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  • [6월5일 이오스 얼라이언스 회의] 1부 : 초대손님 ITAM GAMES


    ITAM GAMES에서 이오스 얼라이언스 회의(6월5일)에 참석해 주셔서, 그동안의 진행사항에 대해서 브리핑해 주셨습니다. 도움이 될만한 이야기들이 많아서 영상으로 담았습니다. (영상에 저장하지 못한 부분이 30분정도 있습니다.) 홈페이지: https://itam.games 텔레그램 : https://t.me/itamgameskr 카카오톡: https://open.kakao.com/o/g7XFlhJ Medium: https://medium.com/itam Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itamgames Twitter: https://twitter.com/itamgames #ITAMGAMES #이오스 #eos # 에어드랍 #airdop #dapp #stake #staking #스테이킹 # 이자

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  • [6월 5일 이오스 얼라이언스 회의] 2부 : #B1JUNE 관련 이런저런 이야기


    2019년 6월 5일 얼라이언스 회의 내용 일부를 영상으로 보내드립니다. 얼라이언스회의는 매주 수요일 저녁 9시에 시작됩니다. 어느 누구나 참석하셔서 이야기를 나누실수 있습니다. 영상에서 나오는 대화들은 개인의견들이 포함된 내용입니다. 얼라이언스 텔레방 ; https://t.me/eosalliancekr 다수의 이오스 지식인들이 모여있습니다. #이오스 #B1JUNE #얼라이언스 #에어드랍 #airdop #dapp #stake #staking #스테이킹 # 이자

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  • [본행사] 이오스 #B1JUNE 본행사 영상입니다.(한글자막-유트브 자동번역)


    이오스 블록원 본행사(#B1JUNE) 영상이 올라와서, 유트브 자동번역으로 한글자막 붙여서 올립니다. 자동번역이라 오류가 많으니, 단어위주로 들으셔야 할듯 합니다. #이오스 #블록원 #BLOCK.ONE #B1JUNE #VOICE

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  • Ios's Goodwill & #B1June Presentation Forecast


    hi^^ I'm Kiliman, the man who reads the white paper. I've recently made predictions about what to announce at the News and Block One event (#B1 June). It's important what's being announced, but it's also very important to interpret what's not being announced. There will be changes in the price of IOS before and after the announcement, but please respond well to suit the nature of your funds.

    $kiliman . 2019.06.02 00:01

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  • [IOS] Why did Block One buy back its shares?


    hi^^ I'm Kiliman, the man who reads the white paper. I've compiled some news about block.one's share buyback. FOMO is included, so be careful with the city hall. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Ios proxy (voting proxy), please use the Koreanapartner. I'll show you again later in the video.

    $kiliman . 2019.05.28 17:14

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  • IOS Block One Forecasting June Announcement


    Ps. We didn't share the video to the Ios community because it had a ps.tomorrow. However, there are many opinions that it is helpful to share knowledge, so I share it is shared by the public. There's a lot of preamble ahead. I'm sorry. 02:53 It doesn't ring from here. You can listen to this part first. hi^^ I'm Kiliman, the man who reads the white paper. We shared the details of the meeting.one that we predicted to announce at the Block One conference on June 1. The contents of the broadcast are based on interviews with MEET.ONE, and MEET.It has nothing to do with the ONE side's opinion. It contains a lot of personal opinions, so please watch the show carefully. an article from MEET.ONE https://medium.com/meet-one/what-will-happen-at-b1june-10a715daceb6 [Exchange Personal Repair] 1. This is Juobi exchange referrals. https://www.huobi.co.kr/maid/maidRank?Invite_code=tez44 Invitation code: Tez44 2. BitMEX Exchange Mechanical Link. https://www.bitmex.com/register/gOaKuU Invitation code: gOaKuU 3. This is the regular link to the chain exchange. https://chaince.com/registrations/new?in_token=e5f9ff07 Invitation code: e5f9ff07 #Block One #Eos #June issue #Jun1 #Eos June #Ios June #Ios #MEOS #EOS #Airdrop #dapp #stake #stake #staking # interest

    $kiliman . 2019.05.24 01:03

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  • Ios target price


    hi^^ I'm Kiliman, the man who reads the white paper. To celebrate the creation of a price board at the Ios Community Corrios. I talked about the Ios target price. This video is intended to target the same project other than Fiat Money or Btc when estimating the price. I want you to always invest carefully. Corrios (Ios Community) https://koreos.io/KOREOS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's a private repertory on the exchange. 1. This is Juobi exchange referrals. https://www.huobi.co.kr/maid/maidRank?Invite_code=tez44 Invitation code: Tez44 2. BitMEX Exchange Mechanical Link. https://www.bitmex.com/register/gOaKuU Invitation code: gOaKuU 3. This is the regular link to the chain exchange. https://chaince.com/registrations/new?in_token=e5f9ff07 Invitation code: e5f9ff07 #Is #eos #iso price #iso price #iso price #coagination method #dapp #stake #stake #stake #stake #stake #stake #staking # interest

    $kiliman . 2019.05.22 00:31

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  • Long-Term Rice


    Many of the videos I post on my karma are fed by long sheep. It's not something I've done for a long time. I think it's because I started using carmadap. I don't know if it started because I needed a video at first. But at some point, I realized that there was a peace of mind for myself. I'm still embarrassed by what other people see. I go to see kiwans late at night, but... My artificial behavior seems to be getting more natural. Even if the beginning of good is a little artificial... As time goes by... It's getting a little more natural. It's not a gift for others. I feel like I realize that it's a gift that I'm giving myself. For many of you who are participating in the preceding diary...I heartily thank you. Listen to your stories, look at them...I feel a lot of things every day. ...... ... .. .

    $kiliman . 2019.05.11 00:42

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  • Ios Resources Rent [REX] - How to Receive Ios Interest


    hi^^ I'm Kiliman, the man who reads the white paper. The release of Rex is now ready for the Ios Holder to generate interest revenue. It's for beginners, so it's good to follow it step by step. If you have any questions regarding EOS, please contact [EOS Alliance] at the Telegram [EOS Alliance]. There are a lot of Ios intellectuals. https://t.me/eosalliancekr Kiliman is also a beginner, so I read and practiced a lot of high-ranking officials' writings. I'll link your comments. DEWON's REX KEY Q&A https://steemit.com/eosio/@donekim/1556870471635-eos-inside-rex--qa- Eagle Eye's EOS Resources https://steemit.com/dclick/@eaglekeeneye/eos-100-7-eos-3-cpunetram-1541981712222 Bloks.io https://bloks.io/ Eos Autonomy (REX Status) https://eosauthority.com/rex/statistics Scanner's official site https://get-scatter.com/ #Rex #EOSREX#EOS resource lease #EOS resource lease #IOS and #scatter #airdop #dapp #stake #stake #stake #stake #staking #

    $kiliman . 2019.05.10 00:56

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  • [Event] One million in ink will be given every day for those who write a prior diary.


    KARMA is where Kiliman is working as hard as [Publito]. It's an app for good, and it doesn't seem easy to shoot a video about good deeds. Then, I was surprised to see [Donation] bulletin board. [Turtle] continued to write [goodwill journals], and I was surprised and moved by the fact that there were so many kinds of good deeds. So, with all of you, Publitto... We're looking for good deeds in our daily lives. [Priority diary event] 1. Event content: Let's find good deeds in our daily lives!^^) 2. How to Participate: You can attach a video or photo and post it on the [Donation] bulletin board. Please say [goodwill diary]. 3. Duration: May 7, 2019 to May 20, 2019. 4. Award: 1 million ink per person per day/ If the amount of ink is insufficient, we will check the responsibility tracking after the schedule.) 2 minutes, 4 million ink for posting that received the most comments during the period. (If the posts in 1st and 2nd place are the same, the 2nd place is dream to the next rank.Comments are for you, but not for you, not for duplicates. Ps. It doesn't matter what kind of good it is. You can upload the video you picked up every day. You can upload a video that's good at separating and collecting. It's more than a video that's appreciated by others. If you're proud of yourself, I'll admit it. I think the video is better than the picture.

    $kiliman . 2019.05.07 01:26

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  • Ios keyauthorization change guide


    01:47 (theory) Precautions when storing keys 04:58 (theory) Concept of Key Pair and Permission Separation 12:47 (Experimental) How to change the Owner key 19:41 (Experimental) How to change the Active key when hacking the Active key 23:43 (Experimental) Method of identifying Private Key hi^^ I'm Kiliman, the man who reads the white paper. I made a video about separation of authority with IOS key pair so that I can share theory and practice. The beginners have learned enough from the auxiliary accounts. Please apply to this account where the asset is located. If you have any questions regarding EOS, please contact [EOS Alliance] at the Telegram [EOS Alliance]. There are a lot of Ios intellectuals. https://t.me/eosalliancekr Kiliman is also a beginner, so I read and practiced a lot of high-ranking officials' writings. I'll link your comments. [Dion] How to change the IOS account owner's key https://steemit.com/eosio/@donekim/1553519832890-eos-inside----- [Dion] Explanation of Ios Key https://steemit.com/dclick/@donekim/-public-key-private-key-owner-key-active-key--1540137295651 Everything about Ios http://eoswiki.space/mediawiki/index.php/%EA%B3%84%EC%A0%95#EC.84.A4.EB.AA.85.EC.97.90_.EC.95.9E.EC.84.9C.EC.84.9C

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  • Meet Kiliman!!!


    I met New Face in the park, and I was just hooking him up for a minute. You met Kiliman. I was surprised because it was the same as Kiliman. I tried to report to the Animal Insurance Association that a leopard appeared in the middle of the city. I don't know if I'll ever see you again.

    $kiliman . 2019.04.29 20:48

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  • Sister, I thought you were going to die on a mission.~~


    Namhansanseong Mountain Climbing Diary. My cell phone's out of battery, so I charged it while I was eating at the restaurant.^^ (Actually, I haven't been able to go all the way around the castle.Try again next time~)

    $kiliman . 2019.04.28 17:07

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  • KARMA CF Ad Video (Iosdap)


    KARMA KOREA has produced a commercial, and started promoting it in 57 theaters (333 screens).^^ KARMA KOREA CHANGE COVER did a great job.^^ And everyone in Karma is grateful for your active support. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Great on YouTube!! Press one by one, and it'll help you promote [Carma] on YouTube. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KARMA is an EOS-based blockchain SNS app. KARMA encourages positive behavior throughout society through a reward system that encourages users to do positive and good things around the world. It's defined in a sentence as a "good reward system" that does good work and is rewarded with a token. You'll be able to do the same thing on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. You can easily create posts and receive rewards. You can easily share your posts to other social networks. [ KARMA supports Facebook login ] KARMA Korea Official Telegram: https://t.me/karmak korea official KARMA English Official Telegram: https://t.me/karmaapp KARMA official website: https://www.karmaapp.io/ Search the App Store and Google Play Store for KARMA! Android user download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de... iOS User Download Link : https://itunes.apple.com/kr/app/karma... #Eos #Eos #Carma #KARMA #airdop #dapp #stake #staking #Stake #Stake #Staking #

    $kiliman . 2019.04.27 01:26

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  • Gaemushi?


    I went to Jungmun Cafe in Jeju Island. I'm here after I've been dismissed.·

    $kiliman . 2019.04.14 10:40

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  • Climb Namhansanseong Fortress!


    I went up and down. I'd like to take a look around the castle next time.^^ I hope your physical strength will allow you to...

    $kiliman . 2019.04.13 14:21

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  • Thanks to Mr. Green Jus, we have successfully climbed Sungsan Ilchulbong.·


    It's a hillside, but the stairs were rough.· Darkness Are you done with the event is over?

    $kiliman . 2019.04.01 21:18

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  • Kiliman's South Korean Acid Challenge


    If you walk a little bit from your house, you can climb Namhansanseong Fortress.^^~ I have to climb up from time to time in order to improve my physical strength.What did I say?) I've seen my physical strength so-called physical strength is.We've done it! I know I can upload several videos on Instagram...Let's try it. lol

    $kiliman . 2019.03.30 09:36

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  • 그린쥬스님^^ 잉크주세요^^


    목숨걸고ᆢ남한산성 올라왔습니다^^

    $kiliman . 2019.03.28 18:54

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  • [Publito PR event participation] Plug In! PUBLYTO!!

    Self Introduction

    [Plug in!] Publicity [Publito] with various IDs wandering about in many places The SNS age that expresses itself!! Similar... different stories! The seed grows and becomes a sprout. The shoots grow into trees. A tree gathers and becomes a forest. All of this history is in the public domain. Make it happen! Publito and Kryptochernsi meet. Our lives will be enriched!

    $kiliman . 2019.03.04 18:28

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  • [Event Participant-Prolog] Find Kiliman!!

    Self Introduction

    I'm trying Instagram for the first time for a publicist event.· This is an event in an event. If you're the first to find Kili in the picture, we'll give you 1,000 PUB on-site. The answer is in Publicito.· http://publyto.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The correct answer for event 1 was [in the Publicity]. The correct answer is God and Solmi 45. I've sent you 1,000 PUB (For everyone who participated in Event I...I sent you 500PUB each with my apologies. I'm sorry to have hurt your eyes.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Event in Event2] Please create a purpose of making Kiliman's Publicity PR content.^^ 1st place 10,000PUB If you're the person who wrote Kiliman's intention to produce Publicity PR content, we'll give you 10,000 PUB as a gift. The hint is "Publito PR Content." The period will be March 4th. I have to unsteak it for you.^^) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you all for participating in [Event in Event]. The winner was $atom. 10,000 PUB in prize money The leopard of the various movements that represent Kiliman?represents the media content that is posted on each of the various themes. And the role of a channel to connect this communication with Kiliman is EOS-based integrated media.Content platform, Publicity] 2nd place was selected by $$Green Juice 11.2,000 PUB in prize money You have the most letters. Thank you. We'll send 500PUB each to the other participants. It was a very subjective choice.Just take it for fun.♪♪ Hehehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♪ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Invent in event] Thank you for participating in the side-legged event. This poster elicits a lot of account comments through [Invent in event].... I'll be out of the race, and I'll take part in the event with a new poster.^^ Thank you again for creating an interesting event.^^

    $kiliman . 2019.03.01 02:25

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  • Seasons & Syndicate Challenge

    Crypto Currency

    Here is a guide to the market forecast challenge, which is dominated by Syndicate and GoFax Exchange. 1. Who wants to get an analyst's job? 2. Who wants to study with virtual investment? 3. Trader wants to see what he's capable of. Don't be too much of a burden, and check your level as an analyst.^^ Challenge content https://cindicator.com/gopax Challenge app https://app.cindicator.com/ (Recommendation code 06e7) If I receive the prize money, I will make a donation through the domestic karma team. (I'll record it on the blockchain and reveal it.) #Gopax #Cindicator #Cindicator #City Prediction #City Prediction #Cindicator #Cindicator #Cindicator #Cindicator #Cyndicate #Cindicator Challenge

    $kiliman . 2019.02.21 20:56

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  • Results of ICO survey and future direction of response (government press release)

    Crypto Currency

    From September to November 2018, we reviewed a press release on the results of the ICO survey conducted by the government and the future direction of response. Whether the ICO survey results are right or wrong... How governments look at ICO and the blockchain market. I think it's important to think about. The press release is located on the website of the Financial Supervisory Service, please use the link below. Financial Supervisory Service press release http://www.fss.or.kr/fss/kr/promo/bodobbs_view.jsp?seqno=22052&no=14467&s_title=&s_kind=&page=1 Kiliman Steamit https://steemit.com/@kiliman Joining the Chains Exchange (Ios-Chip Exchange/Referral) https://chaince.com/registrations/new?in_token=e5f9ff07 #ICO #ICO survey #Virtual currency #encryption #Coin #eos #airdop #dapp #stake #staking #stake #

    $kiliman . 2019.02.09 15:27

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  • ErisX ErisX (competitor of the BACKT exchange) Fundamental Concepts Arrangement

    Crypto Currency

    Here's a summary of what we've done with ErisX (ErisX) from a beginner's perspective. I'm a competitor on the Bact Futures Exchange, but I think it's going to take place later than the Bite Exchange. Please comment on anything that is wrong or requires verification. I'd like to subscribe if you can help me. BACKT Gift Exchange cleanup video https://Youtube/H3g_SfQPO68 ErisX homepage https://erisx.com/ Contributing to the NASDAQ Representative, https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/new-chapters-innovation-disruption-written-2019-adena-friedman/?fbclid=IwAR13cM2pIjl9tTysvapjWMvRNdQ9D-9DUBEr6ErazHmYr6pE_0M07YZs ErisX's representative interview video https://youtube/4ABYm5iaAa0 Joining the Chains Exchange (Ios-Chip Exchange/Referral) https://chaince.com/registrations/new?in_token=e5f9ff07 #ErisX #ErisX #Backt #eriskt #erisx #IrisX #Coin #Ios #Eos # Airdrap #Bitcoin #Cftc #sec

    $kiliman . 2019.01.31 20:15

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    Crypto Currency

    I've just summed up about the bitcoin half-life. Based on the price flow during the 1st and 2nd half terms, we predicted the price flow for the 3rd half-half-year Please take it for fun. Half-life countdown http://www.bitcoinblockhalf.com/ Iostulkit https://eostoolkit.io/home Scatter Official Site https://get-scatter.com/ Kiliman Steamit https://steemit.com/@kiliman #bitcoinhalving #bitcoin #half cold #bitcoin #haling #coins #eos #airdop #dapp #stake #

    $kiliman . 2019.01.29 18:36

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  • Is it a boom-bit exchange? What's the point of closure?

    Crypto Currency

    One of the cryptocurrency exchanges has closed down. Boombit Exchange Closed Open Nov. 4, 2018 Deposit event from Nov. 21-26, 2018 (Bit, Idarium, Ripple, Exchange coinage pay when cash is deposited) Dec. 10, 2018 Coin withdrawal limit Empty when visiting the exchange on December 27, 2017 (a strong response warning with libel to disseminate false information.) Deposit on Dec. 27, 2018.Release date disclosure (2019.1.14) 13 January 2019 Boombeat Service Termination Notice Especially, the damage caused by the exchange coin is serious. Is it a go-stop? What's the point? I don't know. A representative who will actively respond to the damage is out of touch. Boombeat Representative Interview (CoinCops) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP3-KctG39I&t=649s Exchange and coin damage report questionnaire form (CoinCops) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSePYOUhj-biXPV_7Br_Ww32_BuEVT1QSkU9ewhrp3RDsB-LcQ/viewform Damage prevention (CoinCops) https://t.me/coincops I don't have anything to do with CoinCops, but he's been broadcasting a lot for the victims. I'll give you a link. # Exchange #Strash Coin #Eatchop

    $kiliman . 2019.01.27 13:17

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  • How to install a desktop scanner (Scatter


    A lot of people have asked for a video of how to install a desktop scanner. The scanner part requires a private key, so be very careful. For more information, please refer to the article by @donekim of the team. https://steemit.com/coinkorea/@donekim/10-0 Iostulkit https://eostoolkit.io/home Scatter Official Site https://get-scatter.com/ Kiliman Steamit https://steemit.com/@kiliman #scatter #desktopscatter #eos #airdop #dapp #stake #staking #staking # interest

    $kiliman . 2019.01.25 21:59

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  • Find Ios Boscoin (BOS) Airdrop


    We looked at the first sidechain, the Bosco-side chain, and we shared how to find the Boscoin (BOS) airdrop. More information on NETWORKS Name: BOSCORE host: hapi.bos.eosrio.io protocol : https Port: 443 Chain ID : d5a3d18fbb3c084e3b1f3fa98c21014b5b536c15d08f6479517c6a3d86 Iostulkit https://eostoolkit.io/home Scatter Official Site https://get-scatter.com/ Kiliman Steamit https://steemit.com/@kiliman #Coin #eos #airdop #dapp #stake #staking #stay # interest (License for Music) Follow Artist: https://soundcloud.com/mbbofficial Music generated by DayDreamSound: https://youtube 9Y0w0ld5sOg

    $kiliman . 2019.01.22 22:31

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  • (Iosadap) Use the dabble and receive compensation.


    I'm sure all the publishers are using it. For the introduction of general users... I've made a video about the Devil. I hope many of you will be able to work on a blockchain social platform. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- experience blockchain It's the third time. Today, I'm going to give you a lot of value for your short stories. I've learned about the devil that can be rewarded. There aren't many people participating right now. If I could develop like Twitter and have tens of thousands of followers...And if its value is not attributed to the devil, but to the structure it shares with the user.... I'm happy just by imagining it. Since there are no restrictions to start with, try the blockchain. Debble Videov=VwWQ4HCjtk8 Debblecape https://dabble.cafe/ #Devil #dabble #eos #airdop #dapp #stake #staking #coin

    $kiliman . 2019.01.20 17:45

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  • STO (Security Token/ Securities Token) Basic Concepts theorem

    Crypto Currency

    We summarised the contents related to STO (SecretotorK/ Securities Token) analyzed from the perspective of a beginner. Please comment if there is anything wrong or that needs to be verified. If you're a beginner, you'll get a basic idea if you watch the video. Later, we will upload analysis from Chain Partners and video about STO markets in each country. Please subscribe to YouTube (Go To External) if you can help.) #STO #SecurityToken #Ios #Eos #Airdop #Stake #Dap

    $kiliman . 2019.01.18 14:05

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