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  • a rainy and cloudy day, Gwangan Bridge


    Gwangandaegyo Bridge, which stands as if it stands against the sea and sky with a different expression. A bicycle that someone seems to have pulled up in a hurry to escape the rain. Just in time, a tree standing there. Is it because of my mood? A picture is somehow out of tune in my eyes. I used to love rainy days.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.05.19 16:27

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  • Wind hot dog


    It is a hot dog of wind located in the southern side of Geoje, Gyeongnam Province. There is a large sausage in a slightly larger size hot dog. It is expensive for hot dogs for 3,000 won each. Still, tourists come from all over the country to eat this hot dog.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.05.12 11:10

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  • Hae-ok Water Bibim Naengmyeon


    As the temperature rose, people began to look for cold noodles. My favorite restaurant is Haeyeonok where I can eat cold buckwheat noodles. Water bibim naengmyeon contains broth as you expect. It's a little bit spicy water naengmyeon. Usually 8,000 won, and 10,000 won. You have to always pick a number here. It works with kakaotalk. The best menu with cold noodles is Yukjeon. It is good to put egg on very thin meat and eat it with onions and so on.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.05.06 08:22

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  • Great finger bounce (Avengers Endgame)


    If the previous episodes were a light comic, this movie was like a movie where you can feel all the tension, exhilaration, and eating. The last scene of Iron Man was stranger than ever. The sacrifices were the biggest courage we've ever seen in Natasha and Tony.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.05.04 14:44

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  • Blood & Mac racing pizza


    #Gyeongju Hwangri Danil Restaurant #Gyeongju pizza #Gyeongju Taste House This is a race pizza that gives free beer glasses to social media including three hashtags. Half-and-half-pizzas with sweet Hawaiian and salty pepperoni were the best dishes. There are four kinds of Gyeongju beer in pretty bottles: Kim Yu-shin, Cheomseongdae, Seonduk, and Bulguksa. Each bottle costs 12,000 won, but it is worth a taste. One of the four types is black beer. The atmosphere, pizza, and beer are all not bad places, and in Gyeongju, they are known for their taste buds. You usually have a lot of women and a lot of lovers.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.05.03 07:10

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  • Woljeonggyo (a love story of Ambassador Wonhyo)


    This is Woljeonggyo Bridge, a unified Silla, which was restored at a cost of about 50 billion won. It's been a long time since he was reborn. It is said that the love story of Ambassador Wonhyo and Princess Yoseok comes from here. Ambassador Wonhyo said, "Who's going to pick up the ax with the sack? I'll make a pillar to support the sky." King Muyeol understood the meaning of the song and made him join Princess Yoseok with Ambassador Wonhyo. Master Wonhyo jumped into the water in his clothes while passing near Woljeonggyo Bridge, and after King Muyeol had his secretary dry his clothes at Yoseok Palace, Seolchong was born.It is as hot as a peek at Wonhyo's fiery spirit.lol

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.29 06:50

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  • Ainshufenner, Tokyo, Hwangni Dan-gil, Gyeongju


    I came to Tokyo, Gyeongju Hotfle Hwangni Dan-gil. Ainshufenner, the signature menu of this cafe. It is a very soft cream on top of coffee. You can drink coffee without mixing cream and coffee with your mouth open and cream in your mouth. I think it's okay. I'm busy taking pictures. It's a nice place to feel the atmosphere and taste. Tokyo is the old name of Gyeongju.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.28 12:00

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  • The cherry blossoms bloomed beautifully.


    The cherry blossoms bloomed beautifully near Bulguksa Temple, but fell a lot in this rain. The sky is very clear.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.27 14:20

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  • fireworks


    I don't want to eat, but I can't help but grow old because of the gift given every year As time goes by, the feelings of everyday life seem to be getting dull. Fireworks, fireworks and other miscellaneous thoughts eat into your head. I post a video of my habitually taken, but I miss the time when I was cheering with my mouth wide open and smiling while watching fireworks.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.23 06:54

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  • Jinhae Naval Honorary Force Demonstration


    It is part of the Jinhae Naval Forces demonstration that all events will be invited. How many exercises and warm grinds did you get before you did that? Haha

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.21 07:32

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  • Starbucks Reserve


    Starbucks is located at Seonneung Station, and Starbucks Reserves are located separately. He's a countryman, so far he's got to figure out what the Reserve Store is or what he can eat. Napda Americano Bay ᄏ Reserve store has an alphabet R at the entrance. There are high-quality beans, different extraction methods, and special cookies and bread can be eaten. In addition to the coffee seminar, Starbucks seems to

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.20 07:58

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  • a first-time premium bus


    The premium bus that I used to listen to in words... the seat back and the leg are all electric. You can use the phone wireless charger, Skylife, radio, etc. on your back, and there are curtains between your seats.Good~!!

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.17 14:15

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  • Lambus, the second lamb restaurant in my life.


    weekend evening when I think of the first lamb skewer than I thought. Lambus was the second delicious house to bake lamb skewers. The spicy glutinous rice soup with the set menu was familiar, but very chewy, not in the picture, but also the cold noodles with corn noodles were delicious. Today, with Ching Tao...

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.13 19:48

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  • The New Year's candy that King Yong's


    It's a meeting of chickens and seafood. I felt like that soup made up for the nutrients that our body lacks and made the blood clear. The problem is that there's not enough alcohol in there. Oh, my God.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.11 08:39

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  • handmade bulgogi ssambap


    Was the falling cherry blossom sad already? On an evening when it rains, I drink a can of home-made bulgogi ssambap as an Anju.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.07 19:08

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  • Nampo-dong is crowded with people even with fine dust.


    Nampodong Food Alley is crowded with many people. The sky is not blue, but everyone is uncomfortable standing up to eat street food.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.06 14:12

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  • Clear sheep soup


    This is Sunyang jjitang that I ate for the first time in Nampo seolleongtang. Unlike white seolleongtang soup, clear broth is filled with soft paper. The broth is thicker than I thought.Hah!

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.06 13:37

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  • Thumb Espresso


    Thumb espresso smells so good that I sometimes drink it. There are times when Americano's overflowing affection is not acceptable.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.04 17:29

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  • Mankyungyang Meat Hall Yangkotchi and Braised Branch


    The sullen lamb skewers and juicy eggplant stir-fry at the Mangyongyang Meat Hall located in Sadang Station were excellent. A cup of chintao beer made a good match like a chimac by organizing the lamb's side of the mouth.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.04 04:39

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  • You're the silent, colorful mountain-clothes.


    Among the cherry blossoms that caught people's attention was a strange flower. She was a beautiful woman who could sparkle even among the beauties. I first found out that wildflowers are such beautiful colors.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.04.01 12:40

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  • 밀림슈퍼(밀림카페)


    밀림슈퍼는 빈티지로 무장한 카페입니다.. 가게의 외관, 메뉴판, 테이블, 커피잔 등 모든 것이 옛스러운 것으로 유명한 곳입니다..

    $koreosno1man . 2019.03.31 01:08

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  • Sunchon Samgeori Seodaemun-Jip


    This is the three-way Seo Dae Jung restaurant in Suncheon. It's a Western dining room with a housewarming ceremony. It chews on soft bones like it's made from a slight ripening of the West. The special concept that the boss made himself is very good. It's a good restaurant.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.03.30 13:48

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  • Aroma herbal essence oil 사용 후


    가족중 한 분이 베트남 여행에서 사오신 아로마 오일입니다.. 뚜껑을 열면 입구부분에 돌돌 돌아가는 볼이 있고 피부에 찍어 바를 수 있게 되어 있습니다.. 코밑에 바르면 비염에도 좋다는 말에 냅다 코밑에 발라봤습니다.. 잠깐 느껴지는 아로마향이 괜찮다고 느껴진 후 밀려오는 타이거밤과 야몽의 쎄한 느낌.. 왠지 당했다는 생각도 들었습니다만 몸에 좋은 것은 고통이 뒤따른다는 스스로에 대한 위안으로 꾸준히 발라보겠습니다.. 이런 작은 병 6개 한 세트입니다..

    $koreosno1man . 2019.03.29 09:05

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  • flowers blooming in fine dust bombs


    The rose family joppog and cherry blossom. The fine dust is so strong that it seems to be slowly blooming. Every time the issue of fine dust comes up and down, I think of the movie Interstellar. I wonder if that's the end of the day. Are we forced to destroy the Earth ourselves?

    $koreosno1man . 2019.03.28 08:45

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  • Dagilla cold chitchatkin (watching the match against Colombia)


    I came to see the second half of the national soccer match against Colombia. I didn't have enough time to touch chicken in the second half of the game due to my better-than-expected performance in the center of the national team. I saw some aspects of the strong team that pay back right away when I lost the game, and I saw some of the world-class players such as Hames and Falcao's class and poop manners. With soccer that ended with a thrilling score, it was a bad chicken but I ate it deliciously. Our Keeper, the class doesn't change.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.03.27 08:43

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  • Bulnoriwangmakchang


    It's cheap and delicious. It's not spicy, but it's Wangmakchang. I feel a different accusation from Gopchang. Take the smell of cutting after you eat.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.03.23 07:37

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  • 2031 카이스트 미래보고서


    1971년 미 국제개발처장인 한나 박사와 실리콘 밸리의 아버지인 프레드릭 터만 박사는 우리나라에 KAIST를 설립하게 됩니다. 당시 미국은 후진국들에 물고기를 잡아주는 전략 대신 물고기를 잡는 방법을 알려주는 전략으로 바뀌던 때였습니다. 우리 정부는 KAIST에 전폭적인 지원을 아끼지 않았고 KAIST는 단숨에 국내 이공분야의 최고로 올라서게 됩니다. 국내 다른 대학들 또한 당시만해도 혁신적인 KAIST 운영방식 등에 자극을 받았고 국내 이공계 분야를 몇 단계 업그레드하게 됩니다. 하지만 KAIST는 국내 산업발전과 인재양성이라는 목표를 어느 정도 달성한 이후 '국제적인 이공계 중심 대학'이라는 컨셉이 무색해질만큼 현실에 안주하기 시작합니다. 국제무대로의 도전이나 외부와의 경쟁보다는 동료와의 도토리경쟁, 성과주의, 승진 및 연구비 확보를 최우선 가치로 삼기 시작함으로써 전형적인 '우물 안 개구리' 라는 비아냥을 얻게 됩니다. 우리가 잘 아는 스포츠선수들인 박주영, 이동국, 이천수, 이종범, 김태균 등은 국내에서 최고 또는 천재 등으로 인정받은 실력으로 해외의 더 큰 무대로 진출하게 됩니다. 대부분 기대만큼 성공하지 못한 채 국내로 복귀하게 되는데요.. 그들은 운동외에도 극복할 것들이 많았을 것입니다.. 텃세, 인종차별, 언어, 음식, 문화 등 숨쉬는 것 외에는 모두 익숙하지 못했었고 익숙해지기 어려웠을 것입니다. KAIST에도 해외의 우수한 학생들, 우수한 학자들이 머물곤 합니다. 하지만 그들은 아웃사이더 일 수 밖에 없습니다. KAIST학생들도 끼리끼리 모이면 술 마시고 게임하는 국내 다른 학생들과 큰 차이가 없으니까요. 외국 학생들이 술도 못 마시고 게임에도 흥미가 없으며 한국어도 어렵다면 결국 KAIST 생활에 적응하기 어려워지는 것이죠. KAIST가 후발주자인 홍콩 과기대에 밀리는 이유는 우리에게 많은 부분을 시사합니다. (1위 옥스포드 2위 쥐리히 3위 스탠포드 ... 28위 홍콩과기대 50위 서울대 53위 KAIST - 2019 The World University Ranking) KAIST의 재도약을 위해서는 다시 한번 정부의 전폭적인 지원이 필요합니다. KAIST로 해외의 천재들을 유치하고 KAIST학생들을 세계무대로 내보내어 경쟁할 수 있도록 하는 것 말이죠. 외국 교수들과 학생들이 국내에서 머물고 싶도록 안정적인 여건 조성과 국내 학생들이 해외에서 경쟁할 수 있는 역량과 기회를 얻을 수 있도록 하는 것들 말입니다. 우리같은 일반인들에게는 선망의 대상 중 하나인 KAIST가 세계 무대에서 화려한 스포트라이트를 받는 시기가 오기를 기대합니다.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.03.21 09:36

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  • Hongchun Chun Cheese Chicken Galbi


    I thought of Hongchun Chun Cheese Chicken Galbi. It's very spicy. It's level four. The last one's never smooth. I feel a little spicy. The cheese in the middle is neutralizing. There were many kinds of sari, but chicken galbi alone is enough. I don't think it's bad for lunch, either.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.03.20 09:32

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  • Menbosha Yulingi Tangsuyuk


    This is Mervosha, a Chinese dish that I learned by Lee Yeon Bok Chef. Menbo means bread, sha means shrimp, fried bread, and fried shrimp without salad and sauce. Chili sauce comes out, but I'd rather not dip it. I think it's okay for the kids to have a snack. The glass is much better for beer.Haha

    $koreosno1man . 2019.03.19 08:28

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  • 요구르트 욕조가 있는 인사동 맛집 도마


    주말 피크타임 웨이팅 3시간을 찍는 곳.. 인사동 맛집 도마입니다.. 마약된장찌개 한 번 먹기 위한 것치곤 대기시간이 너무 길어 매번 발길을 돌렸던 곳인데 기대가 너무 컷던 것일까요.. 그냥 맛난 된장찌개ㅋㅋ 입구 맛녀석 4뚱 사진과 요구르트 욕조가 기억에 남습니다..

    $koreosno1man . 2019.03.18 08:20

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