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  • Mexico from Nespresso


    #Nnespresso#Mexico Everyone, are you having a great weekend? With the Nespresso item I just bought. I had a delicious breakfast coffee this morning. I had a cup of hot coffee because the weather was cloudy today. There's a lot of different capsule names, too. What I ate today is a capsule called "Mexico." Does it taste Mexican? I don't know. I had a nice drink thinking about the Continent of Mexico. If you think about it... these days, you don't have to go outside. I think there are so many items that can live in the house with fun. I think one of the most popular ones is YouTube. As electronics develop, your hips become heavier. I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend afternoon.^^

    $marines . 2019.04.21 15:16

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  • Octopus in South Korea


    #Taenampocha I went for a drink after school yesterday. It is a famous place called Daenampocha in Namcheon-dong. This is a bar located in a crummy container box. The main item is a boiled octopus. I waited for about 20 minutes on this day. The legs are very chubby and of a very good quality than normal octopuses. It's a little expensive, but it's boiled right away. It's been a while since I filmed a video. I hope you enjoy the rest of the day, and in the evening, you'll all be on fire.^^

    $marines . 2019.04.19 15:25

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  • Thumb limited edition new Summerever Concord Tumblr


    #Summer-Eber-Code#Tumblr I think it's a languid afternoon. Have you had a cup of coffee? Yesterday, a new Tumblr came out as a limited edition in Thumb. I ran right away and got it. The name is a bit long. Summer-Ever Concord Tumblr The tumbles in the house were a little small, This time I got it, it's the size of a Benti, so I can take it out to my heart's content. In summer, I think it would be nice to fill it with ice and drink it with cool drinks. Pink pink seems to be a refreshing tumbler. I hope you get over your lazy afternoon sleep and enjoy the rest of your time.^^;;

    $marines . 2019.04.17 14:09

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  • Google Adsense Book


    #Google Adsense It's been a while since I visited Kyobo. It was Monday afternoon, but there were so many people that there were no seats. I think it's because it's so nice to read books. I picked up a book and sat in the corner. Like the title of the book, the cover was all over my eyes. It's also an area I've always been interested in. Here's what the book is about. Other than Naver Blog, post some unusual subject posts on the T-story, get certified by Google AdSense and start advertising. The subject of the blog is better if Google likes it. Keep posting. Never click on the ad in your article. Be sure to get your first dollar. Trust Google and work hard because it won't be ruined. It was about this. It's a book that's easy for beginners to explain about their case. To be honest, after reading this book, I felt... Ah, it will be hard for me to do this... Recently, I started posting Google ads on Steam's website. From that point on, I found out that I wasn't going to join Steamt. Is that why I put an ad on my posting? I decided it would be hard. Also, I felt that I had to be very diligent and knowledgeable in order to get a profit from advertising. It's very strong of you to have this tendency! Today is Tuesday already. Have fun or have a day. Reading is very helpful when you have a spare time.^^

    $marines . 2019.04.16 08:28

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  • Haedong Yonggung Temple


    #Yonggungsa#Haemulpanjajang Today is Sunday. Publicito, how are you spending your weekend? The weather in Busan is heavy. I can't see the sun. It's a little chilly. Did you all have lunch? You're not undercover yet, are you? I had lunch today as a Chinese food. I went to the famous tray restaurant at the entrance of Hadong Yonggung Temple, 15 minutes drive from my house. People are still wagging...It's crowded. In the summer, this is a place where it's really hard to get cold. At this time, I can enjoy the food of tourist attractions. The biggest advantage of this place is... The time when the ordered food is served is really short. It doesn't taste good, or it's cold.There's no such thing. I think we've created a system that works well because we have a lot of employees. Since we're having a short wait time, I think the rotation rate is really good. Money always feels like this. Taste is more than basic! Best speed! Three seafood noodle soups (a lot of them) + sweet and sour pork (a lot of them) + dumplings (because I like them) I ate like this, but after about 3 hours, my stomach hasn't turned off. I think I should go to the Nespresso coffee I bought a while ago. I'm worried because I don't gain weight, but I only have a big belly. Now I'll have to figure out what to do with dinner. Publito, good night for the rest of the weekend.Please send it. I hope you have a delicious dinner.^^;;

    $marines . 2019.04.14 15:42

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  • Marine City in Derby 101


    #Dubay101#Marine City I had dinner at Haewoondae Derbay101 after a long time. It's a roast beef restaurant.~ For restaurants on the ground of yellow jaundice, it's a great place for People who usually visit this place, of course, have a taste of the food. Most importantly, as you can see in the picture, Because of the night view of Marine City across the sea. Last night, many people were taking pictures of cars and riot police against the night view of Marine City. This is a famous place for thinking that it is not Busan. It is also a top recommendation for visitors to Busan. Just a short walk and you'll find a famous packing house. Lobsta course is very famous. I'm going to go there and post it in the summer. It's already a fine. Publito, please send it to me.^^;;

    $marines . 2019.04.12 21:04

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  • Capsule coffee with Nespresso Butchio+


    #Nnespresso#Butuo Plus#Publito Yesterday was really cold even though it was in April. I'm glad the rain has stopped now, so I think it's a little better. These days, I think it's a very comfortable and practical time. There was the first time I drank coffee in a vending machine. Then came the coffee mix at home. There's already a time when you can eat strong Americano at home. Simply put the capsule in your mouth and press the button. It's a time when hot Americano-style coffee comes out in seconds. Because Nespresso Butchoo Plus, which I bought this time, turns around and draws coffee, There's a lot of crayons. Because of this, there are a lot of people who transfer from their previous models. You can do everything with the wash button, too.~ If you look at it, there's only one button on this machine. Of course, we're supposed to adjust it with a double click or a triple click. On the first day, I made a rough sketch of the spent period. Now I'm so happy to be able to eat Americano at home.^^ Ladies and gentlemen, the weather isn't very nice, but I hope you have a cup of warm coffee and a relaxing day!

    $marines . 2019.04.10 08:53

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  • Gentlmonster Mullin01 Sunglass Hot!!


    #GentleMonster #Mullen01 #Publyto It was a large forest fire that made the word Arbor Day indifferent. I think it was hard to extinguish Haeundae which I live in for a few days because of the forest fire. Thank you again for the efforts of the firefighters. Now spring is over and the summer is creeping up. So I set a hot item in the summer. Gentlmonster Mullin01 Sun-Goo~ As Yu In Na wore it on TV, it is gaining huge popularity. The price is in the middle of the 200,000 won range. I didn't know Korean brands were so popular. I bought a popular version a few years ago. I didn't use it often because it was too heavy. I think this guy, Merlin, came out really lightly. Now, I will make sure to wear this one when I go out to the beach and give peace and freedom to my eyes. Ladies and gentlemen! Summer is coming. I hope you get hot items one by one and enjoy the summer.^^;;

    $marines . 2019.04.06 09:44

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  • Spring Bridge in Jagalchi Market

    Tasty Road

    #Shindong Abbey Center It's been a long time since I visited Shindonga Center in Jagalchi Market in Nampo-dong. It's still a little bit of a little...There's a lot of people here. Of course, I ordered a spring bridge because it's spring. I had a great meal of the 100,000 won spring dodo sashimi. I think you should eat the spring bridge in spring as well. You're very light today. Everyone is safe.^^;;

    $marines . 2019.04.05 16:06

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  • Tteokbokki in the youth cafe?


    #Youth tea room #Tteokbokki Last weekend, I went to a place called "Youth Dabang" to see cherry blossoms and fill my slow. Why at the coffee shop?How can you fill your stomach with coffee? Diner for bread? I was thinking like this. What's wrong with this? The coffee shop was not the coffee shop, but the tteokbokki chain. That's where the tteokbokki tastes. I was thinking... It's not just a rice cake and a fish cake. Squid, dumpling, cheese...and so on There's a lot of toppings. It's really sweet because it's a combination of a spicy taste that stimulates my appetite.^^ Later, I fried rice and ate it. I ate so well...It's still fresh in my memories. What I felt... ...let's not be fooled by the name of the store! Let's change the way we think! ^^; Ladies and gentlemen!I hope you enjoy your day!!!

    $marines . 2019.04.03 08:35

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  • nine thousand won of happiness


    9000 won to Beijing Duck and Chili Seu As expected, our market is the best.^^

    $marines . 2019.04.01 15:42

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  • Dōcheul & Cherry Blossom


    Did you have a nice last weekend in March? I was afraid the cherry blossoms would run out because of the rain yesterday morning. Today, I went out to Dongrae-gu hot spring. Sure. It's not as rich as I thought. Sobbing It's about 20 percent missing from when it's full. I felt a little bit sad. I took a lot of pictures here and there. Among them, I've tried it once. If she gets caught, she'll die, right? I don't think I'm going to report it because I helped someone who lives in the same room every day. Isn't that right? Monday starts again tomorrow. Don't get sick. Let's go.^^ I'm so glad P.S. Theo wants to borrow you again. From tomorrow, I will give you the ink diligently. Thank you, Theon.

    $marines . 2019.03.31 22:40

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  • In the sun, in Haeundae Beach


    #Publito#Haeundae Beach Are you having a good time on Saturday? I went out to the beach after a long time. You need to walk along the trail to see Haeundae Beach. It was so windy that it seemed cold, but the sun was too warm. I just left home without a mask because my phone didn't sound like a fine dust warning. As my coat began to lighten, I felt like many family members and lovers were looking for the sea. The kids playing in the sand, the lovers taking pictures... I was sitting on a bench in the crowd, drying sweaty socks.^^ Of course I left a book to read on the floor.^^ The cool wind made my toes feel so refreshed.Haha I think I'm very lucky to have this big beach near my house. Just a little way out, you'll be surrounded by smoke and buildings. I feel so good sitting on the beach. I think I'll go out more often when the weather gets warmer. I can't wait for the busking and the events on summer nights. Then, the rest of Saturday evening! I hope you have a good time.^^;

    $marines . 2019.03.30 20:21

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  • a change of trend


    #Phila#Fila Good morning, Saturday morning.^^ It's been raining. It's been wet. Let's hope the cherry blossoms are okay! These days, I'm going to introduce you to some hot sneakers. It's not true through my daughter. It's a hottem that goes well with a uniform skirt. Fila Phil? Wheela? How should I read it? When I was in middle and high school, there was a time when the roundie, which was written widely written as FILA. I don't think sneakers were very popular at the time. If you look at the sneakers in the picture above, they're a little bumpy, but the brand name is pretty on the whole white. I think it makes me look tall because the sole is thick. Until recently, Adidas's short story called Stansmith was really hot. I've worn it for a long time. One pair of sneakers also feels that the trend is changing frequently. There are too many compensated SNS too. Let's hope Publicito will be a hotbed of them!

    $marines . 2019.03.30 09:43

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  • Platform Revolution BOOK


    #Publito #Platform Revolution #Reading There are many comfortable chairs to read in Kyobo Bookstore. I come by sometimes on weekends. I found a book that stands out on the tech side. It's called Platform Revolution. It was a book of rather heavy material. Platform? Train station? I'm sure many of you don't know the content. But if you're a little bit interested in the blockchain, you'd have a rough idea. Etherium, EOS, Android, IOS... these are called platforms. I think a lot of people are interested in platform coins. It was a rather heavy book on the subject, but I read quite a lot in rapid reading. I think there will be more platform-based mappings in the future. Not only silk, but I think it's really important for the industry to preempt the platform. I hope Publicito can make a lot of progress on the EOS platform.^^;;

    $marines . 2019.03.27 17:26

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  • Japan at the moment


    #fine dust #publyto Here's a map of fine dust at the moment. I think it's near Asosan on the Japanese side. It's very bad that a volcano exploded.~ That's over 900 micrograms. I think it's a convenient world these days. I can see this real-time map.^^ Good night everyone.

    $marines . 2019.03.25 22:33

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  • No. 1 Yeontan Mountain Bear eel in Haeundae Market


    #Haeundae Market #One-time briquette bear eel I think I'm starting to get a little distracted.~ Yesterday, I went to Haeundae Market near Haeundae Beach for the first time in a long time. I used to sell fish, vegetables, and so on. Now, with the development of Haeundae Beach and Gunam-ro, The market has become a favorite restaurant for tourists. There are so many famous restaurants in the market alley. It's Sangguk. Tteokbokki, No Hongson Kalguksu, OO Gomme eel... I'm native to Haeundae, but sometimes I feel like I'm on a trip.^^ ○ Half-and-half-dozen Daeja (50,000 won) Half-and-half Chinese Characters (40,000 won) And Soju Neptune It's almost Saturday already. Have a nice weekend.^^;

    $marines . 2019.03.23 17:08

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  • Precious Drawing from $pooka


    #pooka #publyto I checked my email on the way to work this morning. And there was a drawing from Pooka! I was selected from $pooka's drawing event^^ It looks just like the picture I sent of my children. He caught their characteristics perfectly. It's so impressive!!! It came in around 3 am. Isn't he having hard time for this event? PPUCA? PUKA? Thank you so much for the drawing! It's my kakaotalk profile picture now.

    $marines . 2019.03.21 08:57

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  • 해리단길 in 해운대

    Tasty Road

    #해리단길 #해운대 #핫플 #부산 안녕하세요^^ 주중에는 포스팅 할 시간이 많이 없어서 잉크 소비만 주로 하고 있습니다. 오늘 날씨가 미세먼지로 꿀꿀해서 사무실에서 오랜만에 포스팅 하나 올립니다. 제가 사는 동내는 해운대 입니다. 아무 다들 잘~아실거라 생각이듭니다. 유명한 해운대 바닷가를 끼고 있는 동내라 외지인들이 많이 오지요 여름뿐만 아니라 요즘은 맛집 골목이 많이 생기고 있어서 겨울에도 많이 오더군요 최근 급 핫 플레이스로 뜨고있는 곳이 "해리단길" 이라는 곳입니다. 저도 몇번 거리를 돌아봤는데요 딱~히 잘 모르겠더라고요 하지만 블러그나 유튜브를 보고 다시 찾아가 보니 정말 맛집들이 많이 숨어 있더군요. 해운대를 방문하시는 분들이 알기쉽게 해리단길 맛집 지도가 있어서 이렇게 포스팅으로 공유를 해봅니다. 해운대를 찾아오실때 한번 들려보세요^^;;

    $marines . 2019.03.20 13:24

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  • 패널티킥~헉!


    오늘 너무너무 날씨가 좋군요. 아들 녀석과 근처 학교에 공차러 갔어요. 빼널티 연습을 하면서 동영상을 찍어봤어요. 근데 공이 정면으로 와서 깜짝 놀랐네요. 그 장면이 동영상으로 잘 담겼네요ㅋ 폰이 박살날뻔했네요. 퍼블리토 여러분 화창한 주말 뭐하시나요? 남은주말 즐겁게 보내시고 저녁식사도 맛있게 하세요.

    $marines . 2019.03.17 16:15

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  • Making BTC,ETH,MZK with duct tube

    Crypto Currency

    #Duct tube #muzika Here's a warm introduction that came out a few days ago. I feel like I'm going to be mistaken for someone involved.^^ It's from a mafia company that built the Musica Coin. If you watch YouTube video on YouTube, you'll get a duck. I give you 30 pills for a minute now. You can exchange these for BTC,ETH,MZK (musica) coals again. After that, if you collect a certain number of coins, you can transfer them to your wallet. It doesn't change to coin, but it can be exchanged for cultural or department store gift certificates. If you collect coupons, you can change your thighs. I don't think it's a scams. If you like YouTube, I would like to introduce you because I think you can collect coins with fun. Oh~ There's only Android version.

    $marines . 2019.03.15 08:31

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  • Chicken feet + seafood soup in old marketplaces


    # Chicken Feet #Eternal Marketplace # Seafood Soup Yesterday, I spent the fire with chicken feet and seafood soup. It's an old market. It's near Gaya Station. If you're late, you'll be in line. The seasoning for chicken feet is really good. It's not spicy. Seafood soup has endless seafood. If you're in Busan, make sure to visit!

    $marines . 2019.03.13 08:16

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  • Musica (MZK) CoinOne Listed

    Crypto Currency

    #muzika #Musica #Coinone #Coinone #Mzk It's been a while since I introduced myself to you.^^ Mid- and long-term MZK Coin was listed today for the second time on the coin-based exchange. Coinwon, you know, as an initial exchange of cryptocurrency, It has a reputation for being a very difficult place to verify its listing. There's a formula that says, "If you get listed here, you're going to be listed on all the exchanges." It's already the second time since I became the sole winner of Fouby Korea last year. I didn't have a big pumping, but I believe it's going to be stable for 100 won. There's also a video called "Duct Tubes." I'll introduce it again next time. Musica Gazian^^;

    $marines . 2019.03.11 21:47

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  • blockchain books


    #Reading #password #blockchain Yesterday, I went to the local library for the weekend. Even though it was raining, there were a lot of people! Reading is a form of mind.^^ Of course, I'm blinded by blockchain books. with two books in one's hands I sat on the soft couch and started reading fast, not reading. It's been a long time since I put a letter in my eye, so I'm a little sleepy.^^ Most of the time, I know But I did a very interesting mast on two books. I was so proud to finish a month's worth of books in two hours. Today is Monday.Let's have a good week.^^;;;

    $marines . 2019.03.11 09:38

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  • Original class in Kyochon Chicken


    # Kyochon #Original half-way I think yesterday was a day when fine dust was less. It's been a long time since the children came to Kyochon Chicken. The interior was very neat and nice. I personally prefer seasoning. I ordered half-and-half at the end of the negotiation with the kids who preferred the fry. It tasted so spicy that I was the only one who ate it.^^ It looks like it's raining a lot. Fortunately, fine dust was washed away with rain, so it is a clear sky! Good luck with the rest of the weekend.Please send it.^^ And I want to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity.^^

    $marines . 2019.03.10 13:06

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  • Samdaemoon in writing


    #Seo-myeon #Sam-gyeopsal #Sam-daemoon I'm so busy during the week that I couldn't post. Yesterday, I went to Daepae Samgyeopsal restaurant to celebrate the fire. I've been to a restaurant in Seomyun, but I don't think there's any rumors yet. It's usually much thicker than a big loss, so the price is 9,000 won. It tasted really good. These days, the food's been filmed on video, and the sound is real and good. I hope you have a good Saturday morning.^^;;

    $marines . 2019.03.09 11:11

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  • Publicity PR!

    Self Introduction

    #Publito #Publyto I tried to look at various images. I'm not even an expert in this kind of field. I just decided to make it clean. I got the images from a free image-making website. The phrase is simply put in a drawing board. In particular, I was very nervous about my handwriting to match my background. To interpret its meaning... On the right side of the moon is the dark, current blockchain cryptocurrency market. It implies that the moon will slowly light up with the Publicito. It's awkward, but I'm going to submit it like this. Please give me a lot of attention and comments.^^

    $marines . 2019.03.05 22:46

    19 thanks . 948.2709 PUB

  • Ichido Sushi in Seo


    #Seo-myeon #Ijidossi 10 Today is a day that Busan cannot escape from the fear of fine dust. Yesterday, I was watching the blue sky and eating cloud snacks.^^ Today, we're going to... The photo that I posted today is sushi crab that I went to for lunch yesterday. Your name is unique, isn't it? Izzie, I think it's Japanese, but I don't know what you mean. I ordered a 10,000 won lunch special. There are 10 sushi and udon. He's not Minnie, he's got some sheep. It was quite good compared to other sushi restaurants. Of course, sushi was fresh and delicious. If you're looking for a scythe on the west side, you'll have to stop by.^^

    $marines . 2019.03.05 15:01

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  • Shukrimkrunchirate in Thruck


    #Star Bugs #Schreamcrunchrat Did you guys have dinner? I was at Teo's event yesterday. I was lucky to win! a hundred thousand pounds I'm so happy to be able to give you some ink more leisurely^^ The above photo and video is the coffee that I ate right after eating pork belly. Coffee's an art these days. It's a great calorie, but it's so delicious.^^ Did you have a good day on Monday? Here in Busan, there was no fine dust. I hope you enjoy the rest of the day.^^

    $marines . 2019.03.04 20:23

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  • Samgyeopsal Day. Please eat this today.Yajo


    #Three days # Today is 3.3 days. It's also called Samgyeopsalde.^^ It's the last day of three days since the March 1 Independence Movement. I baked pork belly early in front of my house. It's Samgye-Day. I ate more silk today.L I'm here to have a cup of coffee because my stomach is so tingling. All the rest of the holiday public, have a good time.^^

    $marines . 2019.03.03 18:05

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