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  • Gangwon-do Forest Fire Protection Finished!


    Hello! With the participation of many people, I sponsored 100,000 won with Hanwha. The total amount is 95,900 won. In fact, it's not easy for an unknown individual to raise and deliver donations like this, but I'm surprised that everyone believes in it and participates in it with a good. To ensure that this is happening continuously, I think it would be nice to have tools developed that can safely and systemically raise and deliver donations. Sponsored details - Sponsored Ink 52,013,250 - PUB 63,734.7830 caused by sponsored ink - The actual PUB I receive is 75%, so 47,801.08725 PUB - Sponsored PUB Donations 8,275 PUB - Total 56,076.08725 - $84.23 [Converted to dollars based on coin market caps dated 4.11] - About 95,900 won for Hanwha. -The details of the sponsorship can be found in the following text.[It's at the bottom] http://www.withgo.or.kr/campaign/campaign_detail.asp?intSeq=829&strArea=A&strGubun=C

    $kimsfamily . 2019.04.11 11:34

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  • Sponsoring Kangwon-do forest fire damage in PUB!


    Hi It would be great if we are able to sponsor the forest fire damage in Kangwon-do with the PUB or INK. 1. Purpose: The first attempt to introduce a system that can sponsor the forest fire damage in Kangwon-do by PUB or crypto currency. 2. Method: 1) If you support PUB or INK in this article, I will sponsor the collected amount to the 'Love field' in PUBLYTO name. http://www.withgo.or.kr/campaign/campaign_detail.asp?strArea=A&intSeq=829 2) When the donation amount is closed, we will convert the corresponding PUB based on the Coin market cap and sponsor it in won. (The sponsored PUB and INK stake on my personal account instead of selling it on the exchange.) 3) If you raise too much money, I will limit you to 300,000 won because I will be burdened. (If you are recruiting more than 300,000 won, you will be returned to the PUB after the last 300,000 won recruiter.) 3. Period: 2019. 4.9 (Tue) ~ 4.10 (Wed) 24:00 The sponsor will go on April 11 (Thu) and write the sponsorship details again. # Kangwon Wildfire Sponsor # Publyto

    $kimsfamily . 2019.04.09 09:58

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  • Cho Yang Bang-jik


    Cho Yang Bangjik in Ganghwado Island It is said that this is the first factory in Korea made by a rich man who lives in Ganghwa Island. History has passed, and now many people are looking for it. #The History of History #Foreignity

    $kimsfamily . 2019.04.05 10:16

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