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  • Lotte World 잼잼🍭


    the flight of 꿍 and 흼 앙 Rosamwoldu 🤡 The reality is that I ride a balloon. It's basically an hour. If the weather gets hot, I will never come. I got a balloon, I got a drink, I got a drink, I got an ice cream. My heart is nervous and scared to see if it is a coward. 잼잼잼:) #Lotte World #Atlantis is a joke

    $linseo . 2019.06.02 22:35

    16 thanks . 3,970.8571 PUB

  • Sindang-dong Tteokbokki


    on a rainy day It's been a while since I've eaten it. I wanted to eat it after watching a good restaurant on TV It is delicious! Take a picture of Myeong-dong, take a picture of Gwangjang Market It was raining hard today. I got a present at the Dior store of Lotte Bagua. Hambokan weekend hit #Sindang-dong # Mabokrim Tteokbokki # Tteokbokki # Tteokbokki # Tasty girls

    $linseo . 2019.05.19 23:58

    10 thanks . 3,455.2001 PUB

  • Musical Hero :)


    Crying at the Avengers end game I'm crying at the musical hero again and again. I think I am the only one who keeps crying. Thank you for giving me an expensive performance in the VIP seat.Oh, yeah. (S How was your weekend? You said you liked the three-day holiday, but it just slipped by. Now I'm sick and tired that there are no more days left this month.lol #Datou #Musical hero #An Jung Geun #Cotton call #I respect you #

    $linseo . 2019.05.07 02:33

    10 thanks . 6,935.0960 PUB

  • Money, money, money.


    Don! I enjoyed the movie so much. It's better than Ryu Jun-yeol. The movie was about stocks. I can't stop thinking about bitcoin. I can't think of it. Anyway, honey jam! Those who haven't seen it yet. Use it. # Honey jam #cgv #Chili hotdog #Johnny-tug구

    $linseo . 2019.04.16 02:27

    18 thanks . 6,565.7825 PUB

  • 🤗🤗


    밋업은 보러가서 성공적이지 못했으나.... 그래도 맛집에 가서 맛있는 스테끼와 파스타를 먹으며 행복 뿜뿜🤩 카페드바디프랜드는 1층은 카페 2층은 레스토랑 3층은 바디프랜드제품을 직접 체험하고 테스트 할수있는 전시장 으로 되어있는데 전체적으로 건물 자체가 인테리어가 너무 멋진👍🏻 맛도 맛이지만 분위기도 넘나 좋았던곳:) (얼마전 바디프랜드 팬텀2를 구매하면서 받은 식사이용권(2인) 이라 크게 기대를 안했는대 완전 대만족 ㅠㅠ) #블록체인 #밋업 #orbs #워커홀 #청담동맛집 #카페드바디프랜드 #사진보다가군침주의요망 ☺️😊

    $linseo . 2019.03.26 02:02

    13 thanks . 7,759.2787 PUB

  • Guyoming Borizon


    I'm not a calf. I'm sorry. It's warm. #6 months still # in my driver's seat

    $linseo . 2019.03.12 09:26

    16 thanks . 7,386.6977 PUB

  • weekend leisure


    I'm three years old, and I'm going to eat my mouth-to-mouth beer. When you are drunk on the wall, you are very old. How are you guys doing this weekend? Fine dust. #Blanc 1664 #Vizen

    $linseo . 2019.03.03 00:45

    15 thanks . 3,091.8116 PUB

  • I can't hate...🐶♥️


    Do I have to bite my shoes again? Huh? I need to sell these shoes. Do you want my saliva all over again? Huh? Anyway, the baby who's pretty~ Ah Chi? 💞 춉춉 -3- But there are so many different colors. Why do I keep biting this pink? You two girls are girls.

    $linseo . 2019.02.23 05:57

    18 thanks . 4,941.4125 PUB

  • February snow...


    As soon as we wash our kiyomi barley, we end up losing it. It's like the first snow and the last snow for me this winter. I was so sad because the snow that I had accumulated disappeared so quickly.

    $linseo . 2019.02.17 04:59

    14 thanks . 3,053.6203 PUB

  • wriggle


    Oh, my dog is full. It's so much. If you put it on my head, you look so cute and you look so cute. Now I can't get on top of my head. What is my little bitch?

    $linseo . 2019.02.16 02:29

    14 thanks . 2,665.6494 PUB

  • Cawaiyan


    a diversionary nail

    $linseo . 2019.02.10 01:02

    13 thanks . 2,867.7103 PUB

  • big jmt.


    I like sushi better than sashimi even when I go to a sushi restaurant. I like raw fish or ssamjang. It's so delicious today. A bowl of rice with spicy soup! To eat king crab lobster:) At the end of the day, you'll see a picture of Gao Li. He's cute. # Ilsung Fisheries #Noryangjin #Haeksamul #Susan Market #Saturation Society

    $linseo . 2019.02.02 21:05

    13 thanks . 2,751.9522 PUB

  • I enjoy my trip.


    I don't even know Namsan cable car.Mrs. New World... Every time we rattle the cable, we scream. The view was spectacular while climbing the 1,500-meter-high mountaintop. The mountains and the forests are like primeval forests out of human reach. There's a lot of fresh things coming out of the fog and the clouds.LOL And when I look down, I feel dizzy... What if the cable car suddenly breaks down and stops or falls? I had so much fun thinking about the stars. It's sad that you can't take all the pictures. a place I'd love to visit once again #Vietnam #Danang #Banahill #Cable car

    $linseo . 2019.01.27 15:58

    12 thanks . 2,385.8412 PUB

  • I'm running to the end of the earth.


    When I'm depressed, it's the answer.💨 In fact, if you step on 120 or more, you'll get a better job. #Turn up and down #Stress down

    $linseo . 2019.01.24 20:44

    12 thanks . 2,016.1016 PUB

  • I happened to see a monkey in a hot spring here:)


    열일 하는 미나상🐵 마리오 커플옷 존귀탱쓰ᄏᄏ She's so cute. She's so weird. Hgyu Put some money in the basket and taste good. #Thaijaihu travel to Japan

    $linseo . 2019.01.21 19:48

    9 thanks . 3,645.5452 PUB

  • tongue-tied river


    Come on, Pitja. Come out No more. Except it's paid parking. #Non-hyun #Do-chef #Dorch pizza #John-tang

    $linseo . 2019.01.19 22:21

    5 thanks . 1,018.6177 PUB

  • John Jam


    It's a dog fun to gamble. #Fukuoka Travel #Papaeko

    $linseo . 2019.01.17 04:58

    6 thanks . 1,719.2882 PUB

  • a bellyful of muko #Drink lemon chestnuts (:


    #How effective is lemon night? She's not eating anything at home, either.

    $linseo . 2019.01.14 18:11

    7 thanks . 1,039.1102 PUB

  • Let's go to Mojito and have a bowling.


    I want to go bowling. The price of drinks and drinks is more expensive than bowling...🤣 #10 Manan Sunshak #But honey jam #To me, it's hard to play #Hong-dae

    $linseo . 2019.01.12 04:03

    5 thanks . 1,654.4143 PUB

  • 🤘🏻😉🤘🏻


    냉동실 장착완료.아 색깔 넘 이뽀🙈💕일어나서 하루에 한병씩:) #배드파머스

    $linseo . 2019.01.08 21:41

    8 thanks . 1,346.0048 PUB

  • Seagull, me and Colabo. Finally, shoes wetting #Brown yak


    #Ability #Busan #Haeundae #New Year #Far #Far #Feariness #Don't be alarmed

    $linseo . 2019.01.08 07:54

    4 thanks . 1,662.0024 PUB

  • a man of healthily


    Even though it's a bar, it's very easy. What a shame it's nextWhoo-hoo Every weekend, Jocheta.

    $linseo . 2019.01.07 00:29

    5 thanks . 697.1085 PUB

  • Donnie's right.

    Fashion Trends

    She's pretty. As soon as I put it on, I'll give it to her.Personal shortcuts... 🙇✨ Valencia is Arne Arne...*Lightoner is also wearing Choi Abland right now, so it has become messy.

    $linseo . 2019.01.06 01:19

    9 thanks . 2,925.9848 PUB

  • Shut the fuck up


    #Hansinpochacha #Cold chicken feet # I'm so hungry that I can't wait to eat chicken feet in a chat room. Ah, the tree tastes better than raw rice today. I was eating it, and it made me laugh.I've had a couple of cases, and I almost... It's delicious and fun to eat anytime. My hands are pink like chicken feet.

    $linseo . 2019.01.05 21:48

    5 thanks . 1,305.6057 PUB

  • 파쭉 쨔응♥️


    # Red bean noodle soup Suddei Murgerta ham that wanted to eat, but the kalguksu that was more dried up in Anbimil😬dam was like that. Wayaji #Hopefully, #24 Sibonga Kalguksu

    $linseo . 2019.01.05 05:19

    4 thanks . 771.1954 PUB

  • KkkkkkkK Your nose is pretty, too.


    Dong-yi: Mom, don't worry about leaving me so sleepy. I: 큭 Lie down like a person and sleep like a pillow. #Green

    $linseo . 2019.01.04 21:42

    2 thanks . 1,138.7842 PUB

  • Strawberry strawberry


    Strawberries. Strawberries. Why are you so expensive? But it's delicious, so watch it. #In winter, strawberry #Vitamin taken #In the flu # at home # Is isolating # Nutritional Strawberry Effect! #Rehabilitation of vision #Advance #Anti-cancer effect #Fluid Vitamin C #Diet #Skin Health # Blood circulation #Collution

    $linseo . 2019.01.02 23:02

    5 thanks . 1,677.2682 PUB

  • Hoot


    If you want to use it, you can use it and give it to me. I think I'll buy some lipstick.I'm just going to eat with you. I'm going to buy some groceries.☺️ I am so big that it's hard to walk around sick...

    $linseo . 2019.01.02 19:59

    3 thanks . 2,423.1380 PUB

  • Is it better than I thought?


    It's so delicious that I can't eat anything. #Healthy taste #I think of it again

    $linseo . 2019.01.01 23:41

    4 thanks . 1,544.1095 PUB

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