크림 사러갔답니다. 아내꺼 하나 아들꺼 하나 딸꺼 하나씩 고르고 아내가 제게 물어보네요~~ 아내 "무슨 맛 살까??" 첫째 "아빠꺼는 내가 골라줄게!! 아내 "안돼!!" 이 말을 끝으로 첫째는 삐졌고 집에 도착할때까지 꿍시렁거리고 있었네요. 집에 도착하자마자 방에 들어가더니 뭘 합니다. 한참있다 조용이 나오더니 절 부릅니다. 방문앞에 도착해서 보고는 빵 터졌죠^^ 이제 우리 아들도 생각을 글로 표현 할 수 있구나!! 퍼블리토 시켜야겠습니다^^

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  • Green Juice's Mountain Habitat


    I want to participate in the event, but I cannot go to the mountain. Do you think this will? Climbing stairs It's still going on these days. Even though it's on the 18th floor, I calculated from the 1st basement floor and it went up to the 19th floor. If you climb up to 3 meters per floor, 57 meters. I usually do 8 times. I'm 456 meters away. What's the level of mountain behind the neighborhood? I got interested while I was walking these days. That's the drawer on the 13th floor. It's just that I need it. You'd better put a letter in the drawer, wouldn't? Can I take it if it's useless? Haha

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  • Is this too much?

    Health Care

    All the sudden, my eyes are like crazy itchy. If you rub your eyes, they will turn red. It seems to be teary too. Is my liver bad? Eye disease? I've been thinking about everything but the conclusion is mobile phones and computers. I look at the monitor a lot at work. I spend a lot of time with my cell phone after work. When I did not walk the stairs like these days, I also watched the tablet on the walking machine. The illness that appears in these kind of life pattern is dry eye syndrome. Symptoms are the same as what I felt above. In the end, it is better to stay away from these devices. I can not stop the computer because my job is such a job.. I do not want to take my cell phone out of my hands. So I bought it !! Blue light-blocking glasses!! It is called glasses that block ultraviolet rays and blue light. It is good glasses for people like me, I have one right ^^ Now I will have health of eyes .. I will have to look at cell phone more hard ^^ Hmm.. By the way, I have not used glasses for my entire life, and it's kind of awkward to use glasses now.

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  • It's springtime.


    It's been a long time since I had a time. I haven't been able to write on a publicist lately. She'll get better in a little while. Anyway, I have time today. I went to the field to feed the chickens. As soon as the car came in, the chickens roared. She's hungry. You guys... I'm sorry, but I gave enough chicken rice and looked around the field blankly, and the field changed. Grass grows and trees are green. Even if you cut it all year long, it's a nice side dish. Nice to meet you. It's been three years since I planted it, an apple tree that hasn't opened yet. Nice to meet you, too. I've got five roots and I'm sure it's settled!! Bye~ It's so cheap that we call it muggoo.Hey, we met again. Strawberries, Ullungdohak Noodles (which was given by my mother, can't we call it "Ulungdo Jjumul?") Cold, so it's nice to see you all again. I think it's spring now. It's nice to see you all around. Except for the last one. Last fall, the guest who came to our field left behind.. Snake skin... I remember being frightened when I saw snake skin last year. Please don't meet me again this year!

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  • 게임을 싫어하는 게임폐인 아빠


    난 게임을 많이 하는 게임폐인에 가까운 인간이다. 집에서도 틈만나면 휴대폰을 들고 방한구석에 짱박혀 게임을 돌린다. 게임을 무지 좋아하는것 같지만 사실 난 게임을 별로 좋아하지는 않는다. 뭔 소리래?? 언제부턴가(군대있을때 해킹으로 아이템을 싹 잃은 날이 있었다) 게임은 시간낭비라는 생각이 들었다. 하고나면 힘만든다. 그런데도 게임을 끊지 못하는 이유는 바로 부수입!! 온라인게임은 현금화가 가능하기때문이다~ 어떻게든 열심히만 하다보면 조금이라도 벌 수 있기때문에 게임을 계속하게 된다. 요 근래 열심히 하는 게임은 리니지m이다. 중간중간 팔아서 용돈쓰다가 이번에는 조금 많이 팔았다. 이번에 번 돈은 50만원^^ 아내가 깜짝놀란다~ ㅎ 이걸 어찌쓸까 고민하다가 가족들 선물사주기로 결심했다. 먼저 아내를 위해 봄옷과 어깨교정밴드를 샀다 딸에게 샤방샤방 원피스를 아들은 포켓몬카드 2통!! 난리났다^^ 나를 위해선 샤오미 무선청소기~ ㅎㅎ(우리집 청소기가 너무 불편해서)이렇게 다 사고 나도 돈이 조금 남는다~ 통장에 두면 쥐도새도 모르게 사라질테니 다 써야한다. 다음 게임을 위해 투자를 하자!! 블루라이트차단 안경!! ㅎㅎㅎ 이렇게 50만원을 뚝딱 다 써버렸다~ 참 기분이 좋다^^ 이맛에 사람들이 돈을 벌려고 하나보다~~ ㅎ

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  • White Day


    I came to my apartment after work, and there is a story about White Day on the radio. Oh, I don't know if you didn't, but I did. You can't just pass by. Last Valentine's Day, I got chocolate from my wife and daughter. Suddenly I remembered the cake giftycon I got at the meeting last Lunar New Year. I didn't have anything to eat, so I kept him in kakaotalk. When I checked the kakaotalk, I saw the first gift cone of whipped cream cake. So what do you do if you save it? You should write it in meaningfully meaningful way. Turn the car around and head for Tous Les Jours. Since there is a gifty cone, just hold your cell phone and head to the bakery. Let's get to the bakery and stick out our cell phone. at the bakery "It's a 20,000 won coupon. The cake is 21,000 won, so you can pay 1,000 won more for it, or you can take another cake." I've been looking for another cake for 20,000 won. No. 21,000 won is the cheapest. "I... I didn't bring my wallet with me." May I bring another bread?" I asked, shyly. "Yes, I don't care.~~" Fortunately, it works. His wife's favorite Tiramisu and his favorite cheesecake, his first favorite pizza bun, his second favorite unique bread, and even his wife's gorocke, are all priced at 20,000 won. I thought I'd just take it now, but... "You have to pay 50 won for the bag." Huck!! What's that sound like? It's the first time I've been paid for an envelope at a bakery. It is said that I get the price of an envelope because of the use of disposable products. Yeah, of course I have to pay, but... I don't have any money, so the boss wants me to take it away. That's a relief. I almost went home with bread in my arms. Haha Everyone likes it when they come home, probably because they bought it according to their taste. Even though it was hard, I am happy to see my family like it. Valentine's Day, White Day... Some say that commercialism should not be deluded, but in a way it seems to be fun to live in. Today in our office, an employee put a roll-pop bottle on the table and wrote a big white day candy on the front. Thanks to this, people who went to and from the office each ate a lollipop. I think it costs about 20,000 won. Thanks to him, everyone who came to our office had a good day. Although recklessness can be a problem, it can be fun to live with. The following is Blegde on April 14. Looking at the calendar, it's Sunday. You should ask me to buy you jjajangmyeon on this pretext.

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  • Baskin Robbins Event


    If you buy Baskin Robbins family size or higher, you give me a pretty picnic set.If you have a daughter, why don't you buy ice cream and a picnic set when you go home? I came home looking forward to it. My daughter is sleeping. You'd love to wake up, wouldn't you?

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  • Do you know it's a pick place?


    This is the app that I learned from the introduction of my acquaintance. The name is Pick Place. I can download it from the Play Store.^^ It's an app where people who do Instagram or blog advertise to a specific company and pay advertising fees instead.~ The whole nation's squalor? It depends on what you think, but I think I'm fine. I'm going to post it on Instagram anyway. I'm going to put it on my makeup. But it's nice to let you get money. I'm not doing well because there are so many companies in the country that I don't live well, but if you live in the city, it's okay.If you're interested, try it.~~ You can search for "pick places." I made 10,000 won so far today, but I got 500 won off the commission and 9,500 won.

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  • Son!


    I found out that Dapp is a player through Publicito and put it on my mobile phone. That's why all the games on my cell phone are searched. Lineagem, Iosnitz... It makes me feel good to think that I can collect tokens with this.^^ Then one day, I saw a cell phone and I was surprised. A new game is searched. I'm in a bad mood. It feels so cheap~ "Taeyoung, do you enjoy brolstaz?" Wake up!! I'm flinching. It was you!! I borrowed a cell phone to watch YouTube, and then I played a game. I've never taught you how to do an app before.He's... But strangely, I don't get angry. I think he's grown up. I always thought I was a kid, but I already secretly put games on my dad's phone and decided to play games with him. These days, we're getting excited when we play games. She doesn't like it, but what about it? I'm like a friend, but I like it.

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  • You should've killed your temper!


    The Nakdong River Biology Center was taken back. He decided to walk to an exhibition hall where he was absent as he did last week, but did not know how many times he saw it. But when I read the explanation, I felt funny. You can't find a mate if you've had a bad temper!! I guess animals are no different from us. Why didn't you kill her?

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  • Who do you blame?

    Health Care

    Today is the 4th day of the stairs. He looks out of the window with a huddle at the top of the 18th floor. Oh, my town looking high. It's better than I expected. I feel new as I see it on the 18th floor than on the 6th floor alone. I don't think it's spring yet because I saw it from afar, but it looks warm somehow. I think it would be great without fine dust. I saw smoke rising from the paddy field. Now that spring is approaching, we are burning all the crops and weeds of last year for farming. Oh, it's stuffy. It's hard to breathe through fine dust, but did you have to make smoke? Although the concentration of fine dust may not have increased due to the burning of rice paddies, there is no need to add it to the abnormal situation. Suddenly, I remembered yesterday morning news that fine dust caused diplomatic problems with China. Korea is said to be the cause of fine dust in China and in China. Yesterday, I used Chinese cursing while watching the news, but now that I'm burning rice paddies today, I think we have nothing to say. I don't know what the main cause is, but shouldn't our people refrain a little from it? I think it's right to find the root cause and solve it, but now that it's not, everyone has to do everything they can. Who knew that a big breath in the clear sky would be a wish!! It was the crowning of a pharmacist who was twice as suffocating as sweat while walking down the stairs wearing a mask.

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  • Pigs used to be very smart.


    As a father of two, I come across many fairytales at home unintentionally. At first, it was a children's book that I read to them with a sense of duty, but I found that these fairytales were not just children. Even though adults sometimes read it during the book, Ah!!! There are also fairytales that have stories to do. The most impressive work of all... In the old days, pigs were very smart. I would like to introduce the book. Here's the story. "Once upon a time, pigs were very smart. I knew I'd build a great building, and I did some difficult research. I did a good job. Pigs that have too much work to do bring people to work. Pigs dance, and people build cities. That was a long time ago. Now pigs only dance. And people became very smart. People who have a lot of work to do make robots. People press buttons, robots build houses." The last time we move on, it's very creepy. In the past, pigs used humans to make themselves easier, and as they became more comfortable, they lost their accidents, and the working person controlled the pigs who lost their accidents. It seems to be pinning down the reality that machines are developed, and that humans are replaced by machines. It is a work that has developed machines, entrusted to automated machines, and made me think that although humans are dreaming of paradise to live comfortably, it may not be paradise. I remember talking to an old man a few years ago. The old man is very proud to say that he is memorizing all his acquaintances' phone numbers. Why would he do such a useless thing in those days? It's stored on a cell phone. Why are you memorizing what you need to do when you press a button?I thought that However, there was a problem with the address book of the mobile phone due to the Google Account of Google. During the resolution, many phone numbers flew away, and when it did, there was no way to contact them. Driving is the same. The older generation, asking, by memory, remember the way by looking for the way. But these days, we rely on navigation to drive. In many cases, navigation does not find its destination even if it is near. I think that the development of the machine does not degrade human thinking ability. I still think humans have the creative ability that machines cannot. But isn't the real problem that you don't have the will to leave everything to the machine and think? What do you do if you have powers? He's not willing to use it. If you have a child, read it together.^^

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  • Get out of the junk. - Climb the stairs.

    Health Care

    The second daughter calls me... Pharmacist It makes me tickle where I've learned it. Drugs are very convenient. Eating makes it easier to get where you feel uncomfortable. So, if you're feeling a little ill, run to the hospital and get some medicine, and the second daughter seems to be taking too much medicine. It was too much for me to think of. As a result, I feel that my health is failing more and more these days. When I was thinking about going to the hospital, how long would I turn to medicine? Let's exercise!! Don't try to hold on to it with drugs. Let's straighten up the collapsed body!! The first of them is going up the stairs. The 18th floor of the apartment building is located on the 1st floor of the basement floor and the 18th floor. It's my first day, so I'll only go up five times. When I come down for knee health, it's Elibate. About half an hour. It took only about half the time than usual to exercise at home, but I think the exercise effect is many times better. It's so refreshing! It felt like I was bored when I was walking at home. There is a lot of information about climbing stairs on the Internet. They say it's all good. The advantage of climbing stairs is 1. The aerobic and aerobic exercises are performed at the same time. 2. It helps strengthen leg muscles by exercising a lot of lower body, so it helps blood circulation throughout the body. 3. Walking in the right position will also give you the effect of posture correction. 4. It can have a big effect in a short time. Pseudo-Rebi-Bi-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee!! 5. You don't have to fit people regardless of the weather. It's not boring. I have no time to be bored, and I can't even talk to people.^^ 6. It doesn't cost money. There are, of course, shortcomings. 1. It's very awkward to bump into a person in the elevator. Imagine you were on an elevator and you met a man sweating and puffing alone in an elevator.~ ᄌᄉᄌᄉ 2. It's scary. If you ask me, I know^^ 3. Whenever I pass by my house, my mind falters. # Is this human instinct? The right way to get up the stairs is to Don't bend your back. Keep your feet 11 characters. to the point of hiding Three times a week, three months in a row. It's just like the right walking exercise. If you have a bad Purple like me, don't rely on drugs and try to get over it with exercise, but I'm sure you'll be able to take it easy, and this year I'm^^

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  • a vast expanse of sea, Plankton's Survivor


    Two months ago, when I first met Publicito, I learned of the existence of whales and plankton. What an interesting analogy. And I was one of those kinds of plankton. Embracing a big dream of earning a massage Wallen Talent, a plankton jumped into the sea called Publicito. Looking around the world of Publicity, I see a possibility for some reason. The reward for the article on the other hand is enormous (the reward shown before the reward actually came in was enormous), and Plankton looks up to himself as he lives. With a short article. Oops! It's a huge reward. Some whales went there. I think I can rent a massage for a week instead of a month. gain confidence Confidently, Planckton begins to post more articles without a hitch. But the number of whales that come to visit is decreasing. Plankton is agonizing. And look again. The laws of the sea... A large number of people who write their own writings increases their chances of getting mains, and then whales visit them more often. From then on, Plankton begins to devote himself to writing. I write over and over again Chinese sentence. All Plankton has is sincerity, lacking common sense, lagging behind in fashion, dull in social change and nothing special!! To wander hard in the sea. He reads everything he reads and writes comments, and if he finds himself, he always leaves a few thank-you notes, but he also leaves ink. And he leaves his daily routine with the idea of keeping a diary every day. More and more people are coming to see if Plankton's efforts have been passed on to the Dragon King, and the text is starting to appear on the main page from time to time. Plankton thinks. Yeah! I can live in this sea without anything special. It's normal, but with sincerity, you're going to live in this ocean! It has been a little more than two months since Plankton came into the pub and lived. When we collect the ink from Teo's event and the ink from the anonymous whale, and the ink from the two-month Purple that Plankton invested in self-development, we now feel that it has evolved to at least shrimp-like levels. I was bored today, so I looked at how many I posted in two months and found out that I had put up 70. It is one or more times a day. I suddenly wanted to leave. To empower the plankton who jumped into this sea like me. Folks of plankton who first jumped into the pub! Don't be so hasty and enjoy yourself.I travel by peeping into other people's lives and listening to their thoughts. You'll see yourself sharing your life with them as a publicist.^^ And although Plankton may not be a whale, if he continues to evolve, wouldn't he be able to grow tuna? That's what I think, and I end the day like this.~~

    $minwoo . 2019.03.03 22:56

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  • I'm a bad guy.


    Today, I went to Nakdong River Biotech Center for children's experience. There were many people because it was weekend. When I tried to park, the parking lot was far from the building. Hm.. There are a lot of fine dust and I want to stay outside a little bit short. As I look at it, I can see a space next to the parking line where I can get one more car. It's not easy, but it looks like there's nothing wrong with the traffic. So I parked there and went to the Bioscience Center. The problem is, after that... I came back to my car because I didn't have a cell phone battery. Two more cars are parked next to me. Suddenly I thought like that. If I hadn't parked outside the parking line, wouldn't they? Maybe you thought it was okay to look at me? Something like this has happened before. I'm in a hurry to take a car, but it turns red in front of me. There is no car ahead. Let's go! I ignored the signal and went on my way. Soon the policeman catches me. It's a traffic violation. He lowered the window and gave me his driver's license, saying that he had an emergency, but the police officer says something. The cars back there followed you!! Huck!! There were about 4 to 5 cars caught in the traffic jam. Starting with my illegalities, everyone committed illegal acts together, and as a result, we all ended up with a ticket to violate the traffic signal. I think there are many things like this in life. When someone leaves garbage on a clean street, it soon turns into a pile of garbage. It starts with someone's little mistake and can lead to big wrong results. There are many times in my life when I think it's stupid to abide by the rules and laws. Even when I talk to people around me, most of them live with that idea. It's sad. But no one can blame it. Do I start with you? Even if I lose a little bit right now, I will try to become a law-abiding person in order to be proud of my children and their neighbors.

    $minwoo . 2019.03.02 22:33

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  • a hidden attraction in Sangju, North Gyeongsang Province. National Nakdong River Biological Resources Center


    I live in Sangju, North Gyeongsang Province. Most people will think of dried persimmons and also raise Korean beef. Some people think of the beach sometimes. I thought college students at the bus stop were a place of resident beach. I've been living for 10 years and I've seen it once.^^) Sangju has long been the center of Gyeongsang-do. It takes two hours to get anywhere in the country in two hours.This is why Gyeongsang-do was named after the front letters of Gyeongju and Sang-ju. But the store is getting smaller and smaller. Somehow the population has fallen to less than 100,000, and the number of young children continues to decline. So, I'm trying to change Sangju these days. The Nakdong River Development~ The four rivers project (although other regions are said to be not the case), the Nakdong River has been expanded and the water has become abundant and developed as a tourist destination. This and that are happening. The most famous place is the Nakdong River Biotech Center. Sangju is famous for not promoting. I've lived in Sangju for over 10 years, and I don't know what's going on. The same goes for the Bioscience Center. I'm not promoting it at all. The facilities are very good. Various animals are displayed well and playground cafe restaurant is also well organized. Thanks to the Nakdong River right next to me, the scenery is great.The admission fee is 2,000 won for non-residents, right? If you come to the family unit on a fine day, you can play all day. As you can see in the picture, there's a program of education organized by time, so you can enjoy watching, playing, and taking breaks. So it's always crowded on weekends. If you're worried about something, you might want to visit the Nakdong River Bioscience Center.^^ For your information, children in Sangju do not want to go to one of the places where they do not want to Since the facilities are good, elementary school students from daycare center, kindergarten, and elementary school come more than once a year. I come with my family on the weekends.^^ I've been through my kids today, and my wife hasn't booked mine.I'm writing a publito while eating tangerines in the lobby on the first floor. Kyungbanger is coming. "You can't eat here.^^" ᄒᄒ Food is only available in the outdoor playground of cafe restaurants at the Biological Resources Center.^^

    $minwoo . 2019.03.02 13:32

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  • an unawares friend of gratitude


    PM 3:43 Kick!!! A message is posted in the college-age Dantokbang. Friend: The weather is nice! **Get ready for the meat. Na: Is it coming? Friend: All I have to do is go? Na: Are you sure? Friend: I'm just going to eat. Me: Onna Neptune Friend: Tap until 4 o'clock for someone to come with! **Prepare the meat fire!! A friend who lives in Daegu suddenly comes to Sangju where I live for dinner. I didn't want to talk about it even though it was Kakao Talk. It's really coming. What a surprise. My wife who was with me laughs because she is dumbfounded. I was doing other work and finished it quickly, and when I went to the field, I arrived at the field before me and looked at my chickens as if they were curious. The chicken is so big," he said, "I think they recognize me." (They seem to recognize me.) It's amazing that people don't run away even when they approach me, and it's amazing that they go home because they have time. Maybe it's my first time seeing me raise chickens in the countryside. Everything is amazing. lol The meat was fortunately baked well. I guess my skills have improved since I've done this a few times. I didn't burn it and baked it well and ate it deliciously. Although the lack of charcoal eventually moved to another nearby friend's house, it was really good until then. I will show you the drums for 20,000 won. lol I'm standing up to go to another friend's house, but my feet are There's a stone in it. Why turn around? I can't get robbed of the stone wondering. Even if you hit your shoes on the floor, the stones won't come out. Haha... I must have been stepping on a stone that had been heated by a charcoal fire. The stone stuck to the shoes. I got a pressure shoe on my face. Thanks to those shoes, I will be healthy. lol Eat well, play well, send a friend home, and I think I'm going to keep seeing him for some reason. When we were in college, we had a showdown because we were good at studying. Unfortunately, we both got 3.1842 points. The total score was the same. Since then, other friends have called us "between 18." We go to the military together and have fun memories, and we have many interesting memories because our first jobs are located in similar places. In a way, ordinary things turn into something fun when you're with her. I'm sure he has the power to entertain people around him. Just like a guy came into a routine today and made me a memorable one. He's a grateful man. Like a life of boredom? ᄒᄒᄒᄒᄒ Thank you, man!

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  • Do you have heavy shoulders?


    I've seen a bump at work for a cup of tea. That's a roundabout-the-clock. The office was quiet, and I was bored, so I just let my colleagues have a round of tea.^^ "You can take your life off the hook if you eat this!" If you have a heavy shoulder, just blow it up with a drink.^^" Everyone just smiles. That's enough. You made a little smile in the office that wast.

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  • The arcade of memories~ Now at home~


    Do you have any memories of the arcade? I have a lot of memories about the arcade, too. I was an elementary school student.It's good to spend an hour a day in the arcade after taking money from art school, getting caught by my mom in a week, getting caught in middle school and stealing all the money out of my pocket, and then throwing in high school.I've been a part of a game room. A lot of times, I couldn't leave the arcade in front of the school when I was in college.is... I don't go to the arcade very often, but now that I'm getting older, I can't play games these days. I play cell phone games, but cell phone games are not that interesting. And then I met a guy who would solve my thirst for the game. It's a moonlight box! He's my age.Almost all of the arcade games experienced by ^^ are included. I applied for a fastball from Q10 and checked the delivery every day until I arrived. When I got home, I set it up and played the game...I'm impressed.I think I came back to me who was so confident that I stayed in the arcade for more than an hour. If you have any memories of the arcade with me, I recommend moonlight box!! incidental effect 1.My son respects me. My father plays a game. I'm the king.Son, you don't know how much money your dad spent in the arcade. 2.Sometimes you can get away from the pain of your child. I think entertainment has a fascination for generations to go. There's also a downside. 1.The perfect conditions are in place, but now I can't because of a backache. crying 2.I can't watch TV while I'm doing that. It's connected to the TV.He told his wife that he wanted to buy more TV.Kkkkkk Kkk^^ Reading this article, Watatugen!! Madecho!! Error~ If you've been up to this... I think you can buy me one.^^

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