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  • [PUBSTY] Japanese eclipse Omakase. ["Warrow"]

    Tasty Road

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I'm writing to let you know after a very satisfying Japanese restaurant called Omakase.Haha It's less than five minutes from Exit 3 of Samseong Station in Daechi-dong. It's called a snail's house that you're about to come to. Maybe that's why we have snail dishes for the first time.Haha Please refer to the video and visit it if you like! :)

    $liwoo . 2019.05.19 12:09

    11 thanks . 1,411.9884 PUB

  • [PUBSTY] 해장국에 떡을 말아 먹는다는데요? 뚝섬 국말이 떡.

    Tasty Road

    안녕하세요. 펍님들! 혹시 해장국 좋아 하시나요? 저는 선지 해장국이랑 콩나물 국밥만 먹는데요! 오늘은 해장국에 떡을 말아먹는 국말이 떡 해장국을 먹고 왔습니다! 과연 그 맛은 어땠을까요.😆

    $liwoo . 2019.05.16 21:04

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  • Make and eat steamed spicy noodles at home.


    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Let's greet each other. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk What this means is. I love crustaceans. It's a little bittersweet, but... If I could imagine a successful moment in my life, When I want to eat a three-kilo-gram lobster, I can buy it right away without worrying about money!! I love crustaceans so much that I laughingly say that I'll think it's a successful life. It costs 200,000 won to buy it outside, so it's too much pressure. That's why I tried to gain weight at home! It's detailed how to steam, so if you're interested! Please take a close look with the caption.

    $liwoo . 2019.05.15 09:13

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  • [PUBSTY] Seongsu Blue Bottle!! A frank review of details ranging from wait to price and taste.

    Tasty Road

    Whoo, you guys! I posted it earlier, but it's posting it one after another.LOL 2 posts today! haha It's a really hot place right now! I went to the blue boat in Seongsu-dong. The second overseas expansion following Japan is Seongsu-dong, Korea. Nestle Korea acquired 68 percent of its shares for nearly 500 billion won. For those of you who can't watch the video, let me explain the taste. (I'm not a coffee expert, so just let me know.) The ice latte taste was very clean and light. It wasn't my cup of tea because I liked the bitter and dark latte like the polbasset latte. And it's small and expensive. Goods are expensive, too. I bought an eco bag and it was 30,000 won.^^;; And no Wi-Fi or socket-outlets. It's James Freeman's idea to spend a few hours watching your cell phone and feel a few minutes enjoying your coffee. If I'm near my house (provided I don't have a wait), I'll buy it again, but I won't be able to buy it again if I'm having a hard time. Haha Then, please enjoy the video!

    $liwoo . 2019.05.12 19:40

    29 thanks . 12,666.5533 PUB

  • [PUBSTY] Lobster+mostly unlimited buffet priced at 50,000 won. (Duriverside Hotel The Garden Kitchen)

    Tasty Road

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! There's a really good buffet for you this time, so I wrote to introduce you to you yesterday, but it flew both times. It's my third time writing. I must make a copy of this article before I post it.crying It's a Gagarden Kitchen buffet in the Duribuside Hotel near Sinsa Station! In May, you can eat lobster, usually beef and lamb for adults at 50,000 won for dinner and holidays. The official price is 69,000 won, but we're having a Naver discount until May, so make a reservation for Naver! (I also compared Timon and Wimee, but Naver reservations are the cheapest.) Please refer to the video for details. Have a nice weekend.

    $liwoo . 2019.05.12 10:14

    8 thanks . 1,599.8198 PUB

  • 10 limited-sale steaks per day for SNS.


    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I wrote it earlier, but it's been erased.😳 Just yesterday! I ate hot stequidong on SNS on the day of the holidays. I only sell 10 bowls a day. We arrived at 10:30 an hour before the 11:30. And yet, there's six of us waiting... But after you've come into the Steakidong safe zone, you've been waiting for an hour! I went in and had a good meal. Have fun, Job!

    $liwoo . 2019.05.07 13:33

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  • Once you've tried it, you're going to go to Taco.


    Hello! How are you guys doing? It took 8 hours for me to come back to my hometown because of my parents' birthday and mom's birthday. Well, I had a meal in the middle, but it took too long... The food I will introduce today is Mexican food! It's very sweet, so please enjoy it!

    $liwoo . 2019.05.04 18:39

    13 thanks . 3,273.4653 PUB

  • Jeollabuk-do Jung-eup! Baek Jong-won's restaurant review with my mom.


    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! As many of you know, my hometown is Jeonnabuk-do Last weekend, I played with my friends in Gwangju and stopped by my house to eat with my mom. "Yangjagang" is from the Three Heavenly Kings of Baekjongwon. It was a good restaurant before we got on the air, so we used to go there often. There were a lot of people on the air, so we couldn't go to Seoul after moving to Seoul.crying It's been a long time since I visited you. The taste was the same. Bibimbap and stir-fried chicken are famous. I ate regular sweet and sour pork instead of fried soup. Sweet and sour pork sauce is amazing. It's Parents' Day soon, so I think I'll go home again this weekend. I'll make my parents happy! She can't even get in touch with her. Please say something cheesy to your parents and eat something delicious as an excuse for Parents' Day!Haha I don't know what to say. "Mom! Next time be my daughter!"

    $liwoo . 2019.04.30 10:53

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  • Gwangju Yukjeon, which is expensive, is understood by eating.


    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Not long ago, I went to Gwangju, Jeollanam-do. My hometown is Jeongeup, but I used to go there and play.Haha I've tried Yukjeon three times in Gwangju alone. It is really delicious and expensive. It's better to eat at home, right? I put it in V-log style. Have a good weekend.

    $liwoo . 2019.04.28 21:50

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  • Can't you see the beef ribs melt in your mouth like this? (Shencheon / Blue Ranch all day.)


    Do you like galbi? I like all kinds of beef ribs, pork ribs, chicken ribs. So I have a house that I go to often. Let me introduce it to you! I think some of you already know it because it's famous.🤤 It's a green ranch in Jamsil! Have fun.

    $liwoo . 2019.04.28 01:12

    10 thanks . 1,940.1537 PUB

  • [Mate ] The famous Sammi restaurant in Taiwan, Daewangyeon fish sushi, Gangnam!! How does it taste?


    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! A famous sammi restaurant from Taiwan has come to Korea!! One of the reasons why I want to go to Taiwan is that I really wanted to visit Sammi restaurant. So I went there just yesterday! The atmosphere was enormous. I've been trying to wait. I parked at the Jumping Millano parking lot in Gangnam, so I packed it because the parking fee was concerned and there was no sign of reducing the line. Then enjoy the video, Job.

    $liwoo . 2019.04.26 14:11

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  • Does it taste like Seoul's top 3 jokbal Seongsu jokbal?


    Hello, ladies! :) Seoul's top 3 Jokbal! City Hall Ohyang Jokbal Yangjae Yeongdong Foot holy water foot This is the latter part of my trip to Seongsu. I liked it! But it's a bit salty. It's a place where there's a lot of atmosphere. I went there before the 12 o'clock opening, so no one was there. I ate without waiting because I said I could come in. I hope you enjoy it.🤩😆

    $liwoo . 2019.04.24 13:19

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  • Sandwiches advertised on social media. Is it really delicious? (Egdrap EGGG DROP)


    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Do you know the hot Egg Drop on Instagram or Facebook these days? It's a sandwich shop. I like the food with eggs so much that I can't go there. I went there yesterday. :) The price is as low as 4,000 won. Most of all, drinks are cheaper from 900 won to 3,000 won for Americano. The most important flavor is... Yes, it's delicious! Although the main ingredient in sandwiches, scrambled eggs, is not strong, but rather bland. But considering the price, I understand! Could it have been milder?! The bread is too soft and the sauce is delicious. So I ate two. I also bought a semi-saturated egg, but I was so sleepy that I asked the head office.Haha The chain stores are sprouting up all over the place at a rapid pace, so if you have eggdrops nearby, try them.🤤

    $liwoo . 2019.04.17 13:33

    16 thanks . 5,159.0438 PUB

  • No time limit! Yook+Hae+Kong! I've been to an all-time restaurant.


    Do you guys like roasted clams? I'm really excited.LOL I love crustaceans. This time, I went to a shellfish restaurant. It is called shellfish infinite refill and meat is infinite refill.😆 This is my second visit. There are so many menus that I can use some creativity according to how much you enjoy it! This is the house where the visiting doctor is in control. There's a lot of chain stores. If there's a shell store nearby, try Guo!

    $liwoo . 2019.04.14 21:31

    12 thanks . 3,795.0060 PUB

  • a truffle rollover porridge costing as much as 23,000 won.


    No, no, no. :) If you say 23,000 won for each porridge... How about you guys? It is very expensive, right? Hahaha I was sponsored by Bon Juk and tried it. It's delicious! But the price is still on the line. I think it'll be good for a gift! And if you watch the video, I... I ate with Gong Yoo.😆

    $liwoo . 2019.04.12 21:00

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  • Coastal restaurant blue crab party! The crustacean is love.♡


    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! It's Rio. It's the crab season. ~.~ I went to the beach restaurant near my house because I had blue crab paru. Cephalopod Manshay~!!

    $liwoo . 2019.04.12 13:10

    9 thanks . 1,104.6358 PUB

  • 7,000 won per hour. 1.98 won per second. KT ON restaurant Infinite refill buffet!


    Hello, ladies! I went to a special place last week. It's an ON restaurant hosted by KT. They usually call it KT ON restaurant. It's a place where you can have a buffet and a variety of experiences. On the first day of the opening, we invited the YouTubers to announce the start. Thankfully, I went right away because you invited me. The buffet rate is 1.98 won per second. You can use it for up to an hour. The one-hour fee is 7,130 won! It's really cheap, isn' Vr experience or a portrait drawn by a robot! Desserts made by robots! and so on. You can experience it, so go and experience it. 😍

    $liwoo . 2019.04.08 11:02

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  • Momsstarch Unbilled Bubble Burger vs Incredible Burger's frank review.


    I've been living on my own for about five years. As a result, it is hard to eat house rice and fast food is often desert. Among them, I think Marmstarch Chicken Burger is number one in the chicken burger industry.LOL Mammstarch's new product comparison review! I've tried.

    $liwoo . 2019.04.04 13:48

    26 thanks . 4,089.5107 PUB

  • I went to The Park View of Shilla Hotel in Seoul 3rd Buffet, which was requested a lot. a frank detailed review


    I went to Shilla Portel The Park View Buffet. It's also called Seoul's Big Three Buffet. I've recognized that reputation. Hajeon Please enjoy the video. Let's have a good time.❤️

    $liwoo . 2019.03.25 11:38

    12 thanks . 768.9095 PUB

  • [MatgekLiwoo] Private Korean Beef Omakase - No sign


    I have been to the Hanwoo(Korean Beef) Omakase house in Apgujeong. I've been wanting to visit! It is good Korean Beef Omakase for its cost-effectiveness. Actually, I wasn't really full even when I finished. If you want to try Korean Beef Omakase, I recommend it:) Why? It's the restaurant that famous chef Park Joon-hyung from MoToongYiWoo wx opened his own.

    $liwoo . 2019.03.23 22:08

    29 thanks . 10,638.6904 PUB

  • Outback, let's go to the lunch! + Order honeytip


    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I love outback. The reason is that it tastes good, but it tastes the same, so it's better. Food without fail! When I was a kid, it was hard to order and expensive prices. I remember I couldn't go there often. Now I make money! Why did this simple spell feel so hard at the time?I'd like to. Enjoy the video and enjoy your lunch! :)

    $liwoo . 2019.03.21 13:07

    13 thanks . 1,032.0014 PUB

  • [VLOG] Hone-bab after work. a fluffy souffle kimchi risotto (Koro Restaurant)


    Guys! I brought you a very nice souffle kimchi risotto. At first, it was a restaurant that went into Hongdae without knowing anything. There's something funny about visuals.🤩🤩 It tastes good, too! I don't feel the risotto and I feel the taste of kimchi. It will be big if you eat it with a fluffy egg souffle. There are a lot of stores. If you have a Koro restaurant nearby, try it.😃

    $liwoo . 2019.03.20 09:51

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  • [직장인 VLOG] SNS 핫플 성수연방 창화당 만두 + 천상가옥 카페 솔직 후기


    안녕하세요. 펍님들! 요새 성수동이 핫한거 아시죵?! 성수연방이라고 라이프스타일 복합문화공간인데 맛집도 많고 쇼핑할 것도 많아요! 저도 인스타에서 종종 봤었는데 성수연방 3층에 있는 천상가옥 카페가 글쎄.. 제 친구가 디자인 한 곳이지 뭐예요.🤩 평소 친구가 디자인을 한다는 것만 알았지 구체적으로 뭘 하는지는 몰랐는데 이번 기회에 알게 됐네요.ㅋㅋ 창화당에서 밥도 먹고 천상가옥에서 디저트와 커피도 먹구! 다 커플인데 우리만 여자끼리 온 것만 같아서 눙물 ㅠㅠ 근처에 사시는 펍님들 한번 가보세요.😍

    $liwoo . 2019.03.18 17:10

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  • [직장인 VLOG] 퇴근 후 63빌딩 파빌리온 뷔페 감. 퀄은 어느정돌까?


    안녕하세요. 펍님들! 불금이죠? 전 집에서 편집을 막 끝내고 영상을 올렸어용. 밖에 비도 오고 춥고 나가기 싫어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 얼마전에 63빌딩에 있는 파빌리온 뷔페에 다녀왔는데 후기 한번 보실래융?❤️

    $liwoo . 2019.03.15 20:57

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  • I ate yukhoe bibimbap in Cheongdam-dong, a restaurant recommended by Jeon Cham-si.


    Hello, ladies and gentlemen:) Recently, a hot comedian, Lee Youngja, started YouTube. We opened it on the end of February, and we already have 110,000 subscribers. I think it's amazing. Haha Youngja is also a master of the restaurant introduction, right? I think his food value was very clear during his pre-show tour. So I went to a meat restaurant called Yeongcheon Film in Cheongdam-dong, which was praised by English-language sister. To eat yukhoe bibimbap! The meat price is evil.lol Since I will eat raw beef, I saw the price of meat and it was 19,000 won. This is evil, too. Haha...kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk yk y; But it tasted like it went overboard. It's really delicious. Soybean paste stew that comes with it is also fantastic. I'm a visiting doctor's angle. I want to go again.crying

    $liwoo . 2019.03.13 09:47

    14 thanks . 688.4130 PUB

  • [VLOG] Jokbal posture for dealing with fine dust after work.


    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! There's been a lot of fine dust lately. I feel like I'm breathing a little bit because it's normal today. People say to eat pork to get rid of dust. So, I went to the mulberry family (pongbamboo tree pig's feet) restaurant in Seonneung. I didn't like Jokbal. I hated the squash on the skin.crying But this time, I felt the taste of Jokbal. Jokbal, commonly called Seoul's three largest clans' feet. City Hall Station Satisfaction Ohyangjokbal Seongsu's feet Yangjae Yeongdong Foot I heard there are three places like this. First, I'll put the mulberry tribe in Rio's three pig feet. Next time, I want to go to Yangjae Yeongdong Jokbal.Haha

    $liwoo . 2019.03.07 11:04

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  • [VLOG] To eat Mottsunabe at Daehangno, which opened after work.


    Yesterday was the opening of the class for students, right? So I was going to eat alone. I was a bit scared.I think there are too many people. But what's this? I was so embarrassed. I think I was really busy when I opened my school. Anyway, yesterday, I ate alone and put it in the video. It wasn't a day of many ways.crying

    $liwoo . 2019.03.05 09:43

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  • [Worker VLOG] I'm eating alone on the subway and I'm approached by someone who's a subscriber.


    Do you guys eat a lot of subway sandwiches? I enjoy eating often. But when I placed my first subway order, I don't know how much his heart was beating. The order seemed too difficult!!Isn't that just me? So, I tried using it. I'm enjoying myself with the camera. Someone's got to do it. I'm asking, "Isn't that Mr. Liu?" I was so surprised that I said no.LOL Later, it turned out that Mr. Subway was my subscriber. It was an amazing experience.Haha It's lunch time soon. Let's have a good time!

    $liwoo . 2019.02.27 11:51

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  • Worker VLOG to eat scallops bibimbap at a coastal restaurant after work.


    Bring me two rounds of hone-bap. We've launched Gariby Bibimbap at a coastal restaurant famous for its pimple bibimbap! I like scallops so I went and ate them right away. This house can't be eaten without waiting. I guess the taste of delicious food is similar. Where are we going to eat alone today? Watch me. Job.

    $liwoo . 2019.02.25 13:24

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  • [VLOG] After work, I'm at the hot place, and I'm going to have a night snack.


    Are you guys good at eating well? I've been in Seoul for about two and a half years. Until I come to Seoul, I couldn't even dream of myself. But when I became independent, You feel comfortable eating alone. More and more people are eating alone. :) There is a Japanese restaurant called Iyo & Ijacaya near my house and I have been there since I first moved there. I used to eat alone after work because I was famous, but now I'm so famous that I have to wait for more than 30 minutes to eat.crying We've filmed it. I'm sure some of you have already seen it, but if you haven't... Please have fun! :)

    $liwoo . 2019.02.22 17:36

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