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  • [Ulung Taste House] Toast Shop in Ulleung Island! : 791 Toast


    - Ulleung Island also has a slightly sophisticated toasts. Sinsang Taste House!!) 791 Toast!! Why is it 791? The phone number of Ulleung Island is 791. The Ulleung Island number is "054791-XXXX." The owner of the store named Sense :) - There are no franchise coffee shops in Ulleungdo yet, and there are not many cafes. I haven't been to all the cafes yet, There were not many houses where I thought coffee was very much. 791 Toast is not a coffee shop, so professional barista is not a house where coffee is served. I took the Ilycapsule coffee and dropped it on the coffee machine. You've given me a consistent, delicious. Coffee is much more delicious than anywhere else!! - You drink Nespresso's coffee at home. Sometimes when I get a hang of it, come here and have a drink? - #daily #foodstagram #Daily #Matstagram #Extagram #Foodtherapy - # Giving and eating my money #Taste house #UlLONG restaurant #My favorite restaurant #791Trust #Hamchezst #Lilly coffee

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  • [Sweet-and-Sweet] Eggs! Making Roasted Eggs


    Making a #gown meter in an electric rice cooker How to make it!!! It's very easy. 1. Wipe the eggs clean with water, vinegar, and salt. 2. Let it be pretty in a rice cooker (with 1st stage) 3. Add water to cover half of the eggs. 4. Sprinkle a little salt. 5. One cooking session (about 30 minutes) 6. The temperature was kept for about an hour after completion. It's really easy, right? So, I'm going to use this for #Diet. Common #Dieters' # diet The irony of drinking in the evening... Still, #starting morning exercise!! It's important to start. It's important to It's the first time I've ever posted anything in my life. This is also food... To FOOD Category :)

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  • [Sejong's Taste House] is my house! Why do you get fat in the Milky Way Unabee.


    It's springtime when vegetables get fresh! This is a milky yunabe with vegetables. Boiling on top of Bursta. It's fun to eat right away. It's like eating, eating and eating, but it's going to explode. I ate all beef, cabbage, perilla leaves, vegetables, and mushrooms. Add kalguksu noodles to the broth and boil it for a while. If you finish the noodles! Braid!! I can't lose weight after eating like this. The real home meal is the enemy of diet. Everyone, you're going on a diet tomorrow. I'll leave the one-letter tags behind. #Home rice stargram #Today #Former eating show Sejong City Restaurant #Our house #Why are you gaining weight? #House rice #New marriage #New marriage table #The cooking ability of my love # . #Matstagram #Eatstagram #homemade #foodstargram #YUMMY #nabe.

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  • [2018 European Eating Stories] Day 9: The South French Sea is beautiful, and Blanc is always right.


    2018 EUROPE 9th On the first night in Nice, France, I ate Korean food in a big way.LOL The schedule to Lyon is a small town, and a train is not going to travel between the hills. I decided to rent a car for four days and drive it myself. Most European countries can drive with Korean driver's license and international driver's license. I mean, some people might think that international driver's license is amazing, but it's just like going to the police station and getting a driver's license. Very easy. As soon as you get your driver's license, photo, and commission, they'll make it for you! But if you're driving, it's only effective if you have a Korean driver's license together.Please take your driver's license with you! In Europe, driving is already the second time since 2017 when driving 600 kilometers from Zagreb, Croatia, to Dvorbunik! The car I borrowed this time is Ford Focus! Europe has more manual than Automotive, so be careful when making reservations! I used to use cheap and easy manual first morning in my country. These days, manual traffic is so good that it's very convenient to drive.~ By the way! I have a one-year license, so I have a new memory every time I go out We rented a car, and we would go to the Ginger Perra and Saint Paul's without a car. Of course, these small cities (especially Saint-Foldbanks) are famous tourist destinations, so there are tour packages in Nice in the form of local packages. A similar schedule of co-workers has taken advantage of the local package, so please refer! A village of rich French people coming to enjoy the rest of their lives, the place where luxurious yachts are anchored is a wonderful place. Maybe that's why the road is winding up, but like the second picture, the view shows up in the middle, and you can stop. I was able to enjoy the scenery and take a ride around the neighborhood. After getting off, walking, enjoying your leisure, we found a café in front of the yacht anchorage where the yacht was anchored. A glass of gelato and ice coffee. After enjoying your leisure, go to Saint-Foldbence Saint-Foldbanks is famous for the village of Chagall. France has many villages that are loved by artists. Arles, Phongtabang, famous for Gauguin's village, etc. Among them, Saint-Foldbanks was loved by artists because the town was small and beautiful. It was so small and small that I could see why I was loved, but the alley was so much. If you have a chance, I recommend you to go there! Zelato and coffee are Italian victories. But pasta is still delicious, and so is beer! The French beer we know a lot is also Blanc made in Cronenberg. It's not usually the taste of the famous German wheat beer or the cool lager. Wittbier Blanc, a wheat beer with a fresh taste of fruit that wins with tenderness. When I first met Blanc with draft beer in Hong Kong, is there such a refreshing and delicious beer? As I recall that memory I wanted to do Dinner that fell into a blanc tonight with pasta. #gelato #caffe #pasta #Bioudre #traller #saint_jean_cap_ferrat #saint_paul_de_vance #Pubu Travel #Travel Diary

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  • [Sejong Taste House] Yangkot-chien Chingtao?! No, no, no, no, no! : Good lamb skewers


    # Giving and eating my money Stoning over a fresh, lamb-tailed charcoal fire. The lamb chops and the back ribs are free, so it's easy for with a burning throat, but with an endless stream of fragrant high spirits, Complaint and delicious lamb makes heaven free. (Of course! It also looks good on Tsingtao.) If you think you're not good enough, you can eat Mara Xianggu, the spicy food that makes your mouth water. - #Taste house #Sejong restaurant #Na Seong-dong #Yangkotchi #Sweet lamb skewer #Marashanguo #High Liangju #Anju - #daily #foodstagram #traller #Daily #Matstagram #Eatstagram

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  • [2018 European Eating Stories] Day 8: One day only for Lee Dong-man! Finally France! Korean food party!


    2018 EUROPE 8th Moving from Europe is always a waste of time. a short itinerary I'll spend the whole day moving around the country. Besides, I didn't come only for a trip, but for the mid-term conference attendance, the agency meeting and so on, I wasted my time on national-national travel. Finishing the first trip in Palermo, Italy, the morning of the last day. I've been shopping at the market. Morning with remaining alcohol, fruit, and coffee. a nice morning too much for a rippling :) And the traditional Italian dessert canola that I wanted to taste! Move to the airport from Palermo, Italy, to Nice, France! When I arrive at the airport, I need to clear my baggage. Did they pack too much Korean food? There's always more than half the food in the carrier, and the odd phenomenon of carrying clothes in the bag and flying on the plane is beginning to happen.... However, I think it was really good to bring Korean food even if I went through such a hard time. Who did it. If you want to enjoy your trip, you have to start in Northern Europe and come down to Southern Europe. When you come down to southern Europe after feeling the murderous prices of northern Europe, you're feeling the heat of the sun, the leisurely people, the long journey to cheap water, you're tired, but somehow you're happy. I moved on the route, so I came up north from Palermo, where I was experiencing cheap prices, and then! First panic at the sudden rise of water, second wave at too many tourists! But I'm not embarrassed. Entering the accommodation you got through the Accommodation Sharing Service (Airbnb) and having a Korean food party with your co-workers in Italy for a week! Thank you, Mr. Hwang, for providing wine, beer and meat at the local market.ᄒᄒ Kimchi stew, ramen, anchovy fried rice, cuttlefish, dried seaweed, and sunbans are all sold in five different sizes:) Today, I spent all day on the move, and finished. I'm going to sleep! We're going to go again tomorrow! Hi, France! Bonjour FRANCE?! 🇫🇷 53 days of #European travel #ITALIA #PALERMO #Italia #Palermo #FRANCE #NICE #France #Nice #Carnnoli #Koreanfood in Nice #Koreanbq #soju #vin #Biere #foodstagram #traller #Matstagram #Tourstagram #Pubu Travel #Travel Diary

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  • [Spring Flower Event Participation] To see the cherry blossoms in Yeonhwaji, Gimcheon


    We're going to participate in Green juice's event! Gimcheon is burning the last cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms are falling like rain in the breeze. This week's game.The last cherry blossom game in Gangwon-do I think you can do it. Happy Spring, Happy Spring, Mr. Purble Family.♥ # Spring spring # Daily life # # Gimcheon # Yeonhwaji # Cherry Blossom # Cherry Blossom # #Video # First try #Easy #Travel Stagram #New marriage Stagram #traller #travel #Korea #cherryblossom #blossomrain #Beautiful Korea

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  • [2018 European Eating Stories] Day 7: A view to the city of the gods! And Samso?


    2018 EUROPE 7th, After our tour of the nearby city of Palermo, we are going to go to the southern city of Sicily called Agrijento, although it is a little far. A city of southern Sicily ruled by Greece in the Middle Ages, so the valley of the temple where Greek temples are clustered is famous. I have a trip to Greece later, but I go to AgriGento to smell the Greek scent that I can feel in Italy! The previous day, Chefalu and Monrealean had a little longer train ride time, unlike the previous day. AgriGento had a different feeling from Palermo's northern Sicily, but the grandmothers were as friendly as ever. I had to get out of the station and take a bus to the temple, but I didn't have much information about what to take, so I was wandering around. beckon to the bus stop and tell me how many times I should take it from here, Please ask the bus driver with a nuance like, "I'm going to the children's temple, so let me know from there." lol Thanks to you, we were able to get off at the bus stop in the valley of the gods after being kindly guided by the bus driver. The long journey, which could have been a little tiring, was lifted with great kindness, and I felt up. But... The day we traveled was sunny, so we couldn't do it. It was such a fine day. I'm going around the valley of the gods, emptying two containers of ice water, buying another water in the middle, drinking... We were so exhausted that we almost got dehydrated. Still, it was fun to see and see the temple of Zeus, Hera and so on. After the scene of the gods' valley, the ocean view near the station is over at MATRA. Cream bongole pasta, squid steak, and indelible beer jam. The food is delicious, but let's eat it outside, facing the sea breeze, and looking at the open ocean. It felt more like enjoying the scenery than eating food! I came here to eat and take the train... The train time is a little different from what the Internet says!!! Thanks to you, you have forced time at the train station, and in the middle you have to transfer from a train station called Thermini. But the last night, it's all over Palermo. Let's have a great Korean food party. It's really a delicacy for samgyeopsal that you eat abroad! If you can afford a suitcase, take some soju with you! It reminds me of a lot of things. I miss Korea so much in a week that I spent my last night in Palermo, Italy! Hello Palermo! Hi, Italy! Addio palmo! Addio Italy🇮🇹! now in France #PROSSIMO_FERMATA IS #FRANCE #squid #vongole #birra #validateempli #palmofood #italian_food #foodstagram #traller #Matstagram #Tourstagram #Pubu Travel #Travel Diary

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  • Ulleungdo Island is a spring of wildflowers. Come and get some fragrant herbs~(Event Participation:D)


    Right now, if you go to a restaurant on Ulleung Island, The greens will come out. It's so fragrant and delicious, so make sure!!Make sure you eat! - # Giving and eating my money #Favorite restaurant #Ulungdo restaurant #Jeodong Harbor #Ulungdo Island #JeongDown restaurant - These days, Ulleungdo is #Namulchul. #The name of the tree #The site is #Gobinamu, etc. To dig for vegetables from the mountain Grandmothers go up and down the mountain. Today's Jung- It's a restaurant for the twin sisters. In the morning, he picked up some silkworms. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. # Eat kimchi stew with a bowl of meat After looking at the afternoon business, I'm gonna come back. #Samgyeopsal in unsealed pollack!! #Specialties that can only be tasted on Ulleungdo Island If you come to Ulleungdo, you must. Come and eat the fragrant and delicious greens in the springtime! - #daily #foodstagram #Daily #Matstagram #Extagram #Foodtherapy

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  • [2018 European Eating Stories] Day 6: Traditional Pizza Spinchone, Carbonara, and Wine


    the sixth day before I knew it I left Palermo today to go to a nearby city. #Monreale #monreale. Monreale is a resort where royalty used to play, and the Duomo Cathedral is famous. Monreale is closer than Chefalu that I went yesterday, so I can go there only about 40 minutes by bus. But you have to take a good bus. Well....!! Was the bus at half an hour? It's not only a good time ride. It's hard to stand at the station, so you'd better take a good seat. Also, the most famous cathedral has open hours in the morning and afternoon, so you have to meet the bus time well. You can enjoy the trip without wasting your time. Our country is no different, but Italian grandmothers are very kind. To take a bus from Palermo to Monreale, I look for a bus stop at a Rotary. Since there were two or three bus stops, I was wandering around without knowing where to get on. Italy and Rome are all good at English, but Sicilia has more people who can't speak English yet. But I have to ask, I'm asking my young friends at the stop how many times do I have to take to get to Monreale? The old lady next to me said, "Monrealle?" You have to take bus number 104 "Uno, Zero, Medtro" several times. They kept telling me. It doesn't matter if we understand or not, but it's in Italian. And in the middle, "Uno, Zero, Zero."LOL Was it thanks to you? We were able to get on the bus and go to Monreale. Monreale is a city near Palermo, located on the middle of the mountain. The view of Palermo City and the beach is a wonderful place. The bus arrived at 12:30 p.m., and there was time until 14:30 p.m. when the church was open. We're going to have a quick lunch at a nearby restaurant. a plate of Carbonara in Italy, the home of the Carbo. Spinchone, a traditional Sicily pizza, And a glass of beer that you shouldn't miss.🍻 After eating it all, he went into the cathedral. It's worth visiting, even if it's not a Catholic, but it's a mosaic. It's so famous that it's over pretty mosaic that I enjoy watching. Since mosaic is famous, many mosaic-related products are sold at nearby souvenir shops. Entering a small alleyway next to the cathedral, there is a small workshop where glass-mosaic crafts are performed. I think you'll be very happy to buy souvenirs in this workshop! (My house also has two glass mosaic memorabilia:) In fact, Mondelora also went to the beach north of Palermo. There's nothing special to see, and the white guy who took the bus with him sang a racist song. He took all the bad feelings and started a war of nerves. I won't post it because I don't have a single pleasant memory....LOL Don't go to Monthello...... On the way back home, I bought an Aranchini at Keppele and made pasta at the dorm. Enjoying dinner with sparkling wine bought at the supermarket. In Italy, wine is really cheap. It's really cheaper than water, with a little bit of lies. But it's delicious......if it wasn't really the baggage claim......lol [2018 European Eating Stories] The First installment for Chung Ju-yung: https://www.publyto.com/posts/11127 #sfincione #carbonara #birdra #al365 #arancini #ke_palle #homemade_pasta #palmofood #italian_food #foodstargram #traller #Matstagram #Tourstagram #Pubu Travel #Travel Diary

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  • [Pohang Taste House] On the beach, grilled shellfish is the truth!


    # Giving and eating my money #Taste house #Pohang restaurant #Yeongildae #Pohang Passenger Terminal #Joegae gui # Hanryeonggaegui #Yeongil University is not a university - Friday coming out of Ulleung Island! My best friend came down to Pohang. It's not raining, it's windy, it's Set the coast of Yeongildae as the background. #In the Limits #In the Cockpit # # A glass of soju Thank you. Beffyahm. - #daily #foodstagram #Daily #Matastagram #Bubustagram #Newlywed Stagram #Extagram #Foodtherapy

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  • [2018 European Eating Stories] Day 5: Zelato Hotflops of senior citizens and seafood restaurants


    the fifth day of Sicily I finally left Palermo and went outside. Today, we're going to Cefaloo. I used to travel only on foot, but I finally decided to take the train today. I was on a train or on a plane when I was moving from the hub to the base for 53 days. I bought Eurail Pass five or seven times a month instead of unlimited pass in a month. So I decided to take a separate train in Italy. In Europe, trains are so good that you can ride them without being scared! I hope you use it well because it's not so expensive and time-sensitive! As is Korail in our country, there is a railway company called Trenitalia in Italy. You can check the time and amount of train fare by accessing www.trenitalia.com operated here. Reservations can be made directly from the website, and there are electronic ticketing machines at the train station, so don't be afraid to go there:) Palermo Central Station, where the tradition has been around for more than 50 years, is that after ticketing, a young child continues to eat until he becomes a grandfather. Zelato in Cicio It's a different attraction from Al Cassaro the day before. It's a taste of tradition! It took about an hour for Chefaloo to arrive. It is famous for filming the movie Cinema Heaven Beach. I heard that many Korean tourists come to Chefalu Beach. After seeing the beach, another tourist attraction is Chefalu Cathedral and Rocka. Rocha has to walk up for about an hour, but when she's up, she's going to see the city of Chefalu with the blue ocean. I recommend you go up there even if it's hard because the riot police are awesome!! It is good to check the time and make a tour plan because there is a deadline to enter. On a scary hot summer day, it was really hot in Europe. It was hard, but when I went to the top and saw the scenery with the wind, I thought I would have regretted it if I hadn't climbed here. I drained my sweat and came down and drank some cool ice coffee. There's a lot of people who don't understand ice coffee. I learned 'Cafe Fredo,' a cold coffee in Italian, and cried hard. Since then, we have been shouting at Cafe Fredo on our trip.lol After returning to Palermo by train, we came to the seafood restaurant that we reserved the previous day. Italian restaurants have the characteristics of a store before or after the name of the restaurant. Ristorante, Tratoria, Osteria, Pizzeria and so on.... Ristorante is a formal, mid- to high-grade restaurant where you have to take the course. Tratoria is a home-cooked restaurant for the less formal and common, Osteria means a restaurant in the inn. It is convenient to order pasta, salads, and wine without formality. Pitcheria is a blood restaurant. I can tell by the number. This evening is the Osteria of Mercede! We had raw bongole pasta, octopus salad, and Domigui dish with white wine on the fifth day of our trip. At last, I felt like I was eating a proper Italian dish. The house was worth the reservation. :) #Gelato #Granita #octopus_sald #vongole #sa_bram#calmood #italian_food #traveller#Tour Stagram #Straveller #Tour Diary #Domie #Chiccio #vongolelli Products #Lato #Tour Stagram

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  • [Sejong's Taste House] I'm not going to come once! : Tasty Dolls Wang Sogeum-gui


    -I give you my money and eat it. "No one has ever been here, but not once." They put the word on the wall and sell the meat. So, they sell the meat. So, they have a great taste. It's too hard to get rid of fine dust. #daily #foodstagram #daily #matstagram #foodstagram #foodtherapy #Taste house #Sejong restaurant #Dodam-dong #Dodam-dong #Saturated pork belly #Saturated pork belly #Saturated pork belly restaurant

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  • [2018 European Eating Stories] Day 4: Ch'ae Anju Tteokbokki, Granita as Delicious as Zelato


    It's already the fourth day of Palermo's stay. Because southern Europe has a clean Mediterranean Sea, there are many famous places for seafood. When I went to Croatia for my honeymoon in 17 years, I ate a lot of fresh and delicious seafood (of course I don't eat raw fish like my country) while traveling around Southern Italy this time, so I remember a lot of seafood dishes. Among them, one of the foods I thought would be the best for my wife was fried flatfish in the first picture above. It's not much different from fried squid in our country, why, why on earth, would it be so delicious to eat outside? With the savory smell of fried oil, the taste is soft and small, and crucially, it goes so well with beer. I can't help but eat it at night. It's perfect for a glass of beer during the day.LOL I'm sure it's different. On the way back home from a night view tour of Palermo Cathedral, a frying shop on the corner of a main street! Just!! Bef and I couldn't resist the temptation and bought a bag of fried flatfish beer. I sat there and took a storm. On the evening of the sun's fall, we cleared the panoramic fries against the backdrop of a beautiful European night view, and we headed for the nearby gelato house. As I said in my last posting, Italy is the country of Zelato! Most gelato shops can boast that they have better taste and caustic expenses than any other gelato shop in Korea. Today's gelato shop is Al Cassaro, the kind of place that was selected for the 2018 restaurant. The store is small, but the taste is the best. The green one in the middle of the second picture is the gelato. Europe's gelato shop has another menu as well as a gelato. That's what it is. Harlis Coffee. There's a Granita menu. Granita sells here. The right side of the second picture is Granada. It's a slushee to speak easily. It's an ice cube. But there's a lot of difference in quality. It tastes scary. Try it and be surprised!! have experienced a new world Looking at the picture, I want to eat both of these again. My mouth is watering... #Fried_calamari #Indiana #Galermo #Grandito #Gelato #Gelato #Gelato #Gela #53 Days #Italia #passami_u_coppu gelato #Fungrado #Fungraderadra #

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  • To feel young after lunch in college: acorn pork cutlet


    From the menu to the sauce in the restaurant!! LOL LOL I was going to meet a friend and order a pork cutlet at a pork cutlet restaurant. The menu is awesome, isn't? I played kaaamnori. It's a little expensive to eat in college. Spicy original sauce is a appetizing pork cutlet!! We give you unlimited salad, soda, and dessert, so in a way, the cost of caustic acid is good! If you don't have enough pork cutlet, you'll have to refill it once more.Hand muscles) After eating, the joy of taking a walk in college while enjoying the spring sun! You can enjoy spring while feeling the energy of youth! Good luck with your Sunday. #My money is given to me #Favorite restaurant #Daegu Restaurant #Gyeongdae North Gate #Dotor Donkas #Daily #Foodstagram #Daily #Foodstagram #Foodtherapy

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  • [2018 유럽먹방이야기] 3일차 : 커피와 피자의 나라 이탈리아~


    나와 내 베프는 커피를 엄청 좋아한다 :) 한국에서도 카페를 자주 다니고, 맛있는 드립커피집도 많이 찾아다니고, 집에서도 많이 내려마시고….. 커피에 들이는 비용이 은근~~히 많다. (그래서 와이프와 툭툭 커피세미나도 갈 수 있음 가자고 열심히 얘기하는중 !!) 아시는분들은 다 아시겠지만 이탈리아에는 스타벅스가 입점하지 않았다. 영국, 프랑스, 덴마크, 그리스, 독일, 네덜란드, 벨기에 등등 대부분의 유럽국가는 정말 아름다운 유적지의 중심지에 그 나라의 특유의 멋을 살려서 그곳의 랜드마크로 자리잡고 있는데, 이탈리아는 스타벅스가 1도 없다. 이탈리아사람들은 아침점심저녁 식후에 커피를 먹는게 너무너무 당연한 사항이다. 오죽하면 여행다닐때 모카포트를 들고다니면서 직접 에스프레소를 내려먹을까… 그만큼 이탈리아 사람들은 모두가 바리스타라고 할정도로 커피로스팅 및 추출 등 능력이 출중하고 그만큼 본인 국가 커피에 대한 자부심이 엄청나다. 그래서 스벅은 이탈리아에 1도 없지만… 걱정또한 안해도 되는것이 어디에 들어가서 커피를 마셔도전부다 JMT. 미친커피향에 진하고 맛있는 커피, 어디서 드셔도 좋으니 꼭 커피 자주자주 드세요! 팔레르모는 스페인과 위도가 비슷하다. 그말은 내가 갔던 7월의 팔레르모는 미친듯이 덥다는 것!!! 그래서 낮엔 다들 시에스타!!(낮잠을..) 가게고 식당이고 다 쉬기 떄문에 우리도 쉬기로 ㅋㅋ 현지 로컬 마켓에서 현지재료로 아라비아따 파스타 만들어서 먹고 쉬다가 해가 떨어지기 시작하는 저녁 7시 즈음 밖으로 나갔다. 나름 인터넷의 힘을 빌어 맛집 몇군데를 검색해 갔는데, 여기도 맛집은 인기가 좋아서 한국 맛집처럼 줄서있는 사람들도 있고 예약도 해야 했다. 하지만 예약을 할것을 추천! 왜냐면 이탈리아 사람들은 저녁식사를 7시 조금 넘어 천천히 시작해서 9시 10시까지 매일 저녁을 코스로 즐긴다고 하니, 그사람들 식사가 끝나는 걸 기다리지 말고, 다음날 밥먹을 식당을 미리 들러서 미리 예약하는 것도 좋은 방법!! 결국 식당 한곳은 다음날로 예약을 하고, 나와 베프는 팔레르모에서 유명한 피자 집으로 갔다. 이곳도 사람들이 어어어어엄청 많았지만, 그래도 약 1시간정도 기다리면 자리가 난다고 하길래 인근 카페를 갔다. 시칠리아는 피스타치오가 유명한 섬이라서 피스타치오 도넛에 아이스커피를 한잔 마시고 기다리다가, 기대하고 기대하던 freeda pizza에 입성!! 피자는 1인1판이라는 생각으로 호기롭게 시켰지만!! 너무 커서 결국 반은 포장해서 집으로.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이렇게 팔레르모 맛집 하나씩 격파격파 👊 [2018 유럽먹방이야기] 정주행을 위한 1편 : https://www.publyto.com/posts/11127 다음편 바로가기 : https://www.publyto.com/posts/13113 #맥주 #피스타치오도넛 #이탈리아 #italian_pizza #italia #1인1판 #italian_food #한시간웨이팅 #이탈리아맛집 #nandos_coffee #피스타치오사각피자 #피자맛집 #팔레르모맛집 #palermo #버섯피자 #피자엔맥주 #아이스아메리카노 #아라비아따 #역시 #frida #팔레르모 #짱큰 #palermofood #커피가진리 #피맥🍕🍻 #fridapizzeria

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  • [Sejong's Taste House] It's hard to stress. : Hwaryongtuk exhaust air supply


    How do you solve when you are stressed? I use what I eat. (So I've become a pig...... Haha) After coming to Sejong in 2017, There is a great restaurant in Sejong.I don't have it. I was worried and worried. In a way, it's a common Chinese house, After a few attempts, I broke through a nice cool pub. In a dingy little tukbaegi piglet with rat dunggochu, I'm going to order some glutinous rice soup right away Plus, they always ask me if I want to eat sweet and sour pork. When you're done with Chinese food, it's best to go and eat it yourself! And it's hot all the time. ** Oh, and this is really important. The chef who cooks doesn't smoke :) #My money is given and eaten #Favorite House #Favorite House #High sports #Hwara Dragon Tuk Bake #Farmers #Pigs # Open Kitakyamuni # #Daily #foodstagram #Daily #foodstagram #Daily #Foodtherapy when you want to cook #China

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  • [2018 European Eating Stories] Day 2_2 : Dinner requires a reservation!!


    Palermo is famous for filming the movie Godfather. I don't know why the mafia has so much energy. Massimo Theater, a classic, mysterious square, just a common neighborhood alley. I've been wandering around, feeling the vibe of Europe. I'm going to have dinner. Famous restaurants such as TripAdvisor, it was hard to eat without reservations. Fish restaurant, pizza restaurant, pasta restaurant, etc. are all booked. wander about for more than half an hour I went into a restaurant where I could barely find a place. a restaurant called galoway that cooks Italian electric guitars. The restaurant next to Massimo Theater is bigger and cleaner than I thought. I tried not to go because it felt like a franchise. In the end, it's here. Three of us invited another traveler on the trip. a bout of Margherita, the Italian signature blood. A whole chicken with the signature of this store signature I ordered a tuna salad that tasted good. Let's have a shot of Stout (black beer), Pilsner (lager) and Bizen! Italy gets cooler after the sun goes away. Dinner is late, and it's a long time. So we sit here and watch the World Cup. We're looking at beer, we're talking. It's next to Massimo Theater, so we talk about godfather. After playing for a long time, I went into the dorm. **But the restaurant was not that delicious. I'll post it on another post, but... I'd like to recommend another restaurant. Make sure you make a reservation and go to a restaurant.~ Every restaurant is booked for a reason. ^^ EUROPE 2nd Night 2018#ITALIA #PALERMO #Italia #Falermo restaurants all find a place here that requires reservations!! #Italian food #Electricity chicken #Margerita #Pizza #Chamchi salad #3 beer set!!#Galloway#Food #margherita #pizza #tonno#tuna_sald #massimo#53 days #stagram #Boostagram #Newstagram #

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  • Winter Tappa with hot soup in the cold weather! : Hyun Poong Chicken Soup


    It's March, when the spring is over. The street flowers are beautiful, and people's clothes are much lighter.~ But on my way to work this morning, I felt a little chilly. That's why I thought of you! It's Samgye Chicken Soup! Hyeonpung Chicken noodle soup, which is the main restaurant of Daegu's current wind, has branches everywhere. I went to a same-sex store near my company. Samgye Chicken Kalguksu has half a chicken, Kalguksu, and glutinous rice and ginseng. I was confused about his identity as kalguksu or samgyetang. LOL The last cold snap in hot soup!!! Have a good day off. ^^ #yummy #Kalguksu #Winter Tafa #Daegu #Tamgyetang #Hyun Poong Chicken #Daegu Restaurant #Foodstargram #Dok kalguksu #Sam #Samdongseongro restaurant

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  • A Tōchi-style Tōchi: Princess Sutong Tōchi


    The restaurant that used to go to Sejong often After he's gone... I haven't had a bite to eat in a while.ᅲ While we were in Daejeon, we went there. a hot pot in ginkgo-dong Purchase of Bottlenose Storm in "Princess Suffolk-tailed Cocktail" (Fulnames are princesses, princelings, chicken skewers) His eyes are happy with the spectacular torch-topping of the Tocch master. well-dressed fire with a pleasant nose and mouth. Four sauces, too! Wait in line, make a reservation. Why does it look hotter than Sungsimdang? #Taste house #Daejeon restaurant #daily #foodstagram #traller #Daily #Matstagram #Tour Stagram #Boo #Travel #Travel diary

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  • [2018 European Eating Stories] Day 2: Italy is a gelato! Palermo is Aranchini!


    I just had a mental breakdown... I wrote it in Kii. A wrong click flew the writing. I've been working on it for 20 minutes. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I try to write again with all my heart in mind. We woke up after drinking beer. It's the first day of the trip! I decided to be diligent from the morning. Unlike the quiet Palermo that came in the dark night, In the scorching sun, Palermo Street looked different. About 15 minutes of walking from the hotel to the center, It's a big walk, so you look like you're safe. I felt better. Mt.Geumgang is also after-dinnery! Weif and I are going to eat, and we're going to take a look around the neighborhood. I've decided to go eat first. Someone did. In Italy, practice "at least one gelato a day." So we've got a lot of young people in Italy. I went to BRIOCIFA because it is the hottest. People were already sitting in front of the store, enjoying the gelato. Unlike any other gelato shop in this house, Brioche, on the bread that Italians eat as a staple. It was a house famous for putting up gelato. I have vanilla flavor and hot chocolate gelato on the bread. Beff ate lemon and pistachio on the corn. Let's take a picture of it before it melts and disappears. I'm eating gelato, and I'm saying, "The word john-mat-tang is for this." I felt that The price is 2 to 2.5 Euros, so nice. I could see why people are asking me to do at least one gelato a day. (Really, if you go up north of Europe from Italy, The cost of gelato continues to be high. Maybe it was because the starting point was Italy. The more I traveled, the more I could eat, the more I could eat. Of course, the taste could not follow Italy either!! Italian Zelato Manshay!!) After eating all the gelato, we walked along the main street of Paler He enjoyed the unique feeling of Europe. For lunch, we decided to eat Aranchini, a food that represents Palermo and Sicily. Aranchini is, in a nutshell, an Italian style of fried rice. Like fried beef or tuna marinated in Noryangjin. In the middle of the rice balls, add ingredients such as Anchovi, Mushrooms, Bacon, and cheese. It's an Italian fast food that is deliciously fried after being dressed in frying clothes. We won a prize at a cooking contest in Palermo. I decided to buy Aranchini at the Aranchini restaurant called KePelle. I have cheese, truffle and bacon in my aranchini, Beff was something spicy... (Memory is a piece of crap) Anchovi...... Anyway! Each one of us chose one. There are so many kinds of Aranchini that you can choose according to your taste! I can't get rid of beer while eating this delicious fried food! We ordered the Pilsner beer we made and sold at KePelle's own. At the standing table in front of the store, we hit the sun in Europe. I finished my first lunch in Europe with great satisfaction. Looking at the picture... Fine dust in our country... is serious. Europe was hot last year, but it was really clean. I hope Korea can get out of fine dust as soon as possible. **As I was bringing up Instagram photos. I only have pictures that I eat. In fact, while I was traveling, my best friend posted photos and contents of the tourist attraction, I used to post it as a food defense. Haha... First of all, we post it as food defense in Publicito. If you have a request in the future, the tour course that my husband and I have been to will be on. I'm going to post it.^^ 2018 EUROPE 2nd #ITALIA #PALERMO #Italia #Palermo also starts with #Gelato! #Gelato restaurant #BRIOSCIA #It's the first time you've ever seen a gelato on a bread, right? #Italian fast food #Italian_fast_goods #arancini #kepelle #Local beer taste like #Italian food #Go for Italian food in the evening! #53 Days of #European Travel #Mattestagram #Tour Stagram #Bubustagram #Newlywed Stagram #Eatstagram

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  • [Ulungdo Taste House] Very Delicious Snacks on the Island: Somchorong


    Ulleung Island is a tourist destination. Restaurants are still open from spring to fall, including the peak tourist season of July. But in the winter, the wind was so windy that I couldn't get on the boat, and the Ulleung people came out of the island and went on a land-spending strike. Most restaurants didn't open at 70 percent.... Last February, Ulleungdo, which entered after 4 challenges, did not open the restaurant. A colleague who came in with me said, "I couldn't eat kalguksu that I wanted to eat, and I went back after eating seafood at a Chinese restaurant." I happened to be on a business trip alone this time. But unlike last time, almost all the stores are open!! After the winter, I thought that Ulleungdo is stretching again. I opened the door of a restaurant and I said, "Hey... Can you eat?" asked. And the answer is, "How many? What are you saying?" "On my own... can I have a kalguksu?" "One person didn't..." I'm sad that she's here alone, but can't buy food. Frustrated by the fact that only two people sell local dishes such as kalguksu and kalbi rice. I'm just going to eat a simple meal to solve my lunch. I went into a snack bar called "Somchorong" in Dodong-ri. Fortunately, I was pleased to hear your aunt's reply that she could have a meal. I ordered a bowl of noodles and a line of dried radish kimchi. In fact, tourists from outside have to eat all the native foods of Ulleung Island in a short time. I don't really find the powder, but... It was known as a popular restaurant for government officials, police and fire departments working on Ulleung Island. Boil the noodles right away and put it up in a bowl of large bowl of There was too much of a bowl of munchies in the gimbap than in the rice. At some point, the bowl was emptied out. When the spring comes and the season comes, I will eat kimbap with Myeongnamul. I think I should come to eat jjolmyeon that my aunt recommends with confidence. **Gimbap tastes just as good as wrapping it before going hiking!! Please note:)

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  • [2018 European Eating Stories] Day 1: ITALY PALERMO Arrival


    The first destination of the 53-day trip is Palermo, the capital of Sicily in southern Italy! There is no direct flight to Palermo, so I can take Korean Air to Rome. Transfer to Italian Airlines and enter Palermo! I was on my way to the evening when the sun was out, I had made a reservation for a taxi driver by telling the hotel in advance to avoid wandering. The taxi fare is 40 euros more expensive than traveling by a regular bus. It's safe, kind, and most importantly, it's a hotel with a closed reception. For us who self-check in, the taxi driver was a ray of light, hope. You can only speak very short English, We're not very short. Just knowing how to say hello......) I knew you could speak Italian, so 30 minutes of travel, Most of them were left to the driver's tough drive in the static. I planned to go to Europe for a long time. In between, Korean food (kimchi, ramyeon, gochu tuna, etc.) is also available. One of the criteria is that we find a place to "I hope it's where I can cook!" So most of the lodgings are either in the Residence Hotel or in We'll choose the accommodation for the shared system (Airbnb) I didn't notice the food I wanted to eat, so I could make it. It's been 53 days. Half of the 29-inch carriers were Korean food. hot half cup, cup noodles, canned kimchi, gochu tuna, dried side dishes, Nurungji and Soju...lol. I ate really well for 53 days. I liked the accommodation very much. There's no such thing as a regular hotel or a cafeteria where you can eat breakfast. It's in the form of a double-decker resident. On the first floor, there is a living room, a table, and a kitchen. The second floor was a large lodging house with a bedroom and closet. First day, we unpacked, we didn't do anything. After eating a can of beer, I fell down and fell asleep.

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  • [Strong-choree] The red crab is really on the course!


    It happened that Sokcho was always a place where people stopped by to eat only after visiting nearby cities such as Gangneung. (Despite having a lot of things to see......LOL But this time, I'm I went to the birch forest in Inje. I went to Sokcho for dinner only.lol It's located in Sokcho Central Market called #Honggearang. While searching here and there, a set of threads for a couple came into sight and went here!! For us who like to take pictures (but not for sure), three red crabs are beautifully broken up, come on a plate, and take a crab and rub it. Finally, red crab noodles with red crab shell with decoction~!! Eat it all and pat on the belly. We'll take a walk and tour the Sokcho Central Market. We'll have chicken Gangjeong, fried shrimp and squid sundae as well as a feast of food! I bought fried shrimp just to get a beer and... The smell of old oil... I can see all the frying, but the oil is black......crying So I ate fried shrimp roughly ... It was a night near my house that reminded me of king prawn. I think I'm going to go eat red crabs with red crabs! Shrimp-fried Shrimp in the market! You can stop your car in the parking lot of the Easton Tourist Hotel with Cho Kwang Park. If you stop at Easton, you'll be free for an hour~ Get a parking pass!

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  • [Hanchart] The first step toward making my own book. #Publito

    Self Introduction

    [Your participation in the event] More than Instagram. I was looking for a place to live in more detail. I'm sure there were blogs like Naver or Daum or T-Story. I was attracted to the #fresh idea that I could collect stories scattered across various #NSs by posting #PLUG-IN. I left a fragmentary record of my summer trip on Instagram last year (2018). I wanted to share this memory and the feelings and information I felt at that time. So #PUBLYTO... I've come over. There's still a slight lack of beta services and errors, but... #Refresh # memories of travel, trying to recreate the writing for a little longer. I don't know much, but I hope you'll be able to make more memories over time. Re-create a lot of records with Publicito!! PS. I think there was a LOAD MORE button that I had to press to load more than 30 Instagram pages.... After the first posting, it's gone! Developers!! Return the Roadmore button and wash it.ᅲᅲᅲᅲ

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  • [Home cafe] brunch (feat. yoυ bread)


    March 1st holiday morning with fragrant #Morning Coffee # Fresh #Dark #Apples #Doll tomatoes And sweet red bean bread and croissant from Dongdaegu District I'm done with a table of brunch! Espresso, drop one at a time. Two cups of Rungo filled the living room with the aroma of coffee. As expected, coffee is the coffee that we eat at home. The beginning of a happy and enjoyable holiday is refreshing and stylishly brunch:) ----- Today is the 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement. I'm sorry to hear that you have restored our sovereignty and allowed us to live in the name of Koreans. I am deeply grateful to many of the independence fighters of the day. Long live Korea's independence! ----- #Coffee #Coffee #Trendy Coffee #Brunch #Crawl Award # Sweet red bean bread # Bangto #Dolk #Crawl #Morning Coffee #Apples

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  • A Merry Dinner for Severe Marketing : A Steamed Dice Chicken


    I heard it was a famous restaurant near the office for dinner with my colleagues. I went to a place called Doyce Jjimgok. When I went out to dinner with my colleagues, #Sooju # Beer #1000 Won discount! # Banju # I thought I'd be with you # What is this? This is the real #Payback. Feeling like you're getting a huge discount! with spicy flavors of steamed chicken We also sell old-fashioned chicken that can taste old. It's good for eating and drinking!! I heard that there are many branches all over Daegu, so it's worth visiting! #Precise #marketing #Introduction I like the taste of steamed chicken and the taste of the water. #Daegu Restaurant #Dongseongno Restaurant #Toyce Sauce Chicken #Toyce; #The steamed chicken always looks good

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  • [2018 European eating show] Day 1: Korean food before leaving the distance!


    After joining PUBLYTO, I was thinking about what to upload. First of all, I wanted to move on to Instagram. Among them, I wrote about my record of 53 days of travel to Europe in 2018. Let's leave the content a little longer and more in detail than Instagram. Luckily, in the second year of my honeymoon, I had a chance to take 53 days off. With the start of the trip, I set some records for one-star uploads per day. I wanted to leave this record somewhere in more detail. If possible, I'm interested in a field that I'm interested in. Blockchain community (it's even EOS-based!!I wanted to leave it in ). When I go abroad for more than 5 hours, I ride a national flag for the first time, and I use Korean Air for the first time. I got a chance to use Passenger Terminal 2. As expected, before you go out, you have to eat Korean food firmly!! I went to Pyeonghwaok and ate yukhoe bibimbap and lamb soup deliciously and got on the plane. Now. It's the beginning of the trip! #Incheon Airport #2 Terminal #Peace Ok#Foodhouse #Yukhoe Bibimbap #53 Days #Four to Europe #Stagram #Busstagram #Business Stagram #Sinhorn Stagram #Sinhone Gourmet #Four Days #Sinhone Starbap #Sinjalbap #

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