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  • [Kim's family] What are playgrounds for them?


    # Sixth story of parenting by Kim's family #For them, what is a playground? I moved to a new house and filled up my needs, but there was no sofa yet. I was going to buy a couch when I got a little more time. A change of thought was made at the word of his wife. "Honey, having a sofa would be a good memory for children, and you can't buy it with money." I was going to make some more money, buy it when I could afford it. There's a lot of card bills to pay for moving and buying things. It's always been like that, but... you feel like you don't have any leisure? There seems to have been an excessive sense of responsibility, not to be alone in the family, but to be alone in the family. Such responsibilities and burdens should make good memories for children. A change of thought was achieved when it was said that Yes, we have a good system of installment plan. Go straight to Ikea, buy the best couch for our house and wait for delivery. Quickly, the couch arrived. I like children more than anyone else. But the funny thing is... I like to go up on the box. It's a lot of fun on top of it. And then I ripped all the boxes off. During the installation of the sofa, I play many fun games with the box. Their creativity seems really amazing. They have amazing abilities to make anything a playground. I'm gonna install all the couch. After all, children love it. for now without saying without a thing Children congregate on the sofa and play happily. As my wife said, it has become a small tool for giving memories, a place for family communication, and a good feeling to children that money cannot afford. If money can buy something, Isn't it a good consumption, a surplus business to buy something worth it?

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  • [Kim's family] 5. Three children overseas.


    Hello, this is Mr. Kim's family's fifth story about child care. #3 Children's overseas Adult trips are rest, rest and healing. But taking three children on a trip...It's clear that it's far from here. Still, we're leaving. Children don't remember anyway. The first one will remember. Second and third remember only pictures. But can we rest, rest, and heal? From experience, that's not true. Spending time and money, we spend a lot of our time in near-sacrifice. I don't even remember the kids. Why do we do such hard work? There is no great reason. It's just that the body is so led. Because I love children. Because we love each other. Because I want to make good memories with my family. These memories will come to you in the future. When our relationship becomes difficult and difficult, Because I believe it will be enough nourishment to survive. That's why it's so hard. We're trying, spending our time, spending our money. They make memories for their children. They make us remember. It helps you realize the importance of daily life beyond your daily routine. Traveling is what keeps you from your daily life and makes you realize the importance of your daily life again. We need a trip to live our daily lives well. # Kim's family

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  • [Kim's family] 4. I'm afraid of bedtime.


    It's Kim's family's fourth story of child care. # I'm afraid of dragonflies There is a secret to raising three children well. It means that if you raise your first child well, the second and the third are almost the same. The problem is that it is difficult to raise the first child well.crying Anyway The first one is afraid of catching a dragonfly, The second and third are also scared. If the oldest enjoyed dragonflies without fear, The second and third would also have fought to catch each other. The second and third have not yet experienced and there are many new things. When you accept new things, your brother has a great influence. When my brother gives me a positive image, it becomes a positive one. When your brother gives you a negative image, it becomes a negative one. Regardless of its actuality, who gives the feeling to the second and third person is passed on and learned. I think our lives are similar. Sometimes it's no different from reality, but it seems like we're going to believe it's because of what some people say, do or feel. People are the only ones who can't help but be influenced, but I still wonder if it's more meaningful for me to experience it in person. # Kim's family

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  • [Kim's family] 3. Communication Through the Wall


    Hello, this is the third child care story of Mr. Kim's family. #God's Han Soo One of the guests looked at the window between our living room and the kitchen, this is a divine providence," he said... It's something I particularly liked when I was looking for a house. I think the expression "God's Hansoo" is appropriate. Unusual is unusual. The extraordinaryness is born only from the point of view of behavior that others do not. Because of someone's passion and ideas, In the kitchen and living room of my house, there is a spear, which is the Han of God. #Through through the wall It's a place that's one of the gods for us. For children, it is a playground and a place of close communication with their mothers. Sometimes it interferes with cooking. If she's patient, the interruption will bring joy to her. Give children unforgettable memories. Good memories of childhood will have a good influence on children's emotional formation. It could eventually have a good effect on society as well. # Kim's family

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  • 2. Children Enjoying Vacation


    Winter is gone, and spring is already here, Spring will go soon and summer will come soon. The second story of happy parenting is children who enjoy vacation.^_^ It's a little early, but let's get ready for the vacation. #The meaning of vacation The word "Vacance" comes from the Latin word "vacatio," meaning "to be free from something." It also means emptying. Something must be emptied to refill. The meaning of the vacation I knew before, something loud, talk and play...I was on the back. The real meaning is emptiness, freedom. If you experience vacation properly, it is usually a good vacation to get more energy after vacation. #Children enjoying the vacation Adults have a lot to empty. There are so many things in us. Children don't have much to empty. There's a lot to fill in. So children can have a vacation every day. Always pleasant, bright, and energetic. They fight well, but they make up and have fun too quickly. Adults don't seem to fight very well, but if they fight, they don't get reconciled and sometimes become enemies. For adults, it's fun to give them a lot of things. For children, a small thing is a pleasure. Sometimes it's necessary for us to leave our daily lives, You can enjoy enough vacation time even in everyday life. in two sun grasses My two lovely daughters are enjoying a pleasant vacation as much as any beach. The beginning of the vacation begins with a mindset.

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  • [Happy Childcare] 1. 400 won joy.


    Hello, I'm Kim's Family. From today, I'm going to write a story about parenting in a series called Happy Childcare. The first story is the joy of 400 won. 1. Is the infant happy or distressed? When a person goes on a path he or she has never been to before, he or she is scared, difficult, and in trouble. And when there is no leader who leads the way, and when he or she has to be a leader or pioneer the way, the fear that comes to grips with it can only be seen by those who have Child care is the path of a pioneer that all parents go through. I've never done it before, and I can see it when I'm young (when I'm a baby), but I can't remember it. It's good to do that, but in reality it doesn't work very well. I think we should listen to child care professionals, but why not? Now it's hard to find out what really is true information for children in so much information. I don't think that's what I'm trying to do I've tried as the experts say, but it doesn't work. So I say this is how I think, but it's more painful that I'm not acting. 2. Above all, you have to control your mind. But we can't suffer. Clearly, there are plenty of fun and joyous things in parenting. If you can't hold on to it and enjoy it continuously...Nothing is more regrettable than that. The first thing that needs action over thought is child care. It is most important to take good care of your mind when you act. As such, the pleasant and happy life that happens unexpectedly while controlling my behavior and mind makes me feel the joy of the child. a joy of 400 won I came to Ikea with three children. Obviously, it's not easy to buy things with three children. Still, you have to do what you have to do. When shopping was over and the checkout was over and I was exhausted...I see ice cream in the eyes of children. I can see it in my eyes. I can't remember how much I did shopping. It is focused on the reasonable (?) price, which is 400 won in sight. I focus on prices, and children focus on chocolate and strawberry. There's so much difference in interest here. First, Choco (this is a little more expensive. It seems to be 1,200 won).) The second and third are strawberries. After a hard shopping trip, I saw the children eating ice cream with a good taste. I'm beginning to wonder if this is happiness. Memories are left in pictures with the idea of keeping this pleasure. I don't know the future, but I just love your good looks now. # Kim's family

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  • You let me know your sins!!


    You let me know your sins!! It's quiet. I've been there. We've already had an accident. What do we do at this time? ᅲ #Ice #Ice #Baby 9th #Eatdaddy #Eatdaddy #Eatdaddy Daily Award

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  • Mom, Dad, cheer up!


    Mom and Dad, cheer up!

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  • Gangwon-do Forest Fire Protection Finished!


    Hello! With the participation of many people, I sponsored 100,000 won with Hanwha. The total amount is 95,900 won. In fact, it's not easy for an unknown individual to raise and deliver donations like this, but I'm surprised that everyone believes in it and participates in it with a good. To ensure that this is happening continuously, I think it would be nice to have tools developed that can safely and systemically raise and deliver donations. Sponsored details - Sponsored Ink 52,013,250 - PUB 63,734.7830 caused by sponsored ink - The actual PUB I receive is 75%, so 47,801.08725 PUB - Sponsored PUB Donations 8,275 PUB - Total 56,076.08725 - $84.23 [Converted to dollars based on coin market caps dated 4.11] - About 95,900 won for Hanwha. -The details of the sponsorship can be found in the following text.[It's at the bottom] http://www.withgo.or.kr/campaign/campaign_detail.asp?intSeq=829&strArea=A&strGubun=C

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  • Sponsoring Kangwon-do forest fire damage in PUB!


    Hi It would be great if we are able to sponsor the forest fire damage in Kangwon-do with the PUB or INK. 1. Purpose: The first attempt to introduce a system that can sponsor the forest fire damage in Kangwon-do by PUB or crypto currency. 2. Method: 1) If you support PUB or INK in this article, I will sponsor the collected amount to the 'Love field' in PUBLYTO name. http://www.withgo.or.kr/campaign/campaign_detail.asp?strArea=A&intSeq=829 2) When the donation amount is closed, we will convert the corresponding PUB based on the Coin market cap and sponsor it in won. (The sponsored PUB and INK stake on my personal account instead of selling it on the exchange.) 3) If you raise too much money, I will limit you to 300,000 won because I will be burdened. (If you are recruiting more than 300,000 won, you will be returned to the PUB after the last 300,000 won recruiter.) 3. Period: 2019. 4.9 (Tue) ~ 4.10 (Wed) 24:00 The sponsor will go on April 11 (Thu) and write the sponsorship details again. # Kangwon Wildfire Sponsor # Publyto

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  • How can I not love you?


    How can I not love you? # Daughter fool #Baby #

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  • Cho Yang Bang-jik


    Cho Yang Bangjik in Ganghwado Island It is said that this is the first factory in Korea made by a rich man who lives in Ganghwa Island. History has passed, and now many people are looking for it. #The History of History #Foreignity

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  • a companion dog in Philadelphia, USA


    I took a picture of it on Philadelphia cafe street during my last trip to America. Marketing, I think, is what drives people's minds. Some people might not, but...But most of them like dogs.~ Put these human-friendly dogs in front of the store.Okay, I guess.~~ I don't think it's possible to create this atmosphere in Korea yet. I think it's okay if someone tries it first. It's just a well-trained companion, isn't it? #Philadelpia #Marketing

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  • When the kids are quiet, they're usually in trouble.


    When the kids are quiet, they're usually in trouble. Our third one gets into this kind of accident when it's quiet. Go up to the rice cooker and use a spatula... Is this supposed to be excused? #Bob-soon #Babbabo #Ice #Ice #Eat-daddy #Eat-daddy #Baby-dummy #Baby-dear-dear-

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  • Pancake


    Whenever I eat these things, I feel like I'm going to do well if I make it into a brunch signature menu. It's a waste of time to eat alone, isn't? Haha No! They say the cafe is the hardest...ᅲ #Pancake #Coffee #Coffee #Coffee start-up

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  • The healing trip is Guam.


    I recommend Guam when I need healing. Can you heal me just by looking at the picture? ᄒᄒᄒᄒᄒ #괌 #Healing

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  • Our Love Forver❤️


    I was selected from the Pooka's event, and received such a great drawing. Now I'm looking to see what talent I could share with others. Thank you~~^_^ Below is an original picture. https://publyto.com/posts/12230 #pooka #publyto #couple

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  • Take a break!!


    If you get too involved in your work, you're stressed out. Too much stress can have a negative effect on your work. for a moment You take a walk, you look back on yourself, The stress is gone It is full of good inspiration and energy. It's not a comma stop. Rather, it has an amazing effect of making things better. You can take a break!! Human beings are having a hard time resting anyway!! Boss, I need you to give the staff a long break. I'm gonna need you to take a break from the staff. So let's work better with better energy and see more positive results!!! I'll do it first! Take a break!! # Saa # Walk # Healing

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  • 괌 버거맛집 먹물버거


    괌에서 2번째로 한인들에게 유명한 맛집 신메뉴 먹물버거 #괌 #먹물버거

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  • 뉴욕 티파니 까페


    뉴욕에 가시면 꼭! 한번 가보세요~ 미리 예약하셔야 해요!! #티파니앤코 #티파니 #티파니반지 #티파니목걸이 #티파니까페

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  • 스타트업이라면 위워크


    스타트업이라면, 위워크죠~ 여기가 사무실인지, 까페인지, 게스트하우스 라운지 같기도 하고.. #블록체인 #wework #위워크 #위워크여의도

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  • A meaningful trip, a meaningful souvenir.


    on a meaningful journey A meaningful souvenir... Even when you get back to your daily life, you get the power to keep living with the good memories of your trip.^_^ #Couple #Travel #Coupling

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  • the sorrow of the living


    the sorrow of the living Although he lost a baby, Seol-baek returned to his daily routine.Survivors have a life of constant movement. Although the pain and pain of losing a child can make me feel like I'm surrounded and want to give up my life.And that kind of pain also seems to provide a justification for me to give up my life. Nevertheless, I still have the rest of my family who need me to live my life by leaving my sorrow behind. #Survival #Life #Survival

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  • New York Tiffany & Co.


    If you go to New York, Try Tiffany & Co!! The cafe on the third floor is too luxurious to be seen around.Let me tell you a tip that I have to make a reservation in advance.^^

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  • a society of addiction


    an attractive painting from a museum in Washington, USA I've seen the real world of capitalism. You're not going to be able to live without it. A picture!! #A trip to America

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  • My love


    My love #Couple #Travel #Healing

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  • I shop, therefore I do.


    I shop, therefore I do.It's a catch phrase at the American Museum, a paradise for shopping.Looking at critical works, Americans sympathize with their systems, which are nevertheless forced to shop. # Shopping mall # Museum # Art # Reason #America Shopping #Travel #Washington

    $kimsfamily . 2019.03.10 08:32

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  • mugwort pound cake


    I can't take a picture of the mugwort cake that my wife gave me, and I can't taste the food and the limitations of the picture. #Thumblumpcake #Cake #Digert #Americano # Morning Coffee #Rest #Ssa #Hum #Hum #Home Cafe

    $kimsfamily . 2019.03.09 10:51

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  • degenerative neonatal play


    As degenerative neonatal playtime goes by, I often feel like I don't want them to grow up, but it's a beautiful time for kids who can't turn around! #Baby girl #Baby baby #Baby baby #Iset #Jummalbaby #Daughter #

    $kimsfamily . 2019.03.08 09:31

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  • Love reveals sincerity through conflict.


    It was warm spring, so we went on a trip to America in light clothes. When I arrived in Washington, Spring has gone nowhere and the scorching wind and the cold weather have made us stick together even more. Put on the collar as much as you can. Do as much as you can. Still, it seems that the bitter wind and cold make it cold to the bone. Sometimes I see him, but he's hiding himself. Only dark dark clouds continue to surround. a violent wind dark dark dark clouds an increasingly light year All these things don't keep us apart. Make it even closer. We were surprised by the terrible cold that came upon us. Soon we realize that we can't beat this difficult environment unless we depend on each other. And that realization makes our love and trust even more solid. If it was a clear day, We would have enjoyed ourselves without checking each other's relationship. The cloudy and bitter cold, It has confirmed our relationship and strengthened our trust. Even if the environment tries to keep us apart, Trust and love within us become stronger and stronger beyond the environment. because This is because we realize more and more that this is true love. from time to time No matter how hard you push and pull, you can't fall down. We don't know if we're trying to break it down. But in the end, the tower will stand there as if nothing was going on. We realize that we have wasted our time and made efforts. at that time We're going to a better place together. Eat something more delicious together. We'll do something more fun together. But It's all about this. I realize that this is the process of confirming each other's love and trust. There will continue to be such conflicts in the future. But one thing that you shouldn't forget: The tower will not collapse and will stand there. Our love will repeat the conflict, You will find it more time for patience to deepen and time for learning. Love without conflict Can you achieve it? #America # Conflict #Washington #Lovers #Love #relations #Love #Goods #Washtondc

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