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  • I believe in myself.


    If I don't believe in myself, How can I ask others to trust me? I trust myself. I find my own advantage. I wish I could grow up on my own because of him.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.17 21:45

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  • Little strokes fell great oaks.


    There is a saying that there is no tree that can't be passed ten times. This means that no matter how difficult it may be, there is nothing you can't accomplish. This is an emphasis on trying to the end, not to avoid or be afraid of difficult things. It is very rare in my life to challenge this mindset. My heart is that I can't get past ten shots or 100 shots. Whether it's a social experience or a relationship, it's a lot of Of course, I think if you make efforts, you can achieve some great results. But these days, we've been talking about goldsmiths and dragonflies in Gaecheon. If you think about it, the walls of reality are high, and there are limits to what you can accomplish with effort alone. I think I'm a little older to think about this because I've seen more and more things in my life. I also feel that life has become more difficult. It's as if it's harder for people who don't have more. Why does it suddenly remind me of the equity method of equity method?

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.17 19:33

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  • Purpose of Memo


    There are certain things that change when you're in your 30s. The most serious thing I've ever felt is my memory. an appointment with someone somebody's anniversary My commitment and goal. impressive ideas The things I was going to do. The subject that you were trying to write about in Publicito? I forget it quite often. How can I remember it well? I've been thinking about it, and I'm going to talk to Kakaotalk. I wrote down everything. And then, over time, I read Why the hell did I use this? I've been driving a lot of cars, but I've got a bunch of typos. Do I have to record something? I'm worried about the phone that I see most often. I started a memo app to try the background picture. I thought you said that successful people always take notes. It's not a success, but it doesn't bother the people around you. so I can't forget what I want to remember. Let's try!

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.08 20:27

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  • Four thousand-dollar chicken ghettos!!


    You're stressed out. You like spicy food, right? By the way. I can't eat spicy food like myself. There are definitely people. Especially on the day I eat Bulgogi Fried Chicken. I'm sure I'll go to the bathroom the next day. So, can't you try it a little less spicy? I'm going to apply the jjapaguri when I'm thinking about it. Sacheon Japagetti + Red Fried Chicken + Egg Frying The important thing here is that the yolk of Furai is semi-saturated. Like mixing yolk with yolk!! If you feel that even this is spicy, add half the sauce. It's better to mix them together than to eat them separately. It was a delicious taste. a four thousand dollar chicken ghettos that are neither expensive nor difficult. Just give it a try!

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.07 21:29

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  • Using Google Search Images


    Now, if you're going to write to the public, you're going to have to write to YouTube and Instagram. You must have a post. But there's no YouTube and no Instagram. Users are known to exist in the dark. And write! And it reminds me of this, but I'm writing to the Publicisto. To write, you must upload a photo post to at least Instagram. If there's nothing satisfying about the image I have, Google will import the image. There's a lot of potential problems in this area. In a recent news article, a publishing company published a book, and the cover of the book is It was a picture of a famous politician. The problem is, this is a photo that you can't see on Google. It's the same thing that the individual has uploaded. This is a problem, so it's a problem for the users of the users. You should use it carefully. So it's safe and simple to use in commercial applications. I'd like to show you how to search for images. Just follow the picture as you see it. 1. The Do Not Filter by License Search the entire image. 2. After modification, reusable searches for images that can be modified and used for commercial purposes. 3. Reusable is not allowed to be modified, but it means it is available for commercial use. 4. Reusable after modification may be modified for non-commercial use, but only for non-commercial use. 5. Reusable for non-commercial use will search for non-commercially reusable images only. If you search for images 2 and 3 and use them, there is no problem. But you still haven't found a satisfactory image? PIXABAY - https://pixabay.com/ Unsplash - https://unsplash.com/ Lets CC - http://letscc.net/ Imagebase - http://imagebase.net/ Picjumbo - https://picjumbo.com/ Gratisographhy - http://www.gratisography.com/ Stockvault - http://www.stockvault.net/ Importer - http://www.imcreator.com/free LittleVisuals - http://littlevisuals.co/ NewOldStock - http://nos.twnsnd.co/ Wefunction - http://wefunction.com/category/free-photos/ Stocksnap - https://stocksnap.io/ Superfameless - http://superfamous.com/ Morrowfile - https://morguefile.com/ The above sites are free to use without worrying about the copyright of images. It's a bad article, but I hope you'll be careful with it.

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  • Winter nights are shortened.


    #Winter #Dark #Winter Night #Spring #Cold In winter, the sun goes down fast. Dinner often comes quickly. So cold winter nights are longer. But if the year is getting longer, That means spring is coming.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.06 20:57

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  • Get up... and make money.


    It's the end of the holiday, so we'll make money!

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.06 16:40

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  • power of positivity


    I watched the rerun of "Infinite Challenge" Mr. Roh feels that he is a very positive person. How big is the positive force? If you think optimistically, you'll be healthy. It's going to I feel better. The quality of life increases. a placebo effect See that the glass of water is half full, not empty. She says she'll be lucky if she smiles. She'll cheer up today. Let's spread our laughter today with positive energy.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.06 12:52

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  • What do I want to do?


    drinking iced americano Sit idly by the window of the cafe and, um... It's nice that the sun is so warm. I have to do something. Whether it's a job or a relationship. I don't know what I want to do, but I know I don't want to do it. What do I want to do? I've been sitting for a long time and came home.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.06 00:47

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  • an easy life


    It's like people are living like hell. I feel like I'm the only one who lives in peace. I can't help studying. one way or another I can't help but love. I didn't do it well or I didn't do well. I think. But the present is saying that the result is not good. It is regrettable to see the current situation, which will not be included in the average axis.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.06 00:40

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  • irresistible anxiety


    # Anxiety #Sickness I think I'm doing well in my life, There's a chronic disease that comes in from time to time. irresistible anxiety All of a sudden, all sorts of miscellaneous thoughts. Life and love are useless. This stuffy stuff that's strangling me. I don't know what you want. I just know I don't want it.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.05 14:39

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  • holiday syndrome


    #I #I #Tasty #Disk #Stress It's National Day. Whenever they get close to Myung-jak, they suffer from holiday syndrome. Because of the Confucian ideology of our country, in fact, women are the most important people in the world. It's true that you're burdened with a lot of housework. do the dishes and the dishesin view of It's not a lie that night is coming. Not only is it a mother, but it's also a family that's What you're getting is an undeniable reality. But my mother, my daughter-in-law, my daughter-in-law, my girls. I'm sorry to hear you say that you've been through so much for your sake. Why don't you give me a nice massage?

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  • The condition of the restaurant? The force of the restaurant?


    #Favorite restaurant #Food place This ssambap restaurant is located in Ansan. I went there because I was famous for being delicious. I felt like I was in my surroundings. Fortunately, it's time to break up this holiday. I went to a nearby place, so I was quiet, but... I've been looking for it for a long time because the entrance looks like that. I don't think the appearance of the store is important. It's ironic that the entrance is a place where you eat in a row, even if it looks like you're from side to side.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.04 13:10

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  • human relationship


    #Human relations It's hard, but it's funny. I know a month, and I'm closer than someone I've known for a year. Even if you know a year, you're full of things you don' Even if you've known him for years, it's only a matter of time before he becomes an enemy. So it's not how much you know, but how much you have. Sometimes, even if you're not, you're familiar. Even though I've known them for a long time, there are people who feel a sense of me. Don't waste your feelings while you're having a hard time in human relationships. After all, it's life for those who will go and those who will stay. The important thing is yourself. Live on your own.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.03 22:36

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  • On New Year's Day, families play folk games.


    #New Year's Day # Family gathering # Folk play # # Songnori # Yeonnori # When I was a child, it was called Seollal. I was watching Murder Dosa in the morning. It's still a new record. Computers were not common at the time. When I went to the country, I always played yut with my family. And with relatives like flying kites and scabbing, I remember having a lot of fun. On New Year's Day, I'm going to tell my family. I have to ask them to play yut. But don't bet too much on the money. We are going to fight.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.03 16:34

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  • Eating rice cake soup will make you a year old.


    #Tteokguk #Solnal #Night #Finnish #Pigon On New Year's Day, we called tteokguk Chomsebyeong in Chinese characters. This means that it's an age-enhancing food. as it is the beginning of the new year. solemn and clean eating rice cake soup as a meaning It's said to be tradition. I wish you a long and prosperous life in rice cake soup. The shape of the rice cake shapes the currency. I heard that there is something that Jae-un wants. The white color forgets the bad things last year It also means starting a new year. Let's eat rice cake soup and cheer up again this year!

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.03 16:25

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  • How about singing magpie New Year's Day in English?


    #New Year's Day #Gagachi a song that hummed on New Year's Day. How was New Year's Day? I'm sure they've all sung it once. How about singing in English? The day of the New Year's for magpie magpie. Magpie, Magpie's new year's day was yesterday Our New Year's Day is today. Our new year's day is today I'll bring in the sweet and fine dengue. Pretty pigtail ribbon, I put it on myself. I'm wearing the new shoes I bought.~ Newly bought shoes I put it on my self If you have children and lonely friends for fun, Why don't we share it together?

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.03 12:26

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  • You're curious about the location of your hand when you celebrate New Year's Day, right?


    #New Year's Day #Sebae #Double #One share #Handwich You've done three times as much as you were a kid. But there's something I worry about every time I do it. Left hand? Right hand? Where's the stomach? As an adult, I still don't know. So I found out. He's got his left hand up. She's got her right hand up. Left and right! You have to remember them, and you're gonna tell them. Please let me know the proper service.~~

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.03 00:15

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  • Free highway tolls on New Year's Day!


    #Free #Soonnal #Highway #Free passage #Free Those of you who stayed at home on holiday days, You may not know. Because my house is just at home during the holidays, I really didn't know it when I was a kid. I'm in my 20s, and I start driving. I had to go to a memorial service during the holidays. I've been on it. What's this? The toll was free! This year's Lunar New Year's Day, 2019. From 01.04 to 01.06 inclusive of civilian roads. Let's hope you get home safely because the toll is cotton!

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.02 23:49

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  • my boredom


    #Kwon-tae #No #Wow #Gee-Loo As I get older, I feel bored. I visit often. Whether it's a job or a relationship, I can feel it. We haven't found a solution yet. It's just my own problem, but at that point, I'm looking for something to cheer up. I know you can't be fooled by your familiarity and lose your preciousness, There's a lot of times when people feel like they're very simple.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.02 21:37

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  • Are you asleep?


    #Joney #Lady #Lucky #Lucky #Billie # Those of you who've ever received a message like that... Do you have any of them? I've never been there before. You've been around, you've been kicking me, but... I'm drunk and I've been drinking, and I've been feeling it. I didn't know it was sent it. Of course I read it, but... Don't make everyone do anything with a quilt. ㅜㅜ

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.02 21:31

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  • I want you to be a publicist.


    #Publito #English #Improvements Actually, I'm not trying to make a big offer. I might be personally uncomfortable. -Many Korean people use the homepage menu I think it's a little inconvenient because it's all English. Especially the category. I feel dizzy already because I am all English. I want to know more about Publicito, but it is difficult to interpret because it is in English. - Is there a standard for what appears on the main page? Of course, I know you're picking good ones, but I wonder if there's a standard. -I would like to register the image thumbnail separately. And I hope that the exposure of photos in the content will be improved in an influential way.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.02 12:46

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  • cleaning day


    # Cleaning #Soul #Clean #Pork #Poan #Poan #Department # The meaning of cleaning day to me It's a word that needs to be organized. hard days by work and people the sad days of a quarrel with a lover days of disappointment to myself You know, I've been thinking about all these complex. It's time to sort things out a little bit. I try to soothe my heart with cleaning again today.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.01 21:33

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  • Give me a warm hug.


    # Love #Temperature #Poong #Top of Heart # I've got a lot of anxious days. Sometimes when you feel someone's temperature, I thought I could be comforted. It's the warmest feeling I've ever said. I thought it was a hug. It's full of it So I met my girlfriend today. I asked you to give me a warm cuddle.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.01 21:27

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  • Did you apply for a deferred tax?


    #Automotive #tax # application for deferred payment # deduction It was a time to pay the car tax in January, right? I received a letter of deposit, but the company is busy. I missed the payment period. ㅜㅜ So while I was frustrated, I found something amazing through a search!!! 10% deduction of annual tax in January 7.5% deduction for annual tax in March a deduction of 5% of the annual tax in June. 2.5% deduction for annual tax in September I didn't think the deduction was over in January. It's possible in March! It's 2.5% less, but still a vehicle with high emissions. It's a big sum. Even if you're all busy, make sure you get a deductible through your pension application!

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.01 17:30

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  • an unforgettable memory


    #Honey #Memory # I thought I'd never be forgotten. I thought you'd think about it every time you ate it. The food I ate with you the day I was introduced to you I'm eating with someone else now. I don't even remember. I still don't like people like me.

    $mania1115 . 2019.02.01 15:47

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  • How about a vacation on New Year's Day?


    #Hotus #hotel #rest #recharge #New Year #Healing New Year's Day is coming up next week. These days, I'm sure you're going to have a ritual or visit your hometown. The custom is disappearing. through long holidays such as New Year's Day or Chuseok. I travel abroad a lot. But it's not like having a lot of money, or having a long vacation. It's a burden. So it's the Hawkes that float. Enjoying a rest in a luxurious hotel in the nearest downtown area. For these customers, major hotels have a good time for the winter. We are planning various package products such as spa and ice rink. If you don't have a schedule to digest during the long holidays, How about having a healing time for myself through a vacation?

    $mania1115 . 2019.01.31 21:56

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  • an uneasy heart


    # Anxiety #First # Sometimes my heart thumps. Sometimes it subsides quickly, but as you get older, It doesn't stop easily. Is something bad going to happen to me? Maybe someone's hurt? I've got these bad ideas. I get nervous and nervous. The deeper you get, the more tense you get. I've lost my concentration and I've lost my head. I'm getting more and more anxious.

    $mania1115 . 2019.01.31 21:02

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  • Am I living a normal life?


    #Life #Life #Evaluation #Security #First # I think I'm living a normal life. I was born with no pain. Bob makes enough money not to starve. There's nothing particularly greedy. I'm just going to have to spend a little time. I think about it, but I'm thinking about what's really normal.

    $mania1115 . 2019.01.31 20:56

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  • a branch for the health of my colleagues


    #Secondary #Dryer #High-risk peers #Anti-cancer effect I had a medical checkup at the company recently. I mean, I've got the results on average, The people around me were in a mess. Hyperlipidemia... High blood pressure... Why are you all so high? So, for the health of your colleagues, I've made eggplant tea. 1. Wash the eggplant clean as it will be eaten with the skin on it. 2. Dry it for 12 hours using a dryer. 3. Stir-fry on medium heat for about 5 minutes. 4. Eat small amounts on fire. It's not difficult, but it takes a long time. to the effect of the branches -Ancancer effect - Improving constipation - Mitigate the inflammation of the body. - Mitigate eye fatigue -Adjust the cholesterol level. There are so many. Furthermore, it's all tied up with the results of the medical examination. It's hard to see them on the market, and they're hesitant to buy them. I made it and distributed it for my colleagues.

    $mania1115 . 2019.01.29 22:21

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