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  • KB Lifetime Love Concert


    My wife got a free ticket from the company. KB lifetime love concert! The seats were very nice, too. I heard they went for free. Favorite singers! I was so excited that I ran to the stands. #Wipe and concert #Spider #Yanghee #DJDOC #YB

    $kogguk . 2019.05.22 16:58

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  • my brother's birthday party


    I had a birthday party for my brother in Itaewon. Sometimes we'll get together like this. I'm talking about memories, and I'm talking about things that are you're talking about. It's nice to laugh and laugh. The food here was very delicious! My family is the best!! . . . #Gyeonggi-dan-gil #Misang-tour #Moon-tour #Moon-tak-tong #Stretching was funny

    $kogguk . 2019.05.21 16:23

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  • Camping together!


    Camping together for the first time! The weather is so nice.) I've lost everything in my tap. I played games and watched movies on the beam. It was fun. Let's go again next time. No one takes pictures of food... #Couple Camping #Couple Camping

    $kogguk . 2019.05.20 14:29

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  • a camping trip


    I went camping with my wife. I'm watching a movie on the beam in the tent. I felt like the wind was blowing the tent away. And finally, we're going to have to pull out It's closed with a happy ending But it was fun.

    $kogguk . 2019.05.16 15:19

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  • Every Friday is Family Day.


    It's a busy job, but every Friday, It's Family Day. Isn't family the most important thing? I ate something delicious with my lovely wife. I'm busy, but let's make sure to take care of the family. #Family day #Family day #Spain dish #

    $kogguk . 2019.05.14 15:31

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  • a race trip with a wife


    I went on a trip to Gyeongju on my wedding anniversary. Actually, I don't know much about the country. My wife told me that she really wants to go to Gyeongju. The hanok building is so pretty. Gyeongju is beautiful. #Donggung and Wolji #Bomoon Park # Hanok Dormitory

    $kogguk . 2019.05.11 14:02

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  • You go, Hawaii.


    I came to Hawaii to play. It is more pleasant than the weather in Korea, but it is murderous price...shivering The weather is so nice and Waikiki beach is so pretty. #Hawaii #Wife #

    $kogguk . 2019.05.10 10:48

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  • I'm learning Caliglipi these days.


    It seems that people are also filled with learning. The fatigue of my company life can be cured by my hobby. Calligraphy class and first calligraphy class. I'm busy, but learning is always fun. # Calligraphy #Saturday class #

    $kogguk . 2019.05.07 11:15

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  • Sponsored marathon!


    Sponsored Marathon Through Compassion a women's marathon I tried 10km for the first time, but it was so hard. Everyone's had a hard time finishing the race. It was so meaningful. Again at the fall competition! # Women's marathon #10km marathon

    $kogguk . 2019.05.05 13:12

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  • Hushiminarisa Shrine in Kyoto


    This is the Hushinminari Shrine. It's a place where the fox god is honored. There are so many animal gods in Japan. Although it is a neighboring country, there are many interesting places. a place that appears in a lot of movie animations #Hushimi Minari Shrine #Female Shinto Temple #Kyoto Tour

    $kogguk . 2019.05.03 15:41

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  • Sacreda Familia


    The majestic Sagrada Familia of Gaudi I am amazed at the great achievement. #Gaudi #Sagrada Familia #Hello

    $kogguk . 2019.05.02 07:05

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  • Spain's Paradise Majorca Island


    One of the beaches I must go to before I die. #Spain #Mayorca #Carlo-Desmodo #Nudevich #Snow-Hogang #Girlooms

    $kogguk . 2019.04.30 14:12

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  • a mudflat trip with friends


    Pro-Pam Experience Meeting! I got a lot of clams, so I got steamed clams, and I ate ramen. Delicious honey! I enjoyed the first meeting this year. Hey, guys, hard work #Sunjaedo #Mudflat experience #Money Middle Work #Travel with friends

    $kogguk . 2019.04.30 09:53

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  • Avengers Endgame


    The Avengers 2:00 a.m. Full seats, real stories. It is hard to book a Seoul IMAX ticket. It was a life movie that I wanted to see twice. #Avengers #End Game #New 2:00 P.M.

    $kogguk . 2019.04.28 09:48

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  • Osaka/Tokyo Mukbang Tour


    Our eating show continued in Osaka. Oriental Hambag, Omriis Gangchu... Oji Sang cake, 60 years old Dakoyaki. I'm getting fat. #Osaka #Osaka Mashimi House #Vuvu Travel

    $kogguk . 2019.04.26 10:15

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  • Cherry Blossom Time at the office lunch hour


    I'll see cherry blossoms at lunchtime at work. The cherry blossoms are so pretty that they are poop-pom-pomping... I'm glad to see you this year! # Cherry blossoms # Lunchies

    $kogguk . 2019.04.25 15:39

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