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  • Intuitive, not baseball. Singing. Ali, Kim Kyung-ho.


    #CBS Love Concert #Jeonju Dome #Alley, #Sonya, #Kim Kyung-ho, #Bicycle bullet windscreen #Sand art # Performance Going to see a performance. A culture that requires time and space to enjoy. An act that cannot enhance the ear unless it is deliberately chosen. With a song of memories, I can resolve my current complaints in a way that can be forgotten for a moment. "I am proud to have upgraded my quality of life to the next level," she said. Regardless of the cost, class, location, who you were with, a periodic need As a person, I can broaden my vision and mind through cultural life.

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  • Kunsan Eunpa amusement park


    Blow up the oars. Stir the boat. #Oriabae, #Eunpa, #Gunsan, #Bom Gunsan, North Jeolla Province, has many stories to tell. Japan, cherry blossoms, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Motor, port city, Saemangeum, Lee Seong-dang, Flower Gejang, Parkdae, Songsan Islands, Wolmyeongsan Mountain and Eunpa amusement park. Since there were no environmental restrictions and restrictions, the Eunpa amusement park around 2000 was astounding from the current point of view, including karaoke, street vendors, and adult clubs. Thanks to the interest in environment and housing, and the development of housing-oriented real estate, such as land prices and views, Eunpa amusement park has become a good residential environment for nearby apartments. A musical fountain, a watery bridge across the amusement park, and a Dulegil optimized for a walk. The duck boat floating on the lake looks very relaxed. If you take a short boat trip with your family and lover, you'll feel what a "milk" is. I don't think we're allowed to do that yet. I re-imagine what I felt when I was shooting, even in a short video.

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  • a home-fried doughnut


    #Donuts, #Sweet Rice Donuts, #Dubu Donuts, #Home Donuts, #Wonder Donuts I do everything at home. You don't have to tell me about the popularity and taste. I tried so hard to get my wife to be pretty. Sundubu, glutinous rice dough, and yeast and matured to imitate them. The shape still fills the hungry stomach with a slightly sweet taste of oil.

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  • The pomegranate flowers are in bloom.


    It's been three years since I planted it, and I've never seen it before. I guess I didn't see it last year. I think there are so many things that I've gone by in my daily life. Forty is very emotional.

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  • ASMR, 자율 감각 쾌감 반응. 닭 튀김소리.


    #soundup #홈메이드치킨 #집에서별걸다해먹네 #sound #집에서튀긴닭 Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response 거창한 의료 용어가 아니라 신조어입니다. 유튜브를 통해 다양한 소리를 설명하는 영상이 인기가 많습니다. MC스퀘어란 기기가 수십년 전에 유행 했던가요? 집중력을 높여주고, 수면에 도움을 주는 화이트 노이즈 패턴을 들려주는 기기 말입니다. 스마트폰 어플로도 유사 효과를 내주는게 많습니다. 또한 스마트폰도 기능이 너무 좋아서, 찍으면 영상이요, 담으면 예술이 되지요. 집에서 직접 튀김닭을 하다가 소리가 너무 좋아서 녹화 해봤습니다.

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  • Take the Gwaneumsa course at 20190119 Seongpanak on Mount Halla.


    #outdoor #Jeju #White Rockdam is #8 hours 20 minutes #In Seongpanak #The Weather Hirschovi #As it is so sad #Hallasan #Mount # Has anyone ever climbed Mt. Halla? There is a mountain club at the company. I have been active since 17 and have been going to a mountain in Jeollabukdo, and I have been going to Jeju this year as planned since last year. The total number of people is 20, but we have a memorable moment for our journey from Gunsan Airport to Sunday morning. If you think about it, how many times can you climb Mt. Halla while living in Korea, it wasn't that easy. The Seongpanak Music Course, which is 900 meters above sea level, might have given up halfway if it was a snow-free season. The first run took a total of 8 hours and 20 minutes, despite less strain on the lower body due to the snow. Of the total 11 people, I finished the race last. It was 50 minutes away from the lead. Men usually don't have toilet waiting lines in tourist areas, but they had a good mood the previous day, so I drank too much. This was the decisive reason for the delay in departure time. I can't drink. The man's dung line was 20 minutes old. As we approach the summit, the bridge becomes paralyzed and does not move. I had no place to rest on the side of the walkway because I was in the middle of Mt. Seosan, so I was kicked out of time and chased by a mountain climber. I didn't see Baekrokdam on the summit, but I was so proud of the achievement of climbing the 1930s. I guess they stayed for about five minutes because the temperature at the top was too low. I didn't know that chocolate pie was such a delicious food, Maybe because of the atmospheric pressure, the hot water that I took with me cooled down and I don't know how I ate ramen, but I really appreciate it. I thought you couldn't eat tangerines when you came to Jeju Island. You had to put on some fresh saliva after looking at the tangerine shell you saw throughout the mountain trip. It's been a week, and the muscles in the lower body are still pulled together, so I can't do it right. If you ask me to go back, I think I can only do it after my memory is somewhat diluted. Jeju Island has lots of stones, wind, and women. I admit the stones and the wind, but I don't know the last thing about the emotions of today.

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  • 용인 AMG SPEEDWAT #짐카나, #gymkana, #gymkhana


    #gymkana #ev #eq #amg #저안에나있다 #운전자는후덜덜 #mercedes #짐카나 #phev #슬라럼에서후덜덜 #speedway #gymkhana #glc350e 이 브랜드에 관계된 일을 하고 있습니다. 작년에 용인 스피드웨이에서 차량의 성능을 볼 수 있는 행사를 했었습니다. 동영상의 내용은 짐카나 체험입니다. 운전은 제가 했는데, 차량은 GLC350 e 입니다. SUV라서 느려 보일지 몰라도 1:1 랩타임 대결이라 무리해서 이기는 장면이네요. ㅎㅎ 전기모터가 들어간 하이브리드 차량이라 가속 수준은 후덜덜합니다. 전치계통은 0KM 부터 최고 출력이 가능하거든요.

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  • essay writing


    challenge one's wife for an essay contest In October 2018, I received the best award for participating in the "Gunsan Love or My Life Review essay contest" sponsored by Gunsan City, which was organized by Kunsan University Humanities Center. I've made some public to the people around me in spite of my embarrassment, and I've posted it on my website on the Tribe, and I've also posted it on the Publicisto. A4 In four chapters, I wrote a few words about the meaning of "home" as a father who raises children. Let's say hello first. Thank you for reading it. When you check your life goals. How much age is worth is often considered, or in some cases, it is hard to ask questions. For a father who raises two children, the question is often agonized. I wonder if my children will be generous in the price of my age, and how much my bosses are paying. Not everyone lives for their own reputation, but I hope the father's age, which is reflected in my children, will be of the highest value. The father I see in my daughter and son is definitely more like a friend and full of expressions than my parents. In today's words, I'm not "dis" my parents, but I'm not saying I'm a father living in 2018 without doing this, and I think everyone will do this much. Even an affluent economic situation, which has never been studied for "In Seoul," is a real problem to worry about, especially by taking root in "fat" and giving birth to children. Who, as a man, doesn't dream of becoming "a career"? Even if you don't necessarily measure gender, you'll be running every day in the field you've studied, and in the field you've chosen, hoping for "success." There are many areas of success. There are the best in a number of fields, including CEOs, experts, scholars and entertainers, and the success I had hoped for from a very ordinary point of view was to "build a normal family." As a child, I saw my parents break up, and I was sympathetic to the prejudice that I was a single-parent, single-mother child. Although these assumptions are not socially impaired, in some cases in my life I have benefited from them because they are implicitly defined as off-normal. (e.g., getting points from the priority of a high school scholarship.) They took all the responsibility for their decision without backbiting, and felt that there was less "life" to bounce back even if they were hurt like a game, so they were careful about everything, and without even having time to be lonely or idle at the thought of being alone, passed by teenagers and 20-somethings. Now I thought about it, and I didn't think about it when I passed my teens and twenties. It's been described in short sentences for nearly 30 years, so there's never been any crazy study, or the other way around. If there was a modern expression at the time, would it be about work and life balance? At the age of 27, she marries her spouse of the same age, and as others do, the child has a daughter first, and a son next, and lives listening to parents of 150 or 200 points. I still think that a marriage in my late twenties is really early. The "most ordinary family-building," which is the goal of my life, is closer to success so far. In addition, living this much in his hometown of Gunsan gives him greater satisfaction. However, the "big satisfaction" expressed now is by no means a complacent idea: "Let's make a decent living, let's live moderately!" In its own right, it has set a new milestone in its current company, wants to be recognized more than anyone else, and is fighting hard against me for the highest place it can climb. All this aim is to keep my most "normal home" happy. What is your dream? How many people make their dreams come true in their hometown? Put on the condition that there should be a firm belief in happiness, and that this belief should not turn upside down. (Of course, judging happiness by economic level.) Gunsan was my father's home, became my home and finished in my hometown of Gunsan, from primary education to my bachelor's degree. Small and medium-sized manufacturing companies that used to be branch offices near Osik-dong had a big head and formed a family after seven years of departmental rotation, but their lives have not worked so well so far. To me, home is like a first love that I don't want to leave, and I can't forget, and the first love is usually said to be sick. Foreign capital has been brought in, if not in the history of Gunsan. It looks like 88 years ago. As one of the economic players born in Gunsan and engaged in economic activities in Gunsan, I had to hear the news that was so painful at the end of May. At one point, he was one of the employees who used to go to and from Gunsan's largest automobile manufacturing base, which produced 1,440 cars a day (one finished car per minute) and had pride in the brand, but chose to part with the company that he shared for a long time in order to get a bigger picture of his intentions, and the news in May came 12 years after he left the industry. But the news came as if the company you are working for now had such a pain. News from the radio darkens one's mind about how the company could have endured a situation in which it had evaporated or decided to close down. Through a series of changes in owner and family members living with all employees of the company who were leading the Gunsan games to the point where they could leave their employee's card and eat on credit, Gunsan, which is holding them, must have been worried about how to solve all the pain and big homework. It was as if it was a torch for a crisis to come to my house. Why can't my hometown be solved when the land is so wide, traffic is so good, and lots of resources are The crisis and opportunity are said to be as close as the two sides of the coin, and I hope my hometown Gunsan will do better than anyone else. I should ask what children's dreams are after I finish this article. When you spend time with your wife and with your children, you often smile because of them. When father smile and mother smile are full of joy and want to talk to children, they sometimes talk cheerfully. "I envy you all. Mom and Dad!!!" (You guys with parents like us, and you guys who live today) When our children think about their father and their hometown, Gunsan, as I am today, we think about it. All parents will be the same, but I hope our children will become children with wings and dreams of being on a state of emergency. In order to advance into a wider world and to instill a proper sense of value, I and my wife call today's perspiration a passion and effort toward children. Hopefully, this passion and effort will be the foundation for children's dreams to come true. If the children of the next generation meet each other's mates in the world, start a family that we have achieved, and wisely apply all the legacy of experience, knowledge, and wisdom we have received to achieve what children mean, then it will be no better as fathers and parents. Surely children will leave their homes and fly toward their dreams. Or you could use your life as a role model to drive toward success, but it remains to be seen whether you can see it in its entirety because your parents' minds hope for a "life of children who are better than I am." However, as I mentioned earlier, if I have a firm will and belief in my own happiness, I will spare all the support and encouragement my children can make no matter what decision they make, especially in their hometown of Gunsan. If there are more children who fulfill their dreams in their hometowns and these dreams that come true continue to converge, I can make my hometown Gunsan an ideal city. It's that the value of life goes up after the way you dream! The child who makes this dream come true is my daughter and son!I can't help but imagine how happy and happy it is. From the past history of poverty, discrimination, pain, sorrow, and old disgrace, I think we can all heal when the world we dream of becomes a reality. And there is no doubt that I, my wife, Gunsan or all parents of the Republic of Korea are pouring out their passion and sweat to make our children have a wonderful and feasible dream. Give all our parents a hearty cheer and a round of encouragement... August 3, 2018 ?

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  • 40. Bullshit. Forty.


    #To burn or to burn #40 in a fit That he should be held responsible for his face. These days, forty is not that old. It's time to be the height of life, and it's called life that's not suspicious of anything. Confucius said there was no suspicion at 40, and that he knew 1,000 people at 50. I think it's possible to know a thousand people these days. The front seats changed this year, but the time and place of sunrise remained unchanged. Even if you have a mind, it's like you look different even though you're at the same place. I hope that this year will be a year of standing up and learning a lot.

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  • 2018 Jeonju International Film Festival Opening Ceremony Credit


    #AndingCredit #Yakinikudragon #Anding #On the job #Sound of the field #Jiff I can't feel all the emotion from the scene, but I think I can see the festival's opening fever. I was a sponsor at the Jeonju International Film Festival, so I sat down for work. The emotion I felt at the film festival was quite memorable. It's a job that I'm going to do this year, but I'm going to learn more and become a messenger that I'm

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  • The cold weather reminds me of a hot summer.


    #Pepaper tree #A proxy walkbook #Pytoncide When the hot summer comes, I will remember the cold winter. It's easy. the mind of an unknown person But can it be spring every day? In the winter, five minutes before you wake up, you're the happiest place in the blanket. In summer, the sweat from the damp place and beer from the air-conditioning wind are my taste If you find happiness that you can enjoy, It's next to me, but I can't recognize it.

    $managerkyle . 2018.12.31 13:35

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  • clay shooting


    #Clay shooting #Shotgun #Clay #Ray #25 shots #clayshotgun a general shooting range in Imsil, Jeollabuk-do Let's get rid of the stress with clay shooting. 25 shots, 24,000 won.

    $managerkyle . 2018.12.30 12:19

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  • Unam Reservoir, Unam Cottage683, Stomach


    #working # Delicious # pizza #Zola #sitterview # beat #notplaying # and #Uncamho #eng I also want to go to a cafe like this for tea on weekdays. Is it possible if Ios costs 100,000 won? Haha

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  • Chadolbaki with grilled cheese


    #Moraksan #Moraksan Mountain #Christmas # Beef #Billionaire #SOH The content on Instagram is very good, too. I couldn't get through at the end of the year because I was so busy, but this is great for Beta. The last hike, and the last small dinner we ate among the sticky people.

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  • #Moraksan, #Gordm, #2018 Last Walk, #outdoors # The sound of the rain # #Winter sound


    #2018 Last Mountain Road #Winter Sound #Moraksan #Gord #Outdoors #Girls #Girls #Girls Wanju County, which surrounds Jeonju, and Mt. Moak. I wish I had a clean heart, and in the new year, I would have no bite, no crying and no tears.

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  • a tulip performance; a segwang piano contest.


    Participation in the first piano contest. 3rd grade in elementary school, assessment to use more pedals. Open Beta's first posting. Publito, have fun

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